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  1. Jan 22, 2014
    The king of fighting games. Nothing compares to the depth, mechanics and meta game of SF4.
    Best of the best. A game with millions of fans. Inspiring people to get better and to know more and study it.
    Never gets boring. 10/10
  2. Jan 13, 2013
    As one of my friends said, "Street Fighter is really fun to play. But lacks enough content for me to even consider putting £40 on it. I really like the fighting though."
  3. Aug 11, 2012
    Although it's nice to see this game being released on PC as well as the consoles, the PC version unfortunately has more problems. The game is laggy on both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, but on PC it's simply unacceptable amount of lag. The graphics don't look far different either. The biggest problem however is that you need the disc to play if you bought a retail version. Really, there's no reason to buy this over Arcade Edition as that game has no problems at all; unless you find this much cheaper and/or haven't played Street Fighter IV before. Personally I think it's worth getting even if you have played it just for the achievements, or if you want to go back and do the game again. It's still a good game nevertheless so don't be put off buying it. Expand
  4. Feb 17, 2012
    Wow, this game is terrible!! Fair enough i've only played it for about an hour, but that hour was enough to make the judgement. It's the same boring, jumping-about rubbish that put me off Street Fighter all those years ago. The only skill involved is in learning the ridiculously hard special moves, there's no fighting strategy that a game like, say, Tekken will give you. It's just jumping about and fireballs and occasionally trying to pull off some move that you've blistered your thumb trying to nail. I only bought this game to fill the fighting game shaped hole in my games collection ( i don't own a console by the way - if i did this probably wouldn't have got a second glance), sadly that hole is still there. If you like the shallow, fireball-fest that has always been Street Fighter then you'll probably like this as it has a lot of characters to play and looks pretty nice, but i need some depth to my combat and this is just too shallow. Expand
  5. Nov 10, 2011
    SF4? do we even have to explain what is SF4? its the best 2-D fighting game ever... and its on PC! that is the only really good fighting game on PC! buy a copy and play it.
  6. Dec 5, 2010
    Unless you are a hardcore gamer, able to spend countless hours on this game and money for an excellent controller/PC, do not waste your money on this game. First the decors and characters: lifeless, you need a top end computer with an excellent graphic card to be able to play at the recommended 60 fps. If you are unable to hit the 60fps, you are heading for the gameplay troubled island. Gameplay: the difficulty is extremely poorly managed. Basically: unless you are able to pull the combos as the hardcore gamers, you wonâ Expand
  7. Nov 3, 2010
    I'm a long time SF fan. When this game came out, I just had to have it. I didn't expect it to be anything special. In fact, I was very skeptic about transfer to 3D. It turned out that I was worried for no reason. Unique 2D SF gameplay is perfectly executed in 3D graphics. CAPCOM used the very best mixture of fighting mechanics from previous SF titles (with main focus on SSF2T and SF3:Third Strike) and implemented them perfectly into SF4. Excellent for both old time fans and newbies to the series. The game appealed to me from the very start but only after playing it for month or two have I realized how great it really is. Once I mastered the Focus Attack (new universal technique) the game's true potential was finally revealed and I was very positively surprised to realize such ingame depth. Well done, CAPCOM. The gameplay is simple but offers wide variety of possibilities. Technically, this game deserves 10 but lack of more appealing new chars made me lower the grade. I believe that there's no need for so many Shotokan fighters (once you think about it, Sakura, Akuma and especially Dan are rather pointless addition to the roster. New chars could have taken their places). Gen has too complex fighting style to be useful, C. Viper has interesting design but that's all... Rufus, on the other hand, is pretty decent fighter but lacks appeal (which is probably why people don't select him so often) while Abel and Gouken are too slow and could use at least one more useful special move. Even with release of SSF4, CAPCOM has once again let me down regarding the new chars. On the plus side, characters are pretty balanced. Expand
  8. Oct 22, 2010
    I liked this game till I realised that you can't play versus on a LAN. Versus only works when on-line unless you share the same PC which SUCKS.. The Graphics and Game play excellent which was exactly what I expected from a CAPCOM STREETFIGHTER Title.
  9. Aug 28, 2010
    Hahahahaa to all those losers who gave Street Fighter 4 a bad rating because they suck at it , you make me laugh , i bet i could pummel you perfect in less than 15 seconds ......hahahaha ...... ok back to bussiness , the game is awsome and i love the new look on the characters but i do have to say that for me Third Strike's parryng system was better than Focus Attacks (have not forgotten the epic win by Daigo over Justin's defensive Chun-li parryng an entire super) but i still love this game and invite all of you to a match my gamer tag is the same as my nickname Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 23
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 23
  3. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. After years of absence on PC, Street Fighter comes back to PC with a flawless version of this outstanding fighting game. SF IV is a well balanced, fun and an easy to play but hard to master game, but the compatible version adds some welcome visual changes and a fantastic performance in a huge variety of systems.
  2. Street Fighter IV makes difficult things look easy, and achieves one of the best fighting games in this generation. Apparently simple but plenty of possibilities, this game is accessible and deep at the same time: Capcom presses the right button once again.
  3. Street Fighter IV is the perfect heir of the Capcom saga. It is a great recreation of the original's spirit, its unbeatable gameplay and the near infinite online mode make it the best fighting game of this generation.