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  • Summary: General Chang, the Empire's greatest living warrior, has established an Elite Command Academy to prepare a new generation of warriors for the conflict with the United Federation of Planets. As your mentor, Chang will instruct you in the ways of battle tactics and teach you the rigors of warship command. [Interplay] Expand
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  1. One of the best space flight sims out there, with a believable interface for commanding a large capital ship.
  2. Everyone and everything in your life, including such necessities as food, sleep and bleeding your bulging bladder, (will be) ignored in your pursuit to finish.
  3. Finally... a good "Star Trek" game. Will wonders never cease?
  4. 70
    One major problem to be aware of is that the game crashes occasionally.
  5. Maybe the best entry in the all-too-often disappointing "Star Trek" category.
  6. A deep, intense, and well-written space combat simulator, but more implementation masks many of these good traits and can frustrate all but the serious gamer.
  7. 55
    It's not a bad game, but there are many other games of this type that play a lot better and ultimately simulating the large vessels from the "Star Trek" universe is it's undoing.

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  1. Jul 22, 2011
    I started playing this game when I was 14 and I continue to dig this game up and play it over and over again. I really wish they would create a remake of this game. Expand

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