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  1. May 23, 2013
    If you have a PC and you play games on it, why is this not somewhere in your hard drive?

    It's a great game that was worth the price tag back when it actually had one, so now that it is completely free there are no excuses to not give this game a go. Sure there are still aspects of the game that cost money, buying new weapons ,or more importantly Hats, but if you decide to not put a
    penny into this game you won't feel underpowered, almost all weapons and hats can be unlocked or crafted and even then they all have there pros and cons in order to balance them out with the default starter kit, completely avoiding becoming a "Pay to win" game as many Free to Plays are nowadays.

    Don't go into this game thinking you're going to do well first go, you will only find yourself getting annoyed and wind up hating this game. Sometimes it's just down to luck if you join a server filled with Pro players with weeks of game time logged or you get stuck playing against a bunch of noobs. The healthy middle ground of auto balancing should keep your games competitive and interesting.

    What makes this game different to any other FPS game out there you ask? Well this one actually requires teamwork to win. No, I don't mean everyone on your team has to be in Skype together plotting tactics and manoeuvres, I simply mean that if all of your team decide to play as scouts, then your defences are going to be very lacking, alternatively if you all role Engineer then offence is going to be hellish. The class system keeps games interesting in that you don't know what will come round that corner next; A scout with his little shotgun, or an Ubercharged heavy with his Minigun blazing.

    Serious gamer or mess around with friends this game gives you everything you'd want from an FPS game, and don't forget... it's free.
  2. May 19, 2013
    Probably the best Valve game (IMO), TF2 is a nice FPS game. Valve always has good updates for this game. Especially the Mann vs Machine one. Probably one of the best updates to any game that I played. MvM is a nice game mode. I haven't really gotten into it but I guess the hats in this game are insane since everyone is making a big deal out of it. I just love those graphics. It has the cartoon like graphics that I like. This game is just fun. Expand
  3. May 17, 2013
    Do I even need to say anything about this excellent first-person shooter? Vibrant characters, actual balance, and hats, all for free. Download this now. 10/10 Mushie Lands.
  4. May 16, 2013
    Valve: you either hate their games, or you love them. From Portal to Half Life to Left 4 Dead, we all know someone (if not ourselves) who is addicted to every single Valve game. Team Fortress 2 is one of those addicting games you either hate or love, but in my case? I love it. It's a straight forward shooter with nine classes (Sniper, Medic, Heavy, Scout, Engineer, Pyro, Demoman, Soldier and the Spy), with weapons and small apparel to be found while playing, about 300 Achievements to unlock, plenty of official gamemodes and servers, funny, competetive, Everything you need in a clever yet simply shooter. Expand
  5. May 15, 2013
    I have no issues with this game, but the players and the actual experience can definitely ruin it for some people.
    1. the 3-year-old children that run around on a computer that's twice as old as they are spamming, asking for items, and overall annoying everyone. TF2 really could use a latency limit, when someone has a ping of 460, and everyone is lagging, they should get auto-kicked.
    The game is so easy to modify with 3-rd party code that everyone and their mother has a aim-bot, VAC needs to up their game.
    3. The scammers give all of us players a bad name.

    overall, the game is great (10/10 would fast again) but the online play that comes with it taints the experience.
  6. May 13, 2013
    Hours and hours of fun. It takes your normal firs-person shooter and re-imagines the whole thing in a creative, original way. With Valve's very un-laggy Source engine, it runs well even on notebooks. Recommend it to anyone who is unsure.
  7. May 11, 2013
    What can i say that hasn't been said? Its one of the best FPS's of all time. The few complaints with it i have are mainly server problems that still continue to keep me from playing this game sometimes, and Spies. I hate Spies. And yet i cant get mad because spies are difficult to play, and if you got good with them congrats cause i suck at playing spy.
  8. May 11, 2013
    Perfect for casual gamers who like FPS: me, of course. Weapons are balanced (except for Pomson and Righteous Bison), and the HUD is simple, yet informative. Using the minimal HUD definitely changes your experience. The economy is a little skewed (I think a few items should be worth more/less, and as of this writing, a regular key is 5.11 ref and counting, which is ruining the economy), but the recent SteamPipe conversion drastically changed loading times. The conversion itself and the download for it is rather large, but it's worth it. Load times are shrunk to insignificant seconds, and the game itself runs much faster than before, even with my crappy Internet connection. This is by far the most addictive FPS I have ever played. Expand
  9. May 8, 2013
    Really fun and amusing, lasts absolutely ages. Slightly addictive and very enjoyable to play. There are occasionally hackers or just annoying children but you look over that and carry on. First shooting game I played (properly) and really enjoyed. Completely worth it.
  10. May 8, 2013
    Incredibly addicting and fun game. Controls are player-friendly, graphics are like Looney Tunes-ish, weapons are funny and cool, and best of all, there is a Workshop where you can post your hats and weapons and maybe, if get lucky, the item will be in game! I recommend this game to anyone!
  11. May 6, 2013
    There are three types of FPS on the market right now: The fast-paced old-school Tribes/Quake-style FPSs, the Call of Duty-style (run around, kill people, don't get killed) medium-paced games and the middle ground between those two types. Team Fortress 2 falls right in that category. It's not as fast as Quake Arena but it's not as slow as Call of Duty. TF2 is a unique class based and team focused game that makes these ideas work better than in any other game with these same characteristics. Unlike other class based games (Brink, Battlefield...), the classes in TF2 are all very dependent on each other and are all important for the success of the team. They are also very different from each other while in other games they all look and play the same. Different classes also require different sets of skills, so, you need to know the advantages, disadvantages, and abilities that all the classes have if you want be able to play with all of them. TF2 has an average number of modes and a nice amount of maps, but, in the end, it's all about the items. TF2 is known has being all about hats. The game really has lots of hats, but it also has a nice number of weapons, items that give you buffs and other stuff you can equip your character with. After this game went free to play, you would expect a cash shop to show up or something, but instead, Valve implemented a random drop system that gives random items to players on a regular basis while they are playing. Free players don't have access to all the items but they can get all of the main items (which is really all you need). And then there is this...By the time you get tired of getting the same items over and over again, you can trade them for other items at certain websites, you can craft them into other items or you can consider the fact that this game is so popular that most items you get in the game are worth real money so you can trade them for other games or even sell them at the Steam Marketplace (yes, you can make money by simply playing a free game). With that said, the gameplay is smooth and enjoyable (as usual in source games) and the graphics are very nice looking and are doing a good job of aging slowly (as usual in source games). This is the best you can get on the Free 2 Play market, so, it gets a 9 out of 10 because there is no such thing as a 10 out of 10. Expand
  12. May 5, 2013
    I've been on Metacritic for a while and I can't believe I haven't reviewed Team Fotress 2 yet. Team Fortress 2 has and always will be the best multiplayer game. Ever. I'm not always a fan of multiplayer, but Team Fortress 2 is different. Oh. It's a free to play now. You'd be an idiot not to try TF2 out. Bottom line, Team Fortress 2 is just perfect.
  13. May 4, 2013
    This game is a cool, slick, balanced FPS. Really, really fun, and what's more, IT'S 100% FREE(mium)! It only has one problem, the trading. It seems ok that i would want to trade perhaps, my strange shortstop, for a strange Minigun or something, right? Well, due to the creation of websites such as TF2 spreadsheet, the trading community now evolves around 'prices'. This is ridiculous. Either way, that's just the trading and has nothing to do with the game. In short, this is a five-star title, for free. Expand
  14. May 1, 2013
    The fun thing about Team Fortress 2 is that it's laid back. Team Fortress isn't focused on graphics, dlc, amount of kills, etc. like other modern shooters. TF2 simply is meant to be goofy and to have a good time with. There a huge assortment of weapons which mostly can be unlocked without in game purchaces (which are not pushed unlike other shooters) and are very well balanced. Team work also is encouraged and you must co-operate to win a game. Thankfully the community is friendly so you will get along. The graphics have this great pixar look, making gameplay zany and hectic. This may not be a high-budget shooter like call of duty, but I found I had more fun in this game than any other shooter without paying a single cent. Expand
  15. Apr 30, 2013
    You should buy this game. Now. For free.


    You're probably wondering: Why?

    Because hats and friends and explosions.
  16. Apr 26, 2013
    Whether you are looking for a hardcore, team based game, or just a casual way to blow off steam, TF2 is a game to try. For the pro-gamer, its community-run leagues are great for anyone wanting to play. And for the casual gamer, its almost impossible to get angry with this game. If you're having problems, switch classes, switch game modes, there are plenty of things to do to keep the fun going. The best part is, all of the game-play is available for the relatively low cost of a half-day download. And If you so desire, a simple dollar will allow you to trade items in the community metal-based economy. Do you feel like wearing a pink hat with bunny ears while tearing through your foes with your mini-gun? Go right ahead. Overall, Team Fortress 2 stands out among other shooters with its extreme versatility and unique versatility. Its a game to try no matter where your interests lay. Expand
  17. Apr 26, 2013
    Team Fortress 2​ is a first-person shooter developed by Valve under the Source Engine. Originally planned for realism, over the years it turned to a more cartoon-style look, creating the now well-known characters of the Heavy and Spy. Currently holding a 92 from critics on Metascore after its 2007 release, ensuing years in Beta, TF2​ has become one of the most recognizable games by Valve. However, does it deserve its rating and popularity? Is it another Skyrim (hate it)? Or is it a The Walking Dead (love it)​? Well, let's look at the Pros and Cons.

    PROS: Fun gameplay, memorable characters, funny lines of dialogue, multiple fun gamemodes, and the creation of multiple internet memes.

    CONS: Gameplay can get boring after much play (as with any shooter), the F2Ps are usually bad players and generally hated for it, hat simulation, griefing, and, as always, annoying kids with microphones.

    So, is it worth it? Most definitely. Although it has some problems, it is, overall, one of the best first-person shooters on the market. Plus, currently (and likely forever), the game is Free-2-Play on Steam. I highly suggest it.
    FINAL SCORE: 10 Amazing.
  18. Apr 25, 2013
    This game is one of the very few games I have played that do an amazing job in actually succeed in making the entire game play based on teamwork. The game focuses much on team work, which might take some time for people to get used to, but it should come to you after a few matches. The game is regularly updated, so it will never get too old. Also the game has hats (Yay!) which are purely cosmetic which just makes your character look cooler. The weapons are very good, matching different people's play style. Overall, the game is a very well made team based FPS with a different feel from COD. Expand
  19. Apr 20, 2013
    Review Team Fortress 2. An awesome team-based First Person Shooter with an interesting art style which is uniuqe to other games. TF2 has 9 balanced classes with many different weapons and gameplay. Each class has their job to do to contribute to their team to reach their objective. Which could be capturing the point or capturing the enemy's intel. Each class has their own way to helping their team may it be building defenses or keeping team mates alive or disrupting the enemy team. They all have thier advantages and disadvantages, no class is overpowerd or even considered "god like". The 9 classes all have different personalities, looks and nationalities. Other games you'll just play as a souless generic soldier, mercenary that just say "Capture the point!" or "Ugh". Where as TF2 you'll play as CHARACTERS with different personalties. The scout may say "BONK!" or the heavy may say "Entire team is babies!". Also Recieves updates weekly with mini updates and then huge updates which occur around in 4 months. TF2 has a large and friendly community, adding mods, items, maps, etc.
    well I don't see in anyway that adding hats has made the game worse. Though it may be added to make Valve have cash so what? Other companies such as EA and Activision do differenet maybe similar marketing strategies. MMOs such as Maplestory and others make money via cosmetics. Besides you DON'T have to pay at all. No one forces you to pay for a hat. Valve may persuade you as Premium as you get more backpack slots. BUT Valve still does not force you to! It's not as if Valve will delete your account if you don't pay under 1 week if you're a free-to-pay. It's your choice and my choice whether you or I want to add money for hats. You and I could play Team Fortress 2 completely free paying $0.00 forever. But I decided to pay since I just felt like paying Valve for such a great game. You could think that each transaction for a hat is instead of paying Valve for a virtual hat instead for giving valve free money for a great game and getting a thank you in a shape of a cosmetic item.
    Now about Team Fortress going free-to-pay
    I don't see what's wrong with it, I mean isn't stuff thats free usually good? It might of brought alot of new players but whats wrong with that? Whats wrong with playing unexperienced players that want to try something new? Everyone used to be bad at a certain game and the only way to get good is to keep on playing. I mean the Team Fortress 2 community is still strong and healthy for 6 years! Thanks to the free-to-play update the community is bigger than ever! What if there was free-to-play. There wouldn't be as much players as there are if it wasn't f2p and TF2 would of slowly died. TF2's community is built up of 5-12 year olds after the f2p update? That ain't true and if it was so what? Sure they may be annoying but eh deal with it. Call of Duty and Battlefield also has the same problem. Players are bad? Everyone starts off bad. I myself started off free-to-play and was bad. Now that I have played the game for some time, I wouldn't consider myself bad or horrible, just in the higher middle (6/10). Everyone just gets better by playing the game and it can't hurt to have more players.
    Now about the "Unbalanced Weapons and Classes"
    Let's see. That laser weapon people keep complaining? The Cow-Mangler 5000? It's a pretty underwhelming weapon now that it's received it's nerf sometime ago. Even so in it's un-nerfed state you're not a god at all. Sure you may be able to kill a couple people but there is always a way to be killed. Such as a Pyro reflecting the projectiles, Heavy Medic couple, Team Work? TF2 certainly is not pay to win as anyone can craft the weapon or find it. The new weapons may seem overpowerd but there is always a way to beat it and if it's really ridiculous it'll prob receive a nerf pretty soon. Laser weapons not following the 60's art style? Yeah it is it's what you call retro futuristic, look it up. No class is overpowerd.. It may seem so at times but thats just the player being really good as they may be playing competitive. Spy is overpowered? He could insta-kill you and you're team mates but thats up to your team. The point of the game is to work together as a team and if you do the spy probably could die before he could go on killing spree. The unlockables sometimes are, somtimes aren't direct updates to the defaults. Sometimes the best weapons are the defaults.There may be some weapons better than the default or others but still theres always a way to beat the person wielding the "god gun."
    I am going on a HUGE rant but that is all I see people giving such a great game a low score. People may say this game is repetitive but I find Call of Duty and others far more reptitive. Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo are all great FPS in their own way but I always find my way back to playing TF2. In the end TF2 is my favourite FPS out of many others since it is creative, unique and overall FUN.
  20. Apr 18, 2013
    Team fortress two is a great game, balanced classes, simple but nice-looking textures, but overall tf2 is now free! (to play anyway) Although they do have lots of cosmetics that cost a lot its free to play so its just like any other free to play out there!
  21. Apr 14, 2013
    Wow, just wow! Valve has done it again! Where to start, good maps, great classes, classic game modes, (I like the no team death match, makes there more strategy) mind blowing weapons, overall, 10 out of 10 (Steam version more of a 15 out of 10!)
  22. Apr 13, 2013
    10 es el puntaje que le doy al TF2, extremadamente bueno y adictivo, un muy buen sistema de juego en el que se divide en 9 clases con distintas habilidades, nunca te vas a aburrir de esta pieza maestra multiplayer, actualizado desde el 20007 (y sigue y sigue actualizándose) con una gran tonelada de contenido. Y encima ahora es Free To Play. Lo que mas me gusta es que las armas nuevas tienen siempre una cosa buena y una mala, así ninguna arma es mas buena si o si que otra arma. La verdad es que gaste y sigo gastando y seguiré gastando muchas horas en este juego. MUY recomendable! Expand
  23. Apr 9, 2013
    The most uniquely addicting game ever. In the 2 years that I've had this game, there is not one point in time where I have gotten bored. Excellent job by Valve.
  24. Apr 4, 2013
    Been playing since '08 and it's still a blast. While the community can be frustrating, there are thousands of servers out there and everyone can find their community. The complaints about balancing is a bit ridiculous; the game is very balanced. There are a very small number of items that I find unbalanced, (3 to be exact), but other than that it's a wonderful game with a genuine, colorful artstyle. Expand
  25. Apr 4, 2013
    After over 2400 hours of playing TF2 it is still fun, with Valve releasing updates regularly it is THE FINEST! multiplayer shooter for PC ever; one caveat is the difficulty curve is rather steep as there are people (like me) who have been playing for quite some time, but once you get past that it is oodles of fun.
  26. Apr 1, 2013
    This game is almost perfect, the best balanced FPS ever.

    Team Fortress 2 is a mix of using well-thought classes and weapons, changing classes and equipment dynamically and counter the class and equipment of the opponent.

    Fight your way through 60 official and over 300 notable user-made custom maps, survive and kill in 8 official and at least 10 notable custom gamemode, reaching from
    Capture the Flag over Prophunt to King of the Hill.

    A lovely style of graphic, perfect voice actors (at least in english), funny voice clips and especially the balancing do the rest.

    Now to the best of all: The F2P system. Its completely unique for a F2P shooter to not be P2W as PlanetSide or AVA, to name two other Steam F2P shooters, are. Premium members gain ONLY the following:

    -6 times bigger backpack
    -ability to trade items
    -ability to find hats and misc (which dont have any effect at all)
    -the feeling that they spent a great developer team a drink

    To the balancing: I would call 2 weapons, Phlogistinator and Soda Popper, a bit over the top, but they are both easy to counter, even though you can get annoyed by them pretty fast.
    Also weak is the point that the classical Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch modes miss due to the fact that Valve wanted to think the players as team players, not as CoD Kiddies.

    To get to an end: Team Fortress has a great humor, a brilliant lovely artstyle, a growing and good community, a outstanding balancing and a very good F2P system. It won't make it 10/10 because of the missing of the Deathmatch modes and the little mistakes in Balancing, but it is one of the best games (on my personal Top 10 at least 3rd) ever made.
  27. Mar 29, 2013
    This game is free. This game is fantastic. One of the most balanced FPS's ever, it gives each class a specific use, and none are useless. There are so many gamemodes to play and items to collect and use, it's amazing. Plus, all you have to do to become premium and unlock trading and a larger backpack is buy one item from the store. Like, one 30p item. The microtransactions are very justified as it is a free game. Quite possibly the best online shooter ever made. Oh, and hats. Expand
  28. Mar 26, 2013
    Id give this game an 8, but free to play games always get +2 from me. so 10

    And don't expect your call of doody skills to transfer over, very unique gameplay with a plethora of unusual weapons
    Rocket launchers
    Flame throwers
    Grenade launchers

    and not a single AK47 in sight.
  29. Mar 25, 2013
    By far my favorite game of all time. Every new drop/unlock makes the game that much more enjoyable. All 9 classes are so amazingly balanced that you never feel like your at a disadvantage. The creative game modes like Payload and Attack and Defend on equally creative maps keep the game fresh. It is clearly the king of the FPS, with literally nothing I can think of wrong with it.
  30. Mar 24, 2013
    This game sets the bar for what a multiplayer shooter should be done like. In this game there are 9 classes that fit different peoples play style if you get bored of one class switch to a different one. the tutorial is ok but it does not tell everything you need to know about the game and the practice mode with A.I enemy's is stupid because the bot A.I is just bad but if you get past the learning curve then this game is shooter heaven you must work as a team to win and the modes are alot different then your standard TDM and FFA and the graphics are cartoony which makes this game never look outdated and the characters all have personality and color and there is a separate co-op mode that makes the A.I robot versions of the characters non stupid it has its flaws but the flaws only last for the start and if you get past it you will not stop playing, Expand
  31. Mar 14, 2013
    This game is perfect. Variety of game modes, not pay-to-win, excellent graphics, 9 classes, and hats. Every class and game mode offers unique experience. Content still is added to game through free updates by Valve.
  32. Mar 12, 2013
    A game that every self respecting fps or any gamer on that matter should have in his/her collection, because it's an absolute blast. VALVe has once again crafted a masterpiece.
    Graphics and atmosphere: this game is an absolute eye candy, even to this day its distinct style and atmosphere gives it a unique personality. Sound effects and narration from ever mercenary are superb to say the
    least, the humor, the music and the way team members interact is a great way for player to be immersed into this world. (Oh, by the way, Pyro is a walking mystery)
    Gameplay: every mercenary has his own set of weapons, which makes match varied, interesting and most importantly balanced. Another absolutely brilliant thing is the way classes interact. Many attacks have their counter-attacks, which means that no class can be the most powerful or superior to other classes. For example engineers sentries can be considered to be the most powerful weapons in the game but if opponent is smart he/she can demolish your hard work by stabbing engi in the back, sapping the sentry, blowing it with sticky bombs or with sniper rifle out long range, or request help from medic and together they'll tear the apart with Uber. And that's the beauty of the game: variety and team work.
    If you like, you can check your stats of how well you've played in your account. Many servers supports Replay option, which let's you to rewatch moments of your battles in servers.
    Other.. stuff...: beside fun competitive gameplay there's also co-op, which will test your strategy, team work and skill against hordes of robotic copies of the mercenaries. Believe me, co-op is an absolute blast. Probably another key feature of what makes this game a great experience is its Mann-conomy, which is a built in trading system and shop of various items, most notably the hats and new weapons. You can buy hats with real money, or trade them with other people, or craft them or find them... And all of that still keeps the community to grow and act like a busy hive. (it's been about 6 years since TF2 has launched and the community is very active, again proving the ingenuity of Valve)
    Now here comes the fun part this whole package is absolutely free (except hats and trading until you go premium, but premium can cost you just about 30 cents) so it would be silly not to try it out.
  33. Mar 11, 2013
    Best F2P game ever! Firstly, you don't have to buy items -with real money- this game needs a teamwork. :D *MEDIIIIIIIIC*
    Classes are fair. You can spend a lot time in it.
  34. Mar 11, 2013
    This game can run on a surprisingly large range of computer types, making it very accessable. As a result, there are many servers to run on, and this game is addicting. The humor style is great, the fanbase/community is great, and the entire game is just a joy to play no matter how much you suck at it.
  35. Mar 9, 2013
    Not much to say about this masterpiece of a game except the recent choices it has made such as the mann-conomy, micro transactions, Free-2-Play and the other bogus, plaguing/plagued the game with lag, crashes, DRM delay, hitbox denials and one of the worst communities of all time. Yet I'm still playing it now over 2000 hours to count. Why? Because It's a fun game and I sincerely wish that more game developers would take after it's old ideals instead of pushing crap like CoD through the sneeze tubes that is the entertainment industry today. Expand
  36. Mar 6, 2013
    I've played it since inception. Free to play, designed by valve. No design flaws, perfectly refined. The item system is great. It makes money for valve/steam but at the same time, it doesn't put anyone else at an advantage. What's not to love?
  37. Feb 28, 2013
    Awesome Free2Play Multiplayer Shooter!
  38. Feb 23, 2013
    Good:Many classes,many weps,many maps,many game play modes and is an apsolute enjoyment to play.
    Bad:Some items at the shop are way more expensive then they should be.
  39. Feb 9, 2013
    All that is needed to describe this game is three words: Addicting, fun, and intelligent. You will spend countless of hours playing this game and you will never reach the depth of fully understanding and mastering it. Most of all, this game is accessible to anyone who can run it on their computer. That's what makes this game so amazing. Defiantly in the run for Greatest Multipalyer Game of All Time. Expand
  40. Feb 2, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Team Fortress 2 is a great game that kept me playing for months. Honestly, i think that this game is among the best of the FPS genre. The classes are very well balanced, but medic can be overpowered at times. The trading system in this game is very unique, and i found myself bargaining for hats several hours past bedtime.
    Team Fortress 2 caters for both newbies and FPS veterans, in the sense that although TF2 is generally a casual game, it has a great competitive scene and a very high skill ceiling.
    The major flaw i found while playing this game was the lack of "progression". Although there are achievements, the game generally does not reward you for having spectacular aim, or getting 50 headshots in a row. Sometimes, i really feel ripped off when i get nothing when i completely own the opposing team, except some points on the scoreboard. Another flaw in the game is how the scoreboard works. The scoreboard should reset on every new game, because the current scores really only measure how long you've been on the server.
    Overall, TF2 is a great game that is certainly worth your time. It's definitely superior to Call of Duty, and many other FPS's out there
  41. Feb 1, 2013
    Honestly, I made a Metacritic account just so I could review this amazing game. I have been playing this game for about 2 years now, and I've gotta say, this game "iz da bomb." Amazing cel shaded art style, nine completely balanced classes with their own unique personality and race (I MEAN, YOU HAVE A BLACK SCOTTISH CYCLOPS AS A CHARACTER), amazing map design, balanced weapons, HATS!, an entertaining storyline in the form of comic books, the ability to survive more then 3 gun shots (I'm looking at you, CoD!) who wouldn't want to play a game like this? Despite the major complaints of "ooh, no mini-map"and "ooh, the graphics aren't realistic" this is the best fps ever. This isn't an opinion. THIS IS A FACT. This is the most wonderful, amazing, fantastic fps out there. I highly recommend that you try this game, and when you do, I humbly promise that you will not regret it. Expand
  42. Jan 30, 2013
    very good game. play it for hours on end :) give it two thumbs up! very good graphics, and gaming sounds. just need a few new weapons each month and it will be set to go!
  43. Jan 25, 2013
    I've been playing this game on and off since it went live, and I always come back to it. I don't think there's a single MMO/FPS out there which I've been playing for so many years without getting bored. Regardless of what bads say, this game does require skill, and skill does count. You will always notice certain people with much higher k/d ratios than others - repeatedly suiciding for 1 kill doesn't pay off. The addition of more weapons has been a benefit IMO, there are counters for everything, and if you do communicate with your fellow players, you can counter anything.

    Even after all this time, the graphical style still pleases me. The graphics simply haven't dated. The characters are fantastic, and the most commonly used maps are sublime.

    I have to say that I love this game and I'd pretty much rate it up there with the best games of all time.
  44. Jan 24, 2013
    The game is very cool. Many options, many weapons. The store system is cool, since you can just buy things in the store and use promptly or play the game and earn the stuff after a few hours of game play. I don't believe it is better than QCTF, but definitely a great game (I just miss grenades so much). I think the worse part of the game is a couple of stupid players in a few servers.
  45. Jan 21, 2013
  46. Jan 20, 2013
    I think this game is excellent! You may never get bored! 9 classes to choose from! Each with an advantage and a disadvantage. Play as scout and use speed for offense! Be a soldier and blow people up from a distance! Be a Pyro and burn things! Be a Demo man to become a Demo-noob and use explosives and sticky bombs for surprise attacks or just for exploding! Be a heavy where power to the close range is your thing! Kill people fast while being a heavy tank! Be an engineer and build things, like a sentry, a very powerful guard! Be a Medic and heal people, uber charge them for best performances when ready! Be a sniper and, well its self explanatory. Finally, be a spy and confuse enemies by making you one of them as a trick! Capture flags, Control the King of the Hill, Push payloads, deliver the thingy into a rocket, fight to the death, and capture control points is what you can do! Fight with robots if that's more of your cup of tea. Took off a point because there are a lot of noobs, especially demo-noobs. I like this game, but it CAN get laggy. Expand
  47. Jan 19, 2013
    Sheer Fun! Its actually an FPS I actually like. Mastering classes is the best part. It'll never gets old. Loads of updates and unloackables are spectacle! Totally never gets boring. LOADS AND LOADS of maps! Good humor and even though its graphics engine isnt any ''new'' its good enough since the art style is awesome. The only, ONLY thing wrong is the people you play with. Most of them are morons who swear and ask for free items. The Trade is easy and helpful and the far too many technuiqes to use. Expand
  48. Jan 14, 2013
    This game is the best. i thought that TF2 was going to be just like TFC(team fortress classic). i was not disappointed when i saw that tf2 was way better than tfc. this is an awesome game. get it. 10 10 10 10 10
  49. Jan 13, 2013
    Team Fortress 2 has to be the most fun you will ever have. Nine characters - the scout, the soldier, the pyro, the demoman, the engineer, the heavy, the medic, the sniper, and my favorite, the spy. Anyone who does not have this game needs to get it right away, it's free. It's the best game I've ever played on steam, get it, play it, love it.
  50. Jan 10, 2013
    The cartoony graphics, characters and weapons make for a fun FPS experience. Something is always going on in TF2 and moments of boredom are rare. The player can choose to dress the 9 classes up with different (purely cosmetic) hats and misc. items and if he feels like giving his team a high-five, he can. A wide variety of weapons is always a good thing. The classes and weapons are very balanced which is quite impressive considering the amount of available weapons and he 9 vastly different classes. Kills are not that important, instead the game tries to guide you to help your team and what is remarkable is that in TF you can have a good life without killing a single person. You can't be MVP without being credit to team. Overall a great game. Expand
  51. Jan 9, 2013
    This game is amazing. I can't believe this game is so great, and it's only multiplayer. And the best part is that it's FREE! Sure, there are some people who buy the more advanced weapons, but cool thing is that you can earn the weapons. Unlike TDP4. This game is amazing.
  52. Jan 9, 2013
    This game can provide you mindless fun, or a very deep gameplay depending on what do you want. I've spent about 1000 hours on this game and it still feels fresh. Some users can be very annoying though, but this game it's one of my all-time favourites. The classes are balanced, and teamwork is essential. A game that you must play, overall, because it's completely free.
  53. Jan 8, 2013
    Incredible in every way. That, topped off with the fact that you can download it absolutely free, makes this a no-brainer to buy. If you don't already own this, download it, for free, from Steam now.
  54. Jan 5, 2013
    The perfect game, everything from the music to gameplay is pretty much 99.9% perfected.

    Optimization of graphics - This isn't a **** console port, and you know valve.. they make games run well on all platforms. My $110 graphics card can max this game easily at 60+ FPS 1920x1080 resolution and the graphics are pretty good.

    Valve is not money grubbing, sure, they have microtransactions
    but it's not in your face or obnoxious. They do it in humurous ways that make you chuckle, and leave it as an option. They're only hats, after all. It's free to play now, they need a source of income and they're doing it right. I'd buy a hat if I had lots of money just to donate to valve for being awesome.

    The characters all have their own personality and guns. There's a medic, an engineer, a sniper, etc. This game does everything right that others do wrong because it's not made by a money sucking piece of **** corporation like Treyarch or Activision. Call of Duty and all the other badly optimized console ports out there are what sets gaming back.
  55. Jan 5, 2013
    Team Fortress 2 is the perfect combination of humor, intensity, and war. It has different scenarios to play for different people's game taste such as King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, Attack/Defense, and more. There are also a combination of different people to play which gives the game more variety. This is a very fun game and its free!
  56. Jan 2, 2013
    Some people think of TF2 as that game where people "hold down mouse one and go one a massacre". That's just Call of Duty in a nutshell. This game is a lot more complex than Call of Duty. It requires skill and teamwork. You most likely won't win a match with a majority of your team playing the same class. Each class assists each other in one way or another. Heavy throws down his Sandvich to replenish one of his teammates health, while Sniper extinguishes flames with his Jarate (helps see those spies too.)-- the Scout having the same job if the user has mad milk equipped. This game comes in with an innocent expression on its face and some hats, and you learn the basics and then get into the advanced stuff. This game keeps itself hilarious, while having balanced and extremely addictive and fun gameplay. This is also free-to-play. I'd like you to download this game on Steam. Do not... I repeat... DO NOT Get The Orange Box for Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Those include this game, but with stock/default loadouts and no extra content whatsoever. The best version for every Valve game, by far, is on PC. Expand
  57. Dec 30, 2012
    I guess writing my review for Team Fortress 2 is redundant. Is a great game and others before me have said it ad infinitum. But I feel an urge to express my opinions and this is it.
    Team Fortress is like a diamond which came out of mud, from the depths of the FPS world came a balanced, deep and funny game, a game which is the denial of every skill based game filled with leet players
    calling you noob, like COD or CS.
    It's like a cooperative chess, in the sense that no class is perfect in itself, always having disadvantages, depending on others and needing to fulfill a specific role in the team. Add to this a great visual design resembling the 70's and 60's- believe me, I work as a graphic designer- great typhography, great conceptual design, a whole culture, context and world behind the characters, a long learning curve... And you have endless hours of fun. The community of Team Fortress is alive and very participative in creating content.
    The only problem is that Team Fortress is haunted by it's FPS context and past, so when you enter a game and see that your team is made of 4 snipers and 3 spies, you know you are doomed, and you can image a 15 years old kid, thinking the games is all about aiming, being sneaky, or being the "best player", while your team is being raped over and over again. I sincerely propose that Valve one day cap the numbers of certain classes in teams or that classes are assigned randomly to players.
  58. Dec 23, 2012
    Absolutely awesome, so much better than cod and battlefield! The Heavy is especially epic! The humor, the action, the dlc and everything about this game makes it the best free to play game ever!
  59. Dec 22, 2012
    With over 250 hours of this to date since June 2012, this game became my go-to game for fun. Even though i must say that having premium is good, I loved it even before i bought items, having 200 of the 250 hours being played free. A terrific game with massive flexibility, it delivers on every level, from being challenging to play, to (unlike a lot of free-to-play games) excluding a pay-to-win aspect, as while some weapons may make you more powerful, the drop rates ensure that you will get the items you need to be on level ground with others, and all the weapons are balanced in such a way that makes it even more fair. This game never fails to deliver, no matter what I am looking for, from the default game modes to the community made game modes, there is always something new to try, and fun to have. I would pay good money for this game. The free-to-play aspect is just a bonus. Expand
  60. Dec 22, 2012
    I don't normally give games 10's. It's not something I do casually. But after considering the fact that I can't think of a single significant thing I would change about TF2, and noticing that I've spent over 800 hours on it with no sign of stopping I really can't give it anything else.

    It's really fun to play casually, I relax with TF2 when I'm stressed. It's fun to play more seriously
    because it's surprisingly deep. The classes are well balanced and distinct from each other. The graphical style is fantastic. It's not just pretty it's well designed from a utility perspective. For example every class has a unique sillouete that's instantly recognizable. This makes understanding what's going on in frantic firefights, and they're always frantic, very easy. Every facet of the game has that kind of polish and thought put into it.

    Unlike some online games *cough* L4D2 *cough* the community is mostly friendly and tolerant. It's rare to see players kicked for no good reason and people aren't prone to rage every time something goes wrong. If the teams are seriously unbalanced more often then not the team with the advantage will vote in favor of a team scramble to even things out. I realize that isn't part of the literal game but I think it's important to mention about a title that's completely multiplayer based. TF2 is made more fun to play by the fact that the average TF2 player is not a total jerk.
  61. Dec 19, 2012
    I think this game is too good to be for free. It's highly addicting and original to the max. It updates very often... you just have to play it to understand just how great the updates are. And the deals, oh the deals! Valve is just too generous.
  62. Dec 9, 2012
    This is, by far, the most balanced multiplayer game I have ever played in my life. Add in a cartoonish art design, 9 likable characters with their own unique skills and personalities, an unfathomable amount of items, the longest list of achievements for any Steam title, make it free to play, and what you get is the most incredible concoction ever imagined. It has yet to be triumphed, let alone matched, by any other multiplayer title, even after 5 years. Forget every other rage-inducing, mindless shooter, this game is king, and should be treasured for how brilliant and well-polished it is. Expand
  63. Dec 6, 2012
    This game is perfect. it outmatches a lot of other FPS Games out there. and the best thing about this game is that it's free. Valve keeps the game really up to date to. This is probably one of the most addicting games i've ever played. i just couldn't stop playing...
  64. Dec 4, 2012
    this is really good game for all people who love fps games. and VALVE should keep updating to make the game more exciting. and please don't make a Team Fortress 3
  65. Dec 2, 2012
    IF I was rating this game if it came out today with all of the hats I would give it a much lower rating, maybe a 6. However, in 2007, when the game came out this game was pure gold, there was so much polish that you would get blinded by the amount of time they put in this game (9 years in development) The game has unfortunately lost a lot of polish (hence the 9) and has gained a bad reputation as a "hat simulator" however if you look past all of the hats and look at the actually game-play you will be delighted to see that it isn't a point and click adventure but instead a game which every class (not all of the new weapons though) is balanced perfectly, and can be credit to the team and doesn't give you the feeling that your class is useless. The best part about this game is that it is replay-able to the point where you question where those 100+ hours went. It also has graphics which don't require a supercomputer to play it (you do need a computer with some power, and might need to lower the graphics, but at least it isn't like BF3) In short, this game was amazing when it came out, and is still pretty good, but it has turned into a big fashion show with guns. Expand
  66. Nov 29, 2012
    This game is fun, no doubt about it. I like the way that there are many different classes (9 to be exact) which has different equipment, requiring different strategies and techniques to excel in the game, giving players a chance to experience different methods to play the game. Although many people are troubled that its not the same as COD or Halo, but who cares? Not every game must have the same gaming system.

    Whats more interesting? I like all the events and different accessories you can put on your team, which most games do not establish this. The trading system gets so popular now and its perhaps one of the few main things that TF2 differs from other popular games. TF2 is free, exciting, and really fun to play. Overall, the Multi-player and Co-op games are good, making the game feel enjoyable despite the fact that you may be doing the same thing over and over again. TF2 has also a wide variety of games, instead of just Capture the Flag, Base Defending, etc.

    This game, my advice, is a MUST to play.
  67. Nov 25, 2012
    Simply put. The best online multyplayer shooter ever created. The box says it all: "the most fun you can have online". (*valve delivers*). The simple fact that they are still giving it major updates even five years after release, tells you all you need to know...
  68. Nov 22, 2012
    This game is an ABSOLUTE must have. I have owned it since it's release, and it's quite a hoot. Dieing is not too punishing, and teamwork is a must in this game. It's very relaxed, and very rarely do people get mad playing it. The graphics are fun, not attempting to be extraordinary. The one and only thing I can find wrong with this game is the Mann Co store. It has gotten quite out of hand, leaving players scrambling to find hats that provide no value to the game. Besides this, it is constantly being updated and nurtured. Many new game modes have arrived since release and the game is constantly being modified by the community, making the game highly re-playable. Expand
  69. Nov 20, 2012
    Greatest game of all time. You can spend up to 10,000 hours and still be addictive.
  70. Nov 19, 2012
    I am playing this game since December 2008 and all I have to say is: go play it. This is the best (now free to play!) game since Quake 3 Arena. Give it a go!
  71. Nov 15, 2012
    the best game you can buy for free. some may say that it's turned into a hat simulator but if you don't focus on that you will have the most fun fps experience in your life. no really go and download steam and get it. you won't be disappointed
  72. Nov 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Team Fortress 2 is one of the excited games I know! It`s a co-op multiplayer game too play on different types. I mean that Team Fortress 2 is a very funny game and a premium is that you can get more than 400 awards on Steam. Like! Expand
  73. Nov 5, 2012
    Team Fortress 2 is a load of fun to play. The cartoony feel and personas given to each class really adds to the feel of the game. The classes are for the most part balanced, each class having their specific strengths and weaknesses. Although that being said many classes seem to be far more useful most of the time. Another downside to this unique combat system is the learning curve, many skills obtained from playing generic FPS games do not transition well, which may frustrate new players. This however, is counterbalanced by the overall casual environment created by the game. I mean how seriously can you take a game who's economy is based around hats? Expand
  74. Oct 12, 2012
    I bought this game in the Orange Box a long time ago, but kind of forgot it. I'm glad I recently decided to give it a shot. This game is the real thing. Nice graphics and gameplay, well-balanced classes, lots of cool items and weapons, a very strong community. Fantastic!
  75. Oct 8, 2012
    wow, where can i start? its free, and fun, and funny, and its by valve. one of the best PC games ever made, probebly the best multiplayer ever made, or at least the free one. i just cant say anything else, its just a master peace, bravo valve you did it again!
  76. Sep 28, 2012
    The originality and style of the game makes it timeless and enjoyable for most gamers. This game adds so many new guns and even new game modes and all of it FOR FREE. If this was made by E.A. or Activision, it would cost you $20 per update. Valve, like always, has out done themselves
  77. Sep 27, 2012
    I gave this a 9/10 simply because there is no Free For All. I started seriously playing PC fpses back in 2007, and COD4 had just been released so I went crazy over the Free for all mode. However, I bought TF2 in the beginning of summer 2009 for $20 and it was honestly the biggest bang for my buck I have EVER gotten (and now it is F2P). If you don't even try this game... wow. Most unique FPS ever. Expand
  78. Sep 24, 2012
    This game is totally awesome. I am not really a huge fan of multiplayer games, but this, this is different. I have never played a game like this before. Truly worth looking at. And the best part is, it's FREE on steam, which is also FREE. If i don't seem to encourage you, go youtube meet the scout, or meet the pyro, or whatever, JUST GET IT. PERIOD.
  79. Sep 23, 2012
    I'm never a fan of Multiplayer games. But this game just blows everything away. I always get bored of games eventually. However with the games updates I can keep coming back to it year after year... Plus it's free! So what are you doing? Get downloading!
  80. Sep 22, 2012
    Best of the best game! With out comments! The most highly regarded free game in history!
    As one of the most popular multiplayer action games of all time, Team Fortress 2 is constantly evolving with ongoing free updates, with whom in the game, new game modes, maps, items, and, most importantly, hats. Nine game classes will open access to many different tactics.
  81. Sep 20, 2012
    Those who say there is no depth of play are either plain stupid or made that comment to early. When the game was released back in 2007, I would give it a 9/10, but now after all these improvements this is definitively a 10/10 - Valve did a great job on this game making it fun for the regular player and tactical, skill-based and team-dependant for the enthusiast gamer. One of the best competitive game so far and one of the best fictional game worlds ever created. And of course - HATS. Expand
  82. Sep 19, 2012
    This game has so many qualities but the main one that stands out about TF2 is it is the most successful example of combining multiple, completely different gaming styles into one game.
  83. Sep 17, 2012
    TF2 is an amazing game that has so much stuff in it! Trading, crafting, purchasing (Although I don't really do that). Possibly the best thing is stranges. They count your kills and level up and every person you kill shows what level like positively inhumane minigun. There are 9 classes, which I thought some would be OP and others terrible but they are all even. Heavy is susceptible to spys and snipers, but can own some other classes. It's free if you want but you can get premium if you want which allows better drops. Expand
  84. Sep 2, 2012
    Team Fortress 2 is the greatest multiplayer game ever made. It isn't easy for me to make a statement like that, but it is true. With 1,085.9 hours clocked in since October of 2007, I have played more of TF2 than any other game I've played at least 4 times over, and I don't see any end in sight. Valve has done a fantastic job constantly updating the game, and still stand as the only Free to Play game done right. I've never bought a single item in the game and yet I'm swimming in hats and weapons. The recent introduction of Mann Vs. Machine, a co-op gamemode, was pretty much a stroke of genius on Valve's part. Despite a few balancing issues, It fits so seamlessly into the game, it almost feels like Valve had intended it from the beginning. Each class has their own distinctive role and style of play,. That fact along with custom maps add the possibility of sinking hundreds of hours into this gamemode alone. If TF2 had a price tag, it would be known as the gaming bargain of a lifetime. Without a price tag, it is the most foolish mistake any FPS fan could make to pass on. I can't see how anybody could pick up TF2 and not have at least a bit of fun. There is no other game quite like it. I can't see myself getting my multiplayer fix from any other game in a long, long time. Expand
  85. Aug 31, 2012
    Just amazing! I just keep playing and exacly when I get bored, BAM a new spectacular update If it keeps that way, I think this is one of those games ill just keep playing forever The best of it... ITS ORIGINAL Have you seen a GOOD humoristic shooter? NO! What I like about this shooter is that its not your everyday regular shooter, that you get bored when you finish a campain or gain levels
    Nope! tf2 has no campain, Levels are Hats and you never get bored
  86. Aug 29, 2012
    Since Mann vs. Machine is out, I think it's time for a re-review of TF2. In case you don't already know; Team Fortress 2 is a competitive online shooter with wonderful cartoon visuals, engaging class-based teamplay and is still more fun than most other online shooters. The MvM update adds a fairly substantial co-op mode in which you team up with four others to stop robots from deploying a bomb to your base, so it's basically an elaborate form of tower defence. Like the main game, MvM never ceases to be entertaining even whilst your team is getting repeatedly ground into the dirt. The game is also free, so unless you're paranoid about disk space, then Team Fortress 2 is a no-brainer, even if you're not into online shooting games. Expand
  87. Aug 27, 2012
    This is one of the best games i ever played. I looked at the negative reviews and it seems lots of people complain that they dont get hats right away or believe the hats make other people better. They complain about being bad and saying theres no balance when there really is just gotta pay attention and know what you're doing.
    Give this game a try. All the extra weapons arent better just
    go with play styles so try them out and have fun. And a tip: The 2 keys you'll probably buy to become premium can be used to get most of the game weapons or get a hat and 3 stranges for the class you'll mostly like use as your main one and some weapons you'll use in the game as you find drops. Tf2 official wiki and tf2 spreadsheet a great resource of information and pricing. Expand
  88. Aug 26, 2012
    The BEST fps ever! Back in Beta (2006) it was one of a kind, unique.And the graphics are still good for a 6 year old game! Many copied the game. but there's only one TF2! ( Games similar (COPIED) Micro Volts, Final Combat, Battlefield Heroes) Now any of you who hate it, you...probably spent your life playing COD, Roblox, Runescape.
  89. Aug 21, 2012
    I absolutely love this game, it brought action together with comedy very well, being addicted to the game at one point I foolishly spent £40 in their Mann.Co store for extra items, however trading these items over a long period of time has allowed me to get £120 worth of games through steam trading.
  90. Aug 16, 2012
    with endless amount of replay value, cartoonishly vibrant '60s themed outfits and map development, hilarious character classes that are all unique and finely balanced on scale, loads of new updates to improve the game, and now that the game is FREE, for life, makes this game even more worthwhile to play. There are plenty maps to choose from, plenty of game modes to play on, so many options to choose from a always free game, Team Fortress 2 defines how a FPS shooter can be loads of fun as well as entertaining. Expand
  91. Aug 1, 2012
    The finest example of what most multiplayer games should be and what games nowadays should try to be like. Fun. Most games today are trying to be realistic , something video games shouldn't be all about . What team fortress 2 does is breaks most rules of physics and logic and creates a fun, balanced, multiplayer fps that updates regularly. Not to mention it is free (although many would say it is a bad thing) so if you have a fast, working Pc/Mac this game is a must. Expand
  92. Jul 28, 2012
    Overall it is a brilliantly designed game. It is not your average FPS. Team Fortress 2 offers a variety of characters, each with completely different specializations, weapons, visual aspects and personalities. It combines fictional aspects, humor and "toony" looks for various reasons. Many other first person shooters have an in-game shop that usually includes stronger weapons and items that you must have to be successful. Team Fortress 2, also known as TF2 provides a shop that merely contains extra items that add effects to your character or help you to obtain weapons that can usually be obtained in-game either by picking them up, trading or crafting them yourself. Team Fortress 2 is based around balance. Nothing is "the best," everything is based around different tasks a player may need to complete. Each character has specific roles that are more successful when used in the right place, at the right time. Every weapon is unique, some have special abilities with a cost to offset the ability's potency. The graphics are cartoonish to add humor and allow even the slowest of computers to play it smoothly. Everything in TF2 has humor. TF2 adds humor, such as pyroland. Pyroland was recently released as a part of the Pyro storyline. It is a cheerful alteration to TF2, featuring brightly colored maps with candyland like aspects. Pyroland also features players with high pitched voices, new weapons and gear, and new word spoofs like "DOMINATION" is now "BEST FRIENDS". I personally think this is the best fps I've ever played because of its unique comedy, balance, and game-play. Expand
  93. Jul 22, 2012
    This game is amazing! I've played this for months now and it's still not boring. The humour, the cartoon-ish look... everything! I recommend this game.
  94. Jul 21, 2012
    This game is amazing. I don't know how to put it in any other way. It's also free, so there's no risk trying it out. Sure, one may argue that hats have ruined TF2, but I think that hats aren't enough to ruin something as big as this. If you don't like hats, don't wear them. As for everyone else, get this game.
  95. Jul 17, 2012
    At first I was hesitant about this game for how minimalistic it was compared to TFC, however it quickly grew on me. The game is far more balanced than its predecessor, and boy is this one well polished multiplayer FPS. At free-ninety-nine the price is more than right for this game, and they've done an excellent job of not making new items overpowered than any of the originals. All the classes and item layouts are extremely well balanced for how much variety there is, the gameplay is tight as hell and smooth as butter. Map designs are good but not great, with the exception of Payload maps which are excellent. My one qualm with this game is the crates - 2.50 for a **** key? Give me a break!! You can buy most of the items that you directly want for .50-1.00, but to open a crate which gives a completely random chance of getting the item you want (more often than not you don't get it). 2.50 for 10 keys seems like a much more logical deal. Oh well though, the game is in my opinion the best multiplayer experience as far as FPS goes at the moment, with no games in sight overtaking it in the foreseeable future. It's the starcraft 2 of FPS multiplayer, it's that good. Expand
  96. Jul 16, 2012
    You might be a bit confused by me giving this game a 7 (it may not actually say 7, cuz it wouldnt stay that way when i clicked submit. My true review score is 7/10) when I tell you that this is my favorite game in the entire world. I read through at least a few dozen negative reviews and realized that a lot of them brought up very good points. I got this game back in 2009, only shortly before it went F2P. At first, I was kicking myself for not waiting another few months to get it. I still feel that way to this day. But after reading so many reviews complaining about "whiny little kids".........I realized that they we right. The **** that people will buy on the steam store turns them invincible. Amd when they die, they always, and I mean ALWAYS, scream their **** lungs off. Now I'm GLAD I got a few months free of whining and being destroyed by a demo night. It ruins the game. And while I still love it more than any other game, I admit it has been hurt DRASTICALLY by becoming F2P. I'm almost pleading valve to either make you pay for it again, nerf the weapons, or both. I hope you guys take what I said into consideration. Nonetheless, I highly recommend the game if you're looking for a wild good time, where you can get decapitated with a golf club and not question how. :) Expand
  97. Jul 14, 2012
    Its the perfect semi-casual shooter that you can play every day or once a month and still get great enjoyment out of it. For everything that this game offers for FREE, it is hard to beat. One of my all time favorites.
  98. Jul 10, 2012
    To sum this all up, instantly, TF2 is full of die-hard action, freaking hilarious humour, and much variety, and it's FREE!!!!
    This is an easy 9.8/10 from me! You can also find this review at!
  99. Jul 10, 2012
    This is by far the best competitive FPS out there, after all these years it stays fresh and original, it takes more skill than your standard FPS. The games art style is beautiful and even though some people think that ridiculous hats ruin the style it'll take a bit more than that to make this game look bad. Despite the lack of a story this games characters each have their own personalities to them, each of them humorous in their own way. Anyone who thinks this game is bad either isn't a fan of FPS games or is just straight out bad at it. Expand
  100. DME
    Jul 10, 2012
    Team Fortress 2 has gotten a really bad rep for making some huge mistakes. However, these mistakes have been resolved. All weapons are balanced again, including the unlockable ones. Cosmetics do not drastically change the appearance of a player. Players no longer trade things in the middle of a match and are actually playing objectively now. Spies can no longer attack while invisible. And the biggest part, there's no longer massive updates every week. So you can spend more time playing and less time downloading things. With all these fixes, TF2 is an amazing and deep strategic shooter with lots of content, servers, and players, yet surprisingly remains hacker-free. Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 17 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 17
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 17
  3. Negative: 0 out of 17
  1. 100
    The marriage of highly stylised retro-spy presentation, fresh, high octane action, deep and varied classes and the underlying twinkle of humour in its metaphorical eye make Team Fortress 2 far more than just your average fragfest. Long after the novelty of the graphics wears thin, we are left with a refined and accessible multiplayer game that simultaneously cultivates new players whilst retaining enough depth to accommodate even the hardiest of veterans.
  2. The game also does a lovely job of framing your relationship with other players and nurturing them.
  3. It's one hell of a game. With its powerful artistic style and blazingly quick, yet accessible gameplay, it's enough to melt the icy cynicism imprisoning the hearts of even the most jaded among us. That being said, it's not the most complex shooter out there.