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  1. Nov 20, 2011
    Catching butterflies, diving after fish, hunting deer in the wilderness. And the athmosphere. The wind, the weather. The noises, the colors. The smoothness of movement. Nobody best BETHESDA!
  2. Dec 18, 2011
    After 50 hours log into to this game, I still found this game is an empty and hollow game. Skyrim has hardly any immersion. The story is bland. You can tell they created the bells and whistles THEN created the storyline around it. Which is sad. As an RPG, it should be more concerned with the story. Then the bells and whistles pull you in even further. Bethesda is losing track on what made morrowind so enjoyable. To go from Morrowind to Oblivion then to Skyrim are huge steps backwards. This game was released with lots of bugs and even broken on PS3, Bethesda clearly choose quantity over quality. They do not even bother to polish the game. I'd say Don't buy it right now. Wait for the price to come down to $20. Expand
  3. Nov 22, 2011
    I have not played previous Elder Scrolls games (though I have played many other games, RPG and otherwise), so this review (for PC version) comes without any comparison to its prequels. I've played this game for about a week, and on the whole, it feels rather average to me, as though it has several pros, it also has many cons.

    - Very large world / map to explore, with locations that
    are not necessary to questing, heightening realism and enjoyable for those who like to explore
    - Fast travel is nice because it allows you to save time travelling to places you have already been to, saving on wasted travelling time without actually cutting out the need to explore first
    - Large amount of side quests which mostly do not have to be done in a linear manner; quests also have some variety in type as they aren't all 'just kill this monster' quests
    - NPCs sometimes follow you around the house when you venture into their private areas, especially if you are sneaking, in an attempt to steal items, a very nice touch which makes stealing more difficult
    - The ability to craft armor and weapons, make potions and cook food are a good addition, as it adds more sophistication to the game
    - Decent, though not fantastic graphics
    - The ability to own a home, decorate it, and store items you don't want to carry or sell adds a personal touch to the game
    - The ability to joins certain groups / factions adds an identifying factor to the character you play

    - Quests (in themselves) are very linear; most do not offer multiple options or diversions from the route to completion
    - Barely any attempt at a background or history for your character; race and gender have hardly any impact on the story in general, aside from some NPC comments here or there; your character has little to say at all times, and dialogue options are all straightforward and have no variety of choice based on character / attitude; character also has no movement or quirks that define personality
    - Character build (i.e. warrior, thief, mage) not distinct, and has no impact on quests or stories; NPCs will call you whatever they want - a mage calls you a mage, and an archer calls you an archer
    - The game is simply too easy - combat is extremely straight forward and the combat actions / graphics are highly limited; recovery is also pretty quick
    - Not many cinematic cutscenes to show off graphics or to expand on stories and make you identify with the game story / character(s)
    - NPCs are pretty dull - they lack character, either through back story or voice acting; you have little motivation to actually listen to them speak
    - Followers are even more dull - thorough lack of interest in followers as they seem to have little character, and few events to motivate you to want to have followers; you just have them for pack mules and additional fighting power; they act like robots (and my follower sounds downright rude in fact)
    - Characters can change armor in the middle of combat which removes realism from the game
    - Some glitches and problems with the game, such as weird graphics glitches, black screens upon alt-tabbing, occasional unfathomable crashes
    - NPCs and your followers do not move out of the way when you try to move past them - this can result in you getting stuck in a room when your follower is blocking the doorway (I ended up shoving them with my shield just to get them out of the doorway, thus hurting them in the process)
    - Inability to drop quests you don't want or don't like
    - Have to get around menus mostly using the keyboard; the mouse doesn't work on everything - console port?
    - No one-page-viewable character breakdown, showing how your character looks, his / her stats, EQ, possible states etc.
    - Inventory is clunky to use - you have to scroll down through each category to look for items, rather than having them all listed out clearly on a single viewable list; generally the UI is really inconvenient to use; time is wasted scrolling through stuff all the time

    All in all, Skyrim is a game that feels more like a simple intellectual exercise than one that engages your emotions. After many hours of playing this game, it has frankly gotten rather boring and tedious, and has become something to pass time on with routine button pressing, rather than something I can't wait to do.
  4. Dec 8, 2011
    It's great that an RPG to take itself as seriously as Skyrim has been so successful as it will ensure that we continue to receive more epic RPG in the future. Skyrim's Nordic setting is good, the vast scope and the depth of the quests and skills are also compelling. The character skills, progression and the amount of things to do in the game are fun and rewarding which does make Skyrim value for money and worth peoples time. Unfortunately I found the main story fairly lame and I felt disinterested in most of Skyrim's characters and skipped over most of the dialog which should not be the case in an RPG. I found myself only completing quests for rewards rather than any story purpose which is a missed opportunity. I also did not like most of the character models in Skyrim, the humanoid faces were awkward to look at. As I played Skyrim on PC I was disappointed that the UI was very console friendly at the expense of much keyboard/mouse support, which is something that is inexcusable for a game originating on the PC. Overall Skyrim is an epic game and one that has a lot of depth, its a pity that the characters and overall story of the game are not better but it is what it is. Recommended. Expand
  5. Nov 29, 2011
    Great, awesome, magnificent bundle of bugs and glitches. Thanks Bethesda for that. Game of the year? RPG of the year? No, just the most buggy game of the year.
  6. Dec 7, 2011
    I think Skyrim is terrible in all honesty. The main quest is just filler material. All you do is slowly traverse from A to B, only to be told that you need to walk to C. When walking, 90% of the time there is nothing to do, and nothing to fight.

    When you finally do get to fight, there is absolutely no depth to the combat system whatsoever. If you have a melee character, the only logical
    thing to do is use your strongest attack until you run out of stamina. The only reason you would ever use your weak attack is because you don't have enough stamina to use your strong attack. Would you rather give the enemy a nice little friendly love tap, or would you rather try to kill them? Playing as any kind of mage is equally as repetitive and bland. You just do the same thing over and over again on every single enemy. Switching from fire and ice to attack fire / ice enemies appropriately is not depth. The difference between shooting red and blue from your hand is superficial. You're still just doing the same old boring thing over and over again. Sure, you can be an archer, or some other type of mage, but you're still just doing the same thing over and over no matter how you look at it.

    The enemy variety is mostly humanoid based opponents, such as draugrs, skeletons, and bandits. Yeah, there are things like Dwarven spiders, where - They really change it up on this one, get ready! - You have to LOOK DOWN to attack them! So deep, right?! Wrong. Yeah there are more enemies than this obviously, but regardless, you generally fight them in the same ways no matter what.

    The perks are mostly passive, for example, "add 20% attack power". That's not fun. A good example of a perk would be something that adds a whole new gameplay mechanic, like the "silent roll", and "hawk eye" (where you can zoom in with your bow). I'm not citing them as perfect perks necessarily, and sure, there can be a FEW passive ones, I'm just saying these perks were some of the only ones to have the general right idea of what a good perk should do.

    The areas are aesthetically appealing to some. I'm not saying the game looks bad or anything, but just that that's not what impresses me. There are only about 3 different area types in this game, the dwarven areas, caves, and crypts. There may be more that I can't think of at this moment, but once you've seen all the dungeon formats, you've seen every dungeon in the game. Everything after that will just be that same old thing rehashed once again.

    So to sum it up, there is no variety with character customization, the areas have no variety, the enemies have no variety, and this game honestly has what I would consider one of the most superficial combat systems to ever exist in a game. Top this off with countless glitches, terrible patches, a lot of grinding, and pointless difficulty levels that only make the game superficially harder (giving an enemy more HP doesn't mean it's harder).

    I'm not saying the game is total garbage, but the scores that this game is getting in spite of all of these problems is just absolutely ridiculous. I don't see how so many people are claiming that this is the game of the year.
  7. Dec 15, 2011
    Very, very good game. Many people complain about the bugs, and it's understandable, but hey, it's huge game, with alot of work behind, sometimes errors slip through. Another thing is that many people have complained about hotkeys, many think there aren't any, but there is, you just have to assign them, that's not so tough is it? as far as gameplay, yes, it is like oblivion and fallout, but what can you do, this is rpg, it is supposed to be like this. It is a beautiful game, with a great story, many side quests, and generally it provides many hours of worthy gameplay, 'nough said. Expand
  8. Jan 15, 2012
    How can you release a PC game with broken binds!? It's bad enough that I'm forced to bind spells and weapons to number keys only, but then these vanish into thin air a few minutes later! What a thoughtless console port. The mouse lag in menus is also unforgiveable. Numerous online solutions have failed to correct these problems. I have spent more time trying to make this pos game playable than actually playing the game. Do yourself a favor and either buy the console version or play somethign else. Expand
  9. Feb 8, 2012
    Oblivion with a bland leveling system and awe inspiring graphics. Plagued with bugs as well (at least they are patching them up).
    The world is beautiful without a doubt, but is the game fun after 10 hours? Do you get any sense of accomplishment from leveling/molding your avatar? Nope. How this game got a 10/10 just about everywhere is just beyond me. There must be something about dragons
    and putting buckets over npc heads that makes critics go nuts with glee. Expand
  10. Mar 10, 2012
    Bethesda continues to re-release Daggerfall with fewer features and better graphics. I could talk at length about the boring combat, the poor levelling system, the stupid quest lines, the horrendous UI, the gruelling first two hours of play and other flaws but I could forgive all of that if Bethesda learned to write a single interesting character. Everything about the characters from their voice acting and dialogue trees to the way we see them interacting is just plain boring. It's really hard to give a damn about the world when it's populated by soulless robots and the combat/grinding experience just isn't good enough to redeem the terrible world building.

    Skyrim is nothing but a fad and whilst there aren't many things I can point to as being physically painful there really is no reason to play this game. Props to Bethesda's marketing department.
  11. May 9, 2012
    This is one beautiful game. Its hard to argue that the graphics are dull or uninspiring, because you would be lying. However, even though The Elder Scrolls series are hard to beat and even harder to come by on epicness, I will say that this one disappointed. Clearly, they spent a lot of time trying to make a beautiful game, but its depth is about a deep as a puddle of water. If I am this all powerful, god like warrior, I should be treated like one. You will find that you will complete missions, save an entire town or city from complete doom and your reward is that you get to buy a house in the town. Hell if I didn't save it you wouldn't have one. I should be KING! The scale in which your importance in this world feels just wrong. You spend most of the time taking on much of the world by yourself and doing what most armies can't. The rewards for being so amazing are something that should have more meaning. Being a puppet when I could clearly kill the quest giver is none to pleasing. Best example I can give is also a spoiler. If you help the stormcloaks win the war and take over Skyrim all you get is a cheap sword that does Nothing! Nuff said.... Expand
  12. Jul 9, 2012
    This game was great for a bit then it just becomes boring and tedious. I tried to push myself to keep playing it, but I can't. I thought it was going to be a good game and kill 40+ hours, but I was wrong. It is buggy as all hell and it seems like it is just put together and released way to fast. Compare it to Oblivion and you will be disappointed. This game is not worth your time or money in my opinion. Expand
  13. Nov 11, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is awesome! Played about 8 hours now, what impressed me the most though was when i were doing a random quest then got a note from a courrier with a black hand that said "WE KNOW". Then when i had rested i woke up at an old shack. And had to execute a random person, that was insane, apparently i got to join the dark brotherhood. The story so far i great, the sound is a 9/10, amazing. Graphics could be better though (will blame consoles). Also the landscape is visually amazing and very creative.10/10, this game is a masterpiece. Expand
  14. Nov 11, 2011
    Epic, fantastic, incredible, amazing, insane, huge, beautiful, wicked, gigantic, stunning, superb, mindblowing, lifechanging fantasy game. The best thing since oblivion
  15. Nov 11, 2011
    Played the game for four hours, release night and I was blown away. The graphics of Skyrim are beautiful and Vibrant, well not the best looking PC game it could have been Bethesda did a great job none the less. The story is looking interesting and the world is just huge with so much to do. During my play through I've only experience one CTD in four hours making this the most stable Bethesda game release I've played. Despite how amazing of an RPG I think Skyrim is it still has its share of problems. It's no secret that for the first time Bethesda has made an Elder Scrolls game with console as its main focus of the games development. Put simply the've might have "simplified" Skyrim a little to much. The interface has been dumb down to a very simple items menu that lacks any RPG feel and sorting options. Bethesda has chosen to ignore the number keys and can't switch weapons/spells on the go instead having to pause the game and go into the menu breaking the immersion. Well not game breaking changes these are still annoyances that bother me and unfortunately I'm sure to find more of these. Expand
  16. Nov 11, 2011
    Amazing game. It is a console port right outta the box, but a great port at that. I played for 5 hous last night without even knowing it, and every second of the game was absolutely glorious.
  17. Jul 26, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. *Review Deleted
  18. Nov 12, 2011
    It feels like, sounds like and looks like little pimped oblivion mixed with morrowind. Graphics are not that good as i excepted. If i compare them to withcher 2 the result is miserable
  19. Dec 5, 2011
    66 hours played and there's still a mind boggling amount to do, this game has content, graphics and sound all AAA standard. If you like rpg's this is your game. Bethesda has created a huge open world chock full of quests and dungeons to explore populated with npc's that go about there daily lives reacting to the players achievements in game. I really can't recommend skyrim enough, run don't walk to your nearest game shop or steam and buy this game. Expand
  20. Aug 22, 2012
    These are not my words reposting from another website
    " More copypasta about Skyrim:
    I think Skyrim's biggest flaw can be explained by describing how the game would handle quests from Oblivion.
    Oblivion; Some women are robbing and blackmailing married men, I need you to find the suspects, let them try to seduce you, catch them in the act
    Skyrim; Some women are robbing and blackmailing
    married men. I need you to go into this dungeon ful of necromancers and kill them.

    Oblivion; These ghost are haunting my ship bro. Here's a silver sword can you go and get rid of them?
    Skyrim; These ghosts are haunting my ship bro. here's the location of a dungeon full of Draugr. Can you go and find me an item that I can use to drive them away?


    Oblivion; Climb into the well out back and fetch me a right that sunk to the bottom. JOKES ON YOU HOMBRE THAT RING IS GONNA MAKE YOU DROWN, OH GOD STOP EXPOSING ME AS A NECROMANCR
    Skyrim; A **** bandit stole my ring man, go into this dungeon and get it back. Watch out for Draugr!

    Oblivion: Guess what **** you're trapped on an island where hunters hunt people for fun, and you're the prey. Have Fun!
    Skyrim: Some **** is running a game on an island somewhere where people hunt other people for fun. Word has it that he's in a dungeon nearby looking for treasure to fund his game. Go and kill him. What? You wnat to see this game yourself? Nonsense, this dungeon will be far more convenient. Off you go. Try not to trip over any Draugr.
  21. Nov 14, 2011
    Wow! This is really what I was hoping for. Great game. Excellent story with interesting characters. A significant improvement over Oblivion. You can also see that it pays off to not fall into a yearly schedule like Dragon Age.
  22. Nov 27, 2011
    Hey everyone. Time for my review of the most anticipated game of this year. I picked the game up as soon as it came out. and i have been playing it since. 70 hours into the game, here are my experienced thoughts, I have to say i am not all that impressed. We are redlining here. The first thing i noticed is that this game is "exactly" like the last oblivon. Just amped up a bit. Let me take this moment to say that the first morrowind was and still is the best one. why dont you bethseda scammers remake that one for us with skyrims graphics? The ability to leviatate was the best part of morrowind. . Being able tocraft your spells as weak or powerful as you chose, to make your belt of leviatate and fly through the air raining destruction spells down on the world. There was also very unique and powerful items available. to the user. Such as the incredible boots of blinding speed. How come there is no items as cool as those boots in the two recent editions of morrowind.(and i played the sh**t out of oblivion and morrowind) I was disappointed to find that skyrim is the same as oblivion. The dungeons are nice, the puzzles and amount of underground crevices to explore is greater than oblivion was but still the game seems to lack that thuum of power. The shouts are well pretty useless really. i have only found one of those special skill statues(the lady) I miss how morrwind allowed you to pick your birth star and get a special ability in it. i dont like how skyrim wont let you craft very powerful items. in morrowind i could make a fireball spell that required 1000 mana and did equivelent damage. in skyrim i cant make any spells at all. just theones they give me. Even the enchanting of items is very limited in skyrim. Its way to quick and easy to become the head of a guild. and it offers no bonus or perks to the user. The only really useful thing guilds do is provide neat missions. other than the thieves guild wich allows you to pay off the guards instead of going to jailand or paying a fine. i quickly realized there is little to no point in crafting my own gear since the stuff i find will always be better. The only two self enchanted items i use are twin ebony swords i enchanted with fire and frost. nothing epic, i set them to 10 damage each(max is about 31 so far.i dont expect it to go up much.) and if i set them to max damage they would only be useable once. as is i set them to be usuable 350 ish times each.(saves on recharging them after every swing or battle) There is a lot ofd walking around and more fast traveling. The horse is useless, basically it lets you run without using your stamina and you cant fight from horseback. There is a lot of glitches i have found. example theres this one dungeon with a pit 20 ft deep filled with water. at the bottom in one corner is a... air bubble. There are lots of quest glitches, some i have completed 3 or 4 times. they keep coming back up though.There are problems with displaying items in my house. And the options to furnish your houses are lame. You should be able to choose how many chests book shelves and/or sword racks you put in and where they go. Also i put say a sword on a shelf and leave and come back and its been thrown off the shelf onto the floor. i have had things fall through the table and floor on me as well.
    The oriniginal morrowind with these graphics would be awesome. And all those things you have to give to i want stuff like that in my house. so far the coolest ornaments i have found are those dynamo cores(nice animations on em) and a bee in a jar.(very cool) Overall the game is ok. but in all honesty wtf did you guys waste your time on oblivion for? didnt you fu**ers make enough on the first one? what happened to the making of this game ? do you guys think we are all stupid or something?
    i hope you get your acts together and bring back the things that made this game so epic in the first place. even in oblvion i could at least become a god of sorts. not the same as morrwind mind but still. Nothing quite makes yoiu feel as powerful as flying over a city and wiping it out with a giant fireball. !!!
  23. Oct 7, 2013
    Good game but from an RPG I expected more. Quests aren't particularly creative. NPC dialogues and are okay but could of been better. The other problem I have with this game is that there is so much space but so little in regards to what's actually in it. The level-up system was simplified to health, mana and stamina. Weight is problematic sadly, you can hold barely anything heavy and you cannot increase strength. It improves on some aspects which other Elder Scrolls games lacked but in return loses a bit here and there but I'd say overall it's a step up as a modernized version. Expand
  24. Jun 6, 2013
    After playing 160 hours of Skyrim I can say one thing for certain about it: "As wide as an ocean, but as deep as puddle". The game world is fully open and contains many many caves, dungeons, cities, creatures, treasures and quests. Within 160 hours of game time over 4 diffrent characters I've burned through no more than 75 of game's vast content (and without the newst DLC There is total freedom and you can murder whoever you want, steal whatever you want .This abundance of stuff to do comes with a price though the game is EXTREMELY UNPOLISHED. Quantity over quality is Skyrim's official motto: Dialogues are very poor, quests are short and they are often uninteresting fetch-quests. Bugs are EVERYWHERE. I have the latest steam version AND newest modders community's patch. These are annoying, for example characters firing dialogue at wrong moments, NPCs dissapearing or freezing, terrible balance (i.e dragons killed by shopkeepers), awkward clipping of weapons...there is no end to those little bugs. And there are also major bugs, preventing you from completing quests. All of this really breaks immersion, yes imagination helps to explain the game's broken content but it's not enough for me.
    Combat system is quite meh, every few sword-swing you have to get into menu to drink a health potion or select a diffrent spell (there are hotkeys but too few). Character development is somewhat unique to this game, kinda too simplified but not really a major flaw. The graphics are bearable especially if you use mods.
    Mods are great in this game, they add tons of new content. With mods I'd give this game 7/10 but without it's barely a 6/10 for me. It's time to finally stop playing this game hoping that around the corner there is higher-quality content. After 160 hours trust me there is none.
  25. Dec 26, 2011
    Its still not working and no reply from the game producers. It is **** crap. This is going to the social networks now.
    And you can remove this as many times as you like. Yours is NOT the only plaform.
  26. Dec 28, 2011
    So very poor for an Elder Scrolls Game.

    It has almost no progression in terms of the game world or gameplay. Besides dual spells and weapons, the game has not improved at all over 5 years.
    -The world is still filled with static carts and stupid AI bleating garbage at you. The game world is as immersive as a town of Lego sadly.
    -The graphics are damn right ugly and terrible for current
    -PC support is beyond a joke and why I gave this such a low score - the fps is cpu capped! Yes, seriously! How stupid and absurd could things be for a game?! The game is clearly not built for computers and is another cheap console port.
    -The memory usage is also capped at 1GB so I hope you don't like mods otherwise the game will crash to desktop every few minutes
  27. Jan 23, 2012
    Ok first thing to tell you is that I have finished this game, all the major quest lines and am starting my second play thru, this time as a mage, rather than melee shield combo. This is a very good game, with some pretty major irritants. Ok, what's good, the main quest lines are well done, the world is huge and looks pretty good (thanks to mods) it has that "just one more quest" feeling that will keep you up to 2am and mods add to it all the time, lightsabres? yes please. Ok, so what is not good, too many draughar, are those the only enemies? it seems like it too often. Too many bandits, I would have liked much more enemy variety. Loot, any stuff you find is generally only useful at low levels, even the Daedric artifacts and unique items are no good, you can craft better items yourself. You basically collect money to no good purpose as all I ever bought were crafting supplies. The townsfolk, bethesda seem to have hired 4 voice actors for the whole game, James Hetfield, another guy, a norwegian female and another woman, that's it. And they all spout the same line again and again "EVERYTHING'S for sale!" etc
    People don't look great but mods help this. I also HATED that they'd dumbed down the RPG element of the game by removing stats and streamlining skills. Anyway, I will probably play it thru again, so it must be good, but it could have been better!
  28. Feb 11, 2012
    First 50 hours or so are very good but then this game flatlines very badly and becomes quite a deflating experience. Take the smithing skill for instance, great fun at first but then, along with enchanting and alchemy, it becomes part of a game-breaking triumvirate and after say level 30, the only way anyone should die is by falling off a cliff in a snowstorm.. Not long after this you've probably had your fill of the 'radiant quests' (stupid name for a srupid concept) and you are almost certainly tearing your hair out after being told to clear out Fort Respawn for the 3rd time. Then comes the problem of where to put all those unused perks - hmmm do I really need a running power attack when a standing one takes care of most enemies? Do I really need prices to be lower when I've got 80,000 gold and no useful way of getting rid of it? Why the hell would I need poisons? Why should I put any perks in blocking at all? The basic shield bash seems overpowered as it is. Persuasion attempts are 30% easier? You mean you can fail them? I have several items that do what the perks do anyway. I finished the whole thieves guild line of quests without putting any perks in sneaking, lockpicking, pickpocket or speech and only lockpicking and speech got out of the 20s. I didn't even bother to try out half of the shouts some of which can only be described politely as stupidly redundant. I'll give it an 8 (barely) because it was quite engrossing for a decent amount of time. But in no way is this an overall improvement on Oblivion and I can't really see what they can do next with this series. I had much more fun playing The Dragon Knight Saga. People who give this 10 should really try to use different parts of their brain for once. Expand
  29. Aug 10, 2012
    Overall, the game is great for about 30 hours and eventually you find yourself bored, there really is no reason to play this game past the Daedric and Guild questlines. One of my major complaints is the level-up system, you can do 3/4 of the major quests and still have 50 destruction, and even when you get all your best gear and stats, there is really no reason for it whatsoever, the variety of monsters is extremely bland, Draugr, bandits, and dragons are pretty much the entirety of the monsters you will see besides the rare boss in the Guild questlines of which most were just boosted versions of regular baddies. Combine this with their dungeons, the most linear dungeons I've ever seen, with the same loot and enemies in almost every one. Combat is dreadful, but honestly was anyone expecting anything but clunky boring combat? The map size is about 3 times larger than it needs to be, the amount of content isn't even close to filling the map, really disappointing. It's not a horrible game, but really lackluster, the only redeeming quality in this is the Daedric/Guild questlines(specifically the Thieves guild, every other guild is horrible). Expand
  30. Feb 19, 2012
    Everything that is wrong with fantasy and sandbox mmos-- no plot, bad voice acting, no character development. Bad combat, clunky and nearly impossible UI for PC. Biggest waste of $60. Don't listen to the hype, that was my mistake. I even tried playing it again recently to see if I had maybe misjudged it. Still boring and unrelateable.
  31. Mar 7, 2012
    Story could be better, combat is extremely slow paced compared to the other TES series, didn't even give me 100+ hours of gameplay. Really this game is too repetitive, I don't see how others can stand this game. The TES series have been going downhill, hopefully Fallout 4 won't be a failure like Skyrim; I don't think even 1000 mods can save Skyrim.
  32. Jul 31, 2012
    Just another poorly ported console turd served as delicious meal to depressingly dumbed down "current gen. gamers" by accountants and corporate puppets. I have some suggestions for next TES game; - Self-regenerating health - Only two skills (who needs complications...); one for melee/ranged combat and second, I don't know... magical farts? - Make ALL quest random generated (no one cares about story-telling qualities anyway) - Make ALL npc voiced by the same actor (They'll save up some money so Todd can get that well deserved raise)

    - Start the "story" from new, magically created isle, lets call it "Great Imbecylia Island". Beings from this newly emerged land will invade whole Continent of Tamriel and unite it under name empire of "United Imbecyls". "Imbecylians" will slaughter almost all native life forms in Tamriel and then desire to detach themselves from their island relatives. They will set laws that will guarantee them freedom and indpendence from Imbecylia Island, yet (of course) they will keep slaves. Then they'll attack morrowind, 'couse its land of dark-skinned, other-religion obsessed people and has a lot of resources...

    Action will be placed ONLY in ashlands (of course) of Vvardenfell. Your mission will be stealing gold-er... I mean ebony and oil-er... I mean that "bloat" that those strange plants in Morrowind produce. Of course You'll be forced to kill some of them brown-er... I mean dark people in the process. But it's the right thing to do. And it is a great game. It must be. So many can't be wrong.
  33. Oct 17, 2012
    This is nowhere near a quality rpg like Planescape: Torment. Average plot, Bland NPcs,sluggish combat. It is only a decent game because of its visual design and quality world and dragons........
  34. Nov 11, 2011
    In good ... This game has a very serious problem ... It is impossible to stop playing! I'm at level 22 and level 100 in conjuration and the more it evolves into something, the more you see that still has much in progress! It is a work of art, where the vaunted Nordic is from the soundtrack to the buildings and clothing. Who loves the Norse mythology, will delight every new place visited.

    For Odin ... I'm speechless ...
  35. Nov 11, 2011
    Maybe skyrim don´t have an incredible graphics on pc like others games(the witcher 2) but the incredible gameplay and other things make that you forget all this and just be pleased to play the game.
  36. Nov 11, 2011
    I've already spent several hours with this game, and I have to admit that I am impressed. The audio score, the visuals, and the introductory quest immediately pulled me in. I have already spent over three hours with the game, and I look forward to spending many more hours with it!

    Some would say the graphics are horrible, but I suspect that is because their hardware isn't what it should
    be. I'm running a Geforce GTS250 on a Win7 machine, and it runs and looks great. The smoothest Elder Scrolls game to date, as far as I'm concerned. The decision to go to a new rendering engine was a great one!

    A word on loading times: They are incredibly fast in most cases (thus far). I remember in Morrowind or Oblivion loading times could take about 30 seconds in some cases - annoying! In Skyrim, I'd say the loading times have been ~10 seconds, if not less. Again, this will vary due to your hardware (RAM, etc), but for the most part, expect faster loading times.

    Dynamic quests:

    I haven't really gotten too far into this - at least I don't think so. I have completed quests filed under "miscellaneous" in my journal, but I don't know if those are just scripted side quests or the "dynamic" quests the Radion AI engine makes. If they are, I guess that's a good sign. That means I can't really tell the difference, and I like that!


    So far, I've dabbled into alchemy, but not too much. I've did a bit more with smithing, and I like the fact that you can craft your own things. I don't know how, exactly, you are supposed to find a steady supply of wolves (pelts/leather) or metals. I'm assuming you mine them, but so far the only thing I have gotten has been from the generosity of the early-game NPC's you encounter, and the monsters you kill if you get into one of the early game quests at the first town you are set loose on.


    One of the great things here is I love the fact that archery is now a lot more viable, though you still have to be a little creative with being able to use it. Unfortunately, even though it is improved, I still don't see it as being a "main" weapon unless or until you can level it up a lot and start doing a massive amount of damage on the first couple hits. There are other tactics you can use, though, I suppose. Stealth, or some way of slowing or even paralyzing the target, but I think in the early game you'll still have to rely on some kind of melee/touch based magic to finish them off.


    The AI is pretty good. There are a few 'quirks' I still see, such as when I was following a NPC from where you start to where you are 'set loose' in a town. If I lagged behind a little too far, the NPC would stop and turn around, and then I would have to stop and wait for him to begin walking again. Imagine this start/stop procedure throughout the entire trip to the first was a little irritating, but nothing you couldn't easily overlook. There was a couple other places where the NPC's got in the way when I was trying to walk up porch steps, or across a balcony, and it took a moment for them to move. Again, a little irritating, but not anything I couldn't handle.

    My one complaint so far:

    Switching from one "quick" slot to another while in the middle of combat was very, very frustrating. Maybe that is because the folks at Bethesda set an expectation that combat was supposed to be a little faster, but when I was trying to shoot a couple of arrows with my bow, and then switch to my melee weapon when the enemy got closer, it took a few seconds to do so, giving the enemy a couple of free shots. This is especially bad when you are trying to switch to a health potion, or healing spell. I ended up turning tail and running a couple of times while I waited for my gear to switch. While I realize that this is realistic (e.g. in real life it WOULD take time), this is one area I wouldn't have minded if they had suspended reality in favor of allowing me a smooth transition from weapon to weapon. I think that would have made combat that much more enjoyable.


    While the game still has its quirks, I believe this to be a vast improvement over its predecessors in the Elder Scrolls series. If you have the machine for it, it will run smooth, and look good. The AI still has a few quirks. The combat has some mechanics that are still not quite as smooth as I would like, but over overall, this is an amazing game thus far. I love the new atmosphere of Skyrim.
  37. Nov 11, 2011
    Soundtrack is brilliant. Visuals are outstanding. Engine Performance is beastly. Gameplay is quite fun. This is pretty much the best of the best of the entire Elder Scrolls series. Bethesda and their developers have learned so much from their previous BRILLIANT games. Unlike Battlefield 3's direction, it keeps the AMAZINGLY LARGE COMPLETELY OPEN terrain and an entire world to explore. It's land is like World of Warcraft with less world loading. It. Is. Amazing. Again, it keeps with the gameplay elements of previous games, HUNDREDS of quests, and how you can choose to do almost whatever you want. Want to kill everyone in the town you live in? Check. Buy a house and live in it? Check. Go and loot every dungeon in the game? Check. Amazing. Go get it. Expand
  38. Nov 11, 2011
    This game is amazing, and nothing short of it. The gameplay (Combat) is far better then it was in previous Elder Scrolls games, but it seems like this game is a port TO PC not from it. The game isn't well optimized and graphics leave something to be wanted. Though Graphics may be less than a 'Crysis MEGA GWaFics' they are actually quite nice!
  39. Nov 11, 2011
    Controls are very easily adapted to, with favourite weapons able to be mapped to number keys (I discovered this purely by accident - hit 1 by accident after hitting 'q'), made for hot-swapping in fights. Textures I find are comparable to games like Witcher 2 and Divinity 2, and the view of the sunset/sunrise and Aurora Borealis is just amazing. I was climbing up the legendary 7,000 steps and stopped for five minutes just to watch the Aurora, with the moon in the background.

    This is probably the best RPG I've ever played.
  40. Nov 11, 2011
    Awesome. I have noticed few bugs or crashes for this stable game. For those that forgot all pc games have minor bugs I'm sorry you forgot. I haven't even seen a minor bug yet anyway... oh yeah an NPC bumped into a wall for a second. OMG THE GAME IS BROKEN!!! nah It's super stable. And a dream to play. The controls are simple and you can be any character you want by equiping whatever you want. Oh and for the people that think this is impossible and clunky it's called the "favorite" function of the game where you can fast equip spells, bows, swords, etc. This game is a dream and everything I have been dreaming a game would be for the past 10 years. Finally a game worth a perfect score. Expand
  41. Nov 11, 2011
    I have always loved the Elder Scrolls series, and was hoping with all my heart that Skyrim would not disappoint me.

    It didn't.

    That's all I have to say.
  42. Nov 15, 2011
    This game is a must buy! Bethesda Softworks has gone further than they have with any other title. The amount of content in this game is at such a large scale that you will have to spend hundreds of hours to get a complete 100%. The map design is on a whole other level then compared to oblivion. You will actually feel like you are traversing around a large mountainous region. With more to explore then the simple forests you ran into 80% of the time like in Oblivion. The map feels like it did back when I played Morrowind. I feel like I am actually traversing across a country with being able to walk through a tundra only to be going down a thin mountainous path into a forests of orange and red. Now the typical Bethesda bugs are back, some that you would have expected them to be able to fix. With the rain still falling through buildings. But I blame that more on the choice they made on their engine that is mostly still their ever since it's construction for Oblivion.

    But the few bugs and problems the game have is so quickly forgotten when you are exploring and finding everything this game has to offer.
  43. Nov 17, 2011
    Very hyped up, but left something to be desired for. I think both oblivion and Morrowind were better (except the graphics, obviously) because they were more complex. This game is huge, mind you, but a lot of the environment is bland, the plot is short and bland, and the controls are horrid.
  44. Nov 18, 2011
    I had a lot of hope for this game & having played the previous two (Oblivion until there was literally nothing left to do) Skyrim seemed like a no-brainer to me. Unfortunately, the game does not rise to meet expectations at all. Let me honestly say that I actually went about for the first while delibrately ignoring faults in this game - the dragon flicking to & from wire-frame repeatedly at the beginning, non-player-characters' movements being very stiff & odd looking, constant clipping with everything from seats half-sticking into walls to axes worn on NPC belts sticking through their coats & at times THEMSELVES, a woodcutter whose logs would stick to his axe as if magnetized! I really wanted to ignore this stuff (which you really shouldn't do - or HAVE to do) and enjoy the game and I did so semi-effectively for a few days of (not-solid) gameplay. But at every turn I found myself being pulled out of what was suposed to be an immersive game. Problems show up constantly like the fact that despite what level you are or how well armed or menacing you look your horse is apparently always going to look like the bigger threat to your enemies & so you often find yourself trying to get between your enemies and your horse to kept it from dying. And if you leave it at the bottom of a hill and go to fight a mob, be fully prepared for your horse to charge off past you and engage them, forcing you to use up stamina (which you need to do any decent weapon attack) so you can sprint forward & save your horse. This would be less annoying if it didn't happen all the time & didn't take the fun out of in-game fighting. You could argue that a horse would attack an aggressor or charge off against a perceived threat in real life, but to this I'd have to say: "if we're going to play at realism, then why can't a tether the bugger?!" But despite every bug that they didn't to fix from the last game (and there's a lot), & every new one that makes the game less & less fun, the worst is still the game's RECOGNITION. At one point, I was a Thane in a major city (a position of some serious importance). I asked my new housecarl (the follower given to a Thane) what it meant & she told me I was important to the community and had been recognised as such, for eg, "guards would know me & look the other way if I told them who I was". Well, this ability doesn't actually exist &, even tho I'm not stealing anything, when I use my SHOUT power guards regularly walk up & command me to stop - to which I can either wimpishly comply or dickishly stick my tongue out at them (verbally speaking). No option exists for them to know I'm a Thane & when I travel, having become Thane of a major city, the Fabled Dragonborn everyone is talking about, and the leader of the land's ancient & most famous mercenary group, to go & enlist under the rebel king - THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHO I AM! I'm treated like a nobody who has to prove himself all over again and is often referred to as "Unblooded" by name. By this point, many enemies go down with just one hit - so how am I unblooded exactly? But the worst thing of all, is that when I take news from the rebel king to the Jarl (earl) of the town I've set up in (the one where my Thane-ship and Mercenary status exist) he responds to me like he doesn't know me. And finally, when it comes down to the rebels versus my town, and I march on the town with my Housecarl (who owes allegiance to the Jarl) nothing is said, not a word of complaint, no segment where she protests at least a little about having to attack her own town, nothing (for a character who Bethesda said would feel like a "real, fleshed out person, not just a follower"). No one even comments on the idea of me attacking the place where I have set up so many roots, not even the Jarl when I face him down. In fact, the town isn't even damaged for a place we where just launching boulders at only moments before. Then the NEW Jarl says that to thank me he can give me a title - in fact, he can make me a Thane (hair-pulling out time!) and give me a housecarl (she's standing right behind you, numb-nuts!). This sucked out all realism for me & any feeling of accomplishment. Bethesda also said that as a guild leader you would always have something to do - this just turns out to be pest ctrl missions with the mission giver repeating the same phrase each time: "I've never seen a dragon before, are they real?" ("Yes, you just killed one a moment ago with me for the last mission!!"). The graphics constantly suffer faults even with everything at full on a high-end PC (don't get me started on that), the controls are extremely sub-par - the tip of the cursor & where the mouse will actually click are quite a surprising distance apart. All in all (& this is really just the tip of the iceberg) not enough testing was done, not enough effort was put in, it feels like half a game & plays like one too. Get it if it's £10 or $15. Otherwise, you WILL feel cheated. Expand
  45. Nov 18, 2011
    Absolute garbage not worthy of the Elderscrolls name! What we're they thinking when they made this? I bought this game with very high expectations only to be very disappointed by the mediocre gameplay to the wonky interface and whats with those graphics?....cmon!! Such a shame to see that the Elderscrolls has been reduced to this shoddy and buggy mess!
  46. Nov 19, 2011
    Usless port.manny bugs.intro with no brain.menus are not made for are not what they are on screenshots (i have 2 gig on graphic memory).almost no help.i got no bond with the game or story within 15 mins as i had with other rpg games.stupid metod to see what better gear u get or have ...
    it gets 1 coz its an rpg title nothing more.THIS GAME SUCKS !!
  47. Nov 20, 2011
    Skyrim is what all hard core PC game fans have feared the most, Almost complete unedited console ports with little visible enhancements in graphics or sound, a crippled GUI that is made for console game controllers and a performance hit due to obviously unoptimised console to windows conversion tools.

    This is and never will be considered a great game on the PC, if any fan of large open
    areas with a plethora of dark fantasy is considering buying this, my advice. If you haven't already, Get yourself the free to play MMO: Age Of Conan. The added bonus to a free MMO beyond been FREE is that you can meet people in this vast wasteland of a game. Oh and if you don't like it. At least it didn't cost you $100 to find out its drivel.

    Skyrim, oh how the mighty have fallen.
  48. Nov 20, 2011
    Skyrim brings 'all flash no substance' to an entirely new level. Somehow people are impressed by having giant sub-par looking landscapes and tons of NPC's even if it substitutes an actually decent combat system, or basically any gameplay mechanic that's even remotely challenging or polished. If a game based around conflict doesn't have a good combat system, it has nothing. Plain and simple. Bethesda opted for a big world instead of a well designed one, and that's what they got. I'd rather play several better smaller games then waste my time playing one bad big one. Expand
  49. Nov 26, 2011
    An awesome game for the first few hours. World of Skyrim is big and nicely detailed. And pretty much everything is highly improved compared to previous series of Elder Scrolls. But after those few hours of gameplay you'll start to realise that all this awesomeness, all this freedom Skyrim gives you, is nothing but illusion. While game allows player to do what he want and when he want, any "not-by-script" actions will break the game at some point, making it impossible to proceed with storyline without console shamanism. Quests have a lot of obviously stupid algorithmic errors, and do not take player's possible misbehaviour in account. It's like they were written by random people, who never seen each other, not to say talked about each others quests conflicting with each other. Bethesda absolutely should spend some of that money on hiring a beta-tester team.

    There's a lot of "generic" quests, that tells you to kill/steal/buttkick something and go back for crappy sum of 100-300 coins. Those "Infinite quests" is nothing more but a lame "MMORPG-style grinding". The story itself is straightforward, onesided and utterly stupid. For example, if there is a war between two groups, and you happen to join one of them, the other side will hate you, and try to kill you should opportunity arise. But they do not! You can easily come to enemy's headquarters, put buckets on everyone's heads, steal everything, shout on everyone, ask "How's the war, dude? Does my actions screw your life much, eh?", and easily waltz outside like nothing happened. The multiple choices player makes does affect almost nothing. And sometimes those illusional choices are not even given (I don't want to kill anyone for that stupid Boethiah, but there is no option to buttkick her back to oblivion).

    But the worst of them all is one strong feeling that gets stronger with each quest done: the land of Skyrim consists only of dumb and lazy people. Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing happens without players involvement. Everything that is done in Skyrim - is done by player. From the moment you are given controls at Helgen, till the moment quit the game - nothing is happening here. Well wolfs do run after deers in woods, kill them and leave all that meat to rot. Necromancers sometimes kick bandit's butts if they meet them around you. And number of thieves die by the hands of local guards every night at Riften. Dragons sometimes attack guards, while completely ignoring anyone else. But that's all. There's WAR going on, but noone does sh*t! Why? This game have a time. Why not use it?

    It's not a surprise the AI's dumb. They do fight all right (looks ugly still). But when in peace-mode... I wonder if all Skyrim NPC's are actually lonely, despite living in cities full of same stupid NPCs. I mean everyone do talk to you as you pass by. And even if you just stand there, not looking at them, they talk to your back. There is a quest turn-point and some smart explanations are done by "immortal" VIP-NPC, but some old beggar-dude cuts in and asks for a coin, while completly muffing out the quest-NPCs speech. Sometimes there are even like 5 NPC's talking together. So ronery... And I won't talk about the aspects of path-finding, "follow-me" states, quest-scenes and other script-based AI stuff that always have at least a 20% chance of failing, what almost always leads to a game-breaking end.

    There is also a lot of other minor bugs, like shifted object spawn locations, mannequin's infinitely spawning armor pieces, lot's of places where player can completly stuck without "tcl", screwed animations, out-of-place effects, like paralysis that happens on enemy's death, or sneak-perk's brief-invisibility that can screw the nightingale powers, NPC's that spawn being half underground and a pack of other dumb stuff I can't remember right now. Come on, guys! Just play your own game once. It's not so hard to spot at least a half of those bugs in just a few hours of gameplay.

    I hear Elder's Scrolls series always had a habit of being released half-cooked, so the real score should be given only after the grand-patch will come out. But this time the amount of bugs is so big, I'm afraid not even this patch will deal with them all. So here's 10 for making big beautiful and detailed world, -3 for a 20% chance of any quest failing and making the game unplayable anymore, -1 for the gameplay balance which is simply absent after you max out few skills, and -2 for somewhat lame storyline and a bunch of lonely, lazy and utterly dumb NPCs, that swarm the land of Skyrim. That makes 4, which is bad, 'cause making a nice console-textured world with good weather effects is not enough for a good game. Let's hope the incoming patch will actually make this game worth it's price.
  50. Nov 26, 2011
    I started with Daggerfall many years ago, and enjoyed Morrowind and Oblivion too -- Skyrim does _not_ disappoint. I am playing on an underpowered laptop with lowest graphics settings, and it's STILL engrossing. It's very immersive and quite simply entertaining -- it will eat up the hours as you complete quests and generally wander around, finding new and interesting things around almost every corner. I only awarded 9/10 because of a few bugs/glitches, and things such as: not really any dialogue choices, too many NPCs are flagged as "essential" and are unkillable, no proper incentive to eat or sleep, and destruction magic being underpowered at higher levels. But these are small nitpicks in a really entertaining game! It's just fun to play, to explore, to quest, to kill things and level up, to buy a house, visit new cities, slay dragons, etc. etc. Overall this is a very solid RPG game with interesting quests left-right-and-centre. I have already got my AUS$90 worth and I'm only about 40 hours in. I expect to hit 100 hours easily with this game. Recommended! 9/10 Expand
  51. Nov 26, 2011
    Same premise as other Bethesda games with the non-vital central story line and unlimited opportunity to set you own goals and define your own criteria for success. I guess for those with no imagination and needing to be hand held down a specific path this is a negative but for me, being able to give free range to ones own imagination is what play is all about. Visually stunning even on a laptop. Dungeon crawls are a big improvement over the mind numbing bi chromatic monotony of Oblivion. Use of a rich mix of design elements makes every dungeon feel different even though one knows they have to reuse elements in a design this massive. Despite all the complaints, the only significant issue I have had is the classic memory leak issue which can lead to CTD every few hours if not managed. As long as you leave and re-enter every few hours or whenever you see signs of texture rendering not being correct it runs fine even on higher settings. Fully immersing and enjoyable. I am 150 hours in and have not gone past half way on any major quest lines. Just too much fun stuff to do. Expand
  52. Nov 26, 2011
    Hands down best game of the year! The whole landscape is intrigueing. The graphics are amazing. To explain the game simply, would be to say that itâ
  53. Nov 29, 2011
    First the basics: This is a sandbox role playing game played in a first person view where you run around and are free to do whatever you want. You have many options, but in the it all comes down to killing stuff with weapons or magic and obtaining loot. The game is decent by itself and probably deserves a 7/10 if you are new to the series. The following is for the veterans:

    This is just
    a dumbed down Oblivion. I have no idea what they have spent all these years working on, but it sure wasn't to improve the previous game in any way. There are some cute quests, there are some dragons to kill, but on the other hand everything looks like oblivion, the stats were removed and replaced with health, magicka, and stamina. Skills are no longer tied to stats, so there is no point in using light armor for anything but sneaking. When leveling up the world still levels up with you, and you get to picka a perk for every level. Most of them are of the character "hey, i want to be able to use my spells", "please make irrelevant things easier for me", and a few obviously useful ones, among them a sneak perk that lets you not make any noise when wearing heavy armor completely offsetting the last point of using light armor. Combat is more slow paced, difficulty seems to only affect the hp of things where killing a dragon or troll on the hardest is basically impossible as they regenerate faster than you can hurt them. If this wasn't part 5 of the elder scrolls series I think it would deserve a 7/10, but I'm giving it a 0 as there is no point in wasting your time on this worse experience if you already played oblivion or morrowind. Go download some mods for them and hope than bethesda cleans up their act for future games. Expand
  54. Dec 2, 2011
    How do you say overrated in 150 characters(?), because that's all you really need to know. If you like running around and looking at pretty, fake places, you'll love it. If you're looking for a rich, deep roleplaying game experience, you'd be far better off playing um, er.... Oh, that's right. They don't make those anymore.
  55. Dec 2, 2011
    Copying the Oblivion mods is that all Skyrim is about. They cherry picked and stolen some great ideas of modders and implemented it into the game. Skyrim is more like an expansion pack to Oblivion. It is nothing but a heavily modded Oblivion, just like Fallout 3. The game engine is not different, Todd Howard is a liar. It's still based on Gamebryo Tech. Bethesda's policy is same as Infinity Ward's: "Why break it if it's working?" And like in every gamebryo based Bethesda game, texture quality makes me puke because it was designed for consoles in mind, consoles with tiny video memories... Skyrim lead animator Josh Jones is a worse liar than Todd, the animation system is not revamped or whatsoever. Animations still do suck. Go play some GTA IV, watch the guy strafing right&left while running and then you'll learn what animation is really all about. Not properly working controls give me a headache, mouse acceleration is an atrocity. User interface is designed for consoles in mind. Hard to use with keyboard+mouse combination, mouse does not work in 90% of menus. Game crashes to dektop every now and then, crapload of bugs making my quests break, flying items&creatures all around is a mess, dragons escaping ass backwards and don't give their souls sometimes. Yeah there are mods to solve most of these problems but modders are not Bethesda, i'm rating Bethesda here, not the modders. Don't know the console version but for PC, i give this game a solid "0" because this is all it deserves for backstabbing PC community again and again. Expand
  56. Jan 14, 2012
    doesn't live up to my expectations unfortunately. But since I am a fan of the series and have played the previous game quite a bit, I'm still pleased. The game is less open ended then Oblivion IV, often you can't alter or end a quest line by killing a key person, they often act like you didn't kill them the next time you go visit them, and the menu system and controls are far too console oriented, making it feel like it was just ported straight over to the PC without tweaks for controls. It is still fun, and I like ironic bugs in the game if they aren't messing with the quest direction too much. Expand
  57. Feb 6, 2012
    I didn't play a worse game. This game is totally stupid, overhyped and bad graphics. I've played it only 1 and half an hour, but this game makes me fockin' sick. Just delete this stupid game from the world.
  58. Feb 25, 2012
    Game as any other Bethesda game.
    If you played Oblivion and Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, then you've seen it all. This is the same game with different theme. Been there, done that, that's it. I got bored after playing 8h of it, it's too repetitive. After playing Witcher 2 this game looks and plays like crap.
  59. euu
    Mar 8, 2012
    Even though Skyrim is by no means terrible, it is by far the worst Elder Scrolls game. If Bethesda continues to dumb down this series it will soon turn into GTA with swords and magic. The attribute system has been removed, now when you level up you spend one point in either health, magicka or stamina, there are no more classes and this greatly affects replayability, the enchanting has been dumbed down and the spellmaking has been completely removed. The story and the quests are not that good either. I don't know how you make a story more generic than that of Oblivion, but apparently Bethesda did it. There is nothing more cliche in fantasy games than dragons and Skyrim made them the main focus of the story. That's a shame, because the side plot about the civil war had a lot more potential for an interesting narrative. The UI for the PC is very bad and there are also some bugs( even though not as many as there were in Oblivion).There have been some nice additions, like the ability to wear a weapon in one hand and a spell in the other, the smithing skill is also pretty cool, but these things are not enough to compensate for everything that has been removed. Expand
  60. Jul 20, 2012
    Skyrim is truly an awful game, there's no reward for anything you do, it's just countless repetitive **** stacked one after another, quest after quest, fight after fight. Skyrim has no direction what soever, the game throws you into a world where all you can do is put 100's of hours into it and get hideously overpowered for no beneficial reason at all. It's a game for children, not a professionally made PC game. Period. Expand
  61. Jul 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This review is coming from a major fan of Bethesda games, including the Elder Scrolls series. Let's get to the point: this game is just not as compelling as previous titles in the series. The visuals and the techno-candy are impressive, but the fun begins to fade after about 15 or so hours. The main problem is the storyline. You're just not drawn into it like you are in, say, Oblivion or Fallout. The side quests become overwhelmingly repetitive, and after a while you just don't care about the characters, including your own. We all know that to a certain extent RPGs will always based on quest formats that require obtaining items to complete goals. In the case of Skyrim, it takes this time-honored formula almost to the point of ludicrousness. After a while I completely avoided engaging in any dialog with town citizens, for fear that it might add yet another pointless "obtain item x" to my miscellaneous quest list. It's also a lot more difficult to develop a themed character, since you are certain to be bombarded with quests that don't fit your character type: you''ll be asked to join the Thieves' Guild, The Companions, The Legion (Empire), The Stormcloaks (Rebellion), the Mages' Guild, etc etc whether or not they fit your gameplay style. It's then up to you to ignore these tasks in your ever-growing encyclopedia of quests if they don't apply to your character. In sum, Skyrim is one massive hodgepodge of item-seeking errands that might be great for someone with OCD, but for those of us who like RPGs and actual character development, it's too one-dimensional. C'mon Bethesda, hire some writers to add that richness and depth that characterizes your other games. 50 hours in, I just don't care why the dragons have come back, and this is the crux of the entire game. Consequently, this is the first Bethesda game that I probably won't finish. I really wanted to love this game, and it looked like it might deliver, but an irreversible boredom has set in. Expand
  62. Jul 31, 2012
    The game at face value is an 8. A fairly good story, and a very vast and explorable world, when they said "if you see that mountain, you can scale it" they meant it. The addition of mods to the game also continue to add new life to it. However, this game whens played for about 1hr + becomes very boring. This game is just a hack n slash, granted all elder scrolls games are, but it is done in such a boring fashion that it is just sad, not to mention that after you are done with the main quest, it is hard to force yourself to reroll another toon. The character development, imho, could have been more developed (maybe adding a voice to him would be nice) it honestly feels as though everything you have done is pointless, and although the marriage option is nice, it feels like it was a last minute addition. Great, i can get married, anything else other than a cash source? nope.

    So if you really like exploring and finding random stuff, this game could be for you, but if you want a game with good replay value/ or a feeling that your character is actually changing as you go, do not touch this game. Combat sucks, visuals are nice, character progression is pathetic, alot of your choices or thing that happen to you (ex: becoming a vampire) is no where near as eventful as it was in previous games.
  63. Aug 8, 2012
    I've spent probably about one thousand or so hours playing this game's predecessors. Unfortunately, this game failed to have that sort of drawing power for me-- I could only manage about thirty hours on this one before being completely bored.

    Graphics: To give you an idea of how well these graphics appealed/will appear to PC gamers, the first time I saw a certain snow texture (on the
    roof of that broken down fortress inhabited by bandits) I thought my game had glitched and that the snow hadn't fully rendered. To my surprise, that texture had loaded properly-- it was just intended to look completely flat and without any sort of real detail. Bethesda games have never really been known for high quality graphics or animation and I care more about gameplay than graphics, so this isn't that much of a detractor for me; but there's still a certain level of quality that you'd expect from a massive release such as this.

    Audio: The only complaint I have about the game's audio is that the soundtrack paled in comparison to its predecessors. The game's trailer probably had the best song related/in the game.

    Gameplay: Oh boy, here's where it all goes downhill. The combat has absolutely no depth-- what you do in one fight is what you'll be doing in every fight for the rest of the game.

    You'll use your strongest spell against every enemy because, save for one quest, elemental resistances are negligible-- not to mention that the spells in the destruction skill tree don't scale enough to keep them competitive with the melee trees or the conjured weapons.

    You'll use power attacks rather than normal attacks because there's no real consequence for using them when you're almost out of stamina, and you also won't be terribly active in combat-- you can't properly dodge attacks, so there's little reason to do anything other than standing in place, spamming power attacks.

    That being said, ranged combat works, although not as well as one would expect in a game made so recently-- there's no location-based damage. A headshot is as effective as a body shot, period.

    It also doesn't help that the game's iconic enemies (dragons) are severely outclassed by the game's most basic enemies (bandits) once you get to a certain level. Thanks to Skyrim's level-scaling, you'll eventually encounter bandits outfitted in daedric gear who will pose a greater threat to you than the big bads in this game. Certain enemies will also simply be damage sponges that you'll just have to whittle away at until they succumb to their tiny wounds.

    Then there's the world. It's largely empty, the towns are incredibly small (Skyrim's capital city only has eleven buildings), and all of the dungeons within the game are insanely streamlined-- more so than Oblivion's dungeons, which were already incredibly straightforward.

    Also, there's an insane amount of quest-breaking/game-breaking glitches in the game-- just one look at the Elderscrolls wiki will make you realize how lucky you are to have gotten so far without the game collapsing in on itself.

    In all, I'd give it an "at least jumping off of the throat of the world is fun" out of ten.
  64. Jan 2, 2013
    The game features nice graphics, good sound, bad gameplay and very good longevity. When you play this game, you will get bored very soon: the gameplay doesn't have a point, a competition. You just play it for relaxing. You go and get some special object, but the game isn't competitive. It doesn't have a point. Very extended world, good graphics, but poor performance, and the game is full of bugs. Good plot. Gameplay 2/10 Graphics/Performance 2/10 Plot 5/10 Longevity 6.25/10 Average: 3.81 OVERALL SCORE: 3/10 (not an average) Expand
  65. Jun 4, 2013
    The important thing to remember before you purchase this game, is that it is the exact same game experience as Morrowind and Oblivion. If you eventually got tired of how repetitive those games were, you will probably not get much value out of this game. The one thing this game does offer is tons of repetitious quests, creatures, dungeons, and scenery. You can really feel the age of the basic gameplay system and interactions when you compare it to modern games like Assassin's Creed, Dark Souls, and Dragon's Dogma.

    I do not recommend a purchase unless its at bargain prices or you are completely new to Elder Scrolls.
  66. Nov 11, 2011
    This game is incredible. I first played the Elder Scrolls series with Morrowind and thought it was mediocre. I just couldn't play or enjoy anything about Oblivion. It felt incredibly boring and uninspired after trying to get in to it a dozen times, so I gambled with getting Skyrim on the first day after watching a couple of the live streaming sessions online. It looked too good to pass up, and my gamble really paid off. Skyrim is way better than the last two, and I've never felt so truly immersed in an RPG like this before. I didn't experience a single bug or crash with the game, although there were minor flickering or clipping issues graphically. However, everything else from the sound and atmosphere, to the quality voice-over work and options of stuff to do and directions to go has redefined my interpretation of excellent game design for a true sandbox RPG. The only negatives leading me to rate it down to a 9 is for those who enjoy a linear story and direction, as I admittedly sometimes prefer also. The way it drops you at the end of the prologue/tutorial is pretty abrupt, but I had no problem just wandering off in a random direction and seeking out adventure. It found me as it turned out, allowing me to go in a few different directions depending on my whims, but for some it might not come as easily. Everything else is top notch and well worth the price of admission. Expand
  67. Nov 11, 2011
    Bought in on day 1 and I am sure I am gonna enjoy the hell out of it. :D Had a chance to launch it only one only, and the beginning and it already looks epic. The only downside is that I have to finish this game in 4 days before Assassin's Creed is out. xD
  68. Nov 11, 2011
    Deacz, you need to learn to use favorites (RTFM). I agree with the point that the game isn't the prettiest and especially the lack of facial expressions is a pitty. I like the fact that you can now only sell items to vendors that they also sell (no you cannot sell a bow to a fruit vendor). I'm off to play a bit more now. caio
  69. Nov 11, 2011
    Skyrim is amazing. The world is rich and expansive, the graphics are a huge improvement (especially the character's faces) and as is typical for a TES game, there is a lot to do. Throw eventual mods into the mix and your social life is pretty much gone. That being said I really wanted to give the game a 10/10 but there remain a few minor issues. There are some poor animations - I once saw a guy sit down in mid air then slide sideways into a chair (lol)- and a some minor bugs. Skyrim has a few awesome voice actors while the rest are middling yet still far, far better than Oblivion, and the PC controls are also rather awkward. Bottom line though: Skyrim is great and will keep you entertained for hundreds of hours. Expand
  70. Nov 11, 2011
    Gotta love the complete opposite theories on this game. It's either a 10 or a 0. So far through I'm on the 10 side as I am a fan of these completely open world games. There are many things that have stayed the same through oblivion yes but so much of it has been refined into a better game all around. Duel wielding and magic are currently my favorites of such improvements to the combat system. Quests are abundant and feel fairly natural when accepting them. You'll always have something to do in Skyrim whether you are picking ingredients for potions or on your way to kill a dragon. All I can say is it's a very immersive, enjoyable game for me.

    The bad: I bought this on PC, the menu system was definitely made for a console. Good thing I have a usb controller I guess. Glitches are there and can mess up your feeling of being in this world but for me are tolerable. Graphics are beautiful and I'm not sure why everyone is saying it looks no better then oblivion. I've been playing battlefield 3 before this came out and I will say that I was much more impressed with the visual effects, such as smoke and fire lens glare etc, in that game but all around a good looking game for it's size.
  71. Nov 11, 2011
    Fantastic. The game is created by the makers of Fallout, so it's an open world where we can do what they want. Contrary to Fallout, where the scenery is a barren terrain, we have luxuriant forests, rivers and snow-capped mountains. The graphics are wonderful even though sometimes the texture limp. Great combat system that will keep us glued to the screen, between creatures really well made â
  72. Nov 11, 2011
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim offers the user new story content in a familiar world. Understanding of development: This is where the user is a fault, the urge for a new game in the series are insane. And development of a game, engine, story, characters takes years and years. So to expect a massive upgrade in every aspect of a game, in the short amount of time developers have is just absurd. They provide us with new material/story, new characters, new enemies, slight graphic upgrades to quell our thirst for a new game, but we want more. How are they to survive while developing this uber game, that even the most common of users will enjoy ? e.i. Dad who started playing with the Xbox generation, not to mention his kids. Bugs are annoying agree, but they will be fixed.
    User interface friendliness, specially for PC users is bad I agree.
    Graphics are great, not mind-blowing but hey they were already so good to begin with.

    I think story needs to be the key instrument ALL gaming companies needs to be working on and F what corporate are saying. In game characters/monsters/neutrals/music should be well tweaked to fit the story and enhance authenticity. User interface should be optimized and game should be close to bug free. After these things, if graphics are great too hurray!
  73. Nov 11, 2011
    I don't know where the complaints are coming from. I'm playing on PC and it has been flawless for 6 hours. Weapon switching is fine. If you have a problem with it, you probably aren't using the favourites menu. There is so much to do in this game. Graphics are great, and perform great on my slowly aging once-awesome computer. NO MORE TOMATO-HEADS. I really don't see any signs of it being a bad port. Controls are just fine. Some people just LIKE to complain I guess. Oh well, no one really gives a s___ about Metacritic community reviews. Everyone outside of this community know that you all complain about stupid things. Expand
  74. Nov 12, 2011
    Skyrim is brilliant. It improves on Oblivion in every way possible. I really like the new menus and while they may not be perfect, they're still unbelievably better than the ones in Oblivion. I've played 20 hours so far. Mostly the main story with a minimal amount of side quests and almost no exploring. The story so far (reckon I'm getting towards the end) is brilliant and even better than Oblivion's fantastic story. Gameplay is amazing, with the new spellcasting system seeing the largest improvement. Melee combat hasn't really changed or improved much but duel-wielding is a big plus. The new levelling and skills/perks system is fantastic. Classes and skills seem so pointless now and it makes far more sense to just naturally develop your character as you play. There are some bugs here and there but they're small and nothing really breaks the game. I've encountered about five crashes and a few instances where talking to an NPC to hand in or start a quest didn't work and I had to reload. These should get patched and they're not so bad. I'd say the only thing that really is sub-standard would be the graphics. Pete Hines of Bethesda said the PC graphics would "blow your mind" and they haven't at all. Bethesda also said that they author their textures really high res. The textures are terrible and are really the only downside to the game. Most of them aren't much better than Oblivion and look like a game from years ago. The snow textures on rock or stone are by far the worst and look like they're 100x100 pixels. The lighting in non-dynamic so interiors are lit by non-existant light sources. Object meshes are also pretty bad and look extremely dated and jaggy. On a positive note, the art design is absolutely fantastic. Everything about the world is immersing and the environmental effects are so damn good. The best environmental effects are the snow and fog. It makes you feel cold and the graphics of these effects are actually very very good even compared to other games. The engine doesn't perform very well and I have a suspicion that it doesn't support mutiple graphics cards. I have an i7 930, GTX 460 1Gb SLi and 6Gb DDR3 RAM and I couldn't run this game at maximum settings without some lag. I had to drop shadows down to high plus a few other things. Considering my computer can run Battlefield 3 on high/ultra at 1080p this is pretty badly optimised imo. People's faces are a huge improvement over Oblivion, but NPC running/combat animations can sometimes be terrible and their pathfinding and overall intelligence isn't very good. Despite all the bad things I've mentioned, it's the gameplay, and not the graphics, that count. It is in my opinion the best RPG made to date, partly because it's my style of RPG, but also because the story, gameplay and art/level design are so well done. Expand
  75. Nov 12, 2011
    *Foreword*: I must observe that those other User Reviews which are denigrating Skyrim mostly consist of complaints as to the game's supposed inoperability or bugginess: To those poorly-worded souls I wish a fortunate encounter with basic PC maintenance knowledge. / This game is an achievement in both richness of narrative and environmental ambience. The Elder Scrolls franchise comes complete with a 4 Era back-story, and Skyrim takes full advantage of it, providing a truly immersive first person experience. The story is fluid enough that a player can wander into sidequests freely, and yet with an engaging momentum which means you'll soon be back at it. Without giving too much away, the player is Dovahkiin, Dragonborne, with the special ability to weild The Voice of dragons. It feels exhaustive to repeat the praise that the Internet has been declaring for days now, so I'll let's move on to the tech. I've had the fortune to avoid any such problems with playing the game on my PC, except in its functionality with Steam-- Steam's screenshot function seems to crash the game during execution animations (which by the way, are quite lifelike). Even the XBOX 360 version, said to have lower resolution in-game textures, looks great. And all at a neat 5.5GB Harddrive space. I think I've stated my case, so I'll close in saying that if you want to play, you ought to pay. Cash, folks, Bethesda has earned yours. Expand
  76. Nov 12, 2011
    This game is everything I thought it would be and then some. It has amazing gameplay, far improved from Oblivions hack and slash/rinse repeat tactics. Magic is actually fun now, the people no longer look cartoonish. The world feels so real and alive. Radiant story randomizes quests. Me and my friend discussed our travels to the same area, and we had very different experiences. Wonderful combat. Plenty of quests. Not the best graphics in the world, but definitely good enough to give some amazing looking landscapes. There are quite a few bugs, but BGS is kind of known for this. Luckily, they are also known for patching and fixing all of those bugs. Within a week, I see this game running smooth as butter. You can fish, smith armor, tan hides, cook, make potions and poisons, enchant things, help out random townspeople, catch butterflies, hunt game, and kill dragons. You can do anything. 10/10 Oblivion was my favorite game before this, and just as I expected this has blown past and is now in 1st by a long shot. Expand
  77. Nov 12, 2011
    I don't understand why people give this game a 0, if you can play it you can rate it. I'd give it a 9.5 but rounding it to 10. Firstly the art direction is much better though people say otherwise, the textures are quite low rez though when you look at the scenery as a whole its pretty gorgeous. The shaders, lighting, shadows and hdr effects are 10 times better than oblivion. The environments have a much more realistic tone, which reminded me a lot of morrowind, which was till now maybe, my fave TES game.

    The world is very dense even though the total land mass may be equivalent to oblivion, running through the tundra seeing forests stretching into the distance, mountain peaks towering on the side with cloud covered peaks, truly makes this game feel much more immense.

    Much better looking characters, believable faces, anatomy and textures...oh AND voices thank goodness. As well as animations have improved tenfold, I mean from what I can remember bethesdas animation for previous games aren't what you'd call good, but defiantly much better in skyrim. Can no longer do floaty jumps and swing your swords as if they were made of plastic. Dual wield, dual spells, proper crafting system, disenchanting items to unclock enchantments, etc this game really has surpassed in features of any TES game.

    The big plus for me is the game can actually be quite tough, you will sometimes get 2-3 shot by things, trust me you will be utilizing the quick save feature often. Naturally you go exploring you should bump in to some badass things that should eat your face, it adds to the thrill of exploration, which is one of the reasons I loved morrowind, a game that was hugely rewarding to explore. Unlike oblivion which had some doughy scaling system that was so obvious everything was leveled according to you, which got rid of any sense of progression, by the time you hit 30s in oblivion maybe less, bandits all had daedric/ebony eh.

    And what else...the repetitiveness of caves and etc have been addressed and it's a pleasure to actually see caves and dungeons that differ. The music is just so good too, really adds to the feeling and atmosphere and yes I could write a book but I will leave it here, great game, a must get.

    TLDR: Improves on everything that was In oblivion, minus the bad, feels like a new morrowind, get the game.
  78. Nov 13, 2011
    I fail to understand the negative reviews here. There are flaws, yes. No game i played had no flaws - specially near release. A bug or two do not affect my rating however, and that is all the bad i've found so far. The graphics are good, for god's sake! why does it seem like every game must look like crysis or something to have good graphics! The sound is good, the atmosphere is perfect, the story is epic...

    I may be more favorable than i should because i share such nostalgia and love for oblivion and this game was just what i have been waiting for since i stopped with oblivion, but this game is for those who have loved oblivion and the series and like this kind of game for what it is overall, and i value the fact that bethesda did what their fans wanted. If you find this game boring, go play something else, it is not for you.

    If yet you come here to rate this game down, knowing that it is not really your kind of game or just blaming graphics or something like that, know that your name will be in my prayers for Sithis...
  79. Nov 13, 2011
    What an achievement. A massive, stunning adventure in a rich, vast world filled with thousands of years of history. Gameplay is streamlined and varied at the same time. Exploration is endless, as are the quests and number of characters to meet and interact with. Visually, they've taken some slightly dated tech and cranked it up to 11, creating an atmosphere that draws you in and never lets you go. There's so much thought, care and artistry involved in every area of Skyrim, that you're more immersed than you are in the shiny Battlefields and Modern Warfares of the world. The Soundtrack is simply stunning, possibly the best game soundtrack I've ever come across. You have to admire the sheer audacity and ambition of a project like this and forgive the small glitches and problems that don't even come close to ruining the ultimate experience. A deserving 10. Expand
  80. gas
    Nov 21, 2011
    I have to update me review, my first score after 25 hours of gameplay was a 6/10, as primary the terrible menu/inventory/crafting system and secondary the engine/textures hard porting created me some issues to be very satisfied.
    Now after 70 hours of gameplay i can tell that even with those mentioned issues the game is more then good, also its really massive, i mean, there is really a lot
    to see and explore.
    Dungeons are getting more interesting and complex, and also the combat system even if not much better then Oblivion its fun, at least playing primary as ranged.
    The game runs also quite stable and ive not seen many bugs so far.
    Sadly it could have been a true masterpiece but the issues mentioned above are quite annoying.
  81. Dec 1, 2011
    Incredible graphics, great story, fun combat, immersive environments, what can I say that you don't already know? It has its fair share of bugs and problems as any Bethesda game does (and really any game of this magnitude) but it more than makes up for it in creativity, depth, and the sheer amount of content included in in the game.
  82. Nov 15, 2011
    Overall, 14 hours of gameplay... without cheats so far... its a beautiful game, works well, VERY realistic, love the weird glitches that appear occasionally (after all it wouldn't be elder scrolls if there wasn't crazy NPC bugs).
    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!! plan to spend many many many more hours on it. BEST GAME OF THE YEAR!!!!
  83. Nov 15, 2011
    Absolutely amazing game. its everything i had expected form the series and in my opinion its games like this that raise the bar for others. the only thing that sucks is the long wait for the next game in this series.
  84. Nov 15, 2011
    Ignore the Dark Souls fanboys who didn't actually buy Skyrim before writing a negative review. This game is superb, and possibly the best example of how an enormous amount of good content can outweigh a few flaws (a smattering of minor bugs that will likely be fixed within the month). It's hard to single out any one aspect of the game for praise--instead, it is the individual experiences that make it so memorable:
    Stalking the shadows with a hand-crafted bow, planting arrows in the backs of vampires.
    Charging ferociously across the tundra into an epic battle with a city whom you had secretly worked to undermine for days.
    Climbing the tallest mountain in the land, with nothing but long expanses of silence and the shimmering northern lights to mark your passage.
    This is certainly the Game of the Year, if not the game of the decade.
  85. Nov 15, 2011
    Absolutely one of the best games I've ever played. The sheer amount of detail is staggering, and the ability to do, quite literally, anything you want is mesmerizing. Join the legion? Sure, crush the rebellion you were introduced to in the beginning of the game. Join any number of guilds throughout the game that have their own story/quest lines? Go for it. Do the main quest? Up to you. The options are seemingly limitless, and the 300 hour gameplay ideal truly seems possible, if not more so. I'm naturally apprehensive when it comes to paying lots of money for a game, but 60.00$ was completely worth it. This should be game of the year for many, many reasons. And the 95/100 Critic review score is absolutely spot on. If you played Oblivion, it's everything you liked enhanced, and everything you didn't fixed to where it's not there, or just that: fixed. One of my all time favorite games now. Absolute recommendation! Expand
  86. Nov 16, 2011
    I really like this game it's good in many ways there are som flaws but what game hasn't. I'm getting tired of reading all this thrash from people complaining about the graphics being the same but any one who has played any of the previous games would be able to se that they have made a big improvement. But ofcause the graphics could be better. i hope they release some patches to make the gamming experience of the pc alot better mainly graphic but also make the dragons abit stronger against Npc. I think that the reason why people are Whining is because they were expecting to much. and yes games like the witcher 2 has better graphics but that's all the rest of the game is boring and stupid... face it.
    The combat in Skyrim is very nicely done to even though the combat feels the same after a couple of fights it is still a combat. and wtf did you expect a new way to swing you sword every time i mean wtf you most face it. a game can NEVER be perfect so think about it. tbh i really hope thay patch skyrim so that it can be as awsome as seen in the trailers and in the gameplay and a Graphic update.
  87. Nov 16, 2011
    Once again a masterpiece from Bethesda. Game has beautiful graphics just like its predecessor. It can be enjoyed even on older graphic cards. Loving the fact that dungeons aren't made from the same schematic. All in all, good successor to Oblivion.
  88. Nov 20, 2011
    Simly put: the pros outweigh the cons. Biggest pro: Aesthetics. Biggest con: Magic Constrictions. Theres more if you're willing to read. I will start by saying my vote is based on a scale of 0-10, 0 meaning "unplayable", 5 equal to Oblivion (not inherently bad, just to compare Skyrim respectively), and 6+ is an overall improvement from Oblivion. Voice Acting (+1) has been greatly improved from 12 to 70+ actors, meaning you can play longer before you are driven insane by the repetitive voice of Jauffre. Aesthetics (+2) are greatly improved over Oblivion. The map itself is slightly smaller than Oblivion, but it's designed to feel 4x bigger, and it does. Filled with flowing creeks, ice caps, mountains, snow, and A LOT more. Graphics (+1) are improved, not by much tho. It looks better, for sure, but that's thanks to the aesthetics. As for clarity and detail of models, it's only a slight, but noticeable improvement. Skills (+1) have a better setup. Many people like that the skills were directly related to your use of them like in Oblivion, but perks make the game feel more survival/strategic based. They're done nicely. Professions (+1) are a wonderful addition that are a tie between skills and aesthetics, but is prominent enought to be listed as its own plus. While the only real mechanical upside of professions relates to smithing, it's still wonderful to be able to chop wood, mine ores, smelt ores, and so on to improve your gear. Dragons (+0) are an interesting replacement to Oblivion Gates. That's exactly what they are, a replacement. While epic within the story line, and fun to battle with their random characteristics, they are also as repetitive as Oblivion Gates. No matter how epic they are, I find myself only wanting to kill them only for their souls, but after the first 10, it starts to get old. That's why it's a plus zero, cause they're epic, but repetitive. Number of Places (+1) have been increased by about double, and to top it off you never feel like you explore the same place twice, unlike Oblivion. Magic (-2) has been drastically reduced... I'm not sure the number of spells in either game, but I do know they REALLY trimmed magic. They completely did away with Mysticism, and got rid of the ability to craft spells. Bethesda combated the lack of spells with the ability to dual wield spells, but it's not enough... They dropped the ball on this one. User Interface (-1) has always been a core downside for Bethesda's most recent games, even on consoles. Now I have a gamepad, so this isn't a personal downside for me, but I will say that I only use the gamepad because I could not get used to the controls on my keyboard. So, to summarize, Oblivion is a 5 on the scale (not inherently bad, just to compare Skyrim respectively), and the improvements include Voice Acting +1 (6), Aesthetics +2 (8), Graphics +1 (9), Skills +1 (10), Professions +1 (11), Dragons +0 (11), Places +1 (12), and the downsides: Magic -2 (10), and UI -1 (9), so overall Skyrim is a +4 compared to Oblivion. Expand
  89. Nov 17, 2011
    Finally a game producer, launched a game! In addition to beautiful, is vast, free, full of books and paths for a long journey.
    Try check the stories of Tamriel, lost in dungeons, in secret places of necromancy, tombs with dread lords... is endless. you can collect and keep books at home, to read later, and found informations about spells, treasures and start a new journey, inside the
    Best of 2011!
  90. Nov 20, 2011
    I've been playing since Morrowind, and I've gotta say, this game takes the cake. I love the visuals on my rig, and the gameplay is simple and intuitive. Everything flows very nicely, and the quests aren't the usual "go find this" or "go kill this" all the time like Oblivion. Sure, there are a lot of those, but a good few of them are more complicated or change direction unexpectedly in the middle of the quest, but I want that kind of innovation. Expand
  91. Nov 21, 2011
    What to say? I am in shock. In awe. This has to be one of the biggest, most complete games ever. The game world is amazing, rich with details and interactions, probably even better than one in famous "GTA" series. Graphics are astonishing. I think I could literally look at the screen for hours on one of its beautiful places. Gameplay itself is slick, amazing combat which, combined with perfect storyline creates an amazing atmosphere. ONLY thing that messes the game up are very bad shadow, and for the sake of it, turn them off. Believe me, they are not needed! Masterpiece? Yes! Game of the year? Hell YES! Expand
  92. Nov 22, 2011
    A very impressive game indeed. Being my first Elder Scrolls game, I didn't know what to expect going into it. I certainly wasn't expecting anything as jaw dropping as this. I have to say, the game's characters look awkward in parts but that's outweighed by the sheer vastness and visual brilliance of the world. Get this game if have any interest in the RPG genre. Word of warning: when you start playing, you may start to wish dragons existed... Expand
  93. Nov 23, 2011
    Good but not great. Bottom line is that this is still a TES game and has fundamentally all the same pluses and minuses of both Morrowind and Oblivion. On the upside the scale of it and the immersion in the world is amazing. On the downside however, the combat is still floaty and lacks any real sense of impact, the skill system is totally unbalanced and exploitable and some of the quest lines (*cough* mages *cough*) are really very very bad. Again. Bottom line is that it's a slightly updated version of Oblivion. Oh - and the PC UI is an abomination, possible the worst UI I've seen with the exception of Final Fantasy XIV. Expand
  94. Nov 23, 2011
    This game is a true marvel. Visually it is stunning and gameplay is, well how can I put it, absolutely massive and a 99% joy. The change in the weather and lighting is ofen mesmerising and whilst the graphics could be better no normal PC would be able to cope, so by todays standards the graphics have been I feel underrated. They are often gorgeous. The characters and buildings are not quite up to perfection but the lighting and effects are tremendous as is the feel for a large 3D environment which is what makes the game immersive. I think they have got this right as the envoronment looks fantastic. Gameplay is similarly epic with one or two niggles but the variety of play with having a choice of weapoin and magic in either hand is great. The favoutites quick selection is not as fluent as some systems but the game stops allowing time to think. Whether it slows the game down too much is personal preferance. I quite like it as it often reminds you to check inventory or level up magic etc or decide what attack/defense method will be used. The combat system is solid and great but doesnt rely on realism too much but it is solid and enjoyable. This game is about choice not just fighting and the game really is unique where it will drag you in an impress you time after time. I have aging PC with a AMD 955 BE which easily copes on max settings as does my 6950. Anything less than this may struggle a touch at 1920 x 1080 resolutions and above. Technical issues with me However are a slight ghosting and rendering issues expecially with fabrics but are observed infrequently. I picked the cat type race (kitjiit I think), which can see better at night. A very good choice I think. Expand
  95. Nov 25, 2011
    It's hard to say anything negative when you actually realize the amount of work went into this game. The environment is masterfully designed, you just can't help yourself wanting to ride everywhere and take on whatever road brings you. But then, Bethesda has always been good at open world design. Their accumulated experience since Daggerfall is immense. But I think the real difference in this game is the story telling which lacked in previous releases or even in Fallout 3. Morrowind and Oblivion were equally good games but they didn't necessarily invite you in. Skyrim on the other hand, sucks you in from the first minute. Achieving this kind of flow in an open world game is a big ask and Bethesda deserves all the credit for it. They achieved this with a a masterpiece map, with the quality and the quantity of voice acting and with the living npcs.. The character development is really rewarding and yes you do get really powerful if you spend enough time in the game. Some people are complaining about game being easy but that's the beauty of it. You get rewarded for every minute you spent in the game. There's negatives tho.. My henchman is a massive idiot or my horse can't reverse from the edges of the hills.. Some enemies cannot spot me even thought there's big ball of fire coming from my direction and yes I do like my dragons harder to deal with. It's all OK tho.. When you look at the sheer epicness of this game, all the little glitches seem to disappear. Expand
  96. Nov 28, 2011
    This game is, sadly, exceptionally repetitive an exercise in banality. As others have said, the world feels very empty, and the random quest generator is no match for hand crafted quests. I'd prefer one or two perfectly honed, well written, intriguing quests, than for all the random kill/fetch quests in China.

    I do not think it is that it is a console port though, as so many have said.
    It's interface is obviously geared towards console. I think the large part is the concessions Bethesda Software have made to try and make it a game with more "mainstream" appeal. I think if anything, the Steam Stats are telling, most people seem to be giving up playing it early (prior to level 25, a feat which is easily obtained ) at the time of writing this, the stats show that at least 50% of players look to be giving up somewhere between level 10, and level 25. The numbers of people who have completed guild quests to the end (which honestly, we're talking maybe two to four hours gameplay per guild), is staggeringly low. I think this game is a flop, I've tried to force myself to play it (and I have sunk 60 hours into the game,) TRYING to like the game... and it has failed to entertain me. It has felt tedious and boring. It has felt pointless.

    As a regular game, yes, this deserves a 6/10... it's pretty, but you can't play any more than two hours at a time, because it lacks anything to retain interest. There is a lot of lore in the game, yes; and infact some of it is entertaining. But I could as easily read the books online as in the game, and get as much entertainment value out of it. But as an ELDER SCROLLS game... I think it rates probably a 3/10, compared to the rest (I guess Morrowind being 10, and Battlespire being 1)

    If you are someone who is looking for an involving, engrossing, epic story, like Morrowind, and to a lesser extent, Oblivion; then look elsewhere.

    If you are looking for "kewl swords and spells and kik'n a** and man you fight dargons!", then this is likely the game for you. It is a lot like the Fable series... (fun in their own rights), but not what you'd come to have expected from a company like Bethesda, or from a game that takes itself this seriously.
  97. Dec 2, 2011
    I'd never imagine myself enjoying a 1st person role-playing game but with all the hype I decided to give it a shot. From the very start I got completely hooked. I haven't finished it yet, and I got the feeling I'm not even close and I've spent 100 hours (I take my precious time enjoying every pixel of every scenery).

    I've been reading some complaints though about bugs and things not
    working and I'm really curious about what these bugs might be that make people so angry. The bugs I've encountered are minor and the fact that this game is so immensly huge I really don't care about them. I'd rather have a huge world to explore with some random bugs than a tiny little excuse of a "Story Mode" which is flawless.

    Recently alot of new exciting games have been released but so far none can match the gametime, depth and experience Skyrim can offer. I have no idea when I'm gonna complete the game but I don't think it will be any time soon. And after I do finish the game, I'm gonna have another go at it. This time playing another role.

    I actually created an account on metacritic just to write this review because I think Bethesda deserves the feedback. If this is the new standard for how future game should be like, then we do indeed have a bright future ahead of us. I can only imagine the amount of hours and efforts put into making such a huge universe. If anyone praticipating in creating this game is reading this review, well I would like to say thank you so much for making me feel there's still hope in the gaming industry.
  98. Dec 3, 2011
    Best RPG i have ever played, and i've played plenty. Its superior to morrowind and oblivion in almost every possible way. It would be easily a 10/10 if it wasn't for the fact, its a console port, and it shows. First of all, the interface is... not very good, it was obviously designed to be used with a gamepad, but you can get used to that. The bigger problems are the technical issues. Horrible, blocky and flickering shadows, random crashes, and not so great performance even on a good machine. I wont mention smaller bugs, since they are but a minor annoyance, and nothing gamebreaking.
    Still its worth to get through all that, because the gameplay itself is next to perfect. The combat is great, there is no boring quests, dialogues and voiceactors are top notch, envitorment is just beautiful. As in case of all Bethesda titles, there is a strong support for mods, which will definetly help keeping the game alive for many years.
  99. Nov 15, 2012
    This is my third review of this game. This time I am re-scoring it from a previous 4 to a fair 7, but I just want to make it clear that it is not because of the "marvelous work Bethesda has done", but because of the modding community. Thanks to a large amount of mods I have installed, most of them to rectify bugs and glitches left behind by the (sarcasm on) utter competent Bethesda game development team (sarcasm off), this game is now playable and rather enjoyable, plus my immersion is not broken every minute because of the cut-corner job the developers have done. Thank you, modding community! Expand
  100. Dec 15, 2011
    Skyrim is not really an RPG game. It is adventure-quest game. RPG system is so simplified event retarded children can master it. When i played the game, character race were mentioned only once or twice, and had absolutely no effect on gameplay. Story is nice but most quests very linear and lack choices.

Universal acclaim - based on 32 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 32
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 32
  3. Negative: 0 out of 32
  1. Feb 29, 2012
    Unfortunately, Skyrim trips and falls on its own (most probably, to make the cool-sounding deadline of 11-11-11) and just before it reaches perfection as the ultimate specimen of its genre, it self-destructs in a crucial aspect of game design: the interface and the peripheral components (inventory, journal, map, etc)... but that is not to say that Skyrim is anything but a truly majestic, epic RPG that will suck you right in its cosmos.
  2. Feb 14, 2012
    Skyrim is definitely one of the best games of 2011, but if the DLC holds out, it might just be one of the best games of 2012 as well.
  3. 90
    Skyrim is the best open world RPG you can get. A true evolution of genre is not flawless but still it is the game you love to live in. [Christmas 2011]