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  1. Jun 30, 2013
    Core game mechanics like shooting, jumping, rolling don't work at all or consistently. Hell, some spells actually propel you further based on ping and framerate. If you shoot a low RoF weapon, there's a high chance it will jam and fire off thin air. This, along with a bunch of core game mechanics do not even work. Horribly finicky netcode. HL3 will come by the time the game gets updated. Heroes do not rotate. Balance gets thrown out the window completely with mandatory late-game builds that force other sets of products out of viability, along with buffs that completely throw off combat triangles with +damage, +health, and +speed. The game's community is nearly nonexistent or the worst band of elitists I have ever seen. The playerbase counter is perpetually stuck at 603 players but is actually significantly less ( Uber Entertainment has a track record of failing to deliver their promises, starting from maintenance and updating of their first game MNC, with similar unfulfilled promises in SMNC. Store items are overpriced for what they're worth. SMNC has no tutorial, nor any up-to-date guides. Newbies get swept into games with ALL ranges of matchmaking ratings. There is no newbie pool. Matchmaking is nonexistent and may as well not even be there, as 95% of games will be unfair. The 5% of fair or equal games devolve into turtling, shooting the other team as much as possible, and stacking late-game builds unbalancing buffs. Most games just plain snowball due to bad game mechanics and matchmaking. There are ridiculous out-of-character heroes that do not belong in any genre that involves "MOBA", such as the sharpshooter category, dealing no-falloff damage from any range. One of such pros is called the Gunslinger, a pure DPS pro that belongs in a pure shooter. With theoretical 100% accuracy, a Gunslinger or any other hero can utterly decimate the other team via the third-person shooter aspect. MOBA aspects do not amount to much, and the melding of two categories of games overall makes the game very shallow. There is almost no scaling to balance the MOBA aspects, which quickly becomes a mere joke as the game progresses. Bots start off strong and become completely obsolete. Turrets do not actually defend pros if an enemy player grapples an allied player. Turrets are weak, and once they have been unshielded by an enemy bot, become cannon fodder. Since bots/turrets don't scale, they are demolished in mere seconds in late-game. The only obvious scaling is the introduction of jackbot waves during overtime, which are actually jokes too as they have buggy AI and are just massive walking targets. Speaking of AI, it's nonexistent in this game. Creeps will get stuck in their pathing and/or walk through walls and/or get stuck. In these scenarios, they may indefinitely draw fire from opposing creeps and take no damage. Map designs are simply bad. Unlike one-dimensional map designs such as featured in Smite or any other MOBA, maps in SMNC are designed with top-level floors, which gives the controlling team massive territorial, shooting, and leveling advantages. There is no consistency in this game. The three different commandos have blinds that have different additional effects. The developers, for a time decided to make balance changes with consistency between different classes, but this has no longer been the case. For example, there is a stereotypical rocket-launching pro in this game. Her primary has radial falloff. A clone of this pro, a heavier enforcer version, has almost the same exact weapon but no radial falloff. There are skills in this game that are 100% useless and impossible to make viable, unlike other moba games. Why? Because unfortunately, the devs decided for a no item store route, forcing cookiecutter builds. Some pros have many viable dump skills and some have less, like the Assault. Instead of making all skills equally viable, the developer has opted to the skill upgrading system finicky and dull. This game has poor optimization, the worst of any UE3 game in existence. It's impossible to max this game out with modern hardware on all maps. One map, Gun Mountain has so little optimization and so much screen clutter that generally all setups will spike below 75 FPS if maxed out. There will be no more new heroes in this game due to a lack of updates, because the devs mismanaged the game so poorly that the budget ran out. A F2P game without updates can and will be a dead game. The devs promised mod support for MNC, but never delivered. SMNC has 0 servers one can host and 0 mod support. Planetary Annihilation, an upcoming game that has drawn the attention of Uber will come with native mod support. Servers are consistently choppy, even though they're hosted by an outside third-party Amazon. There will be servers a player will rubberband/skip on, and as said before it breaks some game mechanics (rolling, charging etc). Suspected pushing games to less servers.

    Overall, 99% unplayable.
  2. Apr 20, 2012
    Alright. Imagine the original MNC: A nice, casual blend of third person shooting and tower defense mechanics. Now imagine they lowered the amount of damage you do, increased the health of everything, and made turret positioning and upgrading preset. No tower defense for us. So, do you like shooting at predictable, slow moving targets with an endless rain of no damage "bullets"? I'm proud of you. But wait, there are more characters to play as! Too bad you have to unlock them with thousands of in-game coins. How many coins do you get per game? Very little. If that doesn't suit you, just spend real money on the classes (no thanks). Want to customize your favorite character with a skin? $20.00 please. The announcers just aren't as well written, spewing generic loading screen tips instead of clever jokes. Trying this game for yourself may be a smart idea, I might be a minority here. It's "Free", so all you have to waste is your time. Expand
  3. Jun 20, 2012
    Don't bother with SMNC unless you enjoy submitting yourself to loads of frustration. Despite the great premise everything about this game is frustrating and terrible.

    The matchmaking system is horrible. By appearance it randomly throws anyone in a match together. Every game consisted of a few people with months and months of experience destroying new players, and the rest of the teams
    filled out with the people that are getting destroyed by them.

    They also have several pros that are way overpowered compared to the rest and have remained that way since release despite the general agreement in the forums there. It is bad enough that some guy that has been playing for months and months is killing you every 60 seconds, but that guy is using an expensive pro he purchased that you couldn't kill with your pro even if you were the same skill level.

    Want to play with your friend? Too bad. You and your friend are welcome to sit in the queue for 25 minutes waiting on a game if you want since the guys at SMNC have not figured out how to make it so you can pair up with your friend and still work you into matchmaking.

    The game issues mentioned above are not the worst part. If you are Ghandi and can suffer through them long enough you will get to meet the worst community in gaming history. PvP communities always are a mixed bunch but this group is the bottom of the barrel. Be prepared as a new player to have them rage at you for being terrible while you die every time you leave base due to bad match making. If you should use the forums be prepared to be called every name in the book and mocked every way possible for having an opinion, so don't bother.

    The player base has dropped down to 700 players and that is during prime time. Don't bother with this already dead game unless you just feel like you want to torture yourself for a bit.
  4. May 26, 2012
    They did terrible changes. It is like Moba with tower defense. Sound good right? It's just that the implementation is bad. The pace is slow, the weapons are slow. The game just drags on and on in this monotous and boring pace. It is free to play so you might check it out. But beware of people that don't know how to play. What's even worse there is "no drop in drop out". If someone quits the game he doesn't get replaced and you'r guaranteed to lose Expand
  5. Apr 26, 2012
    SMNC feels very similar to the original Monday Night Combat, without many improvements, and with a most of the same problems. In fact, SMNC feels slower and more of a snowball game than the first despite simplifying everything.
  6. May 29, 2012
    It's a completely broken game. Let's ignore the fact that, for something so simple graphics wise, it's such an intensive resource hog, and the fact that matchmaking takes forever, there's also the issue of balance, the lack of pacing, the terrible matchmaking, the inability to replace leavers/rage quitters, and the atrocious matchmaking.
    I've so far played almost 200 games, and not ONCE
    have i played a "good game". This is how EVERY SINGLE match plays out: one team is loaded with terrible players, and the other team has similarly skileld players besides one pro player. The pro player decimates the noobs on the opposing team, thereby reaching a very high level in a short amount of time; this leads to even faster destruction, preventing the opposing team from ever managing to leave their spawn without being destroyed.
    You will ALWAYS be either on the steamrolling team, whose top player's accumulatedearnings are MORE than the opposing team's total earnings put together and multiplied by 5, or you're on the steamrolled team, whose total earnings multiplied by 5 isn't even half of what the winning team's VIP has. I've never had a game which didn't play out like this. Usually, as you're being steamrolled, you'll notice that members of your small 5 man team will begin to leave. There is no replacement for them. You simply have to play with the few remaining players, because the developers opted to not allow players to join games in progress. There's almost no penalty for leaving either: you simply don't get any experience/credits for the match, and "supposedly" have a slightly lower chance of finding a if finding a game wasn't already impossible.

    On top of this, i've so far met a large amount of cheating players (mostly speedhackers), since the game lacks any form of cheat protection software. The game also contains a massive amount of bugs, the servers are terrible (there are near-constant leavers/rejoiners simply because the server connections are horrid), and the classes are poorly balanced. Oh, and there are only 3 VERY tiny maps. They recently introduced a 4th map, which is so badly implemented that every player groans whenever it appears.

    Here's the single positive aspect of the game: the humour. It's sometimes hilarious, and usually able to bring a smile to your face, as the commentators talk about the stalking antics of one of the characters (Wascot), the disappearance of the old announcer (Mickey Cantor) and the size of a certain giant chicken.

    Even the humour isn't enough to save this game. Wait for a good 5 months before you download this monstrosity. Unless of course you have 4 friends, in which case you can form a team of 5 and match up against a Pick Up Group. That's right, the game allows formed teams to compete against random groups. How unbalanced can you get?
  7. May 3, 2012
    Super MNC's gameplay gets an 8/10. There are balance issues, mechanics issues (too much of a focus on grappling, for example), and frequent physics issues that detract, but they're not the real problems the game faces. I won't discuss the gameplay much because the it's mostly fine. If you want to try the game, do it - it's free. Please watch a few intro videos on Youtube before jumping in to get an idea of all the mechanics and a general overview of strategy.

    The problems that make this game a real disappointment include:
    Queue times. It can take upwards of 20 minutes to find a game in many cases. If you're on the west coast (US), you'll immediately notice that the US West region has almost no players. Why? Everyone queues up at US East because it's the default and they want to avoid long queue times.

    If you queue up at US East and you aren't on the east coast (US), you'll be treated to a 120 ms ping minimum, with frequent spiking. This makes the game extremely frustrating. All hit detection is done on the client side - that means if you or your opponent are lagging, you're going to get cases where you grapple someone only for you to be grappled by them. You're going to get shot through walls by sharp shooters. In general, you're going to have a frustrating experience because you can't hit anything and you'll be taking hits from people who, from your perspective, shouldn't be able to hit you.

    Maybe you get lucky and you get in a game quickly and you have a decent ping.
    Now you're treated to a grab bag of people in the match. Any number of them will be morons, trolls, or hackers.

    Morons: These are people who don't know what they're doing. And when you tell them what to do, they don't do it. This comes with the territory of free-to-play games. But no matter how experienced you are you'll end up matched with them. These people will refuse to go for the annihilator (a device in the center of the map that destroys all enemy bots and damages all enemy pros). These people will pick a healing class and refuse to heal you. These people will feed the enemy team incessantly.

    Trolls: Similar to morons, trolls are prevalent. The typical trash talking, feeding, and general harassment and team **** you've seen in other games is on full display here.

    Hackers: Yup, this game runs on the Unreal Engine. Hackers are everywhere. And to report a hacker you have to save the demo (which is not easy to do - there's no way to find demos of games you've been in), run a console command, then post on the forums and hope someone looks at it and bans the player. Of course, it's not a VAC ban, or IP ban. They just ban the Steam account from Super MNC - the hacker will be back in minutes.

    Everything in the game can be unlocked with coins or xp you earn by playing, but this takes a long time. The fastest way to unlock things is to fork over cold hard cash.
    Cosmetic items are expensive, but that doesn't affect gameplay.

    What does affect gameplay are pros, products, and boosts.
    Every week there is a new set of 6 or 7 pros that are free. If you are a new player you must choose from these pros. If you have unlocked a pro (with money or coins), you can always choose that pro.
    New players also start off with a default set of products. Experienced players will have better products, and they'll use them to pound your face in. Products grant you passive bonuses and skills. Hot Hands will cause any player you grapple with to be set on fire. Money Magnet will cause all coins on the floor near you to fly to you. If you don't have Money Magnet or All Magnet, you'll have to walk to each coin to pick it up, putting you at a severe cash disadvantage during the match. The default product set is, of course, pretty crappy. So new players will get stomped.

    The same goes for endorsements. Endorsements are static boosts to various attributes - movement speed, accuracy, health, etc. You have to buy endorsements with coins, and you have to unlock endorsement slots. New players are at a severe disadvantage yet again. People who played during the beta often have 25 endorsements to a new player's zero.

    Uberent should have reset stats, levels, and unlocks for all beta players. The problem of course is that people paid real money for these things so they couldn't do that.

    It can be a fun game with rough edges (with regards to menus, balance, mechanics, physics, and performance). But if you're a new player, or you're relying on matchmaking to pair you up with a team, or even if you just live on the wrong side of the country, you will not be able to get to the nugget of fun. You'll trudge though 8 terrible games to get 2 or 3 fun games.

    The game could be an 8 if:
    New players weren't at such a severe disadvantage.
    Match making didn't mix new players with experienced players.
    Hackers and griefers weren't around.
    People played on the correct server for their region.
  8. May 3, 2012
    When this game came out it was smoking hot, Now a few weeks in it is packed with aimbotters, and speed hackers worse then APB:Reloaded. Matchmaking is by far the worst i have seen in a game to date.
    Just a tip, If you catch lag on loading screen someone is aimbotting, or speed hacking. Solve the three problems i have listed and you have one hot game.
  9. Feb 23, 2013
    This game is the equivalent of castrating yourself fifty times. The game is buggy, the matchmaking doesn't work, and the community it has is nonexistent. There's a huge disparity of skill caused by the lack of players and the amount of experience the experienced players have. Why is this a problem? No matchmaking. It's Uber Entertainment's self-fulfilling legacy of making all of their games flop. Please try it for a month. You may be the type of person that enjoys broken games, but if you're like the many people that have left for better games, it will be the same as castrating yourself fifty times. Expand
  10. Aug 17, 2012
    Positive: Team Fortress 2 hats (I think this is the only reason why somebody plays it). Negative: Its very unbalanced. Matchmaking is terrible. No chance to replace leavers. This game have too big updates, its download at least 1,5 GB per week, they say its due to engine, but this is a lie, they just dont know what are they doing. The game is glitchy even with tons of updates. Gameplay is boring and frustrating. Everything is overpriced with the rule euro=dollar. The original Monday Night Combat is way better. Expand
  11. Jun 18, 2012
    This game is insanely busy. Its boring. It feels wrong. I hate it. Never before have I seen a game like this. It got a point for being unique. The game sucks, you have to BUY classes by saving up currency for a long time or spending like 20 bucks on the game. I was expecting something nice, like a nice TPS with a bit of TF2 pushed in there. It tried, so it got a 3.
  12. Jul 16, 2012
    A game that seems to be designed with the baffling intent of completely and utterly repelling anyone who might consider picking it up. The tutorial--if you could even possibly consider it that--is so incredibly unhelpful that they probably shouldn't have even bothered. You will be learning by trial and error almost exclusively. You'll also notice when you first try to begin any sort of game that roughly half of all the "pros" are completely locked out to you, but don't fret! You can unlock them after many long, grind-tastic hours of accumulating the pittances of in-game cash you're offered at the conclusion of each match, or you can unlock them instantly with absurd amounts of real-world money. This would perhaps be tolerable if several of the unlockable classes weren't comically overpowered and dominating every game, and the fact that no two players on your team can be the same character, which is simply insane. Not to mention that most matches essentially turn into a giant snowball-steamroller combo perpetuated by veteran players grinding the faces of greenhorns into the pavement ad infinitum. There's plenty more criticism where that came from (intensely unsatisfying shooting mechanics, matchmaking Charlie Foxtrot, only five samey maps and two suspiciously similar gamemodes), but I'm simply too tired to continue. Just let it be known that this game has done absolutely everything in it's power to be uninviting to new players (probably to frustrate them into purchasing shiny new things). I would not recommend it to anyone. Expand
  13. Aug 27, 2012
    Match making blows teams r always one sided. Over powered pro. Pretty much have to spend real money to even compete, everything is overpriced and not worth it for a dieing game. Community is sitting at 400 people logged in at 1 time. Cant play with friends unless u want to wait in que for 25mins
  14. Oct 31, 2012
    You know what, **** this game. I enjoyed it almost 0% and its boring most of the times. Its just junk, don't play it.............. just dont.............
  15. Dec 13, 2012
    Another attempted DotA ripoff but missing about half the game's features. You level up, upgrade skills, push lanes, and fight Roshan, but there's no item shops, TP scrolls, counterpicking, etc. The most disappointing part for me is the lack of pros (heroes); 16 pros divided between 5 classes and 6 free per rotation means a lot of mirror matches. It has some unique concepts and is fun for casual play, but I don't really see myself playing this after a month or so since it has so many problems. Lack of pros, leavers going unpunished, non-existent matchmaking, lack of maps (5 maps & average match is 15 mins), and the ridiculous cash shop kill this game's staying power. Expand
  16. Jun 26, 2012
    The fact there's no server browser in this version makes it completely useless for anyone from AU or any other country bar the royal ones. the game is useless.
  17. Jul 1, 2013
    SMNC has changed from a mediocre game to something completely revolting. Don't waste your time, there are much better installments available on the Steam platform.
  18. Jul 9, 2013
    The community is what makes and breaks games. For SMNC, it's been as toxic as any MOBA's. Here's what one player had to say about their own community: "1) this game attracts people with embarassingly little common sense. 2) the game is pretty much unsupported atm." Take it for what you will. Gameplay isn't stunning, either, but the review of "crosshair41" is why I picked up this game. The gameplay is not entertaining at all, but it's free. Free unhappiness and helplessness. Expand
  19. Nov 29, 2013
    Made by a company with zero respect or loyalty to the fans that aren't currently making them money. It's outrageous how Uber Entertainment treats their old "fans".
  20. Aug 14, 2014
    SMNC is a mediocre MOBA shooter. It's F2P so if you want to get all the classes you'll have to shell out cash. The longer you play the stronger your character gets so it puts new players at a bigger disadvantage than they should be at. It also comes with a repetitive horde mode. Don't play this.
  21. Jul 1, 2014
    I can't really describe how much potential Monday Night Combat title had. UberEnt really ruined it.
    If you want to play something FAST PACED, then I recommend simple, Monday Night Combat.
    SMNC is nothing more than Alpha MNC. A lot of good stuff were implemented but a lot of stuff were also ruined.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 7 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 7
  1. 60
    Catchy multiplayer action with tactical elements is free to play but suffers from a few launch-related problems. Once those are solved Super MNC will be a straight hit. [Sept 2012]
  2. Jun 25, 2012
    In a nutshell, Uber Entertainment clearly figured out what their first game needed and they brought it. The shortcomings from the first game have been dealt with, and even now they're still piling on constant updates with a Valve-like intensity. With a very dedicated and growing community of players, Super Monday Night Combat has blossomed into a legitimate heavyweight among its peers.
  3. Jun 13, 2012
    Grumbles about the frustrating matchmaker aside, Super Monday Night Combat is a free-to-play game that would have been a perfectly legitimate retail release with a few more maps and available Pros.