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  1. Jun 12, 2012
    Totally over priced and rated piece of trash flash rpg. Add to that the FACT that the developer lives to delete ANY kind of non-positive feedback about their game and you have a recipe for hurt feelings and wasted $. The game itself is...pathetic, like i guess if there is such a thing as a flash rpg fan they MIGHT enjoy it..everyone else will see it as trash. Full Review »
  2. Sep 17, 2012
    Telepath RPG is a top-down turn-based RPG where you control a hero (the only one who can level up) and several soldiers with different types of attacks. There are two phases to the game; a role-playing part where you talk to people and explore your surroundings and a combat phase. During the combat phase you move your troops using the keyboard and choose their actions (rotate, heal, attack, et cetera) with the mouse by using the interface. Unfortunately, for some reason the developer decided that you should confirm each character's actions by pressing "done". If you fail to do so, your orders will be cancelled out and you'll have to issue them again. It is one of many things that the developer simply gets wrong; Telepath RPG doesn't play smoothly. You can't configure any controls, you can't seem to run it in full screen and worst of all: it needs Adobe AIR to run it which makes it nothing but an over-priced Flash game. The story doesn't seem all that bad and the voice acting is actually somewhat decent but the simplistic combat and the awkward controls were enough to make me give up within the first few fights. You also can't get the full story unless you play the previous two browser-based RPG games this developer made but why would you want to play a game that is, according to the developer himself " Not nearly as good as the other ones" if Telepath RPG isn't that good to begin with? I bought this game for a Euro during a sale but the regular price, around Full Review »