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  • Summary: Still Life 2 is the second chapter in the Still Life story. Victoria McPherson, FBI investigator, has been following the case of the East Coast Killer, an elusive serial murderer who has taken several lives in the East Coast of the United States. As Victoria attempts to crack the case, she meets journalist, Paloma Hernandez who claims to have vital information about the killer, but now she has been kidnapped! Players must stop the East Coast Killer before he murders Paloma, and continues his rampant killing spree. [Encore Software] Expand
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  2. Negative: 1 out of 15
  1. Still Life 2, despite its many faults, draws you in, puts you through the ringer and then spits you out like a wad of used gum at the end. I can't say it's a great game -- too flawed and at times annoying for that -- but it does deliver the goods.
  2. Still Life 2 is a well thought out game with lots of action to keep a player engaged and want to come back to solve the mystery. What I don’t understand is how after four years, a game this good could have so many avoidable bugs?
  3. For point’n click adventure gamers Still Life 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the original serial killer hunt. SL2 to is true to its style meaning that it’s still as bloody and violent as the original – exceptional thing in adventure game. The game is really compact and all the events take place in a small environment which works out surprisingly well. Puzzle design is fairly good, but there’s awful lot of pixel-hunting and running to and fro. The plot twists are good but the overall storyline has many flaws. All in all Still life 2 isn’t as good as its predecessor, but it’s still worth a try if you’re into serial killer cat-and-mouse-things. [Feb 2010]
  4. Get caught by a killer, be his pet and have fun chasing yourself with a different character. Sounds like fun? It isn't... check out why!
  5. Interesting investigation and detective methods are great but the technical part of Still Life 2 is pitiful. Bad location design and frustrating clue finding spoil whole fun. [June 2009]
  6. If nothing else, this game is destined to be divisive, and whilst it’s certainly not “Still Life: Part 2”, it does – just barely – do enough good things to deserve to be called Still Life 2.
  7. The first Still Life was a breath of fresh air in the old adventure genre, but the second game is a mess. The story has no tension, puzzles are confusing, the menus are disorienting and the game suffers from bad animation and terrible voice acting.

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Score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 6 out of 12
  1. Jul 4, 2011
    I enjoyed it. the plot is 5 stars but unfortunately the limited number of locations makes the game play a bit repetitive. for fans of still life and others of the adventure genre i think will like this. the graphics are charming and atmospheric the camera is unpredictable but bearable , the clues can be cryptic and fun to solve . the game seriously reminds me of the saw movies. players will get what i mean. I never felt safe even when i knew that the character wasnt under threat. Expand
  2. Apr 30, 2013
    Potenzialmente poteva essere meglio: la grafica accettabile (seppur datata per un gioco del 2009), la trama ottima e coinvolgente... Ma il gameplay soffre di alcune non trascurabili lacune.
    Gli oggetti in alcuni casi sono difficili da trovare perchè poco visibili, la decisione di ambientare l'intero gioco praticamente in un unico set (la casa dell'esecutore) non solo finisce per annoiare, ma appunto, data la difficoltà di trovare alcuni indizi, costringe a girare piu e piu volte la casa frustrando il giocatore.
    Insomma migliore rispetto al primo episodio per quanto riguarda grafica, trama, e accessibilità agli enigmi (molto più facili da risolvere). Allo stesso tempo peggiore per i motivi sopra citati.
    In ogni caso, ripeto, la storia ottima e coinvolgente, tanto da valerne l'acquisto.
  3. Jan 17, 2014
    Not bad. Low points I encountered consisted of: one jarringly bad voice actor (although his flat, forced delivery, considering how his delivery improved later... this may have been intentional.) and a few mediocre performances by minor characters. I did manage to get stuck in a stairwell when I tried to rush through, camera switched but the character didn't get into a legal position... I think because I clicked in transit, interrupting the character's movement at a bad time. Otherwise, my personal biggest frustration would be needing to sit through a lot of uninterruptible animations. It's nice that the character looks up at things I clicked on to tell me about them... but waiting several seconds for her to move her head back to normal so I could have control again... unpleasant. The animations are nice, but watching a character open a hatch for the fifth time just made me shout at the screen "leave it open this time!"

    The game does have multiple solutions for a few problems. And a CSI kit. I do love these, but most games, this one included, tend to have some clarity problems. I might figure out to use the microscope on the clothes in an armoire, and that I have to use the tweezers to grab the hair sample... but not know that now the hot spot is the folded clothing when I'd been examining the hung stuff. The "sniffer" tool, rarely used, is for some reason labelled "electronic noise" in your kit... and, of course, finding a spot to use the luminol always means trying to find an invisible hotspot.

    The inventory system is... deserving of some flak. It's 16 squares of hard-to-sort, where you may need to find a box to dump things into in order to pick up something. And if you drop off a tool you need elsewhere... you get to walk all the way back to get it. It isn't an entirely unrealistic system, in the sense that you wouldn't expect a petite woman to be able to lug around, say, an archery target, a sledge hammer, multiple lockpicks, cords, speakers... but in practice, you're stowing gear and backtracking as a way that extends the game without adding fun.

    I do recommend going into this game with a guide. It's an adventure game, and there's a few pixel-hunt-y bits. I have no idea how anyone would think to look for a certain bullet hole that shows up late in the game. And some of the timed danger sequences... would be quite frustrating to find everything that's needed, when you don't yet know the area. One very late one gets a bit meta, actually preventing re-loading the game from undoing failure. (Unless you fix it from the main menu... that's weird and makes me question if the devs were starting to hate their customers and testers by the end of production.)

    There's also one puzzle where the character gathers the clues... and then, you switch characters... and the other one has to use the clue... which she never heard, and can't read about... and I think part of the solution is given to you only afterwards.

    So why do I give this such high marks? It's pretty decently written (if you can tolerate villainous melodrama), and the frustration (with a guide) isn't enough to ruin the fun. Most of the puzzles are pretty straightforward, and, particularly with multiple solutions, I felt encouraged even with the difficulty ramping up towards the end. I didn't feel insulted by any of the twists... they tended to answer questions that had been raised by some clues.

    Ultimately, I've forgiven less fun games for worse flaws. And the protagonists are quite respectable... though they don't go out of their way to be liked. Not a bad thing, they're just busy.
  4. Feb 6, 2012
    I enjoyed the first game (as well as the related Post Mortem), but not this sequel. I resorted to a walkthrough simply to finish the game, as the tedium, one environment, awkward camera angles, and fairly laughable plot/script just made me want to finish as quick as possible. It started off fine, quite nice even, but just got worst and worst. A shame really, the main character could go further, but they need to look again at gameplay being fun, better environments, better interactivity, and not just be screen-scraping annoying. Expand
  5. Jul 18, 2013
    Absolutely terrible game. I liked the first game (different development team), and wanted to play the 2nd. But the game was so extremely frustratingly bad that I ragequit several times and literally had to force myself playing it to see the ending of the story. First, the engine is extremely terrible. The camera is unintuitive and obstructive, the movement and controls are extremely stiff, slow and annoying. I ran into at least 20 bugs where I would either be stuck in a position after looking at something, having to reload or sound cutting out randomly. Also the cursor which indicates interactable objects and people is often misplaced. The voiceacting is pretty bad and too few lines, always the same lines and the responses of Vici during unsuccessful interactions is nothing short of annoying. You spend 95% of the game in the same house which you have to search over and over and over again. Even if you searched every pixel of every room 10 times already you will have to do the same over again because after certain events there might be 1 new item spawning somewhere that is needed to proceed. The story is pretty lame and the game has extreme logical flaws. The puzzles are easy and only hindered by the terribad engine, see above. One of the worst Adventure games I have ever played, I had no fun playing this game, most was pure frustration and only played due to wanting to see the story proceed from Still Life 1. Don't waste your time. Expand
  6. Jul 13, 2011
    First off, I must impress upon you how amazingly lazy I am. You probably think you've experienced sloth, but I guarantee you that the minor levels of laziness that you have observed are nothing compared to the sheer magnitude of my lethargy. I mention this personal deficiency not garner your pity, but to emphasize how truly, truly, awful this game is. It left me with such a taste of bile in my mouth that, despite my natural inertia, I went through the hassle of creating an account AND writing this review. The worst part about this game is that the first 75% is not too bad, so you don't know you should be pulling the ripcord on it. Words of wisdom from someone who knows: eject! eject! This game captures nothing of the cleverness of the first game, and the last quarter of its "story" makes no sense. I will leave out the mind numbing twist the game designers made for the last sequence of the game to avoid spoilers, but I want you to think of me when you realize what they have done. Also remember that I tried to warn you away from this dog excrement.

    It is beyond belief that some are giving this game positive reviews. I can only assume they are either deranged, or have some vested interest in generating sales of this game.
  7. Feb 11, 2011
    Miserable. I fail to see how anyone who hasn't been living under a rock - and possibly not played any other video game for the past ten years - could like this garbage. It seems like the prevailing attitude in the gaming community is that because someone bothers to publish an adventure game, it gets a free pass. Like the special olympics, it gets a gold medal for just showing up. Technically it's extremely awkward, reminds me of the clunky interfaces and graphics you'd get in adventure games from the early NINETIES, e.g., the inventory menu and fixed camera angles remind me of the first Alone in the Dark game from 1992. The graphics are less than stellar, the character animation reminds me of industrial robots on an assembly line. Also, infested with bugs. And not the kind that just crash the program - though there are those - but also the kind which suddenly put you in another room even though you haven't solved the bleedin' puzzle! So, you don't even realize that something has gone awry until you realize you're completely stuck after having gone through every possible clicking permutation. What else? Apart from a lot of pixel-hunting, several of the puzzles are entirely non-sequitir, so there is no feeling of satisfaction from having deciphered the designer's logic, only mounting frustration and eventual relief when you just happen to hit upon the right combination of actions which have no realistic and compelling logic behind them. The writing is embarrassing and labored, and while the story itself holds promise, the dialogue is convoluted and halting, undermining any attempt at establishing the dark and unsettling mood they seem to be trying so desperately to achieve. Lastly, there's the voice "acting". I've heard more spirited discourse while standing in line at the DMV. The real mystery of this game is: why did they bother? Do yourselves a huge favor and avoid. Expand

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