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  1. Dec 29, 2010
    Unbelievable........SMB is one of the biggest surprises I've had in gaming...period. I bought it for $3.75 on the Steam sale (what the hell right?) and have had so much fun with this game. There are a few very unique innovations that make this game stick out. First, the difficulty is there, it takes time to figure out some levels, and when you do, there's a sense of adrenaline and, "oh no, I'm almost to the end of the level (AMAZINGLY!). Once completed, the replay is spectacular, showing all the iterations of your attempts simultaneously. The SFX and Music put many blockbuster games to shame. I'd buy the sound track if I could...and all the little meat splotch sounds are just hilariously satisfying. I'[d recommended this game to anyone. For it's type of game (Indie, platform-spam-death thing) it deserves the highest marks. Expand
  2. Dec 2, 2010
    AMAZING Game. Do not miss this from your collection on PC. Have played through to the end of world 3 and tried a few of the warp zones and dark levels already. Hands down this is my GOTY for 2010. Yes that's right it beats Mass Effect 2, Fallout New Vegas, Alan Wake and even Amnesia the Dark Descent. Addictive, highly replayable, fun to play by yourself or with friends. The replay of all your tries when you finish a level is pure GOLD. Unlocking new characters is also really interesting and adds even more replayability to the game. Whoever designed this game are officially legends. Expand
  3. Apr 27, 2011
    One of the best platformers I have ever played. SMB is a hilarious action packed adventure, with hours of fun gameplay, and then even more bonus levels. The game is frustratingly hard, but not so much that it makes it boring. It is filled with hilarious levels and cutscenes (not to say anything about the characters), a bunch of nostalgia and easter eggs, and some of the best gameplay I've ever scene. Well worth the extremely cheap pricetag. Expand
  4. Nov 30, 2010
    Its everything the 360 version is and more. you can really tell that team meat was looking forward to bringing this to pc and steam. theres the extra characters and theres also a level editor to look forward to. seriously i cant recommend this enough to pc gamers. amazing old school gameplay (aka hardcore platformer). 300 levels , challenging game play , almost 20 characters to use at any time , awesome boss fights , and cutscenes. 10$ for the prepurchase was more then worth it and the 15$ for regular price is still worth your money Expand
  5. Dec 5, 2010
    Simply put, the best true platforming game to come out in YEARS. As you can immediately notice, the user scores are quite polarized, and I believe this is true to the nature of the game. If you find joy in surmounting difficult (But FAIR) platforming challenges, this game is the PERFECT game for you. Let me also state that the 10 I assigned this game was not some knee-jerk reaction to a merely clever indie game. This game is fantastic by ANY standard, it is perfectly executed. There is nothing in the game where I have ever said, man, I wish X existed. In a time where games like Fallout New Vegas and Civ 5 release with the swath of glitches and bugs in the game, it is refreshing to have a game ship out that is immensely bug free, it is absolutely precise. You may even grow to treat this precision as a foe, as there is a razor thin edge between success and death in each level, there is no "give", if you touch a deadly obstacle with any part of your hit-box, you can count on dying. However, this consistency gives rise to the games greatest achievement, the overall fairness of the game. I am astounded that I read other user reviews that actually complained about the controls, they are absolutely astounding. To be fair, I do use a Xbox360 controller, I could see that without one it may take longer to "pick up" but the controls are nevertheless, precise. The character becomes an extension of your will, you'll find sometimes that when an unexpected hazard appears, you react quickly and ably within fractions of a second, as if you were acting out of instinct. I am also disturbed to read some people claiming that this game's difficulty is just a mechanism to lengthen the game. I find it hard to believe we even played the same game. The levels are difficult to be sure, but they are absolutely fair, if you die, it is your fault, there are no invisible traps, your character will not move if you don't tell him to. And even if you die, the levels each can be completed in under a minute, so if you do die (and you will die, often) almost no progress is lost. You will not be spending 5 minutes just to get a chance to practice the spot you died at last time. The other reason I find this explanation difficult to believe is that there are over 300 levels. The game is already massive, it wouldn't need to be lengthened by unnecessary difficulty.

    In short: A difficult platformer, but an absolute masterpiece if you are willing to take up the challenge.
  6. Dec 25, 2010
    Team Meat has gone out of their way to make Super Meat Boy polished and amazing. Reliving the best parts of older platformer games, and utilizing 2D graphics in ways I didn't even think of, they were able to take a totally ridiculous idea and turn it into gold. Endless replayability, a various many challenging levels and boss fights, old retro throw backs, and more special characters that you can count on one hand, Super Meat Boy will have you coming back again and again. Expand
  7. Jan 2, 2011
    The charm of this game is unreal. There is something endlessly entertaining about seeing an anthropomorphic slab of meat struggle through brutal and brilliantly designed levels. The only people I believe who will not find enjoyment in this game are those who cannot commit themselves to a challenge or just have poor jumping judgement. The gaming world has been in desperate need of a good hardcore platformer for quite a while. Thank you Team Meat for sorting that out. Expand
  8. Jan 22, 2011
    As my friends and I agree on: "Super Meat Boy feels like a giant Tribute to everything awesome."
    This is not just random praise. It is based on quite a few facts: + The game is overall FUN to play; not feeling like grinding in WoW or over exaggerated Action in CoD. + Although the difficulty gets insanely high, these are the things that make it fun to play: * The controls are absolutely
    tight, meaning the levels don't feel like a stab in the dark or brute-forcing as the player is absolutely in control instead of autoaim or wonky motion controls or quick-time-events. * The learning curve is very well done, constantly making 1 level harder than the previous. * The challenges are widely varied, there is none of the typical "spawning twice as much enemies in the room" * The extreme difficulty does not feel like a punishment, more constant test of skill and in every normal level there is a infinite instant respawn anyway. * To get to the end it is not neccesary to compete every level consecutively, and 3/20 levels do not have to be completed in order to challange each chapter boss. * The extra characters bring a freshness and can potentially help you on the level you are stuck on. + It is multiplatform, available on every current platform except PS3 and mac at the time of writing. + It brings new elements to the "old-fashioned" platforming genre. + The art style design and setting/story is very innovative and often sarcastically hilarious. + The music is very fitting and well made. + It has HEAPS of different levels and with 30+ hours of game time i have yet to beat them all. + The price is at $15 US very very good, and it was $3.75 US when i bought it. + If you buy it you are supporting the indie game market which is a very good thing in my opinion.

    To conclude: It is a must-buy for anyone who can handle a fresh, challenging game.

    Note: I'm basing my review on the PC version of Super Meat Boy. I have played mostly PC/PS3 games from varied genres.
  9. Feb 2, 2011
    WeLLLLL!!! To start off, no me gutsa! i like meat but this cind? no way? yes way, very meaty...tastes like eggs...ANYWHOoOoOo i didnt like it cause of the amazing cinimetogyhpy and the other 2010 360s a more favourible kids. to rap this juggular vein up lets say its a "deltoid" of a time and that you should not buy the game
  10. Jun 12, 2011
    A revolutionary game in the form of a distilled platformer for the ADD generation. Not only with its challenge level and precise control does it define what difficulty should really rely on in a game (player skill, not lives-based punishment), but Super Meat Boy also manages to revitalize old school platforming notions of perseverance, muscle memory, concentration, and practice to almost zen-like levels (if you're willing to commit). Respawn times are also virtually nonexistent, giving you little chance to grieve over your last death. By helping put a spotlight on many other interesting games via unlockable characters, SMB has increased its replay value ten-fold and helped put a much-needed spotlight on the indie games movement. The indie development model is also celebrated here, with increased emphasis on discounts and endless content (level editor, user-created level portals). There are bosses to beat and an ending to achieve in Super Meat Boy, but it is hardly the destination of the game, something that is evidenced by the journey of 300+ timed and leaderboard-enhanced levels of pure platforming bliss that Team Meat clearly put two years of blood, sweat, and tears into. Oh yeah, and the music kicks ass. Expand
  11. Feb 19, 2011
    Super Meat Boy is an excellent game. Team Meat really did great work in revitalizing a concept (2D platformers) that was for the most part forgotten in the new modern FPS gaming world. Super Meat Boy is a wonderful game with a great atmosphere and great-looking graphics. From Forests and Hospitals to Hell and The Rapture, you can really tell what the world you are in is. The difficulty curve is VERY high, but this means every time you beat that level that you were stuck on for a day straight you feel like the king of the goddamn world. The soundtrack is simply wonderful, from the steady beats of the Forest to the synthetic notes of the Salt Factory to the symphonic melody of the End all the music fits where it was put by Team Meat. And with sixteen different characters from other indie games to unlock, from Commander Video from the Bit.Trip series to Steve from the smash hit Minecraft, there are plenty of alternate options if you can't beat that level you're stuck on or just plain want to mess around. The controls are great, with you having lots of control over your character.

    However, the insane difficulty might be too much for the more casual gamer, and sometimes you feel too in control of your character, but both are forgiveable as the game has it's difficulty planned out enough so that you will never find yourself stuck in a world far beyond your skillset.

    Super Meat Boy is definitely one of, if not THE best platformer out there. In fact, I rate it higher than classics that everyone knows and loves such as Super Mario Brothers. All of them. I would definitely recommend checking out Meat Boy even if you are bad at platforming, I started out as a horrible gamer and came out a lot better for it. And with the Level Editor coming out very soon, Meat Boy's game is only going to get meatier.
  12. Mar 8, 2011
    Definitely not a game for everyone. It's hard, unforgiving, and often times feels nearly impossible. However, once you best the challenges you face, you'll realize that it was actually relatively easy compared to the hell you're about to face in the rest of the game.

    Are you a Masochist? The type of person who smashes your face into concrete for recreation? Give this game a try! You may
    find it causes equal amounts of pain, with less permanent brain damage! Expand
  13. Jan 27, 2013
    One of the best platformers ever made. It applies a perfect learning curve in its level design and can provide dedicated players with a huge amount of content if they're completionists or speed gamers. It has maddeningly difficult levels but provides challenges that always seem fair to the player. When you mess up you can generally feel like it is your own damned fault and not some cheap trick like other difficult platformers released in recent years.

    This is some of the best money I've ever spent and would highly encourage anyone with even a passing interest in platformers to give it a try.
  14. Mar 16, 2011
    This game is pure AWESOMENESS!!!! There is no other way to describe it! At first glace I was not sure what to expect, but since its a cheap Indie game I gave it a shot. I was thoroughly impressed, the controls are so smooth, the music is great, the retro arcade aspects to top it all off.
  15. Mar 17, 2011
    Super Meat Boy is for anyone who misses the glory days of 8-bit platformers. Hard ones.

    Some of us remember when games were actually hard. It might have taken you ages to get past a level once in a while, but when you did, man, was it ever a good feeling. The creators of Super Meat Boy clearly remember that feeling, and they've brought it back for those of us who missed it.

    The artistic
    style of the levels is awesome and controls are tight. There's so many reference to other games, both classic and new, that it'll make your head spin.

    If you like your games easy, look elsewhere.
  16. Mar 25, 2011
    "I HATE this game!" or so that's what I think when I've tried to finish a stage for the 20th time.
    I actually love this game, it has the same draw to me as Super Mario Bros. or even the original Pitfall.
    As to the vast gulf in the critics respective ratings, I say they're both correct.
    If you enjoyed the days of sitting in front of the TV and trying over and over to beat Super Mario Bros.
    without using the warp zones, then you will probably have a ball with this game.

    If you have different tastes or if you don't like VERY difficult games, then leave this one alone. The point of this game is that it IS so very difficult. Make no mistake, you WILL be playing the same stage over and over and over again. I personally like it. I love watching the replays of 15 former attempts die in the various hilarious ways, as well as the satisfying completion of these very trying stages.

    The people who gave this game negative reviews are correct and... so are the positives. This game polarizes people of different tastes, most of the observances are spot on, both good and bad.

    The point is, you owe it to yourself to TRY THIS GAME!
  17. Jan 31, 2012
    This game is perfect. First of all, this is as much content as I've EVER seen in a game this price (free roguelikes aside as that would be completely unfair :D). HUNDREDS of stages, challenges, and unlockable goodies. Also, this game is hardcore. This is a real treat when the general game holds your hand with garbage like a quest compass and regenerating HP... in Super Meat Boy, if you screw up, you die. Usually instantly. And it only gets harder. The learning curve is also fantastically satisfying. You will consistently get better from play. When you are playing the first boss it WILL seem difficult. After playing the next few levels if you go back you'll wonder what was so hard. You will stand back and say, "oh my god, I'm DOING this." The mechanics are very smooth, jumping, wall jumping, dashing, these are fun and for the most part the game seems very fair. When you die you'll know YOU messed up and it wasn't just something stupid due to chance. Point being, if you like video games, get this game. Also, use a controller. This game is a seven with a keyboard, a ten with a controller. Do it. Expand
  18. Apr 19, 2011
    For a game I put off buying until potato sack discount, I wish I would have got it sooner. This is the perfect game in every aspect of the sense. The music, controls, timing, levels, bosses, and bonus content are sure to blow away any graphically enhanced POS that you could get for the same price. This game is the perfect example of what video gaming should be, and what advances to the industry it can bring, beautifully integrated into a retro style game. The challenges the player will face is a difficulty that brings back feelings not felt in decades, creating a unique and extremely difficult playing style that demands perfection (its mega man on crack with too many saws). My favorite quote "A giant F*** You to the casual gamer" Super Meat Boy will easily crack any gamer with weak will power, or skill. If your looking for a game to play occasionally your just bending over to team meat by buying this, but anyone who has skill, experience, and love for unique games, this is just perfect. Honestly if you don't like this game your not good at video games, and its obvious that one made to be hard and frustrating will send virgin gamers screaming, but experts clawing for more, even with keyboard controls. Expand
  19. Apr 21, 2011
    I think game is decent and deserves to be a middle rated game as it is quite fun but very frustrating in most of the game, I use £ here, but I don't think it was worth £12 of steam for what I got I would say £6 at most.
  20. May 2, 2011
    This game will kick your ass repeatedly and you'll probably die a few thousand times before completing the game, but for some reason no matter how much you die, you keep coming back for more punishment. I haven't played such a thrilling and satisfying platformer since Super Mario Bros. 3, and I'm beginning to think it may be my new all-time favorite game in the genre. Just be warned that this game is VERY difficult amongst platformers and it can be frustrating to people who are bad at video games. 90% of the negative reviews are "this game is too hard it kicked my ass."

    The controls are perfect; to put it simply: they put you exactly where you want to be. I went back to Super Mario and for the first time in my life I have to say the controls feel dated by comparison -- and I'm a huge fan of classic Mario platformers. To add to the fantastic gameplay is the outstanding music, beautifully gritty environments, and a really solid "arcade feel" to the theme.

    The only real downside to this game lies within it's virtually non-existent story, but then again if you're playing a platformer for the story, you're doing it wrong.
  21. Apr 26, 2011
    Everybody, who tell you that this game is sux just too lame for this game. I love hardcore games. I loved to play N. I loved to play DeFrag. It is hard, yeah, but it is so awesome feeling when you complete a level for A+! There is too little number of really hardcore games nowadays. All think that games should be easy. This is not f*king right. There MUST be some hardcore. And this game is. You die for thousand times to complete the level, but, some time after, you can complete this level for A+ without dying. Wonderful game. Expand
  22. May 26, 2011
    Be reborned into the golden age of games. Think back to when you played Donkey Kong Country or the old Mario games. Because Super Meat boy easily brings back those memories.

    Challenging, but simple indie game can easily bring back the child in you (or in my case, the 90s). The game can easily make you death count reach to the 100s, but the 10-20 second stage completion times (for the true
    indie gamer) more than makes up for this. A must have for gamers and players alike. Expand
  23. Oct 15, 2011
    the 4th best game of all time... and an amazing game to play. i got the ultra RARE editiion, and couldnt be happier to revive the simple run and jump ( it s been a LONG time since ive said that)
    if you like gaming, hard and old school, get get get..

  24. Sep 19, 2011
    One of the most fluid, tightest platformers in recent memory. Deaths come quick, and often, but just like VVVVVV, you're back into the action in seconds with minimal frustration. The PC version is the definitive copy of this game. Constant updates from the team, including a level editor, renders the 360 version kinda pointless. If that's your only option though, go for it!
  25. Oct 7, 2011
    This is a fun side scrolling platforming game that will never lose its charm. Super meat boy is a story about meat boy saving his girlfriend (bandage girl) from the evil fetus boy (it may be man). This is the old fashion grind your teeth difficult games. You will play some levels more than ten times, but you will love every time. This game has precise controls even if you are using a keyboard (however the game will constantly tell you that controller is better). There are at least three-hundred levels that will entice you to keep on going. The boss battles are fun, but the crown jewel is definitely in the difficulty of the game. This is the kind of game that makes you pull your teeth out of anger. You will die in this game at least one-hundred times, but this game is definitely worth the purchase. it has a funny story, precise controls with a lot of content for only ten dollars, and even show a variety of guest from other indie games (such as the crab thing from half-life) that has special powers that definitely come in handy. Overall this game is an assured buy; you will never regret spending the ten dollars necessary to obtain this amazing game. Expand
  26. Oct 18, 2011
    By far Super Meat Boy is the best platforming game to ever exist. Before i even go into the fact that there are Thousands of levels available for play from users ( like you ) or the hundreds of masterfully crafted levels, the game-play is that of absolute triumph. The storyline alone was amazing from its simplicity and the tug you could feel while playing. I have played over hundreds of hours into SMB and even if it was starting to get boring the music would snap you right back into it. If there was to be a SMB sequel it would be terrifying... because there was absolutely NOTHING that made you feel still hanging by the end of the game. between the storyline with clever and hilarious cut-scenes, a level of difficulty only based on your skill, and a musical score that is beyond parallel there is nothing to even rival the mighty meat boy. Expand
  27. Nov 11, 2011
    I love this game. It starts off easy, but the later levels are insanely difficult, requiring you to complete multiple pixel perfect jumps etc. back to back to back. The beauty is that there isn't a punishment on death, there's no waiting, you just get straight back into another attempt. I've sunk >80hrs into this game and would heartily recommend it.
  28. Apr 7, 2013
    The satisfaction you get after completing a level that you've been putting off for days in the first try is what this games is about.
  29. Dec 18, 2011
    Super Meat Boy clearly depicts what is likely to happened if we do not take control of our environment. The game starts off in a pristine forest filled with squirrels and other creatures. As the player progresses through the levels it is apparent that the game is a metaphor for our destruction of the world. Slowly the scenery begins to change into a dismal industrious world filled with pollution and destruction. As you progress further the increased difficulty is synonymous with difficulty needed to clean up our environment (the more we pollute the harder it will be to return to normal in the future). All in all it was a very educational experience which I recommend for all ages. First Class! Expand
  30. Dec 28, 2011
    This is the best platformer on Steam. Fluid control system, great puzzles and an inherent respect for mature gamers who need a challenge. I have not yet found a character that rivals the initial Meat Boy, but I'll get more bandages and see what happens.
  31. Oct 28, 2012
    This is up there with one of the funnest experiences I've had in gaming in recent times. Up there with Portal, Bioshock (1, of course), Braid and Minecraft. Different from all these games just mentioned, this game is very challenging, to the point where you may need to take a break for a couple days, and relax, go get a massage, etc., because g.d. it can be frustrating. It is a bit strange, however, the main character, the villian, really everything that is going on in this game, but it's just a reflection of the kind of material the game developers like or find amusing and what not. Really it adds a certain personality to the game, although that could be done in different ways and really doesn't affect the playing experience. Expand
  32. Apr 15, 2012
    Greatest. Platformer. Ever.
    This game is incredibly fun and incredibly hard. The level design is perfect and very masochistic, you will die many many times, finishing the game 100% is a real tough challenge, getting all achievements is nearly impossible. The graphics are beautiful, the unlockable characters add replay value. It's very cool to compete with your friends in the highscores and
    find new, faster routes for the levels. Definitely one of my all time favorite games! I recommend playing it with the xbox 360 controller for windows, keyboard controls are simply not precise enough for such a game. Expand
  33. May 23, 2012
    This is really a must-buy if you have patience and don't care about the storyline. The game is really fun to play but what I enjoyed most was to try to get all the achievements. I´ve played this game for about 67 hours and I still have 8 achievements left. Positive: Awesome gameplay
    Epic music
    Epic boss fights

    Bad storyline
  34. Dec 31, 2012
    This game was made with passion and hard work, I bought it after seeing the Indie Games movie, just by looking at their eyes while they talk about their life and their passion for the game was enough to me to give it a try. And I'm glad I did, this game has soul, despite the old school graphics (which I find quite nice with nowadays improvements) Super Meat Boy brings a passionate story, while not something as complicated as an RPG game, it succeeds by giving you enough to love the game and focus on the challenges of the good old plataformers. You can't go wrong with this game, unless you really hate any sort of challenge and prefer those interactive story games this game is a must. Expand
  35. Jul 24, 2012
    If you don't know this game it's a mistake because it's a very very good game! It's very very difficult too but it's lots of fun and a bit of rage ! If you like challenge game, this game is for you !
  36. Dec 3, 2012
    Alright so to address some of the other reviews:
    1. BUY A CONTROLLER. The game was designed for one. It is a platformer and you really need the abillity to control the variable speed with the joystick. Majority of the negative reviews I see, they complain about the controls being glitchy. On a controller, the game handles like a dream.
    2. Since when did a challenge become
    masochistic? Yes it's hard, but it gets progressively harder. If the latter levels weren't hard, then it wouldn't be much of a platformer now would it?

    I have completed the game to 100% and have to say that no other game in the past six or so years has given me such satisfaction upon completion. The last levels are absolutely insane, and require literally perfect execution. But if you die, it's your fault, never once could I blame the game. If you want a walk in the park cinematic experience, this game isn't for you. If you want a game that will have you jump up out of your chair and give a loud "FUCCCCKKKK YESSSS!!!!!!" that your neighbors three houses down can here, then this is the game for you.
  37. Aug 2, 2012
    I got Super Meat Boy as part of the Humble Indie Bundle. I didn't have a particular interest in it originally, but I do enjoy platformers, so I thought it would be worth a try. As my score makes readily apparent, I'm infinitely glad that I decided to give it a go. I didn't really know what to expect from the game at first, but it far surpassed all my expectations!

    As many are quick to
    point out, the game gets pretty intensely difficult a couple of chapters in, but from my experience, it's never aggravating. I've cried out at some deaths, but more at myself for failing than anything; I've never found myself legitimately frustrated at the game itself. Even using the keyboard (although I'd love to try playing with a gamepad), I found the controls to be incredibly precise and fine-tuned. I always feel in control, and it's extremely satisfying to make an intense dash through a hazardous level for a Grade A+ completion -- and then watching my many deaths before that victory in the replay! The level design itself is beyond stellar, and I never feel disappointed with a particular course. (There are definitely some that stand above the others, of course, usually due to their memorable layout, or a particularly hard-to-get bandage.) There are lots of extra characters, although I pretty much stick to Meat Boy, save for a few rare situations -- usually for bandages that I couldn't survive collecting otherwise. They're nevertheless enjoyable to unlock, and indeed, a very specific one gave me the most difficult challenge I've faced in the game!

    The game has a very basic story, which contains some crude humor that might not amuse everyone, but I found it endearing for some reason. There's definitely no reason to rate it any lower for the simplicity of the plot, however; it does its job, and it will most likely give a few laughs if you enjoy any sort of slapstick shenanigans. The game's music is something I particularly favor -- it's very catchy, energizing, and always fitting. It never distracted me from the gameplay, and really pumped me up and kept me going even after some devastating losses on the most challenging levels.

    Overall, if you enjoy platforming, and are ready for a challenge, this game is for you. It won't disappoint.
  38. Jan 7, 2013
    Okay this game was made for a controller so go and buy one if you really want to get the full effect of this game. This game is just a masterpiece hands down one of my favorite games of all time. I can never see this game getting old to me even after I beat the game. Yes the game has some flaws but what games don't. The flaws are not game breaking. If you like a game that is challenging and rewarding all at the same time then this is the game that you will want to play. If you like this game also if you haven't already go watch Indie Game The Movie. GO PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!! Expand
  39. Aug 19, 2012
    I got this game as part of the fourth Humble Indie Bundle, and like played through Forest to Hospital and then I had exams and blahblah... Anyway, I kind of got into a competition with a good friend of mine with the objective of completing this game. I won, but as I went through this game, and wrestled at the later levels (I started using my PS3 controller from Rapture - the 81st level - and it's really a lot better) you really start getting the hang and mastery of this game. You know every level is achievable, and they're designed brilliantly. There's always a shortcut you can take. The great thing is that it really depends on skill, not randomness, and you really get better, till you start to amaze yourself with the badass reflexes you built up. tl;dr It's a great game, with ingenious level design and a very polished gameplay, and once you get over 'the curve' it's one of the most rewarding games I've had. Expand
  40. Sep 24, 2013
    I thought it was impossible to hate a game and love it at the same time. Super Meat Boy proved me wrong. I like how they went back to the old days, when games were actually HARD. SMB contains one of toughest levels I have ever played in a platformer. The feeling of satisfaction you get when you beat a level or get an A+ rating on it is gold. The extra characters in the PC version also add to some fun experimenting while using them in levels. This game is awesome. Period. You must buy it now! 10/10 Expand
  41. Oct 15, 2012
    This game takes me back to when I was a kid playing nintendo-hardcore difficulty games. Terribly addicting. Easy to pick up and hard to master with tons of replayability.
  42. Oct 3, 2012
    This game always recommend me to use a gamepad and I disagree about that gamepad thing. The game is pretty fun, another challenging game, and the level are getting harder and harder.
  43. Jan 11, 2013
    Super Meat Boy is perfect platformer with awesome controls and challenging gameplay. Trying to get all achievements is the most challenging thing that I have ever tried.
  44. Feb 14, 2013
    As long as you have a USB controller then this is the best 2D platformer you will ever play. The game is very difficult, but as someone who usually hates hard games I enjoyed this more than most platformers. The game is difficult but never unfair, it's always down to you when you die as the controls are flawless (on a controller). The game has a nice art style, cool music and has nice homages to old NES games throughout. Overall I think unless you hate games that are super difficult give this a try It's given me hours of entertainment Expand
  45. Apr 5, 2014
    um dos melhores indies já feitos, simples, uma ótima jogabilidade, perfeito, um dos seus únicos problemas é depois de um tempo ele começa a ficar enjoativo, ainda mais quando você está jogando atravéz de um teclado, dá vontade de quebrar o PC na parede
  46. Mar 27, 2013

    I bought this game for my friend and he hasn't been off it since, this is one of my favourite platformers ever. Even though it says you need an Xbox controller, you don't it is perfectly playable with the keyboard. The port is fantastic, gameplay is amazing and the villain.. Oh my, is one of my favourite ever. The extra retro levels are awesome aswell. If you have
    time pickup the level creator from steam tools and make some levels! Expand
  47. Aug 9, 2013
    This game is just phenomenal. It brings classic, tough, platforming with a modern polish. Don't play this game if you're expecting a well written story. Play this if you're expecting one of the greatest platforming adventures of your entire life. It's runs smoothly and the platforming system is just as smooth, it's addicting, the characters are lovable, it has a high replay-ability rate due to the massive amount of extra content included. And, if you purchase on Steam it includes a level editor! This is the ultimate package for any plat-former fan. Expand
  48. Aug 2, 2013
    This game is incredibly fun.

    In my opinion, this is really the only measure by which video games should be rated. You might argue the graphics don't match up to a AAA title. You might argue the story is an excuse plot. You might even argue that some of the humour is immature. And you'd be right. But the game is still a masterpiece in my mind.

    The real genius of the game is the steep
    learning curve but incredibly precise controls. Although many of the levels are, quite frankly, absurdly difficult, with practice it will become clear how to progress through the level. Muscle memory is king in this game. Meat Boy becomes your avatar in nearly every sense of the word; if you play long enough, it will get to the point where you know exactly how to maneuver Meat Boy through the mazes of buzzsaws, salt, needles, lasers, and any number of other environmental and sentient hazards.

    A word to the wise: if you are looking for a game that can be beaten easily and quickly, this game is not for you. If you are looking for one of the greatest platforming games ever, look no further.
  49. Aug 8, 2013
    The hardest game I have ever played. However that's just what separates it from other platformers, its rewarding when you finally beat that tough level and the creative level design make it a masterpiece
  50. Sep 25, 2013
    This game's the reason behind my screen name. It is amazingly difficult and addictive, as any good game should be, so you always have an incentive to play it through to the end. The story line is enticing and I grew to actually care about the characters, just like you would in a film. The ideas behind the construction of the game, levels (Having an initial "Light world" set of levels and when you've aced those you unlock the more challenging "Dark World" levels) is great, and the cut scenes are the icing on the cake.

    tl;dr it makes mario look like a pile of arse

    Probably my favourite game ever.
  51. Nov 5, 2013
    Fun, hilarious, challenging, inspired, and a prime example that a small team of truly driven artists can create something on par (and better in many ways) with what a lot of big name companies with huge teams are capable of. Super Meat Boy will take your hand-eye and your patience to it's limit all while you laugh at the sheer brilliance that is this game. I've honestly never had so much fun dying over, and over again. Expand
  52. Nov 18, 2013
    You will die. Thousands and thousands of times. You will rage. You will throw controllers and smash keyboards. And, if you are persistent, you will know the sweet taste of victory.

    Super Meat Boy is the pinnacle of platforming. Combining crisp controls with creative and (extremely) challenging levels along with tons of unlockables you'll find Meat Boy scratches the platforming itch.

    If you are looking for a good platformer to finish over a weekend, think again. But if you are looking for a true test of your abilities, a test that took me almost two years to 100%, this is the game.
  53. Aug 23, 2014
    I am all about platformers, especially challenging ones. If you hate the feeling of dying over and over again, missing precise jumps by a HAIR and maybe I'll finally get it on my hundredth try SON OF A **** I WAS THIS CLOSE THIS GAME IS STUPID AND UNFAIR ARGH SMASH THE CONTROLLER then you will not like this game. However, if you love the feeling of finally NAILING IT, the overwhelming sense of accomplishment that is the reason we play these games, then there is nothing better than Super Meat Boy. You'll hate it most of the time, but when you love it you will LOVE IT!

    The art is very well done. The characters are likable, the environments very interesting and the cut scenes are pretty funny. The music is excellent, if I was the type to listen to game music around this would be on my phone. What takes center stage is the control. Meat Boy is an extension of yourself and will do exactly what you tell him to. I can't rave about this enough. When you're flying through the air you can feel it. When you're sticking to a wall you can feel it. It's a superb achievement by the developer(s). There are also tons of levels, great variety in level design and mechanics, plenty of unlockables (including the unbelievably hard to get protagonist from I Want To Be The Guy, took me hours to get him), plenty of secrets... right now Steam says I have played 56 hours, pretty remarkable for a platformer.

    I thought about rating this a 9 for one simple reason - an extremely frustrating bug that would make certain game objects (like walls of buzz saws) move too fast to get some secrets. I think it was a problem with the objects moving based on a fixed frame rate for the xbox that didn't translate correctly to PC. I was able to work around it somehow - it was a while ago and I don't remember what I did - but it was EXTREMELY frustrating. I wouldn't be surprised if this problem was patched by now though.

    Read my first paragraph again. If it rings true for you then you already know you need this game.
  54. Apr 16, 2014
    Really hardcore platformer with amazing graphics and soundtrack. Handling with controller is fabulous, there was no moment when I was blaming this game for failure and it is important about games like this. Just perfect.
  55. Jan 1, 2014
    Perfect, beautiful, amazing, challenging, awesome, funny, probably the best platformer ever made.
    Difficult, but still fun, even when you had to try again 500 times. A must have game!!!!
  56. Jan 28, 2014
    Great game with or without a gamepad. So much fun to play and watch others play. Very difficult but very rewarding, not the biggest fan of retro platformers but this one definitely kept me entertained.
  57. Feb 27, 2014
    The hate-it-or-love-it-game.

    I absolutely love the game.

    The graphics are somewhat far beyond 1995 but the characters, gameplay, achievs and also the story are freaking fantastic. Try 'I wanna be the guy' in order to check your ambition for this type of game. There is also the flash version of Meat Boy somewhere around in the web. Check your ambition before buying. Can't say it often

    I used x360 controller from the beginning. As the effing thing went dead I had to play with keyboard for some days. Absolutely not playable. So be sure to have som Gamepad.

    I hope there will be other good plattformers coming in the future times. Until that I will continue trying to beat some of the finger-crippling hardmode levels that Super Meat Boy offers.

    Now get going and kick some Fetus-asses or play some more days in Sims3 or some sort of pony riding game :)
  58. May 26, 2014
    My absolute #1 game of all time, the controls are completely fantastic and the way you move is exactly how a 2D platform is supposed to function, and with over 200 levels and an online mode, this game is amazing.
  59. Jun 22, 2014
    It's an awesome game! One of the best games that I have played!! I really enjoy it and I would definitely recommend it.
    However, let me warn you, it's a difficult game, I looked into my statistics and I have died already 2000 times when I was into 7 hours of play (which include video, loading time, and level control selection)!
  60. Jun 26, 2014
    In my opinion this is one of the two best platform games ever made; the other being Super Mario World. The controls are intuitive and responsive. You die a lot but it never feels unfair. It's a tough game but you always feel a few tweaks, a bit more practise and you'll beat the level. The level design is brilliant and the difficulty curve progressive. You'll look back at levels you thought challenging an hour ago and chuckle at how trivial they now seem. In summary a brilliant game that will give you sweaty hands! Oh .. don't play without a controller. Expand
  61. Dec 24, 2010
    Difficult without being frustrating, pinpoint-accurate controls and all-round retro platforming awesomeness. Don't stress over it, just give it a chance and you'll be engrossed!
  62. Jan 17, 2011
    Super Meat Boy is definitely not a game for hardcore FPS players. It is purely made for players who want to relive "the good old days" or for those who never truly lived them. The game goes extremely masochistic after few levels and at times I felt I was going to lose my mind just when I saw the next level. In a good way though. The music is very catching when you're escaping a boss from almost certain death. And those battles are probably the highlight of the game. The controls are great with both keyboard and Xbox 360 controller so you can easily swap between controller and keyboard. There are so few buttons to use so it stay simple. The story isn't complex either and the game don't need it. Meat Boy is lovable character and will be remembered in the future. The simplicity of the game is its key to success. This game is just classic. Expand
  63. Jun 9, 2011
    It's a classic platformer for the hardcore gamer. Not suitable for first time gamers, or people that are lazy or don't have quick reflexes. Most people that **** about it, are unexperienced gamers who want their games to be like "press X not to die". Super Meat Boy is a hard game, but it's only hard because you don't know how to play it. It features very sharp controls, awesome music, adrenaline pumping gameplay, features countless of stages, a good plethora of playable characters each with his own abilities and a level editor so you can make your own stages. ( Controller is not required you can change the keys to WASD or whatever you like ) Expand
  64. Feb 24, 2011
    Excellent platformer. Full of humor, sometimes really hard but enjoyable nevertheless. Nice retro touch and excellent 8-bit-like music. Nice surprise, I strongly recommend for people who enjoyed old-school platformers.
  65. May 1, 2011
    This game is a total blast! Totally made for the OCD-type players that like to master speed runs. Its very rewarding when you surgically rip through a puzzle and are able to watch the replay right afterwards. I'd say its a niche-market type of game, most definitely not meant for everyone, but immense adrenaline-fueled fun for those who're into that type of speed/twitch puzzle solving. I'm using a brand new Gamepad for it and have noticed a few control responsiveness issues, but nothing major. Seems as though many, if not most, of the people giving the game very poor ratings are playing it with a keyboard, which is pretty bad idea in the first place. Upon first purchasing it, I tried it with the keyboard and knew instantly that I would never fully appreciate this game without a gamepad. Expand
  66. Mar 17, 2011
    One of the most frantic and painful platformers released in years. This game presents an extremely fun and refreshing challenge compared to most games these days. If you are of the new spoon-fed generation you may not enjoy this due to the difficulty, but I'd advise you to give it a shot anyways.
  67. Apr 8, 2011
    Super Meat Boy is just AWESOME! The gaming process is just very dynamic, you have to run jump, avoid traps and most importantly not die. It is a classic style 2D platformer game, and the main character is a square piece of meat. Team Meat (devs of the game) show us that they have a good sense of humor (some cut scenes are just hilarious), but most importantly they show us how 2D platformers should be made. They should made DIFFICULT! And I really mean difficult. Some levels take up to a couple hundred tries to complete. Some people whine about difficulty level being too high, but I say if you don't like difficulties don't buy this game. SMB is just an ultimate challenge that you can take only if you are patient and skilled enough. Overall it's a great game that REALLY challenges you. 9/10 Expand
  68. Apr 15, 2011
    Super Meat Boy is a painful game. You'll curse, you'll cry, you'll want to break your controller or keyboard at some point but it's one of the most enjoyable games to be played. Just go get it!
  69. Apr 20, 2011
    Super Meat Boy is a classic throw back to how games used to be, and that is being mostly platformers and also being masochistically hard. I seriously had to practice level that can be completed in around 7 seconds for 20 - 30 minutes simply to beat it, even longer if i wanted to attain a high score (which i would recommend against trying to achieve as hackers and cheaters have ruined the leader boards for us all with times impossible to achieve such as 0). Super meat boy isn't just about jumping through saw blades of death to rescue his beloved partner, it's also somewhat of a self teaching lesson about what the average human will put himself through just to reach the end of the game, much like our brutalized hero, spending hours upon hours just repititously playing a level over and over again, death after death until we beat it. Luckily there is another little shining star in this, as you can unlock characters by getting band-aids, getting enough high ratings on levels, or beating warp portals, and surprisingly these characters each have their own unique abilities to help the player get through these obstacle courses of impossibility.

    It is a great challenge that is at the same time enjoyable for the most part.
  70. Feb 17, 2013
    I'm laughing at the negative reviews of this game, no real criticism other than general butthurt. A quality controller is a absolutely required, if you can beat this game with a keyboard you're not human. If you were a SMB speedrunner you will love this game. This could potentially frustrate today's modern gamer's who have little experience with face paced platformers. It can be very challenging but it's doable. The mechanics are flawless and the music/style is excellent. Expand
  71. Nov 15, 2011
    This game takes me back when I played IWBTG. Not as difficult, but they even have an homage to that game and several other great platformers. The team who made this game is great, the bugs are few and far between, the music is great; fitting the zones' atmosphere perfectly and for an indie game, its definitely one of the better out there; easily rivals a 'big name' company.
  72. Nov 22, 2011
    One of the key rules of video game reviewing is you can never criticise a game because it's hard. It's basically like saying you don't like it simply because you're not good at it. I'm not the best but I got through the game (the light world and a decent amount of the dark world) even using a keyboard. It's really fun and even with the keyboard, the game controls like a dream. It did cause me to nearly throw my laptop on the ground but thankfully the game loads so fast when you die that you have no time to lament your last failure. So much content and addictive gameplay makes this one of the best platformers on the market Expand
  73. Dec 18, 2011
    Well, it looks like there are two camps for super meat boy. I am firmly in the camp that loves this game. I created a metacritic account, just so I could cast a vote (as it were) for this game as a fantastic game. I originally played the x-box version on a giant flat-screen tv. I had a great time, so I bought it for my home system on steam. I was very pleased that the game translated to my, far inferior, home system. The game has crisp graphics, highly sensitive controls and an intuitive level design and learning curve. Great game. Expand
  74. Dec 22, 2011
    Like I said for my recommendation on steam, if you love platformers..... GET THIS GAME!! Even if you normally don't, at least give it a try, like try a friends copy or something.
  75. Dec 30, 2011
    Great game, the best platforming game in years. This game will make you rage quit and you will be sayign to hate this game and you will be never playing it again. About an hour later you will start playing Super Meat Boy once again and go through the same cycle. Truly amazing game. The only major con is that the PC controls are hard to use, so you may have to dish out some more money to buy a cable for your xbox controller to be used. The rest of the cons are very minor. Expand
  76. Jul 1, 2012
    Super Meat Boy is absolutely one of the most enjoyable platformer games that have come out in recent years. The early levels of each stage focus perfectly on teaching the player essential skills in how to interact with the environment to pass future levels. There's a great element of comedy within the game and an 80s nostalgia with all the nods to the great platform games that came before it.

    This is my favorite genre of video gaming, perhaps because of that very nostalgic feel of running, jumping and avoiding obstacles. Meat Boy is great, and with a ridiculous amount of levels this game provides almost endless fun for it's very low cost. It's often on sale in Steam or other retailers so there's no excuse, if you watch a trailer or some gameplay and it looks even remotely interesting to you, trust me, you'll love it. It's quickly become one of my favorites.
  77. Jul 23, 2012
    Super Meat Boy is an instant classic. The concept is simple but well executed, and the game is fast paced and enjoyable. The game was challenging but I never felt it was unfair, which made it very rarely frustrating. Similarly, the controls for me were responsive and never felt random, again making the game feel satisfying. he level design is great. I love the collectables and bonus levels that are hidden throughout the game, and they add a certain amount of replayability to the game. The art style is charming and the sound design is fitting. I would highly recommend playing this. It is well crafted and a joy to play. Expand
  78. Jul 19, 2012
    I played this game like 6 month ago on a friend's PC. I didn't really liked it, the handling was to messy, the game difficulty was to hard. I was basically finished with this game, but then it was included in the HumbleBundle so I got it for 1$ and I gave it another try. And this time it was like an other game for me. As soon as you're trusted with the handling the game is as fun as hell. I couldn't stop playing it until I had this game on 100%. The playtime is more than enough even for the full price. After finishing all levels you can either create your own or play custom level from others. Can't give the full 10 points due to the achievements are pretty hard to get. Even after having this game on 100% I still don't have more then half of the achievements. All in all this game is perfect for people who either need a game that they can play in small gaming sessions or for people who simply like that kind of games Expand
  79. Aug 8, 2012
    2D platformer for the mashocists out there - casual gamers need not apply. Spoiler Alert: You'll die. You'll die. Then you'll die some more. Not all that uncommon to die 20 times within a 60 second span. With arcadish throwback presentation, a hyper announcer, and levels lasting only 5-20 seconds it will keep the attention of even the most A.D.D. of A.D.D's. Quite a few characters to unlock to mix up the gameplay, lots of levels, lots of pitfalls, lots of bandages to search and find, and even nice homages to games past like Castlevania, Zelda, etc in the cutscene . The game tracks your best times for each level which also adds to the competitiveness as you can see how you stack up against complete strangers or the people you have friended on steam which is nice and trying to get A+ times on every level will add some nice replay value to levels you already beat. I'm only a 1/3rd of the way through and its quite a challenge. I can only imagine what horrors await me in the future levels. This is one of those games you will be proud to beat and considering it can be grabbed for under 4$ on any Steam Summer or Winter sale its a no brainer for those who are up for a challenge. (note: can be played with a keyboard but you will probably want a gamepad for this one). Expand
  80. Mar 24, 2013
    First things first: BUY A 360 CONTROLLER. Seriously. The keyboard controls are crappy. Utter garbage controls. But if you use a controller to play this game, you will have a lot more fun with this masterpiece of a game. 300+ levels, secret characters, so much in this game. Now, I have beaten more levels than all of my Steam friends by at least 50. But doing so resulted in me dying over 10 000 times. THE GAME COUNTS HOW MANY TIMES YOU DIE. If you love old-school platformers, buy this game. Seriously, buy this game. Oh, I didn't leave, I'm waiting. Expand
  81. Jan 11, 2014
    Very nice by the standarts of indie game. And incredibly hard, like INCREDIBLY, I almost broke my fingers and I'm only in 2nd world lol :)
    9/10 from my point of view. Old 2d-platformer fans wont be disappointed ))
  82. Nov 5, 2013
    I'm not sure if I've ever slammed my keyboard as much as I do when playing this game. This game is frustrating, damn difficult and very unforgiving. I have never died so many times in a game before on a single level. Despite the extreme difficulty though, I loved every minute I spent playing this game. The levels are ingeniously detailed and varied, with many obstacles in your way such as spinning saws and bottomless pits. The levels are also very short, so when (not if) you die, you will not have to constantly repeat huge segments. The game's music is also incredible and really just makes you want to keep playing even if you've died 50 times already on the level you're trying. This is a really great game that I can't recommend enough. Just make sure you don't break your keyboard out of frustration. Expand
  83. Jul 13, 2013
    Truly lives up to its name of being one of the toughest platformers out there. It makes you rage a lot and I found it to be a hell of an experience playing it. There's no better feeling of beating a hard platformer for a gamer like myself. It was very long and can be played for quite some time. It is DEFINITELY worth the price if you like platformers. If you like hard platformers, marry Team Meat. (The Developers) Expand
  84. Oct 1, 2013
    One of the best platformers I have ever played. Great levels with really good difficulty. There are many different characters to unlock that have special abilities. You can also unlock much harder versions of the original stages. While playing this on the PC, a controller is strongly recommended.
  85. Nov 25, 2013
    Best platformer i have ever played!! Awesome fluid gameplay & creative levels.. but it is so damn HARD!! remember to use gamepad on pc as the keyboard controls suck....
  86. Oct 26, 2013
    This game is good,some people don't like it because it's hard,but that means more happiness for the ones who finished it.
    The story it's simple but amazing
    It follows the path:The girl is kidnapped,you find her,the doctor sends a monster at you and run in a different location,it repeats over and over and the you beat the doctor and go away with the girl.
    The unlock able characters give
    the game diversity and makes it easier but still hard.
    The music in this game is gorgeous,the music you will like and will pump you with adrenaline.
    So this game is very good and it's not old school,because it's a funny and spontaneous game with a lot of references.
    So one of the best platforming games that ever existed.
  87. Nov 8, 2013
    This is one of the best platforming games I have ever played. It can be quite frustrating at time, as you must restart each level if you die. Super Meat Boy is the most precise platformers I have played, and is for experienced gamers. The story line is a parody of most Mario games, and this makes it very enjoyable. Each character is very interesting and the cut-scenes are fun to watch. For the price this game jam packs a ton of contents and is definitely worth the money. Simply amazing. Expand
  88. Jan 2, 2014
    This is by far, the most fun I've had with a platforming game in a very long time. And also probably the best platformer from the last five years. Let me just say, I like this more than Mario. There, I said it. It is freaking better than Mario. The controls (while you might not call the arrow keys and spacebar good controls) are so fluid, that I feel like the keyboard is part of my hand. It's the simple joy of trial-and-error platforming. So, It's like Mario Wii, but three times harder, three times more fun, and none of that "super guide" crap that got you through the levels when you were five. I'll admit it can be a little too frustrating at times, but that just teaches you to get better. And what can be said about the music? It's good. It's really good. It's Super Mario Galaxy good. 8-Bit rock and roll per-freaking-fection good. It just adds to the amazing and frustrating experience of...

    (And sorry for comparing it to Mario so much. Mario is a natural scale of good platforming, and the only one that absolutely EVERYBODY would recognize.)
  89. Apr 15, 2014
    И ещё одна супер хардкорная игрушка под название Супер Мясо Пацан уже готова заставить вас заменить две а то и три клавиатуры и натереть вам кровавые мозоли на пальцах! Для гетто тащеров можно произвести замену всего компьютера по желанию :) Игра очень сложная и требует очень много времени дабы её пройти(ну или попробовать пройти). Лично я прошёл только 2 главы из всех(не помню сколько их, 10 или где то так). По этому я ставлю ей 9/10. И помните, если у вас слабая психика и вы не хотите загубить и её - не играйте в Супер Мясного Пацана!!! Expand
  90. Jul 21, 2014
    Super Meat Boy is designed around one thing, platforming. It does this supremely well, and everything else in the game is designed to augment and enhance the platforming experience.

    As you might imagine, the game play is everything here, and it’s perfectly executed. The controls take time to get used to, but once that happens (10+ hours in) you will be able to understand and exploit
    levels implicitly. Also, as you might have heard, SMB is HARD, especially on the final world and dark worlds. However it is always fair to you. It never tries to trick you or ambush you, levels never change, and you know that if you die it was your mistimed keystroke/button-mash that did it. The fun comes from trying out new strategies to get through the assault course before you, and the joy you’ll feel from completing a level you’ve been stuck on for the last 45 minutes is unlike many other gaming experiences. This sets it apart from games like "I wanna be the guy" which is an exercise in masochism. Also, once you die, and you will die a lot, the level immediately resets, which cuts down on the boring waiting between level attempts (only the warp zones and glitch zones don’t which is kind of annoying).

    The sound design is phenomenal. Seriously, phenomenal. I can't think of many other games that have such a well crafted score, especially for an indie game. It always captures just the right mood for the level you are in: easy, difficult, zany, hectic, epic, cute, apocalyptic, tense, it's all there. It also makes it easier to replay a level for the 50th time since you get to listen to such a great track again. The music style is fast paced and reminiscent of old arcade games, which is a nice nod to its roots.

    The story is not really designed to be immersive, like many other A* games out there, but instead provides a very enjoyable backdrop for your platforming, full of quirky humour and irreverence. The lightheartedness of the story perfectly offsets the brutal difficulty of the game, and the humour makes you laugh when you should be throwing your controller across the room. The characters never speak, but the story is conveyed through facial expressions and a narrator, both contributing to an arcade like atmosphere that doesn’t take itself too seriously, making for an awesome game.

    The graphics, much like the soundtrack, are not the centre of the game, but make the platforming easier and more enjoyable. The sets are colourful and vibrant, and each world has its own distinctive theme to it. Contrast between platform, player and background is good and crisp, meaning you won’t get confused during your hectic level dashes. The cinematics between worlds are high quality and serve to move the story along.

    Even once you beat a level, that’s not it. There’s so much more to do to unlock other interesting characters and achievements. Beat the level timed runs, collect bandages, beat the dark worlds, beat warp zones, beat glitch zones, and for those who’s badassery is measured in MCkN (mega Chuck Norrises) and have already done all that, go on Super Meat Boy world/Teh Internets and try to complete some of the fan made stuff there.

    It’s also really nice to see characters appearing from other indie games, included as additional unlockable characters with special abilities that your titular protagonist does not have. This allows you to try out another character if super meat boy can’t get that one bandage you need to collect.

    This game should really get a 10, and is the best platformer I’ve ever played. Why only a 9 then? For me at least, it’s the buggiest game I’ve ever played. I play the steam version on Windows Vista, and crashes during loading are commonplace, though thankfully not often during very long and difficult levels. I don’t know if its Steam’s fault, since I’ve had problems with a number of incompletely function Steam versions of games (e.g. Max Payne), but I can only rate my experience, so there it is.

    Now, Super Meat Boy is not a broad game. If you don’t like platforming, don’t buy it. If you don’t like a game to test your resolve and challenge you skill to their limits, don’t buy it. It is a tightly formed, focused, perfectly crafted, exceptionally fun platformer and its completion is designed to be a badge of honour letting the internet know how awesome you are.

    Buy it. Try it. Get killed. Lots.
  91. Jan 4, 2011
    This game is good. i read reviews before i bought it so i would know what to expect, and it delivered. very precise controls, and good level design. while the early levels are pretty easy, the game gets hard, and i mean HARD. But surprisingly not frustrating and hard. It seems like more of a challenge than it feels cheap, because level design is so good. Good game to play for minutes or hours at a time. Expand
  92. Jan 6, 2011
    Pretty fun game, lots of levels, flawless controls, catchy music :p but i would only recommend this game for PC if you own a gamepad/xbox360/ps3 wired controller, i dont know if its just me, but the keyboard controls just sucked so i had to use my PS3 controller, which worked out great, i didnt even have to configure the controller it just did it automatically
  93. Apr 28, 2011
    Should you buy this game? Yes. Despite the classic, old-school look of the game, it's still very engaging and definitely an encore of videogaming's previous retro years. Yes, it's side-scroll, but don't think it's another Metal Slug or Sonic. It's tough. You'll be navigating you small meaty hero through complicated mazes, avoiding needles, buzz saws, flowing lava and even salt. But don't worry, the game has a smooth learning curve. Starting from the easiest to the most brain-heating levels, you'll find that the difficulty curve will increase gradually as you'll learn to time you jump or when to sprint. And if you think meat boy can never get through a particular maze, don't worry as there are other characters with special abilities to avoid traps (though it will be less challenging and hence, less satisfying). Still, if you find yourself deeply annoyed and frustrated by the hardness of the mazes, even after repeating the whole level for a hundred times, just stop playing and resume a few hours later, after you cool down. That way you can always figure out how to get through the puzzle. Having played in the PC, i see no trouble playing this. Just the basic arrow keys for movement, space for jump and shift for sprint. It's that simple! Though the downside of the game is when you want to reach the collectables: bandages. That's when your real platformer skills will be put to the test. Overall, a must have game for all casual gamer. Expand
  94. Aug 25, 2013
    Very good game. The level design is clever and the soundtrack is just legendary. The extreme difficulty of the game is what makes it so good, but at the same time it digs into the gameplay for me. I'm sure people will narrow their eyes and make a scolding angry face at this review because they heavily disagree and are much better at the game.

    Some people like extreme challenges, and
    though I do admire the difficulty of the game, I get a bit of sick of dying and replaying the same level over and over, only to finally pass it and die another 200 times on the lever after that. Fortunately, I'm not incorporating my difficulty issue into my rating. The plot behind the game is very weak and almost non-existent.

    The game is creative, original, challenging and has 10/10 music, but it's not mindblowing and feels a lot like a flash game.
  95. Jan 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game has it's ups and downs. First, all the rage that is bottled up in the game. But other than that, the graphics are 2D decent, the fact that you can use other characters from other games interests the players to get more bandages, and the dark world featuring a ton more saws and rage makes the game twice as big. Expand
  96. Mar 20, 2012
    Super Meat Boy is a great game, one that is simple and quick to pick up. Everyone can play, though a tad bit graphic for kids (not that I care in the slightest). If youre a beast in platformers, then this is right up your alley. If you can barely beat a Mario game, then you might want to wait for this to go on sale, or step your game up, because chances are youll slam your desk in frustration. Either way, who doesnt like seeing a slab of meat getting grinded over and over? Expand
  97. May 25, 2012
    The first word I tkink to introduce that game is "HARD".
    Gameplay is really fast and nervous, technical and 2D levels are well-constructed. What a pleasure!
    Don't be mad to die all the time; the way to learn is the succession of fails.
  98. Jul 18, 2012
    Super Meat Boy Enjoyment - 7 Difficulty - 7 (very challenging, but that's what makes it fun) Promise - 9 (everything in the description, is in the game) Replay - 7 (you can also play user made levels) Controls - 6 (tons of inertia; this is what makes it challening) Performance - 7 (I had to run in low detail or certain events wouldn't occur) Multiplayer - 5 (User made levels, beating friend's times)
    Story - 8 (Meat Boy's quest is to save band-aid girl)
    Price - 9 ($15, Could be more and still be worth it)

    Total points: 65/81
    Userscore: 8.02 (8)
  99. Aug 16, 2012
    super tough. I bought a controller only for this game and it is still tough. but I have had fun playing it. it is like what would really happen if you could put real physics to a psyco-action platformer. Now what I mean by real physics is if a little guy made of meat could really run fast, stick to and jump off walls, and here is the catch, fall off platforms!!! Yes you do not stick to platforms but can fall right off if you under or over jump. No super mario world here. Expand
  100. Dec 24, 2012
    oh god, why did I ever buy this game? This game is very disappointing considering the $15 price tag. The levels are frustrating and hard, and instead of satisfaction for completing one, you are greeted with another equally frustrating mission. This is a game you can find online for FREE, and would probably be more fun than super meat boy. This has scarred me for life, and I am very cautious whenever I buy an indie game Expand
  101. May 2, 2011
    This game will kick your ass repeatedly and you'll probably die a few thousand times before completing the game, but for some reason no matter how much you die, you keep coming back for more punishment. I haven't played such a thrilling and satisfying platformer since Super Mario Bros. 3, and I'm beginning to think it may be my new all-time favorite game in the genre. Just be warned that this game is VERY difficult amongst platformers and it can be frustrating to people who are bad at video games. 90% of the negative reviews are "this game is too hard it kicked my ass."

    The controls are perfect; to put it simply: they put you exactly where you want to be. I went back to Super Mario and for the first time in my life I have to say the controls feel dated by comparison -- and I'm a huge fan of classic Mario platformers. To add to the fantastic gameplay is the outstanding music, beautifully gritty environments, and a really solid "arcade feel" to the theme.

    The only real downside to this game lies within it's virtually non-existent story, but then again if you're playing a platformer for the story, you're doing it wrong.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 11 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 11
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 11
  3. Negative: 0 out of 11
  1. 80
    Indie gaming at its retro-loving best, with some of the most cunningly-designed and purposefully infuriating 2D gameplay of the year.
  2. Jun 1, 2011
    Blood, action, romance. Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition has got it all.
  3. May 3, 2011
    Oldschool-Jump and Run at its finest!