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  1. Dec 17, 2012
    Sidescrolling sandbox game with a focus on multiplayer spelunking. Devs have added tons of content since launch and is a legitimate action game with tons of armor, weapons and spells to collect. Randomized maps provide a new adventure anytime you want to start over and you can easily swap items between maps/servers. Great gameplay made even better with friends.
  2. Feb 10, 2012
    Terraria allows you to do a lot of things but at the end of your gaming session, you'll realize you have been doing absolutely nothing at all. It's slow, tedious, simplistic and has nothing to offer to mature gamers.
  3. May 31, 2013
    Terraria is a great adventure game. It is simply fun. Open-world, with many dungeons, enemies and bosses, countless weapons and armor sets, and enough variation in accessories so that not all players have the same setup. Particularly fun with friends, but single-player is also fun, if more challenging. It is a little difficult at first, but that ends up adding to the gaming experience.
  4. May 27, 2011
    If you like Minecraft, you will like this; otherwise this game is trash. Old school DOS graphics. Figure it out for yourself how to play this because there is no documentation or real intuitiveness to what you are supposed to do. $10 is WAY overpriced; more like FREE to $1 max. It is a 16MB download on steam to give you an idea of how little disk space it wastes on your hard drive. The concept is there, but they need to spend some time on modernizing the game to make it appeal to me. Expand
  5. Dec 13, 2011
    Terraria is a RPG-Action game which is online enabled, it is also a rare kind of RPG-Action as it falls away from the recent flooding of HD 3D games because quite frankly this game is a 2D RPG-Action. The game plays similar to Minecraft which is pretty much a sand box game. In Terraria, players are able to create a character and choose between 3 different sized worlds which is different each time you create one, the player is able to explore through the world using numerous weapons, items and tools. Players are able to travel through land, sea, underground, hell, sky and in outer space. Players will also be able to customize their characters to look like some famous characters such as Mario and Link from the Nintendo universe! This game has A LOT of content, you will surely no doubt about it clock around 50-100 hours just through exploration, and even than you will be able to continue your adventures through the online community whom have created numerous PVP type servers or massive Boss battle arenas. Expand
  6. Jan 17, 2012
    Awesome game with friends. It is like metroid and minecraft smashed together into a fun little romp of fun. Play with friends !!! Not only does it allow the game to be easier, but it allows for other social benefits such as chuckling hysterically as your friend falls 400 feet into lava.
  7. Aug 4, 2011
    I don't know what all the raving about this game is; but if you like digging, then you'll certainly get a kick out of it! Otherwise, i just see no RPG element in trying to break bricks for 90% of the game.
  8. Jul 19, 2013
    I bought this game on sale for about 2 bucks purely for the lulz. Little did I know this game was laced with crack.
    WARNING: Simple yet so addictive.
  9. Jan 12, 2012
    At first, it's a bit difficult to understand what can be done and how, but after about one hour, and hopefully, with a friend, Terraria unravels a vast world to explore. All that digging might sound repetitive at first, but within the first few hours, you will find yourself addicted and entertained by all the subtle surprises. The character progress you make in a single player game can be continued in a multi player game, and vice versa. There are plenty of surprises and discoveries throughout the game. Almost at every turn. You will find new enemies, new stuff to mine, new items, more to craft, and so much more. The world is huge. The developers did not feel it was important to allow players to access the key bindings from within the game. As of this writing, that controls menu is only accessible from the main menu, which can cause serious problems if you are not familiar with the key bindings. Even if you personalize the keys to your liking, the controls can be quite tricky to get accustomed to or to master. In certain areas, it is blatantly clear that your current gear is not at the same level of your enemies. They can and will easily destroy you. The chests system is not good at all. Due to the nature of the game, you will come across hundreds of items, and you will need to store them all for future use. Each chest has a limit to how much you can store, which means that you will eventually have way too many chests to keep track of and remember where you put this or that item. Even though you can reset your spawn point to different houses you have built, it is still frustrating to travel in the world without the Magic Mirror for teleportation. Looting dropped items is very interesting and fun. The amount of changes you are able to perform with your character is almost endless. When you thought you had seen it all within the game, you are repeatedly surprised and entertained at how much can change and how much can happen within only a few minutes. Playing Terraria by yourself is fine, but the game truly shines with one friend or two; people you are familiar with, and not strangers. Funny events and occurrences happen all the time, and you will not notice the hours pass. Maneuvering your characters can be a problem, as the controls for the game can be problematic at times. Terraria offers a ton of content if you are willing to give it enough hours in the long run. It is not a game for short lived experiences. There is much learning, exploration, experimenting with items, and fighting monsters/bosses. Whether you play solo or with friends, this game caters to several interests, and with the developer's frequent and large updates, there is not much room for boredom. Expand
  10. Sep 1, 2011
    It's pretty obvious that I wasn't the first person to think, "Hey, I bet this is exactly like Minecraft but in 2D!" Some mechanics may be similar to (or exactly like) Minecraft in some ways, but I found Terraria's atmosphere to be much stronger than Minecraft, and I think the exact same way about the music. Whether you're into Minecraft or not, I would still consider checking this out. The game being in 2D simplifies some things and makes them less of a hassle - this includes performance issues. The only negative thing I can say about Terraria is that the crafting can take a bit longer to get used to, but the internet is flooded with tutorials and wikis, so it won't take you long to get it under your belt. If the developers of the game are reading this, you did an excellent job. Seriously. Expand
  11. May 31, 2012
    The 2D aspect makes exploration and especially building much less fun than Minecraft. Building a structure is boring and isn't really the main focus. Houses are basically just for NPC storage. However, the gameplay is miles beyond Minecraft, the items are great and unique, the NPC's each have a function and are a fine addition, the amount of content is super, the multiplayer is fun as hell. Where minecraft is an exploration/building game, this is more of an RPG and action game. As most games nowadays it's overhyped by rabid furry lovers, however fairly it is a good game and worth 7/10 Expand
  12. Sep 11, 2011
    Don't be fooled, its not some minecraft rip-off with 2D graphics, its actually so diffirent that you might love it even if you hated minecraft, and otherwise. But here you have more stuff to do, other than just building.
  13. Nov 18, 2013
    Single Player/Multi Player (2/2) (If the single player is better than the multiplayer, review this section as if it had no multplayer) (If the multiplayer is better than the multiplayer, review this section as if it had no single player) Gameplay (1/2) Visuals/Story (1/2) (If the visuals are better than the story, review this section as if it had no story) (If the story is better than the visuals, review this section as if the visuals didn’t matter)

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    The review score is based out of 10 points. There are no “half” or 0.5 increments. It is impossible to have a score above 10 or below 0. The review score will change as the game gets new dlc, drops in price, or if more secrets are found through the game increasing its appeal.

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  14. Mar 29, 2013
    I would like to make an update to my previous review, even though towards the end there is nothing to do, and you most likely have everything in the game, there is still an insane amount of conquering to do in every realm thing. And it is also pretty fun to burn stuff with the lava and such.
  15. Mar 12, 2012
    There's a lot of obvious parallels between Terarria and Minecraft, but Redigit's masterpiece achieves a much greater depth than Notch's effort. With a greater emphasis on combat and exploration, it's obvious from the start that Terraria is something truly unique. Fans of Castlevania will enjoy the gorgeous retro, pixelated 2D graphics. There truly is a huge amount of content, and with regular updates this game is a steal at $10. Expand
  16. Jul 20, 2011
    You may be thinking that this is just a crappy copy of the best downloadable game on the market Minecraft but how wrong you are. Terrarria is fantastic unlike Minecraft Terrarria has an RPG side to it so stuff building houses head underground and get some gear. It looks pretty good not the best 2D platformer graphics though. The music puts you into such a tranquil snake as your mining fighting beasties or even taking on giant eyes. It's undeniably fun and it is only 9.99 what a bargain. Expand
  17. Oct 30, 2013
    Terraria is a great 2D version of Minecraft with heaps to do and it should keep you busy for quite some time. There are many secrets to discover and locations to visit and it is really up to you how you want to play. The only negatives are that the actual inventory screen is a little bit cumbersome, and there is not a large amount of early game assistance, meaning that newcomers may initially be overwhelmed by the large scope of what the game has to offer. Once you're drawn in though, expect to lose many hours. Expand
  18. Dec 11, 2013
    When it was initially released, I thought Terraria was an alright game, not great but not terrible either. With the recent 1.2 update, I gave the game another shot and it is such an improvement over the original version. Retro graphics and sound is a nice touch and the expansive worlds provide a great deal of freedom and exploration as there are a variety of biomes, enemies and loot to be discovered. The inclusion of an optional tutorial would be nice for newcomers though and I would've liked some more guidance in terms of crafting items, as I found myself constantly alt-tabbing to check a wiki. Options for world generation would be nice as well, so I don't have to generate a whole bunch for a pyramid or something. There is a sense of progression in the game which does make Terraria more accessible for players who find absolute freedom a little daunting. Even for players who aren't into building great spectacles of creativity, there was much fun to be had in acquiring the best gear available.

    Overall a good game, but not without a couple flaws. The icing on the cake is the game is very cheap so get it now if you haven't already!
  19. May 25, 2013
    You know, this really had me hooked for a while. But it didn't take long for the clunky crafting interface to get annoying (and the devs have given up on improving the game without fixing that). And even more so the looooong travels through the world, which takes simply forever! There is only a rather unhelpful, limited teleport functionality and that's it. Also, a map similar to that tools like "Terrafirma" offer should really have been included in the game (maybe combined with a "fog of war"). The world is so big that it's incredibly annoying to have to search for resources and remember the cave structure on top of that.
    So overall I like the combat, the RPG aspects, the crafting possibilities. And I would've really loved to discover more of those things. But the downsides described have absolutely destroyed my enthusiasm and make it feel like the game is wasting my time.
  20. Feb 20, 2013
    I remember defending this game tooth and nail from those who thought it was an opportunistic attempt at surfing on Minecraft's success. I remember advertising it as a "really good Castlevania and Minecraft mixup at a very fair price", and playing countless hours on it. I guess most of this is still true, but ultimately I realized I was just too much "into the game" to see its real worth at that time: the time where I didn't finish the game. That's right, this game is no Minecraft, it has an end, and it would be perfectly fine if it weren't for its key detail: being a sandbox game. So yeah, my complaint is that once you finished farming for the best gear, there's nothing left to do for you, unless you are into building which is not as good as other games of this kind (despite I love 2D, retro, and the fact that this game was the first to take said elements into sandbox building). There were some updates after I left: it was my understanding that they were basically just extensions of the same thing: new gear to farm for, and some additional thing here and there. It's a shame, it could have been better than this, the fact that the team admittedly abandoned it (except lately I've been hearing about an update?) didn't help. Still, it's a good game. I think of it much like GTA III, it striked me because it was a kind of game I loved brought to date with the innovations of latest gaming, but ultimately in itself it was boring and lacked features that would have been, luckily for us, added later. I still think it deserves a seven, although the negative things about it are really tempting me to click on the yellow scores, but I have to admit that it's good and not all of those 100 hours I played were out of being hypnotized by farming or something. Expand
  21. May 19, 2011
    I believe that Indie developers are the key to thinking outside of the box to create games that aren't copying others entirely. Sure this game shares similarites with Minecraft and other games, but I believe this mashup of Minecraft, RPG and adventure games makes this title quite unique. Its an absolutely awesome game that I think everyone should play. It's only $10 people, buy it now and have some fun, Terraria is excellent. Expand
  22. Jan 21, 2012
    This game is always in the top 10 most played steam games, with about 20,000 players on daily. Next to kings like TF2, CS and Skyrim. Ignore the red reviews and just ask yourself if this is something you could enjoy, BEFORE buying it. 407 positive reviews to 56 negative... And every negative is upset it's like minecraft! They make no secrets about that, it's obvious before purchase. Then it has tons of rad wiring traps and explosives and lighting and rediculous amounts of custom weapons, accessories, combinations, clothes armor and even ammo types. If you don't feel any nostalgia for the 2D era you should acknowledge that before you even consider buying, because it takes an imagination to lose yourself in a platform world with no ending. That being said I'm 70 hours into just building and digging mines, and I couldn't be having more fun. I played minecraft for 5 hours and it has WAY less going on than terraria. 20000 active steam players a day can't be wrong. Expand
  23. Jun 25, 2014
    One of the best Indie games i've ever played, ever. Picked it up 2 days ago and i already have 21 hours in it. Terraria doesn't fail to surprise with new monsters, items, and places to explore. It's similar to Minecraft is a few ways, but very different in many others. If you have a few friends to play this game with, there's no reason you shouldn't pick this game up!
  24. Aug 29, 2013
    Terraria continues to receive hefty updates, even as Starbound's release date edges closer. There's a ton of stuff to do in this game, and while comparisons to Minecraft are understandable, Terraria offers a lot more content. The exploration elements are great, though environments do get repetitive due to the small number of biomes (being rectified in Starbound thankfully). Combat is fast-paced and unforgiving, and hordes of zombies knocking on your doorstep every night keeps you tense and focused. Terraria is a great game to sink a lot of hours into just experimenting. Expand
  25. Aug 14, 2014
    There isn't much to say about this game. Its fun, I mean its Castlevania meets Minecraft. The combat is simple enough to master and difficult enough to have fun. You can find new weapons and armors and special items to help you navigate through the world. You can use the terrain to help you fight. Really fun and I come back to it all the time.
  26. Aug 2, 2011
    More directed action and adventure than Minecraft, this 2D platformer is part Metroid, part Minecraft, and all good. Easily one of the best games of 2011.
  27. Mar 21, 2013
    Looks great, game mechanics are fun, good bit of variety in landscape, monsters and equipment. On the other hand, it can be punishingly hard, especially in the beginning. Another one of my problems is that the balance between builder and arcade fighter did not always feel right to me... Also, it feels too slow for me. I had a lot of fun for about 20 hours. After that I just couldn't get into it anymore. Expand
  28. gas
    Aug 6, 2012
    I really tried to like this game, i usually tend to like more original concepts then uber mainstream games, anwyay i cant understand where is the fun in this game.
    Duno, for me digging for ages and try to build up some scenery/house/level or what we wanna call it is boring, i like to play real lego or the meccano more tbh.
    I honesly have the feeling that this game has not much to offer,
    besdie the fact itself its quite creative as idea. Expand
  29. Jul 2, 2011
    Comparing Minecraft to Terraria is like Halo to Half Life whilst they both share similarities it is only skin deep. If you go to play this game thinking it will be creative fiesta like Miencraft you will be dissapointed and if you go in thinking it will be a lousy 2D version of it you will be pleasantly suprised. The fun in Terraria is not in creating like Minecraft but in the exploration and gameplay. Expand
  30. May 23, 2011
    This game is very addictive until you run out of ideas.The graphics are cute and remind me of my SNES-times bringing a lot of nostalgia. It combines the best features of many genres to be a powerful and enjoyable indiegame. It has RPG elements, NPCs, Hack'n'Slash elements, sandbox creativity-building and generally a lot to discover. This game sucked me in for the first ~20 hours almost playing 10 hours in a row (so be careful to miss school / your job!). Even after "finishing" the game by obtaining the best gear and defeating all bosses there is still plenty to do. Unless you lack imagination in which case you might get bored. There is a lot of room to build. Not just houses, but fun creative stuff like Bowling or even Buzzwire (check youtube). Now to the negative parts of the game. First off the multiplayer was kind of laggy, as in that monsters often 'teleport' especially slimes and deamoneyes. There are still bugs and errors after the first patch, the game sometimes randomly crashing on switching to fullscreen. But those should be fixed with the upcoming patches. Speaking of patches there is still plenty of improvement, like adding more NPCs, items and bosses. I am sure this game will improve even more. One of the best games I have bought in years. Enjoy. Expand
  31. Jan 9, 2012
    Terraria is a surprisingly fun sandbox platformer game. It provides a perfect balance between building, exploring, crafting, and fighting. The graphics and sound are going to win any awards, but they provide a neat retro feel. The game could use a better tutorial, and digging can be a bit frustrating early on until you get some better mining tools. Once you get past the initial stages of the game, it's easy to get immersed in the game, and there is a lot to do. Expand
  32. Feb 27, 2014
    Great exploration, great treasure-hunting, great combat, epic fights and a myriad of weapons make Terraria a true masterpiece. There is so much to do, even if all you decide to do is beat all the enemies. You can create or shape vast landscapes and housing, create artificial biomes and item farms, or just have fun beating the pulp out of enemies and bosses. I advise looking at the wiki if you're new, in order to get some idea of what to do.

    HUGE update with 1.2, completely FREE, improved so many aspects of the game and added great content. The developers genuinely care about their fan base. The game was only $2.50 on Steam sale and I played it over 200 hours single player.

    My only complaint is that for multiplayer you have to type in each IP address to get onto the servers, would be a lot easier with a server list or quick-match option.
  33. Jul 19, 2014
    Terraria is a sandbox game that makes me feel like Minecraft merged into a cuter, more nicer game. Terraria is best played with your friends, so for me it won't really work (check out my gameplay time) yeah... not that much. But I was not really happy with its multiplayer, literally me and one of my friends spent 45 minutes trying to make the multiplayer work, which really put me off from playing the game, but with its wide variety of objects to use and its great length of a game, you will be playing this sandbox game with your friends for hours on end! Expand
  34. Oct 19, 2011
    I try my very hardest not to give out 10s. Isn't the whole point of perfection that it can't ever be achieved? Anyway, I feel this game truly deserves it. I'm a huge fan of side-scrolling games like Castlevania, so this game spoke to me on that sort of primal level. Not only that though, but it has mining, crafting, and creation sort of like Minecraft. IT IS NOT MINECRAFT THOUGH. I don't get why people are so gung-ho about comparing the two. Anyway, I could go on and on about how I love the graphic-style, the music, the boss fights, the dungeons and biomes, and how this game teases my inner collector, but the best praise I could ever give this game is the following: When I sit down to play, I forget to eat and drink. Pizza goes cold, and soda goes flat. True story. Also, it's only $10 and the developers are CONSTANTLY adding more content through free updates. I can't wait for 1.1 to come out. Expand
  35. Nov 17, 2011
    It's a decent game but gets boring after a while of playing. I by myself have played it only a total of 51 hours, and in most cases forced to. I personally do not enjoy the game as much as others do. I don't think there's anything wrong with me, it's just not my type. And I hate how you can get the best armors in a matter of 30 minutes or so, and after that you're done. Boom! Delete your map and start over. The game is too simple to be super-duper amazing. Although I'm looking forward to the new update with lighting changes with a percentage of 50%. I'll probably give it a try, or maybe not. I'll just get another headache probably. Expand
  36. May 4, 2012
    this game is another retro style marvel, and FYI, its NOT A MINE CRAFT RIPOFF! , its a good game good music, retro graphics, i personalty liked this game
  37. Jul 30, 2011
    Spent a good 70 hours on the very first version of the game, simply a great platformer that revisits old SNES themes melded with the ingenuity of Minecraft in two-dimensions. Sadly re-playability is a problem for me due to its lack of content however, the developers are doing an immensely great job at updating their game with new content!
  38. May 10, 2012
    This game is unique. I found it enjoyable but I didn't catch on for me. This is pretty much a 2d, more action packed survival mode for Minecraft.

    Ignore this game and just purchase Minecraft
  39. Dec 3, 2011
    I was a 7, and with the 1.1 update I'm still a 7. The good side: if you start from scratch, without cheating (from using other toon's items) it can take you a couple days to get the best gear. I spent multiple hours simply getting my footing by making a quality home for me and the traders, and getting standard gear (silver helmet, iron chestplate, gold leggins, and a phaseblade from a chest), and that's just the start. Since the 1.1 update, I have not even gotten molten armor (which isn't even the best armor anymore), and I have played for 12 hours. The bad side: I know from before the update that once I get the best gear, I will have to make the hard decision of either abandoning a mined out world and starting fresh in a new one (with all of my gear still), or sticking around not really doing anything more in the existing world. Definitely worth the $2.50 I paid through Steam, but it's only a "play-per-update" game, to try the new content. Play a week, tops, before you get bored. Expand
  40. Jul 20, 2011
    Don't be dismissive and say instantly that it's just 2D Minecraft, it's actually really fun. It feels like a cross between Minecraft and Castlevania, so if you like either, give this game a try. However, while it's a sandbox, I did get the impression that I'd beaten the game as soon as I got myself the best items, but they're still adding content to the game in large worthwhile updates, so let's hope they make the game longer, so to speak. Expand
  41. Aug 13, 2011
    The 2D Side Scroller Terraria, based on Minecraft, is a very charming game that appealed in every way, now being ruined by Re-Logic's updates meant to make the game " harder ". What do they actually mean by harder? More frustrating, annoying, grindy, and trial-and-error. Get it before it turns into a grind machine Minecraft clone.
  42. Oct 7, 2011
    No way you can fault this game for lack of content. There's plenty, and (semi-)random-generation of items, caverns, and veins keeps the game interesting for many hours. With all sandbox-type games, however, there comes a point where you feel like you've gone through just about everything there is to explore. You know how the mechanics work, how enemies work - you've found all the interesting artifacts, and have the NPCs you're interested in. .... And then you go online to see the Terraria Wiki, and -- HOLY #(%*, there's a freaking CLOUD level! You find out you've only explored half the content, and on your way to explore it, the devs release even more new content in an update. Content updates in Terraria are a real treat. It's not just a few balance changes and a a couple new items -- they add new biomes, more monsters, a new NPC, different trees, new mechanics, many new weapons, and major crafting changes. Even if you do play Minecraft, and reviewers are correct in calling Terraria a "2d minecraft clone," the vast amount of different content, different mechanics, and environments still make Terreria a bargain, and likely a very fresh, enjoyable experience for you. Expand
  43. Jul 17, 2011
    When I first heard of Terraria I had a look and thought "Yeah that looks pretty cool" and decided to give it a try. It was very different to what I was expecting, but was still amazing! One of the best 2D Platformers I've ever played. It's also very Addictive
  44. Jun 24, 2014
    Terraria is a nice little game, better played with friends, and with a real goal (not like in Minecraft). It is rewarding as you fight the multiple bosses and fill in your house with all the treasure you collect in the caves

    The 2D is the point of the game and it might be a pain in the bottom to build things and place objects, compared to the classic Minecraft, but the combat is much
    better, and the exploring a LOT better.

    Conclusion : Play with friends for added value, and grab it during the Steam sales !
  45. Aug 26, 2012
    Minecraft ripoff.
    now before you hate on me, to call somthing a ripoff of what could be considered the most sucessful game ever, ioneering (or should isay actually making popular) the block building game type, then calling terraria minecraft ripoff is a comliment.

    while minecraft uused to focus more on mining and building (now minecraft is nicking ideas from terraria) terraria is more
    about exploring and fighting bosses, and finding and crafthing a HUGE amount of loot.
    from what i heard this guy made the game for some mates that didnt like certain things about minecraft. when he released it it became hugely popular, and he did the amazing thig of then updating the game.

    its a great game, ridiculously cheap, and even though i have barely ventured from my house in it, i have already clocked 11 hours!
  46. May 21, 2011
    Had me sitting there wondering what I should do? Digging at a "1 minute per swing" pace? I really hate slow games. I play games to play, not stare at the screen waiting for it to do what I want it to do. Instructions should be upfront not inbuilt to a guide guy who I have to find and sometime he is deep underground stuck can't get out while I have to work out what the game wants me to do.
  47. Jun 20, 2013
    Terraria has earned its place as one of the best indie games of all time. Terraria, while it has no real satisfaction in building, has magic, the Underworld, many bosses, and great mining sequences. Pair that with the great end game and you get a phenomenal experience. The combat is also fluent and can become easily overwhelming if you are not wary of you weapon usage and environment. Terraria is addicting, fun, and overall a great game. Expand
  48. Jun 5, 2014
    Get a group of friends, build things, adventure, and fight things. It's a great game. I only gave it a 9 because every once and a while your friends won't all be on the same page, and you can have some boring spells, also connecting everyone together is sometimes a huge pain, hamachi can be flaky sometimes. In general it's pretty addicting though, and has so many different things you can do.
  49. Aug 24, 2011
    A great game, especially for the price. Some may say its a ripoff of Minecraft, but I would have to disagree, I own both games and have spent hundreds of hours in both. Think of it as a 2D version of minecraft that had much less emphasis on building things, and much more emphasis on adventure and combat. if you liked Minecraft, you will very likely love Terraria as well. The only real bad thing is when you have collected pretty much everything... because at that point, it doesnt really feel like you have all too much left to do in the game. Expand
  50. May 21, 2011
    Basically this game is a 2D minecraft but without all the cool stuff you can build in minecraft, lifts etc. You can spend hours playing that is true but you will spend hours doing nothing really, just like minecraft. Very slow, nothing new, worse gameplay because it is 2D, no gamepad support, no decent resolution in fullscreen. Waste of 6 quid and 4 hours of my life.
  51. Jun 25, 2011
    Of course many are offering this experience as a cheap knock-off of Minecraft's success, when in fact, its a powerhouse of an indie game, and surpasses Minecraft's core experiences by far. At most, similarities found in the games are their crafting systems and the possibility of some freeform building, which differ greatly when comparing both expieriences. But by offering an intense 2D sandbox expierience that offers a multitude of mobs, an old-school RPG expierience, tons of biomes with secrets located in the skies and underground, and an evergrowing slew of updates providing diverse new items, power-ups, weapons, and enemies, Terraria delivers with astounding gameplay that still leaves me addicted to this date. Re-Logic, well done. Expand
  52. Jun 18, 2012
    This game is so fun. The multiplayer is amazing, its easy to join servers and making them is also easy. The game is 5-10 bucks and its a real bargain. Many players and a lot of items. This game is really fun. People compare it to Minecraft, but I find this BETTER than minecraft. For one, the gameplay is faster and you can make more out of your time than minecrafts hide in a cave type of game. This game has more items than minecraft and has a easy multiplayer, unlike minecraft's servers. Down side is that it can be a bit boring, but if your bored with minecraft, even the boring parts will seem more active than minecrafts. Expand
  53. Oct 1, 2013
    I will not give a game a 10 unless its an all-time favorite. I think there are maybe 4-5 games I've ever played that I would give a 10. This is one of them.

    I demand a lot from games, I detest the mainstream blandness. This game has absolute magic from beginning to end. I've played nearly 400 hours and the MASSIVE and GLORIOUS 1.2 Update just went live. See you in December.
  54. May 14, 2012
    At one point I liked this better than Minecraft. Not for the crafting or building that much as for the adventuring. The RPG elements were a big plus for it. But then the big update came and made me drop the game forever. Before the update if you wanted to be fast you got a shadow armor. You wanted to be strong you got a molten armor. The game was balanced. After the update they put three new kinds of armor that made the old armors useless. The whole game now was about getting enough adamantite to make adamantite armor with your favorite helmet and that was all. After you made that armor the game was again a piece of cake and all other armors were just worse than your's. Before the update there were so many fun ways to play your character which were lost after the update. After the update you could combine most accessories and keep like double in quantity active on you so more customization options were lost since you can now hold practically all useful accessories at the same time instead of choosing a playstyle based on the few you could keep on you.

    Most unbalancing update I've ever seen in a game. Would be 9/10 without this update. Would be 10/10 if the update managed to keep the balance instead of adding a few uber-items.
  55. Mar 26, 2013
    I just love this game, it was more than i was expecting. My friend who's name shall remain sufficient for now gifted me this game and i played it instantly since there is so much rave and talk about it. After the first hour of playing with my friend I was nearly addicted. If I were you I would play this game. It is only about 2.50 USD on steam. Enjoy
  56. Jan 20, 2012
    Terraria is a great game, and despite the many accusations, it is not like Minecraft at all, except for the idea of digging, and Minecraft was definitely not the first to include this type of gameplay, just the first to make it famous. The game is pretty cool, but after beating all the bosses, you very quickly reach a point in the game where there is honestly not much to do. At this point you can build stuff, which can be a lot of fun, but there isn't much of a sense of accomplishment. Multiplayer pvp is pretty boring, since no sane person would enter a pvp without the best armors and weapons in the game. When everyone has identical loadouts, it's just like any 2d platforming pvp game. However, I still love the game, and I like looking on Curse to see the latest build somebody has made. There are all kinds of cool adventure and rpg maps. Since the game has so much downloadable content, it is worth getting. Get it if you like a good, simple slash-everything-to-bits game with a touch of RPG and lots of building. Expand
  57. Dec 9, 2012
    It gets very boring fast, not being able to create really interesting good looking structures like you could imagine. Minecraft had a payoff of a really nice looking 3-D art structure to make you feel proud of yourself, well Terraria tried it but the result didn't end good.
  58. Jan 26, 2014
    This game is amazingly fun over and over and over again. People say it's a Minecraft ripoff, but don't listen to them. The only similarities it has with Minecraft is the fact you can dig underground, that's all. Terraria is more focused on an RPG aspect and has a larger variety of pretty much everything. The only real problem I really had with it was the annoying falling damage and the fact that hardmode starts off a bit unfair, I guess.

    I have no idea why people keep saying it's "minecraft without all the cool stuff" because in my opinion, Terraria, even prior to 1.1, had cooler stuff than Minecraft. The armors and weapons are all different, unlike in Minecraft where there's not only a total of 5 weapons or something, but 4 of them are the same sword recolored, and the other one is a bow.

    I find this game a lot better because it has way better replay value and lasts a lot longer than Minecraft, is more fair than Minecraft, and the overall design just seems better.
  59. Vas
    Jun 29, 2014
    You start out in a world where things are fairly easy, and need to quickly build up a small shelter. You can build quite a lot based on how imaginative you are. There are some pretty big bosses that are very difficult as well, but fun none-the-less. I think most people will enjoy the game, there is lots to do in this particular game and many unique items you can obtain. It's always a bit different every single time you start a new game. Expand
  60. Jul 13, 2011
    one of the funnest games i've ever played. i never thought a 2D minecraft would be fun or even possible but they did it. also the price is fantastic, definitely worth $10
  61. Apr 15, 2012
    It's not a bad game at all, but the progress is kind of linear and the people you will meet online are just bunch of **** Everyone has the best armor and weapons, every second nickname contains awesome or epic... Just way too much to bear for me. But otherwise, I enjoyed playing it for few days, however I don't see it worth spending 10 Euros like i did. Tere's much more cheaper games out there, that will satisfy you and keep you playing for much longer. Expand
  62. May 22, 2011
    absolutely the best game i have played in years; i cant stand how lame and boring minecraft is; not to mention that terrible 3d boxxy style

    2d with sprites takes me right back to the days and this game has it all; platforming elements, its like zelda meets minecraft meets castlevania; it strikes just the right chord with my inner gamer

    multiplayer is way more fun than i expected and
    the game just kicks ass all the way around Expand
  63. Aug 19, 2011
    First let me tell you my idea of fun so you can compare if you see things through my eyes. Call of duty is a mindless shooter that is just completely tedious, Elder scrolls FTW, Any rts game is god-like. Alright first off terraria is like an mmo. You need a friend to have fun. If you play alone, the max hours you will play is 20 hours and the average is 3 hours. This game is just a random generator. Basically it just creates a world you strip down to bone and then restart on a new world and strip it down. If you have multiple friends the game is just funny because the most random things happen that will slaughter your friend or he will get stuck or even a cave will collapse on him and you will be dieing laughing cuz it might have taken you guys an hour to get where you were. So i give it a 5, if you have a friend its just a social game, if you have no friends than go buy something more dedicated to solo players. Expand
  64. May 28, 2013
    Often accused of being a 2D Minecraft clone, Terraria proves that this couldn't be further from the truth. While I admit they do have some similarities, when you get into the meat of the game it becomes it's own thing. Accompanied with an enchanting soundtrack and charming retro pixel art, Terraria has become one of my favorites.
  65. Aug 18, 2011
    It's a fun game - I logged about 70 hours or so. The crafting, item grind and building of homes is really the addictive part of the game. Like every other game it gets tedious after a while. The low-level mobs spawn too frequently and are more annoying than challenging. Their combat tactics are about 80% bump and collide for damage and 20% of them lob projectiles of some sort which is very limited and repetitive for a modern game. You'll find yourself thrilled at first and soon be asking yourself when will it end... A good value if you get it at the $5 sale point on steam. Expand
  66. May 22, 2011
    An interesting alternative to Minecraft but the merge from 3D to 2D takes away more than you think. Nice as harmless little addition to your game collection - but not the all-immersive, deep experience it promises.
  67. Jan 6, 2013
    The pinnacle of sandbox games. If you're a MineCraft fan, definitely take a gander at one of the most interesting indie titles in a long time. This game made me a believer again. A believer in the magic of Gaming!
  68. Apr 8, 2013
    Brilliant. The way the game scales difficulty and introduced new things to you as you continue to explore the game is wonderful. Hard mode is a bit irritating with your homeland town being constantly harassed by malicious enemies if you don't prepare it thoroughly, and I was a bit disappointed once I finished exploring the whole world and had only boss fights to look forward to rather than more exploration, but overall a really fun game I sunk a good 60 hours into. Expand
  69. Mar 5, 2013
    incredibly addicting. Even more addicting than binding of isaac. Points for longevity: 10/10
    I like how you can do what you want and in what order you want in this game. You can make better weapons, armor, guns etc. Gameplay: 10/10. Graphics are good. I think they could have been a little better but they are good enough: 8/10. Music and sounds are good but not great. 8/10. Ovreall still....
  70. Dec 25, 2012
    It may make me sound like an ass, but as I enjoy indie games, especially the ones you could put under the sandbox cathegory, I can't stand to play Terraria. Can't find the fun in there, it's just boring and tiresome...
  71. Mar 8, 2013
    Game companies love to try and mix irregular genres together every once and a while, and when Re-Logic tried it out, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it worked. Terraria is somewhat of a platforming-sidescrolling-sandbox-RPG, with a great balance of all three genres. I know this game gets a bit of hate for being a "2-D ripoff of Minecraft", but when you take into account how much more this game is combat/RPG focused than MC is, I think it makes a better stand-alone game. Mods aren't required to make it fun, and this game has much better online PVP from what I've noticed. Think of it as Contra-meets-Minecraft-meets-Just Cause 2. Expand
  72. May 21, 2011
    It's not Minecraft, even though it very obviously borrows a lot of elements from it. It's got much more character development and feels a lot more fleshed out - more decoration, more different areas and enemies, special events and NPCs... It's very addictive, though it doesn't have the huge replay value of Minecraft. Regardless, it is absolutely worth the ten euros.
  73. Jul 10, 2012
    For the first four hours you will wonder where the time went, but after a while you begin to question "why?" Terraria is an amazing game, but it doesn't have the lasting appeal I would've liked. The developers solution to the games inevitable stagnation was to add more and more things to it, and to make things more difficult. By the time you pick up Terraria, your friends have already got the best gear. If you play Terraria on a server with strangers, most of the time someone has set up that server to have a place to powertrip. Small issues in the game such as inventory organization begin to compound frustration by the time you reach over four hours of play. The games price tag is very reasonable, and I would recommend the game, but what it has in originality it lacks in lasting appeal. Expand
  74. Mar 21, 2012
    Ive been wandering around this game for a while until now were i just bought it on Steam. I love it. Its a 2D adventure rpg game where you can spend long hours and not being bored at all, at least for me. Most people prefer Minecraft because its 3D , its better bla bla bla, i dont care. Terraria has all that and more. Great weapons, great graphics despite being 2D, the bosses are great, the environment is smooth and many more things that i cant explain because i have no words but just: its great. Also play with friends and enjoy hours of fun and creativeness, i recommend everyone stop playing Minecraft and just give a few hours of Terraria and then tell us what do you think about this. Expand
  75. Dec 20, 2011
    Looking to dump hours of your time into a procedurally generated world? Look no further. You begin with basic equipment to deal with basic enemies like slimes and soon you are outrunning a wall of flesh withmagic boots while firing meteor-infused bullets from a gun that is half shark. And that's only pre-hardmode content. If this is your kind of game you will easily get play time from this game to match any AAA title while also paying next to nothing Collapse
  76. Jun 8, 2011
    I'm not going to lie, at first I was really turned off by Terraria. Why would anyone want to play a 2D minecraft clone when we already got minecraft? Then I took another look at it because my friend insisted it was amazing. I watched the trailer, and started picking up on things that definitely weren't MC like. I started poking around and giving it a chance. Now I'm hooked, it's such an awesome adventure game! There's so much to explore and see, always something new, it's hard to get bored. Terraria doesn't deserve to be held up to MC; It's a fine adventure sandbox game all unto itself either way. Now I did poke into the wiki a bit, and started noticing just how much there was to see and do. I recommend you do what I am doing and keep your game as spoiler free as possible. You'll really only have to look at the wiki if you have honestly run out of things to do. Play it in multiplayer if you can as well, that alone really helped improve my experience. Expand
  77. May 19, 2011
    This game is incredible. It takes the building and mining of Minecraft and puts it together with the equipment, combat, looting, and dungeon crawling of a sidescrolling action RPG. Don't listen to the people who give it negative score and say it's a "Minecraft Copy". It's obviously inspired by Minecraft but this game differs in that instead of just being a creative building tool like Minecraft, it's more about the adventure as you are rewarded more for exploring and combat and boss fights than anything else.

    At first glance it may look like a 2D Minecraft but when you actually put time in to it and give it a chance you will see this game has an incredible amount of depth that Minecraft and most other games do not have.
  78. Jul 12, 2011
    This game is much more than a rehash of Minecraft. Less emphasis is placed on construction, and more is placed on exploration and actual gameplay. The difficulty scales well for anybody from casual players to the more hardcore, and the game rewards thoughtful building to protect yourself from enemies.
  79. Nov 24, 2013
    I really love it when I'm playing with my friend, as we can build a world with each other's help. The only problem is that I got bored later on into the game.
  80. Jul 21, 2011
    I absolutely love this game. Me my brother and his friend will play this hours at a time! the game is so addicting and keeps you coming back for more.
  81. Nov 1, 2011
    I'm only writing this review because night has started in my Terraria. And I can happily tell you that Terraria is unique and near nostalgic in itself. Are you a crafter? An adventurer? Or a fighter? It's all up for you to decide on what you become in your own sandbox like world. The concept of Terraria is refining, the execution is majestic. Now if you excuse me, I have to fight some eyeballs.
  82. Mar 11, 2012
    Terraria is very nicely executed sandbox. If you expect stories and quests then this game is not for you. That being said, game is not for everyone. You go venture underground and slay mobs, build your castles in fairly nice 2D graphics in a bit old style.
    There are 2 major downsides of the game.
    Firstly as you kill more bosses and go to hardcore mode, hardcore bosses are really very hard.
    Game basically forces you to go multiplayer. If you have noone to play with, then you may end up not killing them at all. They are doable in single, but very hard.
    Secondly developers already announced that there will be no support in future which may turn some away.
    All in all the game will be as good as you make it yourself in good sandbox style.
  83. Aug 16, 2012
    If you want a simple game that is fun to play and easy to waste time on.... this is the game for you. I spent $2.50 and enjoyed over 100 hours of fun. if you like sandbox free play, this is the game for you. If you want super graphics, no control, a little CGI cut screens, with only one path to play then do not buy this game. I happened to like my own little world.
  84. Mar 6, 2013
    TL;DR A good time waster that has been abandoned by the devs. Terraria is an interesting experience that will probably result in people not knowing what they're doing at first, and then either sticking with it or quitting. One of the only problems is the difficulty and gear curve at first, and then later when hard mode is started. The game has a very slow start due to the fact that you basically need a nightmare pickaxe, which takes a while to get. The game then repeats the curve once you enter hard mode, where you'll have about 4 hits to live with the common enemy. The great things about the game are the well done 8-bit graphics, versatility of the weapons and trinkets, progressive boss fights (though there could be a lot more), and the freedom to build whatever you want. Don't forget to invite a friend or an entire party as well! The only problem is the fact that the devs have essentially abandoned the game, so there will be no further updates unfortunately. While there is still quite a bit of content, you really have very little reason to play after getting a max character.There is also a lot of potential missing with the fact that there are only 4 bosses their hardmode counterparts, and I feel like there could have been more biomes featuring their own boss. One last big thing that might get some people is the grinding you have to do. Its part of the game, but to those who hate it, you might not last through those dry spells of action where it is required. Overall, its still a fun 2D platformer focusing on building and combat, though if you hate grinding and the current fact that it has been dropped, you might not enjoy it. Expand
  85. Sep 27, 2013
    Amazing game, there's tons of things to explore and the game is incredibly enjoyable with or without friends. The only real problem i have with it is the annoying mechanic requiring you to build a house for an npc sometimes not telling you what you're missing.
  86. May 20, 2011
    this game is awesome. like mine craft meets Zelda type deal.i love how the mob re-spawn and bug while you try and build and explore makes the game a real fun challenge back when games were actually a challenge like NES days
  87. Feb 4, 2012
    This game is a blast, is it a MMO with years of entertainment? no, Does it offer a deeply enriching story? no Is it top notch art? no. Terraria is exploration heaven. Terraria is relatable gaming. Terraria is better because there is no hand holding, yet intuitive. Terraria is challenging. Terraria actually engages the right half of your brain, and offers a good bit of action. My only complaint is Terraria can be a bit lonely for long hours.
    Pets would be kool =)

    For 10 bucks though this game is all win for the player.

    I would give Terraria a 9.5, some things could use some polish... but sincethere are so few games that are actually right brained fun out there I'll go with a 10.
  88. Jul 21, 2012
    It's my favorite game of ALL TIME. There is so much to do in this game! After 1.1 came out in December of 2011, the game for so much more fun. After you get enough armour, you can go down to fight the Wall of Flesh. If you fight him, a whole new adventure opens up for you to enjoy. New weapons, new ores, new monsters, new biomes, even new materials to build with! You can make traps for enemies to fall into, build houses on floating islands, and WAY More! I don't think I can fit everything into 5,000 characters. It's a definite steal at $10, and it goes on sale quite often! Expand
  89. Jul 5, 2011
    Just bought 4 copies of this yesterday off of Steam for about $20. First day playing was 6 hours, non-stop, with a friend of mine. In game chat is well presented. Multiplayer can be quite fun and, at times, hilarious. Navigating the UI was a little bit frustrating at first, and being clueless as to what to do at the start was as well. A ton of items is cool. Everything from weapons and armor, to construction materials and furniture. Awesome 2d graphics. Addictive. A lot to offer. Great buy imo. Expand
  90. Jan 19, 2012
    First thing I would like to point out is that this is not a minecraft clone, I was surprised about how the more I played, the less it seemed like minecraft, it takes more of the adventure parts of a sandbox and doesn't do much with building which I think is good as it allowed many different weapons and ways to explore
  91. Jun 2, 2013
    A nice little game that is quite similar to many other games but in my opinion is better due to the combat focus and the exploration focus over other games' building focus.The jump from normal mode to hard mode is a little too big though
  92. Sep 6, 2014
    Evan though I am the definition of **** when I play this game, I still love it... Its a great game and all those people who say "It's 2D Minecraft" Then you obviously haven't played it properly, The game isn't 2D minecraft! Defiantly one of the best games I've got on steam.
  93. Nov 30, 2011
    Vastly superior to Minecraft. More content, more fun, more things to do, and the developers aren't greedy. Plus the game is only 10 dollars and almost always on sale for 5.
  94. Jul 31, 2014
    this is a fun 2D Game
    you can build , defend , craft , create , and explore the games world.
    This game has co-op gameplay with friends and it makes the game that much better.
    you will share laughs with friends for sure.
    this game is very fun and i give this game an
  95. May 5, 2013
    After 150 hours of playing I can easily say that this is my favorite sandbox game, 2D game for that matter. There are just so many things to do and every item can be useful. It's only 10 dollars so there is no reason you should turn this indie gem down.
  96. Nov 5, 2013
    This was a well made 2D Minecraft that left me wanting more. It has way more interesting features/creatures then Minecraft, but the fact that it had one less dimension cost it in the "fun" domain. I found this game only to be fun when played with friends. When I played alone I felt alone and got bored easily.
  97. May 25, 2011
    "Let's take Minecraft, rip everything that's GOOD from it, make it 2D, then add fancy weapons and NPCs". Way to go. 10/10 - Best game that I've played all year.
  98. Jul 23, 2011
    Good game, i got this on a bargain offer through steam, like £1.75. its a good fun sandbox game. i know its early in the game's life but it does need some more features, monsters, npcs, crafting recipes and secrets. the dev says there is more features to come and they will be free
  99. Dec 15, 2011
    This is more than what most people call it - a minecraft ripoff in 2D. True enough, it's 2D and it has building mechanisms similar to minecraft, but there're more. It has a social interface similar to Animal Crossing: Wild World, where, after building your own town and clearing achievements, NPCs will start moving into your houses, provided that the conditions are met (of course, the social interface isn't as full developed as Animal Crossing). It also as a mining interface similar to motherlord, the acclaimed flash game in miniclip. You get to dig deep down into the earth for rare minerals and ores, and you can craft your items with those materials. It also has a 2D fighting interface similar to maple story, where you battle monsters and creeps in this side-scrolling game. As such, it's really is not simply a minecraft rip off in 2D, but a hybrid of many other titles that are acclaimed in their own genre of game. Get it, especially if it's on discount and you have the cash to spare. Expand
  100. May 17, 2011
    This is an amazingly well done game for such a small development crew. At ten dollars, you get more gameplay than the typical fifty dollar commercial game. In addition, regular content updates will keep the game fresh for a long, long time. If you've enjoyed Minecraft, Zelda, Castlevania, and even Metroid, this game has something to offer you. It's a game about exploration, defense, and the eventual mastery of your environment. My only complaint is the lack of an instruction manual, but the discovery actually adds more than it subtracts.

    This game is fantastic and I recommend every single person on the planet buy it. It approaches perfection.
  101. Dec 20, 2011
    Looking to dump hours of your time into a procedurally generated world? Look no further. You begin with basic equipment to deal with basic enemies like slimes and soon you are outrunning a wall of flesh withmagic boots while firing meteor-infused bullets from a gun that is half shark. And that's only pre-hardmode content. If this is your kind of game you will easily get play time from this game to match any AAA title while also paying next to nothing Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 29
  2. Negative: 0 out of 29
  1. Mar 19, 2012
    Terraria is one of the best sandbox games. Terraria has some Minecraft spirit, however the focus of the game is on fighting and crafting, so it involves more action. The best way to enjoy Terraria is to play it with a couple of friends on your own server.
  2. Mar 16, 2012
    It's a title that will appeal to the adventurer, the explorer and the builder; not to mention those who appreciate a substantial amount of player freedom. If you happen to be all of those things, Terraria is a lightly tarnished treasure.
  3. Mar 14, 2012
    A lot of games tried to copy Minecraft – or at least participate from its' success. But this two-dimensional take on the well known formula is the only game that is able to step out of the shadow of the indie phenomenon that inspired it. It leads you into a unique world full of creative magic.