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  • Summary: The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb is the expansion to The Binding of Isaac, a randomly generated action RPG shooter with heavy Rogue-like elements. Following Isaac on his journey players will find bizarre treasures that change Isaacs form giving him super human abilities and enabling him to fight off droves of mysterious creatures, discover secrets and fight his way to safety.

    Key Features:

    - 100+ new items! (now over 235 items!)
    - 5+ new chapters!
    - 20+ new enemies!
    - 25 new achievements!
    - 15+ new bosses!
    - 6+ new room types!
    - 6+ new mysterious item drops (eternal hearts, playing cards, dimes and more!)
    - 5+ new music tracks by Danny B
    - A new item type, Trinkets
    - A new challenge mode with 10 unique challenges that unlock more content
    - A new unlockable character, Samson (The Beserker)
    - A new final (final) chapter and boss with new endings
    - Tons of new random happenings, curses, blessings, npcs, fortune tellers and more!
    - Also more super secrets than you'd probably expect... good luck finding them all.
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  1. Jul 27, 2012
    Very little game that gives you way more fun-moments than most big titles. You keep replaying it and it never gets boring. It's very hard and you need a lot of practice. Not that that is a problem. The game is packed with shady humor and it's really suited for almost everybody with some sense pf humor Expand
  2. Jun 21, 2012
    Binding of isaac already had massive replay value and this just pushes it to the extreme.
    3$ for 70% more content including 25 new bosses and
    mini-bosses, over 100 new items, a new floor type for every existing floor type plus a bonus floor, a whole bunch of new enemies, new rooms, and so much more. The new floors are much more challenging than the old ones but this is welcome after mastering the vanilla floors, and now that there are over 200 items in the game, its even funner to go and play the game just to see what kind of build you get. While there are bugs, they are getting patched very often and are not a reason not to get this as, a dlc so gigantic is bound to have unforseen bugs.
    However if you have never play the binding of isaac, i recommend that you play without the dlc on first, as it adds much more difficulty to the game and you might want to be familiar with the game first. Its amazing how this 3$ dlc delivers more than a 15$ Call of Duty multiplayer map pack.
  3. Jul 6, 2013
    Games don't get better than The Binding of Isaac. Edmund McMillan is one of the greatest game designers of all time and that's apparent in every nook and cranny of Isaac. Yes, it is absurdly difficult and never gets easy no matter how much you play. The only way to win consistently is to become a total BofI expert. You have to know what every item does and understand all the tricks needed to maximize the potential of every choice that the game presents. It's immensely rewarding once you get the hang of it. The music is wonderful and the art style totally quirky and delightful. You won't understand how it's possible to put "embryo" and "adorable" in the same sentence until you play Isaac. A must have game for hardcore gamers. Expand
  4. Jun 1, 2012
    This is one of the best dlc's I've ever had for a game, it actually changes the way you play! Overall the game is more difficult than before but why would a newbie buy it before the original? The game for me before was way too easy after killing mom after the 10th time (I've kill mom's heart 28 times). The items are fresh and the soundtrack's still fits perfectly + challenges are fun/hard. For $3 you get a new game basically. Expand
  5. May 29, 2012
    If you already own the Binding of Isaac, why not buy this? Its cheep and adds tons to the game. New challenges, new items, new enemies will continue to do what this game does best: kick your ass. The only reason this scores a 9 and not a 10, is the fact that the difficulty might be just a bit too hard. Difficulty is one of the appeals of the game, however much like Ed McMillen's other game, Super Meat Boy, Isaac slowly ramps up the difficulty. Adding Wrath of the Lamb makes takes away this ramp, making the first few levels very hard. Completely worth buying, but consider your self warned! Expand
  6. Jun 6, 2012
    I was really optimistic when I heard about this DLC first time. Finally it came out so I bought it. It was cheap, and what I get is, a really good expansion! So many new contents. New bosses, enemies, new room types, tons of new items, and new endings. It is really satisfying to play The Binding of Isaac - The Wrath of the Lamb. The new level types and curses and the trinkets makes the gameplay better. Some of the new enemies are challenging but the difficulty is still fair. There is a new challenge mode with ten challenges, they're also fun and worth to play for some new items. In some challenges you start with good items, but there are no item rooms. So it is fairly balanced. It is a little bit more difficult than before, but it is still OK.

    On the bad side of TBoI : The Wrath of the Lamb, the DLC is glitchy! There are so many minor and major glitches. Fortunately I didn't run into most of them, but I experienced some and I read about them. The creators try to fix them, v1.15 is already out, but it is still glitchy. Hopefully, major bugs will be fixed, sometimes it can break your gameplay. For example, you can teleport into isolated secret rooms, there is no escape from those out. It can be very annoying.

    There is an other issue since the original game: performance. It is horrible on a weaker computer. There is absolutely no GPU support, everything is calculated by the CPU. If you have a bad CPU, you will get serious slowdowns. The game was written in Flash unfortunately, and in The Wrath of the Lamb, there is still no GPU acceleration. I'm sure if it was written for an other engine, it was way much faster. I was hoping Florian Himsl will do something about it.

    If there was no performance issues and glitches I would give The Binding of Isaac : The Wrath of the Lamb a 10. The gameplay is perfect, you won't be bored after playing it a hundred times. It will be always fresh, you will be surprised by getting new items, and other random stuffs.

    Even with the issues, this game is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  7. Jan 28, 2013
    The game was difficult but only because I had such a terrible time controlling my character. Seriously if you are going to make it this hard give me better controls. Expand

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