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  • Summary: Stormrise offers fans of the classic RTS genre an immersive and dramatic twist while challenging the conscience of the gamer. Experience the heat of the battlefield by leading your troops from the front line, instead of the traditional way of controlling the units from a detached view point. Stormrise also allows units to be commanded in the air, across rooftops, on the earth's surface and even underground, this unique idea of "verticality" introduces multiple layers of gameplay that must be mastered for strategic advantage. The experience is heightened by a simple yet effective control system tailored specifically for consoles, which allows easy unit selection, rapid navigation and precise deployment. Set on a bleak and barren earth, devastated by a catastrophic event centuries ago, Stormrise sees the Echelon and the Sai battling to survive in a hostile and uninhabitable wasteland. Remnants of a superior technological people the Echelon survived the event through self-educed hibernation, while the Sai, a more tribal faction, still exist having learned to adapt to their surroundings and the new environment. Having evolved in vastly different ways, the differences between the two factions have spurred much animosity and hatred between the two races and the future of the planet is now hanging by a thread. [Sega] Collapse
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  1. Stormrise is, overall, a good game. Great ideas that lack the depth users expect from this genre, along with a whole new gameplay that requires a lot of experience and practice. make up for a game that only the hardcore RTS gamers will be able to enjoy.
  2. The imprecise controls, bad AI and a completely missing overview make this game more hassle than fun. Stormrise raises a storm – of frustration!
  3. We don’t know if the concepts of Stormrise will be followed for the future of the RTS genre in consoles, but now it is a game pumped with great ideas though these are not well executed. Strategy hardcores can find in it interesting entertainment, but as precursory of a new IP this first effort is pretty disappointing, especially in this PC edition.
  4. A great idea that's failed because of execution. [May 2009, p.96]
  5. Is there a single person at SEGA or at the Creative Assembly who thinks they made a really good game? A game someone would want to buy? It’s about time to consider some sacking in both companies. [Apr 2009]
  6. An awful vision of strategy's future. [May 2009, p.69]
  7. This frustrating, broken mess is one of the worst strategy games in years.

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  1. Oct 8, 2011
    OMG, what is everyone going on about, this game is m!nt, if you're bored of First Person Shooters (e.g Call Of Duty, Battlefield etc.) and want to try a tactical game, BUY STORMRISE Expand
  2. NeilM
    Mar 30, 2009
    This game is really terrible. I can see the concept this design team was trying to accomplish but this is a good idea done badly; the 'whip select' interface is a huge burden on game play and very disorienting. Accurately manuevering around the 3-D environments while your perspective is constantly changing is next to impossible. The character models are also jerky and sometimes do not engage enemy units correctly. I found myself hating this game within the first 30 minutes of playing it, be warned, stay away from this one. Expand
  3. Xentor
    Aug 28, 2009
    The concept is interesting, but it's just too difficult to control. The lack of an overhead view, coupled with the heavily multi-leveled maps, makes it far too difficult to coordinate your troops in any meaningful way. Expand
  4. JohnKFC
    Dec 29, 2009
    Horrible, horrible and HORRIBLE game. It's a disaster and my experience with this game was far from meeting my expectations. DO NOT buy this game. Expand
  5. memyelf
    Apr 9, 2009
    waste money and the bad steam support makes this realy terrible
  6. Aug 10, 2013
    This game is terrible beyond all reason. The controls make the game a total mess and you have to micromanage the units at all times, which makes the game a total in most parts of the game.
    The story and voice acting is so utterly terrible that it makes C&C4 look like a damn masterpiece.

    Sometimes it takes several seconds before a unit responds to a command, and while the unit is moving it will often run in slow motion and damage can be done and taken before the unit is even in line of sight of the enemy. The AI is so terrible that units often forget what they were supposed to do, and instead of attacking the enemy they will just run around in circles like retards.
  7. Oct 23, 2011
    This is the worst game I've ever played (over 20+ years of gaming). The interface is a crime. You can't freely move the camera. You can't hotkey or easily move between squads you have to flick (whip) your mouse towards them and hope you get the right one. The path finding is hopeless. The squad sizes are capped at 3 per group, and took random mashing of keys to figure out how to group at all, since the options menu has no keyboard controls listed. Combat is rubbish and unsatisfying. Unit uses aren't explained very well and units generally seem fairly useless. They are cheap throw away units, but you have to exert so much effort fighting the camera, interface, pathing, grouping, etc to use them it's frustrating to spend 2 minutes just moving them over the cumbersome terrain only for them to die. This is a game that ignores all the innovation in RTS and regresses back to 1988 in terms of game design. This will sit proudly at the top of my list of worst games ever. Expand


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