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  1. Jun 18, 2012
    To be generous, the first 4-5 hours as the game started I enjoyed immensely. I would have given a 9 if the rest of the game remained consistently fun. But it isn't so. I've never really like the floaty combat system in other TES games, but on this entry it's more obnoxious than ever because enemies hardly ever react to you attacks. They added "kill animations" to spice up the fighting aspect, but they are just cutscenes of your character pulling off some cool move. You're not fighting the enemy anymore, you're just watching your character fight essentially. The first town you arrive at is a welcome beginning. You believe every character has a personality, unique voice & their own special problems that you can help fix. Until you go on to the next village or city and realize that almost all of the same voice actors were recycled for everybody else. Every smith has the same voice, every bard is a blonde womanizer with the annoying voice actor from Tak and the Power of Juju, almost every shopkeeper has the same male/female voice & they all think that "they have the finest goods in Skyrim" and "some people may call this junk, but me I call them treasure." Also every single guard in the entire game has the same male/femal voice, and my god do they sound mental. From the very beginning, the graphics made me very wary. The far scenery is sometimes beautiful, but when taking a closer look, textures & character animations can be worse than Morrowind ( which was made almost a decade ago!). There certainly is massive amounts of content, which I tried to explore over the time of about 80 hours of gameplay. But over half of the content is recycled "fetch this/kill that" quests with no depth or sense of urgency or accomplishment. The smithing & enchanting system is ridiculously broken, allowing you to become wholly overpowered within 5 hours of spamming iron daggers and enchanting them. This also makes exploring & adventuring obselete, because you will never find anything better than what you've already smithed and enchanted at level 10. Some cities/holds are massive & beautiful, but only inhabit about 20-25 NPC's. So it feels like a glorious ghost town, and you can't even engage with some of them; so it just feels like their taking up space. And nobody besides those involved in the main quest seem to be concerned that fearsome, deathly dragons are terrorizing Skyrim. And even when you finish the main questline or a certain guild, no one remembers you for it. Guards & NPC's will still harrass & criticize you even after saving skyrim from total destruction. So you also feel like your character is taking up space, because you make no visible impact upon the world. The only quest line I somewhat enjoyed was the Theives Guild, but it was still short and required a lot of tedious extra jobs to do in between. All of the dungeons, caves, and castles are only slightly varied from the next and really give no incentive to explore because you will encounter the same enemies and the same worthless loot. There certainly is no character development, because for some reason, you're only given 1-3 dialouge choices. It doesn't matter what you choose to say, the conversation will always end the same. They also made the quest system too easy, essentially holding your hand throughout the entire game because there is an arrow that tells you exactly what to do & where to go. There is no mystery or real challenge. The game really just degenerated to a virtual walk in a park (literally & metaphorically). The only thing I enjoyed in the end was the scenery. Expand
  2. Nov 11, 2011
    When The Witcher 2 first came out, I said that Skyrim couldn't possibly be better; well, ladies and gentlemen, I was wrong. Very,very wrong. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim takes everything you loved about the previous titles and doubles it. Where to start? Oh, how about the world itself. Remember how big Oblivion and Morrowind were; in Skyrim, you could put both worlds into this game and STILL have so much more to explore. Some say the quests and fighting is boring, but trust me, none of the quests are what they seem. There's a suprise waiting around every corner, and even finding a missing child or travelling to a village throw twists that would make M. Night Shyamlan say "Damn!" There are many games out there that just say "Do this, hero." without really giving your character any motivation at all. Well, if you want inspiration to be the strongest, toughest, smartest hero in all of Tamriel, just look up. I talk of course, about the dragons. As most of you know, your character is a dragonborn. I don't want to go into too much detail about it, but suffice it to say that the dragons are majorly pissed at you, and will sometimes attack you completely at random. Not bad enough? Sometimes you'll just be walking along with some peasants or hill giants, all of you just minding your own business, and then suddenly "BAM!" random dragon attack. These encounters are not only intense, but very rewarding. You see, each time you kill a dragon, you gain its soul. These souls are used to activate certain dragonian power words that are not only insanely powerful, but require absolutely no magika at all, just a set cooldown after each use. This also gives you plenty of inspiration to go exploring dungeons. At the end of caves or dungeons, there are a myriad of rewards. They could be an exotic weapon, a f***load of gold, or best of all, a new dragon power word to learn. So how will you go about doing all this awesome stuff? Will you sneak around like a shadowscale? Fight like a Blade? Or throw spells like a crazed Enchanter? Well, with the new dual wield and skill system, you can fight however you want. With dual wield, you can put any weapon in either hand (staff/sword, heal spell/fire spell, dual daggers, etc.) to make your own special combination. At first glance, the skill system looks almost the same, and yes, it even levels the same too, but it has been rewritten and is now far mor versatile than ever before. In fact, at the beginning, you only pick your race (the usual lot), and the rest develops along your own playstyle. The only really significant times the game ever forces you to play in one particular style is when you fight dragons, but otherwise I can't really complain too much. This brings up a few flaws in the game. First, as everyone had mentioned, the textures in the game do feel dated and rigid, and things can get a little repetitive. Though the conversations are suprisingly 3 dimensional, the NPCs still look stiff and akward when speaking. I will not mention the glitches of this game because there have been none that I've found, that do more than make you ask "WTF" for a second, and the few that still exist are probably just the result of "First Week Syndrome", so I won't take off for them. All in all, this game is a masterpiece of storytelling, action, and exploration that make the Witcher 2 look like Contra. Get this game, and you will never regret it. Expand
  3. Nov 11, 2011
    Open, grand, beautiful, rich and several other words have ebeen used to describe this game, and it is all true. A long awaited sequel, that delivers on every promise, which in it self is an achevement. Games like these are one in a billion.
  4. Nov 14, 2011
    I've only played Morrowind and Oblivion before this, and I feel as if they know what I hated about them and fixed it. I've played ~40 hours of this game and it still feels like the first day, I want more (and I usually get bored rather quickly). The game world feels dynamic and the music and sound is just fantastic. The storyline is not award-winning, but it is certainly engaging, and the best of all is it just takes you in the way a book does. I don't know how to explain that better. The graphics are more than fitting, but I really don't care about those. There are bugs, but not as many as there have been other games released lately. Nothing serious. Regarding the user interface, it's obvious it's a compromise from a game that is intended for both consoles and PC, although nothing else has been compromised. The controls feel really good and load times are a breeze. If all "console ports" were like this I'd gladly buy them. Expand
  5. Nov 11, 2011
    These people who gave Skyrim 0 / 10 are mentally retarded. If you rate the RPG game (300 hours long) after 30 mins of gaming your brains are pretty **** up. Skyrim is optimized pretty well and is much improved in comparison to Morrowind or Oblivion.
  6. Nov 11, 2011
    Has an incredible immersion level that hours fly by when you play it. It is relatively bug free. Sure the graphics might not be the absolute greatest but rate down this game based on those overlooks all the other areas it absolutely excels at. You will be able to put hour after hour into this and still find new this to do. A truly worthy epic that lives up to and exceeds the hype.
  7. Nov 12, 2011
    My friends and I(7 of us altogether) went out yesterday to pick up our CE pre orders for Skyrim. 3 hours only 1 of us was able to get the game running past load up simply because they were running on an older version of windows. Blatant console port with terrible mouse acceleration in menues, derpy animations for EVERYTHING, physics is retarded because they haven't made any improvements since Oblivion, buggy and boring combat and an ok story but even that's generic. Skyrim on PC gets a zero because the game doesn't like loading up and I've already exchanged it for the PS3 version. And I doubt Bethesda will do anything for the numerous bugs in the game, instead they'll once again, let the community do their work Expand
  8. Nov 14, 2011
    This game doesn't deserve all the credit it gets. It's got some real issues that hold it back. Granted, It's leaps and bounds better then its failure of a predecessor, the game is held back by horrendously poor AI, graphic issues, interface issues with the mouse, bad unit collision detail and melee combat that is lacking. The saving grace for this game? The graphics are above average if run on max settings, its demands aren't very high, so that's an easy reach for most PC's. But even still, the game's graphics are too dark to really shine anywhere. I guess the only fun I had in this game was cheating with console commands; decimating the cities, running my horse up a 90 degree mountain cliff and beating the AI out of fair fights with abusing the smallest of obstacles. It's definitely not worth full price. Wait until it drops to the 20 mark. Expand
  9. Nov 18, 2011
    You can't make a good story focused on dragons, simple as that. Talking dragons is an absurd twist on the generic ones, which surely is original but it kind of made the game awkward. The main quest was boring, since there was no character progression. We already knew from the start that we were the Dragonborn, designated to end the dragons... etc... most of us probably figured out what finale would be like as well. When there's no mystery in a game like this, it's not fun. You're not dragged into the story because it lacks immersion and the originality of daggerfall and morrowind. The quests in this game, be it main quest or not, are incredibly easy. It's like they were designed for you to not be able to fail. A prime example would be when you doing a College of Winterhold quest, you have to explore a ruin in order to find a staff. You stumble across a door that freezes when you walk by it, and thus it cant be opened... only to find that a few steps to the left there's a fire tome waiting for you. Dont present any obstacles to a player if theyre not there to actually hinder your progress...

    The game IS pretty fun though, but its nowhere as good as Daggerfall or Morrowind. It might be better than Oblivion, though. I would say its a good action/adventure game but an awful roleplaying game. If you don't have a brain and like killing things, well this is the game for you.
  10. Dec 15, 2011
    This game is a terrible console port, and each successive patch just breaks the game further. It handles PC hardware as poorly as possible. My PC, which can run Crysis and Crysis 2 both at consistently over 60fps, sometimes struggles with Skyrim at it's most basic settings. It is poorly engineered and the PC port of this game is a joke.
  11. Feb 17, 2012
    Looking at 31 positive scores i kinda lose faith in professional reviews and feel like they give instant high rating to popular games after playing them for very short time just to pump industry with money and be popular... :/

    Imo skyrim lacks what good rpg game should have. Immersive feel, atmosphere and gameplay. Like old thief, baldurs gate, torment or gothic, or to lesser extend new
    witcher or even amnesia the dark descent... tbh there aren't made many good games nowadays.

    Stuff i dislike in skyrim are: big but lone/boring world where most stuff looks the same (copypasta), fighting is just basically boring not involving one or two button smashing(+drinking potions), npcs feel so "detached" in this world don't make me want to look around for quests or to talk to them...
    Main plot was really mediocre and when you complete it game loses any point of playing anymore because everything feels like filler. Game mechanics suck... Why would they even do stuff like lockingpicking, rhetoric, stealth, its just illusion of choice but in truth they are all useless... This whole game feels more like poor fake/artifical "program" and not like word. I even felt more of rpg in WoW than in this mediocre game. Character models move awkwardly when strafing, if you dual wield, your second weapon isn't even displayed on your belt. Games keeps retard friendly skill level both during battles and so called puzzles.
    You get big world, walk around this same caverns without feeling of purpose, without joy or satisfaction when fighting, talking to these same looking fake npcs. Meh... After playing this game for like 30 hours its linearity and repetitiveness becomes very apparent. Very overrated and overhyped game which doesn't even deserve place between true rpgs. These high rating only show how biased and subjective gaming reviewers are, you can't trust them... Sadly this way we can't expect developers to make really good games like in past.

    Anyway this game deserve 5 on 10point scale where 10 are greats like torment, fallout, bg2 and 0 utter crap like postal...
    Its still better than oblivion but this doesn't mean its good, im giving it 0 just to downrate it little bit.
  12. Dec 2, 2011
    Take back my earlier game review, Game has had several patches an it still runs like **** crashes on random loads or fast traveling between areas, will have texture load failures. **** for all the game content an as fun as it might be, I refuse to play it anymore cause I am sick of it randomly crashing every 5 to whatever minutes. piece of **** crap game an Bethesda has joined the ranks of crap software companies just like the rest of them. Horrible peace of **** unfinished released software I am sick of wasting my money on crap software that is released untested an we the consumer get to play their test dumby as they patch an fix the game they released broken. TIRED OF IT AN I REFUSE TO BUY ANY GAME THAT IS NOT MADE BY BLIZZARD FROM NOW ON. Expand
  13. Nov 11, 2011
    Great game, combat is much better than before, especially the magic system is a ton better compared to the earlier Elder Scrolls. Sounds are good so far and graphics are pretty good too. There are some minor bugs and small annoying things in the game, but nothing that cannot be fixed. I definitely recommend this game.
  14. Nov 11, 2011
    If you get past the graphics, the game is very very good, I would give it a 9.5/10. It is an intense adventure with lots of possibilities, open world, epic storyline, it has everything what I consider important in every RPG !
  15. Nov 15, 2011
    Skyrim starts out incredibly. Slowly as you play through the first town you'll come to realize how frustrating and difficult this game can be just to play. The are certainly solid elements in play (open world, complete interaction) but there is so much left to be desired.
    1. The controls for PC are extremely clunky and antiquated. It is essential to have multiple types of weapons and yet
    is ridiculously over-complicated to switch between items.
    2. Inventory system is a joke. It's 2011, I think we can move past the text based inventory system that Diablo used in 1996 Bathesda.
    3. Auto save is non-existent. Have to press my F5 key ever 2 minutes for fear of running into some monster in the forest that will kill me in 1 hit really takes away from the immersion of the world. Auto save only works when you zone, which means you're in a city, which means probably nothing will happen to you. Spend 20 minutes out in the forest? Better hope you saved 10 times to the run to wherever you're going.
    4. Game crashes constantly and some of the physics are just flat out broken (see horses)
  16. Feb 1, 2012
    This game is highly over-rated. Most suitable comparison would be saying that this game industry's Avatar (film). Impressive graphically at first, but once you see it clearly, it has a boring story, full of clichés and overall, not interesting enough. It has a great amount of items and weapons, but you won't need 80% of them because most of them are just useless. Quest become way too repetitive quickly, specially because most of them are just a copy & paste with different names and places, and besides, some skills make them too easy to complete. Main story itself isn't very interesting or original, and the fact that some side-quests may delay your progress in the main-quest makes it quite annoying. Enemies are poorly designed and there isn't enough variety of them for such a huge world. It may give you a few hours of entertainment, but unless for some strange reason you are like addicted to it, it will be hard for you to go further than 50% of the game, because by then you have noticed how repetitive it is. If you manage to complete 100% of the main quest, you won't really get a real reason to complete side-quests left, and that if you didn't accidentally ruined them by killing someone or doing something you shouldn't. The good: It has quite nice graphics, a huge world to explore and, if for some reason you actually like this game, you have a huge amount of things to do. The bad: Way too bugged (PC version got some of them solved by FANS even before they were officially solved), repetitive as hell, after main-quest is completed you have no real reason to keep playing, too many useless quests and items. Expand
  17. Mar 7, 2012
    Buggy, laggy, clunky, consolized, and Fantastic. Skyrim is not so much an RPG as it is an "Adventure Simulator." that being said, it's launch was marred by bugs and clunky UI screens are a pain in the ass to navigate with a keyboard and mouse, as well as muddy textures and sometimes buggy lighting. luckily the player base has picked up where the devs have slacked, with UI mods, texture packs, model packs, and all you could ever hope for. this is why you buy Bethesda games on the PC, because while this game is about a 5/10 by itself, with all the mods at your fingertips, it is easily worthy of an 8. Expand
  18. Nov 11, 2011
    I started to play videogames 27 years ago. The RPG was my favourite type of games... In 1997 my life was chenged when i played The legend of Zelda - Ocarina of time. 11 / 11 / 11 today is another most important day in my life. I playing in the BEST video game on history. SKYRIM, is awesome. 100% recomended. If you have Windows updated, and "normal" graphics card with updated drivers... don't read bad opinions, this game is on of the best game in the history.... [10/10] Expand
  19. Nov 16, 2011
    The overall impression - a single player MMORPG. Flat and predictable storyline, boring unremarkable characters, uninspiring dialogs, repetitive quests (quantity over quality). Combat mechanics are dull - enemy has too much health and hits too hard? Just kite it around while your mana regenerates. I'm not gonna mention all the technical flaws, because that I could excuse, if the game would be any bit exciting. Expand
  20. Nov 21, 2011
    I'll keep this quick, despite the pretty graphics (if u have the machine to max them out they aren't bad) and decent voice acting, I was quickly disappointed. The combat is terrible, quests are both sparse and boring, and very little to do that actually has any impact on anything of importance, I found this to be a quick waste of 60$. I can't for the life of me understand what all the hype was about. Expand
  21. Mar 7, 2012
    Wonderful stuff, games like this only come along every so often (and when they do, the Bethesda logo isn't very far away). Excellently crafted from top to bottom, looks amazing, sound is outstanding, it's very easy to lose lots and lots of time playing Skyrim. At time of writing I logged 107 hours on Steam and I'm not done yet. I can't fault the game really, only complaints are the familiar 'Bethesda bug' where the game crashes to desktop randomly and inexplicably, however that stopped after the 20-30 hour mark which I guess was fixed by a patch applied by the Steam client. An essential game for sure. Expand
  22. Nov 17, 2011
    Hurray sandbox, but it's all handled horrifically. You can fight! But it's the worst fighting engine in any game! You can steal! But it's just picking stuff up! You can housebreak! But it's a terribly done minigame. You can ride a horse! But it handles like you're on foot, just with a horse model stuck to your butt. You can talk to 1000s of NPCs! But they all say one of 4 things and nothing you say to them will impact anything. And so on... Expand
  23. Dec 16, 2011
    REASON FOR SCORE- 0 as this is just another bethesda game, nothing special, no extra effort and its metacritic score is waaaay too high. To rub salt in the wound this is a PC port. Wonder what I mean? You will know if you buy.
    GAMEPLAY- Oblivion. Enough said. GRAPHICS- think crysis 2/battlefield 3. Graphics that look like they could be sharp but were limited to consol standard, however if
    your gpu is below or at 9800gt this will look nice and run well.
    LEVEL DESIGN- Stunning, but I would trade half those unwalkable slopes for gameplay.
    AI- there is AD as in artificial dumbness but no, there is no ai. UI- worst I have ever seen in an pc game, leaves you wishing you had a pad..
    ATMOSPHERE-epic, the best, but the ui breaks it up awfully. LEVELING- Cant conclude on this but it just doesnt engage me, as in oblivion you arent specialising, you arent engaging the enemy, you just toss about pausing, running back and forth, wondering if you have hit anything, the world cant be faulted though. QUESTING-One quest in and it was cool.
  24. Mar 26, 2012
    Absolutely the best RPG in terms of technical achievement to date. Don't mind the haters - notice how on all the best YouTube videos, there are always a couple hundred dislikes? Those are the same morons who give Skyrim a bad review.
  25. Nov 11, 2011
    Playing Skyrim, it is plainly obvious that Bethesda has learned a great deal from their past games, including Fallout 3. And it is also clear that this game had a substantially larger budget than any of their previous efforts. You can tell this by the tremendous amount of voice actors that were hired, the graphics engine which, miraculously, looks leaps and bounds better than Fallout 3 despite being designed for the same old console hardware, and the gargantuan world size and detail packed into it. Truly, Bethesda wanted to create something special, and they have succeeded.

    The combat and animations, long the series' weakest points, are improved, much to the relief of all its fans. Melee is still not as visceral and satisfying as some recent titles, nor as challenging, but it is more than sufficient. Archery is vastly improved, as is magic, making pure archers and mages more enjoyable. The finishing moves add to the excitement without getting tiresome, because they are not activated for every single kill.

    The world of Skyrim is positively gorgeous. You will marvel at misty mountains, blizzards, streams and lakes, large and well-populated cities and beautiful flora. Every object casts a shadow, which admittedly are a little blocky even on ultra settings, but it is a small price to pay seeing as they are fully dynamic and abundant given the game's open nature. The audio too is very satisfying; Jeremy Soule's score is awe-inspiring, and the ambient and combat sounds are extremely pleasant.

    The most common complaints on the PC platform are a lack of graphical fidelity and performance on the highest settings, and the user interface. Indeed, there are some technical issues present, and performance is underwhelming on many capable machines, but I am certain they will be rectified in due course. The Creation engine is after all a mostly rewritten Gamebryo, so this was to be expected in a new engine (which however is no excuse). As for the interface, I found it a joy to be able to control most menus with the keyboard ('WASD' is used in place of the thumb stick), which is much, much faster than using a slow and cumbersome mouse. There are some cases where you still have to click with the mouse, which is a bit inconsistent, but thankfully these are few and far between. As an example, if you press 'T' to rest, you no longer have to click on the tiny bar and drag it to the right, then click on rest. You can simply press your strafe right key to increment the hours, and then press 'E' to rest. So much quicker and convenient, and you never have to take your hand off the 'WASD' area.

    In conclusion, if you enjoyed Bethesda's past games, you will undoubtedly place this game on a pedestal.
  26. Nov 11, 2011
    Have only played the first 20 minutes or so but so far the game is looking great, some people have commented about the graphics however this game isnt like COD, the world is HUGE and the game would take up way to much space on the hard drive if the graphics were to improve anymore. Can't wait to get back on it.
  27. Nov 11, 2011
    First the game is gorgeous, love the atmosphere of another TES game. However... my impressions are mixed between the love for the series and the potential - and how they mangled the menus and interface for the PC.

    Even in the character creation screen I found it frustrating switching between mouse and keyboard just to tweak how my guy looks. You can't mouse into the next setting and I ran
    into a problem several times where I had to back out using the top menus with my mouse because the context menus were stuck.

    Then there is the inventory system. Ick. I still think that top navigation and splitting the areas out below is way better than this side scrolling system. Do weapons only have two stats? Damage and weight? lol. Where are the more detailed stats like swing rate etc. You can't even view how items look without exiting out of the menu, standing still and pivoting to see your character.

    The skills menu is another area where while it looks pretty for the first bit, you should really have an option where you can condense it into a single overview screen.

    There needs to be a better way to swtich weapons and spells besides using favourites. I don't like having to pause the action every 2 minutes to switch my loadout from bow to dual wield, to spells etc. Cumbersome.

    In my opinion though, menus are pretty easy to change. The actually game plays well and the story captured my interest immediately. The crafting, harvesting and other elements are pretty well done. This is only a first impressions rating. I might have to buy it for PS3 or just hookup my PS3 controller to the PC in order for me to get beyond the cumbersome menu systems though. Looking forward to playing it more this weekend!
  28. Nov 15, 2011
    I just made a account to review this game , played 5 hours of this game but no more !!!Will never play this game in my life i thrown the copy away ,never will i but a bethesta game first day !!
    Enterd the game for the first time i got blown away and not by the average graphics but by the thought of playing another Elder Scrolls ,loved oblivion ,fallout 3 all dlc's and new vegas. but this
    game is full of bugs .
    the game recomanded settings were medium , the game ran at 40 fps i really liked it ,then it droped down to 20 ,turned everything on low it runs at 80 fps but after a while it gets down to 24-30 WTF?!!?
    sometimes game crashes without any error whatsoever,searched the web and found out i was not the only one experiencing this .Technical issues made this game simply unplayable for me .Save yourself the headache and buy the 360 version please,on pc this is the lazyest port i've seen in 3 years. Leaving all the pc unplayable version, this game is pretty good,open world ,intense fights,lots of weapon models,lots of exploring,lots of quests , great nordic setting. The core gameplay is utter garbage for a AAA game the sequel to tes oblivion and morrowind,a multi million budget game, the gameplay is nothing more of garbage every swing feels floaty you dont know if u missed to hit ,i always look at enemy hp to see if i hit him ,when u hit someone it feels like u hit air ,collision detection is off and very bad,Please bethesta elarn from that INDIE developer that developed ZENO CLASH or the one who developed Dead Islands . I feel bad that people rate this game so high only because it's a TES this only encourages lazy console porting. bad bad game it deserves a 4 maybe a 6 or 7 without the tehnical problems.
  29. Nov 15, 2011
    Massively disapointed in this game. Horrible UI (obvious and awful console-port), if you haven't played the previous games you will be completely lost attempting to do many things--they are not explained at all. The graphics are bad, characters all look like unwashed creepy meat-puppets. 20h in, the story still hadn't done anything to grab me. And the combat, good lord the combat. Worst I've played in an rpg...ever...maybe as bad as Witcher 2's, but it's basically the same so that's probably why. 1st person rpg sword-slashing simply Does. Not. Work. Playing a mage was slightly less annoying, but still wholly un-compelling. I gave it a 1 because the mountains are pretty. So there's that... Expand
  30. Nov 16, 2011
    0/10 for PC ... here is why... As soon as I tried to use my Keyboard/Mouse on PC! i discovered its unusable.
    menu really got me frustrated. I stopped right there and uninstalled it.

    I figure if I can't even get around without being frustrated, i probably won't enjoy it!
  31. Mar 25, 2012
    Now that most of the problems seem to e fixed. Its a decent game. Still just kinda "Meeehh"...................................................................
  32. Mar 25, 2012
    Thid game is between HOrriblivion and Morrowind. History and plot wise it is quite weak average, 5 Gameplay wise its merely a port from 360 so it lacks a lot, 2 Sound wise its good, 8 Grafic wise its past mediocre, 6 UI its total port useless to PC, 2 Exploring, as usual, 10 Character development bad, awesomely bas and anounced horrible since the start, but it s even worse, 1, Overall the game becaome shallow too fast, extremely repetitive, simplistic, Expand
  33. Dec 20, 2011
    Bethesda sells this game as a RPG, yet it's a adventure game. Three stats, blande forge system, buy 1000 daggers to do a greatsword? really? Lot's of fetch quests, dungeons look the same. Bad voice acting sounding the same over and over, uninteresting writing in the main quest.
    Basically, if you sell it like a RPG, it should be a RPG.
  34. Feb 19, 2012
    I fully understand that Im going to cop a lot of flak for this one, but I fully intend to review this game as I experienced. The game starts off rather well, but soon loses momentum as the game leaves the player to choose their own adventure. Perhaps, what I thought was the most enjoyable aspect of the game, was exploring the huge world the Bethesda has created, yet this would likely appeal to very few people. Combat is simple, yet at times a bit clumsy, and graphics, on the whole, I found to be rather underwhelming. By no means has Bethesda mishandled a good concept though perhaps I wish that they had done a little bit more with it. If youâ Expand
  35. Feb 23, 2012
    Most overrated game ever. I got about half way through the main quest, and did a few sidequests that didn't involve collecting about 50 of random items. I only did half of the main quest as I got bored every time I played this, and quit after a while, due to this. The reason I kept playing until then? It was a game I wanted to like, due to the reviews. But there were too many problems. The menus are horrible to navigate, and the skill tree menu confused me.
    The AI are stupid, i'll usually find a few NPCs and enemies walking into walls.
    There are so many glitches in the game, it became unplayable at one point, and I had to re-install it because of it.
    The physics are so bad. Countless times I have picked a jug or something similar up, and it's bounced off a wall, and flown into me, killing me.
    The graphics are horrible on the max settings, even with the HD Texture Pack, recently released, which I re-installed the game for.
    And, my god, the fans. If I mention to some people on a forum or on a game online, i'll be called a troll. I am not a troll for disliking something you like. And don't even get me started on the "Arrow to the knee" fad.
    There are some good points, but only because they made me laugh. The Fus Ro Dah shout made my ribs hurt from laughter, mainly because of how the people ragdoll. Especially fun when you find a Goat on a mountain.
    The range of weapons and armor is massive and the map is huge.
    The Dragons are an interesting feature, but beyond broken.

    I wanted to like this game, but it was just one of the worst gaming experiences I have ever had.
  36. May 8, 2012
    Skyrim, for me at least, is not worthy of the praise it gets showered. Yes, you get a huge overworld with a character that you customize your way, and do whatever you want, whenever you want. yes, there is a ton of sidequests. However, there are a few glaring problems that i have with this game that i just could not ignore, and that prevented me from getting any real enjoyment out of it. First and foremost, the game's central story and characters are severely lacking. this means that no matter how hard i tried, i just could not care about any of the characters, because they're not developed in the story, and most characters only serve to be either a quest giver or a punching bag. This made the whole game just kind of bland and uninteresting for me. Next, the combat is not all that great. lets be honest here. the combat system alone is not gonna win any awards here. Lastly, yes the world is huge and there is a lot to do, but it gets very repetitive, very quickly. quests essentially consist of going into a dungeon, finding a certain thing, killing a certain monster, or other such things. In other words, the game creates the illusion of being expansive, when in actuality is very shallow.So, what does this all amount to? it amounts to the game being boring. very, very boring. and i dont play games to be bored. Probably the best analogy I've ever heard for skyrim, and indeed, most of the elder scrolls series, is that when you first start playing, its like coming out into a huge, shimmering, beautiful lake. Enticed, you wade out into the lake. You think, gee, this is great! i cant wait until i get to the deeper part of the lake! This is going to be great! however, to your surprise, the depth goes up very little, if at all. confused, you wade on, hoping for it to get deeper, so you can immerse yourself in it. however, it never comes. Disappointed, you leave. You may go back a few times because of how pretty it is, but always end up disappointed you can not immerse yourself in the waters of the game. Expand
  37. May 25, 2012
    Extremely inconvinient new interface, especially inventory, vast territories wih nice landscapes but nothing else (I've spent 20! real time minutes walking to a new destination with NOTHING in a way), poor story, dull quests and NPC's, lots of bugs, etc, etc.... - all in all its boring - the worst game in TES series, IMO. However there is not much choice what to play if you are done with The Witcher. So I would not advise against buying the game, just do not expect much and you will not be disappointed as I was:-) Expand
  38. Nov 29, 2012
    I really tried to like this game. I played it for 20 hours or more. I set the graphics to ULTRA and they are good. The character creation seems good too. So, why a low rating? good question. Lets see....... 1. Bugs Everywhere. If you think the world in Skyrim is Big, you must see its bug list. Even trying to make it run is painful. Dragon fly backward, NPCs unable to left a room, problems with sound, etc... 2. Sandbox. I know, thats good sometimes but nor for a RPG, I really want a motivation for my character!. 3. Inventory. Do you want a game to spend 30% of your time looking for your stuff? I don't. 4. Weight. This game has a lot of items to build. Armors, Weapons, potions. But your character cant carry the "ingredients" because everything is too heavy. Even the flowers. 5. Menus. Everything is designed for Xbox. You don't want that on your PC. 6. Too easy. Troll regeneration: check, invincible NPCs to help you: check, dull A.I.: check. Oh, talking about NPCs... 7. Empty "party" NPCs . They dont chat with you, they dont have a life, they just fight everything you fight. So far from Minsc, Jan Jansen , even that mute guy from Out of this World. 8. Price. Why is so expensive when I can find good games cheaper? In the end, this game seems so good but is not fun. It has not soul. Was designed just to earn a few (or a lot of) bucks, not for the greatness. Expand
  39. Apr 3, 2013
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    A very good open-world free roam game allowing players to switch between 3rd Person as well as First Person. The story really engages you in a story plot that makes you feel like a real role-playing person. With nice visuals and movement, one thing i didn't like was the fact that one is unable to fast-travel without crossing a "certain" area before unlocking
    the destination for fast-travel. Therefore, a lot of walking is done in the earlier missions.
    For a year 2011 game, this has really done a good job and it is recommended for players who enjoy RPGs. (Role Playing Games)

    As for the DLCs, there is currently quite some of it, and well worth the price if you liked the game. But i personally doesn't have that much of a patience to complete the whole game, as well as the time needed.

    Lastly, don't forget that not many games have "endless" replay-a-bility after completing it. Skyrim provides at least a few hundred hours worth of gameplay and missions, enough to keep you engaged for a really long time if you are really liking the game of course.

  40. Nov 15, 2011
    I have a modern day gaming machine and this game runs like crap, i can max out games like BF3 without any problems yet this game even on low my fps drops below 30. The visuals are ugly, even on max they look like someone smeared crap all over the objects. Skyrim is a unoptimized cheap console port, do no buy it.
  41. Nov 11, 2011
    i apologize but i will keep this short very short

    BUY THE GAME... period it is not as beautiful as witcher 2 but hell is it HUGEEEEE and the world immersion is parallel to no no game out there now
  42. Nov 11, 2011
    For the gameplay alone I'd say this is a leap forward. We haven't seen this mix-and-match system outside of Bioshock games and Clive Barker's Undying, and it really deserves more time in the sun. ...but its the detail of the world that sucks you in, I just spent 3 hours scouring mines for ore and making armors, sometimes picking flowers and catching butterflies for alchemy on the way... I can't remember having this much fun with the 'little things' in an RPG for a very long time. Its hard to express the feeling when a game lives up to all the expectations you've put on it. I am awed at this game. Sure, there are some flaws on the PC version with controls and the UI, but the patches are forthcoming in a day or two. I haven't even started any real questline and its already obvious that this will suck 100s of hours of my time. Well done Bethesda. 10/10, and I don't give that score lightly. Expand
  43. Nov 14, 2011
    The face animations bother me, the voice acting is terrible. I played this game for 10 minutes, I could not stand the graphics. They are terrible, it is sad do they just not think to update their textures for pc?
  44. Nov 15, 2011
    This game was entertaining for up to about a total of 5 to 6 hours but then after that it just didn't feel the same so I ended up getting bored of it and just started playing other games instead. If your gonna make a massive environment then make sure the Gameplay is really ADDICTING because if if gets boring then you've just gone an annoyed heaps of people who were expecting so much more
  45. Nov 11, 2011
    This game has some obvious flaws. The UI that really only works well with a gamepad is the most glaring one. You can find blurry textures if you look for them, and I've no doubt you can find a number of other glitches if you try. My recommendation is that you don't look for errors, and instead enjoy the awesome experience this game has to offer. Skyrim can pull you in as easily as any TES game, you can do a lot more than in previous titles, and its scenery is a lot more imaginative and detailed than Oblivion's. Expand
  46. Nov 11, 2011
    Nov 11, 2011
    Skyrim is the kind of game that really stands out. The attention to detail is mind blowing. People will be playing this for game for months. On the PC load times are nearly nonexistent, I have yet to have had the chance to really read or admire the load screens, which is both a good and bad thing as they are interactive and have lore bits. The graphics on ultra
    running at 1920x1080 are flooring. This is truly a HUGE jump over Oblivion in regard to visual fidelity. Now granted I do have a NASA supercomputer for PC, well just about, but still... If you think the game looks no better than Oblivion, seriously, no joke I'm concerned for you, as you are blind but don't know it yet. Don't drive. Anyways, melee combat is also vastly improved and solid feeling, magic has a definite weight to it in Skyrim. Finally the amount of content... Like I said weeks of game play and huge re-playability. Quests, yes lot's of quests but all of the things on the side that you have in this game as well is truly mind blowing. I took a week off for this game and I know, after playing it for 12 hours now, that I won't be able to do everything I want to even if I played 18 hours a day, no way. The level up process is awesome as well. Love the perk system, when people think perks most think of Fallout 3, but the perk system in Skyrim is very much unique to itself. I was afraid they were dumbing down the level system but all they did is streamline it and give the user freedom to play exactly how they want to play, while keeping the core mechanic of leveling by what you do and adding in perks. I love that. If I had to choose one game to have the rest of my life and only one, it would be The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Expand
  47. Nov 14, 2011
    Loved Morrowind, Oblivion and Fallout 3. I find Skyrim to be more of the same. Some people will like that. Clearly a huge effort has been spent in creating the beautiful world to explore and the storyline, but the game really falls down in gameplay mechanics, which have barely changed and are as clunky as ever. Melee combat is unacceptably bad (c'mon now folks). I fail to see how character interaction has changed - they hype suggested that this would be an area for improvement but the characters are still as dumb as ever. I went for the PC version because of the amazing modding community. It runs fine for me on highest quality, but I took it down a to medium to prevent my GPU from frying. It still looks good and plays even smoother. Yes there are noticeable and annoying glitches - YMMV.

    Based on the commercial release, the quality control team should be fired. I enjoyed the20+ hours I spent in skyrim, but it has now become extremely tedious and I have no desire to invest more of my time there.

    Shame that so many people blithely give a 0 or 10. It's not that bad, neither is it that good. Users should try to be more objective with their reviews otherwise companies like Bethesda will not feel compelled to make the necessary improvements to gameplay. In this day and age, gamers should be more demanding. That's how we progress.

    The gaming press has been bought.
  48. Nov 16, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm sorry but Bethesda just stop. Quit now before you piss everyone off with the elder scrolls VI. The game crashes every few hours. The combat is left click to win. After obtaining 900 armor rating because of how over powered the perks are in LIGHT ARMOR absolutely nothing. And I do literally mean nothing could do damage to me before I out regened it with no bonus to health regen. The only time I ever dropped below 95% health was when I either took on 5+ targets at once. (This happens once every 100 fights because the game is too care bear even for a console game.) or when I jumped off a small cliff. Dragons were a joke; until you got dragonrend you couldn't touch them. Quest items had so much weight (one weighing 20!!!) and you cannot even remove them or store them away. Even after finishing the quest they stayed with you. Cooking and enchanting are horrible, cooking being the worst; they put no effort into it apart from "here's a set amount of food you can make you CANNOT make anything else, oh and your going to need salt for everything." The main quest line for the factions was so short and the â Expand
  49. Nov 17, 2011
    Graphics are even worse than Oblivion , the menu and navigating is a pain. Cannot see the characther,cannot see the equipped item on the char, cannot see the body in 1st person view.. Very laggy performance on a high end machine (HD6970,8GBRams and i7 Processor). Animations are crap, too much graphic bugs.. I cant count the problems... This is really really horrible after Oblivion....
  50. Feb 17, 2012
    Oblivion with a content update. Graphics - same. Gamplay - same. Characterisation - same. Writing - same. Three or four limited cookie-cutter dungeons redrawn a hundred times - same. I guess I should stop expecting TES series to come up with something new and not mind-numbingly repetitive, but there we go. I wanted to like this game, I really did, and I played it for a lot of hours, but by the end I was sick of being sent on yet another draugr slashfest to kill the same three types of creatues I'd killed several thousand times before, in another dungeon whose look and feel was exactly the same as the previous three hundred. Unbelievably boring, and that's coming from a fantasy RPG fan. They really do need to start going for quality and not quantity. Expand
  51. Jun 7, 2012
    Sorry I didn't rate the game previously as I was so pissed with it. New to Metacritic and didn't notice the rating bar in so big a hurry to vent my spleen. Here's my score.
  52. Nov 17, 2011
    A decent enough game. Development of character is ok(ish) but graphics for a PC are woeful. It shows that this game has been written with the "ancient clockwork" hardware of the 360 and PS3 in mind. They are so bad it's shocking. Combat is rather weak (point and click...and keep clicking - changing weapon is about the only tactical thing you can do and most fights it's just a case of swapping to a melee weapon when the mob gets too close etc). Story is good, voice acting is better than Oblivion (More variation) But I just can't get over the poor graphics. Sure - -buy it - it's not a bad game, but it's definately not a 2011/12 game - more like a 2005/6 one Expand
  53. Dec 30, 2011
    Another vast sandbox game. I sunk about 250 hours in it, which should tell you something about value for the buck. Still it has plenty of issues, which is to be expected from a Gamebryo game. Interface (as Critical Miss cleverly noted) is made by and for the crab people. Camera control is bad. Physics are bad. AI isn't even bad, it is borderline malicious. Quest and other scripted events often break and wont progress without manual intervention via console. Game challenge scales very poorly with level and crafting skills make it worse. Does the content make up for it? Possibly. Still the game could've bee 10 times better if only Bethesda moved on to a game engine that isn't 10+ years old. Expand
  54. Nov 11, 2011
    Best Elder Scrolls out to date. Free world ROLEPLAYING and beautiful game world exploration at its finest. I give it an 8 due to -1 for it clearly being made for console and they could have taken the time and ported over to PC a little better. Not a major flaw but a flaw none the less. The next -1 is for video driver and pathing/camera issues. No ATI crossfire support and some intermittent NPC pathing issues (especially in large groups) are troublesome but not game breaking.

    Next, I would like to point out, please make sure your PC meets the recommend requirements before writing a review on performance. This game is hardware demanding, both on Processor and on VideoCard. Many are posting with PC specs half a decade or more older than what is recommended. Recommended = QuadCore Proc, 4GB+ RAM, Nvidia GTX260+ or ATI 4890HD+
  55. Nov 12, 2011
    sorry to say this but after 5 h i must say that skyrim is average. take a look on, as some mentioned too, easy combat, or the small map, or the boring generic bandit events. the lore, the music, the graphics are nice (except of character and face animations), but everything else seems uninspired, bad written and random. it is a generic hero story with dragons. i'm disappointed.
  56. Dec 20, 2011
    Bethesda today released LAA (Large Address Aware, 4gb support) support for the PC version, which at least makes the game playable without using a 3rd party program. Since that is finally true (nearly 6 weeks after launch) this will be my final review. The score is a 4, a low meh. That score is based on vanilla Skyrim, no mods with the software as the developers intended it. I can only assume this is how they intended it being so far after launch, 3 patches later and this is what it is. The game is still plagued by compatibility issues. Some systems and hardware simply can not use the game settings to run correctly. In my case Anti Aliasing (AA) and Anisotropic Filtering (AF) is broken. Using these settings in the game simply does not work, causes major FPS loss and texture problems. Forcing these setting (on max) externally through my video card the game runs well. The menus and keybinding issues that have been widely spoken about persist and Bethesda has done nothing at all about them. Shadows, regardless of setting (low to ultra) are blocky, twitchy, badly behaved abominations all over the game world. There are hundreds of quest bugs and other minor issues that remain untouched as well. Perhaps most troubling is some of the things that DID make it into previous patch notes, supposedly being fixed, were NOT fix and still persist in game. All of these things bring my score for this game down and that score is solely because Bethesda did not take the time to polish their game. Now, all that being said....Skyrim is one of the best games of all time. Just not by default. If you (and I encourage you to do so) visit one of the modding sites (nexus) and see what the fan base of this game is doing, not only to fix Bethesda's laziness but also their broken programming your jaw will constantly drop as the hours tick away in the wonderful world that is Skyrim. There are mods to make the game run better, mods to make the textures in the world look better, mods to fix the broken inventories and terrible UI in the game. There are mods to make your character look different and mods that bring Skyrim to life. The modding community for this game is EXTREMELY active (all current mods have been made even without the help of an SDK) and helpful. Bethesda built the foundation and for releasing a flawed game get a low score. The modders finished Skyrim, polished it and made it one of, if not THE, best games of all time. Expand
  57. Nov 13, 2011
    After like 6 hours i have stopped playing as i was just bored. It is almost the same as Oblivion, but we have rocks and snow instead of grass. Stupid dialogs, stupid tutorial (there is a bear ahead, lets sneak or take this bow - then one shot and bear is dead. So simple, but still my companion had to cry). Graphics are average - nothing special about it. Is dragon from start trying to kill us ? Then he should wait one more second - dragon idiot, that's all. I would give it 5, as game is not that bad, it is just nothing more than average experience. Expand
  58. Nov 11, 2011
    Yo Bethesda idiots!! Why I cant block using dual wield??? Morons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  59. Nov 15, 2011
    Bethesda touted this as a "World Wide Release". It was a lie. Anyone living in Japan is prevented from playing this game for 4 weeks from the "world wide release" until December 8th. The -only- country facing this. It doesnt matter if you bought a copy from the US in English or you buy a Japanese copy in Japan(they're having to pay the equivalent of over 90 bucks for the priviledge to wait 4 weeks btw). All are restricted via the draconian DRM via Steam and Steamworks. I used to think EA was bad for such practices but Bethesda has really crowned themselves king on this one.

    I've lost all enthusiasm to play this game now. Sympathetic friends etc have even tried to get me cracked versions of the game to play. I really just dont see a point when Bethesda considers Japan and those living there to be exploitable in this manner like second class citizens. And why should I stoop to Bethesda's level of dirtiness? I 100% regret having gotten this game and wish I could return it.
  60. Nov 13, 2011
    This gets a solid 5 and even that feels a lot more than it should have been. Where do I start? Bugs everywhere, from immortal NPCs to crime-reporting chickens(!!!!!) . The controls are just horrible and unresponsive. The so-acclaimed UI is a joke - stinks of console, no mapping to numbers, mouse doesn't work in half the containers, and I'd rather have mouse wheel scroll through my favourites than do what it does. The whole interface screams 'use a controller!!!', but I don't even own a console because I HATE THOSE THINGS! The graphics are weird in a way that there are great high-res details present and then you see a blurry low-res texture sitting right next to it (guess that makes it easier on console graphics units, BUT I'M NOT PLAYING A CONSOLE!!!!!). AI and pathing are just plain retarded. No point in levelling at all, because your enemies level with you. AND WHERE ARE MY REGULAR STATS? You no longer need to sleep to level, and to make it even more retarded you have now a choice of whole 3 (three!) stats to improve... and a perk (what is this? Fallout?). Dungeon-crawling quickly becomes monotonous and boring. Overall, it feels like a poor Oblivion 2.0 port packaged in recycled gift-wrap. Bethesda managed to take everything that made Morrowind great and... flush it down the drain, because there's non of it in Skyrim. Expand
  61. Nov 11, 2011
    One of the most rich and entertaining RPG games of all time. Period. Third person combat is greatly improved as well as first person. There are minor tweaks that could be made to each, but the content more than makes up for it. As a mobile app developer, I only wish I could be part of something this incredible.
  62. Nov 11, 2011
    The people giving a 0 are really idiots they don't like the changing of weapons?? Lets give the game a 0!!
    they don't like the moving animation. Lets give it a 0 This game has some flaws and glitchs/bugs but it's REALEASED today. Most if not all will be fixed really calm down and stop giving such stupid reviews like
    Horse's are stupid 0
  63. Nov 11, 2011
    Two very simple reasons you must get this game:
    1.Developed by Bethesda Game Studios. 2.Epic release date(11/11/11).
  64. Nov 11, 2011
    I am very happy with the outcome of this game. I can't say that it doesn't have issues that is why I gave it an 8 instead of a 9 or 10. The Visuals look quite good on my PC. Someone had said how it eats up their 8800 gtx. That's cause that is like 5 generations old video hardware. The game feels like a new experience. The dual-wielding is a concept that I've wanted to see and definately adds for a different dynamic.. The scenery is appropriate and pretty. I haven't run into any off-putting bugs at this time. The voice acting is quite the step up from Oblivion (70+ voice actors compared to TES IV's 12). The only major problem I have is that it is optimized for consoles. The interface, inventory, favorite items vs quick keys all felt cumbersome at first. I'm getting used to it, but I shouldn't be required to conform to what I can do with 5 buttons. The Elder Scrolls have previously been PC first games which made them incredibly enveloping when they came out. I've certainly had a couple Ooohh's and Ahhhh's in this but I can only imagine what it could have been if it were designed with the PC in mind first. Expand
  65. Nov 23, 2011
    Skyrim is another horrible example of quantity over quality. Bethesda is more than aware of what was good and bad in their previous games. They could easily have picked all the things that worked very well in Morrowind, Oblivion (with mods) and the Fallout games and made a truly amazing legendary rpg. Bethesda have the power and money to do just that. But it seems they lack the integrity and logic to make an truly amazing game. They have removed lots of good things from the other games and continued with the flawed ideas and put in lots of new flaws as well.
    The level scaling on enemies are bad enough, but they chose to go with level scaling on loot. That is one of the worst concepts in gaming history and Bethesda uses it again :( The UI is also a total mess to use. Really....what were they thinking?? It looks tidy at first glance, but it is really cumbersome and unpractical to use. There is a good reason why most rpg's have very similar UI set up you know.....IT WORKS WELL! The game looks ok, but compared to most other games released for the pc these days it is look very dated. Skyrim is not a terrible game, but Bethesda really annoys me when they release a console optimized game for the pc, and they annoy me when implementing so many flawed ideas from previous games. After 20+ hours in the game I am bored to tears. Level scaling broke the point of progress once again.
  66. Dec 3, 2011
    People just **** about things that aren't perfect. Well, welcome to the gaming industry and life. Nothing's perfect, but this is not, I repeat NOT an expansion to Oblivion. There IS actually a lot more and exciting content. But please, if you don't like it go back to your repetitive Call of Duty. If you didn't notice the better graphics then I suggest you upgrade your video card. Other than that, Quotation forthcoming. Expand
  67. Dec 19, 2011
    Giving this game a 0 to offset all the 10/10 reviews because it is way overhyped. Its a decent and average game. I quickly started to find this game dull. The combat is really lacking. No dodge, no parry, no positional attacks, etc. Its boring and dull. The map is large but for me it felt I would run for ages only coming across the occasional enemy to fight. There may be hours and hours of quests but majority of them are outright boring and remind me of the quests from a grindfest MMO. On the positive the game has a nice amount of freedom and is open world environment. But for me personally it is all rather pointless and uninteresting. Also there a number of noticeable bugs with this game. And I have had the occasional crash to desktop. Expand
  68. Jan 1, 2013
    The best thing I can say about Skyrim is that it makes a decent action game; even then there's much better to be had. Simply put, Skyrim pulls the "RPG" out of "action/RPG." RPGs are defined by the role-playing aspect that gives the genre its name. In a rather startling disconnect from previous Elder Scrolls installments and the Fallout series, very little about Skyrim actually fosters a sense of immersion and attachment. Sure, you play the role of a hero or thief or whatever you decide Character creation, and its importance to most RPGs that feature this mechanic, is essentially written off as a minor hurdle in the beginning of the game; nothing about the process informs hardly anything save some inconsequential lines of dialogue. A given race has some minor initial bonuses in certain skills, but nothing a half hour of playing doesn't disrupt. Classes and specializations are nonexistent and skills are threadbare in an effort to make the game more "accessible" but instead serves to simplify the game to an insulting extent. You can roleplay as a given "class" only by choosing not to use other skills available and adhering to a certain gameplay style; ironic that a so-called RPG forces this to be the case. Combat is a bore; it basically revolves entirely around jumping to avoid attacks (or sometimes blocking, y'know, just to raise the skill to level up quicker) and pressing the attack button. Virtually no restrictions are in place in terms of gameplay: you can spend 30 hours playing as a warrior wielding greatswords then immediately begin your new life as a thief or mage with a little grinding (or if you're feeling lazy, exploitation of the level up system). This may appeal to some but those who enjoy depth of experience rather than breadth of content will probably be disappointed. This emphasis on amount of content over quality of experience spills over into the core game as well. The main quest is always there (without any sense of urgency behind it, by the way) but most of your time will likely be spent slogging through inconsequential fetch quests and contract killings that you can pick up barely interacting with anything, or by following the slightly more interesting yet still lackluster guild questlines. These are where the majority of the game's depth comes in, however little it is. Two days out of jail you can be the master of every faction and have singlehandedly won the war that ravaged the land. Two more aspects of RPGs Skryrim mostly abandoned, character and story development, are also one of its greatest offenses. I can count on one hand how many characters actually had a semblance of depth to them. Companion characters--more accurately called followers--do just that and not much else besides attack what you attack and haul your inventory. The importance of dialogue is negligible; you can learn everything about your active quest in the journal screen without having to hear the same recycled voice actors tell you. No choices with any narrative weight exist; the only choices I even noticed are ones that actually deprive you of achievements if you pick the wrong action (without the game even hinting to you of the consequence) and force you to reload a save or even replay the game to obtain them. Any fun there is to be had seems to be on the PC version if you install some cool mods, and even those can't fix what's already broken. With such a large world and so much to do in it, Skyrim tricks you into thinking it has scale where it counts, when in fact, it is nothing more than an expanse of content with the depth of a wheelchair ramp. I wasn't immersed; I wasn't entertained; but, as a fan of the RPG, I certainly did feel more than a little cheated. Expand
  69. Feb 1, 2012
    Man, you orctowngrot said every thing. This game start amazing, became great, then very good, then good, then ok, then mediocre, and finaly get boring. There's no challenge after you reach level 40. I'm level 46 and just kill everything without effort; dragons, bandits, trolls, falmers, elves, orcs, nords, mages. The quests get boring. The gameplay it's repetitive. In the end, you just don't want play it anymore. Just get tired. Expand
  70. Dec 29, 2011
    Horrible and disapointing game. Skyrim is everything Elder Scrolls fans did not want. Its smaller,stripped,mainstreamed,buggy and ugly game. If this is the new direction of Elder Scrolls then this serie is dead for me. It certainly won my FOTY(Fail of the year) award this year.
  71. Nov 11, 2011
    Same engine like they use on Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. I dont care about this, graphics looks nice. Many locations, wpns, spells and great character customization. Good story (3 hours game time). Gameplay is really great, especially if you got spells in one hand and wpns in other one. Thats really fun. But what is the mind-blowing in Skyrim? I have to say that is a atmosphere. I didn't like Fallout 3 much, but there was this kind of catching atmosphere too. If you are in open world and just exploring land or when you find some dark cave and spend one hour there just with torch and one-hand sword. That's great. I want to give it 10, but i can't. Simply because it's a port of console and controls are not so good. You can "favorite" wpns/spells so you can quickly change them, but you can't just bind them to 1,2,3 etc. Last think - menu and abilities management is not "transparent", for me it is a little bit confusing. But that's just it, after all i really like this game and looking forward to see more. Expand
  72. Nov 11, 2011
    Almost perfect free world (for this generation) even "consoliced"(certainly so much near perfection if not), but JUST THING IN THE MODS!!! You buy it, and you play the most complete game ever, finding new things to do or areas to explore even in the hundredth hour, or your tenth character.
  73. Nov 11, 2011
    This is one of the best sandbox games I have ever played. Right from the start they give you the option of playing as any type of character you want without it feeling like they are holding your hand. Although it didn't have quite the same feeling as Oblivion when you first walk into the light, it doesn't take long before you are stopping to just look around. Although not all of the textures are ground breaking they are combined to look like a living breathing world. The facial animations have improved greatly, and the voice overs have as well. When it comes to character creation I wasn't a big fan of the look of the elves but the other races look amazing (this is a personal preferance and not an issue with detail).

    The fighting has improved alot since oblivion but still can't compare to witcher 2 or some others that are out there. I think this is due to the fact though that there are so many differant ways that you can fight they couldn't focus on just one. The menu system has gotten a huge overhaul and I like the way it is set up. The quick select option is great and doesn't require you to scroll through all the menus every time to choose a differant spell or menu.

    Of course there is an issue with some bugs, but this to be a common issue with Bethesda sandboxes. While playing for about 10 hours there was 1 time the game just closed on me. This didn't hurt me too bad as it saves quite often. There are other minor glitches but none that really detract from the game. Although this isn't a perfect game it is alot closer than I thought was possible. This takes takes the RPG to a level that we have never seen before, and I know this will be taking hundreds of hours away from my free time.
  74. Nov 23, 2011
    Beneath Bethesda's usual sloppy laziness lies the makings of a fantastic game. The world, the lore, the culture, and the atmosphere of the game are very rich, but the many flaws and bugs hold it back. The textures are extremely poor, the animations are pretty awful (good luck shooting things with magic or arrows, since the enemy models tend to float around quickly, independent of any realistic or predictable movements), and while the combat is far less "floaty" than in FO3 or Oblivion, and generally feels quite satisfying with a sword and board, the floatiness is still present when using magic, bows, spell and sword etc. The lack of any blocking mechanism with most of the combat options, ease and speed of floating around in circles, and high amount of damage required to defeat a lot of enemies, mean a lot of fights will revolve around the you and your adversary floating in circles around each other mashing the attack button. The AI is still dreadful too, and you can happily shoot someone in the face with an arrow from a few feet away, only to hear them loudly exclaim "WHO'S THERE", shrug their shoulders, and return to what they were doing.

    I've heard a lot of people argue that mods will fix the huge amount of bugs in the game (almost constant crashing, giant purple crystal looking trees/objects/characters loading up, etc), as well as the many other problems, however Bethesda's recent actions suggest they will do everything in their power to stop this- for those of you who don't know, for some bizarre reason, Skyrim is capped to use only 2GB of RAM (about as much as a basic laptop has), resulting in constant stuttering, framerate drop, and crashes. Some helpful fellow made a fix to bypass this; allowing the game to run without so many hiccups, but Bethesda patched the game to add more DRM (which of course only affected those that had already bought the game anyway) which broke this fix. A new fix has been made by someone, but it begs the question of why Bethesda not only didn't fix this themselves, but then prevented others from fixing it.
  75. Nov 23, 2011
    As a console game, it might be acceptable. As a PC game (and an RPG with great heritage to boost) it is like a bad joke. I was able to "play" it for about 20 minutes before giving up due to the horrendous GUI system obviously ported from consoles. Hello Bethesda, I have a MOUSE connected to my computer! Can I use it for anything besides looking around? No? That's too bad... because without a mouse managing inventory and doing other tasks is a big pain, a big, time-consuming pain.
    The graphics look absolutely disgusting. While graphics in Oblivion seemed a bit outdated, this is completely disgusting. I even heard a developer or who was it, talking about "improved graphics" in a video. I did not know that "improved" meant making everything look like it was made out of plastic. Resolution of textures is terrible, everything is muddy, murky, without life. And the game mechanics at the beginning seemed like Call of Duty without guns. I do not know if the story is good because I simply could not force myself to play it with such terrible controls and disgusting graphics. One thing is to create dated graphics and something different is to create graphics so disgusting that it deters from playing the game itself.
    If you do not mind the graphics and console controls, you can give it a try but I would not expect much from it anyway.
  76. Nov 26, 2011
    This game is amazing. I am almost 30 hours in and feel like I just started the game. Around every corner is something a little more exciting.
  77. Dec 3, 2011
    I have been playing RPG games since the dawn of time and Elder Scrolls IMHO has always been the best FP RPG by a clear mile. This is an excellent follow on from the superb Oblivion. The graphics are beautiful, the geography stunning and the main plot interesting, drawing on what we all ready know about the Elder Scrolls universe. The lack of real character classes, with players choosing development via their actions is excellent. I personally miss all the scores for intelligence etc, but its a minor point as the simplified perks and magicka, health, stamina model works well. The game is not perfect however, with your actions in the war not really changing people demeanor towards you. The theft system is also flawed, as it was in Oblivion, with some objects just being there for the taking. Say hi to the leader of the town, rob him blind, hang out for a little with his trinkets in your pockets, no one notices or cares. Especially weird if your publicly a paid up member of his worst enemy. No problem in Skyrim for some reason. IMHO however the game is an RPG, so you have to have a little imagination, and if you have its an excellent experience. My main gripe is that there seems to be less variety of content (clothes etc) than in Oblivion - I am guessing this is due to the game being primarily developed for console. I await some clothes mods from the community. I would have so much respect for a company that did not dumb down games on PC - come on guys, PC's should be the pinnacle, with reduced content for the consoles, don't set the bar at the lowest possible denominator. Expand
  78. Dec 21, 2011
    An impressive game whose strength lies in its sweeping, detailed world, the exploration of which, can consume hour upon hour of your time without you even knowing. There is always some new jaw-dropping vista to discover, some new silhouette in the distance, enticing you through a driving blizzard or some errand to take you out to some far-flung reach of the map. The world itself is worth the price of admission. However, the game still leaves much to be desired.

    Skyrim is simply chock full of bugs, broken quests and poorly implemented design. But I suppose poorly implemented might be preferable to simply not implemented at all, which as how many aspects of the game feel. Going through some of the lowlights:

    The UI is abysmal. The menu system seems designed to confound rather than assist you. This is probably sue to it being created for a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard, so everything you do with it feels like it's taking three extra steps whereas one would have sufficed. Equipping gear is a chore since you are limited to just eight hotkeys, which is very little for the number of spells, weapons, shouts, potions and scrolls you might need available at a moment's notice. Often times, you will find the need to pause the game and go hunting though the menus to find what you need. Poisons are a good example of this. Since poison on a weapon usually will only last for a single hit, characters who rely on them will find themselves pausing several time every fight to reapply it. This serves to really pull the player out of the game since the action is stopped continuously.

    Companions are pretty dumb. This is hardly unexpected and is a common complaint for any game that actually includes AI controlled companions. Skyrim is no exception. The pathfinding is awful and you will spend much of your time trying to find alternate routes to get to where you want to go because your companion will get stuck on an ankle high piece of scenery and get left behind, you will drop down off a knee-high elevatin change and they will be unable to follow. On the other hand, sometimes they will. This forces you to babysit them across all uneven terrain (there is a lot of it in Skyrim) by always watching behind you to ensure they are following. You can also elect to just leave them behind and hope they will catch up with you later. Sometimes they do. Other times they just disappear. Fast traveling can be used to "pull" a wayward companion with you, but sometimes when they get lost, they also get dead, and no amount of fast traveling will remedy it.

    Another problem with companions is that you have little control over their development, have no way of knowing what skills they are best at (without looking up the entry on the Wiki) and sometimes, can only suggest what armor and weapons they should equip. Sometimes they just wear what the want, no matter how inexplicable it is. Just give them what you want them to have and cross your fingers. The bright spot about companions is that they do make good mules for carrying around the masses of loot your are bound to find.

    Mounts have barely been implemented at all. Yes, you can buy and ride horses, even having several at one time. Unfortunately, the speed increase they give you is marginal, you can't use them for additional storage in the field, you can fight from the saddle, your companions can't ride at all so if you bring a friend along with you, you'll often leave them behind due to differences in travel speed, and finally, horses love to jump into combat with you. Although that may sound like a bonus, it's not, since they also tend to die horrible deaths rather quickly. With a 1000g price tag each time you need to replace one, you will soon learn that they are not something you want to bring with you on the road, which pretty much makes them absolutely useless in all respects.

    Game textures are pretty low-grade as well. At a distance, it's not something you notice, but once you get up close to the scenery, the stripped down console-based textures become horribly apparent. Luckily, these are easy to mod up to snuff for PC users. This includes new textures for everything from running water to character appearance, which really needed some work. Bethesda, it appears, decided that all characters, particularly female, would be better received by gamers if they were as ugly and unattractive as possible. The community begged to differ and, at the time of this writing, the most popular mod on Skyrim Nexus (among hundreds of truly excellent ones), is a mod to beautify the women of Skyrim. It may seem trite to some, but those ladies desperately needed a major league makeover.

    And despite these complaints, I still have to give Skyrim high marks. The bugs will be fixed, the textures will be improved and the mechanics will be overhauled. But most importantly, Skyrim is a world you can easily lose yourself in.
  79. Dec 26, 2011
    Ah Skyrim. Outside of the CoD series, I have never heard so many people going insane over a game before it's launch. Sadly, if you ever played Oblivion, you've already played this game. There are literally only 4 changes; Graphics (slight improvement), UI (Which I loved but for some reason the majority of the PC community despises), Dragons (Which are interesting enough but not game making), and the leveling system. Oh the leveling system... The use of perks is the most game-breaking aspect in my opinion. In Oblivion, if you maxed out every single skill, every single skill was at its maximum ability. In this game, however, only the 3-4 choice skills that you decide to put your perks into are actually worth a damn at the end of the game. I couldn't just toss on some robes, ready some spells, and deal massive damage even with 100 skill like I could in Oblivion, because all of my perks were in melee skills. But, if you don't put perks into a few choice skills, you're stuck with a bunch of mediocre abilities. This kept me from playing once I reached level 50 (when leveling slows drastically). At that point, I stopped caring about my character, felt no compulsion to complete the sea of mostly identical quests, and just wrapped up the main plot and never touched it again. But what about the experience of getting to 50 in the first place? As I said, if you've played Oblivion, you've played this. There really is nothing different here except dragons, and in the end the whole game just feels like a collection of mods for Oblivion. In the end, I liked the UI, and the game was fun while it lasted, but in the long term it doesn't hold up as well as Oblivion did, especially if you've already put 100+ hours into Oblivion. If it's your first Elder Scrolls experience, however, I'm sure you'll have a blast for the time being. It just didn't hold up for me. Expand
  80. Feb 6, 2012
    Just an overrated game. The old graphic engine unfortunately is not the worst feature: AI is 15 years old and the level of challenge of this game is zero. In fact enemies can't do anything else except to run to you in straight line, eventually throwing arrows or spells which are too easy to dodge. The easiest and worst adventure against decrepit zombies NPCs I've ever played.
  81. May 5, 2012
    Advantages: 1. Fresh storyline. 2. Nice landscapes and one breathtaking, huuuuge cave. 3. Nice animations. Disadvantages: 1. Becomes boring after a few hours. 2. Morrowind was more interesting, attractive and mysterious. 3. Fewer and fewer skills etc. makes it too simple. 4. Too easy (every character, also wrong-trained can easily finish almost every quest). 5. Bad skill balance (stealth and short blade is much stronger that the most powerful magic). 6. I had an impression that 80% of games music was Morrowind remakes and remixes. 7. Too little variety of... everything? 8. Console-like interface (irritating as hell!). 9. Bugs, bugs, buuuuugs! 10. ... and chips with cola to crown it all. Expand
  82. May 30, 2012
    The most overrated game in RPG history. The world is grey, the combat boils down to hit the right trigger over and over , an the story is just dull. Sure the graphics are amazing but the game just lacked anything engaging . The dragons lacked the doing feel of the oblivion gates in Oblivion, and overall the characters where forgettable . Worst of all they dumbed down the skill system again making character creation only effect your appearance in the long run. For me skyrim was a backwards step for the elder scrolls series in every department. Expand
  83. Jul 7, 2012
    I think this game went for quantity over quality and it really hurt it. I'm not really an Elder Scrolls fan I've always liked the Fallout series better, but I have to say that Skyrim was the first Elder Scrolls title I cared to play through. My experience is varied. The graphics are better than what we've seen before from Bethesda, but nothing special. The sound quality was pretty good and the music was the same. The story line was avarage, nothing too big. But now let's go to the things, that I didn't like. The side quests for example. There were a lot of side quests in these game I can give it that, but aside from a couple they didn't really feel intresting. The same goes with companions. There were like a million of them, but they didn't have the slightest bit of character. I'd much rather have 7 unique companions with backstories and own quest lines like in Fallout, than 10 million of them that only differ in looks, and will eventually end up as moving chests that carry your stuff around. The armors and weapons are not balanced whatsoever. The spells get really weak later on, and if u don't dual wield you're basically not playing the game right. I can't count the times I got killed by a bandit wearing leather armor and an iron knife, while I had my Dragon armor, and ebony hammer on. Just because I wasn't dual wielding. The "skill trees" in this game are pretty dumb too. Some of them has no use. For instance lockpicking is pretty useless, since it just makes it easier to open locks, but you don't really need it since it's not really hard anyways, and you can open the lock after 2 or 3 triest most of the time. Blacksmithing is ridiclously imbalanced on the other hand. First of all since every item you craft increases your skill by the same amount to get it to max you'll end up making thousands of Iron Daggers. The gear you can make with blacksmithing is also often two or three times stronger than the one you can find. Dragons are pretty intresting, but after killing 3 or 4 them you'll have enough dragon bones and scale, so meeting them will be an annoyance instead of a cool thing. The interface is a buggy pile of steaming poop. Even if you point at the right thing you'll often end up clicking on something else. The inventory screen is a complete disaster. The gane was obviously made with consoles in mind. All in all this game wanted too much, and ended up as shallow non-polished disappointment. Expand
  84. Nov 11, 2011
    Cant believe some idiots here are rating this a 0...that's just so pathetic and shows their mentality...sure this game has a few pc issues (dont most console ports today!) but this game is just amazing...most textures i see are really well done and teh whole atmosphere of this game is awesome..with beautiful scenery, buildings, caves and cavers etc etc etc..its all jaw dropping stuff!....yes some super HD textures would of been nice and maybe dx10-11 support but i doubt that would have added much to this already top RPG...i give it 9 out of 10 but am clicking on the 10 to try and offset the dickheads who gave it 0...the muppets are like spoilt children crying over minor issues like spoilt brats they are! Expand
  85. Oct 11, 2012
    Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Great game. Expand
  86. Nov 20, 2011
    Catching butterflies, diving after fish, hunting deer in the wilderness. And the athmosphere. The wind, the weather. The noises, the colors. The smoothness of movement. Nobody best BETHESDA!
  87. Dec 18, 2011
    After 50 hours log into to this game, I still found this game is an empty and hollow game. Skyrim has hardly any immersion. The story is bland. You can tell they created the bells and whistles THEN created the storyline around it. Which is sad. As an RPG, it should be more concerned with the story. Then the bells and whistles pull you in even further. Bethesda is losing track on what made morrowind so enjoyable. To go from Morrowind to Oblivion then to Skyrim are huge steps backwards. This game was released with lots of bugs and even broken on PS3, Bethesda clearly choose quantity over quality. They do not even bother to polish the game. I'd say Don't buy it right now. Wait for the price to come down to $20. Expand
  88. Dec 7, 2011
    I think Skyrim is terrible in all honesty. The main quest is just filler material. All you do is slowly traverse from A to B, only to be told that you need to walk to C. When walking, 90% of the time there is nothing to do, and nothing to fight.

    When you finally do get to fight, there is absolutely no depth to the combat system whatsoever. If you have a melee character, the only logical
    thing to do is use your strongest attack until you run out of stamina. The only reason you would ever use your weak attack is because you don't have enough stamina to use your strong attack. Would you rather give the enemy a nice little friendly love tap, or would you rather try to kill them? Playing as any kind of mage is equally as repetitive and bland. You just do the same thing over and over again on every single enemy. Switching from fire and ice to attack fire / ice enemies appropriately is not depth. The difference between shooting red and blue from your hand is superficial. You're still just doing the same old boring thing over and over again. Sure, you can be an archer, or some other type of mage, but you're still just doing the same thing over and over no matter how you look at it.

    The enemy variety is mostly humanoid based opponents, such as draugrs, skeletons, and bandits. Yeah, there are things like Dwarven spiders, where - They really change it up on this one, get ready! - You have to LOOK DOWN to attack them! So deep, right?! Wrong. Yeah there are more enemies than this obviously, but regardless, you generally fight them in the same ways no matter what.

    The perks are mostly passive, for example, "add 20% attack power". That's not fun. A good example of a perk would be something that adds a whole new gameplay mechanic, like the "silent roll", and "hawk eye" (where you can zoom in with your bow). I'm not citing them as perfect perks necessarily, and sure, there can be a FEW passive ones, I'm just saying these perks were some of the only ones to have the general right idea of what a good perk should do.

    The areas are aesthetically appealing to some. I'm not saying the game looks bad or anything, but just that that's not what impresses me. There are only about 3 different area types in this game, the dwarven areas, caves, and crypts. There may be more that I can't think of at this moment, but once you've seen all the dungeon formats, you've seen every dungeon in the game. Everything after that will just be that same old thing rehashed once again.

    So to sum it up, there is no variety with character customization, the areas have no variety, the enemies have no variety, and this game honestly has what I would consider one of the most superficial combat systems to ever exist in a game. Top this off with countless glitches, terrible patches, a lot of grinding, and pointless difficulty levels that only make the game superficially harder (giving an enemy more HP doesn't mean it's harder).

    I'm not saying the game is total garbage, but the scores that this game is getting in spite of all of these problems is just absolutely ridiculous. I don't see how so many people are claiming that this is the game of the year.
  89. Nov 19, 2011
    Do im 55 hours into the game. I have played a Thief/Assassin type character and a warrior character, both feel like 2 different games. Honestly I have not be addicted to a game like this ever before. This is GOTY for me. I am lost in the exploration of Skyrim, and around every corner is something new and unique to discover. This is a true PC game. From the amount of gameplay to the fun factor of modding and tweaking the game to make it more of your own. 10/10 Expand
  90. Dec 8, 2011
    It's great that an RPG to take itself as seriously as Skyrim has been so successful as it will ensure that we continue to receive more epic RPG in the future. Skyrim's Nordic setting is good, the vast scope and the depth of the quests and skills are also compelling. The character skills, progression and the amount of things to do in the game are fun and rewarding which does make Skyrim value for money and worth peoples time. Unfortunately I found the main story fairly lame and I felt disinterested in most of Skyrim's characters and skipped over most of the dialog which should not be the case in an RPG. I found myself only completing quests for rewards rather than any story purpose which is a missed opportunity. I also did not like most of the character models in Skyrim, the humanoid faces were awkward to look at. As I played Skyrim on PC I was disappointed that the UI was very console friendly at the expense of much keyboard/mouse support, which is something that is inexcusable for a game originating on the PC. Overall Skyrim is an epic game and one that has a lot of depth, its a pity that the characters and overall story of the game are not better but it is what it is. Recommended. Expand
  91. Nov 15, 2011
    I've really waited for the release of Skyrim but in the end this game turns out be just average.

    The graphics look like a lazy console port with textures flickering in the distance. I have to admit that there's a lot to do in Skyrim (with a huge number of side quests and things to explore) however the main story remains boring and very predictable. The skill system looks nice at the
    beginning however I'm missing the feeling that the character improves on a level up.

    It seems that this is Oblivion 1.2 with slightly improved graphics and an enhanced skill system.
  92. Nov 12, 2011
    I've played over 20 hours, and this game meets or far exceeds my expectations. Especially with respect to how greatly optimized the engine is, which is something they hardly spoke about. I expected to have to run the game in medium settings since I'm a fair way below recommended; but I can run it in high with no slowdowns, and the clip range is further than any game I've ever played before. The difference in quality between this and recent Bioware offerings hammers home that corporations can't make good RPG's; and that Bethesda Game Studios is peerless in the crafting of single player RPGs. Expand
  93. Nov 22, 2011
    I have not played previous Elder Scrolls games (though I have played many other games, RPG and otherwise), so this review (for PC version) comes without any comparison to its prequels. I've played this game for about a week, and on the whole, it feels rather average to me, as though it has several pros, it also has many cons.

    - Very large world / map to explore, with locations that
    are not necessary to questing, heightening realism and enjoyable for those who like to explore
    - Fast travel is nice because it allows you to save time travelling to places you have already been to, saving on wasted travelling time without actually cutting out the need to explore first
    - Large amount of side quests which mostly do not have to be done in a linear manner; quests also have some variety in type as they aren't all 'just kill this monster' quests
    - NPCs sometimes follow you around the house when you venture into their private areas, especially if you are sneaking, in an attempt to steal items, a very nice touch which makes stealing more difficult
    - The ability to craft armor and weapons, make potions and cook food are a good addition, as it adds more sophistication to the game
    - Decent, though not fantastic graphics
    - The ability to own a home, decorate it, and store items you don't want to carry or sell adds a personal touch to the game
    - The ability to joins certain groups / factions adds an identifying factor to the character you play

    - Quests (in themselves) are very linear; most do not offer multiple options or diversions from the route to completion
    - Barely any attempt at a background or history for your character; race and gender have hardly any impact on the story in general, aside from some NPC comments here or there; your character has little to say at all times, and dialogue options are all straightforward and have no variety of choice based on character / attitude; character also has no movement or quirks that define personality
    - Character build (i.e. warrior, thief, mage) not distinct, and has no impact on quests or stories; NPCs will call you whatever they want - a mage calls you a mage, and an archer calls you an archer
    - The game is simply too easy - combat is extremely straight forward and the combat actions / graphics are highly limited; recovery is also pretty quick
    - Not many cinematic cutscenes to show off graphics or to expand on stories and make you identify with the game story / character(s)
    - NPCs are pretty dull - they lack character, either through back story or voice acting; you have little motivation to actually listen to them speak
    - Followers are even more dull - thorough lack of interest in followers as they seem to have little character, and few events to motivate you to want to have followers; you just have them for pack mules and additional fighting power; they act like robots (and my follower sounds downright rude in fact)
    - Characters can change armor in the middle of combat which removes realism from the game
    - Some glitches and problems with the game, such as weird graphics glitches, black screens upon alt-tabbing, occasional unfathomable crashes
    - NPCs and your followers do not move out of the way when you try to move past them - this can result in you getting stuck in a room when your follower is blocking the doorway (I ended up shoving them with my shield just to get them out of the doorway, thus hurting them in the process)
    - Inability to drop quests you don't want or don't like
    - Have to get around menus mostly using the keyboard; the mouse doesn't work on everything - console port?
    - No one-page-viewable character breakdown, showing how your character looks, his / her stats, EQ, possible states etc.
    - Inventory is clunky to use - you have to scroll down through each category to look for items, rather than having them all listed out clearly on a single viewable list; generally the UI is really inconvenient to use; time is wasted scrolling through stuff all the time

    All in all, Skyrim is a game that feels more like a simple intellectual exercise than one that engages your emotions. After many hours of playing this game, it has frankly gotten rather boring and tedious, and has become something to pass time on with routine button pressing, rather than something I can't wait to do.
  94. Nov 11, 2011
    First of all let me say the game isn't perfect. While the graphics are a massive step up from Oblivion, don't be expecting Crysis 2 standard. Still - the game looks beautiful and has lots of detail. The gameplay is what the ES series is all about, and it is fantastic. I don't need to go into detail here, but bethesda have learnt from their mistakes in TES3/4 and this iteration of the series is brilliant. The one thing I am slightly annoyed about is the menus for the PC, but in all honesty, will just take a bit of getting used to. Expand
  95. Nov 11, 2011
    Good game much better than Oblivion but it still has its flaws. First of all is the combat: it's very similar to Oblivions but this time has finishing moves that seem to happen randomly. It also has those stupid slow motion bits at the end of combat that appeared in Fallout 3 (which I hate). Facial animations are a bit stiff but that being said no one does make on an RPG like Bethesda. My only major qualm with this game (and the reason I gave it a 7 not a 9) is the menu system. I have no problem with developers making a game for consoles but is it really that difficult make a different menu for the PC version? A menu system designed for use on consoles very rarely works well on PC. Expand
  96. Nov 11, 2011
    What a great game I have nothing to complain about: Great story; great gameplay .
    This game is absolutely stunning.... Every negative point I could think of (maybe one or two graphical disappointments) get totally out weight by so many positive aspects!
  97. Nov 11, 2011
    This game is one of the best games ever made. And deserves nothing lower than a 10 out of 10. Everything about it is just great. That's about it. Dawgs.
  98. Nov 12, 2011
    Now this a great, great game. Do not listen to the negative words until you have played for at least 10 hours and not just visit the first hold. there are nine holds and most naysayers have been in only one
  99. Nov 12, 2011
    Skyrim is an incredible game. It offers millions of choices in what you want to do, who you want your character to be, and where you want to go. Ive happily spent my first 5 hours breaking into many npc houses and stealing all their ware's. And ive been able to level up on just sneaking, lockpicking, and pick pocketing alone. It is very similar to oblivion in the sense that you get better at what you want to do by doing it. You feel very in control of your character's strengths and weaknesses. No choosing a spec, if you want to be better at archery, then shoot some arrows at stuff. I have no problem whatsoever with the games visuals. Not quite witcher 2 but they look far better than oblivion did . Sure if i zoom in all the way i can see the textures are lowish. but as i move through the world the entire environment the grass, trees mountains and mist. the overall world is the most imersive and believable gaming world i have ever seen and runs at a steady 60fps. Skyrim was not a game i was really that excited for but it quickly became one of my favorite games ever. Expand
  100. Nov 12, 2011
    Just a beautiful, much more polished game than Oblivion. A joy to play that gives the feeling of great freedom. Really makes you want to explore everything and all the character possiblities. Magic is much more entertaining and appealing now. Thanks Bethesda for creating a timeless game once again. I can´t imagine how good it is going to be once the modders start doing their thing.
  101. Mar 3, 2012
    I did not play the previous versions of the game series, but decided to give this game a try based on the overwhelmingly positive response this particular title received. When I first loaded the game after spending a whopping $59.99, I was not disappointed with a eye-popping eye candy. Craggy rocks, very realistic flowing water, ultra-detailed characters, and the list goes on. After playing this for a while, I noticed the game is little more than a bunch of "fight this", "fetch that" sequence of missions scattered all over a very large map. Not that I mind that, but the story lines are thin and haphazard. More challenging puzzles in caverns, keeps and the like would have made this game a lot better as well. Overall, this game is very nice, but it certainly is not the best by any means at all. What really brought down my score is the sheer number of bugs in the game. Broken quests, buggy caves and wonky character interactions. Collapse

Universal acclaim - based on 32 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 32
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 32
  3. Negative: 0 out of 32
  1. Feb 29, 2012
    Unfortunately, Skyrim trips and falls on its own (most probably, to make the cool-sounding deadline of 11-11-11) and just before it reaches perfection as the ultimate specimen of its genre, it self-destructs in a crucial aspect of game design: the interface and the peripheral components (inventory, journal, map, etc)... but that is not to say that Skyrim is anything but a truly majestic, epic RPG that will suck you right in its cosmos.
  2. Feb 14, 2012
    Skyrim is definitely one of the best games of 2011, but if the DLC holds out, it might just be one of the best games of 2012 as well.
  3. 90
    Skyrim is the best open world RPG you can get. A true evolution of genre is not flawless but still it is the game you love to live in. [Christmas 2011]