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  1. Jun 9, 2013
    Plain and simple: one of the best casual game on the market. Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe is fun and addictive.
  2. Jun 6, 2013
    Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe is a solid game that takes a good idea and runs with it without overstaying its welcome, but it isn't likely to reach cult hit status like Robot Unicorn Attack.
  3. May 31, 2013
    Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe packs a ton of great run/jump/shoot/puzzle action in its arcade shell, and is easily one of the best Tetris-style games to show up in a very long time.
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  1. May 24, 2013
    Alright, so i saw this game on steam about 2 or 3 hours ago and it still hadn't released, but was going to be released within an hour, so i looked it up online and i found the original flash version of the game (Super Puzzle Platformer) I played that for about 10 mins and i was still on the edge if i should buy it when it comes out... Well i saw it for £4.49 so i bought it. And thank god i did. This game is really good, i LOVE the music. It is really good and it makes you want to keep the game running in the background even if you are not playing it. I have played for around 1 hour and i am going bald already! It is a hard game, but it is just one of those you keep going back... and back... and back... until you reach No.1 in the leaderboard. This game includes FULL controller support along with K/M support. You can rebind all keys for keyboard and for the controller, there is even a graphics setting... Okay it maybe just 'Hi' and 'Lo' but come on... That ain't bad! The gameplay is simple but hard... It feels like Tetris with guns... and capes... and ninjas... killer robots along with a jetpack... That's right i said it, a jetpack! But of course it is not all fine and dandy. The game only spits out local multiplayer, which is a huge shame since a lot of us don't have... real... friends Moving forward! I could see this one being really fun with buddies online or just some random people, but the developer chose not to do that which is a big shame. This one is silly but it is something that should come into mind if you die a lot in hard games. You will find yourself shouting "COME ON, HURRY UP!!!!" a lot. When you die there's leaderboards, then the "Ready" text that takes like a BILLION years to pass when you just want to get straight back on. It is not a big deal, i just would like that to be gone if you die and only be shown on a fresh start if you get my drift? My final verdict is that this game is enjoyable, with a reasonable price. Hard but addicting, sadly no online multiplayer. Great music and a jetpack... Great game! 9/10!!! Full Review »
  2. May 24, 2013
    Awesome game, so addicting, and fast paced but also can be frustrating when you die. Minus one for no online multiplayer which I assumed it had, but still fun! Full Review »
  3. May 24, 2013
    Just picked this up on a whim as it came out on steam and ended up spending a few hours playing it, first by myself, then calling my roommate in to play against me, then taking turns unlocking levels/characters. Even if I get distracted and never play it again, it's well worth the fun I just had but I'm thinking this one is gonna be in my installed game list for a while.

    I don't review often, but when I saw there wasn't any critic review up here, I figured I'd recommend it.
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