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  1. Nov 30, 2011
    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is what an RPG should be - compelling story plot, tons of side quest and a large open world to explore. The automatic leveling system leaves something to be desired. But then again, the more you use certain skills, the better you should get at those skills. The graphics leave something to be desired, but eye candy does not make a game great.
  2. mez
    Dec 17, 2011
    This is a bland and soulless game. The world is huge, but there's little variation throughout and it all feels oddly empty (contrast with the fantastic weirdness and variety of Morrowind). The level scaling takes away any sense of danger. The badly animated characters are ugly beyond reason. The voice acting is truly, truly miserable (think Aribeth in Neverwinter Nights levels of bad). The developers clearly used their whole budget hiring Sean Bean and Patrick Stewart and then had to resort to getting random people in off the street. There's no emotional engagement at all because not one of characters has any personality - they're all just generic, interchangeable quest dispensers. The setting has potential though. I understand the modding community has done some great things, but for me the days of spending a whole weekend auditioning mods are long gone. I don't recommend the vanilla game. Expand
  3. Dec 9, 2011
    A FREEEEKEN AWESOME GAME! I still play it now and it still brings fun...................................................................................................................................................................................................
  4. Dec 15, 2011
    This is a rare and remarkable achievement--a huge, open-ended, complex, detailed role-playing game that's fun to play and a pleasure to behold. Oblivion not only delivers everything that earned the Elder Scrolls series the devoted loyalty of a huge following of fans, but also significantly improves on the weaknesses of its 2002 predecessor, Morrowind. Morrowind earned recognition for being one of the best role-playing games in years, but the immersive and long-lasting experience it provided wasn't for everyone. Oblivion is hands-down better, so much so that even those who'd normally have no interest in a role-playing game should find it hard to resist getting swept up in this big, beautiful, meticulously crafted world. Expand
  5. Dec 18, 2011
    Oblivion offers a lot of good things on the surface; on the plus side theres a really big world to explore, the story is not linear, all the things we know and love from Morrowind or Fallout.

    Very unfortunately theres a lot of really big bummers especially for people who have been around the genre for a long time. At first glance the levelling system looks great, major skills leading to
    increase of levelling in your chosen class? Damnit that´s awesome -> unfortunately they made the system broken in a way that attributes increase way slower for people who actually stick to their class and mainly use their major skills / chose their major skills and attributes according to their class and thusly giving advantages to people who deliberatly make their most important skills minor skills -> yeah way to go game designers: give the power gamers all the cookies and to hell with people who like to chose a character and actually "roleplay" it.
    This could have been easily avoided by just limiting everyones attribute increase while levelling to the same amount. (for people who haven´t played many RPGs so far: it means by chosing a warrior you should definetly not label any of your combat-oriented as major skills...otherwise you will level very quickly and your attributes increase way slower) This already hit me quite hard...but not hard enough to just deinstall ...

    well´s not linear...all the very "creative" side-Quests and dungeons are just totally similar and offer no variation.

    Very disappointing. Could have been a really good one.
    Save your money if you liked the depth of Fallout and older games...go buy it if you like to show of really well-designed boosted chars and pretty shiny items achieved by bizarre and boring game-rape.
  6. Dec 21, 2011
    Today (2011) this is essentially a lesser version of Skyrim, altough the story of certain questlines are much more interesting and far longer in terms of content. When it came 2006 is was a huge step from Morrowind, and while Oblivion has a lot of content, as with any bethesda game, the general gameplay (combat) is quite dull.
  7. Dec 21, 2011
    This was my first Elder Scrolls game and when i first played i was totally amazed by the freedom the game gives you... the modding support if still strong which brings lots of replayability value.
  8. Jan 14, 2012
    This game is more open then the usual games out there, and does a great job. It's not perfect, but was worth playing casually. It's not that visually striking for the kids with disorders and can be boring at times, but the experience is unique.
  9. Jan 21, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Loved the game. Simple as that. Although Skyrim is better, as it should be, Oblivion was an awesome game. I loved the environment and meeting the people in it. I especially loved the quests in the game as it was fun to be the Grand Champion of the Arena, the Gray Fox of the Thieves Guild, Master of the Fighter's Guild, Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild, and the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood. I also loved the expansive DLCs like Shivering Isles and the Knights of the Nine. Of all the characters in the game, I just LOVED Sheogorath's personality. It made my day everytime I saw him, especially when he was included in Skyrim. The Knights of the Nine was boring at first collecting all the gear. But the sky battle with Umaril was completely epic! So overall, I loved the game and I hope to see the series continued on for years. Expand
  10. Mar 13, 2012
    I honestly couldn't get into this game after I had played Skyrim. Its dialogue is weird and irritating, the inventory is annoying, the map is also very annoying. The graphics are poor, and I have to say that Doom 3 (a game from 2004) had far better visuals. The combat is fun, but very clunky as it is in the Elder Scrolls games. An okay game, and I admit I would have enjoyed it much more if I hadn't played Skyrim first. Expand
  11. Feb 10, 2012
    This game is one of the best RPG games I have ever played. Although it's age may seem a bit of a put down, don't let it turn you away from one of the best games on steam. At a average price of $25 you can get your hands on the original game plus all of the DLC including, The Shivering Isles. With hundreds of hours of entertaining gameplay you can go anywhere, do almost anything, and even get the advantage of using the console to use some hacks. I don't recommend this unless you are just doing it for fun, as it takes away from the rich story line. Even if you don't do the main story line, you can still level up fairly often and have fun doing fun side quests. You could join the Dark Brotherhood, join a fighter's or mage's guild or just explore this vast land that Bethesda has made for us to enjoy. Every game has a downside though although this one doesn't have many. There aren't many glitches, but sometimes the NPCs will have a strange reaction to something you do, and say something that isn't even relevant or the music might awkwardly change to a fight song. These are very excusable and don't take too much from the game. Another pet peve of mine is the zoom on the face. When you engage in a conversation, the camera zooms in just so you can see the person's face, none of the surronding items which I don't like. Overall, this game should get a 99/100. That one point is from the face zoom. Other than that, this game could easily compete with Skyrim or any other popular RPG game. Buy this game today and enjoy it. NOTE: The only reason this game is rated M for mature is because of some user-made mods. This game should be rated T for teen in my opinion. : ) Expand
  12. Sep 9, 2012
    Amazing game. The plot is nice, nothing we didn't see before, but the freedom of gameplay is something inredible. Your actions really matter and the consequences of yours actions cannot go away. A failed quest iss a failed quest and got its repercussions. Somethings you just can't do, because of class limits. Graphics are outdated, but still very beautiful, and they can be upgraded with mods. Talking about mods, find some you like from the tons available and that will make you play it for an entire year without repetition. Good deal indeed. Expand
  13. Jul 8, 2014
    Vanilla Oblivion is nothing outstanding on its own with its poor leveling system and overly saturated visuals. Installing mods makes Oblivion a much better experience overall though. You can then experience the game's interesting questlines without having to run into the aforementioned issues.
  14. Mar 6, 2012
    Oblivion was my first TES game, so I enjoyed it greatly. But it DOES have very many flaws... But if you enjoy RPGs and haven't played Oblivion, you definitely need to give it a go.

    It's better than Skyrim (AKA Babys first RPG)
  15. Mar 20, 2012
    The story in this game is good, but presented in a boring way where you see everything from one perspective. I've never been a fan of this kind of storytelling, but then again it's not why I play Bethesda games. It is the giant open world packed with quests that draw me in. The skills are nicely done, but some are unnecessary and the leveling system don't work properly. Combat is ok, but when you take all things in consideration Oblivion is a very good game. Small problems like the combat and leveling system is overshadowed by the size of the world and all the stuff you can do within the game! Expand
  16. Jul 30, 2012
    this was best game i loved xbox version ps3 version & pc version i love this game so much no glitches no nothing perfect only thing is if they re did this game i hope they make it with compatible with xbox controller
  17. Jan 16, 2013
    A good game if not for the bugs, crashes, mod setup difficulties, and many mediocre quests. Flaws aside, this is a big immersive game. Its the first fantasy/magic RPG I have played, and not a bad introduction to fantasy RPGs. I liked the music and little things like the ingame books and collecting alchemy ingredients. Get it to play Nehrim, a german super-mod, better than Oblivion, and one of the best mods ever made.
    5/10 for Oblivion
    8/10 for Nehrim
  18. Oct 30, 2013
    Loved it.
    Tons to do. Lots of side quests of all shapes and sizes.
    Good main story, and climatic ending that has an epic look and feel to it.
    Virtually a total open world. So much to do, especially for the Easily 100+ hours of playtime. You can even finish the main quest first and still have 2/3 of the game left to play.
    And the Shimmering Isle questline/expansion really feels like
    another game in itself. Since it comes with the gamer on Steam it is another reason to buy, especially when it's on sale.
    Easy to start/stop for casual gamers too.

    *There was the occasional graphical bug glitch, and one of my weapons copied itself twice.
  19. Jul 1, 2012
    First major RPG I ever played on the Xbox 360 and the first Elder Scrolls I ever played. Fantastic game from start to finish, a truly epic and totally absorbing adventure.
  20. May 18, 2012
    I'm really too lazy to explain the reason i rate it 10/10 but it's well worth, the fact that you can do almost anything is already enough, all the negative emotions i got only from characters visualisation the faces were really ugly but hell, there's like thousands of mods for that. Good job!
  21. May 19, 2012
    This was my first Elder Scrolls game and it did not disappoint for one reason: it had a massive library of mods. I can think of no other game that compares to the scale of modding scene of Oblivion. Even other Beth games pale in the face of it. Vanilla Oblivion however has more than its fair share of bugs and flaws. Repetitive gameplay, an inventory system inferior to its predecessor and horrible voice acting bring this game down. Despite this, the various storylines, in game lore and in game customization warrants at least an 8/10. Modded Oblivion however is a solid ten if not eleven out of ten. I have seen no other game that is better than a personalized Oblivion. Expand
  22. Jun 11, 2012
    Oblivion is a great place to start in Elder Scrolls if you are newer to RPGs or if you want a more laid-back approach. I only gave it a seven because of how much potential it threw away. If you are a fan to the Elder Scrolls series, you know what I am talking about. The graphical changes also kind of annoyed me. I am not one of the people who thinks graphics is the most important in gaming (I still play Mario for the NES) but I think when you go through a drastic change from what they used to be, it kind of ruins a lot. It's like when you change an actor for the same character in a movie. The graphics became cartoony, which made it harder for me to immerse myself into the game. It's a pretty good game in the beginning, and the questline isn't too short. It is annoying to level, however, because of the Major Skill restriction. There aren't minor and miscellaneous skills that you can pull a little bit of level experience off of, like in Morrowind, and you can't pull level experience from every skill, like in Skyrim. The questing system isn't very rounded, either, and some of the questlines can really piss you off because of their restrictions. Like others before me, I would say that it had great bones but started going the wrong way. It lacks relative long term value unless you try every race and every class (but then you are just repeating everything). There are also a lot fewer side-quests to Oblivion than the other Elder Scrolls games.
    Another CON that I have is the fact that they ripped out a lot of good stuff, like Dwemer. Ayleid ruins are nowhere near the same as Dwemer ruins, and there aren't any artifacts based around them.
    Onto the PROS:
    The game is good to be immersed in or just to play as long as you can get by the cons.
    There is actually fast traveling.
    It isn't too easy or too hard to beat and creatures are all leveled with you to some extent (they will replace rats with wolves, and wolves with hogs and bears and trolls and such).
    There is quite a few things to go through and explore even though there aren't as many as the other games.

    All in all, Oblivion is a more laid-back RPG system that is great to play if you haven't played the other Elder Scrolls installments (kinda the same with Skyrim players who are new to the Elder Scrolls universe, I hate them with the burning passion of a thousand lemmings!, although it would help if you played Morrowind before Skyrim and possibly even Oblivion).
    And if you haven't played the other games you won't get the suckerpunch to the kidneys showing that Oblivion is a hell of a difference.
  23. May 24, 2014
    Really awesome,unique RPG game with interesting stories and quests.
    It has great story,graphics,this game can kep you entertained for many many hours.
    And of course,the Expansions,and the moddability launches the game in the sky!
  24. Jul 9, 2012
    My personal favourite... The best game I've ever played and I still play... Amazing felling and great gameplay despite the few bugs and glitches in it. After having played more than 100 houres of the game I still have things to do... A great advantage is also the MODING community which adds new cool stuf even now!! Simply AMAZING!!
  25. Jul 13, 2012
    This is the best game I have EVER played. It has hours upon hours of game play and an enriching story. There is so many side quests that you will probably not even play them all. You will find yourself always wanting to replay it and find more quests. The amount of weapons, quests, stories, lore, and good times to had to be on Oblivion. Buy it, it is the best game ever.
  26. Sep 7, 2013
    Almost every single mechanic in this game was done better partly in Morrowind and then later partly in Skyrim making it seem very dated and irrelevant. They took a step back from Morrowind.
  27. Aug 16, 2012
    The main storyline wasn't the best for me, but the side quests had me playing until I've finished them all. Great graphics (if you ignore the humanoid characters). Not as great as Morrowind or Skyrim, though for obvious reasons.
  28. Aug 16, 2012
    I have never played a game that I didn't finish but enjoyed soo much. I played over 200 hours with the different modules and only quit because my computer died. Thank goodness it died because I fear that I would still be playing. The world was so vast, so easy to enter and so easy to loose all my free time. I loved every minute.
  29. Oct 23, 2014
    I am giving Oblivion and 8, Skyrim a 9.5 and Morrowind a 10. Personally, I still feel that although Oblivion was a great game, it was a step back for the series. The level-scaling enemies, bland dungeons and procedurally-generated loot were awful. But fortunately, the soundtrack was time-stoppingly awesome, the combat was improved and the land was a sight to see. I modded my game to the high-heavens and for me, that was what made my experience so much better as it added so many things that I felt, the game lacked. Praise the modders! I hope Bethesda will not forget its lessons moving forward to Elder Scrolls VI. Expand
  30. Oct 9, 2013
    This is my favourite game of all time, it covers all aspects a game should. The combat, world design, level design, character design, controls, and soundtrack all work together to make what in my opinion is a flawless game. For those who hate on Oblivion, because they are veterans of the series and prefer Morrowind or because they joined the bandwagon when Skyrim came out, at least give it a try. Fantastic game Expand
  31. Sep 2, 2012
    Even though i am a huge fan of all rpgs and especially the elder scrolls, oblivion is the game that stands out for me. The gameplay is amazing with hundreds of different game styles to adopt which make the game a completely different experience. Some people might like to snipe their targets from afar, some might like to hack their way through the game while you can even be a powerful mage and summon ferocious monsters to do the work for you! The map is gigantic and very detailed and when you first enter the game you feel lost in its vastness. Furthermore, there are hundreds of quests that you can do besides the main quest which will earn you large amounts of gold and hidden treasures which will in their turn aid you in your travels. The dialogues are very nice, the graphics very good considering the immersity of the environment the lack of frame drops even in average computers. The music will stick in your ears for days and you will generally find the game to be very entertaining. Personally, even after having spents hundreds of hours on skyrim, i still prefer this game to it, since it has an epic feel to it and it's one of few fantasy games which really create a believable world! It's an even better experience if you enjoy the game with expansions and many mods that have improved it in so many ways and taken care of some little bugs and glitches. I URGE you to try it! Expand
  32. Sep 2, 2012
    I remember when I played this game when it first came out on pc, on a new system I had just built. This game at that time blew my mind. This was the first "open world" game I played, and the sheer magnitude was astonishing. The graphics and gameplay opened a whole new world for me. It does take some time to get going, but once you are moving you can't stop. The world map is huge and their are TONS of locations. I do believe some of the cities and dungeons can be a bit repetitive and the fighting mechanics aren't the best, but for its time this was a truly great open world. I would like to see a bigger variety of armor and weapons, but there's still a lot here. It was also cool going through portals to oblivion to fight off evil, and this was just one piece to a giant puzzle. Overall I think the game could have been perfected, a lot of mods out now are interesting and worth trying, but it is still an very good adventure! Expand
  33. Mar 21, 2014
    This game is still better quality than some of the games that are produced and released today, although Skyrim was an amazing game I still had way more fun in Oblivion than Skyrim. Although the AI in this game was a bit buggy and sometimes quests bugged out it is so much fun that it is easy to overlook these things. The two bad things about this game is that it's so addictive that you can get lost in it for too long and horse armour DLC. Expand
  34. Jul 12, 2014
    Oblivion is mine most favorite TES game (morrowind is really close here) and one of mine most favorite games. This game got awesome world, great RPG system (improved morrowind system, witch is better than system in Skyrim in mine opinion (yes perks were good idea, but the removal of stats was not)). The biggest + this game has are the quests, Dark brotherhood and main quest line are really fun to play and even other factions are solid. The side quests are awesome as well. The only bad think is enemy leveling system, but it can be moded.
    I really recommend to mod this game hard, Oblivion got very good mods and it can became a game for a long play.
  35. Sep 11, 2012
    This İs Not a Game.This İs Another World.
  36. Oct 5, 2012
    The advantage of Oblivion over Skyrim is that game takes itself less seriously and has a MUCH better character devlopment system. Strangely enough, the best way to build the character is to place all the most useless skills as your major talents and then deliberately level up as slowly as possible. By doing so you character gains powers acoss all skill areas, and will not be troubled with difficulty spikes at all. Rather you will need to bump up the game difficulty as you progress to a demi-god mastering all skill areas. Except for superficial graphics, EVERYTHING in Oblivion is better and more fun than Skyrim. Especially the guild quests, but also such things as the NPC's despite the ridculous encounter interface and the use of only 5 voice actors. Yet the core reason it is MUCH better, is that the player can build their character as they like and can master all fields with no penalty. Crafting and magic in this game is far more potent, interesting and worthwhile than in Skyrim. The Elven Ruins have a far better mood than the Dwarven ones. When you consider how perfect the keybingings and the UI are in this game to how poor they are in Skyrim its clear that it is Oblivion, not Morrowind that marks the highpoint of Bethesda fantasy RPG design. Before they start anything else the team owes it to their fans to spend 12 months making a massive patch to bring all that fails so bad in Skyrim back up to the level they had yet lost with Oblivion. Expand
  37. Qis
    Oct 2, 2012
    This game is broken
    1. leveling system is broken - you level up, you become weaker, not stronger while enemies become stronger and stronger. The game give you major skills that give you experience to level up but less attributes when used, minor skill give attributes but no experience to level up, so figure out how bad that is. It means to level up is by using major skills but the more
    you use minor skills the more attributes you get at level ups.
    2. AI is bad - NPC have no AI actually, they are programmed like robots, they just do what they are programmed to do and it is repetitive. Your ally NPC will attack enemies without AI, meaning they will chase the enemy into lava, river and they will likely be in front of you when you attack, in front of each other making friendly fire. And worse they will kill each other if there are too many friendly fire among them and turn on you in the middle of combat
    3. Anti-climax lame story - because of bad AI, big event in the game is like nothing happen to NPCs, right after the big event happen, they continue their program as usual. the story is also not worth to mention, no story to tell actually, just missions to do and these missions is not important as the whole. You can play without doing it anyway, so why bother?
    4. boring maps- The maps of caves, ruins and oblivion plane are repetitive, after few times playing you will see the very same thing over and over
    5. game breaking items and skill- Although the leveling system is broken you may carefully create a character that is in "god-mode" as soon as you have certain items and make your own spells. 120% invisibility, go figure out what is that?
    6. boring quests- all quests are boring and lost, A told you to go to B, b told to go to C, doing D or get E then return. Almost all quests are like this. These quests are lame and stupid. You become an errant boy/girl for someone. The background story of quests are also lame and not important.
    7. user interface is bad - everything are in tabs, tabs within tabs
    8. you can eat anything as long as you don't know the second effect could kill you, that is chemistry.
    9. you will end up using spells in the end even you planned to play as warrior or stealth
    10. too many to comment, just saying this game is BROKEN
  38. Oct 4, 2012
    In comparison to Morrowind, the only things that became better are those that HAD to for the next generation: graphics and gameplay. Combat is much more interesting. However, the story is dull, especially when compared to Morrowind, there are close to no hidden special quests and the like, and it doesn't feel as "free" as in Morrowind. The enemies become stronger along with you, so leveling up doesn't really serve a purpose. Quests are boring and repetitive. Lots of skills were abandoned, the whole game is more straightforward. Exploring caves, ruins etc. is no more fun because they are filled just with generic enemies and treasures - there is no hope you'll find anything special if you're not there for a quest. Still, it's an Elder Scrolls game and therefore worth playing, even with these downsides. Expand
  39. Oct 6, 2012
    TES IV Oblivion is one of the best game that i played ever. This game should be on the same shelf with Mass Effect, Fallout 2, Max Payne and Vice City.
  40. Oct 26, 2013
    I love the setting of this game. You can be a vampire and enter people's homes and feast on their flesh. You also have to choose whether to be a vampire or not and if you do there are both advantages and disadvantages, like being stronger at night but weaker during the day. That is awesome. There is also a bunch else that's cool with the setting, like assassinating people and fiery worlds with goblins and stuff. It's really neat in that sense.

    The combat in this game is just lame. There is no combat. I would rather play a shooter, or Bioshock, or anything. Maybe I'm just a complainer, and yes I do tend to lean towards strategy anyways, but the combat is too much click too little think for me, but that's just my take on it.
  41. Oct 11, 2013
    This game is simply amazing in many aspects. Amazing scenery, great graphics, excellent gameplay, one of the best stories in games, the list goes on and on. This is a very different experience than it is on console. I actually recommend this version over the console version because of two things: mods and better graphics. The only thing holding this back from being a perfect title is the insanely annoying UI in the inventory screen. Expand
  42. Nov 13, 2013
    Morrowind was very good, so I had great hopes for Oblivion.

    Unfortunately I was very disappointed. It is a dumbed down game, with less customization options and more an "action" feel than an "RPG" feel. It is very repetitive and there is very little atmosphere too.

    I enjoyed the game only until I understood that leveling up serves no purpose whatsoever. Level-scaling makes all the
    creatures in the game level up along with you. This is absolutely idiotic. It makes no sense whatsoever. Still trying to like it, I played more, and more, and more, but finally gave up trying to like it.

    After a wholehearted attempt to like this I have to say I didn't. This game is bad, and seems to be made not our of passion and love for RPGs, but out of love for money. Buy Morrowind instead.

    I am not even going to try Skyrim.
  43. Dec 17, 2012
    The game is action packed, has an amazing storyline with more than enough different paths you can pick to walk, all by yourself. Oblivion has has been pulled down by many because the environment levels as you level, as in the monsters in the world become stronger as you do. I can't say that shouldn't have been different, but it didn't pull the game rating down for me, because it did not decrease the ammount of fun I had with the game. For its' time, Oblivion ruled the gaming world. Expand
  44. Dec 25, 2012
    Oblivion - in a few words: decent title, part of an amazing series, with majorly improved melee combat towards Morrowind, but a little bit dumbed down quest line in comparison to it's predescesor. This game is a MUST for any hardcore RPG fan, but still lacks a bit of the atmosphere Morrowind had.
  45. Dec 25, 2012
    The worst of all Elder Scrolls games. Badly designed boring world compared to morrowind or skyrim and an absolute broken level scale system made this game almost uplayable to me. I spent weeks to get a propper mod to get rid of the level scaling, but the mods crippled the game even more. It's unbelievable how Bethesda could release such a mess. For all fans of Skyrim who search another great elder scrolls expirience: simpyl grab the Morrowind Game Of The Year edition. It's Astronomic Units ahead of this broken moneymaker release called oblivion. Still a better game than most modern titles though. Expand
  46. Feb 2, 2013
    An amazing game, fun to play, could spend 100+ hours in it and still be playing. It's even better if you bought it for PC, as there are tons of community mods for it, adding loads of new content, bug fixes, and more!
  47. Jan 26, 2013
    TES IV: Oblivion opened the door of a new kind of RPG playing, it's visuals and it's gameplay are wonderful but still, and as many Bethesda games, t's a bit buggy. Even though, I believe this is one of the best games Bethesda ever made.
  48. Aug 31, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I think it's time for me to give this game the 10 that it deserves. Although I did not like the main quest (such a chore imo) which I did only to get rid of the extremely annoying oblivion gates, I still thought that the main characters (Baurus, Jauffre, and Martin) were somewhat lovable. When every one of them died at the end, Cloud Ruler Temple died. More bad: the wolves will chase you forever, which is annoying as well. HOWEVER, those are pretty much the only bad things about the game, other than it crashes whenever I exit. The world is so amazing. I love every single village, town, and city. The map is incredibly easy to memorize. The soundtrack is one of the best soundtracks in games because you'll find that whenever an enemy sees you, the intense music plays and you'll want the peaceful music back again. The leveling system isn't very good compared to Skyrim's, but it will do. There are so many adventures to be had, like being kidnapped while sleeping and find yourself in the middle of the ocean on a boat, or you see a soldier charging into a fort and follow him, to find yourself in the midst of a bandit bust. There are so many locations, not to mention many more added by mods. Nexus Mods have anything from graphics mods to being a pirate. And Deserts of Anequina brings Elsweyr to Oblivion. Get this game! Why not, it's not like its $60 anymore. Expand
  49. Mar 22, 2013
    I loved Oblivion, not as long and dragging as Morrowind and not as short and simple as Skyrim, love the plot, characters are so interesting, combats fun. I loved it, still like it I suppose. There are many quests and very few of them are like the errand running quests thrown at you in Morrowind and Skyrim. While I admit the scenery is a bit boring and same-old same-old its still more attractive and there is a variety of areas to explore. While Morrowind is better at depth I found it a bit too much, Oblivion has just the right amount for it to feel like a game, not a story.

    Character creations funny, you could make your nose MASSIVE and have long turquoise hair. Combat is entertaining and deaths can be made funny when you drag bodies around and make them spaz out. Leveling was OK, don't know if I like it as much as Skyrim's but its cool. Side quests are great and fun, especially Shivering Isles, I like the arena and I like all the guilds you can join and they really make the game interesting. Mods REALLY open up the game to be even more fun. I'd strongly recommend it.
  50. Mar 30, 2013
    If you haven't played this game before, please don't let the negative reviews prevent you from trying it. Many of them are from whiny Morrowind fanboys that have nostalgia goggles glued to their face, whether they admit it or not. I know this because I first played Morrowind before I played Oblivion and then Skyrim. For starters, the AI is a vast improvement in Oblivion. You won't see so many NPCs that are just robots that have nothing better to do than stand in their shop or wander around town all day and night. You won't see so many enemies getting stuck on objects or jogging in place. The combat system is HUGE, and I mean HUGE improvement over Morrowind. The world is a million times more fun to explore. You're no longer limited to "Wooden door in side of mountain, Copy and Pasted Dwarven ruin, and occasional Daedric ruin." There are the usual caves and tombs, but they're more varied and the Dwarven Ruins have been replaced with Ayleid ones, and you'll find more daedric lord quests to get unique artifacts, for a refreshing change of pace. And in place of Daedric ruins, you'll now find abandoned military forts that have since been reclaimed by bandits. Plus you'll be finding more bandit camps that are just out in the wilderness. I myself found the world of Morrowind to be dull and lifeless. I'm sorry, but huge mushrooms and crazy looking animals do not cut it for me. The environment in Oblivion feels so much more alive! You'll find deer, wolves, and other such animals you would expect to be wandering the wilderness that will interact with each other; instead of just a billion Nix Hounds and Cliff Racers that stand around much like the NPCs. The graphics are a given, and I won't go into that too much. The physics have been greatly improved, the NPCs have more personality. When you meet someone, there's a better chance they're not "Fargoth, Commoner" as you would so commonly find in Morrowind. When you go into a Tavern, it feels like a Tavern. You can even sit down in a chair and roleplay a bit, unlike Morrowind where you simply go to sell some junk while the NPCs stand there lifelessly. I compare Oblivion to Morrowind because I know most of the bad reviews come from the fanboys that are completely blind to the HUGE improvements that were made in Oblivion. Trust me, as a fair reviewer who tries to be objective about the series (I rate Oblivion the highest, Morrowind second, and Skyrim third), I would recommend this game to anyone who likes RPGs. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the fun new quest types they have available. Like the Dark Brotherhood, where you can act as a hitman and sneakily assassinate your targets. Or the Thieves Guild quest, which now seem to actually require you to be a sneak thief. Unlike in Morrowind, where you could essentially be a good thief with nothing but a good lockpick skill. Walk past extremely dumb NPC, close door, pick lock on chest, take item, report back to quest giver. Just another case where Oblivion is far superior to Morrowind, I think. Oh, and then there's the new Arena quest, where you can fight kind of like a gladiator against numerous opponents in a Colosseum-esque arena. Now, to be fair, there are some flaws. At higher levels, you'll find many bandits who spawn with expensive armor, which kind of makes them seem less like bandits. They added a quest marker system, which some people feel is a terrible change from Morrowind. Instead of having to follow directions from someone, you'll have a quest marker telling you where to go. This is debatable if this is even a flaw though. The map is much larger and not nearly as easy to memorize as Morrowind, who's map seemed to consist mostly of easy to remember paths and easy to find locations. So this is a flaw for some, a positive for others, or just a "who cares" thing (that's how I feel about it). There's less weapon types, which hardly feel like a difference in most cases. Sorry Morrowind fans, but I never felt the need to use all the different random short blades and throwing knives they had in there. Though some weapons were left out that definitely should have been included, like spears and crossbows. Though that doesn't mean you'll be lacking in weaponry, you still have quite a few weapon types to select from. There is a shortage of voice actors, which doesn't seem to be a very valid complaint seeing as voice acting in Morrowind seemed almost non-existent. Even if they used two voice actors to voice every character, it would have been a step up. And even though there is a shortage of voice actors, the ones they did use sound great. The whole "Stop! You violated the law!" thing just wouldn't be the same if it weren't for that one Imperial voice saying it. I want to go on, but I'm running out of room to finish this review. All I can say is that this is my favorite Elder Scrolls game, and one of my most favorite video games of all time. Expand
  51. Apr 3, 2013
    The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion has its flaws, but what it does right, dear God, it does SO right. This game is one of a kind, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. A must play.
  52. Jun 2, 2013
    I am a HUGE fan of the TES games. I have played them all and even modded the tar out of III and IV. TES IV: Oblivion is a fantastic game. The only reason I gave it a score of 8 is because although I love the game, there are a few things I wish Bethesda would have done better or differently.

    Let me start with the BAD: There's a lot here.

    The leveling system I don't care for, because
    the way the creatures level with you, I never felt like my player got any stronger. I also thought the storyline was a little weak. I felt very unsatisfied when it ended. The Oblivion gates were very tedious. It seems like someone just got lazy and copy/pasted. Not much fun. Furthermore, the NPC races share voices instead of each having a unique voice as in TES III: Morrowind. This was a let down. Furthermore, it doesn't seem like Bethesda put very much effort into NPC realism with this title. For instance, if you get caught stealing or trespassing, the guards will try to arrest you, however, if you get busted in let's say the Imperial City, resist arrest, head to let's say, Bruma and then talk to a guard, they will try to arrest you for that crime you committed in the Imperial City. I guess the guards are all psychic. Weird. I mean, how could the guards know your character was a wanted criminal in another village? Same thing when you steal an Imperial Legion horse. Even though the guard is lying there dead and you take the horse, you can still get busted. Those legion horses are the same as other horses in the game. Are they tagged or branded or something? NPC reactions are pretty bad. As with Morrowind, people had many things to say to your character regarding nudity, the weather, disease, and many other things. You don't see this in Oblivion. Rather dull if you ask me and very unrealistic. Thanks to mods, many of these bad points I've noted have been fixed, but it's something Bethesda should have done. Oblivion seems to have focused mainly on graphics and eye candy rather than realism. Sad but true.

    Now for the GOOD:

    The journal/quest system is awesome. In Morrowind, you could break quests if you weren't careful. This has been very much improved in Oblivion. Great. The graphics are incredible. The combat system I found very fun and enjoyable. The alchemy is a blast to play with as you can make very powerful potions. I especially liked the powerful weather effects. Very good! The guild quests were all good and the side quests were fun as well. I really liked the ability to buy houses and ride horses. The forts and caves all seemed a little repetitive, but were still fun in ways. All in all, although I feel the game has more bad points than good, I still have to rank it as the 3rd best in the TES series. The game is awesome despite its many flaws. 8/10.
  53. Apr 13, 2013
    Uno de mis juegos favoritos! Aunque, tengo que aceptar que tiene varias cosas malas, por ejemplo, la cara de los NPCs (sobretodo los orcos) dan miedo, pero eso es lo de menos. Los gráficos para la época eran cosas de otro mundo, la historia al principio tal vez sea aburrida, pero poco a poco va mejorando y haciéndose mejor, algunos voice actors capaz estaban dormido mientras se grababan la voz, pero otros poseen un buen voice acting, los efectos de sonido son muy realistas, el sneaking system esta muy bien hecho, la libertad que posee es muy bueno, las misiones opcionales (para mi) son mejores que la historia principal (sobretodo la arena). La inteligencia artificial esta muy bien desarrollada y el juego es muuuuuuuy adictivo. Cyrodill tiene mucho para ofrecer, tiene una gran variedad de monstruos que se adaptan a tu nivel cada vez que progresas en el juego y la cantidad de misiones opcionales es impresionante. Altamente recomendable! Expand
  54. May 16, 2013
    The best game of 2006 when fully patched! Huge and beautiful world of Syrodyl can give you an adventure you won't forget! Sure it has it's downside lack of memorable characters(except maybe Martin voiced by Sean Bean), and most missions are boring (go bring me...).
  55. Ndi
    Jun 12, 2013
    The game is great, superb graphics, well optimized, stable. But that gives it an 8.

    The 9 is because of immersion. No only is the game absolutely immersive, more so than any other TES games (Skyrim included) but it's so impressive that sometimes I just stop and look around, soaking the atmosphere. Sunset by the sea, with the sun making its reflection on water orange-red, storm in the
    woods, with an amazing sound and the trees swaying in the wind, grass shaking and animals running for cover. This makes the game more than a walk-talk-fight game if you take the time.

    And the 10 is because Oblivion is one of the most expanded and modified game ever made. Thousands of skins, bodies, armors, weapons, locations, adventure, missions, even the books have content that can be added, effects, magic, textures, SFX, sound, music, everything.

    If you have the computing power, a high resolution pack makes this game a marvel even in 2013, 7 years after its release and the community keeps it fresh every day.

    This game deserves its place among the titans.
  56. Sep 6, 2014
    Finally I'm looking into one of the best PC RPGs next to Diablo II, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion! And let me just say, I'm not disappointed. Before I dove into my painfully long review, I want to get something clear: This is a review of the vanilla game, as in how the people at Bethesda intended it to be played. So no mods whatsoever, just pure Oblivion.
    Oblivion came out almost 8 1/2
    yars ago, but I just picked it up 2 weeks ago. Since then, I've logged in over 140 hours into the game, playing it nonstop. The game is just WAAAY to fun to be overlooked. It is possibly the greatest game I've ever played.
    You start out Oblivion as a prisoner. Based on what I'm told from other people, this is Elder Scrolls tradition. And somehow you get tied up in this plot with a demonic cult trying to kill the Emperor of Tamriel opening the gates of Oblivion to what I can only assume is hell. But apparently the Emperor has a bastard son and he's the only one who can saved the doomed world from Oblivion. And really you're just a side character standing there watching all the action unfold and even though you're crowned champion of Cyrodiil, really you're just a side character. So it's not that appealing. On the more positive side of things. . .
    One of the most amazing things about Oblivion is the system it uses called radiant AI. It gives each NPC a schedule; they'll wake up, eat their breakfast, go to work, go to the pub, or even, on occasions travel to another city. They'll also talk to one another, usually discussing the lastest news or how much they hate mudcrabs. And all of this adds to the living-breathing world factor of Oblivion, it's immersive and fun.
    Another thing that totally stunned me about Oblivion was the environment of Cyrodiil; it is gorgeous. Each part of the map is varied and different; there are the grasslands of the Imperial City, to the snowy mounntains of Bruma, to the swampy lowlands of Leyawiin and so on. Nearly 400 locations ranging from forts to Ayleid Ruins make the world feel much bigger than 16 square miles, and they immerse you, once again, adding to the living, breathing world factor.
    I also really enjoyed the quests as well. The main quest was good, but the side quests and factional quests are really what took the cake for me. I'll never forget when I killed 5 people at a party, and they had no clue I was the killer. Or how about that time I stole a FREAKING Elder Scroll for the Gray Fox? Awesome. Or my personal favorite, doing some dirty work for Sanguine, and stripping the Countess and her dinner guests down to their panties? There are plenty of colorful NPCs who will give you quests like this.
    Oblivion also features a fast-travel system, allowing you to fast travel to any location you had previously discovered, which I personally like since it cuts out all that unnecessary walkingeven though you've already discoveredthe place and it's kind of pointless having to walk 3 miles just to get there. Select characters and enemies level up with you, in my opinion that's a fascinating concept becasue it sucks all the fun out of the game if you hit level 50 and become GOD. Voice talent in Oblivion is great as well. They use some of the famous actor from movies like Terence Stamp (Superman) and Patrick Stewart (Star Trek). There are alot of cheesy lines, but it's a good and funny kind of cheesy, so I let it slide. Like in any RPG, you have skills and you level up, obviously. If there's one thing bad I can say about Oblivion, is that I've encountered a few bugs. PCs aren't supposed to have that big a problem with bugs as consoles. . .oh dear, then just think about how much worse it'll be on Xbox 360.
    So that's my review. As you can see, I have super positive feelings on Oblivion. I'm dying to play Morrowind and Skyrim (it's coming in the mail tomorrow) and all the DLC and expansions, and see if they're just as good if not better than Oblivion. But for right now, me and my level 35 Imperial Assassin are going to go have some fun with the Mages Guild.
    P.S. I'm sorry if I mispelled anything, I turned off the spell check.
  57. Jul 26, 2013
    I have played many RPG in my life and this one always remains a classic. This is leaps and bonds over the final fantasy, fables and even Morrowind. Morrowind in terms of combat and atmosphere was alot less enaging than in oblivion. Combat is much more engaging, as it should be for this style of game. Quests are entertaining and tough enemies are very challenging.
  58. May 20, 2013
    My favorite RPG of all time, I wish it would have been as in depth rpg wise as morrowind, and have as many weapon types but it makes up for it with tonnes of quests, really fun combat and a massive map that I'm still finding new things in after years of playing. This game will never be forgotten.
  59. May 23, 2013
    Considering the required technology, oblivion is the most technically brilliant game ever created. Not only upon release did no other game match its graphics, but no other game matched its size. The levelling system which is the most heavily criticized characteristic, is completely brilliant. The game rewards the creation of the character in a way that is planned to succeed. For example, an orc that tries to be a pure mage will inevitably fail by level 20 for lack of magicka and levels, but a high elf will succeed. Oblivion makes the decisions while creating and levelling your character determine their ability after to succeed after levelling. Someone very good can make their character improve after levelling up compared to their surroundings if they do everything correctly. Otherwise, they have to compensate with skill in battle. I have spent hundreds of hours perfecting characters and maximizing efficiency and moving through the game at a normal pace allows this to still be achieved by the smart. Expand
  60. Jun 2, 2013
    i owned it on the Xbox on release, followed by the PC upon getting a gaming rig, i have completed each faction and the main quest countless times and still discover new things with each playthrough. you have my recommendation.
  61. Jul 4, 2014
    Одна из самых лучших ролевых игр из когда-либо созданных.

    The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion – идеальный пример компромисса между свойственной консолям упрощенностью и старыми добрыми традициями компьютерной ролевой школы. Игра, предоставляющая геймеру максимально широкий выбор – как играть и как проводить свою жизнь в этом мире. Главное, что перед нами по-прежнему самая красивая и самая
    большая ролевая вселенная (онлайновые игры не в счет), полная приключений и интересных возможностей, вселенная, в которой для игрока созданы самые идеальные условия. Серьёзных недостатков у игры просто нет, и не забывайте, что с помощью модов и плагинов можно сделать игру ещё лучше, главное - не переборищть. ;) Expand
  62. Sep 9, 2013
    Its beyond me how anybody can give this game 0 out of 10, as this would imply that Oblivion is one of the worst games ever created, this is far from true. However this doesn't mean that Oblivion is perfect a lot of the characters repeat the same lines and the facial animations are nothing to write home about on top of that the system with which you persuade people to like you more is way to easy.

    Now that's over with let me tell you that Oblivion is one of my all time favorite games that i have logged countless hours onto. The world really drags you and i even found myself reading up on the lore just to understand the game more (You really don't need to). The combat isn't amazing but there are many ways to fight depending on your class offering a different experience with every play through. The story itself is engaging and draws you in making you actually care about the fate of Tamerial. The game itself is huge there are thousands of quests to complete and dungeons to explore on a huge map, the quests themselves differ massively from simply clearing dungeons to going into a warped painting world (Yes really) and that's ignoring the portals to Oblivion (Different plane of existence for Deadra) that take you to a completely different world more reminiscent of hell.

    For me Oblivion is a benchmark for all future RPG's to compare themselves. Truly a great game and one of the ultimate gaming experiences.
  63. Jul 29, 2013
    A great RPG with a huge world to explore. Soundtrack, atmosphere, the freedom to roam freely around Tamriel, hundreds of quests to fulfill, Oblivion is full of content. On the downside, the world feels a bit lifeless and generic after some hours of playtime, which is why personally I found the addon "Shivering Isles" with its weird surroundings to be the best part of the game. Not as good as Skyrim or Morrowind, but still definitely recommandable for anyone interested in RPGs. Expand
  64. Sep 8, 2013
    My absolute favourite Elder Scrolls game of all time, for the fact that it has the best atmosphere and quests, a veried envoirment and an astounding soundtrack.
  65. Jul 16, 2014
    Really awesome,unique RPG game with interesting stories and quests.
    It has great story,graphics,this game can kep you entertained for many many hours.
    And of course,the Expansions,and the moddability launches the game in the sky!
  66. Sep 10, 2013
    A big step down from Morrowind, its predecessor. Customization is limited--there is only one "best" armor, one "best" weapon, etc, so you ccan't choose yr character's look. Many doors can't be opened, many characters can't be killed, limiting the actual role-playing aspect of the game. The worst part is that everything in the game levels with you, enemies getting stronger and more numerous, and weapons getting better, so there is no sense of mystery in any of the dungeons, no hope of finding that powerful sword or item as there was in Morrowind. There is no incentive to level up at all. The plots are predictable (HINT: someone is going to betray and attack you at the end), and the characters ugly. There is little good to say except that the stealth/assassination aspect of the game is somewhat entertaining and the spell-making is fun. Expand
  67. Sep 25, 2014
    The levelling system is pure pain. Without this, I'd give 10 with no hesitation. So much freedom! Be the a$$hole who makes innovation in murder techniques and get good laughs.
  68. Sep 24, 2013
    Resulta aburrido, y el sistema de combate es una pesadez. Lo jugué hasta la mitad más o menos (por lo que pude saber) y luego lo borré para siempre de mi sistema. No lo considero bueno como rpg.
  69. Nov 9, 2013
    I must say that this is another one of my all time favorites, the lore sucked me right in and I've been an Elder Scrolls fan/nerd ever since, reading every bit of information available anywhere about Tamriel. The graphics were outstanding for the time and Cyrodill was beautiful with its diverse cities and fantasy landscapes.
    There are a couple of things that need to be scrutinized though.
    For one, the main quest wasn't that entertaining and constantly closing Oblivion gates got old fast, it was also quite invasive, you were basically forced into the main quest right from the start. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the auto-scaling system. Oh damn, those bandits are too strong for me, I'll just come back later after I level up a bit. What's this? How did they all get glass armor and higher level? And I'm dead again. Terrible game mechanic. Otherwise fantastic game everyone should atleast give a shot. Expand
  70. Feb 3, 2014
    Story: 7 out of 10, Graphics: 10 out of 10, Fun: 8 out of 10, Controls: 6 out of 10, Difficulty: 8 out of 10, Length: 10 out of 10, Re-play: 6 out of 10, Value: 8 out of 10
  71. Aug 2, 2014
    The problem of Oblivion was that it had to follow up to the absolute masterpiece that was previous chapter in TES series - Morrowind. Compared to that, it's true that Oblivion felt quite a bit weaker, locations were a bit too monotonous, the interface a bit too consolized, faces terribly ugly, voice acting over repeated to death, game mechanics simplified and to my taste it all felt a bit too much like a kiddie fairytale sometimes. BUT... Oblivion was still capable to do what all the TES chapters do so well, immerse you in the world, make you forget the real one and let you enjoy the fantasy experience for hundreds of hours. While I wasn't a big fan of the leveling system where the enemies were leveling up along with you, it kept the challenge on par until the very end, also the economics and money seemed to be the best balanced from TES series, meaning you won't usually become a millionaire in a few days, but most importantly, Oblivion had imo arguably the best quest lines in TES series and that's a huge plus. Yes, the main quest with oblivion gates was terribly annoying and it made me skip it and run through them eventually, but the Mages Guild quests, Thieves Guild and especially Dark Brotherhood were just fantastic. This was also the first TES game where I was fully enjoying myself as a vampire. DLC's were ok, Knights Of The Nine being a nice big quest nicely implemented into the main game and Shivering Isles providing you the experience of something a bit different and a bit trippy. While I can't go for the full score here because of the shortcomings, Oblivion is still an excellent game and it would be a big mistake to miss out on this. 9/10 Expand
  72. Dec 13, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. One of my favorite games as a kid.
    I loved this masterpiece and it introduced me to the Elder Scrolls, like it was godlike.
    The thing I loved the most was the grand arena as it was fun and a little challenging.
    And The thing that made me laugh and a little annoyed was "the annoying fan" who followed you everywhere you went.
    But I also loved being a vampire, and the mods.
    If you want to try the Elder Scrolls, I would strongly recommend trying this masterpiece as an introduction.
  73. Jan 17, 2014
    I absolutely loved the freedom and the amount of choices you can do for your character. Heck, I created one almost 4 years ago and there are still improvements in gear and skill I can do on it. The game never ends, and I'm lovin' it.
  74. Jan 25, 2014
    The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion is the best game i have ever played in my entire life. Skyrim does not even come close. Every character in this game has their own personality and every quest feels worthwhile to do. All the guilds has interesting stories that keeps you playing for way longer then you planned. It does not matter if you are inside a dark dungeon or in the deep forests, the game is still colourful and epic, compared to Skyrims 10 shades of gray and no other colors in the game.

    If you have not played this game and you like games with strong stories and RPG, buy it... NOW. You can get it for as cheap as 5 bucks these days.
  75. Feb 24, 2014
    The game felt epic in the beginning, truly great. Story telling, questing, graphics and atmosphere were the strongest parts of it. Though later I found major flaws in this game too. I did not like the combat system at all. I hated the fact, that the creatures level with me as I do level up. That was quite an immersion breaker for me. Also the way faces of the people and the character were made was very unconvincing. Some of the UI elements were rather mind-boggling for me. The game was fine overall, but it didn't really delivered what I expected it to deliver. Expand
  76. Nov 12, 2014
    This is my least favorite Elder Scrolls game. I find it somewhat boring and repetitive, with no significant improvements to the series.

    It's a good game, but its got nothing on Skyrim, and frankly I enjoyed Morrowwind more.
  77. Mar 16, 2014
    Oblivion is the best game i've ever played. As the fourth entry into the Elder Scrolls series, it certainly improves over Morrowind in almost every way. It's easy to spend hundreds of hours into the game and even more with mods. The lore and quest are all interesting and unique especially the Shivering Isles DLC. Oblivion is the perfect balance between Morrowind and Skyrim and, in my opinion, the strongest of the three. Expand
  78. Mar 8, 2014
    It's amazing how this game managed to make me lose 200+ hours to it over all the amazing experiences I went through while playing it. I'm not really surprised. The game is beautiful, vibrant and in its own way, made me feel as if I was actually accomplishing something rather than just getting to the next objective. Skyrim was good, but it never gave me the same joy as when I was playing this game.
  79. Mar 11, 2014
    Without extensive modding Oblivion gets to be very samey. Enemies all level with you so there's no difficulty curve and no feeling of progression. Environments are formulaic and get to feel routine and predictable, so even though the world is big, there's very little in it worth seeing. There's only one voice actor per race and far, far too much chit-chat. Most of your time is spent in combat but as there are only four classes of melee weapon, this gets old fast if you're a warrior type. There is also the most idiotic trading system I've ever encountered: the richest merchant has 1200 gold so this is all you can ever get for any item but he never runs out; why then are there items worth many thousands of gold when they (at least should) know you can't get that much!? There are mods to fix most of these issues - the entire outdoor world can be changed, the whole leveling system removed so enemies are varied and challenging, the combat made unpredictable and deadly and the horrible trading system thrown out the window. It's still worth buying Oblivion just so you can play Nehrim, though. Expand
  80. Mar 17, 2014
    This is my second favorite TES games, only surpassed by Skyrim. This game improves on so many of the flaws of Morrowind, which was an incredibly RPG for the time. However, anyone who says Morrowind is still better than this is simply talking out of nostalgia. This is one of the best RPG games ever created, and throws so many recent contenders out the window. Get mods for the graphics and HUD, and this will suck up hundreds of your hours. Expand
  81. May 5, 2014
    This is, by far, one of my favorite games of all time. It was my first sandbox, and for that it holds a special place in my heart. That being said, here is a review without rose tinted glasses: TL; DR: Main story sucks hard, everything else makes up for it. Cons: The main story BLOWS. I mean it is awful, awful. I literally play enough to get the free horse and do everything else. And once you start, the oblivion gates just keep piling up and piling up, which would be fine if there was any variety to them, but there isn't. They do have good loot though...

    Loot: meh. I love loot. love it, love it, love it. It isn't in this game.

    Fighting: pretty much point and click, click, click, click. Not much brain used here.

    Music: amazing!

    Fighting: wah? you just said it was bad. Yes, unless using a bow. The bow actually takes into account gravity and distance!!!

    Quests: super fun, except for the main one. Daedric quests are the best, oh those funny meddling gods!

    Atmosphere/graphics: for the time pretty good. The immersion level is fantastic.

    NPCs: most amazing part of this game. Every single NPC you see has their own unique routine. Every freakin' one. Yes, they have similar voices, but come on, for the time this was unheard of. It is this factor that truly makes this game a total immersion.

    Guilds: Love 'em. There is a guild for everyone: fighting, magic, murder, mayhem. The world is your oyster!

    Monsters: i've read a few reviews and this is a sore spot. People are angry monsters level with you. How is this even an isssue???? Why play a game if it is super easy and you can just run around and one shot things? Go play Wii cooking games if this is a problem for you. Seriously. There is a Barbie game for that console too I think. Go, have fun.

    Play this game, especially if you liked either Skyrim or Morrowind. The three build on each other so well.
  82. Jun 24, 2014
    This is the review of someone who played Skyrim first, then read the negative critics about Skyrim telling that "Oblivion was the **** Skyrim sucks", and who decided to test Oblivion.

    I have to say it's very hard to go back in time, and I could never enjoy the game as much as I wanted to. Those ugly faces, my god. The graphics were good for the time, but are pretty bad if you play it

    The quests are better, I have to admit it, and the whole Oblivion plan is what makes it interesting, but I have had a lot of difficulties with the inventory system, the combat and the sounds the hero makes when he/she attacks. I tried to finish it but I couldn't.

    Hours of gameplay though, a nice open world, and lots of mobs all over the place

    Conclusion : I should have played Oblivion before Skyrim came out !
  83. Jul 31, 2014
    "Oblivion" is outstanding, even today where it looks somewhat old-fashioned. Back in 2006, it was a true spectacle. Its vast open world full of (mostly) intriguing quests and choices to make is not something seen often in video games of that era. There are two facts I felt uncomfortable with. The first is that "Oblivion", even far better than "Morrowind" does not stay true to the RPG genre in terms of character development. Your character does not seem to have a personality, and others are awkwardly blind to your actions in spite of some simple reactions related to the plots and the case you have a bounty on your head. The second is its ridiculous plot. Surely behind such an accomplished game there must have been some quite talented creators, but couldn't they come up with something more original, something more thrilling? Despite its flaws, "Oblivion" is undeniably a masterpiece, even from its wonderful cinematic opening. Expand
  84. Aug 8, 2014
    The game lacked a little bit of climate from Morrowind, but the graphics were a huge improvement, the journal is finally readable, the map is really epic, and the game has a little Lord of the Rings feel to it.
    And you can actually feel the tension building when you see all of those Oblivion gates opening in greater and greater numbers everywhere on the map.
  85. Oct 14, 2014
    Bland, generic, uninspired, buggy, dumbed down continuation of otherwise excellent Elder Scrolls series. The absolute worst voice acting I have ever heard in a game, combined with horrible and dumbed down dialogues and forgetful story makes this probably the worst Elder Scroll game. GPS hand holding compass removes any exploration from the game, while level scaling ruins every other aspect. The only redeeming quality is a big open world and modding community that can somewhat fix some of the problems, but not everything. Expand
  86. Sep 4, 2014
    Oblivion was ambitious.. and in my opinion, overly so.
    I found the storyline mundane and the game-play very repetitive, the animations clunky, the worst leveling up system in the history of gaming, annoying AI, and worst of all it didn't engage me.
    One of the strangest factors for me about all of the Elder Scrolls games is that you, as the protagonist, are a mute, and the manner of
    interaction between you and NPC's to be somewhat bizarre. Click on one word phrases and NPC's rattle off about that topic if you are lucky. Another criticism is that without actively taking time to examine your character, all the time and effort one puts into their character's appearance is wasted as all you see are hands and your weapon of choice.
    Many praise the size, scale and scope of the world, which in 2006 was bigger than most seen before, the open spaces and walking from one town to the next was only time-consuming, and vast wilderness' filled with occasional critters was not the rich experience that the game promised.
    Criticism aside though, I still enjoyed this game, and the Shivering Isles expansion was a vast improvement with regards to storyline.
    Ultimately, this game failed to keep me engaged
  87. Sep 12, 2014
    Pros: N/A

    Cons: Hideously ugly faces on the people in the game; mediocre graphics by modern standards; terrible leveling system where all the enemies level with you; horrible and boring combat system.

    Score Breakdown: Game Stability 9/10, Background Story 5/10, Loading Screens and Frame Rate 5/10, Sound Effects and Music 4/10, Voice Acting 3/10, Graphics 3/10, Plot Development 2/10,
    Realism 1/10, Gameplay 1/10, Replay Value 0/10, Total Score 3.3/10

    Conclusion: Skip Oblivion and play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim instead.
  88. Oct 13, 2014
    I haven't played this game until last year and I have to say that I was disappointed. All I wanted was to have a great single player experience. But I didn't get it. After completing the first story quest, I immediately skipped to the place where the second one was in order to realize that I had absolutely no chance against the enemies present in the Demon Gate. The game wanted me to endlessly grind and level up in order to be able to progress further.

    So, I decided to try some quests. One got my interest, in which a guy got robbed by some ladies while having "fun" with them. To my surprise, when I got to their hidden cottage, no one came and I got locked inside with no other way of getting out. I found out that it was a bug, so I tried this quest several other times and the girls remained at their original place - in the city. After killing them, the quest didn't progress, because they weren't in the location they were supposed to be in. How lame.

    To sum it up, when the first quest in the game you try is so bugged that it cannot even be completed - that says something about the overall quality of the game. If only I could follow the storyline without having to complete buggy quests beforehand ...

Universal acclaim - based on 54 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 54 out of 54
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 54
  3. Negative: 0 out of 54
  1. It’s just so damned big. That’s what you’ll say after playing Oblivion for more than an hour. Or, for that matter, 50 hours.
  2. Oblivion is by far the closest I have come to playing D&D Sunday afternoons with my friends (yes, I did that, though I’m on medication now), all wrapped up in a stunning package with tens of thousands of lines of spoken dialog and good music.
  3. 100
    I honestly have to say that I am in favour of most of the changes and I think Oblivion is an awesome achievement from Bethesda.