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  • Summary: Star Wars Battlefront II improves upon the original game's single-player experience with open-ended, mission-based objectives inspired from all six Star Wars films. The compelling storyline spans more than 12 new locations, many from Episode III, including volcanic Mustafar and the space battle above Coruscant. All-new classic movie moments complete the Star Wars Battlefront II experience, as players battle within the interior of the Death Star and visit Princess Leia’s blockade runner, the Tantive IV, as seen at the beginning of Episode IV A New Hope. In addition, at certain key moments within the battles, players can feel the Force as a Jedi. For the first time ever, Star Wars Battlefront II players can engage in space combat and, during the same battle, board enemy ships to attack from within. Starting on foot inside a capital ship, players can enter the spacecraft of their choice and travel into space to dogfight with the rival faction. From there, they can dock within the enemy’s capital ship, overtake the ship’s command posts, man its turrets to disable its shields and destroy it from within! Or, they can simply stay inside their own capital ship and defend it from attacks and enemy fire. The choice is theirs. The stellar online play that marked the original Star Wars Battlefront returns even bigger and better for Star Wars Battlefront II. Players can locate their buddies and track their stats as they battle alongside more players than ever (up to 24 on PS2, 32 on Xbox, 64 on Windows). [LucasArts] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 23
  2. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. The improved single-player games are worthwhile enough on their own, but if you can find well connected online matches, multiplayer games will keep you addicted for months.
  2. Space battle is the newest addition to the Battlefront series. I stand and applaud LucasArts and Pandemic for pulling off the single greatest space flight simulation game ever.
  3. The movies may be done, but with games like Battlefront II, I have a feeling that the best in Star Wars is yet to come. [Dec 2005, p.152]
  4. The online play is fantastic and makes up for the mediocre enemy AI found in the single-player missions.
  5. Better than its predecessor, but unfortunately, it doesn’t pack enough novelties to really make you to want more, unless you’re a Star Wars fan.
  6. New space combat maps and playable Jedi represent some incremental improvements, but for the most part, Battlefront II treads familiar ground, which is great for Star Wars fanatics and fans of team-based online shooters.
  7. Though only the second installment, this feels more like the "Return of the Jedi" of the Battlefront franchise than "The Empire Strikes Back." [Feb 2006, p.52]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 64 out of 77
  2. Negative: 4 out of 77
  1. David
    Dec 16, 2009
    I dont understand why people give this game a bad score. Its really fun and better than the first one. With online play, the replay value is seemingly endless. Great game for any Star Wars fan!! Expand
  2. Apr 27, 2013
    Star wars battlefront 2, along with halo 2 is the 2 greatest shooters of all time. I would stop there, but there's a minimum of 150 characters so. I love this game. Why you ask. Well, it fits me, you can fly and destroy battleships, be a jedi. 9001/9000 Expand
  3. May 21, 2013
    This game was a childhood favorite of mine. Compared to when this game was created everything about it is amazing. The graphics level of a game don't actually make a game to me which is why I love this game so much. Most of the complaints I see are about graphics. True gamers tend not to care about graphics. The game had so much replayability it was basically unlimited. The game almost never got boring with the constant battles in space and ground wars. You were able to do so much with the game. The amount of ways to play was just ridiculous. Hero battles for those who want to see there favorite heroes and villains battle it out. Space battles for those interested in the destruction of giant space ships. The satisfaction of flying a drop-ship overhead an enemy ground force and your team getting out and flanking them. The capability to switch between first and third person as you please was also a great feature of the game so you could be comfortable no matter what your preference is. Expand
  4. CharlieW.
    Jan 4, 2006
    Very fun, jedi and space additions are nice, and the new maps are pretty awsome. The campaign however could have stood being more difficult and less linear. I beat it in 2 1/2 days. Expand
  5. Jun 22, 2014
    Star wars: Battlefront II is pretty darned fun. I absolutely love the great diversity in soldiers, the many different things that each class could do, the battle aspects, the animations (they look pretty damn awesome), how you can move your character around, like getting him to strafe that way, roll this way to avoid an enemy grenade, and zoom in with ease. Also to add onto the awesomeness known as Battlefront II is the Galactic Conquest, which kind of makes you feel like a general actually commanding, for example, the Empire's armies. If you read a bad report, the person who made that report has no idea what a game with some good work put into it looks like. Only problem is the graphics. They're O.K, but not great. Expand
  6. SonicPhoto
    Dec 17, 2005
    In this game you play has the clone troopers in the way they change from good to bad. Like the original game you have the ability to choose from many different type of clone troopers: normal troopers, heavy troopers (use missile launchers), sniper troopers that can shoot enemies from far places, commander troopers that have infinite ammo and better defense, the engineers that can repair tanks, etc. and last the jet troopers that use jetpacks. The CIS robots and the rebels have different types of soldiers giving the game some variety to it. The addition on the on foot stuff is playing has a hero which is a jedi or a non-jedi like Han Solo or Leia. The controls are simple and each hero has their own abilities like for choke, push, pull and the most common lightsaber throwing. Heroes can be exciting dpending which one you are playing because if it does not use a lightsaber you will get the same feel has a trooper. Also some heroes don't have fast moves with the lightsaber like Darth Vader which is quite a dissapointment cause many fans want to play with him. Vehicles on foot work nicely altough some do not move smoothly, like the speeder bikes that can feel useless and easy die by hitting a tree. Still at least the tanks work out well. The other addition and the biggest one is the space battles. In space you can decide which type of spaceship you want and hop into it. The missions consist of destroying important parts of the enemy's battleship. The really good stuff about sapce is that you can land on your enemy's battleship and destroy his interior parts and steal a spaceship. Overall Star Wara Battlefront II offers a great package with most of the important stuff in the Star Wars universe: war, jedi and space. If you are a Star Wars fan then I would checking this game out. If you play the 1st game and not looking for something totally new but want to check the jedi stuff and space then is a buy here. The rest should rent it first if you have a PS2 or Xbox. Expand
  7. Bryan
    Nov 7, 2005
    Same game with jedis, lame.

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