• Publisher: THQ
  • Release Date: Nov 6, 2007

Generally favorable reviews - based on 35 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 35
  2. Negative: 0 out of 35
  1. I did have a working knowledge from having played the original, but I needed more than just a refresher. Fans of the series are definitely going to get more than they bargained for with this expansion pack.
  2. For SupCom owners, Forged Alliance is a must-have expansion. [Holiday 2007, p.70]
  3. Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is a welcome standalone expansion which adds a large set of features to the already great Supreme Commander.
  4. Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance takes everything that was great about the original and makes it better; it also takes all of the issues with the original game and does some amount of work on them.
  5. Faster gameplay, bigger maps, more units, and a new race? Did I miss anything?
  6. A must have for Supreme Commander fans, Forged Alliance improves upon the original game in every possible way.
  7. 86
    Don't expect much personality out of the narrative's characters, any memorable plot developments, or this game to hold your hand in any way, but you can be sure an excellent RTS experience lies underneath the faults.
  8. If you're not a master multitasker, you may want to ditch the Red Bull and play something less intense, but until then we'll keep our bastard-massive UFO hovering right over your base.
  9. Supreme Commander veterans will love the new challenges in Forged Alliance, but newbies should get their feet wet with the original game first.
  10. What's impressive is the amount of stuff that developer Gas Powered Games has managed to squeeze into the standalone expansion in relatively little time.
  11. This first expansion to "Supreme Commander" is an excellent add-on to an already outstanding game. [Dec 2007, p.155]
  12. Forged Alliance is a perfect fit for SupCom fans, but new or eager RTS fans may find the game's difficulty a bit rough. Still, I highly recommend this and its standalone.
  13. 85
    For I want people to play this game as I have played it. With my only history coming from its previous incarnation, I went in fresh with no reservations with the single exception that I was about to embark on an epic battle that would either break me or rekindle my love for a genre that has since been forgotten.
  14. Of course, I think THQ and Gas Powered Games probably realized early on that their fan base has been dwindling, so this seems more to be an honest effort. It's damn good, but it's just not quite enough to rekindle interest in their game.
  15. Forged Alliance's AI is improved and now more aggressive. It also tends to attack with a stronger mix of units than previously, exposing fewer weaknesses.
  16. But if you do own Supreme Commander and want more, Forged Alliance is a no-brainer.
  17. Forged Alliance does a good job at being exactly what it is – a stand-alone expansion delivering an entirely new faction to the world of Supreme Commander, a decent single-player campaign playable from any of three human perspectives, and new experimental units for each faction, including four brand-new experimentals for the new faction.
  18. Supreme Commander manages to excel on so many fronts that other strategy games fell short of, with giant maps and a monetary system that makes sense and simplifies making an army.
  19. The improvements to the interface, speed, etc. make this a superior game to the original without adding significant difficulties (which it already contained in spades). It doesn't make the game easier to learn, but if it's your cup of tea, consider this a bigger, nicer looking cup.
  20. Aesthetically, emotionally, narratively and in terms of the interactions it demands, Supreme Commander is hard. [Jan 2008, p.82]
  21. With few hard knocks against it, Forged Alliance is definitely a must buy for SupCom fans, and an enticing budget priced entry game for newcomers.
  22. If you're a SupCom player, think of this as pretty much your dream patch for the game, but with the unfortunate but understandable addition of a price-tag.
  23. 80
    True, those newcomers are going to have a rough time of it for a little while, but they’ll have a good time if they stick with it a while.
  24. Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance can best be described as an improved continuation of the Supreme Commander story with six new campaign missions that offer much larger and more challenging engagements.
  25. The intensity is there right at the beginning.
  26. This standalone add-on brings a campaign that consists of six missions, each one taking many hours to complete as it develops from a simple task to epic struggle spanning over half the planet. It's a must for every gamer who values the strategic thinking over the tactical action AND is a fan of this game - the difficulty bar went way up, also, some changes are so subtle that only a true afficionado can appreciate their profound impact on the established patterns of deployment. [March 2008]
  27. It seems Gas Powered Games has really been listening to the fans because forged Alliance builds on the Supreme Commander legacy to make a great game downright amazing. [Jan 2008, p.58]
  28. In many ways, Forged Alliance is probably the game to pick up. An improved interface, a new race, and improved mechanics mean that it’s the better of the two titles (although playing as the original three races in skirmish and multiplayer require the original game).
  29. Improves upon specific aspects of the original Supreme Commander, and the new Seraphim class adds quite a few new options to the multiplayer modes.
  30. 75
    It's big, it's loud and... it's a bit dull. A ginormous RTS feast that will prove to be indigestible for most.
User Score

Universal acclaim- based on 178 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 37 out of 40
  2. Negative: 1 out of 40
  1. May 27, 2011
    Supreme Commander is supreme real time strategy game. One of the best RTS games ever created. More than worthy successor of TotalSupreme Commander is supreme real time strategy game. One of the best RTS games ever created. More than worthy successor of Total Annihilation. With this expansion Forged Alliance,they only further improved the original game. So many units, strategies , tactics, buildings, advance economy, land,air and naval warfare. One word sums it up, epic. Full Review »
  2. Apr 13, 2011
    Greatest RTS ever! Resource system is ingenious, at least i think so. The game is very complex, has so many units, four factions total, GIANTGreatest RTS ever! Resource system is ingenious, at least i think so. The game is very complex, has so many units, four factions total, GIANT units, great command structure, incredibly massive scale, Naval battles, and air power the likes of which I've never seen in another RTS! But over all, this game is a huge step forward for RTS games, and a glorious, shining example followed by no one : (
    If you love RTS games, and your computer is high tech, you will love this game, if only Chris Taylor made supreme commander 2 like this game. I say again, GREATEST RTS EVER!!!!!!!!
    Full Review »
  3. Dec 28, 2011
    Supreme Commander is the BEST RTS ever made, and this stand alone expansion lives up to the original. Expanding on the original, adding newSupreme Commander is the BEST RTS ever made, and this stand alone expansion lives up to the original. Expanding on the original, adding new units and buildings it rounds of the original into a more balanced. The game is just epic on every level. Might I suggest to people that they download the SORIAN AI mod for more balanced AI gameplay. If only other RTS games were even 50% of this game...... EPIC!! Full Review »