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  1. Don't get me wrong. Starcraft II is a fine game. It's just not great.
  2. 90
    It's not a step forward for the genre, exactly, but StarCraft II is still one of the most polished, finely crafted and well presented real-time strategy games available.
  3. The wait was worth it. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty delivers on all fronts with unique singleplayer missions, a gripping story for the campaign and excellent multiplayer. Prepare yourself for the definitive RTS of the decade. StarCraft II is the new standard and will cast a shadow over all RTS titles that follow for quite some time.
  4. And, more to the point, because millions will thoroughly enjoy StarCraft II regardless, thanks to a dense, thrilling, relentlessly clever and class-leading campaign adventure that takes this RTS to the masses in spite of itself. It might be less than half this sumptuous package, but it's a lot more game than almost anything else.
  5. Starcraft II not only picks up the essential features that made the first game of the franchise a success as joins them with high production values that transmit a very strong cinematographic component to the whole experience.
  6. Traditional and fresh in all the right ways, this strategy sequel is an absolute joy for veterans and newcomers alike.
  7. A gloriously well crafted campaign welded to a near Olympic competitive experience. StarCraft II is practically essential.
  8. StarCraft II expertly walks the line between remaining faithful to its design legacy and evolving everything about itself that can evolve without fundamentally changing what the game is. I'm so enamored with it that this review is now officially getting in the way of playing more of it.
  9. Jan 18, 2011
    If you are into real time strategy in any form, it's hard to ignore Starcraft II.
  10. Dec 19, 2010
    Classic RTS gameplay that's as good as it gets.
  11. Dec 14, 2010
    For anyone else interested in or already on board with RTS games, Starcraft II isn't just an amazing, it's required reading.
  12. Oct 21, 2010
    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is a traditional real-time strategy which ticks all the right boxes. The deadly and fast thinking A.I will prove to be a challenge to even the most seasoned strategy gamer, whilst the ability to make decision and the extensive multiplayer support will keep you playing for a long time to come.
  13. StarCraft II is a shot in the arm for the RTS genre, filling a void that's been left dormant for far too long - about 12 years, actually.
  14. An amazingly well-crafted strategy experience. Not a lot of chances were taken, but Blizzard knows what works, and it shows. Addiction in a package and sublime strategy.
  15. Given its lineage, it should hardly be surprising to discover that Blizzard has once again demonstrated such a keen sense of balance: with Wings Of Liberty, it offers established players a welcome return to familiar battlegrounds, while providing intrigued bystanders with their best chance yet of engaging with a bewildering, brilliant and punishing genre.
  16. Working alongside a terrific soundtrack, some very cool voice acting, and a custom map building tool, the parts of Starcraft II that make it an enjoyable and addictive ride leave little to be desired.
  17. Wings of Liberty is one of those games PC-gamers have been waiting a long time for. The huge single-player and incredibly balanced multiplayer make for a very complete package. Here's to another twelve years of Starcraft, even if you're not a huge fan of RTS-games (yet).
  18. Bilzzard offers us an engrossing and well crafted single player campaign combined with a multiplayer mode crafted to perfection in StarCraft II. You won't find any other real time strategy game that comes close to this level of craftsmanship. Add to this meaty options for content creation and what you get is a game well worth the long wait.
  19. 90
    Much like the original, it will be played for years to come. And that's why it lives up to all the anticipation.
  20. The lack of innovation is a shame, but the attention to detail and superb multiplayer is beyond criticism.
  21. An excellent game that you can consider the chess of the 21st century.
  22. StarCraft II can be considered a refined version of its parent: so, despite the fact that perfection has been reached once again, we admit we expected a little bit more of innovation after 12 years waiting for this sequel. Anyway, it's a "must buy" for every RTS fan.
  23. Sure, you might miss playing as Zerg and it does have a somewhat old feeling to it. But nevertheless, this is an extremely good strategy game that gives the fans exactly what they've been waiting for since the original Starcraft was released 12 years ago.
  24. StarCraft II proves that old game mechanics can still work if done right. The game is fun to play in singleplayer, but its true excellence is stated in the best realtime strategy multiplayer yet to date. It´s an instant classic which will be played in many years to come.
  25. Those who expected some kind of a revolution in the StarCraft gameplay with this sequel will probably be disappointed, but the argument doesn't stand for long in front of this tour de force, making StarCraft II the new reference of RTS on PC, and certainly for a long time.
  26. This is a sublimely engineered game with a simple, elegant core design and all of the rough edges ground away.
  27. In the end StarCraft II didn't go changing on us in the fundamentals, and that's perhaps the greatest feature Blizzard could ever have included. What works, works and StarCraft nailed it back in 1998 and StarCraft II: Wings if Liberty nails it here and now in 2010.
  28. Finally, the eagerly awaited sequel to the original bestseller Starcraft is here. While Wings of Liberty will not break the mold in the world of real-time strategy gaming, it surely stands out as the best package to be found in this genre. For the competitors that will try to seize it in the future, Starcraft 2 is - simply put - the new benchmark for years to come.
  29. This is how sequels should be made and if you're a fan of this gaming genre, you definitely need to add this to your collection now! Brilliant!
  30. 98
    I am however completely enthralled with the game.
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  1. DanD
    Aug 2, 2010
    This game is hands down the greatest game ever made. Everything about the original was improved to a great degree, from match making to game balance. The new units add a lot of new strategies as do new mechanics such as destructible rocks, xel'naga watch towers and the addition of a second gas node at every base. As a die hard fan of SC:BW I went into this game with very high expectations and I can tell you that it lived up to every bit of it. The campaign, im sure is fun if youre into that sort of thing, I myself went straight for the multiplayer, which is excellent with the brand new ladder system. Gone are the days where you play against people significantly below or beyond you in terms of skill . My only complaint is the lack of clan support which the original enjoyed. I think it'd be great if people could make clans to make it easier to connect with other skilled people for team matches, such as 3v3s and 4v4s. All in all, if you even sort of enjoyed BW you will love SC2. Stop reading this and buy it now. Full Review »
  2. bobg
    Aug 6, 2010
    I just don't get it. The story is boring and doesn't grab you, the graphics are nothing amazing and the game is lacking a number of important features, e.g. LAN play. Sure this is a decent game if you want the same gameplay you had 12 years ago, but no way does it deserve the kind of perfect scores it's getting. Full Review »
  3. JCT
    Aug 5, 2010
    Twelve years in the making and the release of this game winds up similar to COD: Modern Warfare 2. While less features are considered such as no LAN, possibly few add-ons, a constant Internet connection and similar Facebook content are something I would NOT like to see in a PC game. Sure 30 missions in a game may be quite convincing for one campaign along with the looks of improved graphics. If this game is released with all three campaigns with at least as much missions and lasted as long as Grand Theft Auto IV and the acquired features I am looking for, I would own this game for $100. Therefore this game isn't by far unique and worth the price on features from what Relic's Company of Heroes had. Full Review »