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  1. Oct 24, 2011
    "If it aint broke, don't fix it". This game changes very little from SCI, but it doesn't really need to. It is fresh enough to warrant having a "2" put on it, and still it feels alot like "1", enough to bring back great memories from the first game.
    I dunno how many hours I have played this game, but one thing is for certain, it was never dull. The campaign I liked, alot (first campaign I
    have ever finished for an RTS, I never really played SC1's campaign, I just played skirmishes), the multiplayer (as always is awesome). All in all, its a great game. Expand
  2. Mar 12, 2011
    Ok here is a very late review of Starcraft 2 =) Simply an amazing game. One of the most, if not THE most, polished game to have ever been released. The attention to detail in this game is very noticable and appreciated. Awesome singleplayer campaign, even if some might call the storyline cheesy I think it is quite alright and it succeeds very well in putting you in position to enjoy the strategy/tactical parts of the game which is what it is all about anyway.

    Multiplayer is of course best in the world. Excellent balance of units/races and exciting matches both to play and to watch.

    Although not the best in the genre the graphics are beautiful. Sound is even better.

    The only downside I can think of is that the game only offers a terran campaign and leaves the zerg and protoss campaigns for future releases.

    I think you still have to say the original Starcraft and it's expansion is the better game throughout gaming history but Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty has definitely made a good start. WIth equally good expansions/releases it could very well become the best Starcraft experience ever. Perhaps even the G.O.A.T. of all games!
  3. Apr 19, 2011
    If you loved the original Starcraft, I have no reason to believe you won't be amazed by Starcraft II unless you're really nitpicky. Starcraft II's new multiplayer is absolutely addicting and the new makes it fun to gather all kinds of achievements. The campaign might Terran only but it has enough content to justify a $50 price tag. That's where the problem comes in. The retail price is $60 (I believe is $50 now on Amazon as of this writing) and the online authentication is absolutely annoying. There is also no LAN, which isn't a problem for me because unfortunately my friends don't play anymore but I can see how it would be an enormous problem. I'm hoping these are just changes wrought by the Activision side of things (seeing as how they raped Infinity Ward). Nonetheless, this is an absolutely fun and addicting game which belongs in any Starcraft lover's hands. Expand
  4. Nov 28, 2012
    This is, and without a doubt, the greatest RTS game ever made.

    Those who try very hard to be cool and buck the mainstream would beg to differ, but morons like that beg to differ about everything.

    This game is popular for a reason, people. There simply isn't a better RTS game available right now.

    Not an opinion. Fact.
  5. May 15, 2012
    This is the best game known to man! i play this game as much as possible and once i started playing SC2 i just couldn't play any other game. I highly recommend this beautiful game but SC2 heart of the swarm is coming out soon this fall you might wanna wait for it, WARNING THIS GAME IS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! IT IS THE BEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!
  6. Mar 9, 2013
    Even though the campaign story was a bit disappointing this is still one of my favorite games of all time. The campaign though having a bad story is still quite fun the first couple of playthroughs. The multiplayer is fantastic and even though the constant cheesing can be annoying, the macro games are so much fun and very different from game to game. The arcade is also much fun if you get tired of melee matches, and even though the maps aren't nearly as good as the ones in Warcraft 3, they're still pretty good. I will be playing this game for years from now on so even though the story was poor i'm still gonna give it 10/10. Expand
  7. Aug 14, 2010
    One thing about this game is that the balanced nature of all the sides. With so many sides competing on such a large scale, man o man. Starcraft 2 strategies are formed by the minute. I am currently taking professional help at
  8. Aug 17, 2010
    Now I don't understand people CONSTANTLY whining about "$60? omgwtf??" and "its the same game with better graphics". I agree LAN is important and with it this game would have been a 10/10 but why the whining about the price? If you can't afford it, don't buy it and shut up. If you havent noticed, everything and everyone in this world is driven by profits. It's that simple. And yes, the gameplay is a lot like SC1 but its not the same game. There are many new units which completely change the old strategies, upgrades, and a pretty impressive campaign (compared to most of the RTS games out there). SC1 was a great game and I bet if they had made a totally different SC then these same people would have been whining "They destroyed StarCraft QQ". What do really want from SC2? Bikini clad girls jumping out from the screen and into your laps? If you havent played this game please do not give it a low score and then justify your stupidity by saying things like "I gave it a 0 to offset all the 10s" .. Bottomline - SC2 is a fun RTS game and blizz has done a great job with BNet 2.0. Yes it may not deserve a 10 but its certainly not a game worth "0" points. Get a life. Expand
  9. Aug 19, 2010
    Polished, balanced and very detailed game. Everything is just good. The only problem is that SC2 is very repetitive and old-school. Nothing really new comparing to the first game. Anyways, it's a new cybersport discipline for a long time now. That is what Bliz aimed for. If you're nostalgic - buy w/o thinking. If you're SC1 multiplayer fan - buy w/o thinking. Others probably will be disappointed. I would prefer something where more thinking and less clicking required. Expand
  10. Sep 25, 2010
    This game has got to be the best PC game ever made. Amazing graphics and improved gameplay has blown all those series that get yet another game every year to the sky. The wait for this game has really paid off. Continuing with the unfinished story from the first games, Starcraft 2 has refitted itself with new units, structures,characters and map editor. The prologue at the installation point tells you the story so far, so new players of starcraft do not have to buy the first games to get whats going on. Starcraft 2 now has an achievements centre where you earn achievements for something you did while playing. you can see the achievements board in your profile. This is one of the best real time strategy games ive ever played Expand
  11. Mar 11, 2011
    Very fun game. The online play is great, requiring a lot of skill and constant effort to actually get anywhere. The graphics are great, and all of the animations are very smooth. The game play is amazing, although I wish they could've added more units to online play, such as Black Archons, Medics, Dragoons, etc etc.

    Still, amazing game.
  12. Mar 15, 2011
    Another great game from Blizzard! The story is engaging from start to finish. The character interaction between missions add to the immersion of the story. To criticize this game as not having evolved enough, is not giving this game any credit. I think many modern RTS games are just trying to reinvent the wheel in an attempt to prove they are different. They are adding features that are not always better. It is like if a company came alone and tried to improve basketball by making four hoops and three balls the standard. Expand
  13. Mar 25, 2011
    Best RTS ever played. I'm a old RTS gamer since Dune I, Dune II, C&C and etc.
    It's brand new (some imbalance appears as normal in RTS world) and is already awesome. The next expansions and patches for sure will lead this game to the top #1 as most played RTS in world. Getting error: Score (4.0) id must be a floating point number.
  14. Apr 19, 2011
    this game is the real deal. its what a pc game should be; tons of user content, long and challenging single player experience, ranked competative online play, pushes the limits of even the best computers, highley tuned and tested, i was in the beta for over 7 months

    there is a reason blizzard is king of pc gaming
  15. Nov 30, 2011
    Really good game, nice gameplay, great graphics. The only downside is this competitive thinking of most of people on the ladder online. It pushes the fun away whereas if you play with a friend or two, the game gets another dimension of fun! Campaign is alright and help you to get into the multiplayer quite quickly. But you can skip it, the game is worth for the multiplayer on its own.
  16. Nov 4, 2012
    In one word: Amazing! The anticipation for Heart of the Swarm is killing me. I love the game, watch all the professional matches, and this from a guy that never even played Starcraft 1! Every gamer needs this in his staple of classics.
  17. Jun 28, 2011
    Pretty fantastic game. Very smooth and polished. I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign mode, and eagerly await the next installment. Sadly the community that surrounds it is not conducive to enjoying the game experience. Great fun to play with friends, but as usual you should avoid the pubbies. Most of them haven't learned to act like decent human beings yet, or play very robotic "strats" that if fail, they immediately leave. The computer opponent is more challenging and inventive than most of the players you'll find online. Also the major league gaming component is entirely ignorable. You can have a much better time with this game without paying any attention to the elitist buffoonery that surrounds it. Expand
  18. May 20, 2011
    Fun game, and I don't even enjoy multiplayer RTS. I just played through the campaign, which I enjoyed a lot. The only complaint I have is that the campaign wasn't longer. It was well done, but it could have been longer. That's why I give it a 9 instead of a 10.
  19. Dec 6, 2011
    This game is amazing. Unlike a lot of the troll complaints, the story is awesome, far advanced from the previous one, and much more advanced then I've ever seen from an RTS. I had to play through the story mode the first day I got it becuase I had to know what happened. I love how they worked in the unit customization so I was not forced to just use whatever new unit they gave me, and I could use a consistent strategy throughout the maps. I also like how they worked in doing protoss missions, and the last protoss mission was an epic level, probably one of the best in the history of any RTS ever. This game has everything going for it, but I give it a 9 for being a bit choppy still online. I was in the beta testing, and it worked fine, but when the full version came out, it was not working as well anymore, so they have to add more servers or something to compensate for the amount of players on B-net. Expand
  20. Sep 5, 2012
    I will have to admit I was extremely skeptical that this game would be better than the original Starcraft. After its release and playing for an extraordinary amount of time, I can say that SC2 is an amazing game. It is fair to also assess that it is the same level of quality as the original. This is an exceptional level of quality because Starcraft is truly in my opinion Blizzard's gem and a revolution in pc gaming. Let it be known that there are people who devote their lives to this game, expect to get schooled in multi-player. If you do play for a while though, practice makes perfect, you will improve significantly over time. SC2 is remarkably flexible and balanced and every battle is a fight to the end. There are so many different strategies at your disposal, and even if you don't want to fight others you can team up against the computer or join one of the HUNDREDS of AWESOME UMS games that are provided. UMS for those who don't know means USE MAP SETTINGS, and is pretty much where the players create a map for others to play. I absolutely love defense UMS games such as turret defense, they are so simple yet totally satisfying. You will need a good PC to run SC2 on FULL settings, but if you qualify the reward is terrific. Blizzard truly did an excellent job making this game a successful predecessor to one of the best games ever made, too bad that didn't happen with Diablo 3 :) Expand
  21. Jul 16, 2013
    Well balanced strategy game (like Sc1 and Bw). The single player Campaign was excellent! Even thou the story does`nt "top" the original SC1 story, its a good continue, and the game itself has renewed the way the campaign is build up. You can develop in different directions, between missions, and have to live with the choices you make. It has different difficulties, which makes it fun no matter the level your on. (my friend has to play it casual to enjoy the game, i need more challenge and go hard, and if hard is to hard, then i can take this one mission easier, and go back to hard on the next mission again). The game also has 3 alternate challenges within each mission, which you don`t have to take to succeed, but which makes it fun to play the same mission again several times to reach this goal as well.. And of course, the graphics is up to date Excellent game, MANY hours of fun, even after single player campaign is through, you can play it again, or enjoy the best multiplayer strategy game of all time Expand
  22. Jul 20, 2013
    10/10. This game was great. There is a great multiplayer ranking system. Each game lasts about 10-25 minutes on average. I would often play 2 games after work and then I was able to put it down. Many games got my heart racing. The single player campaign is excellent.
  23. Jul 22, 2013
    Positives: - looks cartoony but appealing and still serious enough to enjoy - most unit portraits are well made and have a good design - Multiplayer! This is about Multiplayer - frequent balance patches - Modability! This is a great plus for me. You can make basically everything in the GalaxyEditor. One can make entire new games within Sc2. Awesome! - active Community: be it Forums or the constant flow of new custom maps. With a community that big that has access to advanced moding tools such as the fabulous editor this game won't get boring too fast :)
    - the campaign missions are designed fun and diverse

    - Music. Except for the Terran music I consider the soundtrack of part 1 to be the superior one. The great terran music in Sc2 is en par with the terran music in Sc1. They even captured the whole 'space cowboy' theme a little better this time around.
    - Story: The campaign didn't touch me or anything. The whole atmosphere wasn't as unforgiving, cold and gruesome as in Sc1. In Starcraft 1 the cold depth of space was present. The terrans were rugged, slightly degenerate nihilist basterds in Sc1 and it suited them. They were space dark, weird space humans. In the multiplayer of Sc2 everything feels alright about the terrans but in the campaign they're all too shiny and perfect at times. The dark awesome feel of part one is absent during Sc2's campaign. Still, the missions were fun and diverse (see above)
    - Protoss: when have the protoss become singing moral elves? Really they once were awesome radical superbeings who felt superior to everyone because they were. They had awesome big ships and erased entire planets with their radical advanced technolgy if it served their interest. Besides they had other faces and looked way more awesome. Now they just look... I don't know. Their faces are to edged, the eyes to little. I preferred the design in Sc1. It was simpler but it looked way more natural. The way an intelligent alien race should look. Besides, in Sc1 Protoss didn't wear shiny cute crystals everywhere. What happened to the Protoss? They were cool once...

    This is a multiplayer game so the minus of the story is a relatively unimportant one. The protoss problem is a question of personal preference of course. Don't like them? Play another faction. Overall they fit in with the other 2 (way more badass) factions well enough. So this minus is rendered rather meaningless, too. The music, while not as good as in part one at some points (again the Protoss music is my least favorite...) overall is still a solid piece of work and the terran theme is awesome. Zerg is cool, too, sounding very organic and aggressive which suits this race perfectly.
  24. Aug 6, 2010
    I had a chance to watch someone play this game and it looks amazing. Blizzard did not make the mistake of overhauling gameplay for the next chapter in the story. An upgrade in graphics, engaging storyline and the introduction of new units is plenty to spike the interest of a RTS fan.
  25. Aug 11, 2010
    Not many games made me spend so much time there - this does. Single player is really nice, mult really much fun. Only bad thing is high price but well, blizzard know how to make profit...
  26. Aug 11, 2010
    Changes from SC1: --Added queen/comstat/chrono boost to the races to add another component to your strategy. Huge CHANGE from SC1. --Buildings addons can be used interchangeably with other buildings with terran race. --Can hotkey all buildings together to cutout some micromanagement. --Group sizes are limitless now unlike 12 units from the first game. --New abilities, such as blink/corruption/changeling/can move while burrowed/ --can rally workers straight to minerals, which again cuts out unneeded micromanagement from SC1 which are all HUGE and great changes. --With SC2 came a completely new, which has been the same since SC1, but I guess, you know, that doesn't matter. --High yield resources. --High ground units can not be attacked unless you have sight up there. HUGE change, which completely differs from SC1. --All the new units. --Creep plays a lot more role, such as spreading it out with either your overlords or creep tumors, which increases your zerg units speed while they're on it. UNLIKE in SC1.

    I mean, how are these not changes? What in the world could anyone possibly ask for? Everyone on here that gives it a bad rating always says that. I don't understand, they aren't specific. "Same game as SC1". If you don't like the game that's fine. I can understand why people (younger) have gotten used to modern day RTS. SC has always been about mineral/map control. If you don't like the game fine, but please explain why you feel it's the same as SC1.
  27. Aug 12, 2010
    Real time strategy games just don't get any better than this. They took what worked in the original and expanded upon it creating a universe that not only puts you in the driver seat but shocks and awes along the way. The units are balanced, the gameplay is fun, and the multiplayer is fantastic as ever. I was afraid that my aging PC wasn't going to be able to handle the graphics, but it can. My PC is 3 years old with an upgraded 9000 series nvidia geforce card and it plays it fine on medium. My buddy has an even older computer and plays it fine on low. So, don't be afraid if your PC isn't up to snuff. Expand
  28. Aug 12, 2010
    It kills me when people promise an objective review, yet slap the work in question with a 0. But I digress. The title in question, SC II, is a superlative piece. Is it revolutionary? No. However, if you were even remotely interested in this product before its release, you probably already knew this. What you get is a refined game that gets a lot of things right, and is unapologetic about retaining an established format. Is this a bad thing? In my humble opinion, no. It's refreshing to play a strategy game that isn't desperate to skew its perspective, or mimic other recent RTS', for the sake of innovation. Is it safe? Perhaps. But the product is so refined, who cares?

    In regards to the campaign, it gets a lot of things right. This is what the original DoW II campaign should have been like. The missions are diverse, the story is strong (albeit cheesy at times), and the experience, as a whole, is very entertaining. The productions values, per usual Blizzard, are excellent. The game world is vibrant and detailed.

    MP, per usual, is good. However, unlike a majority of games that toss fresh meat into the fray with no support, SC II goes out of its way to accommodate inexperienced players; even assigning them to specific leagues. Is the absence of LAN or chat a big deal? I didn't care, but maybe some one else will. Also, the game ships with a intuitive map editor that is fun to toy around with, even if you aren't creating anything. I can only imagine the works art members of the community will present in the near future.

    The big question is the game worth $60! YES! Rarely do games come this refined and bug free.
  29. Aug 12, 2010
    Really 'effin polished. Great strategy, I always wanted to start starcraft but was never motivated as everyone was so good and I hated the graphics. Now SC2 is the only game I'm playing. You don't need to play the first but check the summary of the story if you want so that you'll understand the story more for the second. Better than average cinematics, solid gameplay and lots of online fun. Polished to hell, no bugginess! What a relief. Expand
  30. Aug 13, 2010
    Starcraft 2 started out a bit slow but picks up the pace very quickly. Game play is pretty much exactly the same as Starcraft with just a few new features and improvements for the most part. The game feels very balanced and the single player campaign has a host of different difficulty settings for amateur to hardcore players. Soundtrack is great and the game really feels like starcraft and not simply a pretender. Story is excellent continuation of the saga although some of the dialogue is a little "action movie" like, this is what you would expect from a terran only campaign. The new features such as the ability to move around on your command ship and speak to characters, different mission choices which influences some of the sub plots and overall cinematic feel really add something extra to the game from the previous one. The game isn't perfect though but it is a great continuation of the starcraft series and a worthy sequel. Now there is only one frustration left. When is Heart of the swarm coming out?! Expand
  31. Aug 13, 2010
    The last ten years has mostly been console gaming for me. Starcraft 2 reminded me why I used to play PC games. Games like this just don't work on consoles! C&C is a travesty on a console and Halo Wars was v simplistic. Starcraft 2 has great balancing, top notch production values and tweaks that old nostalgia nerve just enough to make it feel like home. This is a masterful recapturing of yesteryear brought to a new generation of PCs and gamers alike. Do yourself a favour and check it out - at least on a trial basis. (The retail edition comes with free, time-limited trial cards to give to friends, so just ask around!) I cannot wait to see what Blizzard do with Diablo 3! Expand
  32. Aug 14, 2010
    This game is fun. Plain and simple. Sure there's no LAN for all the crybabies, sure, and I did hear it was rehash-y (StarCraft, the original, doesn't work on my computer). But come on! It's a good game. It's well designed and generally entertaining. Also, the people complaining about the expansions are plain stupid. Expansion packs are fun! No one's forcing you to buy it! So, I ask you people to stop being wet blankets and embrace what Blizzard has given us. Expand
  33. Aug 15, 2010
    This is exactly what a sequel should do: keeping what works while adding enough changes to make it fresh. The in game graphics and cutscenes look amazing without the obvious difference between them like most games. The gameplay is the classic SC but with modern tweaks and upgrades to make it even better. I don't understand why some people complain about that. Those same people would complain that Blizz should have kept things the same if they had radically altered the gameplay. If you go into SC2 expecting DoW or WiC then yeah you'll be disappointed. And if that's what you want then go play those games instead. Expand
  34. Aug 15, 2010
    When something like SC2 gets released by a developer like Blizzard people expect the absolute best, and will criticize it with that in mind. The story could be a little more serious, and the MP still has some slight balancing needed, but realistically compared to the other games on the market its amazing.
  35. Aug 15, 2010

    I've read many reviews saying it's just a rehash of starcraft 1 , and the graphics havn't changed much, but that's completely wrong. There are many more new units to choose from , more depth into upgrading them, the graphics are fenomenal for an rts making it look gorgeous to play and the maps are
    thouroughly detailed. The campaign will give you entertainment for 10+ hours, even more if you want to challenge yourself to do the achievements( Yes , achievements! , very similar style to blizzard's World Of Warcraft.). The cutscenes are spectacular which you expect of blizzard from their past cutscenes such as the wow ones. The story is deep with lots of great depth and is grabbing from the off. Multiplayer is addicitvie. There are many subcatergory's (1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 FFA) , and with all apart from FFA , after 5 placement games you get placed into a division (Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond). You are constently motivated to progress higher!. You can go into a team game as random , or with a friend, and if you go in with a different friend later on , you will start from placement matches , so it tracks your members in multiple teams of the same catorgory. This game is certainly worth a purchase. You may see Korean gamers who are mighty impressive players with fast hands playing this game, but it matches you to players in your region so no need to panic. There are to be 2 new campaigns set for release most likely at the end of the year or next, so content will keep coming towards you with new maps. Once more, this game features an intergrated Real ID system , which lets you talk to friends playing other Blizzard Games (WoW ofcourse!) and friends who are perhaps in the campaign while you play multiplayer. If you like to have some sort of bragging rights (We all do) then you can showcase your best achievements which will be seen to any member viewing your profile and along with achievements come portraits to put a picture next to your ingame name. These portraits can say a lot about a player IE beating the game on the hardest difficulty (Brutal).

    Best RTS currently on the pc market in my opinion.
  36. Aug 16, 2010
    This game totally worht the wait!! I bought the collector's edition at midnight on july 27 and it's worht the price too!! I love this game. Awsome characters and awsome game experience. The multyplayer part of the game is the same in every way it should be the same like in SC1 but it has all the improvements i miss from that game!
  37. Aug 18, 2010
    The years of waiting worth it all the way.Everything is just the way a gamer,loving the first version.Starcraft 2 is the right successor.The cinematics,the way they are part of the game,not the boring motions we are used to watch,tapping the Esc button for them to stop getting us bored.No other words from me.Complete 10,just like the good old Starcraft.
  38. Aug 19, 2010
    The negative comments are just hilarious. The game is fantastic in every single way, it surpasses the original so much it's not even funny.
    Sure, some balance issues have come, but is that something new and unexpected? The first one wasn't balanced enough for years and SC2 came out with almost perfect balance. You have an expansive campaign with unparalleled multiplayer. I can't wait for
    the expansions - this is by far the best RTS campaign ever. There's so much more to say about the game but I'll only say this - it's the best RTS you will have for the next 10 years. Deal with it and enjoy it! 10/10. Expand
  39. Aug 20, 2010
    this is a great game i never played he first but the second looked great and its a great game its not a game you sit down your first time and are just good you do have to put some time in and practice multiplayer is well done. i recommend having a good cpu a quad core is a good choice or a really fast core 2 duo both would play fine
  40. Aug 20, 2010
    The wait was well worth it. Everything about this game satisfies me in every single way imaginable. Single player campaign was great, absolutely cannot wait for the second installment to come out. It's just too bad we'll have to wait!

    100% Recommend to any RTS lover. Starcraft is second to NONE!
  41. Aug 25, 2010
    There's a reason why renowned critics have given universally favorable reviews for Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. It is simply one of the best PC gaming experiences out there, ever. With the "selling out" of many games to the more popular console system, there are very few companies left which truly devote the resources which the PC deserves above a console game. Blizzard, along with a few other developers such as Sid Miers, are the last standing frontier of PC gaming out there.

    The campaign from Wings of Liberty throws thirty-some missions at the player, with several additional mini-games or challenges thrown in the mix. There are a plethora of achievements. Although some users might complain that it's not "complete" since it only features thirty missions, the story and plot come to a climactic close, not just some cliff-hanger to sell the next expansion.

    Graphics are good, but not anything great; Blizzard, for most part, caters to hard core gamers, except here, where they allowed WoL to run on a range of specs. Music and sound effects are grade A, it doesn't sound recycled from the past game and the sounds as well as voices are unique to the units and the characters you meet throughout your adventures.

    Multiplayer is what truly caters to the needs of the hard-core. It's been intensively balanced, and has a new style of match making as well as a revamped 2.0. Leagues and points systems attempt to ensure that players play against those of equal skill level or so, with the chance to play greater skilled opponents in order to promote into another league. Starcraft 2 has a great community; as of now, much of the DotA company (rude and mean) has not moved over into Starcraft 2. There are many new players who picked up the game who were dedicated WoW fans, but generally, they are mannered. The forums, as well as spin-off fan sites, offer a plethora of ways to communicate with the community. A rising phenomena is the commentary of the Pro-gaming series, as well as novice and amateur commentary of one's own replays, or replays of friends. After the release of Starcraft 2, there was an increase in scamming and phishing attempts however.

    As for cons, there is no LAN, but fortunately there is offline play. You can have guests play on your computer, but only one account is allowed from a CD-Key. Zerg is never handled by the player; this leaves many new players playing Terran in multiplayer. You cannot change the set-up of the default keys (but there are four different sets including the original Broodwar setup) , but this is mainly to ensure an equal gaming environment.

    In the end, if you are a PC gamer, it's almost unlikely that you've never heard of Starcraft. I suggest any PC gamer play this game, as it truly is the sequel to the best RTS of all time.
  42. Sep 1, 2010
    very good game.
    one of the best RTS games I played lately. It is designed for players whp like fast action RTS games. I'm a turtle player but still like the game. The graphics and sound are good. The single player story is good. The missions are fun to play and have divers goals (not every time kil everything on the map). The multiplayer is as good as the original.
  43. Sep 5, 2010
    An Amazing game that fans of the first game will love. The game plays very similarily to the first one but with a wide array of new features and units. Amazing story and cinematics as is to be expected from blizzard is always a plus. 9/10 for an amazing come back to one of the greatest games ever made.
  44. Sep 9, 2010
    Finished this game right down to all 3 achievements per mission - point is I really played this game. And the verdict? PROS: Excellent game and a worthy successor to Starcraft 1. It retains enough of the original Starcraft 1 look and feel so as to make you feel comfortable - and yet it is still different enough to be challenging and exciting. Graphics are bigger, more detailed and sparkle, especially if you have a good video card (I use a 9800GT). There are 29 missions overall and they are balanced excellent, always challenging, and the achievement system makes for great replay. Also, many new units added for all races, other units have evolved, lots of new stuff to learn. And you can rotate the game left and right a bit by pushing Insert & Delete buttons - definitely a much more 3D look to the game. Loved the plot, loved the cinematics. A lot of work put into this title - the usual Blizzard level of quality. CONS: Why I didn't give a ten is because of the need to always be online to play this game. I think maybe Blizzard has gone overboard in its efforts to stop piracy. Playing this game is like when you play a game thru Steam. Warning: If you are playing the game and goes down, be aware that you can only get achievements if you are connected to And I wish they had allowed LAN play, but you can still play with friends or someone else at home thru, you just create the game non-public and you each need your own account. Hoping the next installments to this title won't be too expensive, and am sure they will be excellent campaigns also. Expand
  45. Nov 19, 2010
    I love this game. It has all of the fundamentals of an RTS while still keeping originality. Multiplayer is totally epic and the single-player campaign is even more brilliant. It's one of those games that you just have to pick up whether you are or are not an RTS gamer. It got me into RTS games and I recommend it to everyone. My only gripe is the 2.0. It is region locked so, as I have, if you buy a game from overseas then you will have to connect to the overseas Also no LAN support which got me really angry. Other than that, a great game. Expand
  46. Sep 29, 2010
    While all turn based games lack the big adrenaline rush you get from 1st person shooter types, in its category Starcraft II lacks nothing. The missions are challenging, some very much so, and the growing stockpile of mercenaries and weapons allow for multiple and variable solutions to each episode. The story line is compelling and the action is moved along by the A.I. fluidly. Once play begins you are engrossed in completing the mission(s) and the hours slip by unnoticed. This is an extremely satisfying game. Expand
  47. Dec 4, 2011
    To those like me who had not played Starcraft, first of the name what I can say is that Starcraft 2 is a really enjoyable RTS set in a dystopian futuristic universe. The campaign is a well-crafted way to get into the story but maybe a little short (although alternative missions and achievements makes it a re-playable game). There is a great diversity of units with unique playing style for each race, so lots of strategy to try in Battlenet: the core of the game.
    The criticisms I could make: no out of the box possibility to play LAN so better have a good internet connection and then lots of trouble playing a multiplayer game online without constant lagging. Also I agree with those saying that the music, voice acting etc. could have been better.
  48. Oct 8, 2010
    A great game, another great product made by blizzard.I wish the solo campaign was longer but it just makes me want the next one even more. Be prepared to constantly multitask when playing online matches, I would advise reading up on strategies and watching videos on you tube it helps. There is a custom made game for anyone online.
  49. Oct 12, 2010
    Tries too hard to be better than the 1st one and the multiplayer doesn't really do it for me. Don't get me wrong, i think it's a great game and I gave it a 9, but as a sequal, the multiplayer was a little dissapointing. They took away most of my favorite units and replaced them with less powerful units. The single player is fantastic, i really like how they set it up, so that really saves them for my score, but the multiplayer just doesn't seem as fun for me as the original...which is the only reason i docked a point. i'd give 8.5 if i could though. Expand
  50. Oct 14, 2010
    Ok so Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty aint anything new for RTS but hell do any of you know what it takes to creat flawless gameplay? I mean you all got to remember Starcraft was and still is one of their best works there wasn't a real need to change much. The graphics alone is what people wanted out of Starcraft and Broodwar. And not to mention Blizzard sets standards to the highest and makes games that don't need tons and tons of patches. All those that give the game less than a 7 need to realize you put your standards too high. Why recreate the wheel on this beautiful game? ALL RTS's are just about the same no matter what. Look at all the Diablo games not much changed from Diablo to Diablo 2 or that matter of Diablo 2 LOD. Diablo 3 is going to be just about the same just better graphics, new characters, and maps. Starcraft 2 Wings of Liderty should get at least a 7 but I give it a 9 for the fact its beautifuly made flawless and the few new things it brings to the table for other RTS's out there need to compete with. Blizzard is the best company out there hands down and I barely play anyother games out there from other companies. In fact I want to work for Blizzard once I get out of collage because I want to set a new bar with RPG's/MMORPG's. Blizzard themselves ARE THE BEST! Expand
  51. Oct 21, 2010
    I am a big fan of RTS games and well i can say that this game is awesome! I played SC:BW for some time and loved (despite its outdated graphics, still awesome).
    The game-play i would say is somewhat different from BW but it isnt a drastic change. The campaign is great and will take some time to complete and is quite challenging on higher difficulties. And as i said, single-player is great,
    but multi-player. Now that is a different story :) 2.0 can be described with one word: Awesome. I mean you could just spend your whole day in SC2 either by playing 2v2/3v3 against computers with a teammate, playing some league matches, or the best part: custom games. Custom games are just incredible. Basically you have around 100 different games(and i think many more actually) in SC2 so you will not get bored easily.
    The balancing is great when playing league matches: you always get to compete against a player who is pretty much at your level. I have yet to actually see some sort of idiot on, everyone behaves and there are no retarded people online.(Trolls/spammers/anything like that)
    So my advice: If you like RTS games, or you have thought about which one should be your first one, then you should definitely buy this game! Thumbs up 10/10. High Five Blizzard!
  52. Oct 24, 2010
    SC2 is the best multi-player RTS game out today. If you are looking for a fast strat game look no farther.
    It beats the socks off of C&C 4 which is a only half a game.
  53. Feb 14, 2011
    Over 10 years ago I was introduced to Warcraft II. Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is one of the best RTS money can buy but that doesnâ
  54. Nov 26, 2010
    After years of development, it's finally here. The visuals are sharp, the sound is punchy and the plot at the heart of the single player campaign does a fine job of setting the scene for the next installment in the planned SC2 trilogy. The multiplayer aspect of the first game remains one of the most highly competitive RTS titles in history and Blizzard saw fit to craft a sequel which measures up to the lofty standards set by its predecessor. Fast, fun and functional... the only issues stem from some minor balance issues pertaining to the weakness of the Zerg species. However, Blizzard has already released numerous patches to address this issue and looks to continue supporting SC2 for the forseeable future. Starcraft 2 is here... and it's about time! Expand
  55. Nov 25, 2010
    Starcraft 2 is just the starcraft 1 on speed. That in itself makes it an awesome game, but after more than a decade I was hoping for something a bit more. I lost interest after about a month, mainly due to the fact i'd done it all before.
  56. Mar 28, 2013
    Been playing this off and on for 2 years and I can say for sure that there is virtually no limit to the amount there is to learn about it. It's huge, it's a lifetime game, getting to know it feels like I'm getting a small Degree for a university course. I would say getting to know the technical (controls/interface) is bigger than some entire games, and then getting to know the technicality of each race (builder order/units/uniqueness) is like 3 full other games (3 races), and then actually getting good at the game is like 10 full other games. So you're basically getting 14 games worth in this one game. That's actually not even an overstatement because I'll be playing this for 5 years and I'll probably get 14 times the number of hours I get out of most games. Wow, I just realized that I'm not in hyperbole. Expand
  57. Dec 24, 2010
    Blizzard continues to astound with their support for the PC platform, and seem to have the exact opposite feelings held by their parent, Activision (Blizzard). It is nice to know that Blizzard still cares about quality of their products, and will take the amount of time necessary to ensure they release a great product. Sad that they feel that this game needs 2 expansions (likely to go for $40 in of themselves) to tell a full story, but at least this release is very well done. Expand
  58. Jan 3, 2011
    An extremely well polished experience. While lacking in some areas (Campaign). The online is something else, while fustrating as hell if you're new to playing online. I keep coming back for more.

    A really well rounded experience, which is fun too!
  59. Jan 17, 2011
    I think you should give three ratings of a game: one right away, one after 20 hours of play and one 6 months later. The average of my votes is 9, as you can see.
    StarCraft II delivers a great gaming experience, with some minor flaws (and I'm talking about the lack of LAN play and some online features) but great content anyway. Graphics are really notable, even if the system requirements
    are way too high right now: I would really like to see a new low-rez version of the client, because if you don't have a fairly decent (at least Intel Core Duo or AMD equivalent) processor and 4 gigs of DDR2 RAM, well, it's unplayable.
    Music is another really good point: the band performing the Terran soundtrack features Tony Levin and Jerry Marotta, two fairly known and very good musicians.
    As for the gameplay side, this games really is influenced by the eSports system, making it least complex and slow, and much more fast-paced, quick-thinking (HUGE battles take 10 secs at maximum), which may be either really good or really bad, but what I think is that this is good indeed!
    An absolute must-buy, but try to avoid paying 60 â
  60. Jan 27, 2013
    This is easily my favorite RTS of all time, and I've played most major RTS games released in the past 20 years. All three races are very well balanced while still being extremely different, and as an E-sport this game is amazing to watch other people play. On top of a well balanced and entertaining multiplayer experience the single player campaign is also very well done. Choosing missions and customizing your own forces gives an RTS campaign some of the feel of an RPG experience. On top of a great out of the box experience tons of player designed maps are available through Battlenet, providing players with an endless supply of additional content at no extra cost. As long as you enjoy RTS games this is a must have, and is a worthy successor to what I previously considered the greatest RTS of all time.

    The one downer is the lack of LAN play, which can be a pain for many players and ought to have been included to tournament play and for friends at LAN parties who shouldn't have to experience lag when playing against each other in the same room.
  61. Mar 20, 2011
    What else can I say but MASTERPIECE. This game gets full marks in all areas. The single player is enjoyable and different yet deep. The Multiplayer is superb as expected and oh so competitive. The UI flows and is flawless and the game it's self runs on every PC which is something I like the most about it. Triple A stuff!
  62. Mar 15, 2011
    Great game with an enjoyable storyline. Blizzard is really good with their plot development and cliffhangers - the story itself has some closure but leaves me wanting the heart of the swarm NOW. I will not play melee maps over and over again though - I'm just a casual gamer. However, the games are that are being made by the community are getting better and better! Its a pity that the world editor has gotten so complex! Expand
  63. Mar 17, 2011
    Dear everyone complaining about this game, OF COURSE it is just Starcraft with some polish, Starcraft is one of the best games of all time! Why would they make any radical changes? I mean THINK for once in your "I'll divert from the crowd and hate this game" life.
  64. Mar 26, 2011
    One hundred percent win. One hundred percent win. One hundred percent win. One hundred percent win. One hundred percent win. One hundred percent win. One hundred percent win. One hundred percent win.
  65. Apr 5, 2011
    This is possibly THE best game ever. The multiplayer is smooth, The campaign is unique, The game is VERY, VERY balanced. There is nothing bad about this. The only people giving this bad reviews are people who have honestly played it before.
  66. Dec 15, 2011
    absolutely amazing game, best RTS in my opinion, excellent graphics, gameplay and even community. excellent to play at LAN parties and the perfect game for competitive play. the multiplayer is so well balanced between the races and the campaign is well designed and is great fun, well done blizzard.
  67. May 29, 2011
    This is basicly Starcraft 1 with modernized graphics. There are minor enrichenments to the gameplay, but overall is nearly identical as in the previous game. Campaign is great, I can safely say its greatest single player campaign in any RTS ever.
  68. May 27, 2011
    The long awaited return of StarCraft. What can i say,except that multiplayer is fantastic as in StarCraft 1, fun and fast. I really hope to see some of the old units from StarCraft1: Brood War in StarCraft 2 (Lurkers ftw! :) ) when Heart of the Swarm comes out.
  69. Jun 28, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really think, this game is the best multiplayer game, i have ever played! It is really funny to play alone ladder or you can also play with your friends. There are also a lot of games made by players which have nothing to do with the original gameplay. Of course to creat maps and games with the editor is at the beginning very hard, but with a bit of time, it also makes a lot of fun. Last but not least, is there a really big online community and so many cups, casts, and replays to watch, it is unbelieveble how funny it is to watch pros playing the game. All in all I think starcraft is with all his tactics and diffrent possibilitys to game, also after 50 hours of playing and watching so interresting as in the first minutes. It is just an awesome game! Expand
  70. Jul 6, 2011
    SC2 is rock solid, there is nothing more you can say about it. The gameplay is fun, the mods coming out are great, is fantastic (although it is populated by a bunch of mutes, use to be the true internet hate machine) I deducted one point simply because the story-line and graphics have been all asianed up. I think the jap animation graphics and story are hideous, was really hoping it wouldn't turn out looking like world of warcraft or warcraft 3, but it did. I suppose Korea is where their money and base is, so whadya gona do. Still gets a 9. Expand
  71. Jul 5, 2011
    Starcraft is another one of Blizzards legacy games it will be around for while just like Diablo and WOW you have to appreciated these games for what they are if your not into them well that's too bad because Blizzard polishes there games with TLC unlike other great games out there which are buggy beyond belief. Starcraft II is a great strategy game and the mechanics are setting great examples for future Strategy games. As far as the story goes, well you have to know the older game stories to appreciate this continuing story which i think is just perfection. Expand
  72. Sep 25, 2011
    Starcraft 2 is not anything new. It's not revolutionary. It's not new, it's not the first RTS. But it is the same as the last one. Starcraft was amazing and Starcraft 2 has shown that a game doesn't have to be any different to the last one to be amazing. The gameplay of Starcraft 2 is amazing, but not new. Blizzard have taken everything they did right in Starcraft and just improved on it for Starcraft 2. The game is amazing. The game does have its downsides though, The cut scene aren't very action pack and can be quite boring after a while as it is just talking but when you turn the pc graphics up to the highest, your PC will explode but in those few second where its just on fire you can see the beauty of this game. This game is so good, I cannot express that enough. The storyline is beautiful and it's full of amazing characters. The gameplay is amazing and so fast pace when you want it to be. This game is amazing and now Blizzard needs to get going with the next one, Heart of the swarm because one of these games every decade is not enough. I need more starcraft...

    Or Diablo 3...
  73. Nov 11, 2011
    Amazing. Just amazing. SC2 is awesome both single and multiplayer. Many people complain this is the same gameplay as before but the SC1 didn't need to be altered. I like the new units and the balancing between the races. I look forward to the expansion with other new units and strategies.
  74. Jun 11, 2012
    One or if not the best rts games of this generation and will be so for a very long time.
    The story is pretty good single player is fun, Online is where it shines being one of the most competitive games of Esport's. This is the Juggernaut of Esport's.
  75. Mar 12, 2013
    It improves on every aspect of the original. Beautiful graphics, fantastically told story... What really blew my mind? How every single cutscene is so beautiful. My favourite scene was hands down the recreation of Sarah Kerrigan's death. It was flawless. There's just nothing quite like StarCraft.
  76. Nov 27, 2011
    Many of these negative review people say that this game is a total copy of SC1 with slightly better graphics. SLIGHTLY?!??! There is new animations for EVERYTHING. The graphics put on ultra are nothing short of AMAZING. Sure these graphics suck....on a pentium 3....This is my most played video game by far, and I have alot. There is tons of new units and abilities. People that say this game is redundant obviously haven't played it, or are just absolutely terrible enough to not notice any new feautures. But I seriously don't see how this game isn't visually new...SC1 looks like horrible crap (but was still fun as hell), and this game is amazing looking. The only people that don't like this game are the people that suck at it, and probably suck at video games overall. Most likely CoD-kids that liked the cover art on the box. Expand
  77. Nov 29, 2011
    Quite simply, the greatest game I've ever played. Multiplayer is amazing fun, the races are overall well balanced, the units do need a tiny bit of work but they're still sexy, and the gameplay itself is a ton of fun. I don't have much more to say beyond that, it's the epitome of gaming, it's the finest RTS, it's the pinnacle of strategy
  78. Dec 1, 2011
    Great game, played through the campaign twice now and would play again, the plot is fairly linear but the great characters, voice acting, gameplay and upgrade system more than make up for it. The multiplayer is extremely well polished with leagues and ladders and it's really easy to find a game. Then there are all the custom mods which add thousands more hours of gameplay. If I had to find a flaw with the game it would be that some of the multiplayer features from other Blizzard RTS titles seem to have disappeared in this game, for example clan support and automated tournaments... The only people I would not recommend this game to are those who absolutely hate real time strategy games no matter what, for everyone else it's a no brainer, play it. Expand
  79. Dec 31, 2011
    An excellent strategy game with a excellent gameplay and mechanics and a fantastic story. Blizzard has never done a revolution to the genre but he know hot to create a game.
  80. May 20, 2012
    This game is amazing. what other game, of any genre, has this level of replayability? A campaign that is varied, addictive, has a great story and characters, as well as being long without becoming tedious or boring, on top of being challenging. The multiplayer is challenging, but it is so accessible to new players (such as myself when I bought it), and the ranking system is one of the most efficient ones I've ever encountered. On top of all this, there is the map editor and custom games section, which has SSOOOOOOO much content that it is essentially giving you 100 games in 1 (people have even recreated the SC1 campaign with the editor). All in all, one of the greatest game sI have ever played, and don't judge it for taking 12 years to make: it's here, and it's a great game. Would you prefer a game that took 2 years to make, like say, Call of Duty? I thought not. Expand
  81. SaH
    Apr 30, 2012
    I was wondering, how high can I rate SC2. And the answer is one. It's one of the best game I played, with great emotions and fun during multiplayer game. Single player give some more less fun, but we must remember, that it's only a tutorial for multiplayer. Story is not so great as in SC1, but it is only Terran part, lets wait for more... And game? Fun, music, even graphic (for some ppl outdated) - everything do the job, and game, as a whole is just great. There aren't much games, that make me sit against monitor for couple of months, and SC2 did it. Expand
  82. May 18, 2012
    Simply the smoothest, most balanced RTS game since the first Starcraft. Those that complain about graphics or story, no serious SC player has ever cared about those things. Good players play with lowest graphic settings just to reduce framelag.
  83. May 24, 2012
    Comparing to Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 is a much better and complete game. Starcraft 2 really continue the legend of Starcraft with so many updates and new things to make it an even better game. Diablo 3 has been released and I had spend sometimes on it, but Diablo 3 is a serous disappointment and it is the worst game ever while people wrongly believe it is good just because of wonderful marketing. I really enjoy the marketing of Diablo 3 with so many advertisements and events to make people feel like Diablo 3 is the best game ever but everyone fall into this marketing trap. Just look at this, starcraft 2 has 8.1 points user reviews points while Diablo 3 only has 4.1 now. 8.1 is almost double of 4.1 while 10 is the upper limit. Everything in Starcraft 2 is well designed and you can just feel it after playing it. I am sure the team who makes starcraft 2 is not the same team as Diablo 3, because anyone can just feel Diablo 3 is not even close to complete, Diablo 3 is just a beta of a demo, the design team doesn't even try to make it longer and create a game system which can last for long. People can play Starcraft 2 for 10 years and still find it is even more fun with crazy many patches. I download and install starcraft 2 patches with at least 30 minutes, that is a lot of patches just like Windows 7 itself. I played Diablo 3 for like 30 minutes then already feel it is so boring. It is just stupid to ask for Diablo 3 players to just play the exact same game again after finish the game once. Graphic of Starcraft 2 is actually much better than Diablo 3 even starcraft 2 is made 2 years ago. Anyway Diablo 3 is a pixxx of shxx while starcraft 2 is the best of its kind. Don't buy the crazy expensive but horrible quality Diablo 3 just because of its marketing effect, make the right choice. Expand
  84. May 23, 2012
    I wasn't that excited for this game when it first came out, I expected to play the single player and maybe a few coop games with friends and be done with it. I've now been playing it for over a year, and I still play it regularly. I probably watch more than I play these days, which is certainly a first for me with any game, in a good way.
  85. Dec 26, 2012
    Best game ever made period, if i could score it an 11 i would.
    In all my years of gaming i have never played a game as addictive as this.
    This game literally created a new hobby for me and i will continue to play it for the rest of my life, absolutly incredible game.
  86. Jun 9, 2012
    Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty is the best 'Real-time strategy' ever made. It doesn't need to be explained. The singleplayer is cool, it's shifty and it gives many different style of maps, in one map you are running from the zerg, in other you are battling the protoss, and vice versa. The multiplayer is the focus of the game, it can be seen from far. Blizzard is still making updates to keep the races balanced, the custom games are fun, and the arcade thingy will put the custom gaming into new dimensions. Expand
  87. Jun 10, 2012
    This is a remake of Starcraft pure and simple. I can appreciate those who were expecting something radically different would be disappointed. It is a remake, and a fantastic remake it is. The balance of the 3 races is exceptional, refined over numerous patches. As with all blizzard games, the attention to detail is exceptional and the visuals are breathtaking. The campaign is an acceptable length, but not overly long. However, the multiplayer is something else entirely, with arguably the best multiplayer experience of any strategy game to date. If you enjoy real time strategy games with resource management, there is nothing better. Expand
  88. Jun 13, 2012
    A truly great game that still suffers from a few shortcomings. First off, Starcraft 2 is no doubt one of the most competitive multiplayer games ever. Blizzard supports this with good matchmaking and a ladder system that I have no qualms about. Due to the great editor that comes with the game, the community is heavily involved in making maps and custom games, and I have probably spent as much time playing fan-made content as I have playing content made by Blizzard. Although there is much arguing going on about this, my personal opinion is that the three races are very well balanced while being almost completely different. If the game was exclusively multiplayer, I think it might be close to perfect. I have rated it 9 out of 10 points because of the single player experience, which I found enjoyable overall, but the characters and the story are just a little bit too cheesy and stereotypical. All in all though, my money was very well spent on Starcraft II and I am looking forward to the expansion sets. Expand
  89. Jun 15, 2012
    I am extremely stunned to read some of the user reviews on this site. This game is quite possibly one of the best if not the best game ever made. A lot of you complain about the story, it may have its holes yes, but the fundamental aspect of Starcraft 2 is its multiplayer. It is unmatched in the RTS genre and you cant put any other RTS infront of it. Ive played tons and tons of other RTS and I did not find love.. at all. When I played the original Starcraft I was bewildered with being able to play with 3 races with unlimited possibilities,strategies and mental focus. This game LIVES online, South Korea has declared it a national sport and Starcraft players are currently the highest paid professional gamers. I cannot begin to describe to you the amount of strategy and techniques it takes to beat your opponent 1v1. You cant get sick of this game honestly. 10/10 score for this game Thank you critics for agreeing with me! Expand
  90. Jul 1, 2012
    This game is a worthy sequel. The perfectly fitting graphic adds up to the skill based game-play.
    The user base is very mature and rounds up the beautiful experience this competitive game creates.
  91. Jul 21, 2012
    I am amazed by all the negative reviews saying it is similar to the first.. OF COURSE IT IS, its a sequel. I enjoyed the single player and have probably sunk about 40ish hours into it, but remember this is primarly not a single player game. Community made content (UMS games) kept the first starcraft alive and Blizzard actually did an alright job showcasing user made games. Ladder games have kept me coming back to this over 2 years, any game that can do that has done a good job. It looses a point because blizzard seems a bit over zealous wit no LAN, but it is way more free than Diablo, mainly because (my opinion) this was made before activision got their hands in the pile. Good game, great multyplayer, huge player base, 3 different yet equal races, and an amazing community. Expand
  92. Jul 30, 2012
    Great Game and Huge replay value, one of the few Game's i played through not just once but 3 times just to get all those shiny Achievements ;)

    Also has one of the best Multiplayer Mode's and Communities in the gaming industry. The Multiplayer matches are highly entertaining, not only to play for yourself but also to watch. Great game overall and lifes up to the first starcraft
  93. Aug 5, 2012
    Starcraft is just the best RTS out there. Just that! The custom games make the game already worth, with the ladder the game is perfectly complete. You should try this game , you not gonna be disappointed.
  94. Aug 23, 2012
    Starcraft was my favorite RTS of all times. And now I can say it's Starcraft II. Amazing gameplay, story and graphics. I just can't wait for the sequel.
  95. Mar 14, 2013
    Starcraft 2 is simply a better, modern Starcraft 1. An improvement in basically everything that made SC1 the greatest competitive RTS ever made. Now, the campaign is personally not my taste, because considering the wonders you can do (in terms of Sci-Fi story) with the Starcraft universe, they wen't with the worst possible writing, which is a "love story" single characters focus, instead of focusing in the massiveness and epicness of the fight for survival between 3 alien races. However, the campaign is not what you judge Starcraft on, it would be silly. The rest of the game looks extremely polished, fun, and most importantly keeping the basic Starcraft formula that made it so successful. I'm glad Blizzard went with the good ol' formula that works and improved it, not hired a new team and went on it's own shenanigans with a "new modern version" of the game, like they did to Diablo 3 and destroyed the franchise. So yes, Starcraft 2 is and will be the greatest Competitive RTS just like Starcraft 1 was. And without the competitive side, it's still a great RTS, second only to Company of Heroes maybe. The no LAN, new battle net, controlled modding, etc, should not be a reason to deduct points from this masterpiece, because...well...times change, and if you are still living in your basement hoping the 90s era of PC gaming continue to exist, then you are in for a surprise. Expand
  96. May 15, 2013
    This game is excellent. It's one of the best RTSes that have been made recently. A dynamical storyline, which also gives western adventure theme from the start of the game. Three races that we fell in love when we first met them, Protoss, Zerg and Terran, the main part of StarCraft, are here. Even though the campaign only features terrans (plus a spoiler bonus part, that I won't tell), it allows to make us closer to the main character of the Wings of Liberty Jim Raynor. Multiplayer is very competitive, highly skill-based and really fun to play, as it's really interesting to test ourselves against other people or to improve yourselves. Overall, buy this game, as it's really great. Especially, if you are a fan of StarCraft or you just like RTSes. Expand
  97. Nov 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Starcraft 2 is a great game for everybody! It`s probably a must have game for all strategy-fans. The tree races of the game are very interested and motivated too become a pro gamer. The "Arcade" mode is excited to play too other players. I mean that the story mode is interested too.
    Because of this it`s at moment my favourite strategy game. Like!
  98. Nov 12, 2012
    Starcraft II delivered everything that was promised. Amazing game with excellent gameplay (as expected), great story, great characters and overall campaign. Can't wait for the next installment.
  99. Apr 7, 2013
    Old school Real Time Strategy at its best. RTS gamers certainly enjoy it.
    Despite the fact that the player can't control hero units, experience gained by units is almost meaningless, and a group of units are not arranged and they get all together without formations, it's the perfect game.
    Good graphics for a RTS, Very interesting campaign, perfect gameplay and enough variety between each
    of the 3 races to keep you playing it over and over again. Skirmish matches provide limitless game experience, so a gamer can play it almost for ever!
    But that is expected. I still play Warcraft 3, after almost 10 years, and that's what I expect to be the time I'm going to play SCII.
  100. Alu
    Dec 3, 2012
    It was hard for me to read low scores from users - I dont understand it at all - Are people really that intentionally destructive ? Do you do it for shock value? what makes you tick? This is a great game in every way it was meant to be. The storyline - not the most riveting - but not terrible as some of you shock turkeys suggest. Campaign was great - I had a blast playing it - again, I dont know what the rest of you turkeys felt was wrong with it. Finally, Multiplayer - what it basically all comes down to for Starcraft players - It is perfect in my opinion - Balanced and full of depth. This game is not about leveling up your "character"/"force" so it should not be rated poorly because of this. You will find yourself fine tuning your "build" in conjunction with your matchups constantly. This is the beauty of Starcraft 1 and Starcraft 2 - Blizzard has done a great job with this game. Some of you wanted more races - and for each race to have a complete campaign. You feel everything should come in one installment. Whats great about starcraft 2 is it does not give into this idea - It preserves its quality over quantity guarentee. And I for one look forward to buying each expansion (most likely 2 more) with campaigns for zerg and protoss on the horizon; each packed with quality. Honestly, rate a game accurately. If you played this game and have half a brain you know its just deceptive to others. Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 82 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 82 out of 82
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 82
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  1. Jan 18, 2011
    "Quotation Forthcoming"
  2. Jan 18, 2011
    If you are into real time strategy in any form, it's hard to ignore Starcraft II.
  3. Dec 24, 2010
    Perfectly balanced multiplayer with old school elements intact, and rich and dynamic single player campaigns. [Issue#244, p.102]