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  • Summary: Supremacy is a futuristic turn-based game of strategic combat developed by Black Hammer Game, one of New York's most promising new game companies. The player takes command of one of four alien races in an effort to lead their troops to complete universal domination, either battling against a finely-tuned adaptive AI or against other players over the Internet. Combat happens both in space, where over a dozen unique ships attack and defend with a number of special attacks and upgrades, and on the ground, where armies clash using gigantic mechs, flamethrowers, suicide bombers and more. [Matrix Games] Expand
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  1. 73
    And while the commanders feel a little hollow, they are sufficient to get into the spirit of the game. Veterans of the genre may find themselves hungering for more, but new to intermediate players should be pleased with the offering.
  2. An interesting strategy game that is best suited for beginners and intermediate players. It has some intricate micromanagement elements but overall it's a relatively easy game to learn and play.
  3. A different type of strategy game, which offers some new ideas, but still doesn't manage to rise above the crowd in any significant manner. Best for fans of finite board games.
  4. The reality of Supremacy is that is actually presents two totally different and unique strategy experiences. Both are good, but not great and both are punctuated with some really innovative ideas.
  5. A low-complexity game that's easy to learn and, unfortunately, very easy to master.
  6. The strategy in Supremacy has all the depth of a wading pool. [June 2005, p.65]
  7. The combat is too simple, the resource system is too complex, and the small flashes of brilliance get lost in the mediocrity of the rest of the design. [July 2005, p.67]

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