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  1. Apr 4, 2014
    Its not terrible, its just very disappointing coming from the heritage of a game series that dared to be different from the crowd and define its own genre of open sandbox rpg gaming. Elderscrolls online just leaves me feeling like the makers really just wanted to make a new RvR game in the same mould as DAoC or WAR. Its so standard MMO, so been there done that, so uninspired it just hurts. Where there is an attempt to incorporate some of the elements of the single player games it feels clunky or doesn't quite work because the fundamental starting point was your bog standard MMO the like of which we've seen time and again for the last 10 years. Take questing. full voice, lots of effort put into back story you say? Well yes, but because the questing and character advancement model is essentially the same as most MMOs (That being you advance by completing quests which give you xp to spend on level ups), the world is necessarily packed with quest givers, most of whom give 5 min quests which we've all done a million of before, kill 5 bears, pick 10 flowers, blah blah blah. The end result is all the fancy voice acting and back story just wastes your time because the fundamental activity is so mindless. I could go on and on about the disappointments in ESO, but it all boils down to one thing. Its nothing new, its not in the spirit of the single player games, its just another near enough carbon copy of a gameplay model that doesn't fit with the IP that's been forced into it. Come on Devs, can't you be a bit braver than this. If Bethesda had just copied the successful model of the time then Arena would of been a scripted on rails experience like Final Fantasy. The MMORPG world is crying out for something new, something different. Enough with the era of the WoW-a-like. Expand
  2. Apr 11, 2014
    Re-reviewing this game after a week of normal play and it is still disappointing.

    As to be expected with the release of games these days there are a ton of bugs, some that are seriously crippling, like everything in your bank disappearing or that really cool epic armor on your head just disappearing. Quests are broken and it seems that the higher level you get the less testing seems to
    have been done, which makes sense as they had a limited beta.

    It doesn't even have the feel of a normal MMO because they gave it the base Elder Scrolls GUI but then cut back on its functionality. You have 7 slots attached to keyboard keys, 1-5, Q, R, 1 special R which is really lame as the power builds up while you fight and drops when you are not which means you rarely use it in PvE. The 7 slot Q is attached to a quick slot which means you can have several items on that, but can only use them one at a time and there is a cool-down timer on them. So that epic battle in Skyrim where you clicked through 30 potions, not going to happen in ESO.

    The limited key functionality and simplicity that they have is clearly been done to make the titles transition to consoles easier. The greatness of the Elder Scrolls series is the graphics and how fantastic the game looks. ESO misses this mark completely, the graphics just are not there and seem like they maybe that way for console release.

    The interesting thing about player and bank inventory space is that you can see where they could put a F2P or P2W system in place immediately without having to adjust game mechanics. It is almost like the expect this game to go F2P at some point.

    With that in mind, there is no ground breaking systems here that are just the best thing ever, there are gold farmers, bots and spammers in the chat. With nothing really holding people other than the PvP which again is not ground breaking, and the hope of future releases of new lands I do not see a financial sustainability in the 15 dollars a month plan. I suspect before the one year mark either an announcement or the actually change to a F2P model. I hope that Bethesda sees this not as a title to build off of, but as a third part release for the MMO market.
  3. Apr 4, 2014
    I'm very disappointed by this MMO. PvE is so badly unbalanced. Its just frustrating. In some key quests, you fight mobs alone easily, but when you touch a boss, you need a group or be 10 levels ahead. That's just so frustrating. The fighting is just bad. You cannot really focus on one enemy. The server often lag too much so blocking or evading attacks is just a roll of dice. The weaponry and armor is boring and the _very good_ voice overs cannot compensate the repetitiveness of the quests. I will not go further than the 30 days included with the high price for the game, unless there are a lot of bugfixes and balancings. Expand
  4. Apr 4, 2014
    If you buy you this game you continue to support the degradation of not only MMO's, but games in general. This is the most shallow cash grab attempt to come out of an AAA developer in some time.

    The game tries horribly to combine the SP game and MMO together. Unfortunately since the developers already had a vision of the MMO they wanted to create, which had nothing to do with Elder
    Scrolls gameplay, they managed to take the worst possible elements of each to come up with this garbage.

    The game is linear, without an open world, no real exploration, with bad MMO elements to boot. Everything is forced so the developers could create their PvP game with an ES skin. The PvP isn’t even that good. The game is completely on rails, and doesn’t try to hide it. Level 50 mudcrabs? I mean come on, you just took the same level 1, level 4, level 10, level 16....ect mudcrab skin and put it in a zone and level scaled it to the area. Lazy. This is the way it is with all the mobs though, if you’re in x area, everything is x level. Trash mobs are facerollable without even thinking. Skills are limited, there is no real magic. Classes are forced, and designed poorly. No utility spells, skills or anything like that to give depth to the game. Garbage game, don't contribute to this crappiness.

    The marketing and customer service is even worse, just go to the official forums if you want to see what I mean. What is up with the cash shop? It’s stupid on top of a sub game, and they charge 15 bucks for a horse? I smell desperation to try to turn a profit on this game before free to play.
  5. Apr 4, 2014
    Nice thought but ultimately horrific and shabby attempt.. The whole game is just essentially a short term cash cow.

    Made me laugh that people have capped their toons already and founs there is nothing to do because there is no endgame apart from pvp (endgame is not even being tested).

    Nice scenery and crafting is good, everything else is just generic,dull and poorly executed. What an
    absolute disappointment Expand
  6. Apr 4, 2014
    Nothing like an Elder Scroll game. A linear, static world where you can't be anything you want to be. Quick cash grab sellout by Beth/Zen.

    Avoid like the plague.
  7. Apr 4, 2014
    Disappointing, to say the least. It doesn't deliver a Skyrim level experience, nor does it offer the open world feeling of WoW (and every other MMO). End game content is nonexistent. Animations and combat are wonky. The art style is what you would expect from an Elder Scrolls game, but it ends up looking like a washed-out, brown mess most of the time. It has it's moments, but they are few and far between. Expand
  8. Apr 4, 2014
    Finished the head start and into general release. Move on, Nothing to see here. A warcraft reskin but with some aspects of Rift, Warhamer and others thrown in. (Not the best bits though sadly).

    It IS less grindy to level which is nice but frankly the quests were so dull and unmoving that this really did not matter. The Usual very safe looking characters, great graphics but dead,
    lifeless NPCs. Beautiful vistas, water, architecture all very detailed yet somehow it feels cartoonish still. This IN NO WAY Feels like an Elder Scrolls game whatsoever. Elder scrolls games never had the best combat mechanics in the world (and I love modding elder scrolls games) but this, is another two dimension point click and mash some buttons effort. Massively limited options in combat making it easy, balanced at present because everyone is in the same boat but my god it is dull.

    This is about 10% the game I was hoping for. No one thing about it stands out. I cant even pick on something because it is absolutely terrible, it doesnt even stand out that much. . I guess one of the worst things for me is the UI in my opinion. 20 years of MMos and somehow they made a UI that people who have played this games for a generation find it frustrating and have to look things up.

    Combat is probably the most poor aspect of the game. Very like wow only even more limited and less involving. (unless you like the button mashing thing).

    The lack of PvP integration may not bother many people but this world feels dead and 2 dimensional so the PVE is utterly lifeless and the mobs you fight are so scripted and dull that it is either a you can beat it or you cant because your not meant to yet and what you do matters little. In fact, this is pretty characteristic of the whole game so far. Its vapid and banal.

    It is very pretty for an MMO. However, not Skyrim pretty (particularly not modded or HD pack skyrim)
    Still a fair few bugs but not terrible by any means and in fact better than most MMO at launch.

    I predict a free to play whenver someone decides enough is enough and decides to cut their losses. This IS NOT an Elder Scrolls game it is a generic MMO unit shifter of the same type and even content as most of us have seen countless times before, personally I am sick of these releases. 5 Million people played beta, wonder how long they stay. I wont even be bothering to subscribe past the free month.
  9. Apr 4, 2014
    This game is the worst $60 I've spent in years. It's not even a bad WoW knock-off. It's more like a bad LOTRO knock-off. Don't believe the semi-hype and don't waste your money. There are many, better, completely free MMOs out there. The ENTIRE time I was playing, all I could think was "I'd rather be playing WoW" and I've not played WoW in years. The combat is a dumbed-down version of Age of Conan and every thing else is ripped from LOTRO, D & D Online, WoW, and a host of other games. The VERY few original ideas this game does have are unilaterally bad. Just don't do it. Expand
  10. Apr 4, 2014
    Bugged quests, clunky combat, bland environments, bland spell effects, clunky looking animations, bad voice acting, cookie cutter classes...the list of bad things in this game go on and on.

    I will give Bethesda a nod for making an attempt, but the game does not feel immersive at all. But I am disappointed that they would put out such a crap product.

    Some series are just not meant to
    be made into an MMO.. Expand
  11. Apr 5, 2014
    EXTREMELY disappointing. This game does still have huge potential to be worth playing, but at launch there are some major issues spoiling it:

    - For an MMO, it feels BARREN. There is little interactivity with other players due to the nature of the chat set up. It is very confusing to see who sent a message, and all you see is 'shells' of other players darting around. You are mostly
    ignored if you try to interact with them. Sure, you can join guilds and clubs, but unless you know the person, every other player is an annoying distraction that can't or won't interact with you.
    - For an RPG - the character development is linear and confusing. You feel like you are controlling something that already has its path laid out ahead, rather than having control of its destiny.
    - The quests are EXTREMELY BUGGED, at least 1/3 quests have NPCs missing, or they are doing something so that you can't forward the quest. The quests themselves are mostly childish 'put this here' 'take that there' kind of affairs. Even Runescape has more engaging and challenging quests.
    - The enemies and bosses are virtually impossible to beat without dying several times over each time, which makes continuity impossible. It's like water torture trying to kill some of them (doing the same routine 20 times over, until you feel like punching your PC monitor). Mudcrabs level up along side you?? Really? All of a sudden the mudcrabs that were lvl 2 when you were lvl 2 are suddenly lvl 20 ... just as you hit lvl 20. This is the same for all PVM - There's no advantage in leveling combat skills.
    - There's little interactivity with the game world. You ask why your character can't pick up the countless weapons, armor and supplies that are just sitting around for the taking, while you struggle to find the right stuff to make a lvl 2 iron knife. Ridiculous.
    - Lag spikes are common. The servers seem to like them
    - There are too many items than you can pick up, store or bank, without any indication as to whether they are useful. The tooltips are pathetic. This will be OK for seasoned players, but for newbies it is very testing.

    On the plus side, the graphics are gorgeous, the soundtrack/ sound effects are amazing, and there is plenty of scope for personalizing your character.

    I was wishing for so much better. It really is a shame.
  12. Apr 4, 2014
    So I've been playing this game for awhile now. And I've determined that I don't really like it. You can't effectively solo this game as a 'every build is a good build' because of how incompetent the developers are. They don't understand how to balance their monsters to make them killable by yourself unless you happen to be a cranked out sorcerer in a VERY specific build.

    Nope. Can we say walking target dummy?

    Templar? Unless you go with a healing tree you're pretty much cannonfodder.

    Nightblade? You're everyone's punching bag.

    And on top of that the consistent and constant issues with the server's stability AS WELL as the fact that they don't even BOTHER to give you forewarning before they decide to go "TAKING DOWN THE SERVER NOW!" so you have to literally drop EVERYTHING at THAT instant, no matter what you're doing.

    The numerous bugs and the clunky UI and class system doesn't even make this feel like a true Elder Scrolls game. It feels like a crappy attempt at trying to make an MMO that was different and failing miserably.

    I can't even say that there's any kind of perks to crafting your own gear--you'd think that crafting crap would make the game easier, right? WRONG! It only puts you on BARELY even ground with the enemy.

    And then there's Tanzelwil. Quite possibly the most unbalanced segment I've ever encountered in any game. Just put a fragging "GROUP" tag next to the quest, because... seriously, you can't solo this crap. The enemies hit way too hard, have way too much health, and you only have split seconds to move out of crap before your health is nuked to NOTHING.

    Overall, I have to say that this game is an insult to the Elder Scrolls theme because of very BAD gameplay design. If I want to play another DArk Souls clone, I'll go play Guild Wars 2. Thanks.

    I don't recommend this game to anyone until they fix the bugs, unless you like dying repeatedly to complete a so-called solo quest.
  13. Apr 4, 2014
    This game is not the worst game but it also is very disappointing for an elder scrolls game and furthermore it lowers the standards for all MMO games. If we continue to travel down this road and support these game makers they will continue to take our money and produce horrible games because its just business. I played this game in two Beta trials and my friend just purchased it and I check it out to see what changes they made, and sadly their wasn't any big changes to make a difference from my experience playing. The Story line and lore is great to read if your into that sort of thing, But the gameplay is boring and mechanics feel clunky and appears like drunken apes running around. The time and effort put in to the gear you find is pathetic and when everyone looks like they are wearing the same armor and weapons is just not interesting to say the least. The biggest gripe I have is the skill system its very minimal and every class has the same tree to choose from. This game should get some points but I am through rating horrible titles with what they might deserve It's time to tank their ratings as much as possible and review them for what they are. Expand
  14. Jun 9, 2014
    If you are an elder scrolls fan you will be definitely disappointed by ESO contrary to the 'critics' supposedly positive reviews. The only reason they are positive is because they are MMO reviewers. Subpar graphics, hardly interactive environment, etc etc.. In fact it seems worse than Skyrim which is sad given how long its been since that has come out. If you love cookie cutter MMO games then this is just the next step up from that. Not worth your money, and just another time waster. Expand
  15. Apr 6, 2014
    Honestly, it's just not very good. It doesn't play or feel like an Elder Scrolls game, combat is awful, and the aesthetics are plasticky and low quality. The lore and questing is mediocre at best, and coming from the TES world, that just isn't acceptable. It has it's moments, but it just isn't worth the box price, let alone the ridiculous monthly fee.
  16. Apr 4, 2014
    Pve is a joke. Pvp is ok. Someone complained that the pvp was like doc lol... you wish! Linear pos. This is only for the older WoW generation who wants complete crap for an mmorpg. Yes.. Wow was a POS. I dont care how much it made in its time. I was hoping for more outta this game.
  17. Apr 4, 2014
    What a money grabbing joke this is! Don't even think about buying this pile of goat **** **** games now a days... fat money hungry developers rubbing their hands!

    This game is a crappy C mmo with a bad and ugly attempt to hide it with a EScrolls skin, i hope for Ba****da and the rest of the crew that this **** will rot up in hell in about a month or 2.
  18. Apr 4, 2014
    ESO sacrifices a two decade old gaming dynasty -- a tradition as rich in imaginings as any other that has used bits and pixels to craft a world -- for the temptation of the riches of cash. This game is derivative. Rather than put an MMO flesh inspired by an Elder Scrolls soul it clothes the sacred Tamriel in hackneyed bug ridden quest hubs. There is little to be found in the characters, the PvP, the crafting. The Lore is no more enriching than the creation of uncreative dungeon master. A world worsely imagined than a Garth Marenghi novel.

    If there is one word one should use to describe this trite creation, it is disappointing. And I beg Bethesda to see past the temptation of money and return to the creativity of their past.
  19. Apr 17, 2014
    I can't take it anymore. At first I gave this game a positive review after like 2 days of play. I realize the error in my ways because it only took one week for the game to become completely boring. The combat is like dragon age 2 where you just button mash and use random abilities. Ranged combat is pretty much useless(no more sneak attacks from 50 meters away like skyrim) to use the bow you have to be pretty much right ontop of the enemy which defeats the point of using a bow. The world they created is beautiful and has plenty of diverse creatures too bad the only thing to do in it is run around and kill random creatures, you can only interact with certain objects like herbs and ore deposits. The quests are mostly all kill and fetch quests. The leveling and skill system makes no sense at all, the game randomly increases skills that you have equipped on your action bar, even if you don't use them. They totally ruined the simple crafting system that skyrim had implemented. Now you have to find schematics to make certain things and of course they and the materials are really rare, of course you can buy them from other players but why would you they'd probably charge you 10 thousand gold. Its like the developers all sat down an said "Lets take all the positive improvements skyrim implemented and just throw em away. This game is not worth $14.99 a month this game is not worth the $59.99 initial price. Expand
  20. Apr 10, 2014
    I followed this game way from early January 2013 till now...and I am heavily disappointed. The things they promise such as impact-full quest, smooth active combat/game-play, elder scroll's feel, adventuring, player significance in the world and other player feedback during early alpha was not taken into full consideration. The quest in this game is lackluster and doesn't impact the game/npc in anyway, the combat still feels floating and animations are terrible for a 2014 game, elder scroll's feel aspect of it only comes from environment and music and adventuring is heavily controlled not to mention the dungeons mechanics are one of the worst I had seen. Players would rush to loot chest in dungeons and get all the loots instead of helping the group to make it through the dungeon. Even if you were to kick the player, the player will still exist in the same instance of dungeon and will continue to troll you and your group. It is a very terrible experience and it has been happening more frequently now.

    I will justify why I only give this game a 4/10

    One point is for their soundtrack/in game music.
    Second point is for their immense voice acting, which always make an mmorpg more lively.
    Third point is for recreating previous ESO game locations and make it look awesome
    Fourth point for me fan-boying till now. I really wish the game is more polish, solid and better but it isn't

    I can't give it another 6 points because I didn't enjoy any of the beta testing, broken promises which i stated above and the game isn't polished enough. The persistent in-game bugs are one of the worst I had encountered in all the mmorpgs i had played. They even beat GW2 in bugs award. SWTOR, Neverwinter and FFXIVARR were almost bug free even during the beta testing.

    I had a group of friends who were hyped up for the game as me but everything just fall flat. It may not be much but 11 of us including me will not be playing this game anymore. Five of us bought it and all of them regretted it.
  21. Apr 5, 2014
    I am alredy done with ESO.I played almost every new big mmorpg like aion,swtor,tera .... i was happy on start , i make maximum lvl on my character,but on ESO i feel like i want kill my self.This quests are so long . 3 -5 steps quest on 15 min with so low xp reward and u cant select item reward. I dont want play this game anymore pay2play or Free2play. I dont care,this is boring like hell.
  22. Apr 18, 2014
    As a single player experience, it's good but still falls very short of Skyrim quality. As a multiplayer experience, it's practically not there! There is absolutely no teamwork involved in the quests, even if you're in a group, you have to finish quests separately. This means that the only thing other players are good for is getting in your way and stealing your resources. Just play Skyrim!
  23. Apr 5, 2014
    While being a decent MMO to spent some time on, they are using a shady payment model. You do NOT get 30 days of free gametime if you do not have access to a credit card. People without credit cards need to pay another 15 bucks for the second month of subscription to actually active their game product! As I am not able to fund the second month, I cannot claim the game and gametime I paid for. Support department is not helpful either, their messages do not really answer the question at hand and they are just relaying standardized messages. For anyone without a credit card: avoid this company. Expand
  24. Apr 6, 2014
    It is a huge disappointment. They changed what worked in Skyrim and did not change what did not work. The game is unbalanced, graphics are average at best, combat is boring, stealth is meaningless, and skills are limited. I am playing as a high elf sorcerer and it is a weak character. No good AOE and no meaningful control spells at all. Early in the game any 2 enemies can take you down. Don't bother joining the fighters guild as the first quest line is not possible with a sorcerer. In Skyrim stealth was a real advantage and one can argue the most powerful combat tactic in the game. In ESO it is meaningless. In Skyrim I could learn any spell but in ESO I am constrained to the ones they assign my character. This makes Sorcerer both boring and needlessly hard to play. In Skyrim you could sell almost anything for some gold, but in ESO many things are set to 0 value, even though they may be valuable. In Skyrim you have a much larger inventory than ESO, which is very small especially considering the wide range and number of things you need to collect. The skill tree in Skyrim was the best feature of the game, but in ESO it is gone. Groups do not work like those in any other MMORPG and not for the better. Some quests are so crowded with participants that you can complete them just by standing around. ESO go play a good game like Neverwitner on-line and make some major changes please. Expand
  25. May 5, 2014
    ESO plays immersive but feels dull & lifeless. Biggest offense: uses the TES name. A singleplayer game cannot be an MMO & vice versa!
    HOW I RATE: 10-9 score: perfect or near-perfect don't exist; 8 score: one of the best games ever. Top score; 7-6 score: great but not one of the best; 5-below score: serious flaws.
  26. Apr 9, 2014
    First of all if you are going to compare this to WoW you are going to have a bad time. WoW has had nearly a decade to get things right, tweak things here and there to find out what works and what doesn't work.

    If you played the ESO beta you'll remember bugs in it (as you do in beta) and some of those bugs are still there. Several times now I've logged out in frustration because of quest
    bugs (such as the boss is supposed to jump down from a balcony to fight you, and ends up getting stuck and floating in mid air). The game is riddled with bugs here and there, putting it simply you'll run into some form of bug probably every 10-15 minutes whether it be a graphics bug, npcs half fallen into the floor, npcs that are "stuck" in combat, audio bugs you name it. This is the main reason why i'm giving it a low score, harsh possibly for bugs but there are that many bugs and at the moment Elder Scrolls Online is flawed and is heading in the same direction as other MMO's. At this rate it'll be free to play in around 8-10 months just in time for everyone to stop playing anyway and play the next WoW expansion when it's released at the end of the year.

    People should not be paying 39.99 for a game, then 8.99 on top of that for a monthly subscription for a bug riddled game from what is meant to be a top studio.

    The graphics are nice, but I've failed to see anything that captures you like that of Skyrim.

    The combat system is buggy, at times I've had to re-position myself because my blade just kept going through the mob and not hitting it (although naturally it could hit me). Even as a caster it just doesn't feel right.

    Character Creation, nothing more than average. Not bad, but nothing special either with a load of wasted templates you'd never use.

    Conclusion: You are not missing anything and chances are you won't gain anything at present only a forever burning hole in your wallet. Big let down from Bethesda who should know better than this, they had the betas, they had the players for it, they had the feedback and it's still ****
  27. Apr 10, 2014
    Had to make an account to say.... this game is bad. It has surprisingly boring combat for an elder scrolls game, not to mention repetitive quests. There are many quests throughout the game, and the voice acting for them is very good, but you're so bored with the game you don't even care about the quests. The graphics are good too, but $60 for the box then $15 a month after? You won't be getting $15 from me. Expand
  28. Apr 5, 2014
    Worse than Skyrim, worse then a MMO. Combat is terrible, UI is absent, So many buggy quests. Would have been a GREAT MMO had it come out in 2004. So many other average MMOs are better.
  29. Apr 5, 2014
    I just could not get past the aesthetic feeling that I was playing Age of Conan again. The colors, or lack thereof, create a dreary atmosphere. I also found the quests to be an uninspired rehash of all the previous MMO's that I have played. After playing both the ESO and Wildstar Betas I found it easy to choose Wildstar as my next MMO. I know, some of you will say that Wildstar has cartoony graphics, but I prefer my games to feel colorful and vibrant, unlike the bleak Goya-esque atmosphere of ESO. Expand
  30. Apr 10, 2014
    I was in on the Mac beta and was able to play this for a couple weekends before the official release. So, full disclosure, I have not played the official release. The reason why I have not played the official release is that based on my time with the beta, this is a bad game. No way I would pay for this game after playing the late-stage beta. I am big fan of Skyrim and Oblivion, and I have played many of the MMOs that are out there (if only the free versions, in some cases). This game is a laughably average and dull MMO with a coat of Elder Scrolls paint. If you must play an MMO, grab a copy of GW2 which is a better game in every respect and has no subscription fee. ESO feels like a cynical ploy to milk fanboy cash. Having said all this, I will be keeping an eye on ESO because I know the devs can make it better if they keep working at it. If FF13 A Realm Reborn can be salvaged, then perhaps so can ESO. Expand
  31. Apr 8, 2014
    i ran into the first bug after about 2 minutes of gameplay, and from then on into one bug after another. the quests are boring, crafting makes no sense because you can't sell the things you make. collecting the few things that are in the world (and it's not an open one...) is a bag of hurt. the fights are unbalanced as hell - either you kill like superman or you get killed without knowing what hit you. interaction with other people is close to impossible. most of the time TESO feels like a facebook game with nicer graphics.

    although i decided to give it a chance because some people said it would get better with PvP but then, from one moment to another they want me to choose how to pay for keep playing the 30 days i already payed for? WTF? I should have burned the €60. watching that would have been more fun then playing this. this all smells like fast money from people stupid enough to pay it.
  32. Apr 9, 2014
    Plays like Dragon Age 2 as an MMO. Spend more time running around than doing anything, and when you *are* doing something it's extremely boring. All interiors look the same, even when you get to a new quest zone (which will take you about 24 hours of /played per zone). Dungeon layouts are always the same, house layouts are always the same, there are only two or three tilesets throughout the game. Giving you flashbacks of Dragon Age 2 yet?

    Quests are boring, they try really hard to keep it interesting with the fully-voiced quest dialogue, but that doesn't remove the problem of going into the same layouts with the same tilesets over and over and over again.

    Group dungeons are abysmal, as the "Holy Trinity" mechanic (tank/dps/healer) has pretty much no depth. There aren't aggro tables, tanks can't hold aggro on anything, which means they're pretty much useless in dungeons. Range is best here because they can kite mobs endlessly, if you're a melee DPS or healer expect to die over and over because they didn't bother to build a proper PvE experience for groups. PvE in this game is really just a crappy single-player experience with a $15/month fee, which I view as a single player game that charges you for its DRM.

    PvP is the laggy zergfest that Dark Age of Camelot was, the difference is DAoC came out in 2001, this is 2014, why can't ESO do any better?

    The game is called "Elder Scrolls" but doesn't feel like "Elder Scrolls" at all. There's no Crime system in the game, Stealth is abysmal so if you like playing Thief types in the other ES games, you won't enjoy it here. The Mage and Fighter guilds are criminally underutilized. The skill system feels like Guild Wars. It doesn't have the sandbox feel of the ES franchise, this is another linear MMO that's trying to keep the mass of people in the same herd and shuffle them along to endgame. Loot upgrades are boring and almost all of the equipment looks the same. The game isn't very good at delivering a sense of progression.

    There is no central Auction House in the game, instead the game has Guild Stores. Each guild can have a maximum of 500 members, you can be in 5 guilds at a time, but if you list something in Guild A's store, Guild 2 - 5 will not see it. This means you're only ever listing items that 500 people can ever see (assuming all 500 members are active players). Because of this, you're better off vendoring most of the stuff you'd otherwise be listing in the Auction House in a proper MMO.

    Tons of progress-stopping bugs and glitches. Some people have no issues, others seem to be getting nothing but issues. This has been a problem with RPGs since the beginning, but in an MMO, you can't just wait, your subscription is ticking. Can't finish a quest? Move on to the next one. But all too commonly, you move on from one glitched quest to find another glitched quest to find another glitched quest. You can't even grind to try and get a sense of progression when your quest book is filled with broken quests, because monster XP is abysmal - you can't even grind group dungeons for XP because you only get 1 xp per monster kill. They did this because they wanted you to be out in the world questing and going through their storyline, not grinding mobs to get to 50 ASAP and skipping through all their work. This wouldn't be a problem, except what they *want* everyone to do be doing, is what's broken most of the time.

    Last time a big-name video game company released an MMO this broken because they thought they were so big they didn't think they needed to care, they had to fire the original staff, take the game off the shelves, tell everyone they were "sorry", and spend two years rebuilding the game. That saw the game re-released into something that was *much* better, and that's pretty much what I feel Elder Scrolls Online needs to do. This isn't a matter of issues that can be ironed out with some patches or addressed with a major content patch or expansion, it's that the entire game is in such a terrible state that the only way to fix it is to take everything apart and try again. This is just an abysmal piece of work, and I wouldn't trust anyone who had a hand in the making of this game with serving me my morning coffee.
  33. Apr 7, 2014
    I wanted to like this game; I tried to like this game but in the end, I just couldn't like this game. The idea of an "Elder Scrolls" multi-player is genius but the delivery is the problem. The game's clunky combat, lackluster graphics and repetitive quests are it's biggest faults.
    The combat is terrible, Bethesda had a fluid system of combat with "Skyrim". The hits looked natural and
    the the system was simple yet efficient. In a fast paced game it is best to apply the K.I.S.S. method to the attack system and try to make the fighting as simple as possible. With ESO, this was blatently ignored. Instead, the developers seemed to designer the ultimate "Mortal Combat"/RPG failure. Power attacks coming from a nord with a claymore do very little in opposition to my hot keyed "special move number three button attack" which looked like yellow "Wolverine" claw marks across my screen. What the attack was supposed to be? Not a clue, but it did more damage than a driven power attack from a sword designed around it's own weight so whatever. On top of that, they added a dodge function; which in principle is great idea but never seemed to work when multiple enemies randomly respawned and surrounded me; thus killing me before I could register what happened.
    Now we come to the graphics; when buying this game, I had a bit of worry in regards to my 3 yr. old stock Toshiba PC handling the game. Don't worry though, because I was okay thanks to the latest graphics that the year 2004 had to offer. Though, in ESO's defense, it doesn't look as bad as "Star Wars: The Old Republic".
    Lastly, I have to say that the quests are my biggest complaint. The friendly NPC's of my faction seemed to be the most inept people in existence (though, if they were able to actually complete their missions then there wouldn't be a game). How one would expect your faction to survive in reality when they can't even stop bickering as to who gives who first aid during an enemy attack is beyond me. I understand that Bethesda didn't want to make a "kill 100 enemies" game but it's as if they think that their fanbase has the IQ of a six year old child. Also, this isn't like other sandbox style games where you can (normally) kill minor quest giver NPC's if you don't like them, such as a racist dark elf.
    In closing, if you want freedom this isn't your game; but if you're cool with goofball combat and a beat to death plot then this is the game for you.
  34. Apr 13, 2014
    As much as I loved Oblivion and Skyrim I could only play the beta for about an hour before getting so bored I quit and uninstalled the game right then and there. It's just so...average. Not bad but not great either, doing nothing mechanically or visually outstanding in a genre littered with the corpses of countless "me too" fantasy games. It's everything you would expect from a generic fantasy mmo and nothing more. There is just no reason for it to exist as it brings nothing to the table that hasn't been done so many times before. Expand
  35. Apr 9, 2014
    It is a very bad idea to sell MMO game for the price of regular single-player game (50€ in the EU) and then charge players with monthly fee.
    It is OK of course if game require monthly payments, since it's MMO game, but I should have opportunity to try it at least for a day or so, to decide whether I want to continue and buy monthly subscription. As of now it is clear that many people
    don't like the gameplay, but anyway they purchased game client they cannot use w/o subscription.
    It is speculation on Elder Scrolls series, nothing else. Reminds of another speculation - Diablo 3, when totally positive critic review complement by totally negative user review, as most people bought it just because they played previous games, but realized this game has nothing to do with those.
  36. May 7, 2014
    If you're a big fan of Elder Scrolls, you will more definitely hate this game. If however you're just a fan of MMORPGs, well you'll likely think this is below par at best...who was this game targeted to again? On the plus side, you can play as an Imperial for the low low price of $95 for your first month!

    Final score: TotallyNotACashGrab/10
  37. Apr 5, 2014
    This game is a total disappointment. The severs not working, it being totally boring are only a couple of the problems. The game is far from deserving the Elder Scrolls name. Save your time and money, this game doesn't deserve it.
  38. Apr 12, 2014
    I am a huge Skyrim and Oblivion fan and was expecting something so much better. I played the beta for a while and found that it didn't measure up in any shape or form to my expectations. The graphics are poor and I just can't stand playing in a world littered with people doing things that make no sense whatsoever. It would have been so much better if they had released another Skyrim and given it co-op capability so you could adventure with your friends against a computer. Epic fail for me and so surprising for such a talented company. Did they sack all their cool people and outsource or something? Expand
  39. Apr 5, 2014
    Money grabbing title. Just generally bad, offers nothing special, milking the profits. Graphics are alright, quests are boring. Basically WoW in Elder Scrolls lore.
  40. Jun 15, 2014
    This game appeals to neither their core single player crowd or the aimed MMO crowd because they tried to mix both genres together and it doesn't work. I can put up with most of the leveling and the open world is nice but the scale of the endgame grind (veteran levels) is ridiculous and a huge turnoff, the raids from what I hear are pretty unbalanced for certain class combos. Not to mention the amount of bugs that still plagues the experience. Expand
  41. Apr 12, 2014
    A shameless cash grab - tons of bugs, and none of the fun of the single player games.

    The thing that REEEally urks me, is that the PvP is AN EXACT CLONE of Guild Wars 2. A total, shameless clone. Like... literally nothing different. Just totally disgusting that Bethesda can get away with this.

    The only real difference between Guild Wars' WvWvW and Bethesda's PvP, is that GUILD

    There is literally no reason whatsoever that someone should purchase this game, and therein support this practice. Total rip-off, and they actually charge you more for it!
  42. Apr 8, 2014
    Most boring MMORPG ever made. It is extremely shallow, has a consolized UI, has an annoying list based inventory instead of a superior slot based one (like in every other MMORPG ever made for the PC), boring quests, terrible controls, a horrid crafting system and a dull weapons, armor and item system.

    Save your cash, this game will be Free 2 Play in no time, and it is only a matter of
    time until it is eventually abandoned. This is the worst MMORPG since Star Wars: The Old Republic, and even that game is like a masterpiece compared to this boring and shallow drivel. Expand
  43. Apr 4, 2014
    I didn't like it either.Just another mmo exactly and costly too(i hate subscription).I think the game will have problems with userbase if they are going to charge for monthly subscription.After playing evvery Elder Scroll games from arena to Skyrim,it really don't deserve to be in the list.
  44. Apr 5, 2014
    Actually disappointed for once in an MMORPG. Having played SWTOR, Rift, WoW (all expansions included), GW 1 and 2, TESO is boring. One thing I noticed after creating multiple characters since early access is that a little more than half the quests are not only named the same but you do the same thing (difference being the NPC race being modified to fit what ever faction you joined). At least SWTOR had a lot more variety quest wise. One problem this game suffers from like SWTOR did was having these giant open environments with little to fill these spaces. Also, the chat system is not very polished as well as a few common aesthetics that other MMORPGs have down well. It seems this game like many new MMORPGs that are being released now are being being developed by developers who pump too much focus and money into a fully voiced game with top-notch voice acting versus focusing on actual playable content and features. World of Warcraft didn't get its lasting appeal because of its voice acting (which is very minimal compared to these other MMORPGs nowadays). WoW's lasting appeal stems from its wide variety of features, world spaces filled with creatures, items and details, less restrictive environmental exploration, and good community activities even when it began and had no expansions. The combat is alright and is much like a cross between TESIII Morrowind mixed with Oblivion with a typical "select your special moves" element. Overall, this game does not warrant its $59.99 price tag and its $15 monthly fee. Expand
  45. Apr 10, 2014
    Just another copy paste WOW/GW clone. Elder Scrolls needs to stick to single player only. Clunky game play, bad graphics even on the highest setting. Very disappointed with this "game".
  46. Apr 8, 2014
    This is not an MMO.
    The game is bad (Interface, Skill Tree, Management quests, enemies are poorly reported etc ...)
    The story is bad stories quests too.
    European servers are empty.
    MMO done quickly and not finished.
    I played three days (79 €) and I went on WildStar.
    TESO is theft.
  47. Apr 19, 2014
    Gameplay is very good, itemization is one of the best I have seen in games....but it all goes down the drain when you take all the exploits, hacks, mass boting in every public dungeon, not working skills into consideration. The communication from Zenimax side is almost non existent limited to generic one-two sentence post on their forum. The economy of the game was utterly broken 2 weeks after the release because exploiters were duplicating items making a tons of cash. Zenimax did absolutely nothing to counter that, they just banned the exploiters leaving the broken economy to the players. A clear sign to me they are not here to stay, just grab as much money as fast they can. It is a fine game for a month or so, just for solid pve experience, and that is all. Unless it does not bother you that you will have to grind your ass off to get that legendery items when the guys next to you have all of that, millions of golds and they crafting skills maxed out thanks to an exploit. Well, it does bother me. Expand
  48. Apr 18, 2014
    This game is the anti-skyrim. Btw, your bank is full. If you enjoyed previous elders scrolls games and enjoyed them don't think this game is for you. The bad: Bugs, rollbacks, slow leveling, painfully difficult group dungeons, high respec costs, horrid(!) inventory system, high repair bills on death, PvP tied to PvE leveing (the catasses will kick your ass because of their PvE level), and other questionable design decisions. Btw, your bank is full. The good: There appears to be a decent game under the covers if you can get past all the negatives. In case you missed it, your bank is full. Expand
  49. Apr 23, 2014
    It's very disappointing spending 80 dollars on a game plus a 15 dollar subscription per month I expected a lot more out of this game. It's about half the speed of wow and twice as dull if you ask me. The caster classes are underpowered and mana starved. you only get 5 abilities at a time unless you switch weapons then you get another 5 but lose the previous 5. The options are very limited as to what you can do. Bag space fills very quickly and you have to do a lot of crafting and grinding mats yourself to better your gear etc. It's much more of a grind than I expected. Lets not even get started on the bugs and downtime you will experience. The PVE really isn't social based in any way. It's more like playing a console game with a few random people running around with you. The quilds are a joke and not necessary in any way people just start one up and invite as many people as they can. Helpfulness for questions is pretty much non existent from my experience, your better off google searching. The chat in the game for Zones is pretty much bots spamming to sell gold power level and immature kids. Think of the crossroads in wow add 3/4 spam then the zone chat and you have a good idea of what to expect. The group dungeons etc is picking up random people and running through a quick 10 minute dungeon with little to sometimes no reward unless you count a little xp. Gear drops... what gear drops? It's make your own and improve it or run around in greens and maybe a few blues that you don't really want since they don't really help with your whole whopping 5 abilities. With the lack of abilities, the lack of social play, bugs and slow leveling, grinding and constant annoyance of running back and forth to clear bag space, and immature nature of chat and spam, I rate this game a 3. I feel it was a complete waste of money and time. Unfortunately, what's done is done. I just hope to save the next person 80 dollars or 60 depending on what version you buy. Expand
  50. Apr 7, 2014
    What can i say? The Game is no Singleplayer Elder Scrolls, because its a MMORPG. And the Game is not really a good MMROPG because Bethesda will make the Singleplayer Fans happy.
    And so the Game is not really a MMO and not really am Elder Srolls....
  51. Apr 11, 2014
    Broken quests and dungeons might be overlooked. But, the vanishing banks is over the edge. Add to that the horrid customer service and, this is one to avoid until/if they get their act together. Really sad as, I was a huge fan up until release.
  52. Apr 5, 2014
    Après Skyrim on pouvais s’attendre a du contenue et du graphisme au rendez-vous. Hors des graphisme terne, des map qui ce ressemble, des quêtes pas trop épique, un manque cruel d'information a l’écran pour un MMORPG, bref trop casual et surement trop orienter console..
    Bref il va surement faire parti de ces MMO qui s'orientation Free-To-Play rapidement car actuellement il y a un cruel
    manque de contenue PVE HL.
    Quand au PVP, une map...du même modèle que GW2...tout ce ressemble, rien de nouveaux et encore une fois un manque de contenue évident.
    Amateur de ESO passer votre chemin, casual débutant amusez vous bien...
  53. Apr 25, 2014
    Very much looking forward to this one, but having played the beta my expectations plummeted. And the release version is alas no better. On the plus side the game has huge scope, and voice acting throughout (although the delivery is often interminable sloooowww). Now on to the negatives, and alas there are many. - The game is utterly bug ridden. Uncompletable quests, clipping issues, getting stuck in the middle of scenery and disappearing completely off the gaming area. It still feels like an early beta.
    - The combat is a mess. You have only a minimum of skills available at any one time, and your energy/magic supply to use these runs out after about 1 billionth of on a nano second after each fight begins.
    - User interface is highly unresponsive. I have lost count of the times I have clicked the same skill five or six times before the game actually responds (and no this is NOT because there was no power/magic available).

    With a few months works, and a complete overhaul of the combat system it may yet grow into something worthwhile, but my advise to anyone considering this title is to give it a miss. At least for now.
  54. Apr 8, 2014
    Let’s get some things out of the way first:

    This is neither the best TES experience, nor is it the best MMO experience.

    Of all the things I’ve disagreed with over previous TES games, the opinion that the graphics are amazing is top of the list. While I really enjoy playing through each Elder Scrolls title, the characters, the materials used on scenery (glossy bricks overload!) and
    the terribly ropey voice and motion capture acting all put a knot in my stomach when I first start playing. But hey, I forget about it after a while and get down to just enjoying the freedom and little side-stories that are going on.

    Now, the graphics in ESO for me are much, much better. Unfortunately, after you’ve gotten over the graphics, the stuff that makes TES games so endearing and involving - the “meat”, isn’t there. The progression-style gameplay and hand-holding takes away all real sense of adventure, and while you can still just go off and explore, don’t expect to be able to enjoy the fruits of your explorations until you’ve gone back to where you came from and followed the breadcrumbs until they lead you to these amazing places you’ve discovered.

    Which aren’t amazing. Most public dungeons are carbon copies of one another - a small circuit, sometimes ending in a Shard - which makes me wonder if the only purpose of these places is to stop lower level adventurers (yes, you, you dirty explorer types!) from farming shards.

    Some of the group dungeons are interesting, until you’ve done them once and realise that actually they’re really a-b-c. There’s no intelligent thought behind them, and when puzzles (cartographic or mental) are present, they’re of the tic-tac-toe variety you expect to find in airport crossword puzzle books. Dungeon Master has more to offer.

    Above ground things aren’t much better. Kill X rats is replaced with Rescue X Guan, or X prisoners, or X *insert bright new idea here*. The point is, there is still copious use of # / # in the Quest Tracker.

    Quest Tracker.The worst quest tracking system I’ve ever seen in any game, single or multiplayer. When you pick up a new quest, or hand in a milestone on a quest you’re on, the tracker changes to highlight something else. Support helpfully informed me to press T to cycle through the quests. Thanks for that. How many quests do you have in your Journal?

    The UI in general is a nightmare. We invented floating windows for a reason, people. FullScreen mode for every-single-aspect of character and inventory management is like stepping back to the ‘80’s. I don’t care if it’s for console too… I’m a PC MMOer and we’re your bread & butter, fools.

    And Chat. Well, you have /zone and you have your /g# guild chats. That’s it. Because there’s no public AH, everyone spams /zone with their WTT messages. So technically /zone is mostly spam. Meanwhile, because everyone can join 5 guilds, /g# is often either dead, or filled with the worst offenders of /zone. I’ve found one guild which isn’t like that, and I like em, but 95% of the people shown as online don’t respond to chat because they’re only listening to some *other* guild … their presence in this guild is only so they can access the guild bank & store. Don’t ask about chat lag…is it 2014 or 1992?

    Crafting is quite good. Anyone can make anything, so you don’t need to worry about selling in a few months.

    Combat blows. I died 3 times last night because the hotkey input was lagging … movement and combat are in separate packets it appears, so you can find yourself able to move but not fight (and NPCs don’t care, pew pew).

    3/10 .. 2 points deducted for wasting $200 on this thing, which is the most galling part of it all.
  55. Apr 9, 2014
    The worst MMORPG which i played. TES is good as single game, but in MMO it doesnt work. This is rubbish! Guys! wait for free2play!!! dont waste your money for this !
  56. Apr 11, 2014
    What a waste of money, from an MMO perspective its a complete clusterfark. Where do i start... let's see the sub model that you would think would be worth it but turns out it's not. The look and feel is completely devoid of anything resembling Skyrim. It's like they took Skyrim and pulled out all the worst parts then tried to hammer it into the shape of an MMO. Nothing feels right, there are no "Oh wow look at that" moments, the whole world feels contrived. Nothing is explained so be prepared to be wasting hours trying to figure it out or jumping from browser to game googling every 10 minutes. The quests are boring and unoriginal nothing like Skyrim and it looks gaudy. The server response times are a joke unless you live somewhere near their servers. I can't believe they put this thing out there... with all the money and talent they have what nutter thought this was a good idea... you know who the pin head who listened to those couple of whining MMO air bags who jump from one MMO to the next every month well you made you're bed now lay in it because this thing is going to be F2P within a year tops the writing is on the wall all you need to do is open you're eyes to see it. Expand
  57. Apr 12, 2014
    This game is not a good MMO, and not a TES game. First of all, archery is terrible. You can only shoot things that are a few steps away. If you target an enemy, turn to face the opposite direction, and then fire, your arrow will turn 180 degrees in mid air to hit the enemy. There are no physics in the game. You can't dive underwater, so that gets rid of the Argonian's best racial power. Along with the water breathing spell. There are a lot of stupid "Kill 10 of these quests." even though the advertising says otherwise. Not only that, quests are the ONLY way to level. You can't even level just by fighting or using your skills. Well, you CAN, but the exp you get from doing those things is so marginal it would take days to gain one level that way. There's no freedom to explore, you are railroaded along a linear path by enemies that will one-shot you if they're a few levels higher than you. The dungeons are linear, it's impossible to get a group for them, and when someone leaves you have to exit the dungeon, and recruit a replacement because they can't be completed with less than a full party, THEN you have to start the dungeon over from the beginning. Your choices don't matter, the phasing does not do anything but make it impossible to play with friends. The PVP is fun at first, but then you realize the keeps change hands every 30 minutes, so there's no sense of accomplishment really. The world was built for 3rd person play, then they added in 1st person mode, but it doesn't feel the same as the games because buildings are scaled for 3rd person so their ceilings are like a hundred feet above you, even for the one-room dirt floor shacks that peasants live in. There are also lots of bugged quests, and a cash shop already built into the game. So you can count on this abomination going f2p within a year. Expand
  58. Apr 13, 2014
    Terrible game. The combat is awful, and repetitive. The game is basically the same as Guild Wars 2, run around, zerg mobs, get loot. The questing is pretty 'different' from other mmos, in the sense that there isn't much grinding, but the actual story is pretty much skipable just like any other quest in any other mmo, you'll just end up skipping the dialogue to grind up loot and xp. Some of the quests actually force you to bring more than one person or else you'll waste an hour and when you get to the final boss, prepare to get face rolled. If you are hoping for another fun Elder Scrolls game, forget that this abomination ever existed, because it is just a huge disappointment. Go look forward to the Skywind mod instead, because it'll be 100 times more enjoyable than this piece of **** game. Expand
  59. May 5, 2014
    An elder scrolls game thats trying too hard to be an elder scrolls game and an mmorpg, cant make its mind up. Graphics are dull textured, the gold you get off enemies is ridiculously low, horses cost way to much and they made sure of that by limiting the gold income from grind. Game is disgusting in party grouping, you cant help other people quest that you have done, so you just watch them do it on thier own, wtf is the point in grouping for quests then??

    Once again, a game trailer misrepresenting a mission with the cinematic to this quest with an epic invasion of daedric army, which of course only consisting of only 2 enemies ingame at a time and having them greet you like its just another sunny day at the beach really? Tricking your fans with trailers is just sad. Many areas you see people just waiting to kill a boss, where the hell is the innovating combat ? You just wait around for major enemies to spawn during a quest line, its disgusting and very boring. Entire game feels like a borefest, very soon to go free to play in no time.
  60. Apr 7, 2014
    Imagine a game that takes the weakest elements of an adventure/wrpg and tacks on multiplayer that feels like singleplayer, a UI that takes up half the screen with dead space when you look at your bags, and choppy combat that may or may not know what genre it wants to be.
    If you want to play a wrpg, stick to skyrim, or the witcher.
    If you want to play an MMO, stick to Eve, WoW, or TERA.

    If you insist on playing this, at least wait a month for it to go free to play
  61. Apr 8, 2014
    this game is the worst thing to EVER happen to The Elder Scrolls series.. Lets hope they can sweep this under the rug FAST and start work on the next SINGLE PLAYER entry to the series!.

    honestly I'd rather play TES:Arena, a 20 year old game than this lame excuse for a TES MMO
  62. Apr 11, 2014
    awful controls i mean like sometimes it doesnt even work, the lagg is awful considering it doesnt even look that great and i mean my pc can handle better looking games, the quests are boring... the npc look like actual players so thats really confusing and it meant ive died a couple of times...because i have to put it in low graphic setting some of the quest npc wont even load into the game right away i have to stand there and wait for it to load there are so many more reasons why this is an awful MMORPG if you're a fan on elder scrolls you're gonna be disappointed and if you're a fan on MMORPGS you're gonna be disappointed. Expand
  63. Apr 6, 2014
    Often u get underleveled since quest system is badly done so you don't know where to go sometimes etc.
    Even when u do quest for ur same level some "boss" monsters is noway u could solo. Guess they dident look on other mmo's that much.
    Hopefully they patch the game and make it less buggy. Kinda boring to play right now.
  64. Apr 9, 2014
    I really wanted to like the game but it just turned out being what you expect.

    The fun part about Skyrim was exploring the world, opening treasure chests and collecting loot - and you can TOTALLY do that in TESO.... Only with the added stipulation of thousands of other players beating you to it. The crafting system is amusing at first but eventually just turns into a chore as even if
    you became the best blacksmith you can be, you can't use the gear you create without being a certain level.

    PVP in Cyrodil seems promising at first but then you realize the subtle nuances of how aggravating it can really be. Going in at level 10, you're automatically doomed to lose any solo PVP you encounter as level 50+ (veteran ranks) can solo three or more level 10s and a level 27 can ace you; even with HP and Damage ratings all being balanced out to level 50 regardless of level. It even gives you a cheeky little warning saying that you'll be at a "slight disadvantage" because you haven't maxxed out your skills but it doesn't really matter because the PvP is practically designed around being level 50. Which is interesting because you don't gain XP from participating in PVP.

    Beyond that, PVP also has another annoying aspect in the form of logistics. In order to get close to the battlefield, you often times need to spawn at a Home Base (an area for your alliance to spawn at) which is more annoying/frustrating to use than necessary. You have to find a flat piece of ground which can't be anywhere near a graveyard, keep or other landmark - presenting you with the problem of: "Holy ****, why did level design make Cyrodil a giant ****ing hill that I can place this thing on". Assuming you manage to get past that irritating aspect, there's the factor of it costing the same amount as SIX TREBUCHETS and only having enough spawns for 20 people. Which wouldn't be so bad if you could rez people with any sense of ease but good luck with that considering that in order to rez people you need a filled Grand Soul Gem, regardless of their level. Healers have no way of rezzing people, and all this adds up to one big Walking Simulator with intermittent, frustrating combat that isn't at all enjoyable unless you've gone through every quest in the rest of the game to get to level 50.

    Questing is about as annoying as one might expect from an MMO. "Fight 6 of these" and "Go here to get the next part of the quest just to walk back" are rampant with dungeons having absolutely no loot (at least as far as I saw). There are a few that are really interesting and captivating as the Elder Scrolls usually has, but the rest are bland, boring and uninspired. To exacerbate this irritating factor, the regions seem needlessly open and spread out, being as there's usually nothing of interest that doesn't revolve around questing and if it is of interest, there won't be anything of value in it.

    These sort of things wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that you can't access the forums without invitation and sending in suggestions to the developers is done through a website which has a non-functional 'send' button. For $60 + $15/month subscription, it's a terrible buy.
  65. Apr 12, 2014
    If your into open world games like Skyrim, Stay away from this catastrophe. It's an awful SW:TOR clone if I ever did see one, and anyone who tells you otherwise is just trying to convince themselves that it's good.

    I'm amazed at the amount of lies on this page, I mean you can say you like it all you want, but when the word "immersion" gets thrown in, I know it's someone with so much
    emotionally invested in this trash game that they will say anything to see it succeed. As stated by another poster, if you support this game you will be supporting the continued degradation of MMOs and games in general. Expand
  66. Apr 5, 2014
    We want single player, immersive games for mature players, where you get to make real choices and alter the fate of the player.

    WE DO NOT want another crappy MMO game. This game is truly dissapointing, unoriginal and a poor allocation of time and resources.

    Just think if they made a sequel game for the Elder Scrolls Universe instead! But this money grabbing scheme is what we get from
    producers who disregard what the gamers truly want. Haven't the success of the Fallout series and previous Elder Scrolls games proven this already? Expand
  67. Apr 5, 2014
    Well i wanted to like this game but i find myself feeling extremely guilty about how to break it to my friend that i really don't want to be bothered playing it with him every evening.
    Its just extremely tedious & boring having to complete pointless quest after quest just so that your in game Avatar will level up sufficiently for you to actually start exploring and doing things that you
    might like to do.
    It is an improvement on LOTRO where you click on a series of buttons in the center of the screen in order to tell your avatar what actions to perform but that's all it is an improvement.
    This day and age you shouldn't have to spend hundreds of hours jumping through hoops to be able to get stuck into a game and until publishers realize that then they will only have a very limited appeal to the majority of intelligent gamer's.

    Very disappointing 4 out of ten.
  68. Apr 8, 2014
    I was expecting more honestly... Just plays like all the other cookie cutter mmo's nothing great about this game.... Wish I could return it and get my money back honestly... Boring.....Levels easily....Not going to last a year..... Kinda pissed off they hyped this game like they did... not the greatest, not the worst.... but definitely not worth monthly subscription... canceling it before it renews... tossing to a friend and letting them play it. Expand
  69. Apr 9, 2014
    At first I was really enjoying this game but as the week went on I started feeling disappointed that I even spent the money on it. There's a lot of bugs and there's so many features they could've added but didn't. Like chat bubbles and not having to press alt in order to use the basics of the UI. I HATE having to press a button just to type in chat. It seems like they tried to make the game as complicated as possible and this automatically makes new players not want to continue.
    My gf sat there last night fuming over a quest and her mailbox. Why when the map is open can't you click on the quest title to the right and open it? You have to press an other button to open your quest log.
    Why can't you try on gear? What about professions?? I went into blacksmithing and without an hour of research on Google, I would've never figured it out. Hell even now I'm still confused. It's just ridiculous.
    I also don't like how any class can be anything. Why have classes??? Why have a caster that can wear heavy armor and a shield and be a tank?? It's just dumb. I'm going right back to WoW.
  70. Apr 12, 2014
    This game is so buggy it is almost unplayable. The voice acting is so bad, none of the characters have any emotion. ESO feels like a f2p game so there is no way I would pay 15 dollars a month for it. Players who want to play an MMO and are considering this, should just play LOTRO. It is free and it feels like a higher quality game than this one. I don't even like LOTRO but at least it is better than this. Expand
  71. Apr 24, 2014
    In the interest of full disclosure I should point out that I am no longer able to Log in to ESO.

    If your looking for, a Skyrim sequel, an elder scrolls multiplayer, a better feel than SWTOR, this unfortunately isnt it.

    It all started like any other MMO, lots of down time, bugs, and many many patches. Problem is that it did not get better and its growing pains only seemed to worsen.
    Patches to fix one problem would just cause more issues. The guild banks had to be taken down, long log in times became login time out errors. New content and TV ads cant fix the flow of retreating customers. Expand
  72. Apr 6, 2014
    A monthly subscription and micro transactions. This game will free to play within 12 months.
    Has the potential to be a great game the business model (cash grab) will destroy ESO within a year.
  73. May 9, 2014
    I started WoW in 2005 and since then have played LotRO and GW2. I played Skyrim with all the DLC for about 600 hours. Before that I ran through Oblivion a couple of times. I've also played several of the Fallout series. I'm sorry to say that The Elder Scrolls Online is the low point of this series.

    This game is EXTREMELY BUGGY and the quest difficulty is absurdly unpredictable. This
    especially applies to the 'main story' quests. The player economy is broken, making crafting a waste of time. Voice acting ranges bizarrely from very good to very poor. Animations range from good to fair. Scenery has repetitive elements and lacks real artistic flair. Especially bizarre is instance play. Most instances are public, including most of those labeled as 'solo dungeons'. That robs them of all difficulty when other players are nearby. It's very strange to see other players in instances where the story line suggests you are uniquely able to overcome a certain challenge. Often these other players will have carbon copies of the same 'unique' npc who is trailing you around. Occasionally you'll meet an unbeatable boss in a true solo instance that will hold you back as much as ten levels. Often you'll be defeated by buggy combat mechanics -- like, you knock-back a boss who passes through the scenery and then resets the entire fight, or even refuses to engage you after that so you have to abandon the quest or reboot the game to progress.

    It's a crying shame that such a promising series leads experienced players into positions of extreme frustration with such frequency.
  74. Apr 22, 2014
    I'm sorry but this is a casual pile of rushed wank. Horrible combat, Bugged and unfinished PvE and a community of botters, farmers and dupe glitchers that have DESTROYED the economy within a few weeks of launch. This was a terrible MMO and a mediocre Elder Scrolls game. The PvP was okay but nothing you can't get from games like Guild Wars 2. I can't recommend this game at all, I say if you want a new Elder Scrolls Experience, Mod Skyrim on PC. If you want a new MMO experience, Play Guild Wars 2 or Wildstar. Expand
  75. Apr 28, 2014
    I can see Zenimax is really fighting to hold their flagging scores. Just the day before yesterday the reviewer score was at a 74 and now some unknown "review" site pumped it up a point back into the green, not on what the game is, but what they "hope it could become". Then you have all these first post 10's in the user reviews which rattle off the same points just in different orders. They've also gone on the attack for reviewers like Angry Joe, Francis/Boogie, and many others, saying that it's just now the "Hip(ster)" thing to do, and bash on their game. Then they go around on fake accounts posting things like "try it for yourself, why would you trust some unknown reviewer?" like like $100+ just to try their shoddy game is chump change. Suck it up Zenimax, you failed and failed hard. It's not because it's just "cool" to hate your game, it's because you didn't listen to anyone who fairly criticized your game during beta and keep trying to blame everything from WoW to Hipsters for your failure. This is the third time I've said pretty much this, let's see if this one sticks without mysteriously disappearing. Expand
  76. Apr 5, 2014
    I had big expectations for this game because of their games in the past; Skyrim, Oblivion etc. I've played this for 10 min. And I've made up my mind. Really really bad. Bad Graphics, adjusted to max settings, but it looks like a 5 year old game. No real atmosphere, at all. Already during the character creation i had a bad feeling. Skyrim = like a great HD movie. (even on PS3) ELSO = comic book from 80s. Expand
  77. May 4, 2014
    Countless game-breaking bugs, reprehensible balance issues, absolutely laughable server performance, numerous unscheduled (further gamebreaking) hotfixes and maintenances, disappointing story-lines (Compared to EVERY other Elder Scrolls game), boring voice-actors (Cadwell excluded), a hideous economy system where everyone can craft everything they are ever going to need, end-game content not even worth speaking of -- abhorring beyond belief: all of this is fused together into one of the most disappointing games I have ever had the misfortune of squandering 60$ on.

    I'd continue my checklist on the things that completely destroy this game and its title, but I'm confident that the character limit will not suffice. From one devoted fan of the Elder Scrolls series to another: DO NOT EVEN LAY YOUR EYES ON THIS GAME, IT IS NOT WORTH A SINGLE FRACTION OF THE DOSH IT ASKS FOR.

    That they even dare ask for a subscription fee for this average piece of **** is beyond me. I'd give this title a four, maybe even a five for the temporary entertainment it provided, but because of the franchise reputation it fails so miserably to uphold, it receives a 0. One can only hope that Bethesda issues immediate plans to meld this title with a free-to-play plan in the coming months in order to save what little dignity it still has.

    **** No.
  78. Apr 26, 2014
    Update after more time do not give your money to these people. This is not a game, this is not Elder Scrolls this is the biggest let down you will ever see/play.
  79. Apr 9, 2014
    Hey all. I am so disappointed with this game so I made an account just to write this review.

    I've played this game for a week. I really want to like it but every time I play it I want to quit. I like Elder Scrolls, and I like the idea of an mmorpg, but the way they mixed it it does not work.

    As usual you are this guy that will save the world, a chosen one, but there are hundreds
    other chosen ones running around doing exactly the same quests as you. This makes any attempt at immersion fail. As the story is concerned you are the lone hero everything revolves around you. The game does not introduce other players into the story in any way. Other players are just messing with your game. There is no game world or story logic explaining other players around you. Your best bet is to pretend you're alone.

    Skill system and character development – completely uninspiring. When you look through the skills it's just blend. Nothing to look forward too. There is no builds that you can look at and say 'wow that sounds really cool' everything is 'meh'.

    PvP is an entirely different map that could have been an independent game. There is no thrill of encountering a real life enemy in a 'normal' game.

    PvE is for the most part not needed. There are some dungeons/bosses that require it but its not really that fun. I hope it will get better though, it is the only justification to continue playing for me.

    The game is rather expensive without even having a trial. Don't buy it.
  80. May 5, 2014
    I keep logging in and try to enjoy the game, I want it to be good. I really do. But it is so boring. It feels like a very slow single player game with other players annoying the **** out of you. Looting chests you want to loot, grabbing ores before you get it. Everything is expensive so you have to grind money. Stay away from this game.
  81. May 1, 2014
    The most horrible MMO released in past years. The story is nice as always, but still not as good as other TES. The progression of the character is blocked often by lots of game bugs, and sometimes you don't have any options to where to skip. As you progress more and more the game gets more and more unfinished. I've been goggling for information from other players on how to find a way past problems, but there isn't much information on this topic available or none at all. The only option is to rely on the game's support team.

    When you contact the support team(I have good reasons to think there is only a guy hired) you get a few fast copy-paste answers from their poor FAQ section of the site that sometimes is not even on the topic, he also provides you with the link for the FAQ section. They don't even bother to analyze if the answer they provide will be able to help you at all or point in the right direction. When you are completely blocked by game bugs you expect some fast help or a workaround to unlock your progression. I've replied to the poor answer from the support team, and asked for a real solution to get past my problem. The reply was even worse than the first on, complaining that their job is hard and they are doing humanly efforts. The guy still didn't analyzed my problem and try to find a solution on how I could skip to the next map, he just brought in some more excuses. Also you would expect to talk to the support team in-game, but this guy got all my contact information name, email etc. without my consent in order to be able to contact me.

    Regarding maintenance time you will be shocked. They start unplanned maintenance quite often and the scheduled maintenance is sometimes planned the prime time of the evening. I remember one time after wasting all evening waiting for the maintenance to finish, they installed a bad patch and the server crashed, resulting in another 2 hours of wait, followed by server flooding when everyone tried to log in resulting in massive server lag.

    The PVP is a little disappointing, first of all they have a "mega sever" technology, but that doesn't mean your player wont have to join one of the many PVP servers (they call them "Campaigns"). They were smart here by putting some nice names to fool the players into thinking they invented something. In order to play PVP, you have to choose a PVP player that you will not be able to change for 3 months, unless you pay for it). The PVP servers are unbalanced, and when a server get full(they get full!) you have to wait in line to enter. When you enter a full server you'll first notice the mass PVP is a crap because the "mega server"™ can't take the load and lags horribly. The only thing you'll be playing is spamming skills/spells and wait a few seconds to see if the target is dead, or he got healed etc.

    The dungeon/group finding is very poor, at least at middle and end levels, you get only in some group setups that always fail, some even disband before the dungeon is started as people know that the setup will fail gloriously vs the difficulty of the dungeon. Also the wait time is huge.
    The economy of the game is poor due to bugs/exploits.

    Compared with rival games:
    - the number of content blocking bugs is huge, with no chance of getting around some(no one will help you);
    - the customer support is embarrassing(on other games I was really happy with the outcome of the discussion with the support team) ;
    - the cost of purchase and monthly payment is higher;
    - their so praised server is a joke;
    - the PVP is not like you would have expected it because of technical issues(multiple servers just like any other MMO, full servers are extremely lagging, servers that re not full are boring)
    - a lot of time wasted during maintenance that occurs mostly when you have free time to play
    - dungeon grouping is very poor, I doubt you will enjoy doing group dungeons in this game
    - economy is broken

    Conclusion: If you are big fan of TES and want to try it, you have been warned this is not really TES, this is a horrible copy-cat version of TES with lots of problems developed and maintained by an inexperienced team of blunt people. I won't recommend it to anyone, TES fans or not.
  82. May 11, 2014
    this is the worst mmo i ever played in my 29 years of life.
    complete pure garbadge.
    the only thing good it has is the uninstall button trust me.

  83. May 5, 2014
    Stopped playing with 10 days remanining on my account. PVE is boring as hell, the world is bland and console budgeted, there's loading screens everywhere, and PVP is broken as hell in so many ways its ridiculous. And even if it wasn't it offers the same depth of a potato. Skyrim with mods is much more entertaining.
  84. Apr 15, 2014
    It's in the bin after a week. For those who say this is in the spirit of the series I don't want to live on the same planet as you. If you want to compare it with Morrowind Oblivion or Skyrim then ESO has... Awful graphics, lazy animation, ugly low quality objects and buildings, the combat is just s$%t and has no feeling of connecting blows at all, it just feels like clicking furiously until they're dead - dialogue being a minor inconvenience between clicks as opposed to something interesting.

    In its defence the voice acting is good in parts. That's about it for me.

    Honestly, it might not even be a bad MMO. But it seems to me it is only called Elder Scrolls to cash in on the goodwill attached to it, and it contributes NOTHING good back to it's name. This is shameful game development in the same vein as a flappy bird clone. This is a scar in the Elder Scroll series that is best forgotten.

    (It really doesn't make a difference that was not developed by the same people - then don't call it Elser Scrolls. It still doesn't live up to its name in any way shape or for, and is just bad overall)
  85. Apr 24, 2014
    All together, garbage, a complete bore with an absolute lack of depth or quality. The game is missing intelligence. Anyone saying otherwise is either a shill or delusional.
  86. Jul 14, 2014
    I update my score.
    I WAS enthusiastic, i saw a lot of potential in this game. After 4 months, a monthly paid teams has done NOTHING to fix the big problems of this game. i'm not referring about bugs, that's are macromistakes, i'm telling about all the features that a mmporg player is expecting to find! No PVP, at all, just people randomly zerging the evening casting random aoe in random
    PVE i hell boring, if you are unlucky and you don't find other three free people in your guild you cannot even advance in your progress.
    I won't spent more than a phrase about veteran lvls...shame on you, just a shame (i'm vet 12.. most boring things ever done in my entire gaming life)
    Housing? what is it! guild features?why! Auction house? no, we don't want gold sellers(ha...ha...ha!)
    3 skill to improve? some classes just unplayable alone (and some others sucks in pvp), totally unbalanced.
    Considering that some banks bugs have DESTROYED the economy, some players have thousands of rare item for crafting, so there is no more economy to build..
    Farewell my dear, Spending 80$ and more on you was a painful mistake...
  87. Apr 20, 2014
    Its not terrible, its just very disappointing coming from the heritage of a game series that dared to be different from the crowd and define its own genre of open sandbox rpg gaming. Elderscrolls online just leaves me feeling like the makers really just wanted to make a new RvR game in the same mould as DAoC or WAR. Its so standard MMO, so been there done that, so uninspired it just hurts. Where there is an attempt to incorporate some of the elements of the single player games it feels clunky or doesn't quite work because the fundamental starting point was your bog standard MMO the like of which we've seen time and again for the last 10 years. Take questing. full voice, lots of effort put into back story you say? Well yes, but because the questing and character advancement model is essentially the same as most MMOs (That being you advance by completing quests which give you xp to spend on level ups), the world is necessarily packed with quest givers, most of whom give 5 min quests which we've all done a million of before, kill 5 bears, pick 10 flowers, blah blah blah. The end result is all the fancy voice acting and back story just wastes your time because the fundamental activity is so mindless. I could go on and on about the disappointments in ESO, but it all boils down to one thing. Its nothing new, its not in the spirit of the single player games, its just another near enough carbon copy of a gameplay model that doesn't fit with the IP that's been forced into it. Come on Devs, can't you be a bit braver than this. If Bethesda had just copied the successful model of the time then Arena would of been a scripted on rails experience like Final Fantasy. The MMORPG world is crying out for something new, something different. Enough with the era of the WoW-a-like. Expand
  88. Apr 26, 2014
    I wanted to point out something no one else seems to have yet; the amount of negative reviews for this game and their ratio in comparison to other Elder Scrolls games on Metacritic. Morrowind: 139 positive (p) : 9 negative (n) = 6.5% of the reviews were negative. Oblivion: 351p : 70n = 19.9% negative reviews. Skyrim: 1,391p : 230n = 16.5% negative reviews. ESO: 717p : 433n = 60.4% negative reviews.

    Some players have made the statement that the series has gained in popularity and therefore it's only natural to gain more negative reviews, but we see from the data that even though Skyrim's total user reviews increased by 385% it's negative ratio decreased nearly 3% in total! That is an amazing feat especially for a game franchise. Typically later installations receive more exposure, but more bad press as well. But what about the press?

    From the 116 total professional review scores, over all three previous titles, there were ONLY 2 mixed (yellow) reviews. No negative reviews are recorded on Metacritic. Both mixed reviews were for Morrowind. So the last two titles could be considered an improvement over each other as nearly all new installments of a continuing series degrades or receives lower scores from the press who are looking for more with each new release. Now we turn to ESO where the press has nearly as many mixed reviews as they do positive.

    What conclusions can we make given the data at hand? ESO is not a very good game in the cannon of the Elder Scroll series.
  89. Apr 22, 2014
    This game sucks so hard ,it's beyond my comprehension to spend my words to describe this awfull piece of software. Combat is disgusting,texture are low ress, AI is bugged, enemy bosses are ridiculously unimaginitive and boring, world exploration is plain awful. This is ruined copy od Elder Scroll Skyrim with unoptimised online component full of glitches and software bugs.On top of that monthly fee is required to play this garbage. I think 0 (Zero) is fair score for this game, just because of pure existance and to show the world how the games not should be made for future reference. Expand
  90. Apr 8, 2014
    Prácticamente falla en todo. Debería haber sido un Skyrim pero masivo, mismo tipo de misiones, cazas de dragones y otros monstruos en raid, aventuras cooperativas en grupo, etc.
    Pero en lugar de eso, es un MMO que prácticamente falla en todo. Resulta repetitivo, y lo que más debería divertir en un MMO, explorar, te aburre increiblemente cuando llevas un par de horas jugando. Tiene una
    interfaz muy poco intuitiva, unos gráficos peor que su antecesor, y desde luego se aleja mucho de ser un Elder Scrolls.
    Sin duda el juego merece un pago inicial de 40/50 €, pero NUNCA una suscripción. Dentro de unos meses cuando la gente se haya ido, porque se irá, y lo pongan gratis, quizá juegue, mientras no me aburra...
  91. Apr 22, 2014
    I know so much work went into this game, but it's such a disappointment. This is not an Elder Scrolls game, this is something else. If it didn't have this name slapped on the box, it would be a different story, but I can't support this direction for the series. The things that could have been kept in the game like unrestricted freedom and opportunity to go where you want and attempt to do what you want in a vast open world would have made this quite the experience. Unfortunately the devs instead made it a very restricted cookie cutter MMO experience and ruined their opportunity for something amazing. Sorry devs, copy/pasting what makes other games successful into an existing franchise that can already stand on it's own two feet neither does your game justice, it doesn't do the fans of the series justice. Expand
  92. May 10, 2014
    Not quite as bad as Neverwinter but not better than any other game except Neverwinter. In terms of cash grabs about the same as Neverwinter.

    Graphics haven't changed any since Skyrim (most people claim its worse but looked the same to me). So they're decent still. The storyline is written great, as with all Elder Scrolls games. And that's where the positive aspects of the game stop.

    All the bugs from beta are still in the game, you couldn't even progress your storyline after release based on your faction. You will fall through the world randomly for no reason. You will get stuck on stairs. You will be dismounted from your horse while running along a road for no reason at all.

    The combat is extremely slow. There are very few skills per class and most are useless so you'll be spamming the same skills as every other Dragon Knight / Nightblade / etc in the game.

    The quests are spread out to the point where all you'll be doing is running around looking for more quests or running for days to turn in the quests you did. The quests have you backtrack often also, no streamlining at all has been done to make the progression smooth.

    At the end of the day if all you care about is Story you should grab this game and play through it inside of 1 month then cancel your sub and move on. If you care about having fun, the combat, quests, bugs or any actual gameplay aspects of the game then you should definitely avoid getting this game.
  93. Apr 25, 2014
    I'm still in a shock to see so many 10's over this game when it's pretty much plain garbage! The amount of "Shill's" in metacritic is huge and let me tell you something about TESO, it's crap, bugged, laggie and nowhere near WoW which I played for 7 years since launch. TESO is one of those rushed unpolished games that promises the stars and doesn't accomplish anything at all. The story is slow, boring and unappealing. I hope I can save someone's money and time by writing this. Expand
  94. Apr 18, 2014
    The most boring MMO I've ever had the misfortune of playing. Whoever likes this turd has zero taste in gaming or started gaming 2 years ago in WoW or something, and is impressed by the **** first person perspective gameplay.

    Mediocre and soulless.
  95. Apr 19, 2014
    The game was dead before the release date. The developers failed to heed warnings from their beta testers of a duplication glitch and as a result the game's economy and balance was ruined during early-access. Although they are banning accounts of those caught exploiting the bug, many of the exploiters had already traded the duplicated items to other accounts that they own or to friends' accounts (which obviously are not being banned). Nobody in their right mind will want to buy this game now that so many other players have such a massively unfair advantage. Expand
  96. Apr 4, 2014
    I agree, this game is a generic MMO with a Elder Scrolls Theme. Its not like any other Elder Scrolls game, its a Elder Scrolls Headache. I think I would rather play Cyrus of Redguard than this fail mmo. DDO is still a much better game than this. Not even voice chat, random party formation, hardly any player to player interaction, spamspamspam, gold vendor central. I know startup MMOs have problems, but this game sucks. Expand
  97. Apr 21, 2014
    This game lacks quite a lot, until end game but even then with all the bugs and glitches you can't into the **** game. It's lackluster combat and quests need a big improvement, but at least it's got muh visuals.
  98. May 29, 2014
    The game has insane potential, but at this point in time should not be considered a finished product for purchase, chiefly due to technical flaws. They seem to lack preparedness with the security and integrity of the client as well, as there are often periods of the day when there are more automated bots and hackers than there are normal players.
  99. May 10, 2014
    TESO is as boring as WoW. Until one accumulates an obscene amount of cash the game play resembles a running simulator more than an RPG. The quests are go here, kill that, fetch this bring it back rinse and repeat. The Elder Scrolls immersed me in a world that afforded characters, quests and a storyline I cared about TESO not so much. I quit WoW when it started to remind me of work TESO is already becoming a chore. The graphics are ok but not comparable to PC versions of Skyrim. All in all I paid far too much for the game and the monthly fee adds insult to injury. This is a major disappointment for me. Expand
  100. Apr 23, 2014
    Hey kids! Do you like The Elder Scrolls? Have you always wanted to play it online and explore the vast expanses of Tamriel with friends? Well too bad, you're going to be incredibly disappointed. Where do I even begin with the disappointment in this game? There are so many incredibly stupid design choices its baffling. First things first, I just have to come out and say that this game is a HUGE cash grab. They lock the imperial race behind a pay wall right off the bat. You have to buy the collector's edition to unlock it. WHAT THE F*** This is downright criminal when you're already paying 60$ for the game plus a 15$ subscription fee. Next, there aren't instanced dungeons, meaning that if somebody else is in a dungeon and they kill the boss or take loot out of a chest you then have to wait for it to respawn. I'M SORRY, IS THIS THE ORIGINAL ULTIMA ONLINE? IS IT 1997? This is unacceptable in MMO's now a days. Get used to standing around in dungeons waiting for loot to respawn, or for bosses to respawn so you can run through a mosh pit of people, hoping to get 1 hit on it so as to complete the quest or continue the quest line. Gold is WAY too hard to get, every enemy drops like 1 or 2 gold and horses are incredibly overpriced. Why? Well you didn't think Zenimax and Bethesda would miss the chance to sell you the collector's edition that comes with a horse would ya? The story is generic and uninteresting and while the game is fully voice-acted which is great, it is very hit and miss quality wise. The graphics look dated, but are quite good for MMO standards. Questing is a huge disappointment. Every quest is the stereotypical MMO "kill x amount of x" Or "Fetch x" uninspired and dull. One of my favorite gaming moments is that quest for the Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion where you have to go to a dinner party and assassinate each person in the house 1 by 1 without the others finding out its you. That was awesome. Why aren't there more quests like that in this game? Oh that's right, because its an MMO, its legally obligated to have watered down gameplay and quest variety. The game has a huge amount of content, which can only be added on to as time goes on. This would be great if everything wasn't so far away with so little to do while traveling between quest objectives. Maybe the most heinous, inexcusable offense of ESO is the fact that it takes the signature open world of The Elder Scrolls franchise and condenses it to linear paths to get to the next quest objective. Sure the game is open world, but you won't want to explore anything because you can only really gain experience from completing quests, and not from fighting enemies, you know like a real elder scrolls game! Another serious design flaw is the fact that every enemy levels with you, meaning that instead of having some enemies be a low level and some being a higher level, they just make mud crabs level 30 when you're level 30. This takes all the immersion and exploration factor out of the game because you're rarely if ever going to find an enemy that you can't handle. Overall, when quests aren't being bugged out, (honestly about 2/3 of them) they're dull and uninteresting anyway. Another stupid design choice is the fact that, because dungeons and quests aren't instanced, when you play with friends, every person has to do everything separately, whether it be getting quest objectives or doing puzzles in group dungeons, defeating the purpose of playing with friends which, you know IS THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS GAME! Crafting makes no sense and pvp can be summed up by two words: Running Simulator. Combat is stiff and repetitive and impossible in the weightless and floaty 1st person view. The customization is a step up from past ES games, even if the armor all looks the same and the soundtrack is amazing. When the only thing the game gets truly right is the soundtrack, you know its having a rough go. I went into this game as both a fan of The Elder Scrolls and to some extent a fan of MMOs, knowing that it wasn't going to be a Skyrim like experience, but was so disappointed in both aspects. Ultimately, ESO is nothing more than a lazy cash-in that preys on starstruck ES fans and both Bethesda and Zenimax know it. It doesn't help that the modern Gaming hype machine has brainwashed them into thinking this is a good game. There are far better MMOs out there, like Guildwars 2, FFXIV ARR and hell even WOW is still going strong. This game is un-fulfilling to both fans of MMOs and the Elder Scrolls series. If this did not have the ES name on it, it would be just another mediocre MMO that wouldn't get any time in the limelight. Not worth 60$ plus 15 bucks a month. Wait till it goes F2P or P2W which honestly probably won't be too long. Hopefully Bethesda takes the riches from this game and makes a good Fallout game or new single player ES game. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 64 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 27 out of 64
  2. Negative: 1 out of 64
  1. Jul 23, 2014
    Eight years of development, a team consisting of even 250 people at some points, budget reaching hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s a pity that this ‘Skyrim Online’ disappoints both fans of previous Bethesda games and MMORPG veterans who expected some fresh air in the stale genre. [06/2014, p.44]
  2. 60
    A well done MMO that can lure players not familiar with the genre. But if you've played MMOs before, this one doesn't offer anything new, nor anything exciting.
  3. Jun 16, 2014
    60 days was more then enough time for me to determine that I would rather spend my time elsewhere.