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  1. 95
    "Lair of the Leviathan" is the best chapter yet, and it thrills me for the future of the series. Halfway through, Telltale has proven that they know what they're doing. Bring on the next!
  2. The third episode in this series does an amazing job of proving that this game is a must have for anyone that can run it.
  3. TellTalle keeps proving for some time now (even more so in the past three months) that the episodic game format works. Tales of Monkey Island came out more or less on deadline, the content disappointed few people (statistically speaking) and, in my opinion, you can see a clear evolution from one episode to the next.
  4. It's surely worth diving into, even considering how big of an investment a five-part episodic series is. So if you cannot hold your breath for ten minutes for this plunge like Mr. Threepwood, get practicing.
  5. Lazy find-three-item quests are nowhere to be seen in this episode, instead there's a wealth of context-based conundrums and mini-games that showcase LucasArts-style adventure design at its best. [Dec 2009, p.128]
  6. It's a joy to see the Monkey Island franchise so thoroughly rejuvenated in this era of bigger, better and more bad-ass, and with great puzzles, good looks and such insight into the unique sense of humour that helped make this series so beloved in the first instance, Lair of the Leviathan is the perfect showcase piece for a studio hitting their stride at exactly the right time, and a fine, fun game besides.
  7. Lair of the Leviathan is the best-written episode so far (and as always, extremely hilarious) that not only shines a lost treasure's golden glow in its storytelling but through the completely new gaming environments, including the love-starved male manatee's innards and Guybrush's bottom-of-the-sea "love connection" excursion.
  8. Lair of the Leviathan doesn't wind down on quite the same cliffhanger ending we've seen in the last two chapters, but the continuity in the story throughout the three episodes released so far is coming together very impressively.
  9. It's a step in the right direction for the series and the point-and-click adventure, and a method of development that I'd like to see Telltale continue with the two remaining episodes. Best episode yet? I'm not too sure about that, but there's no doubt that each new story is more polished than the last, something that will hopefully continue throughout the year.
  10. I used the phrase "very good game-but like its predecessor, not quite great" to describe the previous episode. Lair of the Leviathan not only clears "great", but sails way into the depths of "historically fantastic."
  11. The Tales of Monkey Island get better with each episode. Despite relatively few puzzles and locations, Lair of the Leviathan succeeds with a fresh setting and new ideas. Best Episode up to now!
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  1. Aug 6, 2011
    my score is here also a 10 because this chapter is different to 1 and 2 but its do also a lot of fun. i love this game and hope you will have also much fun to play it. enjoy Full Review »
  2. AmanG
    Oct 11, 2009
    The Foundation was already set up for a deep and 'gut-wrenching' epic in the previous episode as we saw our beloved hero get eaten by a giant manatee...this one doesn't disappoints. Full Review »
  3. garyc
    Oct 4, 2009
    Not as good as chapters 1 and 2. The dialogue in the middle really made me go crazy as I was thinking about how lame it was! Still worth playing. I hope next chapter the story gets better. Full Review »