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  • Summary: In Star Trek Online, the Star Trek universe will appear for the first time on a truly massive scale. In this massively multiplayer online game from Cryptic Studios, players can pioneer their own destiny as Captain of a Federation starship. Or, they can become a Klingon Warlord and expand the Empire to the far reaches of the galaxy. Players will have the opportunity to visit iconic locations from the popular Star Trek fiction, reach out to unexplored star systems, and make contact with new alien species. With Episode Missions, every moment spent playing Star Trek Online will feel like a new Star Trek episode in which you are the star. Immerse yourself in the future of the Trek universe as it moves into the 25th century: a time of shifting alliances and new discoveries. [Atari] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 34
  2. Negative: 3 out of 34
  1. Through my adventure I found several things that I wasn’t a fan of but the things that I did like pretty much overcame the negatives, The folks over at Cryptic obviously put a lot of time and care into creating a wonderfully detailed world and it shows with every explosion, dust storm covered planet, asteroid belt and star cruiser.
  2. Two months after its release Star Trek Online is still missing content, especially at the high level range and on the Klingon side of the game. The good point is that Cryptic is steadily releasing updates. But despite that the game is still a game more for casual mmo gamers than core gamers.
  3. On the whole, STO is very promising; it needs a little more clean-up and content, but the fundamentals of the gameplay are very strong, and the options available during character creation make for an experience with a lot of potential depth.
  4. 68
    A smattering of memorable moments in 50+ hours of game time simply isn’t good enough for me to be able to recommend Star Trek Online to MMO fans. It’s quite a gorgeous game, but that novelty evaporates, and what’s left is repetitive, and simple in all the wrong parts.
  5. Star Trek Online is a good game. The battles between the ships can make the joy of the fans, but also to other players might like. The part about the planets , however, will completely disappoint both for the behavior of our comrades who are not always up to their task. Recommended only to fans of the franchise, and those who are willing to forgive these flaws.
  6. Star Trek online can be defined as a causal alternative to Eve Online; a lot of ideas mixed in a cauldron where the result is a bland soup. You can love its atmospheres, especially if you are a Trekker, but if you are a skilled player you will soon forget it.
  7. 40
    Trek fans are meant to salivate at the sights and sounds of their favorite universe made manifest, like a dog hearing the chime of a chow bell. And publisher Atari is banking on the hope that -- like Pavlov's pups -- consumers will be content with the same ol' kibble day after day. The result is a shallow, poorly paced, and repetitive game that, divorced from its storied source material, wouldn't warrant a second look.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 97 out of 190
  2. Negative: 71 out of 190
  1. AllanT
    Feb 11, 2010
    The game is combat is extremely well done and fun...ground combat takes some getting used to. All the negatives you read about this game are either the learning curve was to much for that reviewer or is an issue that im sure will be worked out over time. People need to realize that MMO's of this size need some time to work out the issues. Warning this is not a button masher kids game and does take some intelligence to master! THANK GOD! Expand
  2. Jan 24, 2014
    I have found this game beyond enjoyable. I have spend hours a day for months playing this game, and I still have yet to have it cease to amaze me. Other than some of the missions in the chapters being a royal pain, this is the best and most realistic Star Trek Game and the best for a true Star Trek fans. Expand
  3. WalterB
    Feb 11, 2010
    This is one of the best MMO's that I have ever had the pleasure of playing. The graphics are great and it really feels like you are in control of your own Star Trek show. My only complaint is that they didn't spend enough time developing the game before release and it has quite a bit of bugs, needs more content (Read content for Klingons here) and they need to balance the 2 factions a bit better. On the Federation side you get a ton of quests and just from running your quests you will be well equipped shortly after reaching the next rank, including all of your Bridge Officers, also you are able to do some crafting on the Fed side that just isn't available to the Klingons. On the Klingons side of the house you have PVP and a few PVE missions. the first few PVE missions take you around show you where things are and give you 3 Bridge Officers, then you get the repeatable PVP missions, and PVE MISSION no that is not a typo, most of you Levling will take place in PVP which will give you all the credits you need to get equipped or you can do the Kahless Expanse. Which will give you different kinds of credits that will get you pretty much the same equipment. This is where we come to the disparity. The Feds get some pretty good Rare equipment starting in their Tier 2 mission (Level 11 through 20) Where as the Klingons will only get the PVP/Exploration equipment that the Feds can also get. Cryptic is supposed to be working on some PVE content for the Klingons that should fix this disparity in equipment but until they do my Liberated Borg Klingon will be staying at level 9. Expand
  4. Oct 12, 2012
    7 out of 10 But to be honest about 5 of that is just for it being Star Trek and holding onto most cannon very well. The Ship, Racial, Weapons, and astronomic designs are excellent. And the story is solid if you like reading pages and pages worth of dialog, and back story thru each mission. But it makes me giddy sometimes, remembering old episodes and stories and realizing I was participating in that same universe.
    But the game itself despite drastic improvements since launch. Is very basic, bland rinse and repeat gaming, which is still a minefield of bugs and glitches. Ground combat is irritating, reminding me of a broken resident evil 1 turret control scheme, combined with ridiculously borked weapons, with stats, and skills, that mean nothing to the average gamer..
    The Space Combat is alright, its mostly what I play the game for now that I have level capped cause when you cap out there really isn't much left but PVE Events and Borg Missions. PvP is almost non existence going hours at a time without an instance starting sometimes. The space controls are excellent, it just takes awhile to get used to and realize a star ship doesn't steer like a smaller craft, Its like driving a bathtub in zero g. But once you practice a bit you can get some nice maneuverability, and sometimes intense dogfights. Which I enjoy very much.
    All in All this game is especially for people who already like Star Trek and are familiar with the various story lines from the TV series. Other wise this game is a solid 2 out of 10.
    Also Cryptic seriously needs to learn consistency when it comes to Markers for mission objectives, it would make things much less irritating. Objective Markers, a compass, something!!
  5. May 15, 2012
    Overall an ok game. it has good graphics and its pretty cool because it is a star trek based game (star trek=awesome). The variety of ships and weapons is great and the universe is huge. However, i am giving this only a five for a few reasons. 1: The missions are extremely repetitive and seem to be all exactly the same. 2: The game is very complicated and updates a lot and if you are like me and have bad internet connection its not going to be fun. 3: It is far too complicated and lacks gameplay and game control instructions. 4: The space battles are boring. 5: it takes way to long to load all the different areas in the game. Overall its ok. 5 out of 10. Expand
  6. JohnDoe
    Feb 11, 2010
    This is game completely miss what Star Trek franchise was about. It only looks like star trek on the surface under the hood it everything that made the shows great. And manages to mess up all the other things it tried to do to make it fun. Ground combat is a joke, the space ship combat could be fun expect that all the super hero powered ships seem to encourage button mashing spam. The crafting is bad joke. And so just about everything else about this game. Expand
  7. Nov 26, 2012
    The S7 Update is the clearest indication that STO is a Pay to Win game. Every aspect of advancement at End Game requires an epicly slow grind. Comrade DSthal is Overlord of Grind and Dementing Returns. STO will never be the same, it is a fraud for them to claim to be F2P. Expand

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