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  1. Jul 2, 2013
    …35… 36… 37… 38… 39… Thank God, I can go home now! [CD-Action 08/2013, p.83]
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  1. Apr 30, 2013
    Okay, I'm giving this a 10 on a couple of counts. The first being that this is bold new territory. Seen nothing quite like this. I was immersed in the story, and really enjoyed the experience. Secondly, I think the format created here really shines and I'd love to see how other stories could be transformed in this way. I noticed the developer has pushed this out on desktop and tablet... I'd like to see console too. If there was a criticism, I'd say it would be good to push the interactions a bit further. I'd give anything to actually feel like I was standing in the worlds that are being created. Maybe the next one? Full Review »
  2. Apr 29, 2013
    Good concept but... for a game about story, one would hope that they have a decent mastery of spelling and grammar. I am no expert on the English language, but, even I feel like I'm being yanked out of the attempted immersion at times due to said spelling errors, common writing pitfalls, and grammatical omissions and errors. Full Review »
  3. May 18, 2013
    Definitely different and its quality is comparable to heavy rain, if not better...

    the minus point comes from the unnecessary mouse*pad
    gestures to open doors and stuff. It was not necessary.

    The other minus is because this game is basically a pdf game with sounds and animation..

    But definitely not a bad thing as it can immerse you into the story and the early 1900s.

    Would recommend it to conspiracy fans and people who do not read books...
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