Mixed or average reviews - based on 17 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 17
  2. Negative: 4 out of 17
  1. 76
    An original title? Heck no. Is it a complex title? Certainly not. But is it loads of fun? You bet.
  2. Frantic arcade style that’s both fun to play, yet frustrating to control at times.
  3. 74
    A focused single-player experience, and should be thought of as that. If you liked "Rogue Squadron" you'll definitely enjoy Battle for Naboo.
  4. What LucasArts has done is create a traditional console title with little regard for computer game-specific enhancements. So while BfN doesn't flirt overly much with the Dark Side, Jedi masters take heed; unless pure, unadulterated melee sounds like a plan, this incredibly basic blaster will send shivers down your lightsaber.
  5. The game delivers a fun, but ultimately short, gaming experience.
  6. A standard console port, which does not offer any improvements over its N64 incarnation. A mid-mission save function would have been nice, since some of the missions are so tough you may never want to attempt them again once they’ve been conquered.
  7. The clunky controls, limited radar system, lacklustre presentation and repetitive gameplay all contribute to a game that would have been better off staying on the N64.
  8. Even with its shortcomings, Battle for Naboo is pretty fun.
  9. A rather heartless gesture was made with the fabulous soundtrack, which is, for some strange reason, in MIDI format.
  10. But the biggest problem that Battle For Naboo suffers from is that it is just too short. There are fifteen missions, but they only take five or ten minutes each to complete, and only a few offer any real challenge.
  11. It seems that the developers at LucasArts stepped back in time while technology stepped forward. Nothing original, same old same old.
  12. It is an utterly routine shooter with a handful of different ships to fly, awkward controls, and robotic enemies that on their worst day aren't so much dangerous as they are sort of "pesky."
  13. It would have been much easier to justify a purchase if Battle for Naboo was released closer to a budget price.
  14. Hardly any gaming value period. Trust me on this one.
  15. To get an accurate sense of what playing Star Wars: Battle for Naboo is like, find a heavy object and bash yourself over the head with it.
  16. Suitable only for the most forgiving, or perhaps younger, Star Wars fans. [May 2001, p.62]
  17. Don't approach Battle For Naboo at all. Just walk away. Please.

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