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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 36
  2. Negative: 0 out of 36
  1. Tales of Monkey Island: Episode Two manages to be better than the first one in many, many ways.
  2. Just as was the case with the episode before it, Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2: The Siege of Spinner Cay's puzzles represent excellence on Telltale's part. Not only are they consistently intuitive and well developed, but are generally accompanied with hilarious dialogue that should make any fan of Monkey Island chuckle from beginning to end.
  3. The lack of minigames is a bit dissapointing right now, but there's still time to implement them. The interface wasn't improved at all, and although I don't mind that, others have complained about a few bits. What's certain however is that no pixelhunting is involved, no elusive hot spots and from this standpoint nothing will get in your way of solving puzzles
  4. Despite clocking in with noticeably less gameplay than in Launch of the Screaming Narwhal, the Siege of Spinner Cay episode has a more involved storyline to submerge gamers in.
  5. You should play the first episode anyway because it's great, and this edition only continues the winning tradition.
  6. Tales of Monkey Island got a little better with episode 2 - I just wish they wouldn't recycle backgrounds and offer a better control scheme.
  7. Like the first chunk of Tales of Monkey Island, The Siege of Spinner Cay culminates in a juicy cliffhanger that will leave you craving the next chunk of the adventure.
  8. 85
    The Siege of Spinner Cay is a funnier outing, with a cool plot and some great stumper-puzzles. It also continues to ramp up the action, tension and comedy of the series, making it feel a part of something much greater and more epic.
  9. If you liked the first part of the Tales of Monkey Island series, you surely must have The Siege of Spinner Cay. More fun and better gameplay are yours then.
  10. A very satisfying and incredibly funny romp through Threepwood's twisted world of pirating, this chapter definitely outshines its predecessor. Adventure lovers will be pleased.
  11. The humor is excellently well-written, and the setup to Chapter Three is more than enough to make up for the stale beginning of the Tales of Monkey Island series. If you haven't taken the plunge into the new Monkey Island, now is a good time to do it.
  12. PC Gamer UK
    This voyage is shaping up very well indeed. [Nov 2009, p.91]
  13. The Siege of Spinner Cay takes off where the previous episode ended, and continues in the same fashion with great dialogue and a sense of humour rarely seen in games today.
  14. 80
    The graphics will suck you in and the audio is lovable too.
  15. The Siege of the Spinner City is slightly better than the first chapter of Tales of Monkey Island, but it's still far away from the first two Monkey Island games stroke of genius.
  16. It might not represent classic Monkey Island in every respect, but there's enough going for it to warrant an instant purchase if you have the slightest hankering for some more from Guybrush and company.
  17. 80
    Despite some flaws, this second chapter is a solid title which will test our brains during the three or four hours it lasts.
  18. Ultimately, it is a relief for me, as a huge fan of the series, a little disappointed by Escape From Monkey Island to see it back to its full strength, and not being milked with sub standard entries just for the cash.
  19. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Eruptions of fresh ideas, hilarious dialogues and a fantastic atmosphere make this a real jewel among other adventures. Who would have expected this ecstasy after the first weak episode? [Sept 2009]
  20. The final impression is quite positive, prizing an offer that is able to take its place in the adventures' market and not only for the brand itself. Guybrus & Co. are just more great stuff on a great game anyway.
  21. Total PC Gaming
    A comfortable and engaging follow-up to the first episode in a series well worth joining. [Issue#25, p.53]
  22. 79
    Telltale has another solid outing in this episode, and it's cool to see the story start to come together. Plus, the next episode looks to have a completely cool and unexpected setting, so we're looking forward to seeing where this all goes.
  23. The Siege of Spinner Cay is not as good as the first episode, but still worthy of carrying the Monkey Island name.
  24. PC Zone UK
    The puzzles are solid enough, too. [Dec 2009, p.75]
  25. If The Siege of Spinner Cay has a weakness, it's that the game's secondary characters aren't as rich or as interesting as they were in the first installment.
  26. This is the second episode of Tales of Monkey Island. It's as good as the first part, no more, no less. It's fun for 3 or 4 hours, but the puzzles are too easy, the graphics and the controls could be better. Where are the long and challenging puzzles? Where's Monkey Island?
  27. PC Format
    After a great start, this chapter seriously falls off. [Nov 2009, p.100]
  28. Guybrush Threepwood is back with an entire new chapter of Tales of Monkey Island. Just more of the same stuff we saw in the previous chapter but now with new islands to visit. Good jokes, funny situations and interesting puzzles, but still far from the quality of the Sam & Max games.
  29. 70
    There is a general slimness to this installment, aside from the areas; the puzzles do not challenge, the plot breezes by, and the overall duration is quite brief, even for an episodic game. Let us consider this a bite between meals, then, and hope that the next chapter is a more substantial repast.
  30. The Siege of Spinner Cay is very good, but doesn't quite make the series great. I continue to enjoy every minute with the TMI episodes, but know that there is stronger comic momentum that can be attained.
  31. The Siege of Spinner Cay feels like a rerun of the first chapter. It's not better or worse and the principle and tone are comparable. The third chapter at last promises a twist, at least that's what the closing scene shows. And that's a good thing, because five times the same thing would get tedious.
  32. PC PowerPlay
    It's slowly getting there, just like mould. Except this is better. [Nov 2009, p.56]
  33. If Telltale can build on these inspired touches while finding a way to shake off its addiction to repetition and recycling, then we may just have a five-star series on our hands. [Nov 2009, p.111]
  34. As a standalone narrative, it's a flimsy thing with little to give to the player other than a few good giggles. But, at the same time, this is a competent adventure title with some intelligent puzzles and decently unique places to explore. If you're a fan, you'll dig this and walk away with that familiar MI afterglow. If you're not, perhaps a trial is in order.
  35. A disappointing second chapter that's short on comedy, game length and decent puzzles.
  36. There's enough good in this episode to make The Siege of Spinner Cay a little bit more than just a mandatory stepping stone to the next chapter. But one can only hope, however, that this isn't the beginning of a mid-season slump.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 38 Ratings

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  1. May 1, 2012
    The second installment in the TOMI series, "The Siege of Spinner Cay" takes place instantaneous after the proceeding first chapter and delvesThe second installment in the TOMI series, "The Siege of Spinner Cay" takes place instantaneous after the proceeding first chapter and delves the player straight into action. Unfortunately this title suffers from the dreaded sophomore slump in which it fails to live up to the standards of the first effort. Long time fans of the Monkey Island franchise might also be disappointed in both the setting and freshly introduced characters. While it isn't a bad effort by any means it (at times) simply doesn't feel worthy of being a M.I. game as it's quite different. Full Review »
  2. Aug 6, 2011
    i give it a 10. cant await to play the other chapters. but when i relise that only 3 chapters are ramining then it makes me sad. best chapteri give it a 10. cant await to play the other chapters. but when i relise that only 3 chapters are ramining then it makes me sad. best chapter i have played Full Review »
  3. KevinK
    Sep 15, 2009
    The second chapter in Tales of Monkey Island is high on quality, even more so than the first installment. The puzzles are accessible and The second chapter in Tales of Monkey Island is high on quality, even more so than the first installment. The puzzles are accessible and logical, two primary qualities you look for in this genre. The graphics and dialog are all quite good and many of the jokes are sincerely funny ("Use mint on self"). Over all it loses points primarily for its brevity. It was just too short to be satisfying, and right when it seemed like the game might be building to a climax it ended abruptly. Hopefully the next chapter will have the same quality with a bit more quantity. Full Review »