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  1. PC Format
    Challenging, refined and exciting, this is the new RTS benchmark. Just don't expect to tank rush your way through it. [Apr 2010, p.90]
  2. Much more approachable than its predecessor. The single-player campaign may be a little weak, but the skirmish mode is fantastic, and the multiplayer even more so. Excellent graphics and plenty of depth in the gameplay, although die-hard fans of the original may find the game watered down.
  3. PC Gamer
    Simpler, with a more muddled story than SupCom, but still more complex and packing more huge mechs than any two other strategy games combined. [Apr 2010]
  4. Supreme Commander 2 is the result of how, through prudent choices it's possible to convert a title suited almost exclusively to a niche of fans of the genre into a game for everyone. With the recent release of strategic games such as Napoleon: Total War and the imminent arrival of Starcraft II and Command & Conquer 4, all the fans of strategy games have something to have fun with and we are confident that the new creation from Chris Taylor can succeed in carve out its space, thanks to this new dynamic and intuitive formula .
  5. Chris Taylor and his Supreme Commander are back with the same structure of the first episode and a bunch of new features related to the single player campaign, now with a strong narrative component, and more easy to pick up mechanics. The result is a must buy for the strategy audience.
  6. Supreme Commander 2 will especially be appreciated by gamers who are looking for a real challenge. Fighting on multiple fronts, constructing new buildings, recruiting new troops and seeking for new techs you get all at once. Even though the graphics are not top I fully enjoy the game.
  7. PC Gamer UK
    A brilliant redesign of Supreme Commander's robot armies, ironically limited by a lack of artificial intelligence. [Apr 2010, p.90]
  8. Pelit (Finland)
    Supreme Commander 2 is now Supreme Command & Conquer. As a sequel to Supreme Commander it is disappointing, but taken only as an RTS with robots it is better than average. [Mar 2010]
  9. 84
    If the learning curve of the original Supreme Commander proved a little too steep for you, then you'll find a lot to like about the sequel.
  10. 84
    Supreme Commander 2 is actually a simplified version of the first game. Some adjustments, such as the way to upgrade, make the game better, but others – like the classic resource management system – make it lose some of its own identity. It’s not a revolution like Supreme Commander, but definitely something that fans of large-scale, spectacular RTS games should love. The story is forgettable, but the decent and varied missions make up for this.
  11. Veteran Supreme Commander fans will be not very happy with the successor, but it's still an excellent RTS with a classic strategy gameplay.
  12. Supreme Commander 2 is an excellent RTS with faster-paced and more action-oriented SupCom rules.
  13. The AI could use a little boost, but the design itself is rock solid. Giant robots are cool again.
  14. Supreme Commander 2 is more accessible than the original game, that’s good for those new to the series but veterans might be a bit disappointed. The scale however, manages to impress and in the end that’s what it is all about in a RTS.
  15. The only issue is that the intricate tech tree system sets a pretty steep learning curve for the game that can scare off lots of young, inexperienced players. Because of that, it’s hard to recommend this to people just looking to dive into the RTS genre, but it may be worth looking at for all you Starcraft and Command & Conquer veterans.
  16. While it has its flaws, the latest game in Chris Taylor’s RTS franchise is well worth a spot on your hard drive. Whether you flex your strategy muscles on a regular basis or you’re new to the RTS gym, this one will make a nice addition to your library.
  17. 81
    Diehard fans of the franchise are going to be disappointed with the way that Gas Powered Games has dumbed down the game mechanic. But while this results in a game that is in many respects a shell of its former self, it’s still a fun and exciting title that has a compelling narrative and solid game play.
  18. Supreme Commander 2 is a hybrid between Total Annihilation and the first Supreme Commander: it has the accessibility of the former and the immensity of the latter. Probably the best “classic” RTS until today, though it has nothing special to grant it a long future.
  19. This will split the Supreme Commander 2 fanbase in two. The game's made enormous compromises, but it's also brought in a superb sense of mayhem and variety.
  20. This slick and fun strategy sequel bridges the gap between complexity and accessibility.
  21. You can have a good time with Supreme Commander 2. It’s just not all that different than the enjoymentto be found in any other solid RTS of the last decade.
  22. Supreme Commander is dead, long live Supreme Commander. Gas Powered Games has decided to made important changes to the sequel of its massive RTS, giving it a better pace and a more pleasurable experience while offering a rich set of options thanks to the strategic development tree. But to achieve that, different aspects that made the first title such an unique game are gone, including the grand epic of the gigantic battlefields and several hour battles. Even so, this games proves to be an excellent entry to the genre, with a good amount of nice design decisions and a intense flow.
  23. Supreme Commander 2 is the best game GPG has released in the last couple of years, but for us fans of Chris Taylor's best releases, it's just not quite enough.
  24. 80
    SC2 improves upon its predecessor by taking the franchise formula and upgrading it in a very tangible way.
  25. With almost every aspect of the game improved and streamlined, one disappointing thing - and something that seriously limits the game's potential - is the lack of a good ladder & match-making system right out of the box.
  26. All nitpicking of the aesthetics aside, Supreme Commander 2 is a successful game because of strong core mechanics.
  27. 80
    Overall Supreme Commander 2 is a good game that meets the expectations of a strategy game.
  28. Supreme Commander 2 is a solid step in the right direction to making the SupCom name a staple for RTS gamers.
  29. Thanks to the new tech-tree, the beautiful factions and solid gameplay, Supreme Commander 2 is a great RTS that belongs in the top of the genre. However, there are a few changes to the formula that will not please all hardcore fans.
  30. The single player campaign basically forces you to use the same tactics over and over again, but you‘ll still want to play that next mission. Supreme Commander really shines in multi-player games or skirmishes.
  31. Open about the toys you can play with in the final stages of research, strategy in Supreme Commander 2 is pure – worked out before the battle begins and maintained as a line under your tactical moves.
  32. PC PowerPlay
    Supreme Commander in name only, this new take on the franchise has a refreshing focus on macro-strategy. [May 2010, p.62]
  33. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Smaller, faster, focused mostly on multiplayer and user-friendlier is the second Supreme Commander. If you were not expecting a revolution and “only” a great game, you won’t be disappointed. [Issue#190]
  34. This is definitely a faster-paced and more action-oriented SupCom, and while some people will like that, I would count myself with those that were hoping for more substance in the sequel to one of the deepest strategy games out there. As such, color me unimpressed.
  35. 75
    Here, at last, the developer proves they can do things differently or they can do things conventionally, and they can do both of them very well.
  36. Gas Powered Games chose to play it safe with this release, simplifying the game from previous entries in the series and, perhaps in the process, robbing it of any personality that the series once had.
  37. While the Supreme Commander universe is interesting enough, this probably isn’t the game that fans of the first installments in the series were expecting. Really, Supreme Commander 2’s cardinal sin is that it offers less than the games it follows on from, and fans of the original titles are probably best served by continuing to play those.
  38. games(TM)
    This is a purist RTS with old-school communists values, where there's power in numbers. [Issue#95, p.122]
  39. Simpler, shallower but more accessible, this will divide fans but should engage the less committed.
  40. There’s fun to be had here, but nothing that is substantially unique from similar servings already in the genre.
  41. Supreme Commander 2 feels like Gas Powered Games was trying to make a game that appeals to all audiences, but pleases none.
  42. A worthy RTS game, but not a worthy successor to the crown.
  43. As with the first game, the real charm of this title will be found in the multiplayer, which is as hectic and rush-fuelled as ever - and now fully integrated into Steam to boot.
  44. Fast, accessible and just plain good old fun. This sleeper hit sequel could have been a masterpiece with better A.I. and more up-to-date graphics.
  45. The first Supreme Commander was unique even despite its problems. The sequel turned into a “just another RTS” with a couple of nifty ideas and flawed balance.
  46. A good RTS, but it almost seems like if it was made as an introduction for the first game.
  47. Like most of Chris Taylor’s games, Supreme Commander 2 deserves to be in every RTS fanatic’s games library.
  48. It's fun, addictive, accessible and easy to play, ideal for players less knowledgeable, but also good enough for the real-time strategy veterans.
  49. A surprisingly middle-of-the-road RTS excursion, Supreme Commander 2 fails to live up to the expectations set forth by its larger-than-life predecessor.
  50. 60
    SupCom 2 is a pretty darn fun time... it's probably just not what SupCom fans expected.
  51. Simplified gameplay can be hit or miss, while Steam integration and leaderboards for the multiplayer are a welcome addition. The single-player campaign remains very weak.
  52. Not pretty to look at, has a horrible story and a long walk from the spirit of the original game. The mechanism makes good multiplayer games and the technology system offers different playing techniques, but the game struggles to stand out from other average titles.
  53. All of this is not to say that Supreme Commander 2 is an awful game. But the things that have changed simply won’t win over new fans; if you didn’t like Supreme Commander, then you won’t like Supreme Commander 2.
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  1. Feb 20, 2011
    Very disapointing compared to the original. Forged Alliance had the perfect level of complexity, and SupCom2 is dumbed-down thinned-out shellVery disapointing compared to the original. Forged Alliance had the perfect level of complexity, and SupCom2 is dumbed-down thinned-out shell of a game intended for a completely different audience than the original. It's a sequel in name only.

    While the storyline in the original isn't exactly an award-winner, SupCom2's is one-dimensional, trite, and doesn't make a lot of sense.
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  2. Nov 28, 2010
    If you want the best of Supreme Commander, get Forged Alliances. Give this one a miss.

    Everything about it is a step backwards, including
    If you want the best of Supreme Commander, get Forged Alliances. Give this one a miss.

    Everything about it is a step backwards, including the graphics. It's nothing more than a sub-par, generic RTS with a supreme commander label on it.
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  3. May 9, 2011
    This is not the sequel to Supreme Commander or even to Total Annihilation. While It takes it Units and tactics from those games its strategyThis is not the sequel to Supreme Commander or even to Total Annihilation. While It takes it Units and tactics from those games its strategy has been greatly diminished. Instead of the large fights of 1000's of units over maps that can take hours to just explore, you are left with a unit cap and smaller maps to try and encourage you to finish fights faster. The tech tree and controls of the original were done away with for a much simpler and easier to understand system that seems to try and bridge to gap between keyboard and control however you are left with a system that while easier to control on the console leaves the computer feeling like a children's game with few options. What is ever worse is the tech tree. Instead of progressively stronger tech units and structures that require you build the lower tech version first. You are left with a single tech level except you have a tech tree you "research" with research points. You don't get progressively stronger units or structures but rather just improve the old. Also the research points are from research buildings that with only a handful will allow you to get all the tech within the first 5 minutes of the game.

    This game is a perfect example of Developers Simplifying games so that the console with a controller can play them while forcing the computer to play the console version. You are left with a game that neither console nor computer gamer enjoy. Hopefully the Supreme commander 3 will go to the computer users again which paid for the first one rather than alienating 2 groups of gamers.
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