• Publisher: Atari
  • Release Date: Feb 5, 2013
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 50 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 50
  2. Negative: 13 out of 50

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  1. Apr 2, 2013
    I see 10's and 9's in the review column and I wonder why???! Seriously this game isn't that great. After playing this game and playing Blade and Soul (Yes I have a KSSN so I can get in) Blade and Soul far out does this game. In fact as long as Blade and Soul has been in development a small part of me tells me TERA stole the concept from them and rushed this game out to get some money. Enough bias hate though lets move on. First of all I must absolutely say that this games visuals and graphics are AMAZING! Holy s*** I can never get over it! It is a true wonder to see on my monitor. I couldn't get over all the details in it. That does however bring me to optimization of the game. Seriously this game makes my amazing computer look as good a damn potato as I can only get 20 to 40 FPS unless I turn off the UI which it then spikes to 80 FPS. Funnier thing of it all is when I turned the graphics to minimum it was still at 20 to 40.... wtf? No change in FPS at all?! So it obviously wasn't my computer just horrible programming. Story in this game is just... awful. I played the Korean version and I can tell you the story you see in the US version is absolute rubbish and fan made. It is non-canon garbage! The characters will never stick with you... you won't remember anyone for more than a day or two as they phase out to the sidelines. The voice acting is terrible. For the Federation? Lol no. Yet another fan addition like thing to this game. Not even 2 days in did I try and port in the Japanese Voices with the great NOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRIOOOOOOOO (Norio) in it. The combat of this game feels like WoW only without the auto target system. Don't hate me for that statement I know it shouldn't be thrown in there but face rolling 1~12 automatically lands in there for me. Although the nice part is the fact you can now run around and dodge the attacks yourself so that defiantly made up a bit for it. As I was playing this I found the challenge to be non existent... seriously 1~50 was a solo run. It was so bring that I was playing an MMO only to solo 90% of it. At the time I was playing this game they had only recently added one PvP aspect to the game (aside from being on a PvP server) and that was battlegrounds and I gotta say this in my final statement how it sums up the entire end game as soon as you reach the end. MASSIVE F***ING GAMBLING! HOLY S*** NEVER HAVE I SEEN SO MUCH RNG (Random Number Generation) IN ONE GAME THAT I ALMOST WENT BLIND! So not only do you have to upgrade your weapon to +9 (which is pretty hard btw) you have to unlock your weapon to masterwork level and you have to reidentify the weapon constantly to get good stats on it. This is the end game. Right there. You grind constantly (I did for 2 months) to try and get all your weapons and armor to Masterwork level with the proper stats and the high number. After 2 months of Grind I only got up to +5 and the best I could get for stats was 2/4 of the things. Yes it is that bad! That's when I quit. If not you cannot succeed in the RNG upgrades then you will not succeed in PvP or PvE. IT IS PART OF THE PVE PROGRESSION! THIS BROKE THE GAME FOR ME! No way was I staying here with a game so heavily dependent on luck. All your skill in PvP don't mean squat when someone with +12 armor/weapon comes along and 2 shots your +5 armor/weapon character. It is pretty much those who grind the most win. This game was a 6/10 but due to the end game being so awful it falls all the way down to a 4/10. if you don't like massive RNG then don't play this game. The forums were swarmed with complaints about this but the mods have cracked down and will not allow people to talk about how awful it is now. Pretty much covering up such awful end gameplay. I'd avoid this game unless you have nothing better to do. Expand
  2. Aug 21, 2013
    Why such high scores? Let's be honest, its not that good. The combat is nothing more then point and click shooting and the quests are dreadful. No skill involved, just loads of RNG. If you want go play an awesome mmo, I recommend actually paying for one, and if you want modern mmo combat, Guild Wars 2 is your best bet.
  3. Mar 21, 2013
    Now that it is free to play, a larger community can now try out the game, and actually see that behind the previous price tag, was a stunning and appealing game.
  4. Nov 15, 2013
    Tera is dead I can assure you, finding groups through matching is up to a 4 hour wait, and that's cross-server! Spamming chat for group?

    There aren't many players online that's why you can't do a /who in zones like you can in games like WoW, it's to hide the fact that the game is utterly dead. More to do at 60? More like the exact same boss models re-used a hundred times, and the exact
    same mechanics.

    Is an FPS combat system worth playing an utterly garbage game that stole code from other companies, and refuses to apologize to players for the mess it's making? Is it worth a long term investment of your time and money into a game that has dozens of game-breaking bugs and flawed design functionality after being released for 3 years? Is Tera worth the investment when their idea of "content updates" is one patch every few months that only includes a new costume to buy with real money? Pathetic. Don't let the "fans" fool you, they probably work for the company.

    While WoW comes out with an entire new WORLD to explore, a TON of new RAIDS, DUNGEONS, SCENARIOS, BATTLEGROUNDS, and LORE, games like Tera sit on their butt doing NOTHING and pretend like it's okay. It's NOT okay, you've sucked the life out of that stolen code long enough Tera. Don't be fooled, Tera will steal your money and never offer a single solid content update, it's a DEAD-END game. Beware of FAKE reviews on here posted by the company trying to protect its image. That's why they submitted Tera again for a new MetaCritic page, because the other Tera page's negative reviews started to become overwhelming.
  5. Mar 3, 2013
    Besides the massive grinds that it requires to level the game offers a lot to casual players. I can see why hardcore mmo'ers would be annoyed with this but the game has a pretty good pace and amazing graphics to support it. The combat was a lot of fun and many of the characters has abilities that are not copy paste from other games.
  6. Mar 24, 2013
    This game is worth a second look if you are an MMO fan. Graphics are at the high end of anything currently in this genre, and the character development is top notch. Questing is definitely old in contrast to other MMO's, but it keeps you pacing and killing monsters in an orderly fashion.
  7. Nov 15, 2013
    Complete utter garbage, the glowing reviews are fake guaranteed. I did a review on this elsewhere. What I can say is I agree that the game is dead, and there is no turning back because this company is so arrogant that even after locking out a majority of players due to bugged patches, they refuses to make up for it or even acknowledge it for that matter. Let's not pretend this is worth anything other than a zero. Expand
  8. Mar 16, 2014
    It has a lot of unique creatures and various other unique elements to the game. Fantastic graphics and animation. Much like many MMOs it has taken the tried and true features of other MMOs and thrown in a few of their own. Lots of high impact and flashy combat, with a very engaging combat system. The combat system is much more twitch based, with an active targeting system similar to that in Guild Wars 2, but this game gives you the interface i wished GW2 had. nice cinematics, with the melodrama eastern games are known for and good voice overs. There is a nice mini expansion set for later 2014, which includes new dungeons, raids and a new class. The item mall is mainly for aesthetic purposes, it's not a pay to win sort of game as of yet. One of the best free to play on the market. Expand
  9. May 1, 2013
    This game has the best fighting gameplay for any MMO and its awesome that everything is free. I would recommend it for anyone interested in a good RPG be that PvP or PvE.
  10. Mar 28, 2013
    Not much to say, epic game! Very nice self aiming, super graphics, super gameplay, super fun especially on PvP servers, and it's free! No reason not to try it, even if mmorpgs are not quite your thing this game will rock for you
  11. Apr 10, 2013
    This is like most mmorpg's a grind but for a free to play game it has many things to do and beautiful graphics, I would say for a game that is FTP you can't go wrong with this anyone trying to decide give it a shot you got nothing too lose.
  12. Mar 6, 2013
    I like TERA and TERA: Rising and the nice bOObs in games I have play them for free now but I shall support them and buy 2 copies more Good them have free to play so I can try them and now buy!
  13. May 18, 2013
    I usually hate MMORPG's because it bores me after some time. But this game has everything, I ever wanted as MMORPG. First of all: The Fighting is awesome and not boring. You have to do tactics, and you have to have skills or you'll die faster than you know. The story is like all the other mmo's I've played. But everything else in this game was awesome. My favorite F2P MMORPG.
  14. Jul 5, 2014
    TERA: Rising has come leaps and bounds the past year's time. Most annoyances and glitches seem to have been ironed out and it now provides a unique mmorpg flavour on par with any other AAA release out there (speaking from many years of experience through AoC, Aion, EVE, Wow, GW2, SWTOR, DP, TSW, Entropia to name a few).

    As always I created alts of all classes/races combos (limit
    2/server) and completed the training tutorial for each to get a feel of what they're like and which I'd like to continue with. So far with only 40hrs gameplay, T:R being a F2P entry has impressed me. Customization-wise its races range from the fury/cutey upto ugly/domineering looking to please most tastes and gameplay differs pleasantly for each class as to give enough individuality within familiar grounds of rpg with elements which seasoned players will get stuck in right away (e.g. tank, dps, healer grouping roles).

    I decided to raise 2 alts on a pvp server, a barakas priest and a castanic warrior mostly because these are the roles I most enjoy playing (warrior class behaves like an evasion off-tank, rogue style which requires a lot of movement). Tried a few duels, some instance grouping and pvp and so far the balance seems about right (had to work hard and get rotations and positioning right to be able to pull some spectacular combos which were very satisfying).

    - Very good graphics even at mid-lower settings (on i7-3770/HD7770 60-80fps at high settings)
    - Rich vibrant world which will take a long time to explore
    - Good audio and cut-scenes, though I'd prefer more spoken dialogue (SWTOR anyone?)
    - Helpful GMs when needed help with help with enchanting
    - Generous gifts for a f2p model which keep you hooked
    - Lots of new players making it a pleasant levelling experience at this time

    - Huge size at 43GB!! For new players that want to take a look that must be daunting!
    - As a cloud download you can play at ~10% downloaded but there is no option to pause (or selective downloading when needed such as GW used to do).
    - For melee classes dependable on timing, high fps is a must (chains timeout unevenly at higher pings)
    - No alternative starting paths/stories as seen in Wow, GW2 etc
    - Not enough achievements to engage the player (have they learned nothing from the GW2 success?)
  15. Dec 5, 2013
    If Guild Wars 2 gets a 7, this game gets a 4. I feel like I'm playing Neverwinter Online (5) with Sparkly Eastern Stylizations and less of a polished combat system. I have a few friends that sung high praises of this MMO, but it could not hold my attention for more than a few days and I was uninstalling the game.
  16. Dec 29, 2013
    Even though the game has beautiful graphics and a very well told story, i got bored after 2 hours of game play.
    "Kills 10 dark raiders, Kill 10 more dark raiders, Kill this dark raider boss"
    The game is slow and has nothing to do with skills, it's just attack, skills and avoid.
    I would not recommend this game to others.
  17. Feb 23, 2014
    I have lots of MMORPG games like Aion, Rift, Granado Espada, Hawken, Smite, Company of Heroes 2, Planet Side 2, Guildwars2 etc. and yet I end up always playing this game, for an FTP it has a very nice graphics, you can experience flying while transporting to other towns, grinding like the old times but PVE becomes fun because of BAMs yeah Big Ass Monsters! Nice PVP only cons for me is you can't move while casting skills unlike Guildwars2, but for now while waiting for Black Desert and other games that will hook more of my attention, this is my favorite. Expand

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  1. Apr 9, 2013
    Quotation forthcoming.
  2. Apr 5, 2013
    I didn’t expect my return to Arborea after 6 months of absence to be so pleasant. Tera’s conversion to the free-to-play model was the best thing that could happen to MMO fans this year. [CD-Action 04/2013, p.75]