Generally favorable reviews - based on 54 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 41 out of 54
  2. Negative: 0 out of 54
  1. 100
    Whether or not you've ever experienced Monkey Island's ridiculous puzzles and eccentric characters, this is a great opportunity to explore the reemerging world of adventure gaming.
  2. I found the game as refreshing as a bucket of ice water on a sweltering evening. The animation and still art is better. The story is top notch. The music and voice work is as good as it always was (excellent).
  3. Even at this early stage (1 of 5), Tales of Monkey Island earns a full recommendation for adventure fans that are pining for the days when games had a strong mental challenge and the payoff was completely hysterical lunacy.
  4. The best parts of old adventure games are still there, and the tiresome bits have been trimmed out. All in all, this is the best adventure game interface ever.
  5. A well-deserved fresh of breath air puts more wind in the sales of a beloved franchise.
  6. Well worth picking up for fans of the original and newcomers alike, and I think it'd be a perfect introduction to the genre for just about anyone.
  7. Following excellent Sam Max, Strongbad and Wallace & Gromit episodic series, Telltale Games has done it once again. Tales of Monkey Island's first episode, Launch of the Screaming Narwhal, is a "yo-ho-ho and a barrel of laughs" P&C adventure game.
  8. This short but delightful chapter offers a great entry point to the series and is worth replaying again once all the upcoming chapters have all been released.
  9. 90
    The game is a joy to behold.
  10. It is a worthy successor to one of the finest adventure series ever to sail the seven seas. Here is to hoping Telltale can keep the Jolly Roger flying as high as it does here throughout the full length of the Tales season.
  11. The difficulty of the problem-solving you're tasked with is perfectly pitched, and if you do get stuck, the very subtle hint system may be all you need to help you along. You never feel overwhelmed and the gameplay doesn't become tedious or as frustrating as it can in other adventure games.
  12. And I dare say it's the best title Telltale game released so far.
  13. Already it’s better than both the Wallace & Gromit and Strongbad series, and makes a move on some episodes of Sam & Max.
  14. Tales of Monkey Island is a worthy successor to the classic series which might not surpass parts one and two, but comes close to three. There are just a few minor issues, but personally I can't wait for Episode 2 to arrive.
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  1. NathanM
    Aug 19, 2009
    In general the humor and the attitude is all general... This is to say it "feels" like playing a classic Monkey Island Adventure...however the original complexity and difficulty is not present. The sheer number of scenes or locals with which Guybrush must interact simultaneously to solve the puzzles is simply not present. Another lacking feature that no one has mentioned to my knowledge. Where did the "Pick Up" "Open" "Close" "Talk To" "Look At" "Use" "Push" "Pull" go? These options added a great level of depth to the previous games, if even in the form of red herrings, which is lost here. In essence to make a strange comparison... I feel that if we might call the original Monkey Islands "Pokemon" then this latest is more like "Pokemon Snap!" Understand that I am not comparing Monkey Island to Pokemon in content. I am comparing Pokemon to Pokemon Snap in order to more clearly quantify the differential in the level of "gaming depth" between the classic Monkey Islands and this latest release. Same theme, same attitude, but shallower. Full Review »
  2. sLm
    Feb 11, 2014
    Lots of Spanish references, and not a single game translation of the game in Spanish. Dumbasses... And by the way, the "j" in "Esponja" is not pronounced /dʒ/, but /h/...
    Full Review »
  3. FediS.
    Jul 12, 2009
    This game is painfully mediocre.. All that is good about it comes from the ideas/music/story of the 4 previous games (Yes MI4 included,since it's very good). The new island's design and all the supporting characters are so dull,badly designed and unoriginal that it justs destroys it, even if it has some good puzzles , probably the best Telltale has yet to offer. Full Review »