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  1. Dec 20, 2011
    My experience in this game has been a level 40 something imperial agent and just a myriad of other lower level everything

    Okay, first thing we see in the game and this is a major bleh for me. The Character Creation. It is absolutely dreadful. Obviously its not on the level of suckiness that you see in your average F 2 P Korean Grindfest, but not by alot, especially if you've played any
    Bioware game in the past. There are only 4 body types for men, and they are each varying degrees of awful to meh. Theres Shape 1, which is Justin Beiber (and what is used for "kids") Shape 2 which is your average Bruce Lee build, theres Shape 3 which is Big Mc Large Huge and Shape 4 which is Lord Lard Ass. Shape 4 is absolutely awful, and for Sith Warriors, is the shape of your Master, which, if you look at his Wiki, is not how he should look at all. It makes no sense.The races are...well...everything is just "Human but" Obviously this was done for cutscenes and voices (No wookie would talk like your character) but there are still races like Togruta or Nautolan that would be fine but are not in. Chiss are pretty sweet however. There is no long hair, at best you have hair that goes down to your chin. I guess this is because it would be too graphics intensive? Complexions and Scars aren't so bad, shame you can't stack them. And yes, no sliders still, you choose predetermined faces. For a game where you spend alot of time looking at your character in cutscenes, the amount of corner cutting in CC is disappointing. It should have been one of the top five priorities. The number of unique models in this game, NPC wise is also staggeringly low.

    The graphics were no doubt simplified to accommodate as many systems as possible, like World of Warcraft, I understand that. But if that is the case, why does the game, for me and so many others run like absolute crap?

    It took me about 10 minutes AT LEAST to go from start up to getting my character in play. All my options are on low too. Yet I can play Skyrim and The Witcher 2 on Medium no problem. I understand its an MMO but this is just inexcusable Okay, gameplay. Know World of Warcraft? Good news! You already know how to play 85% of the game! Played KOTOR only? Bad news! Theres nothing from KOTOR in this! Its your standard MMO affair. Tanks, Heals, DPS, Burst Damage, DOT, Taunts, Rotations, ETC. If you're used to MM Os then you're in luck. It does that pretty well, although tanking as my Jedi Guardian has been a fittingly in character practice in patience. You dont get your first taunt until 15, and it has a long cool down. Your robot companion tanks better than you. The gameplay is the same tired WoW gameplay, and the game suffers big time for it.

    The missions are the biggest flaw in this game. Every quest is a variation of "Go here, kill stuff along the way for bonus maybe, kill boss or interact with object" or "Collect 5 blah blah blah" with varying degrees of logic in their drops,.

    All the flavor in the world, which does help a little, doesn't change the fact that is every quest. But maybe that is nit picking. Your choices in quests rarely matter as well.

    Story is this game's real saving grace, and why it goes from "Mediocre MMO" to "has potential." Imperial Agent's story was a freaking blast. But after you finish all the storylines, if you even do that, what next? Endgame in this game is pretty much non existant. one mediocre raid...

    And yes, Bioware continues the proud tradition of Dark Side = Stupid Evil Jerk Ass . I was hoping DS Jedi Knight would mean "Emotional and prideful" but nope, just "AHAHA LOOK HOW EVIL I AM FOR NO REASON"

    One issue isevery faction goes through the same planet order. Your Bounty Hunter and Sith Warrior's planets after the first one will be the exact same, as will the quests, save for your personal quests. This will make replay value for someone like me who can't stand doing the same thing again very difficult. Also this makes the whole "KOTOR 3-11" claim bull crap. Class storylines are only 20% of the game. Everyone shares about 80%

    And one of the best features I would list was removed.. Your armor could be matched to the color of whatever your chest piece was, avoiding clown armor. They removed that... All in all ,the story of this game is pretty decent, and had me hooked for the first 2 weeks. Sadly, the gameplay made it where it was a chore. I was FORCING MYSELF THROUGH GAMEPLAY for the story. Thats unacceptable for an MMO, where gameplay should always be important.

    Maybe this game will improve in the future, but for now, this game is just another WoW clone, in space, with kinda cool cut scenes, and with less content. Cant search the AH, no dual speccing and respecing is EXPENSIVE. There are just so many features you should expect missing. It attempts to be like WoW, without the things that made WoW popular. It just has neat storylines. But that is all it brings to the table.
  2. Dec 20, 2011
    I had high hopes for this game and then it came out, IT HAS THE SAME GAMEPLAY AS EVERY OTHER MMORPG OUT THERE!!!!! seriously i know that hotkeys are probably the only way to play an mmo but still they should have found something new. The graphics, OMG THE GRAPHICS are so terrible, rather than making **** graphics so that even the worst pc can run this they should have made this game so graphically demanding that only the highest end pc's could run this! that way there would be no casuals amiright /v/? In the end what you get is your fairly decent mmo but with a star wars skin slapped over it, and a Bioware sticker. Expand
  3. Dec 20, 2011
    Given the setting Bioware had to work with and in this day and age, the amount of experience they could have drawn from, I'm actually amazed at how awful SW:ToR. It's as if they had to actively work at making it as shoddy as possible. Straight away character creation is a letdown. You can choose from any race possible provided it's human, or a different colour of human. Animations are terrible with constant glitches, missing parts or areas where it just plain bugs out. Combat is snorefest, at least the PvE aspect of it, I didn't even bother with PvP given at the time I was desperately trying to come up with a reason to live. Map a damaging ability to hotkey 1, map a different ability to number 2 incase number 1 is on a longer cooldown than your global hotkey cooldown. Proceed to mash 1 and 2 as often as you feel like since the input lags half the time anyway so it's anyones guess when your ability will actually fire off. Congratulations, you have mastered ToRs "combat". This seems to be great practice for those flash games where you have to control a runner by pumping A and D until your fingers bleed.

    Imagine my suprise that ToR was touted as a WoW-Killer, to find that not does it copy WoW its questing content as much as possible but it manages to make it worse. I'm sure by now you can guess what I'm refering to. Of course, Kill X of Y and the genre-breaking Deliver X to Y. Holy damn it's a smorgasbord of questing options. This unfortunately culminates in you wanting to get the tedious things out the way as quickly as possible which results in skipping every voiced exposition available. A nice idea in concept I'm sure and no doubt Bioware put a lot of effort into this aspect (well the money and time must have gone somewhere) but if I'm trying to get through 30 minutes of tedium on a "quest" I'd rather not have to spend 5 minutes extra in the run-up to it. From the first couple I did bother to sit through, the voice actors seemed as bored as I did so I figured it was a fair trade from then on that one of us should be spared the nauseum .

    In the end though it turned out to be all for naught as I simply gave up. I just couldn't face more levels of the same rubbish and certainly couldn't fathom what end-game Bioware had in store that would have possibly made up for this exercise in how to be certifiably braindead while still moving. Maybe the final part of the game was transformed into a wonderous experience in which I could have finally understand where all the funding, time and (supposed) effort went. Somehow though, I sincerely doubt it.
  4. Dec 20, 2011
    I am not enjoying this game at all as a fan of KotOR 1 and 2. The animations are stiff, the voice acting is mediocre at best, and the combat is nothing original. Having the zones instanced makes it feel empty and devoid of life. And when you do actually see groups of people the game is so horribly optimized the game will completely crap itself. Not to mention that they bent my favorite story aspects from KotoR's 1 and 2 and bent them over the table for an un-lubed anal pounding. This game could get better with time but as of right now it is below average at the very best. I really wish KotOR 3 was made instead of...this. Expand
  5. Dec 20, 2011
    I don't know what Bioware was thinking when they made this game. It tries to be a singleplayer game with dialogue and story yet at the same time it also tires to be a competitive MMO. The fault here is trying to combine the single player and multiplayer elements together which leaves something that just doesn't feel right at all. I would dare not also note the fact that the multiplayer elements of the game are severely lacking what NEEDS to be in an MMO such as macros and endgame content. In it's current form the singleplayer elements fees just that singleplayer. When you quest in the game you feel very disconnected from other players and it just feels like a singleplayer game due to all the zone restrictions (most of the content is quests and some dungeons), yet at the same time the singleplayer feel is just watered down fetch quests with the actual meat given few and far between. Another major drawback is the size this game takes up on a HDD when you install it which can be 30gb with everything installed. The size is frankly ridiculous and due to the inane amount of voice acting that doesn't need to be in such a game. The result is something that is bloated beyond reason and would be equally difficult to create content with due to the promise of voiced content. The gameplay is probably the worst part of the game right now, as it STILL uses concepts from WOW which many people already know are outdated such as mobs that pull and aggro and hitboxes that make the character hit things that are farther away thus hit air and make models move through one another. The combat itself really tries to emulate WOW in every way possible, and I cannot praise a game that so blatantly copies another so much. The horrible part is that even though it tires to emulate WOW's combat so much it fails at it in many respects due to many encounters in dungeons being simple things that the WOW devs actually have already improved vastly on and the SWTOR devs seem to be stuck in the stone age with their encounter designs. The result is an absolutely game breaking error on their part to make the core of the game itself so very weak and in dire need of complete revamping. I'd also note that even the WOW devs themselves are planning on creating a new MMO, because even they realize the gameplay in WOW is very old. The decision to use such a system in SWTOR by Bioware baffles me and the only sense behind it was "let's just go with what makes the most money right now". The community forums is sadly also VERY moderated to a degree that many many negative complaints that are voiced are simply deleted by mods, I find this treatment of the community to be very insincere and terrible as Bioware seems to be just ignoring any kind of changes to be made to the game that make sense in favor of keeping a facade that he game is a great one which is far from the cause to to the many many incomplete or broken things in the game that I could never fit into this review. I know many people will take this review with a grain of salt with all the viral reviews that may give the game an unjust 10/10 and many paid journalists in the current joke of the videogame journalism industry, which I hope someday will reach the levels movies are right now, however currently too much dirty cash exchanges pockets of journalists and it frankly disgusts me that so much dishonest trickery about the quality of games is being fed to people right now. I am thus forced in order to create some accurate representation of the products actual quality to give a lower review score than what I would give normally ( 6/10) in order to cope with all the viral reviews made. Expand
  6. Dec 20, 2011
    The most glaring flaw of this game is that it plays it so goddamn safe. Here they have a huge, expansive, IP to take advantage of and they decide to go the baby route with it. They didn't take any chances. I don't see how they can expect to get the numbers they need to recoup the investment without trying something a little new. Bioware promised so much, and delivered on so little. Offensive in that with the deep pockets that EA has they could have made something fresh, but instead chose to walk in the path of their popular predecessors. In a lot of ways, as flawed as it was on launch, Star Wars Galaxies offered a lot more to people who like MMOs. There was player housing, a player economy, player set goals, a leveling system that encouraged experimentation and offered ways to change classes if dissatisfied, and social interaction through gameplay. Example. I played a Smuggler. I made my fortune selling Muon Gold and Neutron Pixie in Cantinas. I would go from world to world peddling my illicit substances to regular customers, and try to edge out other smugglers through competitive pricing. I sliced (upgraded) weapons for one of the best craftsman on the server. All my armor and clothing was created by a Fashion Designer who owned a huge **** mansion and would custom-make your stuff to your specifications. When I got tired of Smuggler, I became a commando to help combat the abuse of AT-STs. My friends and I set out on quests across planets to find notable Star Wars NPC's like Han Solo and Chewbacca. If you didn't want to be a hero, you could play an Entertainer, a Cook, or an Image Designer or Fashion Designer. You could be that guy who sat in a cantina all day talking, and still progress in your class and feel satisfaction and build a reputation for yourself. As a smuggler in Old Republic, the quest was sort of interesting, but ultimately I just shot **** to death and made a few dialogue options. Not once did I really feel like I was a smuggler. Expand
  7. Dec 20, 2011
    Expecting something different like everything that I was promised all i got a was blatant wow copy with different skin. It's so exactly the same its not even funny, the only difference is that you get those silly mass effect cutscenes that go like this "Welcome overlord of moons oh great Sith Lord, I want you to kill 10 Drones. Bye." 0/10
  8. Dec 20, 2011
    I had high hopes for this game. Both as an avid gamer and as a fan of the Star Wars universe and I am saddened at just how bad it is. For a game with such a high budget and years of development, SWTOR doesn't tread too far from MMO's of the past. The combat is mediocre at best and the animations are rigid, my characters movement and actions seemed almost foreign. I played a Trooper because I wanted to be an everyman, a man who fights with very mortal abilities against overwhelming forces and against sinister cyberninjas (sith/jedi). The voice overs, which was one of the main selling points, its rather half assed and later on in the game just becomes glorified quest text that just takes 10 times longer to go through. Like in DA:2, the writing is nothing to, well, write home about. As a Trooper most of my responses where "i live to serve the republic" or "just doing my duty". There was an alarming lack of variety in weapons as well, as a Commando i was restricted to assault cannons or gimp my dps. The quest areas are boring and there is no sense of exploration or world pvp. I feel no motivation to go out and look for adventure and quests where mostly "go here and kill X for Y" with the bonus objective being "kill more of X". I am saddened to say that this bears alarming resemblance World Of Warcraft, only SWTOR is a step in the wrong direction. I can see this game competing with 2nd tier MMORPG's but it is a far cry from the tier 1 giant that is WoW. Which is a shame, because Bioware has been toting to usurp the throne (as all MMORPG's these days seem to do) and falls disgustingly short. To sum up, SWTOR is nothing new, it is a carbon copy of WoW with rigid animations, poor VO, no world PVP, no endgame, and no sense of adventure. Expand
  9. Dec 20, 2011
    My boyfriend convinced me to play this game with him. After the early access fiasco and now constantly getting kicked from the server I just don't care anymore. Honestly it's not worth it. Feel like I got robbed. By the way the story, cutscenes, and dialog make me want to puke. In my infinite wisdom I chose to play a male character but it's just disgusting seeing how bioware thinks women are supposed to act. Expand
  10. Dec 20, 2011
    The final nail in the Bioware coffin, after the massive let down that was Dragon Age 2 I thought Bioware would get their act together and regain some dignity to their name. Sadly, it seems that SWTOR is not the game to do this, furthermore, I'm afraid this game will actually make Bioware disband as a developing studio. The game is a WOW clone, with even worse visuals, cut and paste classes, the most boring grindfest gameplay you will ever experience. If you want an MMO with substance hold onto your wizard hats fro guild wars 2. Hopefully the writers and developers at Bioware will be banished to a galaxy far, far away....... Expand
  11. Dec 20, 2011
    I really feel betrayed by Bioware.When they announced this game a few years ago i was over the moon knowing that my favorite things were being combined, Star wars and MMOs.Knowing it was Bioware i had great hope for this game ever since i played KOTOR which still-is one of my favorite Rpgs to this very day.Fast forward to now and what i got was:
    >Repetitive quest
    >Hours of Grinding
    of immersion

    I could go on.They claimed it was something 'new' but it was just vanilla WoW.They claimed they went all out on voice acting which is mostly true but the fact that it's only used to tell you to go kill 10 x and report back kills the whole feel. Ok game if you're just looking to play it for a month but i really can't see myself or anyone of my friends playing this more than a month.
  12. Jan 5, 2012
    I think I can finally properly rate this game after a while playing, which I did just to make sure it's not wow-hate speaking through me. Well, it isn't and it makes me glad that my initial impression was accurate. This game is simply boring, I could go on for hours about every single little aspect, but the bottom line is exactly that: boring, boring and boring RPG-KOTOR-wannabe and it is not MMO at all unless MMO has been recently redefined . Yes there are other players running around but I think it's a bug, since the interaction potential this game offers is equal to null and when you try to compile it, gives you exception and crashes your brain. And finally, there is nothing to do, once you hit endgame = there is no endgame. And if you try to do something out of the box, you get banned (true story, some people got arbitrarily banned for grinding money in higher level zone). Why on earth would I ever want to renew this subscription? Good at least I know how to sell it and recover most of my money, so I don't feel like wasting it. Expand
  13. Dec 20, 2011
    What a huge letdown. For the amount of money and hype this game got they delivered very little that you can't get from a free to play game.

    It's decent if you just really like star wars or bioware but i'm very disappointed.
  14. Dec 20, 2011
    Singleplayer game with multiplayer thrown on so they can charge $15 a month. Virtually no endgame. If you enjoy starwars, might want to check it out for 1-50, but after that drop it instantly.
  15. Dec 20, 2011
    They promised me content equivalent with ~10-20 masseffect. They promised great story. They promised heroic battles. All i got was a yet-another-mmog with boring gameplay (go kill 20 beasts, etc), bad story full of cliche'. I was lvl 45 when i cancelled my subscription.
  16. Dec 20, 2011
    Am level 32 and this game leaves a lot to be desired. TOR has easily the shallowest character creation i've ever seen for a supposed 'AAA' title. The Star Wars universe is so rich and diverse that i just cant understand Bioware's reasoning for the lack of race choices and sliders. I put it down to pure laziness on their behalf. I have seen better choice in F2P mmo's from years ago (Perfect World anyone?). To make things worse the graphics are a complete joke for a 2011 title, textures are quite simply horrendous. The gameplay is stock standard WoW imitation crap, it brings nothing new to the MMO genre. I would have given Bioware points if they had at least tried to do something a bit different, but i guess they just couldn't be bothered. The worlds are linear and discourage any sort of exploration, whats worse is that even on full servers you will hardly run into another player, this is because BW decided to have multiple channels for each zone. I have no idea who came up with design for an MMO but they should have been fired for even putting it forward. This totally ruins the sense of community and feeling of being in a large, highly populated world. This is not an MMO. Its a single player RPG with a bit of co-op thrown in now and then that lets you chat people on other channels. If that floats your boat then good for you, but imo this is a complete let down and a does a great dis-service to the Star Wars universe. Expand
  17. Dec 20, 2011
    It's a WoW clone in 2011 and that speaks for it's self.The 300 mil must have gone all on advertising because I can't see them in the game.I'll try to get a refund.
  18. Dec 20, 2011
    Boring, generic and ugly are 3 words that come to mind playing this game. The developers seem to have literally copy and pasted whatever WoW has done. Even minor things such the graphics remind you of Azeroth, the combat doesn't bring anything new to the table and although the PVE fights seem rather quick the seasoned MMO player has done the same things for years.

    The writing is very
    Biowarey in that sometimes it's acceptable but sometimes it's just goddamn awful. Space Combat is so poor it's funny until you realise you just payed £40 for a Star Fox mini game. The developers of TOR must not of cared, they didn't want to do anything good with the game and decided from the get go they would make something medicore in hope that the Star Wars name will keep them afloat. Expand
  19. Dec 20, 2011
    Average so very very average had such high hopes linear and disappointing. 2011 game with 2008 graphics and a 2003 interface. Cant believe I spent £45 pounds at retail free to play in under 2 years you heard it here first
  20. Dec 20, 2011
    When I heard about this I was disappointed by the fact that they would be turning my beloved KoTOR into an MMO, but, I gave it a chance. Sadly it proved my fears right. Gameplay wise it is a poor WoW clone at best, except it's even more dumbed down. The graphics are just pathetic for a game coming out in 2011, it barely looks like an upgrade over KoTOR. And don't get me started on the "story". Grade school writing, combined with an utter mangling of everything in KoTOR just led to me hanging my head in shame with bile creeping up my throat. Expand
  21. Dec 20, 2011
    Being a huge fan of the KOTOR games, I was pretty excited when I heard that Bioware would be making another foray into the Star Wars Universe. I looked forward to the innovation that they could bring to the increasingly stale genre and hopefully renew my interest for MMORPGs. As the beta grew closer, I of course bought into all the hype, the promises and the CGI trailers that I desperately hoped were gameplay.

    Instead of getting a true successor to KOTOR 2 in MMO form, I got World of Warcraft : Star Wars Edition. Needless to say, I was incredibly disappointed when I learned it was going to be standard fare in terms of MMO combat (hotkeys, stand there and watch your cooldown bar) but I had at least hoped that I was going to get some good quality controls. But when I got my early access build, I was incredibly disgusted to see that not only were the controls boring and uninspired, they were simply bad. Everything felt underwater and clunky and once I was in combat, it simply felt unresponsive. I had no real connection to the buttons I was pressing and the things my hero was doing on screen.

    However, the real story here is well, the story. A story driven, fully voice acted MMO, the first of it's kind. Heck, it's Bioware even, people who brought us such excellent work's like Baldur's Gate and KOTOR, so the writing can't be bad, right? Right guys? Well, I was wrong. This writing was much more along the lines of the recent abomination Dragon Age 2. Every line with the opposite gender was dripping with flirtation, every line that was supposed to be delivered seriously had a comical air to it. Everytime they were close to bringing me into the universe, I was ripped right back out into ours as some horribly delivered cheesy line was spoken. Most of the time I ended up just skipping right through the dialogue as it wasn't nearly good enough to warrant my interest. Voice acting is all great, but really, it's just an expensive way to sugarcoat the fact that you want me to kill 10 enemies and collect 5 of their body parts just like I've been doing for years.

    Visually speaking, this game is unimpressive for a game coming out in Q4 2011. From what we've seen with recent MMOs and ones yet to be released, this game is three to four years behind in graphical technology. I won't mention all the visual glitches that I was getting, because it's still a very early build, however, I will mention the overall very poor quality. The shadows looked something out of the Playstation 2 era and were so distracting, that I actually had to turn them off. Texture wise, while they clearly payed attention to things such as characters, weapons and armor, they also clearly went right over most of the environment and let most of it be incredibly poorly done for such a high budget game. It terms of the art style, it actually reminds me of a game called Free Realms, a free MMO. This may sound like an insult, however, it is not. Free Realms has a wonderful, cartoon style that is both technologically undemanding, yet pleasant to look at. Sadly, I have to say that SWTOR actually looks worse, whilst being in the same art style. The animations in various battle scenes had me in tears at points, mostly because of how pitifully bad they were. Now if you like Star Wars and/or Bioware, there is nothing I can say that will stop you from playing this game. You will probably enjoy it because of your brand loyalty and there is frankly nothing I can do about it. But please, if you are looking in on this game as an outsider, I highly recommend you do not play this game.
  22. Dec 20, 2011
    I know you've been following all the hype train for this game, but don't fall for it!
    All that was promised is nothing like the final product. The quests are just boring fetch quests and extermination quests padded out with meandering dialog and boring stories.
    The combat is frustratingly simple, just mash F1 F2 F1 F3 F2 F1, ad nauseum. It's just the same combat system in every MMO for the
    last 7 years.
    The story is nothing special, the cinematics are awkward and nothing you do affects anything in the game ever. This is unacceptable, concidering the gimmick in this game relied entirely on it's story, which has no replayablity and you can complete it in 6 days.
    This won't be fixed, this game is a mess to the core. I wouldn't recommend anyone buy it, not even if you are a WoW addict, better stay with your other MMOs rather than this messy piece of crap.
  23. Dec 20, 2011
    Last I looked, this game was made by Bioware. Bioware: The innovator of western RPGs and deep character creation systems. Remember the character creation screens from Mass Effect? What happened? SW:TOR is cookie cutter from the beginning with pathetic character creation and continues being a cookie cutter affair thereafter. Although most people will compare the game to Warcraft, the more I played SW:TOR, the more I was reminded of the ORIGINAL Guild Wars: Instanced zones, lack of any real end game, rapid leveling, linear zones, 4-player groups. The biggest difference was Guild Wars gave you all of that for the purchase price where SW:TOR wants you to pay the purchase price PLUS a subscription fee for it. | | | The game itself is a buggy mess that chugs along. I don't claim to have a super-computer, but my system is far above minimum recommended specs and can play Skyrim fairly well, yet SW:TOR would often chug, choke, and drop frames. | | | Combat isn't spectacular at all. It's the same repetitive formula of MMOs since the days of Everquest. Cast and wait, cast and wait. The gave the classes fancy names, but it's still the same Tank/Healer/DPS trifecta from the last decade and the talent system looks like they literally transplanted it from WoW into the game and made it flow upwards instead of downwards. | | | The story was the key selling point of the game but even the story is lacking. Marred by bad writing, bad voice acting, and the lack of key Star Wars universe races, the story fails to inspire or even impress. For the company that was one of the first to really use a karma system, Bioware's implementation of a karma system in SW:TOR is laughably bad and has little impact on the story. | | | 300 million budget and the best Bioware could come up with is a poor hybrid clone of Guild Wars and Warcraft? Not only am I disappointed but this, along with Dragon Age 2's shortcomings, gives me pause to concern regarding the future of Mass Effect 3. Expand
  24. Dec 20, 2011
    This game had potential, but once again Bioware rushing has ruined it. The graphics and aesthetics are way outdated, the voice acting is sub par and the animations are terrible.

    The fact that this game is all instanced makes you wonder if it really deserves the title of MMO.
    Don't listen to the reviewers that will give this game 10s just because it is a bioware game, it has almost no
    endgame and will not keep you occupied for months.

    People have gotten 50 legitimately in the prelaunch, just to put things into perspective.
  25. Dec 20, 2011
    Apparently the slider at 5 came out as a 10, so to even it out I will nullify my rating with a 0. My reasons are explained well enough for this title in my previous review.
  26. Dec 20, 2011
    SWTOR is very much a WoW clone, but not of the current version. This game seems to emulate somewhere near the end of Vanilla WoW. The quests are pretty much all "kill x creatures/ kill x boss/ click x items", there really isn't much variation. This, I usually don't mind though. It's a system that has worked multiple times. SWTOR throws a wrench into the equation though, by giving you absolutely ridiculous distances to run between each objective. Be prepared to enter/exit the same MASSIVE jedi temple 10 times for a single quest line, and the NPC you need is always in the farthest room in the back. While the environments are excellent looking, this is not an enjoyable experience, at all. The PVP Is pretty much the same as what you have all done for years. I played a Jedi consular/shadow, and it literally was my rogue in wow, no different at all aside from a few ranged force powers. The queues are quick though at least! They added voice overs and cutscenes to every single quest, but you can only make "go collect 5 elixirs" so interesting. It's a nice touch, but by level 20, I was just spamming space bar and selecting dark side responses to get through them. The main story quest is neat, but be prepared to grind if you want to focus on just that. Space fights are fun, and a neat addition, but it really doesn't make up for everything else. The game is just so ridiculously linear. If something like this is allowed to be successful, we are doomed to another decade of really bad WoW clones. Expand
  27. Jan 3, 2012
    Every review on here that is 0-3 or 9-10 is a complete joke in my opinion, every single one of them. Here's the bottom line on TOR, a game I was insanely excited about and now won't sub past my first month: the story and voice acting is amazing, the rest of the game is either mediocre or a huge back step for the mmo genre as a whole. Listen carefully - this is the biggest disappointment I've ever experienced in a video game. EVER. I am 33 years old and have been playing video games my entire life, this is the cake. It is shocking people, SHOOOCKINGGG!!!!!! how uninspired the world is, how mediocre and "just good enough" almost all of the game mechanics / systems are. And it's BAFFLING that a game with this much of a budget could be this bad. Expand
  28. Dec 20, 2011
    This is an absolutely rubbish MMO, even by recent standards. The gameplay is essentially World of Warcraft in Space with zero innovation. The characters are generic, the story is tepid, and the gameplay is slow and boring. It's made all the more painful when you consider Galaxies getting shut down a few weeks ago.
  29. Dec 20, 2011
    I was a gigantic fan of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and to a lesser extent its sequel. I loved the pen and paper-style combat and character development system, the story and scenery were well done, the dialogue itself ranged from good to passable, and all of the characters were at the very least likable. You can imagine my surprise when, a few years ago, I heard that a KOTOR MMO was being made. "Finally!" I thought, "an MMO with a real pen and paper combat system! It makes so much more sense than the "action" combat in current MMOs (111121111113111121211431111) Unfortunately that is not what Bioware has delivered in the slightest. Bioware has pumped out a bland WoW clone with pretty but homogeneous environments, identical races (all colored humans), heavily instanced planets, glitched PvP (rather than put in a stalemate or no-win condition, they give full exp to those who cannot find enough players to fill a PvP instance as if they had won), a single broken end-game raid (currently unplayable by the level 50's who powerlevelled through the PvP glitch), and some hilariously bad story scenes. Really, I mean MST3K-level bad. Somehow I get the feeling that Dragon Age 2 was Bioware's death knell, and EA is just parading around its shambling corpse. Expand
  30. Dec 20, 2011
    This game has been a bitter disappointment. The voice acting is ok, but everything else is extremely boring, uninspired and it soon becomes a drag. BioWare seemingly has lost their touch and I'm not expecting much more out of Mass Effect 3, which looks like a boring third person shooter. TOR massively underdelivers on all fronts, and for such a big project with such high aspirations, it fails miserably. Do not waste your time or money with this game. Expand
  31. Dec 20, 2011
    This is embarrassing. Bioware clearly spend too much money on stuff that didn't matter such as voice-acting. Instead they shipped a WoW-clone (Let's face it, it is) with a dull atmosphere and boring gameplay. The visuals and graphics are dull and inconsistent which makes it look like a mediocre F2P game. Also, the animations are clearly rehashed from other Bioware titles. They had the budget and opportunity to create something original, but instead they chose to go for the cash-grab. Sadly, this is probably rather fitting for a Star Wars game. Oh well.

    Anyway, it is not worth it.
  32. Dec 20, 2011
    This game plays similar to a mix between a typical mordern BioWare game and World of Warcraft.
    This may seem like a good idea on paper but the problem is this: The story completely retcons the events of the previous Knights of the Old Republic games, setting Revan(PC of the first game) as a generic, mid-strength sith and completely ignoring the 'wound in the force' concept of the second
    A change from the normal MMO storyline where you begin as a nobody that must make his way in the world, in TOR you begin as a legendary 'classname' and are a hero of 'faction'. While it nice to be special, once everyone is special nobody is.
    The character models, regardless of race, share the exact same frame and animations, defeating the purpose of having multiple races. Despite this consolidation of effort, the animations still manage to look unnatural and wooden.
    As an MMO the content can definitely be called limited. It is fully possible to reach max level in a single weekend without resorting to any exploits or guides(which don't exist yet), while even WoW(popularly considered an easy, streamlined levelling experience) takes at least week of solid playtime while following guides developed over months to powerlevel a character.
  33. Dec 20, 2011
    This is a poor excuse for a MMORPG in 2012, $60 + $5 "Pre Order fee", $15 monthly subscription for a subpar World of Warcraft set in the Star Wars universe. If you enjoy the fact that people have completed all of the content, including getting to the maximum character level during "pre-access" (before the servers even opened) you will enjoy paying to play a single player game with a monthly subscription fee. This is a blight on the MMO industry and I don't think fellow players will stick around after the first month or two unless they are sadly mistaken into paying to stick around and hoping the game transforms itself, which it won't.

  34. Dec 20, 2011
    The year is 2011 and yet we are getting a game that could have been released alongside World of Warcraft. SWTOR in essence is not a next gen MMORPG. It is a slight overall improvement on the old and dying traditional MMO experience. I played the beta and was pretty disappointed. I expected more from Bioware and in all honesty was wishing they would stray from the traditional style of MMORPG's. Alas this isn't the problem. But hey, if you like World of Warcraft with star wars textures, characters, quests etc. This is the game for you! Have fun blowing 15$ a month. I'll be gladly waiting for Guild Wars 2, a game actually trying something new. Expand
  35. Dec 20, 2011
    Biggest wasted opportunity in years. Who ever was responsible for making this game a WoW clone should be shot and the developers should hang their heads in shame to have created such a blatantly uninspired rip off of a tired and outdated formula. It could of been so different, don't waste your money on this one it deserves to go down and the biggest flop in gaming history.
  36. Dec 20, 2011
    The Old Republic oesn't feel like an MMO. The only aspect of the game I enjoyed were the cutscenes and dialogue options I experienced when I was playing solo. Even the dialogue system is screwed up. If you wish to be an evil sith you must be cruel to everyone and show no empathy to even the characters you may have grown close to. The game's combat is extremely bland and fighting is about all you will be doing. You have a sort of campaign that is set for you based on your class that you get to play through. As a sith I found the story interesting but the vanilla wow style quests I had to do in between made it not worth playing. Not worth my money or any one elses. Bio-ware made another streamlined MMO, the only difference between in and other MMO's that have come out the past couple years is the large amount of cutscenes and voice acting. Expand
  37. Dec 20, 2011
    Game is over rated. Save your money for Diablo 3. Too many crashes, bugs, and glitches that get ignored at the STWOR forum. Customer service is by far worse than ATT. THE GAME IS BUILT ON FLASH. What you see in the trailors is just for show and advertising of the game.

    When you get to the game content it is lame. Poor PvP concept. Seems like the game is build on PvE. The mobs just stand
    up and waiting to be killed. The instances are annoying, story telling at times confusing.

    The game was rushed for Dec 20. you can tell the details are not there. Sith is so one sided in battles. If you join this game for PvP you will be frustrated. Light sabers dont even look like light sabers. They look like a piece of stick. Very low key on graphics.

    So do your self a big favor again and wait for Diablo 3. You can not trust bioware to make a decent MMO.

    Quite frustrating really.
  38. Dec 20, 2011
    Yeah the game is pretty good and balanced all round, but at the end of the day it's just another wow-clone. Combat is extremely boring and its writing and voice acting (It's biggest selling point mind you) ranges from mediocre to poor. The game also has a distinct lack of end game and leveling a character only takes a few days. Most players are likely to abandon after the first month. At the end of the day, it feels like a rushed KOTOR sequel, only you require to pay a monthly fee. Expand
  39. Dec 20, 2011
    I'll be honest here, I only got to Level 33 before quitting out of boredom, so if there is something to make up for the poor post-endgame, consider this a 6 instead of a 4. It's just that I just can't support Bioware anymore for what they've done to the SW:TOR games, with the retcons to Revan and the boring quests. I've always been a huge fan of Bioware ever since the SW:TOR 1, but ever since they were bought out by EA, the quality of their games has noticeably dropped. TOR, being, in a nutshell, WoW with lightsabers, has done little to change my opinion of this. I really hope Bioware manages to buck the trend with the upcoming ME3, but I can't help but feel doubt about Bioware's ability to continue making quality games after this.
    Anyway, if you're into WoW, you might like this game. If you're not, then TOR won't do anything to change your opinion.
    P.S. I know that I will be called a troll for expressing my honest opinion, but I don't give a ****
  40. Dec 20, 2011
    When I first heard about this game, many moons ago, I was instantly hyped. I loved KotOR and the atmosphere. I was de-based on Bioware after the DA2 fiasco but I said I'd give them a second chance.

    After playing the early release, getting into the mid 40's in the first day of playing, I realized something.
    The rumors of a copy-pasted WoW were true. The skills were the same, the combat was
    the same. Heck, even the quests were the same.

    What they didn't copy was the sense of accomplishment you get from attaining a high level and good gear.

    And don't get me started on the gear in ToR. Terrible textures, nothing that sets you apart from other classes and the clown syndrome is everywhere with mismatching gear.

    This game is nothing more than a mix of social networking and a glorified Facebook game.
    Avoid it at all costs.
  41. Dec 20, 2011
    Very boring and uncreative. Combat is basically the exact same you'll find in any other themepark. You get a lot of skills at a low level(this is a good thing), and many of them are quite flashy. The downside however is that the combat is slow and sluggish compared to most themepark games. Graphics are subpar, yet stylistic in order to function on more systems. However, the game is surprisingly unoptimized, which seems counter intuitive to that design decision in the first place.

    The biggest selling point to the game would seem to be the story and voice overs. At first I was attracted to the novelty of it. but it gets old very very fast. Most of the story twist are extremely predictable (as of all bioware stories of late), and you will found yourself space baring through the cutscenes fairly quickly. While the main storyline vo's were cool, I found myself wondering at times : 1) Why was my hero, that goes through so many epic story plots, doing so many mundane task. 2) Despite openly betraying the sith every chance I got, disrespecting my superiors every chance I got, I continued to become a more prominent sith even though everyone knew what I'm was completely stupid and immersion breaking. 3)Does EVERY side quest need cutscenes? This may sound cool to an outsider, but trust me it's horrible. Having to sit through cutscenes for people to tell you to travel ten feet to collect scraps off the's annoying. And finally. The world is utterly static. A combination of minimal ambient noise, huge open spacing with nothing in it, the lack of animation present in the world, and all the npc's standing still and silent. Every planet I went to besides one (and I went to most of them) looked liek a nuclear winter just hit. Still, lifeless, static, and boring. Crafting is automated, so this game isn't for crafters. The system was made for people who don't want to craft but want the benefits. It's essentially a automated lootbox. Rewarding the "crafters" for micromanaging timers. Pvp is what it is. The combat becomes loose and glidey against other players, similar to rif'ts pvp, so i your looking for something competitive, this is most likely not the game. Overall, very uninspired. The game takes no risk, amazes briefly, then became glaringly shallow. I have serious doubts about the longevity of the game, and most of my guildies are already bored to tears with it (starting in the headstart).
  42. Dec 20, 2011
    -recycled bioware dialog trees
    -NOTHING new for the genre

    Without the star wars franchise or Biowares drooling fans this game would go the way of the likes of Aion, and rightfully so. The only notable additions to the genre in this game is the money they spent on voice acting. The gameplay is as stale as ever, even more so in some areas. Avoid. If you like Bioware's stuff, go play
    their older games again or ones you haven't played yet. If you like Star Wars, hop on the free galaxies server or play some of the actually good single player games. Expand
  43. Dec 20, 2011
    I was a strong supporter of this game until i played it, i want to apologize to all the people i called a troll, and a hater. YOU WERE RIGHT i'm so sorry if i had only listened i would have saved myself $150 this is not an mmo, it's a single player game with a reoccurring fee. Advice: Wait for F2P it's going to be the only hope for this game. Fun at first and fades fast, way to many voice overs, like Age of Conan it's great at first but you're so glad when it's over at level 20, here it never ends. The first time i ever felt like shooting my PC to put it out of its misery. Expand
  44. Dec 20, 2011
    Disgraceful example of a game from what used to be the greatest developer in the industry. Dull, tedious and barren example of an MMO and pathetically bad in comparison to KOTOR 1 and 2. Never buying another Bioware product, lost all faith in the company.â
  45. Dec 20, 2011
    Boring Queuing simulator that should never have been made, where is KOTOR 3 bioware? Huh where the **** is it? gamecube graphics; FF14 UI; and about as much fun as have a spear up the ass. I know these results are going to be skewed by people suffering from denial that bioware could ever make a bad game but this is just as bad as DA2. Buy anything else for a better gaming experience
  46. Dec 30, 2011
    I believe that I've played enough of the game to now form a solid opinion of how I feel about it. The reason that I'm doing this review is because I feel that while the user reviews are fairly accurate (if some are a little bit harsh. I wouldn't give the game a 0 just because you're disappointed in it) it seems the majority of the critic reviews are a little biased, only pointing out the positive features rather than the negatives, which in my opinion need to be made aware of at the same time.

    Graphics: "With the graphics settings cranked to full the game is arguably the best looking MMO to date. From the fine details like the equipment players can wear and the expressions on the faces of NPCs during conversations, right up to the brilliant looking environments." is a quote from an Australian review which I find bizarre, as even with the settings cranked up the full the graphics just look... odd. While they are better than the majority of western MMOs and better than alot of older MMOs, if you compare the graphics of TOR to the graphics of MMOs released from last year to MMOs about to be released next year, they are by far not the "best looking mmo" If anything, the graphics look like Dragon Age's except, even more cartoony and low quality. The animations are stagnant and stiff, the running animations especially look like they've been done by a bad actor who doesn't know when to run on cue.

    Sound: Your typical Star Wars music, everything sounds right and fits the theme, the score is great also. However, some lines are reused when it comes to voice acting, but I'll let it slide.

    Gameplay: While the gameplay is like World of Warcraft (the endgame especially, when it's around ten people slashing on one enemy. You'd think that only one lightsaber slash would kill a human, it did with Qui-Gon Jinn!) I feel like there was no escape from that style of gameplay for TOR and what's so bad about it being similar to WoW's? it's still fun and to be honest, they make the gameplay more exciting than WoW's anyway. The most unique thing about the game is the dialog choices, but it just feels... slapped on. If anything, it makes it feel like the multiplayer aspect is slapped on more than the dialog. It really does feel like a single player game with a chat room. There's no need to find a party at all. The fact that this is more important than the multiplayer aspect is disappointing. Oh, and don't get me started on PvP. It's nonexistent. The gameplay is fine for a single player game and is still fun at times, but for an MMO, it's just not good enough.

    Story: My favorite story by far is the Bounty Hunter's, it's a ton of fun. I like how each class gets their own unique story.. but, why can you have sex with everybody? It seems like everyone wants to get in bed with you from the second that they meet you. There are SO MANY people you can have one night stands with, it's weird.

    Server performance: I've experienced no lag, but there's something even worse than that concerning the servers. There are too many for a game just launching. It seems that every server is either full or empty. That's your choice. You either wait in huge queues or you go on a barren land of a server, maybe that's why nobody wanted to party with me. Extend the server capacity, Bioware. OH! And there's even queues for the website and forums. No point.

    Random niggles I found on my journey: There are a few graphical glitches in the game, some are quite funny because of it, but every MMO has glitches on launch, so I'll let it pass.
    Why am I stuck in a building most of the time? I'd like to see some outside.
    I'd also like to go more than knee deep in water.
    Why is every playable race humanoid? Is it because they're not pretty enough for the oh so important sex scenes? They're just different colored humans. The most alien looking are Twi'leks, but they're humans with tentacles on their head! I'd like some actual alien looking playable races
    I'd avoid the forums, it seems to be a war between die hard haters who have a vendetta against the game and people who bow at Bioware's feet. You'll get caught in the crossfire even if you create a topic featuring constructive criticism or a simple question. I fear for the game once some of the community lose interest and go back to their regular MMOs. What are we left with?
  47. Dec 31, 2011
    I wish to retract my former review. After reaching max level, my guild cleared all the end game content in one night. Absolutely unacceptable, and coupled with the fact that Ilum is completely broken, this does not bode well for SWTORs future
  48. Dec 20, 2011
    Why people even trust Bioware anymore is beyond me. For this game, they promised a "amazing" MMO experience and that it would change the way we thought about MMOs. However it is--quite literally--a reskinned World Of Warcraft in the Star Wars universe, it is so cut and paste that it is almost pathetic. Not to mention the thousands (not kidding with that number) of glitches that exist, and the terrible animation working, childish writing, and awful performance that people are experiencing... This is not what KOTOR 1 or 2 was, the fact that game even associates itself with the KOTOR title is insulting. Oh, and by the way; You kill Darth Revan for his pants. That's right, I'm not even kidding! You kill the single most important character in the KOTOR games for his pants. Good job Bioware. Expand
  49. Dec 20, 2011
    The most glaring flaw of the game is that it plays it so goddamn safe. Here they have a huge, expansive, IP to take advantage of and they decided to go the baby route with it. They didn't take any chances. I don't see how they can expect to get the numbers they need to recoup the investment without trying something a little new.

    Bioware promised so much, and delivered on so little.
    Offensive in that with the deep pockets that EA has they could have made something fresh, but instead chose to walk in the path of their popular predecessors.

    In a lot of ways, as flawed as it was on launch, SWG offered a lot more to people who like MMO's. There was player housing, a player economy, player set goals, a leveling system that encouraged experimentation and offered ways to change classes if dissatisfied, and social interaction through gameplay. Example. I played a Smuggler. I made my fortune selling Muon Gold and Neutron Pixie in Cantina's. I would go from world to world peddling my illicit substances to regular customers, and try to edge out other smugglers through competitive pricing. I sliced (upgraded) weapons for one of the best crafstman on the server. All my armor and clothing was created by a Fashion Designer who owned a huge **** mansion and would custom-make your stuff to your specifications. When I got tired of Smuggler, I became a commando to help combat the abuse of AT-ST's. My friends and I sat out on quests across planets to find notable Star Wars NPC's like Han Solo and Chewbacca. If you didn't want to be a hero, you could play an Entertainer, a Cook, or an Image Designer or Fashion Designer. You could be that guy who sat in a cantina all day talking, and still progress in your class and feel satisfaction and build a reputation for yourself.

    As a smuggler in Old Republic, the quest was sort of interesting, but ultimately I just shot **** to death and made a few dialogue options. Not once did I really feel like I was a smuggler.
  50. Dec 20, 2011
    Just another WoW clone with a few improvements... sure the voice acting and cut scenes are great, but that gets old after a while. If you're already burned out of WoW, you'll burn yourself out of this pretty quickly as well. When will we have a new MMO that's not just a copy off of its predecessors?
  51. Dec 20, 2011
    Let me preface this by saying I love the Star Wars universe, and love Bioware as a developer. I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this MMO for some time now. Now that it's out, and I've played it extensively, I cannot quite express my severe disappointment with this title.
    You've probably noticed my score of a 0 by now. You don't have to take my word for it, but this game
    truly earned that score. The other things you may have read about SW:TOR are all true: it copies directly from nearly every other MMO, essentially ending up as nothing but a "skin" for WoW, and doing nothing to innovate save the addition of voiceovers. So, maybe I'll start there.
    The voiceovers, to their credit, aren't all bad. But, if you're anything like me, you will skip the dialogue because by the time they're done speaking two words of text, I've finished reading the on-screen subtitles, and will skip ahead. This feature, while highly lauded, is wholly unnecessary and only serves to get in the way and waste time - lots of time. Once your class-specific line is over, be prepared to be bored to death by questgivers touting the same monotonous and repetitive fetch-quest speeches, with only very minor variation thrown in.
    Now, you might be saying that in such a story-driven game, voiceovers are required, and Bioware obviously thought so, spending exorbitant sums to try to add value to what is nothing more than a carbon copy. Frankly, they failed. The story is something I was the most excited about, and while the class quest lines are somewhat interesting, everything else can be seen as nothing but a failure. I couldn't bring myself to care about anything, ANYTHING, in the game, least of all my own character's progression.
    To begin with, character creation options are the most limited I've seen in an MMO, and that includes WoW. As expected, this is how you start the game, and right away I felt like I was missing something - surely the game wouldn't fall so short on something so integral (after all, the cutscenes show you (and your friends) prominently quite often). There are only four body types, and you had better get used to seeing them, because they are all very distinct. I can't tell you how many people I ran into that used the "big" body type, and all looked visually IDENTICAL in EVERY WAY. There is no individuality in this game, no personalization of your character to make you feel like you're in any kind of RPG. It's tragic how many corners they cut here.
    I'll gloss over combat only a little, because I feel like that's where Bioware really glossed over in development as well. In a word, it's BROKEN. Glitchy, mindless button-pressing, cooldown-watching tedium. It's your typical MMO fare - tanks, heals, and DPS, fights that require you to move mobs away from explosions, or bosses that suck you in for an AOE you must escape. PvE is brain-numbingly repetitive, to the point it might actually drive some insane. For the record, I tried playing Aion, notorious for being 99% grinding, and to be blunt I do not see anything separating it from SW:ToR. PvP is another story - I don't even think they attempted any semblance of balance, because there certainly is none. Pray you didn't roll a bounty hunter, or else you'll be using one of 3 different types of blaster abilities the entire time. Characters have no collision, so there is constant overlapping of people fighting literally inside each other, spamming their abilities willy-nilly, needlessly circle-strafing in place as if it even matters what direction you're facing. Again, this is very reminiscent of WoW. If only that was a good thing.

    I could say more, MUCH more, but I will spare both myself and you. This game, I am sad to say, is a complete **** disgrace, and there is no chance in hell they will ever get another cent out of me, regardless of any expansions or "improvements" they make in the coming months/years. I have been let down in such a powerful way, there is no question of this. Rest in peace, my hopes and dreams of an even halfway decent Star Wars MMO... rest among the stars with the rest of Bioware's broken promises.
  52. Dec 20, 2011
    This game is a disappointment in every way. What Bioware has done here is do their best to copy what made WoW good at release and then compete with a massively improved WoW in present day. Yes, they could patch up the game over the course of at least 2 years by which point they could have the content of WoW, by then maybe WoW will have lost all it's players once they realize it's just Pandas and even easier content designed for babies. But by then TOR will have cost too much and to be honest, i'm not paying $15 a month for 2 years on the idea that the game may get good at some point. The VO is well done and well delivered, I just wish they were saying something interesting. It makes the game feel new, until you realize you're still killing X of Y. It doesn't innovate, it adds nothing to the genre, and there are much better F2P options out there whose only real downside is a cash shop, forgivable in light of TOR's mistakes. PvP doesn't feel engaging at all, it feels like i'm just standing there waiting for the other guys health bar to hit 0 first. Huttball tries to be different but comes off feeling like a slightly modified WSG. Endgame content is too easy and there isn't enough of it. Fun to see the first time but not something I want to go through over and over. Class stories are fun the first time, but it really shoots itself in the foot with this, re-rolling the same class is a complete buzzkill and really gives me a sense of "Seen this already", (Because you have, and barely different dialogue options don't change that feeling.) at least with WoW you can visit zones with different aesthetic styles and details. TOR has inexcusable graphics for a game from 2011, go look at TERA, GW2, hell, even WoW is updating it's textures occasionally. I don't mean to come across as a WoW fanboy. To be honest, WoW hasn't been fun for me since Ulduar and my subscription has been dead since then. But even just playing for free on the PTR, which is unfinished content at that, I still see more variety than in TOR. Even the "different" races are just reskinned humans with maybe a tentacle or horns. That's far too lazy Bioware, at least Companions are interesting, but not $15 a month interesting. Overall this game lacks any of the feelings of love and care put into it that I felt when I stepped out of the Valley of Trials for the first time, Vanilla WoW was fresh and new, but now that it's become old a stagnant I was hoping to jump ship to TOR. Unfortunately what was fresh and new all those years ago is now boring and repetitive. I'm sorry Bioware, but Blizzard got there first, and they used up all the shine. Between WoW and TOR, i've lost all faith in the future of MMO's, maybe GW2 will change that, but I doubt it. If you still love MMO's then maybe TOR is for you, but I would not recommend it as a first option, there are many more F2P one's that will do a good job of getting you into the genre before you waste your money on this. Oh, and Bioware? This isn't KOTOR 3 let alone 3-10. KOTOR actually felt like a journey, this feels like a chore. Expand
  53. Dec 20, 2011
    Hardly any end-game content.
    Huge world. 90% empty space/useless uninteresting areas.
    Poor pvp balance.
    Hardly any diversity in the armor models. The different races only differ in slight remakes of the human bone structure. No body changes whatsoever (you couldn't tell the different races apart if you covered up the face).
  54. Dec 20, 2011
    It was a hard punch in the stomach when Bioware announced that they would not make a Kotor 3, but instead go for a MMO. I was devastated at first, but the more I thought about, the more I liked the idea, because I love Star Wars. I thought that they would change the way that MMO's are these days, TOR is developed b Bioware, so come on. The game didn't change anything. It's WoW in space with a stupid UI and dialogues that doesn't fit in this genre. Even the gods must be crying. Let's hope that at least GW 2 can save the MMO genre. Expand
  55. Dec 20, 2011
    It basically tried to be Anarchy Online with better graphics, but it failed pretty miserably. This had so much potential, if they had just made it so that you actually need to aim to use skills. So much wasted potential.
  56. Dec 20, 2011
    When one thinks of Star Wars, what do you picture? For me it's Lightsaber duels, blaster battles, strange aliens, lovable characters and stories you find yourself drawn too. From the start BioWare disappoints, you are presented with five races to choose from, all of them slightly modified humans. The standard human, the red human with spikes, the human with tentacle hair, the green human or the human with cybernetics. This leaves even the layman Star Wars viewer asking "Where are the Wookies?" or other races.

    The dialogue options are a waste of time. For example, lets say you want to go Dark Side on this character. The NPC gives you options A B and C to answer him. You chose A. A gives you Light Side points. You just cancel the dialogue and talk to the NPC again either to avoid the Light shift or to find the option that will grant you Dark Side or Companion points. In essence, the only true choice in this game is your decision to go Dark or Light.

    The combat is what you expect out of MMOs today. Find a rotation and use it each fight. Nothing innovative. The same is said for most group content, you get the holy trinity and find yourself spamming whatever rotation the role requires until the boss is dead. Amazing boss mechanics include "Don't stand in the fire" and "get out of LOS".

    Finally the UI. What was acceptable in 2004 is not acceptable now. Rift launched with a fully customizable UI. World of Warcraft has a plethora of websites devoted just to mods for it's UI. Old Republic has neither. You cannot macro this game. You cannot mod this game. The UI you see is what you get.

    In closing, Old Republic at best is a way to kill time and enjoy a story told by BioWare in the Star Wars Universe. However, it is not a story worth $60 initially and another $180 over a year.
  57. Dec 20, 2011
    Let me begin by saying i have loved knights of the old republic since xbox and had high hopes, however ever since pre ordering the game 3 days ago this has given me nothing but trouble. after 60 gigs worth of 3 reinstalls of the digitally d/led game and its extensive 10 gig patch (3 days before it was released mind u). despite all this every time i attempted to click "play" my screen would go blank and flicker a few times then go to desktop like nothing happened. now u might think my comp is at fault, well i can play bf3 on ultra settings getting 60 fps, so i seriously doubt this puny game would even slow it down. so i attempt to contact support, only to be hung up on and told that they would email me. so i wait for a few hours and decide that i would call again and not hang up until it was fixed. 3 hours later i am yelling expletives at the indian support staff and demanding they find out whats wrong and fix it immediately. so to do this i apparently needed to send them my launch info... well after 2 days of waiting after sending this i give up and give bioware the big middle finger and demand my money back. i feel bad for u suckers who have to play it before figure out it sucks, although if u notice the people have spoken, a 5.2 rating in metacritic does not bode well for a AAA grade game that was suppost to revolutionize the industry. Keep your overpriced monthly fee gouging POS, youll find me slaying dragons on skyrim or on bf3. Expand
  58. Dec 22, 2011
    It's World of Warcraft in space with better music. There is nothing revolutionary about the game, contrary to what the paid reviews and shills would like you to believe
  59. Dec 20, 2011
    Simply put, it's a very poor game and they should be ashamed of it. It's a Kotor 3 with a MMO multiplayer attached to it.

    - Very dated graphics and pretty bad performance. Theyâ
  60. Dec 20, 2011
    everything is too old fashioned
  61. Dec 20, 2011
    I really wanted star wars : the old republic to be much more but in the end was a very disappointing experience. The animations are so wooden Pinocchio would be jealous. The stories are so terrible any third rate fan-fic writers could do a massively better job than biowares work. The graphics are no better and in some cases worse than World of warcraft and even then world of warcraft didn't make my machine chug trying to display biowares sub par graphics. Overall I wanted this game to be amazing but thanks to bioware and friends, I received a amazingly terrible game and experience. Expand
  62. Dec 20, 2011
    This is not an MMO, instanced world, everything feels dead to the point that NPC's dont even walk around.

    PVP lacks the skill needed for endgame to be meaning full, it's worse then WoW, no point in saving up any of your skills, simply click away and hope your enemy had lag

    No requirement of skill because of this

    My suggestion: skip this game
  63. Dec 20, 2011
    I don't think I can write a lot about this MMO because its honestly depressing how badly this one was screwed up. Bioware decided to go the WoW route on this one and tack on their own RPG expertise (bad writing and terrible combat). What could've been a great use of the star wars franchise is just another MMO, give this stinker a wide berth.
  64. Dec 20, 2011
    Played stress test weekends, found out Bioware wants to charge people a monthly sub for a single player game, and a 2nd rate hash of one at that. I challenge anyone to not skip through all of the so called Story Dialogue after the first couple of hours, its pretty much a go-there, kill this boss or 10 of these thingies for the entire grind that it becomes. Did consider buying it for a month to see if the release version would have improved but Origin have actually suspended anyone from buying a digital download because there are massive queues on pretty much all servers. After reading the official forums the Customer Service stories are horrendous and the game is exactly as it was in beta. Give it a miss. Expand
  65. Jan 14, 2012
    Revisiting my initial review after a month of play; and not much has changed in my views except it's even worse than I initially feared. While the story is nice, it is basically all this game has to offer and makes it VERY linear. There's no incentive for exploration, actually there's not a lot of incentive to do anything but drive the story forward. Technically the game is shabby, the engine is poorly optimised and there are bugs too numerous to list here. The customer service is also terrible, and don't try and leave an opinion on the official forums; you'll be savaged by the rabid 'Bioware/EA defense force' (aka fanboys).. and if you think that isn't bad enough, write any negative criticism and you'll walk a fine line of getting warnings! Apparently they don't mind criticism.. so long as you're not being critical.. I kid you not.. it's actually in their forums t&c's. Expand
  66. Dec 20, 2011
    The game would have been less disappointing if Bioware hadn't hyped it up as much as they did. An incredibly bland and unoriginal experience, one that mirrors vanilla WoW with lasers and lightsabers. People hate hearing that, but it is true. Let's get the very few positive aspects of the game out of the way. The voiced dialogue is rather nice, and the ambient music was in keeping with the Star Wars universe. The personal story was also very well done, the light side path of any Empire character is extremely interesting. The issue with that however is the way it is spaced out. In order to progress in the only interesting part of the game, you need to grind and do meaningless boring quests to achieve the necessary level in order to progress. It's an awful mechanic meant to keep you playing and paying that money each month. The space combat is boring, the PvP is awful, the instances are poorly executed. The game is an extremely boring train wreck. It is a single player game that Bioware tried to stretch out as much as they could for a subscription fee, like too little jam spread over too much bread. Expand
  67. Dec 20, 2011
    "I find it interesting that Metacritic removed a large number of positive, well-argumented user reviews (including mine) but failed to do anything regarding countless negative reviews that largely consist of a single sentence or a direct attacks on BioWare, EA or LucasArts and do not contain anything about the game itself."

    This is among the top reviews. The original review made by that
    user is a bot spam. There is evidence that the reviewer is a Bioware employee. Get your **** together video game industry. Don't bribe people with money and give perfect grades to your own failing product. Expand
  68. Dec 20, 2011
    This really is a singleplayer game with a chat window, they focused so much on questing that they forgot to add real content that a MMO needs, graphics are 7 years old, the combat is slow and clunky and with old raid mechanics and stale pvp, it really does not bring much to the already bloated MMO world.
  69. Jan 21, 2012
    A WoW clone that failed in execution and that forgot to clone the things that made WoW good. Worlds are linear and sharded. This game feels like a single player game when you play it, not an MMO. And the end-game is a joke. You will finish all the raids in about a week or two, they're painfully easy.
  70. Dec 20, 2011
    Does't work right. A cheap clone of WOW but with no fun in it. So many promises and just a big let down. As of now Dec. 14th there is no Professional review here in metacritic. You wanna know why because the game sucks and EA is doing there best to keep the low scores away.
  71. Dec 20, 2011
    Bioware should stick to single player games, which this is, but with massive problems that come with an MMO. Day One, and it is obvious BW is not ready to play with the Big boys
  72. Dec 20, 2011
    Worst Video-game Ever.

    Bioware/EA has proven that appealing to a fanatic minority and bullying reviewers with threats of black balling future games. This game is NOT a 10, giving it a 4 is a bit of stretch. It is a boring, repetitive copy of World of Warcraft that expects you to PAY for the experience. SWTOR has come out at the very end of the current MMO genre with all the graphics,
    style, and attitude of a child born in 1997. Expand
  73. Dec 21, 2011
    Honestly, this game should have a 6/10 score, so why i'm giving it 0/10? Simple this is absolutely the most overhyped mmo of all time with the WORST ratio of money spent on the project / quality overall. Graphics is on 2004 levels, if you want the game to be playable on most rigs ok, but at least do a decent work on the textures. The questing system is not rivolutionary at all, the game follow the classic "kill 10 mobs pattern", even World of Warcraft is exploring new directions but not this new title. Voice acting is fine for few hours, after that you end up skipping most of the dialogues because they are of the same, even the story is not engaging at all.
    Animations are even worse, the combat feels choppy and the chars movements are innatural.
    PvP is a joke, not fluid at all.
    When exploring the world it feels like you are on a monorail, you must follow a certain path.
    Bloated skill list, awful ui, no support for addons, poor interaction with the world, companions are "pets" and nothing more, poor char customization, all playable race are humanoids alike, no support for AA, auction house mechanics are terribles, no lfg tool.... and so on

    This game could survive only because it's "Star Wars", but honestly, the quality of this product overall is garbage if confronted with all the announcements done pre launch.
  74. Dec 20, 2011
    Essentially this game is World of Warcraft in space with all the tacky Star Wars themes added on. The races are dull as can be, the voice acting is essentially pointless (just adding more nonsense to a "kill X number of enemies" type of quest".

    It bears repeating: This is WoW in space, and a very bad version at that.
  75. Dec 20, 2011
    I can't stop shaking my head in disbelief. Am I supposed to be impressed with a 300 million dollar game that looks, plays and feels like a game from 2004? So glad I played it on my friends computer and didn't get it myself. Textures in Knights of the Old Republic look better. Don't believe me, put them side by side and compare. The new bioware destroys everything it touches, and Star Wars is it's next victim. Expand
  76. Dec 20, 2011
    Tunnel ridden flawed single player game is not MMO BW, sorry. Game without propper guild features except chat is not MMO BW, sorry. PvP is total joke and combat system is far from perfect.
  77. Dec 20, 2011
    What can I say about this MMO.
    The positives would be the limited physics in the game, reasonably well written storyline, conversation wheel system (unique), fantastic environment modeling and choreographed combat moves.

    The negatives would be lack of multiplayer support features, closed areas, lack of sandboxy content for casual players, poor NPC models and textures, poor space combat
    (no multiplayer), clunky combat flow and animations, lack of appearance/weapon/race/class choices and a poorly implemented UI and communication system.

    This game lacks many features considered standard for modern MMOs. It might be best to wait a few months for game improvements before purchasing this product, as you are really funding an extended beta after launch.

    A poor quality release with major potential down the road.
  78. Dec 20, 2011
    I would give this game a negative number if possible. First off, the combat sucks, its the same as WoW....kill creature X, Y times and run to so and so waaaay over there for a minimal reward. PvP blows, they let lvl 10's into a battleground with level 50's that can easily smash them to bits. Not fun there. Story line is ok...but that is all it is, just OK. Huge memory leaks in the game, how does it sound to have a process using 4+ GIGS of memory to run?

    Latency issues when your connection rocks...20ms connection and I cant attack anything because the server stops responding.

    All in all, they didnt finish this game before release, this is as horrible as AoC was. Bioware didnt even try to update the graphics from their crappy dragon age games. You should be ashamed Bioware for releasing such a terrible product. You should be equally ashamed for partnering with EA games with this, I expect within a month the normal player will be able to purchase in-game perks like warhammer online.
  79. Dec 24, 2011
    I'll begin with character creation. I was expecting a hefty load of options in the creation of my character such custom face shaping. Also I have to point out that the choice of facial hair is beyond a joke and it also looks so bad, almost like it's super glued onto the model's face. You can either have no beard and moustache and or an ugly thick one -- there is no in between. The same goes with the bodies, infact there is not one normal looking body for the jedi archetype -- it's either too skinny or too bulky.

    Not including the true cinematics, the gameplay graphics are deceiving. After creating my character I get some true CG cutscenes like you would see in a motion picture (money at this point that would have been better spent) which is great. Then I get to the cutscenes that appear to be the game's graphics engine.

    My character lands into a spaceport with crisp, colourful graphics -- im thinking woah, they really went all out here as well as with the voice acting which is superb. Shortly after being told what I need to do and who to talk to, I am thrown in to a world that looks hideous and completely different than the rich vibrant cutscenes.

    Compared with the mission/NPC cutscenes, everything just looks flatter and less vibrant. I was also informed after walking around the environment just how linear and lifeless everything is, something I wasn't expecting from a game this long in development.

    The envrionments outside the cities are also very linear. I found myself being restricted to certain paths where there was hilly terrain. Why can't I just walk up and around this? Dragon Age had the same issues too. This game has been hyped so bad that alot of KOTOR fans will think it's for them, but after EA/Bioware/LucasArts grabs their money they realise it's just another MMO, nothing special.
  80. Dec 21, 2011
    I waited years for this game and what comes out of it is a cheap imitation of WoW with lightsabers. Probably the biggest disappointment in video game history, how can a company spend 300M$ on a game that turns out like this? After a series of outstanding games coming out in the last few days ( skyrim, batman, uncharted 3, etc) there is no point in wasting your money on this. And on top of that, you still have to pay each month. Absolutely ridiculous. Expand
  81. Dec 20, 2011
    A good single player game, a terrible MMO. After all the hype and promises of epic this and epic that, it turned out to be rather above average. Now after seeing Bioware acquired a F2P company, it looks pretty obvious they know their product didn't live up to the hype either. I wouldn't say don't bother, but I sure wouldn't purchase a year sub if I were you.
  82. Dec 20, 2011
    The game is complete trash , wow in space it also looks like a Nintendo 64 game it burns my eyes. Seriously who will pay 15 $ per month for this ? This is a scam guild war 2 proves that they don't need monthly fee to manage a MMO. At least if you pay the game should be good , this one is far from that it is a poor one player game and a worst mmo. Just play Kotor 1 and 2 they look the same anyway and are great games. Biowar now only cares about the money that is why they jumped on the MMO train. Do yourself and your bank account a favor and wait for guild war 2 Expand
  83. Dec 20, 2011
    Let me start by saying that this game has absolutely no redeeming qualities. Reasons why I gave this game a zero include:
    1. The combat system is absolutely outdated by today's standards. Even Korean artificial wife grinding simulators (I'm looking at you, Blade&Soul) have better combat systems that blow SWTOR right out of the water. There is absolutely no incentive to move during combat,
    except in order to make it harder for your enemy to keep you in his line of sight. The combat system is mostly character skill and equipment based and consists basically of cycling your active skills and buffs, trying to manage their cooldowns. This is MAYBE acceptable for a 7 year old game like WOW, but not for 2011 year product. It also makes PvP a phallus measuring contest between powergamers, that have builds and gear tailored specifically to PvP. This isn't bad by itself, "proper" character levelling is always required at high level PvP play. It's the fact this game does not allow you to compensate for your character's shortcomings with your own personal skill, which makes it bad.

    2. The blurry low quality textures. This game simply does not look like a 2011-2012 game. Compare with cookie cutter Korean grind-based MMOs to see what I'm talking about. They look much better, not to mention actually good looking games like TERA and GW2.

    3. Atrocious art design and race homogeneity. Landscapes and structures look sterile and devoid of life. The game areas have vast empty spaces. Everything looks too clean and inartistic.Also, all character models look pretty much the same and are basically reskinned copies of each other with slight differences.

    4. The dialogue system which is absolutely redundant here. You see, multi solution quests and choices and consequences (called gameworld reactivity by some) are those things that separate the cRPG genre from MMORPGs, hack and slash games, roguelikes and their derivatives. SWTOR tries to look like a true RPG, but fails miserably at this. Most of the quests are as linear as a railroad and even the rare choices that you make are cosmetic 99% of the time. There are literally several choices that have actual, mechanical consequences in the game. The end result is that this game is no different form any other MMORPG, except that you have to sit through several minutes of cheesy, horrible writing to get your "kill 10 boars, bring their livers" style quest, before you can actually go kill something.

    5. No end game content and shallow character customization. There's nothing to comment here, even the most severe Bioware apologists will agree with this.

    I would post more reasons, but I feel that I've wasted enough time writing a review for a game that I would recommend to anyone.
  84. Dec 20, 2011
    I didn't give this game a poor score because I thought that it was a bad game. I gave it a poor score as I it was uninspired, unimaginative and most importantly unfinished. Firstly, they use the exact same user interface as World of Warcraft down to every detail. But sure, everybody does that, I mean WoW wasn't even the first to use it's UI right? Except Bioware have taken it further and also copied over WoWs class system and talent system as well as most of their classes being very close copies of classes in WoW. The one selling point of this game that makes it different is the fact that it has dialogue for every mission instead of a box of text which typically isn't read. Whilst this is potentially a fantastic idea it has not been implemented particularly well as I feel that the writing is poor in most cases and the poor animations of characters in the cut scenes is very off putting but despite it's flaws I still think it is a solid addition. However, a dialogue system is not something that will make an MMO (a game who's success is dependent on long term players) successful. As everything else about the game is so familiar to WoW it is likely that a lot of their players will be attracted to the game. However, although the groundwork for a WoWlike game has been set fairly well there is a huge lack of content for players to partake in once they have reached level 50 (the maximum level). Now, for some players this may not be a problem as the story is enough of a drive to level other classes to go through their story, much like a single player game. However, when there are players on role playing servers reaching level 50 before the game has even been officially released and outside of leveling there is very little content you have to ask yourself: how much longer are people going to be playing this game before they run out of things to do and move on?

    By no means would I say that this is a bad game but it is not a finished game and whether you like it or not first impressions mean everything with MMOs. If players burn out on the game within the first month and are left with nothing else to do it isn't likely that they will be subscribing for a second month and if there are enough players who run out of things to do before enough new content can be added then this game is just going to sit on the bench with it's buddies Warhammer Online, Aion and Age of Conan. For now I've decided against buying this game but maybe in a years time if they still have a reasonable playerbase and have had enough time to add content I will consider buying it.
  85. Dec 20, 2011
    You know how they always tell you that the endgame is the best part in any MMO? Well, that doesn't hold true for SWTOR. The best part is the leveling experience when you're still engaged in your own quest. Once that is over and you have nothing to look forward to but grinding the same flashpoints and battlegrounds over and over things quickly grow stale.

    Wasted potential sums it up. While
    the game has exciting mechanics like the personal quests and the companion system both of these are gradually phased out in favor of an uninspired and derivative metagame which leaves you longing for its much more polished rivals. Stay away. At least until it has enough content to justify a purchase. Expand
  86. Dec 22, 2011
    I cannot express how much of a disappointment this game is. People saying that it is a WoW clone are incorrect - it does not even do that well. I'm a massive star wars fan and have enjoyed most of Bioware's previous offerings from Baldur's Gate to Dragon Age. The only thing in this game worth experiencing is some of the story, and that is definitely a finite experience - my advice is to play one of Bioware's previous games that is written better and offers the same story-style experience without forcing you to suffer through a pale imitation of WoW's tired MMO gameplay model - read: WoW has much more fun gameplay than this. Smoother combat, more involved quest mechanics that occasionally engage you - use an item to put on a disguise, sneak into a camp and kill target. SWTOR is - Kill X mobs. Get X items from dead mobs. Pick up X items off the ground. Talk to X. Aaaand that's about it. Customization is atrocious. To have access to the Star Wars license and only have humans with facepaint is such a missed opportunity it's a crime. This isn't Star Trek where you're limited to humans with stuff on their face! There's a rich background with amazing races! Use them, players love them!

    I rolled a bounty hunter, I wanted to use a rifle, or maybe a cool staffy pike thing. Hell, Bounty Hunters in the movies do it. Surely in a STAR WARS ROLEPLAYING GAME I should be able to do that, right? WRONG. You're a bounty hunter? You use pistols. Next. You're a spy? You use rifles. Next. Just lazy and inexcusable. Even in WoW, there are class limitations but within that you are free to pick! My warrior can use a mace, axe, sword, dagger, 2h versions of all those, bow, gun, etc! Pathetic when WoW lays your character's options low. Once players are finished with their stories, this game will not be able to stand up to the competition, period. There is one raid, and three battlegrounds. That's it for endgame, other than that I hope you like sitting in the cantina roleplaying because that's all there is to do. It's missing so many standard MMO features it's painful to think about! Day/night cycles are missing, NO GUILD BANK!?!? No guild progression system of any kind. Welcome back to 2003! Oh wait, SWG and games back then had those. Welcome to a bad MMO. No LFG, horrible pet AI (yes pets, that's all companions are), god-awful UI, no addon support, no swimming, nooo thanks.

    Standard features in other MMOs like limiting who can roll need on what is absent, have fun the first time some sith ninjas your bounty hunter armor because his companion needs it, because it will happen many times. I really hope GW2 comes out soon.
  87. Dec 20, 2011
    looks worse than wow, play worse than wow and I don't even like wow

    it's pretty much the same formula of the last decade with no innovation whatsoever, if you like to play at disguised dull singleplayer game, go ahead
  88. Dec 20, 2011
    SWTOR is a Single Player/Co-op RPG with an Internet Chat system that you buy and then have to pay a monthly subscription for to connect with friends or random people. I do not see the Massive in this title.

    Bioware should've released this as a Co-op standalone game like Borderlands and released DLCs and maybe even saved some money. Maybe.
  89. Dec 20, 2011
    The game was fun for a week or two. Then I realized I was doing the same quests ad infinitum. Around the level 30 range (in the beta), the veil covering the constant and incessant grind lifted. Suddenly, I was aware that there were only 2-3 quests I was repeating over and over. I became completely burnt out and stopped playing for a time.

    Bored, I loaded up the beta again a few weeks
    later. This time I picked a Jedi Consular again, but a Sage instead of a Shadow. Furthermore, I wanted to see how different the story could be if you followed the polar opposite alignment within the same class story. So I went light side, instead of dark as I had previously. However, the story did not change at all. I was so disappointed with Bioware after seeing these cutscenes from the second alignment. Light side cutscenes went "Hey good job! You saved the day and no one died! You are a hero!" Dark side cutscenes went more like "Hey good job! But you did kill that one guy and that was not cool I guess. You are a hero!" After another ~25 levels of this nonsense I was forced to uninstall in disappointment.

    Another large problem was the lack of story persistence. Being that this is an MMO, Bioware has to cater to every single Obi-Wannabe. This means you will -never- see the fruits of your actions outside of instanced cutscenes. No planets being destroyed, no open world people being killed, no nothin'. This absolutely killed immersion for me, as I imagine it did for many others.

    In conclusion, I would not recommend this MMO to anyone. It is an absolutely standard (possibly below average) Theme-park MMO with the Star Wars license and a "deep immersive story" taped onto it. Save your money for now.
  90. Dec 20, 2011
    At last, after many years of waiting we finally discover the answer to the extremely promising question "What happens when you combine EA + Bioware + Star Wars KotOR + the most expensive development budget for a video game EVER, and create an MMORPG", and it's not the answer most of us expected.

    The endlessly touted voiceovers are cheesey and patronizing and sound as though they were
    designed to please 8 year olds and under. There's extremely little variety in quest types - even less than in the original KoTOR games. The space combat could be replaced with a screen saying "YOU ARE A COMPLETE IDIOT FOR BUYING THIS GAME! HAHAHAHAHHAA!!!" and it would still have the exact same entertainment value as it does. The combat is stiff and dull with many abilities that were seemingly thrown in due to a resentful game designer being reluctantly forced to think them up to fill a quota.

    The game world doesn't even try to be a "world". It's just a series of linear instances, which is what you'd expect to find in a single player Bioware game but certainly not in the single most expensive MMORPG ever created. They've amazingly succeeded in making the world about a tenth as immersive as World of Warcraft (released 7 years ago), with no day/night cycles, no swimming and NPCs and mobs that just stand there.

    I don't really need to mention the graphics as they've been thoroughly torn into by everyone except the most blinkered and deluded of fanboys, but I will anyway... They're garbage. I have no problem with MMOs having lower requirements and therefore technically less impressive graphics, but Bioware seem to have taken this as an excuse to put almost zero artistic effort into the way the game looks. The only way to make the graphics any look more like they resented having to create them would have been to render the entire game in ASCII.

    If this game turns out to be a lasting success it will be a good thing for the gaming industry because it will mean that game developers don't have to put any passion or sincere effort into their work. It won't be so much of a good thing for us gamers though, because we already have more than enough unimaginatively designed dreck to wade through as it is.

    In summary: Soulless, flat, bland IP cash-in at best. An insult to any discerning gamer at worst.

    Mainstream MMOs don't come out of often enough for Bioware to blow the biggest budget EVER on this sorry excuse for a game. I hope they enjoyed whatever they spent the budget on, because it certainly wasn't spent on developing this game.

  91. Dec 20, 2011
    You might have fun for the first few minute if you enjoy mediocre story-immersed single-player games, because that's what this game should be. Forced questing, non-fluid movement/combat, garbage pvp and unbalanced classes. The grind is extremely long, repetitive, and boring. And end-game content scarcely exists. This game seems like the same bad MMOs that have been coming out for years with star wars skin and voice acting slapped onto it. If you've played any MMO released in the past 5 years, you've already played this game, save yourself some money and buy something else. Expand
  92. Dec 20, 2011
    What they've done is created WoW seven years later, only this time the quests are linked up by chat wheel cutscenes. I was hoping that Bioware would change things up, nope.....

    The worlds feel sterile, the NPCs all stand in one place, barely animated at all. The sound effects are very poor, they just seem missing as all I hear is footsteps and music. The planets are small questing hubs
    and then you travel between them via a main lobby and everything is either instanced or phased. You barely see anyone as there never seems to be more than 100 people per zone and world PVP is pointless so everyone is in battlegrounds.

    They had the perfect opportunity to fix what is wrong with todays MMOs and instead they just made a worse version of WoW, like every MMO has done since...

    I'm only giving it 4 because it isn't a total train wreck and is polished, I just wont be playing it any longer.
  93. Dec 20, 2011
    This game is a sub-par clone of WoW (an already tired game) with a Star Wars coat of paint. The world feels dead because everything is instanced, and you have to deal with Bioware's bad dialogue (It used to be so good, what happened?) over it all. It's poorly balanced, unimaginative, and is far below what Bioware used to be capable of. They don't even attempt to try anything new.

    It's a
    huge disappointment. Expand
  94. Dec 20, 2011
    I would have to give this game at least a 7 or 8, if it was released in 2007. But this is nothing more than regurgitated same old same old. Sorry but after 33 levels and good money thrown down the drain, I just have to rate it a 2 at best. Maybe we need to start punishing these copy and paste mmo's for their greed, as they see online gamers as a milking cow. And these Star wars fanatics, well they are a whole other story. Best said by someone else who said it best:
    Seriously, I can't stress this enough. Have you been to the official forums? Have you seen the 36 thousand pages of locked threads that ended in epic flame wars because someone pointed out that Boba Fett was an overrated character? These are not rational, intelligent, reasonable people - they are borderline mental patients who were given a gaming outlet so that they'd stop trying to gouge the midichlorians out of their day nurse with plastic Jell-O spoons.

    This is who is on here rating this game a 10. I'll stick with a solid 2
  95. Dec 20, 2011
    Novelty wears off with this very quickly and the boredom sets in -- not very immersive, character creation very lacking and the entire game is riddled with glitches and lags excessively. Doesn't have a lot working for it at all.
  96. Dec 20, 2011
    A really disappointing game. They pushed the boundaries on nothing and in fact the game lacks features other MMOs had a decade ago. The only thing they added to the mmo genre is a whole lot of voice over. Since I am not a story person, this game falls flat on its face right off the bat. Terrible character customization, terrible ui, small worlds that don't feel they can be explored freely, awful pvp, no end game, lacking guild features, the art style leaves a lot to be desired, worlds feel lifeless and generic and the list goes on. I honestly can't believe this is supposed to be a next gen mmo. It has no merit to make that kind of statement. You can see by the diparity in reviews here that this game is obviously not what people had hoped for. On one side you have people screaming how awesome it is, but they can't tell you any reason why aside from the vo. Then the other side actually lists what they don't like. It seems this game will have its hardcore player base like most mmos tend to get. This game will not be the next big thing. I give it 3 months before people get tired of story and move onto something that actually focuses on fun gameplay. Expand
  97. Dec 20, 2011
    This is a very well done WoW like mmo. The combat is a little more active, but not by a great deal. This is a game that feels like a MMO made 10 years ago. It is missing most of the modern MMO player convinces like a group finder, dual specialization, and several other features.. This is more like 8 single player games than a real MMO.

    Now the launch issues are numerous, 2 to 4 hour
    queues. Origin issues many people bought the game and were never set cd keys. CD keys not shipping with boxed copies of the game. There is a whole world in the game that will instantly crash the client and put you at the end of a 4 hour queue over and over. And the kicker? This has been known for more than a week and was never affress at all. CS when you speak with them have no idea what you are even asking them to do, and it can take up to 6 hours to get a phone reply, 2 hours in live chat, Forum you will be ignored, and I was told the Email support had a 4 week backlog as of tonight. Tons of technical issues, this game was not ready for launch. It is sad because a little more work and I think it could be great. Expand
  98. Dec 20, 2011
    pretty horrible, if I wanted to play WoW i'd play WoW or a vanilla server at least
    SWTOR isn't even that good, its just the starwars named slapped onto shovelware
  99. Dec 20, 2011
    At first I thought, World of warcraft with starwars? Sounds like crap, but then bioware pulled a bioware and messed the gameplay, the voice acting, the UI, and almost everything else up, so now it's really just A walking simulator with buggy, boring combat.

    Bioware does it again.
  100. Dec 20, 2011
    Why WoW style combat!?! Why not something that would involve it being more star wars-ish like GUNZ combat. The combat where you block bullets with a sword, bounce off walls, and butterfly. We had that type of star wars game a while back called jedi knight 2 and it was amazing, but this no this is crap.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 73 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 68 out of 73
  2. Negative: 0 out of 73
  1. Apr 23, 2012
    LucasArts generally exercised greater quality control of Star Wars games than most licensed properties receive, though that didn't necessarily translate into titles that were actually good. I've played a few other Star Wars games in the past, and while the SNES platformers were pretty good, this one is even better. Knights of the Old Republic may just be the best game in the franchise, and succeeds at being a top-tier RPG even if one has no interest in Star Wars. BioWare did the license proud.
  2. Mar 31, 2012
    I wound up bailing out on Star Wars: The Old Republic well before hitting the level cap, but not before digging into it more so than any other MMO I've played. Even if it is an unhappy marriage between two wildly different game types, the fact that it kept me hooked for so long at least counts for something.
  3. Mar 5, 2012
    A good game. It pays excellent homage to the film series (even though it's set before the movies), and is a really solid MMO.