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  1. It could have been a bit longer, maybe lasting more than fourteen days to represent The Fourteen Stations of the Cross, and the combat system could have been better, like the outstanding fight between Jesus and temptation for forty days and forty nights in the desert - but this game could be the closest thing to witnessing the turning a good film into a good game miracle, much like Jesus turned water into wine.
  2. Ignore the media furore, and enjoy this as a standalone puzzler. [July 2006, p.97]
  3. The Da Vinci Code will have the greatest appeal, ironically, to those who have not read the book or seen the movie, as a strong familiarization with Dan Brown's work may actually detract from the gaming experience.
  4. You'll spend plenty of time cracking anagrams and other codes, and they aren't child's play, either. There's some combat, too, which, while feeling a little out of place, does provide for variation in the game.
  5. Because I like puzzles, I enjoyed much of Da Vinci despite its flaws. But there are many of them, and the game's sloppy implementation can be seen in a number of questionable design decisions.
  6. Offers a challenging and varied gameplay experience that will satisfy the amateur cryptographer in everyone. However, the game is brought down by supbar production values and a dialogue-heavy story that has a tendency to drag at times.
  7. While it lacks the charm and cleverness of the "Broken Sword" games, it retains the compelling one-more-chapter allure of the novel. [Aug 2006, p.83]
  8. The combat is kind of strange. It doesn't seem congruent given the subject matter. It's like adding a new book to the Bible called, Popeye.
  9. 60
    By trying to make a game that will appeal to the mass market that know The Da Vinci Code, they bit off more than they could chew but watering down a lot of elements.
  10. The Da Vinci Code is a decent modern adventure that gets bogged down by some ill-conceived design choices and technical weaknesses. There's fun to be had here, but you'll have to fight your way through the problems to reach it.
  11. Whatever your feelings about the subject matter of the story it does provide an intriguing mystery to solve but the developers really needed to concentrate on those elements that made the book a bestseller.
  12. The Da Vinci Code does keep intact a solid storyline of conspiracy and corruption, but the actual playable aspects of the game are pretty dull. You primarily find yourself sneaking around, fighting enemies and solving puzzles, but none of these aspects are done especially well. Overall there should be no question for gamers that The Da Vinci Code is one mystery that should be left unsolved.
  13. To sum things up, the missions are boring, the puzzles are annoying and tedious, and the presentation is lackluster.
  14. The Collective appears to have over-egged the pudding a little, putting far too much needless emphasis on repetitive and increasingly tedious action elements to the detriment of the already unpolished adventuring.
  15. So then, another Hollywood movie, and another so-so game based on it. The Da Vinci Code has the right heritage but unfortunately suffers from the same disease as many of its ilk - it has been rushed to meet a release date without receiving the kind of polish that could have made a great game out of the subject matter.
  16. The whole thing takes about 10 hours to play, and with little to no replay value, this doesn’t exactly represent fantastic value for money. Overall, the Da Vinci Code game is like a disappointing pleasure cruise, with one or two sunny islands floating in a big, grey sea of tedium.
  17. 45
    It doesn't offer enough puzzle variety for serious adventure fans, and the combat will irritate or bore most action aficionados.
  18. You know you've got problems when the feature meant to enlighten a game makes it more tedious. [Sep 2006, p.94]
  19. You know you've got problems when the feature meant to enlighten a game makes it more tedious. [Sep 2006, p.94]
  20. The combat mechanism is an abomination. Every time you get in a fight, you have to match a pattern of buttons to throw a good punch or block an attack. Presumably, this was meant to help non-action-gamers get through combat, but even your grandmother would rather mash buttons than deal with this painful interface.
  21. But the other aspects – animation, dialogue, acting, environments, and fighting – are too poorly produced and out of place to ignore.
  22. The overall impression is of a game that’s both bravely and badly designed, and weighted towards the latter. [July 2006, p.84]
  23. The actors (not from the film cast) sound utterly bored throughout their lengthy speeches; the only thing that trumps the highly questionable French accents is a guy who actually says "woof woof" on behalf of a virtual dog.
  24. But in the end, it doesn't serve gamers, not even the extremely forgiving cadre of adventure game fans. [Sept. 2006, p.63]
  25. The worst way to experience this story. [July 2006, p.86]
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  1. May 23, 2014
    This game has a ridiculous save game system, which was so frustrating I had to give up playing. The fighting scenes require considerable skills with the mouse, and if you're knocked out (which is very often the case), your punishment is to start over a long, long, looooong sequence of game history again. And then again, and again. And there's no way you can control this.

    The game could be rather good, otherwise, but the half-baked check point system makes it all doomed. My personal advice is, don't bother to buy this game if you don't have some masochistic inclination toward re-living the past over and over again.
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