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  1. 90
    We haven't seen a strategy game this complex and this finely tuned in quite some time. Gas Powered Games delivers a monster of an RTS, and despite how long it may be before you fully understand its intricacies, it's a surprisingly addictive game.
  2. Everything that was promised. This is a game that's less concerned with the aesthetics of combat than it is with capturing a sense of awesome scale, though it does look amazing when armies clash. It's real-time strategy supersized.
  3. The overall high level of polish and deep macro-level scheming are enough to cement its place in the upper echelons of strategy gaming, regardless of personal taste.
  4. Getting to attack from land, air, and sea is great and the biggest thing about getting to zoom in and out the battlefield in a blink of an eye to adjust your strategies is the best thing of all.
  5. Supreme Commander is intelligent, polished, complex, and difficult. For many, of course, this will be reason to avoid it. The user manual is 70 pages long and probably the thickest of its kind that I've seen.
  6. 90
    Let's not mince words. Supreme Commander is "Total Annihilation" on steroids...An incredibly fun RTS. The massive tactical scale, the zoom function, the mega units and even the nostalgic resemblance to "Total Annihilation" make this game a must-have for RTS fans.
  7. For all its grandeur, it'll simply feel too much like hard work for anyone who wasn't already sold on the concept - a timeless classic should have more universal appeal. It's a triumphant achievement nevertheless, a just reward for anyone who's ever lost their heart to an RTS - a love letter to the fans.
  8. While heavy on the system requirements, Supreme Commander is simply a terrific, well designed game.
  9. 90
    Without a doubt, Supreme Commander is a game of epic proportions that will offer an outstanding RTS experience for the far foreseeable future, and for that it deserves an equally massive amount of praise.
  10. Games Master UK
    It has some of the best artificial intelligence we've ever seen in a strategy game...It's only January, but we've probably got the real-time strategy game of the year here. [Mar 2007, p.75]
  11. Supreme Commander is still mountains of fun; it's just that the gratification is delayed, instead of instant. I think this should be commended.
  12. With the fantastic Mod community already churning out quality mods, this game will have the staying power that "Command and Conquer 3" might not have.
  13. Edge Magazine
    Supreme Commander is the polar opposite of lazy Sunday afternoon strategy: the anti-"Civilization." With a name as apt as the infinite slaughter of "Total Annihilation," it really is a supreme commander’s job. [Mar 2007, p.78]
  14. PC Gamer
    This is all-out war on a scale we've never seen before, and it is glorious. [Mar 2007, p.23]
  15. 80
    As polished, sharp, and truly intense as Supreme Commander is, the heavy-duty hardware requirements and extreme difficulty level hinders the game’s ability to match the accessibility of its predecessor.
  16. Its main innovation, the superb camera, while not without its flaws, offers you many strategic possibilities that simply aren't possible in any other RTS games, and the ability to zoom the camera out as far as possible is indeed revolutionary and one that will be sorely missed in other real-time strategies in the near future.
  17. AceGamez
    Supreme Commander is a colossal giant on the strategy gaming scene; there are few games that have managed to provide war on a scale such as that witnessed here.
  18. Pelit (Finland)
    Supreme Commander is Total Annihilation 2007 and that is enough to make me happy. The user interface should be the role model for the whole genre. The only slight letdown are the blandish robotic units. [Mar 2007]
  19. Supreme Commander’s enormous scale makes for some enormously exciting gameplay.
  20. 80
    The bottom line is that there's no other real time strategy game that creates as grand and broad an experience as Supreme Commander. There's a wonderful amount of choice among different types of units, and buildings, and economic options, and map sizes.
  21. 75
    A title that is easy to enjoy if management and slow-paced RTS games are your sort of thing, though just be hopeful your computer is capable of running this beast first.
  22. If you’re a strategy gamer who’s grown jaded, it’s the exact shot in the arm you need.
  23. Supreme Commander is not without a few hitches, mainly AI orientated, but it is plainly a fantastic ride and has had a lot of passion poured into it from Chris Taylor and Gas Powered Games. Honestly this is one of the big A-list titles for the RTS genre, any self respecting gamer who’s into the real-time strategic scene must, MUST, have this war behemoth among their collection.
  24. A stunning game in its breadth and scope, and one that (if your PC can run it) shouldn't be missed.
  25. Supreme Commander makes everything as big as possible, from base-ending nuclear weapons, to larger-than-life experimental units destroying everything in their path.
  26. This is a game that will make you work, sweat, and pry every ounce of its considerable enjoyment from several dense layers.
  27. A very solid and super cool RTS game, and one that any RTS fan should pick up. It doesn't do anything revolutionary, but it perfects the common issues of the genre.
  28. An RTS that’ll be remembered for years to come. It’s ambitious and challenging, yet rewarding...The depth and involvement required to play mean it’s just as demanding on your ability to manage, and indeed micro-manage, as it is on your PC’s ability to cope with all the action.
  29. If the 20-30 hours of fun doesn't quench your thirst for conquering and massive battles, you can look forward to 40 maps in skirmish mode as well as an extremely entertaining multiplayer - with matches playable in LAN and Internet variants (you'll have fun in online matches to be sure... at least we did). Without even the slightest doubt, GPG and good old Christ Taylor made a spectacular RTS that should keep you occupied for weeks.
  30. PC Gamer UK
    A remarkable piece of work, and a worthy successor to "Total Annihilation." Strategy games don't come this big, and this ambitious, and they never demand this much from you. Take command - if you think you can handle it. [Feb 2007, p.62]
  31. Sup Com is very much a PC gamer's beast, and the supernova-sized war games may prove a little too demanding for anyone other than accomplished RTS players (our heads still hurt from the last LAN skirmish). If only for its sheer scale and battle mechanics, this should be sampled by every RTS fan with a graphics card - and indeed, mental powers - that are up to the task.
  32. PC Format
    The most fun you'll have with Supreme Commander lies in the skirmish and multiplayer battles, where it becomes a high-tech bitch-slapping meat grinder of a game. [Mar 2007, p.66]
  33. 88
    The real-time strategy experience that fans of the genre will have been waiting for. Its complex, finely tuned, gorgeous to look at and includes extensive online support for those who have 'pwned' the single-player mode, so to speak, and fancy taking on the world.
  34. Once you kick in the mass numbers of units, a great soundtrack by Jeremy Soule, and plenty of challenge from the Skirmish AI, you'll find that Supreme Commander is a great full package.
  35. Even on the Easy setting, the artificial intelligence is unflinching in its desire to win. If you're up for the fight, victory is sweet.
  36. PC Zone UK
    While Supreme Commander may be slightly flawed in places, it's still a wondrous rendition of futuristic combat, and one of the finest specimens of 21st century RTS gaming you can currently buy. [Apr 2007, p.62]
  37. Gas Powered Games' version of a dream RTS--bigger, richer, longer, and more complex than just about any strategy game ever attempted. It is an audacious exercise in game design that in the main, works really well. It isn't as emotionally engaging as some games, but it does demand actual strategy and tactics, and it is a game that will take a very long time to master.
  38. This is the game we've been waiting for since Total Annihilation! All things considered, Supreme Commander is a challenging game with enough depth and content to keep anyone busy for months.
  39. The waypoint / ferry system and the strategic view of the battlefield are three features from Supreme Commander that I will sorely miss in any RTS, including "Company of Heroes."
  40. An issue with the game is steep system requirements.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 277 Ratings

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  1. Oct 3, 2010
    Almost the perfect RTS. Strategy, tactics, music, atmosphere, graphics, sound, mega-armies, superrobots, all there. Hundred-thousands ofAlmost the perfect RTS. Strategy, tactics, music, atmosphere, graphics, sound, mega-armies, superrobots, all there. Hundred-thousands of skirmish units have already exploded on my screen. It takes weeks to master, but when you do, it's worth every second. Even the atrocious campaigns with the moronic game-characters will not drag my rating down from 10. Full Review »
  2. JamesA.
    Feb 9, 2007
    Supreme Commander had everything. a monster graphics engine, a cool idea, spiffy races, and everything in between. but believe you me, afterSupreme Commander had everything. a monster graphics engine, a cool idea, spiffy races, and everything in between. but believe you me, after playing around with the demo, and putzing around with the beta, this game started to wilt like a geriatric male in bed. supreme commander did not live up to expectations. after playing the demo, i found that basebuilding took over then entire game. this left no room for micromanagemant of forces, because your too busy building your next power generator. this makes the game as boring as watching paint dry. can a map be too large? yes, it can. supreme commander is another example of a cool idea that will never work out (like communism). because the fighting area is so huge, your restricted to using the tactical overview map just to be able to keep a degree of control over all of your forces. if you want a grand scale game, go for medieval II:total war, not supreme commander. if you want a tactical game, get company of heroes. if you just want a satellite view of 20 000 square kilometres, go play with google earth, its free, and more exciting than this game. Full Review »
  3. Jul 7, 2014
    Supreme Commander Forged Alliance is a very diverse RTS. The game features several tiers of units. Each tier, usually referred to as tech 1-4,Supreme Commander Forged Alliance is a very diverse RTS. The game features several tiers of units. Each tier, usually referred to as tech 1-4, the units have more damage, health or utility. Each tier having lots of units within them. Land, air, naval and stand alone units are all included. Games can be played with 2-12 players on maps that range from small to insanely massive. The forged alliance forever community, a community made by players with a better game game client than steam, is helpful and very friendly to new players.

    The game starts with just your Armored Commander Unit(ACU). Your ACU is a diverse unit that has high build rate but also can be very useful for fighting early on. Games vary immensely on size of map and skill of the players involved. Maps with high resource escalate quickly towards high tier units. Longer games will see experimentals(tech 4 units), nukes and long range artillery. There's also plenty of units that allow you to out think your opponent. For example some factions have mobile shield units, stealth fields and plenty of other great features. The Forged Alliance Forever(FAF) community has made lots of custom games and hundreds of new maps so game possibles are endless.

    Overall the game is a lot of to play whether you are competitive or casual about gaming. I'd recommend it to any gamer who likes RTS games.
    Full Review »