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  1. Jul 5, 2011
    TDU2 is a must have! TDU2 is in a field of it's on. There is no other game out there like it, except TDU. Cruising and exploring two MASSIVE and beautiful islands, alone, is worth the $20 i paid. It's TDU just bigger and better. Unrelentless cop chases where you can be the cop in on the chase. TDU2 is not the best game in the world and it is not nearly as bad as some people are making it out to be. The driving engine was geared towards the keyboard user, but if tweak the settings some it feels more controller friendly. The cars are drivable and enjoyable once you give them a fair chance. TDU2 was not intended for the IRacing, rFactor, and other hard core sim gamers only. I personally feel like the driving schools are a little too challenging for this game, but very rewarding.

    Those who choose not to buy TDU2 based on the negative opinion of others, are going to miss out on a treat.

    The only thing that really bothers me about the game, is its re-installations is limited to 4. Now that's one on the main issues Atari could easily address and needs to.
  2. Apr 22, 2011
    Why do people love and hate this? I'll tell you.
    If you have a controller or wheel then TDU2 will be a whole heap of fun to drive around the endless roads and beautifully rendered scenery. If you are using keyboard only then there is a good chance that your tapping techniques will fail and cause you to write an explosive slamming review. PCâ
  3. Aug 9, 2011
    Despite all it's quirks and bugs, TDU2 is still a very immersible game. Hopefully the new Dev team can fix the existing errors and continue to improve the game, as well as re-integrate features from TDU1.
    Looking forward to DLC2 now.. the Bike shop is already on the island just waiting for the doors to open!
  4. Aug 16, 2011
    No es el TDU2 que yo esperaba, no me aburre jugarlo pero tampoco me emociona ni me envisia jugarlo, solo es un juego mas, no confundir con TDU1, creo que TDU2 deveria tener otro nombre...ya que no es ni la uña de un pie de lo que es TDU1, porfavor, MUESTREN AL MUNDO EL VERDADERO TDU2 QUE LA GENTE AUN NO CONOCE!
  5. Sep 25, 2011
    This game is simply marvelous!! could be improved here and there, but all in all it is the Best Open World driving game on the market, AND faithful to the original, e.g. Test Drive 3 (if anyone remembers that gem:) can spend much-much time driving/competing around Ibiza and Hawaii in this game, just be prepared!!:))
  6. Dec 11, 2011
    The only game with all types of cars ! you can race or u can explore there are collectables and a lot of things to do! u can make ur own character and change clothes too ! the game has a lot to give if u play it it is fun to me the only bad stuff is the driving school for any class and type of car ..... yeah and the storry is stupid and pointless but who cares? its all about the cars if u love cars then u will love this game if u dont love cars and u just wanna play fake driving racing go find something else ! Expand
  7. Nov 8, 2014
    Even after 3.5 years after release the game stays one of the best open world games for real car lovers. I wish there were more games with soul like this one.
  8. Mar 5, 2012
    This game is actually the MOOOOOOOOSSSST real life looking game... the only **** thing that is spoiling this game, is the characters. They look like barbie figures. But the streets, the cars, the weather system, the apartmens, the mansions the parks, the possibilities, the inviroments, the overall design is F"¤!%@king AMAZING!

    I think this game has about 300hours of
    gameplay. You buy your car like reallife, you sit in it, you smell it, you look at it like it was real. Games doesn't need to look like real life, but if it is detailed like real life, I would defenitly give it a good review point.

    The bad parts of this game is actually the charaters :( and yeah they play a big role in this game. They wanted to make the game look like barbie toys, but that was actually a good idea for the inviroment and car creation. But you feel like you are playing with girl toys. Yeah it's hard to describe, but you would not like to play with barbie if you are a boy on an age of 5. You actually get the same feeling when you try this game. But this is DEFENITLY the most realistic game I've ever tried in my entire life. You because of the design, but because every single detail in the Test Drive 2 world is as big, as huge, as detailed as real life. You feel like you are driving your family to Africa sometimes... sometimes to Turkey and sometimes to Canada. It's bigger than Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption and Deus Ex all together! Very detailed!
  9. Jul 21, 2012
    I bought this game and played it directly, and the begin of the story of the game, is stupid, you need to do some stupid racing schools, that is wasting of time, but when you finished it (after level 10), you have a big open race world, with so many things, many cars, many events, and extras, you have many single player events, like championships, short bomb event, DLC short bomb event, where you need to complete a challenge like make anyone sick, drive the car of another person to another place, very fun, and you can also search for car wrecks, and when you found them, you get a FREE car, and the multiplayer is the biggest part of the game, you have soo many events, like normal races, follow the leader, speed challenges and more! But there is 1 bad thing in this game, when you complete the story, and want to earn money, you will need to play this game much time, it is not easy to earn money. if it was easier , then i give this game a 10! Expand
  10. Jan 3, 2013
    the game is awesome, it made me very surprised to see so many negative votes. TDU2 has the best graphics and coolest mixed single - multi player gameplay. also awesome for co - up driving, and enjoying the canyons or the seasides. you can even design a furniture in ur own house, clothing, haircut, awesome online casino, bikes and etc.

    only thing is - it's kinda hard for the newbies to
    get used to this game, coz differently from other games the car controlls isn't just W A S D, CTRL and SHIFT. this is *simulator* car controlls are 100% real and everyone knows that the car is harder to drive in real life than in the games like NFS and so on. i brought the steering whell just for this game and my recommendation to everyone who dislikes this game would be to not run over here and write the negative recommendations after their first crash. u cant drive - not the fault of developers. Expand
  11. Feb 8, 2014
    for me one of the best games of 2011! many cars, many modes, much fun, pretty hard sometimes, but it feels so good to win and get the money and your own cars!
  12. Oct 10, 2013
    Playing TDU 2 with a Thrustmaster Ferrari 485 Racing wheel has been a joy, I swear the "bad controls and physics" people are playing with the keyboard as i find this game smooth, accurate (the car goes where it is meant to) and wholly as enjoyable as the first. Yes the in game scripting and voice acting is terrible and i havn't used the "Cosmetic Surgery or Clothes shop" so i don't really mind them being there. Online is a great laugh and never encounter any issues or lag and 99% of the time there are still plenty of people playing.
    So if you have a Controller/Racing Wheel then this game is very much for you. Thinking of playing with Keyboard? then expect to rage and call the game crap.
  13. Feb 11, 2011
    Addictive and fun, but not for racing sim perfectionists. This game is not a driving/racing sim. It is a human lifestyle sim based around racing/driving. It is like a version of "Sims 3" based around the lives of extremely superficial people. Plastic surgery, haircuts, buying clothes, furniture, exotic cars, mansions, yachts, and having parties are all part of the fun. It is a very different type of car based game that is in a class of it's own. Expand
  14. Feb 16, 2011
    Really enjoying this so far, contrary to most people opinions I feel the car handling is much improved over TDU1 (playing on 360 pad) it feels less twitchy to me and the cars seem much easier to control as a consequence. AI traffic cars no longer suicidally turn into you at 150mph like in the first game and the police in single player are no longer as easy to agitate, although perhaps its gone too far the other way.

    The game runs well enough on my pc (AMD Phenom II 945 quad core, Radeon HD5770, 4 gig of ram) at about 40/45fps average on high/very high graphics and graphics look noticably better that TDU.

    I loved TDU despite its many flaws and the sequel is better in just about every regard for me, well except the lack of Lamborghini... Now they seem to have sorted the servers to I'm finding it much easier to connect to other people when playing online compared to TDU1. Theres still a couple of features that don't seem to load (TDU life) but the game seems pretty stable and pretty much bug free.

    Very pleased with my purchase, the only regret I have was not pre-ordering it! I wonder if the people that hate the game got the same one as me or whether they expected the level of polish of Forza/GT on a massive 2 island scale which would be impossible (can you imagine GTs creators making a game like this and how long it would take?!!?!). TDU is different and all the better for it.
  15. Feb 14, 2011
    The best game in its category
    Great cars design, great environments, really superb !
    Very immersive and original.
    Everything is good in this game
  16. Jul 6, 2011
    The game has its flaws.Story is terrible.But come on this is a racing game.Graphics are good,atmosphere is good multiplayer was buggy at release but its fine now.Score (1.0) id must be a floating point number.
  17. Dec 30, 2011
    This is a game that rewards people who have these characteristics: acceptance, patience and owning a racing wheel. The worlds are large and fairly well detail & there is some pop in, but the entire world only take about 10 seconds to load, which is quite remarkable. The cars are very well detailed, and there are about 100 or more to choose from. The customize option is limited to only decals, but I don't mind (I find it very similar to Need For Speed: Carbon in many ways). Music is ok with a few standout tracks, but I would put on Grooveshark or your Ipod instead. The social aspect of the game is good, clubs are fun and racing others is really good, now that the glitches have been fixed. True, in the beginning there were alot of problems, but Eden addressed them reletively quickly. The characters are cut-outs, so skip cut scenes. Other voice acting is okay, like on the sales people and on misc. races. The story is really weak, but only is there to explain why there is suddenly legal street racing going on. My main complaint is that handling is bad if your using a keyboard, and doesn't get much better with a xbox controller. A racing wheel makes it alot better. Be warned that this is not a game for sim racers, the game isn't particularly challenging or realistic. This is made to be a social game, were you can cruise around and explore/race others. And on that front, i feel it suceeds Expand
  18. Oct 4, 2014
    now most critics and users hate this game while i really enjoyed it but it still has it's fair shares of pros and cons
    Cons -:
    1.Bad NPC And player models : this is to be expected from a racing game since they don't usually do models for Human NPCs and by that i mean most don't even have Human NPCs but those that do have human npcs generally looks really bad but the NPC models in
    this game is fairly Decent for a racing game atleast.

    2. a bit sensitive steering : well the actual turning isn't that sensitive or easy but a slight turn to the left or right for a few cars can really be extremly sensitive
    Pros -:
    1.Large huge sprawling maps : The map is extremly large especially for a racing game, the world map makes it looks really small but trust me the map can take a huge amount of time to get from one place to another and it isn't all empty you might find other NPCs sprawling around the map so you don't feel alone.

    2.In-game Social Interaction: well i couldn't really fiqure out what to call it but what it actually is in brief you can buy houses, make friends, customize your house etc. you wouldn't exactly expect this from a racing game but they added these interactions and such and it adds to the gameplay it makes it really enjoyable.

    3.Nice Varied Amount of cars : this game has maybe like 180+ Vehicles all varied, theres super cars,off-road SUVs,Classic old cars Etc.

    4.Mod Support : you already know what this means.

    in general this has been one of the most fun racing games i ever played (only rivaled by NFS Most Wanted) buy this game and you won't regret it
  19. Feb 24, 2011
    Quite a fun game and there is a lot to explore and many side missions to complete and not just from driving (Taking Photos, participating in social events etc). There is a good range of cars to buy. Online freatures are great and will keep the game fresh once you've completed the single player objectives. The world comes to life having online players driving around the Islands with you MMO style and there's enough players online to play with. Expand
  20. Feb 16, 2011
    A very ambitious game. Tow big islands to drive around in and a decent amount of cars to do it in. There is a lot of content in this game for both single player and multiplayer. Graphics are pretty good but surely not ground breaking.

    There are some issues right now that are being worked out, but I personally have experienced any big problems. After a patch or two I think this game will
    get even better. Expand
  21. Feb 14, 2011
    This is the kind of game that sucks you in, for better or worse. The open world is sprawling and the cars are fairly well selected, though the game depends too heavily on some brands. Playing this game, I wondered often why they didn't play to the design's strengths as opposed to its weaknesses. The game is spread out across two huge islands, but very few parts of those islands are interesting enough to want to pass by them more than once or twice in an hour. This factor makes racing any race that is over two laps, especially if you have to restart, highly tedious. For the same reasons, the point to point races, with and without competitors, are often a lot of fun and are sometimes brilliant. The car handling can be silly and I would describe the handling as arcade-like. I think this game has a hard time deciding if it is meant for racing game fans or those who have little to no experience with them. The game starts out incredibly easy and then ramps it up. This makes the first few hours pretty boring. I don't care for the effects of colliding with things: I wish there were more damage. I can't think of a good method for repairing though and driving across the islands in a busted vehicle would be a huge drag. The story is thin and the voice acting is often so bad It seems ripped from a subtitle dub of an '80s Japanese action movie. The avatar customization items seem unnecessary, but they are not poorly implemented. I'm sure some people will get a kick out of those. As of now, the PC's online functions are crippled, but I'd be very surprised if I didn't see a fix very soon. PC optimization isn't terrible, but there are instances of unwarranted slowdown in seemingly random places. In one race, I experienced crippling slowdown on one lap and then smooth as butter framerate the next. This may have something to do with the online connectivity problems. I'm curious to see how the online actually pans out when it works, which will hopefully be in the next week or 2. The sound of the engines is pretty good and the radio has a decent selection but seems to try to copy GTA too much. We don't need sarcastic commercials in every game, especially if they aren't funny. Expand
  22. Sep 17, 2011
    Annoying driving license lessons but the rest's just a perfect simulation. not for beginners of racing genre. The cat detail is awesome und the roads are endless, the envoirement ist realistic. no loading screens between a single island.
  23. Jul 26, 2013
    I like this game, it work's with the steering wheel I used on my PC (The original didn't, nice to see that fixed), it worked without a problem on my system on maximum setting's, and most surprisingly it worked fine with Eyefinity! Now, it ain't perfect, the graphic's are not a massive leap from Test Drive Unlimited 1 (Which I was a huge fan of) but they do their job well, and I feel the car's are well reproduced in this game. Sometime's the engine sound cut's out during a single player race which is odd, but this is not very often for me luckily.

    There are only two radio station's which is slightly disappointing but was not too much really. The character and house customization is a lot better than the original title, especially the latter. Some people I heard said about the handling being bad, but I personally find this to be somewhat subjective as to me they are spot on. They also put in the car wash's in, which was planned for the original but never put in, which is a nice touch.

    Over all I think what they did with Test Drive Unlimited 2 is what they wanted to do with the original but in the original possibly rang out of time. It make's for a intriguing game, and one that has kept me coming back in my spare time for time for month's. I like this game a lot, hope M.O.O.R genre pick's up and more games like this are made would be nice!
  24. Jul 28, 2014
    Sorry This is Japanese Review. ゲームとしては楽しい部類で文句なしではあるが、 システム面の特にオンラインプレイに置いて金曜日からサーバーがダウンしているのかアクセスできず、 プロファイルをオフラインでプレイしようにもオフライン用のユーザを作らないといけなくなり、 仕方なくLANケーブルを毎回抜いてプレイ。これさえなければ9以上だったのに惜しい。
  25. Mar 17, 2011
    I'll be the first to admit that after release it was horrible. Hardly anything worked. Eden Games was way too soon with the release. Now after some patching things are looking brighter and some big problems are eliminated. Online play works fine, in-game things like clubs are working and the troubles with the casino's are gone. The cars are impressive and the environment look good. The sound is nice but the driving itself still has flaws and the cars are not always easily handled. I guess they focused a tad too much on everything around the driving experience which is a shame cause that is the biggest part of the game. Overall it is definitely not a bad game but Eden games should have waited a little longer before releasing it. Expand
  26. Apr 7, 2011
    The game is good but has some rough spot. Animation and voice over for mission and story is crap, but who cares. Some cars handle like crap, as they should. It's a good game for players who want to stay away from racing game like Gran Turismo. It's a wide open game, what you make of it is your choice..
  27. Jan 18, 2013
    With 375 hours played this game has that factor that keeps you coming back for more i want to play it i like playing it There are little to no issues with this game yes hackers are present but with cars every where its fun casino is alot of fun to What has let the game down is Atari lack of interest in further development of the game extremely slow patches hardly no fixes plus a forum which has long gone and disappeared it was meant to be merged but it still has not happened So reason i score it a 7/10 is purely the fault of Atari no support for game that has potential Expand
  28. Jun 3, 2013
    A good game that needs a bit of attention. The graphics could be better,but they aren't bad. The cars could be better chosen. If I was making this type of game. I would put a lot of cheap cars or a second hand-sim in the game like Gran Turismo. The sound effects are really good. I never heard a sound as realistic in this game. The gameplay is good,but could be better if the game also had a couple of more tweaks to keep it fun for hours. A lifestyle game like this also need to have ''real-life'' actions. It's weird that you can drive a car,walk along,but can't walk along the roads.I know that this is not the Sims,but it would be more realistic if you can enjoy a virtual rich life.

    Atari has done it's best,but the game could be better if the game came out a few months later and if there were more ''real-life''-things.
  29. Nov 7, 2013
    It's not as cool as TDU1, but it has more diversity by adding Ibiza to the game. So we get many more locations to the game where to race. Some features of TDU1 are missing, some are added, overall it does fall a bit behind the first game, like all sequels do. But it's worth a try for the fans of TDU.
  30. Feb 12, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Usually, sequels never reach the level of greatness of a predecessor. Only Mass Effect 2 and other few games have managed this. Sadly, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is not one of them. The new interface is amazing, and the environment now seems like a real world, unlike its predecessor in where the world looked unrealistic, specially the trees. The game introduced new features, all of them poorly polished and underdeveloped. First, the new story mode is unnecessary and boring, the licenses, new racing and map systems are good but not enough, all the characters are uninteresting and forgettable and the damage system is almost un-existent, even worst than that of GT5.

    Still, TDU2 is a game worth to enjoy if you are a fan of racing games. Its pretty exciting to be going around in perfect and beautiful depictions of Ibiza and Hawaii in any of the cars in the game. Finally, it's hard to recommend this game, and harder to be enjoyed by a person just looking for a racing game, because even when TDU2 is a racing game at its core, many of the MMO and RPG elements incorporated could screw up your fun.
  31. Sep 16, 2011
    Let me start with the bad. The driving is unrealistic to a point where it will have you banging your head on your keyboard and throwing your mouse(or steering wheel) out the window knocking over your precious cans of mountain dew goodness. You will randomly spin after trying to turn at a slow speed, and it takes awhile to recover, it involves stopping completely a few times. Next, when you do racing, it seems that even the smallest mistake, which with this game is hard to avoid, will cause you to need to restart. Now lets move on the the good side. If you can manage with the other issues, this game provides a good long joyful experience. Its completely online, which is pretty cool, at times. And at others you will find yourself picking up annoying microphone noise. It has some interesting features. But when the base of the game is racing, and the cars drive like pure crap, it just cant be given a great review. This is a social racing game, dont buy it for its gameplay unless you have amazing patience. Expand
  32. Feb 10, 2011
    I want to try not to be too negative at release version 1 but i might be lol.

    Firstly and most important i felt like i was playing test drive 1 again but on a different map, did they realy spend that much time on the handling? with the early vehicles at least i felt like i was driving a box that floats on asphalt although you can feel the surface beneath you on dirt. Secondly on a GTX
    295 the graphics dont live up to some of the "ingame" screens ive seen. But understandably being an online game its not going to have the best graphics. Also the highly detailed interiors??? i was driving a lancia and the dashboard looked like a 2d image slapped behing the steering wheel. The mediocre graphics could be because they wanted to include the old hawaii map without totally revamping it but seriously for £30 i would have been happy with a brand spanking new ibiza map. When my gtx 580's arrive ill test again on the graphics as im not sure if the game recognises dx11 or not (probably not being a port) and Thirdly on that point i think that this is just another port and without an update alot of people will be dissapointed after all the hype. NFS Hot pursuit has better handling and graphics im sad to say. I think in general eden have spent far 2 much time trying to make cool avatars and casinos etc and have forgotted its a driving game. I hope a few patches will help the handling as that is my main concern. The game is definetly playable and i will enjoy it but if you want a high quality driving simulation you will be disapointed i think. Expand
  33. Feb 20, 2011
    Stupid characters (story too) , awful controls, lack of cars customization, boring side missions and numerous bugs. Eden paid more attention to players avatars and social part of the game rather then cars and racing. Graphics are ok and cars models look good, music is also acceptable but so what? Game is highly irritating so if you wont to get pissed - stay away. It is not a terrible game but far behind a original TDU. Expand
  34. Mar 16, 2011
    I am not quite sure what to say about TDU2. I am a long time player of the Test Drive series, TDU1 was ground breaking with its game play style, however it was very buggy online. Besides the online friends disappearing all the time the game is pretty solid (TDU1). Now as far as TDU2 goes, it has been a buggy mess since release day and I am not even going to mention it all now there is just too much. Yes they have patched the game quite a bit, but the game still is lacking in many areas. The cars selection is weak, seriously no Lamborghini? WTF! Umm yeah, that's just one huge downfall IMO. There are many more cars the game is lacking that TDU1 had, but again I will be writing a book about how much was left out the game. Also there is no car trading like in TDU1, and you cannot sell your cars straight away, you must fill the garage then try to buy a new car to get rid of an unwanted car, lol. Expand
  35. Dec 27, 2011
    The open world of this game is pretty nice, and the graphics are amazing, especially when you drive at high speeds. But unfortunately everything is very repetitive and can get very boring after a while.
  36. Dec 11, 2012
    Some minor improvements over the original Test Drive Unlimited makes the game even more fun to play, but a very buggy release and a (once again) poor implementation of multiplayer holds it back from greatness.
  37. Oct 9, 2012
    Too many unnecessary features, unbalanced multiplayer, no sane way to earn money after you finish the carreer, unoptimized graphics, terrible radio announcers, terrible cutscenes. But on the other hand it's big, engaging, immersive, beautiful, and there is a lot of stuff to do.
  38. Nov 23, 2013
    TL;DR: Sadly, a nice looking game that is infuriating to play, so much wasted potentials.
    I play this game 800*600 & low quality with a keyboard, and this game is the most frustrating racing game I've played, far more than GRiD, DiRT, DiRT 3, NFS UG2, NFS HP III, NFS PU, SHIFT 2. For starters, the "return to road" function is just revolting, Not only does it take ~2
    seconds to activate, it does NOT even activate at all in most cases, wtf? I'm 40 metres off of the road, and the red cross appears, really now?
    From there, let's move onto the aesthetics, which is great overall (damn straight, graphics are this game's strongest selling point, although I'm not fortunate to enjoy it at max level), but have some game-killing flaws. In many off-road races, I cannot even tell the road from the grass.Even if I play on low, the two should be clearly distinguishable. The choice of clothes are sexist as well, just look at the women's collection of shoes: none of them are flat, even the sport store sell heels.
    Racing schools are indeed a painful thorn as said by many, the tests that involve AI's (passing & dodging) are the stupidest. The AI follows a predetermined path, at the passing test, I find them constantly hitting my backside after I've passed them and slowed down for a corner. This game have a algorithm for determining responsibilities of crashes (seen in free ride), but it's not present in the racing schools.
    The choices of cars are interesting in a bad way. Eden clearly worships Ferrari, and maybe Audi and Mercedes-Benz, while not too hot for some other well-known brands, or maybe they did not bother to get licenses from them? Regardless, this game have no Lamborghini, no Maserati, no true Porsche, no BMW's, only 2 Japanese brands (Subaru & Nissan), and for the bikes, only 2 brands, Ducati and Harley-Davidson, but that's forgivable, its only DLC content anyways. ~87% of the cars are RWD (most of the non-SUV AWD's are Audi, god bless Quattro eh?), which translates to spin-outs on start-ups for keyboard users. Seriously, do they not know a great many people play on PC with keyboard? Handling is just unbearable sometimes. Ferrari F40-Can't drive that thing at all when raining, spin-out after spin-out.
    The physics are just funky at times, not even related to the fact that I'm using a keyboard. When I crash into a smooth barrier at ~30 degrees, I get turned 180 degrees. Neither can I do donuts on any surface. I skin a telephone pole, and again, get turned to the opposite direction. Combined with the brilliant "return to road" function, it is a recipe for rage.
    Everything else in this game is more than satisfactory, but with the main component--racing, so frustrating, it's hard to like this game a lot. Maybe I'll play it from time to time, but it will definitely not be my go-to racing game. If you've made it this far, thank you for you patience.
  39. Nov 26, 2011
    Lack of subtitles for cutscenes has put me off. I have been lost working out what I should do in the game. Luckily, my familiarity with TDU1 has helped me gain a basic understanding on how the game is supposed to be played. It's pretty average. Story is scored 0 because I need subtitles to help understand, even if I am a English speaker. Therefore this have no repsect for hearing impaired players like me. But bercause the gameplay is fun, I give it a 10 so 10 and 0 balances out as 5. Expand
  40. Aug 15, 2011
    Could have been brilliant but significant flaws means it ends up incredibly frustratating. The appalling singleplayer driving tests that you are forced to endure in order to progress, are a shocking and unforgiveable experience that just leave you wanting to quit the game after a couple of attempts. Whoever was responsible in creating these tests should be sacked for ruining what could have been a classic game. The handling on a lot of the cars leaves a lot to be desired and all these problems contribute to ruining the overall experience. If you have the patience of a saint, you might be more willing to persevere but for most, this game will leave you wanting to take a hammer to your computer! A great shame because with just a bit more thorough playtesting, these faults could have been rectified. Expand
  41. Nov 24, 2011
    I was really looking forward to this game but was extremely disappointed. It's amazing number of cars and the huge are to explore is what kept me from rating this game lower. The bad part is the handling of the cars. It is almost impossible to turn and stay in control. If you are looking for a game like TDU 1 (my favorite free roam driving game), do not look here.
  42. Mar 29, 2012
    Initially i thought the game looked really fun and addictive. So i bought it and played for about 5-6 hours. However.....
    After the 2Nd off-road championship i started to get bored

    The horrible steering was the main problem getting in the way of my real enjoyment. Also another problem i had, was the championship structure of races. I think the game would have been a whole lot more fun
    with separate races, it also helps with the sense of progression.

    Graphics wise.. I like the new game engine. But as you start to play you do start to notice graphical issues and blemishes. For example there is quite a bit of pop in. And some of the textures are lacking in quality.But worst of all, the cars, they are not at all detailed! The models in the 4 year old first one looked better!. The character models are horrible as well the speech and lip movement is terrible!. The environments overall look a bit lacklustre in detail; you start to notice the same house models all over the island after playing for 5 hours. Driving them becomes boring. Overall the quality of the island is a bit muddy; there are some nice vistas, but a lot more work could have gone into really making every town look adequate

    I have not used the social networking features though, so this review is based on the offline gameplay

    The first one was SO Much better. More fun, better graphics and overall more polished. If you want a good racing game look into the need for speed games or codemasters games. There REALLY fun to play. One word to describe TDU2: Numb. No real immersion or enjoyment. TDU2 goes straight back on the shelf after just 5 hours of game play

    Overall 5/10 absolute max-. I found these glitches totally ruined the game experience, although if you can get past them you MAY enjoy tdu2.
  43. Sep 23, 2012
    I know that what many people enjoyed with the first game was the "free" feeling, and that is something you miss in this game. I think that the "rank" system isn't fit for this game at all. The only upside, which actually is a big upside according to me, is that it is really easy to learn the game, and those drivers licence tests you have to take are great.
  44. Jun 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. see some people stumped on why the game got bad reviews. Well these guys never played the First TDU apparently. Sure if you take this game on its merit alone and Forget that the first TDU ever existed this is a great racing game, but as a fan of the first one I can not just wash off my experience with the first game. That said this one fall rather short of the original in my opinion.

    The Good:

    The graphics have been updated the game (except for the original island) looks better than the original game's.
    The off road really adds more depth tom the experience.
    Nice learning curve with the driving assistance.
    more character customization options.

    The Bad:

    world seems hollow compared to the original. Gone are the hitch hiker missions, the package deliveries, and the car deliveries that made the first game seem so alive to me (maybe I have not gotten far enough along in this one yet but from 6 days playing it the world just seems empty with not as much to do outside racing championships. The discovery mode is poor replacement for hitch hiker missions on buying new cloths. I felt like exploring the first game more often knowing that about every 5 to 10 miles there was a npc that I could do a mission for. finding junk cars just not that enticing of a reason to go exploring even with the bonus cars they unlock.

    Less cars from what I've seen and what cars I do see about 1/3 are DLC purchases. seriously if some one knows where I can find a modern corvette that doesn't cost real money PLEASE let me know. this whole game seems engineered around nickel and diming us on dlc. sure its not much (about 1 dollar most cars). but its the principal of the matter this is a TEST DRIVE game. sell extra BS but cars should not be DLC.

    Missing radio this one I have to mention and it is worth 3 marks off this game imo.
    there are only 2 crappy radio stations and one seems to advertise for music it just doesn't have?? are you serious when the radio host talks about sacrificing goats while listening to their station I expect REAL hardcore metal not wuss rock and electro tunes. to ad insult to injury the first game offered users the ability to create their own radio stations with their own mp3 collection, well guess what they ripped that right out of the sequel. then have lied about how they will add it back in in a patch ..its been a year or more since this game came out when I bought it and still NO USER RADIO.

    Last I'd like to say I HATE the license test system this is TDU we shouldn't have to go through hellish license test just to get to the good bits of the game which are never as big of an a-pain as these test are any way. again just a poor feature meant to fill the void of them not having other mission types in the game and again it does a poor job of filling that void. Maybe some of you guys like this, but I find the test more annoying and game pace breaking to me than fulfilling.

    Other thoughts:

    I'd go back top TDU 1 except Atari shut down the servers some time in 2012 not sure if I can even get in game with out the servers being up? as for TDU 2 i9'll stick to it for now a 5/10 in my book is an ok game for fans of a series I'd not recomend it to non driving game fans though. for driving game fans that never played TUD I'd say its a 7/10 a good game to introduce you to TDU but really TDU 1 offered so much more with less blatant money grabbing dlc. Maybe Atari will make it right on TDU3 we can hope.
  45. Mar 29, 2011
    The Good: Cruising around with some friends or by yourself for a couple of hours. Just Cruising.

    The Bad: Can u spell Beta. This game has soo many bugs, completely uninspiring story, lame voice overs (the few that they bothered to do), frustrating!! level design, car upgrades that dont work, a community racing center that was down for a month let alone the online clubs issues, car
    dynamics wrong (on a very steep incline and stationary, pushing the brakes makes the car skid down, but let off the brakes and freewheel and the car doesn't move. so many good features from TDU1 somehow not included like:
    ability to turn engine on and off
    adjustable radial blur
    adjustable incar seat
    incar dials that actually work (the buggy's rev count is 1,2,3,4,5,6,5,6,7 - QA? tested at all?)
    ability to move cars around garages
    the list seriously just goes on and on

    not to mention that once you finish all the singleplayer races and still have lots to buy you won't be able to make money at any reasonable rate unlike TDU1. you cannot repeat entire cups to win the end prize money, it seriously is a dead game after that for singleplayer. multiplayer fails because only certain people who bought from a specific retailer (not Steam) got the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport as a preorder "bonus" and it will outstrip every other car no matter how much tuning. meaning if you didn't live in a specific country, prepare to not be able to win multiplayer games unless by chance - joy. where's the skill in that?

    such an uninspiring game, disappointment of the year handsdown!!
  46. Feb 10, 2011
    One of the worst car games I've ever played, I was looking forward to this game a long time and then "boom" disappointed as hell at a game which developers had loads of time to create. A little plus because they had okay characters but the rest is just......
  47. Feb 10, 2011
    Biggest disappointment of the year so far. The only thing i really like about the game is the music and the look of the cars (even though, in first TDU part they seemed more realistic). Cons :

    - cut scenes - really stupid, i spend most of my gametime laughing because i couldn't believe that game with such stupid dialogues can be released
    - the plot - i wish it wasn't there at all. We had
    none in TDU 1, people loved it, why change it?
    - graphics - it's like TDU1 on highest details with a bit changed graphical engine so it could look less realistic
    - driving - i so want to go to Atari building and get my 40$ back. I really DON'T KNOW who designed the driving in this game, but he definately didn't play the first part. IT IS HORRIBLE.

    I tried all modes on both keyboard and wheel (G25). I gotta say, it's unplayable and there's a lot of problems with additional controlers.

    - major bugs - When i started playing i first made an offline account. I was excited to see day/night cycles and weather system. But guess what, i got informed that all of this doesn't work in offline mode cause of a bug. Oh come on, are you serious?

    Conclusions : If you're more of The Sims fun and you don't care if driving in game cars is fun, get the game. Otherwise you're gonna be disappointed, mad and you will swear a lot while playing this game.

    I really hoped this game was going to destroy the competition and that Atari won't be like other companies, creating new game for the masses and throwing brilliant ideas to the trash. But hey, i guess that if you want to play a good car racing games, you gotta buy a console.
  48. Aug 23, 2012
    Nice cars, nice world, but those are the only positives about this game. If racing game has terrible driving physics, then I can't even enjoy the good things.
  49. Jun 13, 2013
    To be quite honest with you, if you like this style of driving game, i.e, where you can sort of explore the island in your car; I would recommend getting the first game and avoiding this one. The voice-acting is incredibly cheesy and the 'story' is just awful. At least in Test Drive Unlimited (the first game) they simply didn't have a story-line, probably to avoid this exact problem. The graphics really aren't that much better either so you're not really missing out on much. Expand
  50. Dec 9, 2013
    terrible car handling that makes you wanna headbutt the screen.
    unsastisfying graphics performance that can go glitchy.

    a total step-down from a solid first game.
  51. Feb 11, 2011
    (I've played about 12h) First of all it's a extremely bad physic-engine, driving doesn't makes fun and isn't realistic. The game-engine as bad as the driving-engine, low details, bad textures and the normal traffic-cars are as ugly as sin!

    (sorry, my Englisch is not that good ;) )
  52. Mar 25, 2011
    Horribly tame and cheap physics in this game. All the fanboys excuse it by trying to force an idea that we expected it to be a sim. That is wrong: we expected the arcade racing from tdu1, maybe even slightly improved.
    What we got instead is driving and sounds straight out of a flash game. This is by far the worst car-game I have played and I've played some real budget stinkers from the
    The second excuse fanboys pull is that this game "isn't about racing". Gee that's odd: lots of fast cars and lots of them things called "races" in this game. How the hell are you trying to convince potential buyers that this isn't about racing???
    The "plot" in the game is ridiculous: written by a teenager for teenagers? The stability of the game itself is even worse and the devs are doing nothing: stillborn game.

    So if you like arcade racers like flatout, grid, nfs... or heck basically any racing game at all: DO NOT BUY THIS. Most importantly of all: try not to listen to the fanboys.
    If you however would like to play rich man sims - barbie house party then TDU2 is definitely a game for you.
  53. May 7, 2012
    pros - Grab a car and drive it wherever you like on two big islands (if train-like car dynamics is your thing)
    cons - Everything else
    verdict - Atari's underfunded and underdeveloped "most anticipated racing title of 2011!"
  54. May 23, 2011
    Let's get the good out of the way. This game looks great, the weather effect is very nice, driving in the rain looked great. That's about it.

    Now on to the bad. WTF is wrong with the handling physics? TDU1's physics was fine, why did they felt the need to change it? Now all the cars are have lots of grip, and yet they understeer like a mofo. The controller support is way worse than
    TDU1. I have a Betop C033 controller, it was plug and play in TDU1. But in TDU1 I spent hours trying to get it to steer smoothly, the car still feels very twitchy at high speed. I even went back and drove some cars in TDU1 to refresh my memory. It's either bad handling physics or bad controller support, either way, it's a step down from TDU1. The new social stuff is not fun either. I don't care how my avatar looks like, I don't want to spend money on cosmetic surgeries. Atari, you need to understand that we enjoy the racing social aspect, you got your priorities all wrong. In a racing game, physics is the most important aspect, you neglected that to improve the social aspect? WTF?! I really wanted to like this game, TDU1 is probably the second most played racing game for me (Right behind the GT series), but I didn't enjoy TDU2 at all during the 5+ hours that I played. If you guys ever decided to make TDU3, hire the team that made the first game back, fire the team that made the second game. Expand
  55. Nov 15, 2011
    coming from tdu1 this is a let down all over the cars handle so odd and out of place even the car selection is disappointing .. they added off-roading witch feels better then the cars on the road but still not good ....ughh this game had so much potential i don't know what they did . grfxs are .. well it dont look as good as tdu1 allot more cartoony (dont know how people can say it looks good ) performance always stuttering bounces between high 30s and 40s online seems to be as broken as the first you see people but not the ones you want people on your friends list dont show up just random's if you just drive in a strait line its fine watch the scenery blow by just don't turn Expand
  56. Nov 24, 2011
    I've been playing driving sims now for over 15 years with Jeff Crammonds Grand Prix on the Amiga being the first real sim I played. In al this time, pretty much ever since the first Need for speed game came out have I wanted a truly free roaming, real to life driving sim that makes me feel like I am actually driving a sports car that I can't afford round the streets of a city. Test drive unlimited pretty much fails in every single aspect to deliver this. Even the free roaming mode is crippled by the lack of any handling physics at all. You cant even just enjoy "cruising" unless you like cruising in a hovercraft with a mind of it's own. Also, minimum specs for this game are a Gefore 8800GTX? Are you kidding me? With graphics this bad I'd expect to be able to run it with my old Voodoo2. Test Drive 5 looked better than this. Lazy, lazy programing. MW3 runs great on my machine and yet this game runs like a dog with no legs. I hate to slate a game, but this takes the biscuit. I'm glad I only payed £3 for it n the steam sale. Now I know why it's in the sale... Expand
  57. Sep 1, 2012
    I was excited for TDU2. After wasting away my time on other games, I was looking forwards to a new open-world racing game. Looked great, with its large selection of cars and its massive environment. What they didn't tell me, though, was the absolutely awful license mechanic, which forces you to repeatedly go through near-impossible courses in record time just to enter a race. Not to mention the abomination that is the handling. Cars, including the Aston Martin Vantage (one of my favourites in real life, I might add) spin out and do 360 degree turns seemingly on their own when you floor it. Slow down and you'll get left behind by the other Barbie-doll racers. And when (if?) you beat it, you have to go back to school, where you repeatedly fail the challenges as the teacher turns to you, smiles creepily, and says "don't worry! You'll get it!" Expand
  58. Jul 10, 2011
    very disappointed at this game. compare to the TDU this game doesn't live up the expectation. the graphic hasn't improved significantly except the weather effect. two major issues that render this game un-enjoyable are the driving experience and the crippled network. the steering is far away from realistic; and the network often prevent the game from even loading. the "plot" and the NPCs are laughable, the voice acting is awkward. WORD OF ADVICE: do not buy unless it's less than 5 bucks. Expand
  59. Feb 11, 2011
    Quite a big disappointment considering how much fun the first game was. In fact, when the sequel was announced, I was excited. Reason - a second game could just polish everything the first game had to offer and then some more. It was all set to be a much more refined and fun experience for TDU2. That's what I thought. Unfortunately, this is not the case. TDU2 has it all - bad physics, bad car handling, lackluster driving mechanics and the racing is just horrid. The online play doesn't help this game much. It can be fun to drive around in the free roam mode, but gosh, this is 2011 and we get a game that feels so dated. Not recommended. The graphics - well, there are better titles out there that completely dwarfs this. The recently released NFS: Hot Pursuit is a much better choice. Avoid this. Expand
  60. Feb 28, 2011
    They ruined every good detail of this game. Driving model, music, graphics, optimalization. Everything is a total disaster. This game is not worth to be called Test Drive. Shame on you ATARI and EDEN :(
  61. Mar 9, 2011
    After you make all races on singleplayer mode the game i so boring boring and boring ! Stuipid social options. Lack of cars and customization of them. Big disappointment !
  62. Aug 7, 2011
    Big letdown with this game. I played the first TDU and liked it so much. When I heard they were releasing a sequel I was pretty excited. And this came along. BIG letdown. Graphics budget is way too taxing, even for some of the higher-end video cards, there are many instances of lag that affect the race at hand forcing a restart of the game as a whole, very very buggy game. As far as gameplay is concerned, dropping the pedal to the metal off a start doesn't always guarantee a surefire rocketing start and the car will sit there revving while your competition leaves you in their dust. Game physics seem to defy the laws of motion in this universe. Signs you knocked over reappear almost instantly. The plot is quite hokey but it's fun to play it through and amass all those cars and attempt to drive them with any kind of control and speed. The idea of customizing houses and cars is cool. Two maps to choose from is a nice touch and having all that land to scour is pretty awesome. All in all though this game is a big fail and is not worth the money. It's almost like it was rushed to just get it out the door in time. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND SAVE YOUR BREATH TO COOL YOUR SOUP INSTEAD OF YELLING AT THE GAME BECAUSE IT SUCKS. Collapse
  63. Jan 18, 2012
    quite possibly the worst racing game i've ever played (and i remember pole position on the commodore 64)
    the physics engine is non existent. it feels like you are controlling a bar of soap and not a car.
    the voice acting is abysmal. I've seen plays put on by my 6 year old kid at school that had better acting.
    the developers seem more interested in your avatar and plastic surgery than the
    all characters in the game just come off as obnoxious. the only reason i gave this a 2 is because the developers had the balls to release this pile of pap.
  64. Feb 12, 2012
    Well, where to start?
    TDU2 tries to be many things. most of which it fails at quite miserably.
    Lets start with what should be the focal point of the game. Cars. Now right off the bat the cars look pretty good, well modeled and the like. But from there it all falls apart.For starters the engine noise of every cars sounds meek and powerless, the handling (if you could call it that) is very
    floaty and more often than not you'll end up off-roading. Also maybe it's just me but from the 10 or so hours i put into this game it seems to me like this game has the worst automatic transmission in existence. Off the line my car would not engage first gear for a few seconds then go right to second gear then gear back down to first and then piddle back into second. By which time my opponents had pulled away nicely. So in short as a driving game if is awful. As a open world game it has some legs but they're all but ruined by the aforementioned means of exploring said world. the radio dj's are beyond stupid. talking about how their station plays the best death metal to then lead into some indie rock song.
    The story is so bad i don't even want to recant it
    The games a bloody mess. its not worth anymore than $5. you've been warned.
  65. Feb 13, 2013
    This game was kind of a disappointment. The game controls horrible on a keyboard, the cars handle really strange, the physics are just terrible and the crash-mechanics are just awful. Add to that forced on social that detracts from the driving, limited amount of tracks and game-modes, random crashes and a ton of other minor annoyances and you get a pretty below average game. The island where you can free roam looks nice and are quite spacey and varied but the subpar driving mechanics manages to take the fun out of that. Personally i did not have a good time with this game and i really cant see who really would. The hardcore racing guys should stay away because of the awkward driving and fans of arcade racers should stay away for the same reason plus the fact that the game really lacks the variation or speed that you would expect from an arcade racer. I would not recommend this game and i am sure that you can find a better racing game of whichever kind you are looking for. Expand
  66. Feb 10, 2013
    Ouch, should not have bought this. I figured that after about 20 years of the franchise, they would know how to make a racing game. Sadly, I was wrong. The driving feels incredibly unrealistic. The way NFS makes you aware of the limits of physics and the car, in TDU2 the car, nor the physics seem to have limits. The story and cut scenes, instead of redeeming the terrible game-play, only add insult to injury because of their incredibly childish plot. Finally, the game lacks technically. It crashed for the first time during the installation by the downloader and the graphics look aweful because of the lack of support for my monitor with 16:10 aspect ratio. Do yourself a favor and do not buy this. Even if it's on sale, it's a bad buy. Expand
  67. Jul 18, 2013
    I couldn't enjoy this game. The driving was so bad that it makes me laugh. Graphics are decent, that's why I gave it a 2. But apart from that, not much positives to say
  68. MTR
    Mar 18, 2011
    Intento de simulador con una fisica desastrosa juntado con un control pesimo (teclado). Totalmente alejado de la diversion rapida que pueden proporcionar los NFS, es incomparable a cualquier simulador tipo GT. El puntito se lo doy por la parte "Los Sims" que envuelve todo lo que no son la carrera.
  69. Feb 14, 2011
    Visually TDU2 is a nice game, good physics and apparently good multiplayer. The problem? It doesn't work. Online play is completely broken, don't even waste your money buying the game to play multiplayer at this point as it doesn't work. The servers have been down since launch and even though Atari says they are "up and being monitored" that simply means, to them, that there's power applied to the server hardware. If you want to play online don't waste your time. If you want a good racing sim for solo play, look elsewhere, this game was designed for online play period, offline is just for training and short term play. Expand
  70. Feb 17, 2011
    all i can really say is this game is hands down the worst game ever made, has the worst control of any racing game out there, and anyone who say this game is good, has not played the game, its a shame too, it looked like it would be fun, but with its bad control, bad graphics, bad and weird voice acting, i can not recommend this pile of dump
  71. Mar 25, 2011
    I honestly didn't expect this game to be so bad. The 1st TDU game was revolutionary, it had it's issues but it was a damn good game. But the facts are facts, TDU2 is incredibly buggy, incredibly difficult and it pretty much made everything that was bad about the 1st TDU game 10 times worse. It still features the same forced driving mechanics which lack any kind of physics, the same ''anti-roll'' system which prevents the cars from flipping at more than 45 degrees, and the same brain dead A.I. . Add to that some poorly voiced cut-scenes, a vinyl system that totally doesn't work, a ton of bugs and multiplayer lag and at least 5 times less cars than the 1st game. Expand
  72. Apr 21, 2011
    Without a doubt THE WORST DRIVING GAME EVER, simply nothing can reddem this game, the handling is trash, the grahics look like games from 2004, utter ****
  73. Jul 1, 2011
    Let me start by saying I played the original Test Drive Unlimited a lot, and that was a brilliant game.

    TDU2 in short, is not. Where do I start... The car controls are the main problem. The steering doesn't respond well, and switches between chronic understeer and snap oversteer. The side view head turning is slow so you can't look sideways quickly, the GPS isn't clear (the blue arrow
    symbol often gets lost against the blue of the sky, and making it out at a quick glance isn't easy. Roads aren't displayed well on the GPS.

    The voice acting is horrendous, and even the radio stations just feel like they're trying to copy the ones from Grand Theft Auto games.

    Graphically, the game isn't much better than the first and looks dated, even on high settings.

    Options didn't always save, fullscreen isn't even an option in the Video Options (I had to Google it ato find out that the only way is Alt+Enter).

    Honestly, I find it hard to believe this is the follow up to TDU. Avoid at all costs, absolutely awful game.
  74. Sep 5, 2011
    Worst driving handling games I ever played. I can even control better when I'm driving GT5 using simulation mode compared to this. This isn't any realistic driving, anyone will be a fool to buy this game and play. I, myself, is a fool and regretted buying this game, it's a waste of money. The driving physics is just worst than any simulation racing games out there.
  75. Sep 24, 2011
    I tried to play this game. I tried to enjoy it... I really did, but between the terrible cut-scenes that you couldn't skip and the inexplicable urge for the back end of your car to slide out at the tiniest touch of a button, I could not handle it. I screamed out in frustration many, many times, and rage quit many, many times.... much like I was playing a Call of Duty game online......>.
  76. Apr 27, 2011
    cant play it I keep getting the blue screen of death after ten minutes and no i'm not a noob I have the most updated graphics drivers and nothing is overheating. i play other games with no problem. overall the game is buggy and I don't recommend wasting your money on it
  77. Apr 23, 2011
    Extremely disappointing. Concur with all the negative comments here. The sounds, the pop ups, the dated graphics, the ropey handling are inexcusable, not to mention the bugs. Avoid like the plague and let's pray someone is willing to take the franchise forward with a real TDU2
  78. Mar 3, 2011
    I've played about 9 hours and I've gotta say, Eden for all gamers, fire your story writers, and fire the idiot who thought up the physics. Also maybe fire your voice actors, their repetitive and dull. Actually come to think of it, close up shop and maybe try designing concept art for cars instead. The only thing they got right with the game was the look of the cars and the worlds appearance. I have a truck that corners better then the sports cars in this game, and from driving fast cars I can say spinning out on every corner is hard to do if you know how to drive. But this physics engine, do more then 30 around a corner and your going to be offroading the sports car. Try the **** view, spin out. The license system is a repetitive drag, and really there is no point of playing as there is no story. Expand
  79. Jan 14, 2012
    This game sucks big time, I wouldn't even call it a racing game because it's more like a sequel to The Sims, but for someone who like to play with dolls and dress them up I guess it can be somewhat entertaining. The driving itself is completely ridiculous, no physics what so ever and the cars feels like weightless toy cars, there are also plenty of bugs and game crashes. This is a very poor console port that you should stay away from at all costs. Expand
  80. Feb 11, 2013
    I had to press Alt-Gr Return to get fullscreen, disable surround sound just to hear anything and press repeatedly until my fingers hurts just to reconfigure some of the keys on the keyboard. As soon as you touch the gravel, you get enough penalty seconds to never be able to win the race. There is no spring physics at all so that it feels like driving a train. The car's local inertia feels like 4.5 so that the car just keep spinning around. If you drive faster than 30 km/h while steering, you will drift 360 degrees out of control while burning rubber. When I drive a car in real life, it is like glued to the road at 70 km/h. Expand
  81. Aug 7, 2011
    Big letdown with this game. I played the first TDU and liked it so much. When I heard they were releasing a sequel I was pretty excited. And this came along. BIG letdown. Graphics budget is way too taxing, even for some of the higher-end video cards, there are many instances of lag that affect the race at hand forcing a restart of the game as a whole, very very buggy game. As far as gameplay is concerned, dropping the pedal to the metal off a start doesn't always guarantee a surefire rocketing start and the car will sit there revving while your competition leaves you in their dust. Game physics seem to defy the laws of motion in this universe. Signs you knocked over reappear almost instantly. The plot is quite hokey but it's fun to play it through and amass all those cars and attempt to drive them with any kind of control and speed. The idea of customizing houses and cars is cool. Two maps to choose from is a nice touch and having all that land to scour is pretty awesome. All in all though this game is a big fail and is not worth the money. It's almost like it was rushed to just get it out the door in time. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND SAVE YOUR BREATH TO COOL YOUR SOUP INSTEAD OF YELLING AT THE GAME BECAUSE IT SUCKS. Collapse

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  1. 60
    Racing game pretends to have a lot of features and extras at first glance. Fact is, this just has some boring races and dusty graphics. [Mar 2011]
  2. Mar 31, 2011
    Ignore the story and there's a very enticing world to explore. [Apr 2011, p.64]
  3. Mar 21, 2011
    Don't get us wrong, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is a very decent game. With a massive island to explore, beautiful cars and scenery that can take your breath away, it's an absolute eye candy. Still, almost every aspect of the game can use some polish. [Mar 2011, p.99]