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  1. Jun 1, 2014
    Hi Guys,

    Another review, this one highlighting the new standalone Su-25 just released by Eagle Dynamics. Download and installed with no
    Hi Guys,

    Another review, this one highlighting the new standalone Su-25 just released by Eagle Dynamics. Download and installed with no problems, which is good as I always have this tiny worry at the back of my mind, that the install will crash and you have to go down the path of actually reading the dreaded instructions or worse still, log a ticket with tech support. Run the executable and after a minute, the software auto-detects firewall software configures and generates a firewall rule which I allow my machine access too. Loaded up quickly and shows in the module manager with my serial key. Loaded multi-player and jumped into the first one. No, Su25. Disconnected and jumped into the second multi-player server, no Su-25..... Disconnect and load up mission editor added the Su-25 and hosted a mission myself. Into the pit and the texture maps show the usual DCS quality, expertly 'scuffed' sky blue and bottle green paint look great. Did a few touch and go's (badly), crashed and burned in the first and busted a tyre in the second one. I need to actually spend some time and map key bindings to the hotas and pedals. Important things like toe brakes and deploying air brakes.... Flew some formation with my fellow squadron bud -- Cobra in the A-10C. Did a cool little diving vertical scissors at 7mins 47secs in formation which surprised me, either I was flying really well or Cobra was fooling with me, I suspect the later, as he is a legendary pilot. Anyway the footage looks great from my perspective. Tried to get track footage but kept getting a CTD when attempting to view track file.

    The team at Eagle Dynamics have created a kick ass strike/attack aircraft that will readily teach lessons in humble pie to anyone in the CAS and anti-tank roles. There are not many other aircraft that can take a punch and still keep flying *see bullet magnet*, this one will. Turbojets will considerably shorten the ETA, TOT and any other related three letter acronym, in comparison to the A-10C. As an A-10C pilot for the better part of two years, the conversion flying a Rook is not going to be everyone's cup of tea, that being said, in the right hands caressing the hotas, it is a deadly beast and any tank on the ground will not have a good day as they become intimate with the pointy end of 30mm cannon fire, rockets, missiles or blunt force trauma from bombs.

    Worth the purchase for the SEAD abilities in any MP mission.
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