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  1. Nov 12, 2011
    If you want to enjoy this game on the PC than buy an Xbox 360 wireless control with USB receiver and hook your pc up to your TV. It is obvious the interface was designed for consoles. The mouse & keyboard controls are fine but feel odd because the interface wasn't designed for it.
  2. Nov 12, 2011
    First off, I want to say I'm having tons of fun with this game. But I'm only giving it a seven because the developers promised so much more and came short on everything. They promised that the combat would be skill based and not a button mashing combat system. That was a lie. You click till they're dead. I've been using 2 handed weapons that supposedly do 3 times the damage of the single handed weapons I have. And the 1 handed weapons seem to do about 1-2 damage less. It's so stupid. Also, they said the animations would be better, they are and they aren't. The animations by themselves are fine. But none of them interact with each other. Also, there's STILL no diagonal run animation. It's 2011 Bethesda, please move forward at a normal pace. And don't try to get by doing the same stuff you did last time. Update the engine with every release, and by that I mean make big changes that make a difference and not adding "slo-mo" and making the same washed out textures for all the games they make. And by that I mean the game kind of looks like ass. But that's to be expected out of a game they explicitly said would have the 360 as the lead platform. Oh and, the UI is total ass. The worst from any game I've ever played. Expand
  3. Nov 12, 2011
    In one word Brilliant! If you like stealth/ combat/ magic/ crating and selling stuff/ quests this is your game. Sure the ui is horrible for the pc and there are still glitches but the sheer scale of the game outweighs these issues. Honestly this game should not be reviewed by anyone who has played the game for less than 10 hours because the sheer scope of Skyrim is one of it's many many pluses.
  4. Nov 12, 2011
    It's here! The Elder Scrolls are back, the dragons have returned, and it's time to take your sword and head into another captivating adventure of the Elder Scrolls series. Now, I won't claim this game is perfect. Far from it, actually. But what this game is... it is captivating, it is huge, it's utterly epic. Unfortunately, living up to the huge hype that followed this title seems to be an impossible task to uphold. First of all, the menus and controls seem to be made for a joypad, rather than the mouse&keyboard combo, which is a shame, because in some situations, when you're facing a horde of enemies, it can be somewhat painful, if not fatal, to change between the various spells, weapons and abilities your character might come in possession of. Secondly, bugs and glitches are ever present, but seeing the scope and the size of the game, they feel petty and unimportant, but then we come across huge bugs that just frustrate you. Also, the small amount of space the game requires on the Hard Drive and its relatively small system requirements have taken a toll in form of low-res textures. Nevertheless, the game still looks gorgeous, even on Medium and High settings, but, also, while animations are better than Oblivions, there's still room for improvement. Animations, however, won't stop you from enjoying the rugged landscapes of Skyrim, as they are stunning and gorgeous, and exploration never gets boring, as there is always something to do, one more cave to explore, one more ruin to clear. Gameplay has undergone some improvements, but, also, one huge drawback: removal of attributes, still, the game is enjoyable, and has depth, as combat has been somewhat improved, the magic system is fantastic and the dragon shouts are useful tools. The crafting system is by far the best in any TES game, and brings memories to the crafting of the Gothic series. So, to conclude: Bethesda has delivered one of the best games of this year. Although it doesn't quite live up to the hype, this game is a very good piece of software, sure, it has its flaws, and many PC gamers may feel disappointed and disgruntled by some of them, but, for the rest of us, with a bit higher level of tolerance, TES 5 is an enjoyable, fun game to play, that will provide a great many hours of entertainment. Expand
  5. Nov 12, 2011
    It could be the best game of all time. I need to finish it first and I'm sure that is going to take a LONG time. But it takes all of the great changes from Fallout 3 and updates them to make a master piece for the Elder Scroll Series. The story seems to work better that all the previous Elder games.

    It is a shame there are so many great games coming out at the same time, but this one will
    be played more than the rest.

    For those of you that like Bethesda RPG's, this is the best one of them all. Get it.
  6. Nov 12, 2011
    I'm 17 hours into Skyrim, and more than anything, there is only one problem I have with it. The more I play, the better it gets, and the better it gets, the more I play. If you have any respect for Video Games, or Fantasy in general, you need to play this game. It's unquestionably the best game I have ever played - so much depth, an impressive world, that feels very much alive, and some of the best combat in a first person RPG to date. Just Play it. Sure, the PC port isn't the greatest, and the User Interface takes some getting used too, but these are minor issues when you look at how much Skyrim has to offer. Expand
  7. Nov 13, 2011
    This is a great game, as a previous mod developer for oblivion/heavy mod user, it does make me smile to see how much the developers listened to the community and Incorporated ideas and systems from mods. It feels like oblivion streamlined and made a lot better, and is a great game overall, i have enjoyed the storyline, although I am not done yet, and there is a huge amount of gameplay possibilities.

    The only thing that prevents me from giving this a ten is that the textures are too low rez for a gaming pc that runs bf3 on ultra, however it still looks nice and I don't doubt that a HD texture pack and perhaps even tools to increase view distance (before LOD kicks in) will be available in the foreseeable future. The freedom in TES titles is about mod-ability as much as vanilla gameplay choices.
  8. Nov 12, 2011
    I have played the PC version 18 hours in the last two days (because it is that great) and have had almost no issues (1 quit to desktop).

    I am (maybe I should now say "was") not an Elder Scrolls fanatic. In fact, my first was Oblivion, which I got because of my interest in Skyrim. I hated Oblivion. I found it buggy, ugly, and boring, even with mods. I tried Fallout 3 after that, but only
    found it less ugly and boring but still just as buggy. I almost didn't get Skyrim after this, but I am VERY glad I did. It has exceeded my expectations and is deserving of the hype and accolades.

    The graphics on Ultra @ 1080p (thanks to SLI 560 TIs) are beautiful and smooth, and using a 360 controller lets me sit on the couch and enjoy it on the big screen.

    I'm not a big RPG fan. I loved Red Dead Redemption, but I think Skyrim is even better. There may be some die-hard E.S. fans that will give this a bad rating because it may not be similar enough to the previous titles, but my guess is that is why I am enjoying it so much.

    Great game. Get it now if you have any interest.
  9. Nov 13, 2011
    This game is fun, it's pretty much they took everything that made Oblivion fun and made another game with better graphics. There is also a lot less class customization required at the start, for someone who finds it hard to pick the perfect class this was icing on the cake.
  10. Nov 13, 2011
    I've been playing for around 13 hours now. And I have to say it's a fantastic game. At first I was a little disappointed, but as I progressed I realised how much of a great game it is. I haven't encountered any problems except for 1 or 2 texture glitches. There are some similarities with Oblivion and Morrowind that some people may hate, but you can easily see past it. The game is huge step forward from previous titles no matter what others say. I'm not going to go into any detail as many have already done that

    Instead of agreeing or disagreeing with peoples reviews, try the game for yourself. Rent it(on PS3 or Xbox 360) or play it in a friends house first, just in-case you have regrets buying it and wasting your money.
  11. Nov 13, 2011
    Let me begin by saying that I love open-world games. I wasn't a huge fan of Oblivion though, I much prefer Gothic 2 and 3 and Risen. This is my first review, and I feel compelled to write it because in the span of two or three hours I became hooked by Skyrim. The experience began very weak in my opinion, partially because of the way it was delivered and partially because my NVidia drivers weren't up to date so I was getting a strobe effect with sky shadows. Having resolved the graphics issue with the latest drivers and turning down my monitor contrast, I found a beautifully rendered world with many immersive atmospheric touches. I restarted the game from the beginning and chose this time to follow the convict/rebel out of the burning settlement... much more interesting path. Many WOW moments since then, largely to do with the world itself.

    Skyrim receives a 9 from me because the UI did take some time to get used to... since I'm left-handed, I remapped some keys and got stuck over-encumbered and unable to drop anything. That took a while to figure out... and just getting out of books and maps etc. seems counter-intuitive and I still occasionally get stumped. Graphically there are some ugly textures as many have mentioned but the overall effect is quite nice, particularly the water rendering. I have had no crashes in my eight hours of play. I'm only at level 4 (I like to take my time) so time will tell but I'm anything but bored at the moment. On the one hand I can't seem to get enough, yet part of me worries that this will eat into my real life. That fact alone tells me that this is a powerful game.
  12. Nov 13, 2011
    Amazing game, Has surely surpassed previous Bethesda masterpieces such as Fallout or Oblivion. The storyline is AMAZING, the graphics is AMAZING, the game-play and whole leveling up and combat speciality system is AMAZING. Just playing the game on my pc with Maxed-out graphics is an honour alone.
    Besides the main storyline missions, which has at least 10hours playing on it at least,
    there's loads of side quests which are actually fun and interesting, which altogether makes up for the lack of a multi-player feature

    Highly recommended, game of the year material here!
  13. Nov 13, 2011
    Every game gets me bored after 2-3 days but not Skyrim, and with all that mods i will play it forever.
    And for those who care only about graphic, play some other game, in Skyrim graphic is not that important.
    This game must be GOTY (Game Of The Year).
  14. Nov 13, 2011
    It is a rare day when I give a game a perfect rating. However, Skyrim is incredible. The combat and dialogue may be spotty, but for such a wide world, most of it is seamless. I love it, it's so good. It's the best. I could give so many reasons why, but there is way too many. The randomness of everything is incredible. I've started a character twice and each play through is completely different. I'm in love. Expand
  15. Nov 13, 2011
    After 40 hours of gameplay I still love this game. I give it 9 out of 10 due to the menu system been console based. I have selected 10 out of 10 to try an balance unfairly bad ratings that I feel are unfounded. The graphics in this game are incredible. The leveling system is awesome leveling up what you actually do i.e my first character is a mage but often i run out of magic so I
    hit enemies with a one handed "Axe of fear" this increases One handed weapon skill while my mage cast in creasing conjuration, destruction and restoration (the only schools of what I cast). Getting of track to whats important. This is a fantastic game upgrade to large screens fast video cards and buy the game :) Expand
  16. Nov 13, 2011
    I sat down to play Skyrim after a long wait following Oblivion, I played, I played, I played. I explored, I did side quests, I did some of the main quest, got distracted by shiny things in the distance and went off to do other things. I was utterly entranced. My housemate knocked on my bedroom door and asked me "What skills you gone for?" he had just finished installing it after getting home from work, I, had the day off. He came in and looked at me, exclaiming only "It's 10pm dude..." I had been played since 7am, and had absolutely, no, idea. Expand
  17. Nov 13, 2011
    I waited a very long time for this game to be released. I was floored when I first popped Oblivion in my system. With regret, I didn't feel those same emotions at the beginning of Skyrim. As I continue playing, I am enjoying my experience but there is something missing. Where is all the pomp that Oblivion had ? Theme music anyone? Nope. I did truly expect more from Skyrim then what I'm getting, but since it's Elder Scrolls...ah well ..sigh Expand
  18. Nov 14, 2011
    I'm 25 hours into Skyrim so far and I still enjoy it, now this game has a bit of everything in it and almost everything in Skyrim is nothing less than amazing. Now don't think that it's perfect because it's not there are some bugs but nobody / nothing is perfect! I do feel that the quests are a little short and you could feel a bit more important in this world a lot of things you do in the end don't give a lot of "Yeahhh I'm a badass!!" kind of feeling. All in all I give it a 9/10 good job Bethesda! (Also I see a few people saying you can not key bind on the pc version! WRONG you can! 1-8 which can also be remapped with your mouse, simply put a spell or a item that you want key bound on your favorites list then open up the list (Q button) and highlight it with your cursor and press 1-8 tada keybinds! yes I know it's not the best ever but it works. =) ) Expand
  19. Nov 14, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Okay. So to me, this game is near enough perfect. The things that are getting the bad reviews are as follows; Bad textures, bugs, No feeling of epic, and the good old favourite, the menu system. Let's start with menus. I had absolutely no problem with the menu's. At all. Not once. What I do is, I read. And umm occasionally I click. It's amazing really. Honestly I don't get what the problem is, frankly they've done a great job in creating a system which works well on PC AND consoles, the only way I could see you having a problem with this is if you're sitting literally looking to hate it. So I've put a solid 42 hours into this game now, and literally the only bug I've encountered was my companion continuing to fight someone who stopped. But as soon as the character fell to their knees, she stopped and everything was nice again. I've had 2 crash to desktops, but frankly I'm running very slightly above minimum, so it's expected of any game of this standard. I get that there are and will be other bugs, but frankly a single bug every 13 hours or so does me just fine, that's a lot better than most games and a LOT better than any other Bathesda game. People saying the graphics are the same as oblivion or morrowind are just naunces, they really are. I don't remember the last time I read such **** I'm playing on low graphics settings and it's /beautiful/. I'll get to see what Ultra is like this weekend and I'm sure I'll be stunned. Super sharp textures wouldn't work well in a game like this anyway, there needs to be a certain level of blending so that everything sits together in the world, as opposed to having some standalone Mammoth who would just look like a cartoon. As for epicness, I can almost see where that's coming from, but when I sit back and think about it, it makes sense that you're not being rewarded for absolutely everything. So what? I helped General Tullius take Windhelm, if it weren't for him and Legate Rikke I'd have no idea what I was doing. He's the general, I'm just a soldier; why would I get all the fame? Maybe the game should play so that you DO deserve it, but people DO recognise you for it, it's just more realistic. The best killers in our world don't go about getting worshipped now, do they? I DO understand that however, that might be the one thing Oblivion done right. In any case this game is astonishing. It's honestly brilliant in every way imaginable. The detail Bathesda have went into is unbelievable, a real masterpiece. Don't listen to the whiny little **** giving this game 0's, they're talking pish. Get this game. Expand
  20. Nov 14, 2011
    Overall the best game I have ever played. Great game-play, very beautiful graphics, and a good solid storyline. The guys at Bethesda has really outdone them self this time. However I have experienced a few bugs in the game, mainly game crashes. I have played around 25 hours, and the game has crashed approximately 10 times. Not a big problem, but annoying.
  21. Nov 14, 2011
    when game was only announced my only hope was that it will be on same level as obsidian's New Vegas (that was good enough game). But now I can honestly say, Skyrim is better. It even better than Morrowind an even Daggerfall (my previously best game in TES). Bethesda fixed most mistakes of their Oblivion and Fallout 3 and deliver us, in my opinion, best RPG at this moment. I don't want describe all new features - new great dialogues, non-linear quests (that really on close level to witcher 2) all these aspects made on very high level, so you just need to play and enjoy. But there three main themes that people are afraid of: simplification of rpg system, graphic and one I called "It is the same oblivion". I don't understand people who blame skyrim about this. New RPG system is not simplified - it become more variate and more organically fits into gameplay. Yes there are less skills but I like it very much (in spite of me as big fan of most hardcore system as it was in Daggerall). Graphics... all who say that graphics is bad and same as in oblivion, first I advise play in Skyrim couple hours then asap play in Oblivion (without graphic mods) to compare. Second I advise to understand - it is ONE HUGE WORLD, where you can't just make fake stage where game strictly controls you - where you can see and where not (like COD, Uncharted and even Witcher and ME sometimes). BUT even with all this difficulties game looks great on consoles from 2006! Also if you play on good modern PC there are lots of additional graphic options like additional shadows, Ambient occlusion etc., that make picture even better. My main poit is - this isn't "same as Oblivion", it is BIG step forward in all aspects and best game in TES for me now. This game shows what other series like DA, ME of Witcher can't - big really living world Expand
  22. Nov 14, 2011
    For reference I've played 22 hours this weekend, and am level 17. Graphics In some ways they are better then Oblivion (although I haven't finished my little comparison screenshot project yet), but I side with those who say that Bethseda have slacked here. I think the modelling is better, but the textures are somewhat lacking. I also think the spell effects look cracking. Sound and Music Because sound is so important in a game like this, I deliberately went out and bought myself new speakers (a set of Creative T10s). This is was a damn good move, and it made a huge difference. The music I've heard so far is good. There are, however, some issues with characters talking over one another during conversations. The voice acting is fine, although some accents are a bit comical. Because of the scale of the game it is impossible to have every single character individually voiced, but it's certainly a lot better than Oblivion. Interface I actually like the new system. It's certainly a lot more usable than Oblivion, although very buggy. Container crash anyone? I like the favourites system, but I still haven't worked on number key bindings yet. Bethseda have slacked and should have opened up keymapping so that people could go the whole hog though. One thing I would also like to see is the ability to create sets of items, which could be named and accessed from favourites. Levelling, Skills and Perks I like the new system for levelling. I tried playing Oblivion three times (yes THREE), always got lost trying to min/max my stats. Simple is better in this case. The perks system is straightforward, and the reduction in the number of skills helps. Combat Again better than Oblivion, although I do get lost easily in close melee. Strafing is god where you can get space, as is line of sight, especially against hard/multiple opponents. I agree that it feels a bit detached at times though. Some mobs are ridiculously OP in melee, and can one or two shot you no matter what you try. It means that you have to adjust your play style, and run away or sneak more. It's just annoying to have to bounce back to the last save. In the end if you really want to kill something that's hard, turn the difficulty down. Magic The magic system is the same sort of thing as before, a tried an tested formula, although I disagree that a lack of custom spells is a bad thing. It makes you think about what you're doing, rather than power levelling (see later). I haven't gotten to the more complex spells so it does all seem a little samey right now, but I suspect things will improve. Also someone complained about the simplicity of the spells in another review. What were you expecting? Magic rabbits firing rainbows at unicorns? Or a Summon Bridge spell? Crafting/Enchanting Seems like a good system, although I haven't had much experience of it. I like that you have to destroy items to get enchants, which is fairer than the spellcasting based Oblivion system. Quests In general it's the normal type of thing. You're usually sent to the far side of the map from where you are (at least for main quests), but then that just allows you more reason to explore. I haven't had any experience of the new random quest system yet, but in general no complaints. Exploring and Dungeons Lots to see, and I like the placing of stuff just in sight of something else (at least if you have a long view distance), so you're always running off to check something. Someone complained about the lack of mobs between places, but to be honest there are some that are just OP in melee (see above), so I'm glad of the rest. Dungeons are generally fine, and I like that you seemingly have to wait 30 days for them to respawn rather than 3, which is much more sensible than the 3 days in Oblivion. Summary and Fixes This is a good game. It's not perfect, and it needs some work to make it brilliant. Bethseda need to get the really big Bug Squasher (tm) out quickly to make sure that their audience gets the attention it deserves. Patch 1.2 had better be out by the end of the month at the very latest if they don't want to alienate people. That also goes for the graphics as well, although at least part of the blame should lie with AMD, who have slacked on getting Crossfire and performance drivers out. One up for NVidia, and a pity I don't have NVidia graphics cards. DLC is coming, but I don't know when. Right now I think Bethseda have at least till Xmas before people start to get gnarly, although you'll always have the hardcore that finish it in days. But then you could release new content every other day and they'd still be complaining about it not being fast enough. I believe that the overall score at present (8.5) is fair, as it would all kind of balance out. It would increase to a 9 or so if all the actually bad bits were fixed, or at least alleviated. Expand
  23. Nov 14, 2011
    It's a great game whitout mods (in fact my GOTY regarding BF3 and Deus EX). And surely better with future mods & official/non-official patchs. Few bugs appear but like all other games.
  24. Nov 14, 2011
    As of this post, i have 51 hours of playtime in Skyrim. This game deserves every 10/10 review it can get.
    I haven't been this engrossed in a game ever, period. For those of you who are unsure due to the 0/10 reviews, allow me to point out the BS.

    Common complaint number 1, the UI - Yes, the UI was based for a console game. But its honestly not that big of a problem so long as you (and let
    me stress this to the morons out there who didnt bother to even look at the options menu) TURN OFF 360 CONTROLLER in the options menu. this allows for the use of your mouse inside the interface and makes looking for things much easier.

    Common complaint number 2, the graphics. Certain textures in the game are low-res and kind of crap. But you really only notice this when you plant your face into the nearest wall and stare at it. While you are moving around and doing other things they blend together and look great. With as much content as is in this game, the lack of high-end top of the line "Good god my eyes are bleeding from awesome" can be overlooked very, very easily. Common complaint number 3, The "Its not morrowind its oblivion" crap. And thats just what it is, crap. This game is far closer to Morrowind that it is to Oblivion, it just is. I loved (and still do) Morrowind for how it allowed you to do whatever you wanted without complaint and the sheer amount of things to do inside of its world, Oblivion made a step back from that, as well as turn the world into a fast-travel debacle with cut/paste environments and the like. Fast travel does make a return in Skyrim, but once more, its optional, and with the environments being worth seeing and far from copy/paste its worth forgoing the fast-travel. I could go on about this point, but seriously. Game is more like Morrowind. Deal with it.

    Common complaint number 4, glitches, issues etc.. First off, this is a Bethesda game, if you expected a bug-free game... wtf are you on? They make huge worlds that makes it really hard to find alot of the bugs. So minor ones are found sometimes. Horses are however, a bit buggy in this game. Unless you get one of two horses in the game that are.. well, not average. Game crashes and the like do happen from time to time, but you really wont lose much. Worst case you start over in the room of the dungeon you were in. Big deal. You also need to have a machine that can handle pc-gaming to play a pc-game. Ive seen people posting low-end machine specs complaining about issues with Skyrim, bottom line. If you cant run it, dont complain like its Skyrims fault.

    Common complaint number 5, Quests. This is where i start wondering exactly how many times some posters were dropped on their heads as a child. The quests in this game are amazing. Sure you have your minimal side-quests of fetching and kill this. But those are the "well, i need money.. may as well do a few quick quests" they arent the meat of the game by a long shot. Each of the larger quest chains could be a stand-alone game by itself. And there are a few of them, trust me. if you dont believe me check out the Dark Brotherhood, Mage College, and Thiefs Guild chains (Oh, and the Daedric Artifact quests when you find them) Then tell me quests in this game are crap. Some other random people just never bothered to read the booklet for the game, or open a single options menu with feeling the need to rage-face all over any review site they can.
  25. Nov 14, 2011
    Amazingly addicted and fun. Massive and gorgeous. My only negative is the controls on the PC can be tricky and take a bit of getting used to. Once you get going after a few hours you hardly notice the controls though and it becomes pretty fluid game play.
  26. Nov 14, 2011
    Absolutely astounding. Definitely the best game I have ever played. The atmosphere is perfect. The scenery is beautiful. I almost can't believe what Bethesda has pulled off here. Everything just seems right, it's a perfect blend of traditional medieval style and fantasy elements. The combat is much more varied than Oblivion's, and far more fun to take part in with the shouts, dual wielding and improved handling of weapon skills. The work stations in the game are a great addition ,adding a sense of accomplishment; for example when you craft yourself the weapon of your choosing. Dungeons no longer feel exactly the same anymore, and I often stumble upon little but entertaining side quests in them while searching for new words for my shouts. Though there are bugs, it's far better in terms of just working than recent Bethesda games. Though challenging, battling dragons is extremely enjoyable and I have many times hoped that I would be found by a dragon while traveling to spice things up a bit. I couldn't be more impressed with this game. It's a 10 for sure. Definitely deserves Game of the Year, too. Expand
  27. Nov 14, 2011
    This game redefines what games can be. Morrowind and Oblivion tried to do this, but they failed in execution. The numerous shortcomings and wonkiness that plagued Morrowind and Oblivion have been revamped, and this game is a polished and amazing beacon of hope for the gaming industry in general. This is the closest I've come to playing a perfect video game. It is an open-ended fantasy world RPG Action Adventure game and simulator. I love this game. Expand
  28. Nov 14, 2011
    A lot of these reviews contain complaints about the UI. Don't get stuck on small issues like this. Ya its built for consoles but despite that, this game is great. The graphics are not the best, especially after we all played BF3, however the actual world is stunning and beautiful. I like all the new combat mechanics seen in this game. I don't think I will ever get tired of sneaking up on someone and slitting their throat. The quest literally go on forever. The world is huge. You have complete power on how you experience this game. That is why skyrim is a great game. Yes there are some glitches but I don't those into account when reviewing games anymore unless they are game breaking. What release doesn't have glitches anyway? All in all if you like rpg's and you like to play the game your own way then buy this game! The content is massive, the detail is nothing short of amazing, and the experiences are just plain fun. Definitely my choice for game of the year. Expand
  29. Nov 15, 2011
    In my opinion this is the best game of the series of scrolls. Graphics up to date. Huge options for the main character. I hope for large-scale additions.
  30. Nov 15, 2011
    While there are bugs with the game and there are problems with the combat system, Bethesda has made significant improvements to leveling and other areas that were lacking in Oblivion. It's important that they keep improving these games but the sheer scale of this thing alone is incredible. They've greatly improved the dungeons over Oblivion and added a lot of side quests which will keep you busy. Despite playing for hours, I've only seen one bug and it wasn't nearly as bad as some of the ones in Oblivion. The game has stunning graphics, even on my low-end computer. The best thing about the Bethesda games is that you can just wander if you want or blaze through a quest line in a few hours. That's their strength but also their weakness. Some people hate that style of game play. That's okay but they can't complain when they get a game that does that. I don't like the fact that the combat seems to have become more like Fallout's in that there are slow-motion portions when your character finishes off the enemy in some cases. That said, this game is still fantastic. Expand
  31. Nov 15, 2011
    Graphics: While some of the up close textures may be a tad blurry, and you might get some pop in; this game looks absolutely wonderful with a decent PC rig with all the settings on ultra. For a game with environments this vast you are going to see some hiccups, but overall the level of detail is remarkable.

    Sound: With some old ES favorites mixed into an original score, the music in
    this game is top notch and comes to a crescendo during high action parts, yet drops off to a soothing melody as you walk around towns. The ambient sounds are also top notch and brings another level to this world when played through a surround sound system. Gameplay: In previous ES games I always found that the combat was rather lacking and got very stale after a while, especially melee characters. While Skyrim doesn't exactly implement a brand new combat system, they have however, refined their combat system into a much more enjoyable experience. It seems Bethesda has taken a page out of the Bioshock book, because in Skyrim your character now can dual wield weapons, magic, or in the case of my character one of each. Many magic spells can be combined to create a much more powerful version of which ever spell you are dual-wielding. Melee still feels a bit flat when compared to the dual casting magic system, but with the inclusion of gruesome finishing moves and the ability to wield two one-handed weapons, as well as a more effective sword and board style, melee combat feels much better than in previous iterations of the ES series.

    Leveling up in Skyrim has also been streamlined, (i know i know many construe streamlined as being "dumbed down", and I assure you it's not) which in my opinion was a very welcome addition. It still follows the "level up by doing" formula of previous games in the ES series. but instead of trying to divide 10 points into 50+ skills, you now choose to put points into Magic, Health, or Stamina every time you gain a level. In addition to choosing a base stat to boost, you also get a perk point every level, which you can than put into a specialty area, such as destruction/restoration/illusion if you use magic or one-hand/two-hand/shield for people who like to hit things. Menus/UI: While these are serviceable for PC users who use a mouse and keyboard, it is very evident that these were designed with controllers in mind. I also don't like that the ability to bind different keys is restricted. While I can still remap certain keys I can't assign my number keys to various potions, abilities, magic, etc. which is a bit of a let down. That being said, the menus themselves have a very slick look to them, especially the skills menu where you spend your points once you level.

    Playability/Re-playability: This area is where Skyrim really shines. The amount of quests in this game is absolutely staggering, and many are in places that you might not think to look. For example I was reading random books in a random dungeon, and one of the books gave me a quest to find an ancient sword. I'm not sure if that one book is the only way you can get the quest, but it goes to show that you should leave no stone unturned when it comes to exploring. Skyrim also continues the ES tradition that ensures that no player will experience Skyrim the exact same way as another. Now the main quests are the same, but the game leaves it up to you in how and in which order you want to tackle each one. Another interesting aspect of the Skyrim quest system is that it will continue to spawn random kill/search/rescue/deliver quests that will in theory keep you going forever.

    Bugs/Glitches: For any of you familiar with the ES or (new)Fallout series you know that these games can be full of bugs from something as simple as textures not loading to something as game-breaking as a corrupted save file. Skyrim seems for the most part to be game-breaking bug free, but still has a few annoyances such as NPCs caught in a loop, or wooly mammoths being launched hundreds of feet in the air. Luckily the auto save feature in Skyrim activates each time you enter or exit a new area, so if you are unfortunate enough to experience a major bug that requires a reset, hopefully it won't set you back to far. Another issue worth mentioning is that Skyrim can crash randomly, and while I haven't experienced it first hand, my roommate has had a few.

    Overall: Skyrim is the pinnacle of the ES series, it remedies many issues of the past games, and presents you with an open world experience unparallelled in the RPG realm. The quests are fun and engaging, the world feels alive as npc's walk around and do their day to day chores, the combat has been tightened up and feels much better, especially as a melee character. If you have never played an ES game before and are looking for an open world rpg than this game is for you, and if you are familiar with and enjoyed previous games in the ES series Skyrim will blow you away.
  32. Nov 15, 2011
    First off, ignore all the haters. All they care about is graphics, and probebly only play COD. This is not some game where you run around shooting people, this is a thinking mans game. Its smart, and has a wealth of content. Litterally 100's of hours woth, and I for one will be playing it at least that long. Yes, the graphics arnt perfect, but thats not the point. They are actually a huge step up from the previous Bethesda games. This is a amazing game, and is a perfect 10/10. Expand
  33. Nov 15, 2011
    The PC version of Skyrim is no doubt on of the most beautiful and sprawling worlds ever imagined. The game is so open in class development and how the player can interact with the world. However there are many problems with the user interface that prevent this game from true greatness. This game, is perfect for any RPG fans as it has been in the past.
  34. Nov 15, 2011
    i dub thee 8 out of 10. why because it has so much greatness with no eyefinity/surround support. and glitches galore. but it sure is a darn fun game

    come on Bethesda works. even Oblivion worked well with triple monitor. on a side note. how much better would it of been if you added directX11 tessellation. them rocks and dragons would look INSANE!
  35. Nov 15, 2011
    This is an absolutely fantastic game. I have sunk 20 hours into it and barely scratched the main story line. There is so much to do. Bethesda have really improved the graphics and gameplay over oblivion. The character models and facial expressions are a huge improvement as are the voice acting and dialogue. The only thing so far I don't like about the game is the fact they got rid of durability and repairing on items. however this is really nit picking. Absolutely fantastic game, one you dont want to miss! Expand
  36. Nov 16, 2011
    Simply the most amazing world created this game generation. It's alive, well detailed and filled with interesting lore and quests.

    The only downsides are some graphical imperfections like low texture resolution on PC, and the interface which doesn't work perfectly with a mouse. I expect this to be patched.

    Even with those downsides, it's still a 10/10 because the world and extreme
    amounts of content more than make up for the small downsides. Expand
  37. Nov 16, 2011
    Such a brilliant game so much to explore. first played it weren't really into it but eventually you love it. The game lets you upgrade on so many things. you can travel to many destinations and constantly be impressed by the landscapes.

    Do not waste your money on MW3 because it has failed this year in terms of innovation it is the same thing as MW2. Skyrim have put the effort into this
    game and I admire them for this. Expand
  38. Nov 30, 2011
    Unbelievable good. Skyrim takes everything that was brilliant about previous Elder Scrolls titles and expands upon them tenfold. This game has pulled me away from all other games until I am happy I have "completed" it. There is no shortage of content and things to do, and 80 hours in I don't even feel like i'm near any sort of end.
  39. Nov 16, 2011
    The game is amazing! The world is massive like it should be there are tons and tons of things to do and explore. The people giving bad ratings are the ones that simply can't play because they are to dumb and don't know how a game works or their system is simply to outdated to run it properly. I've been playing this game for about 48 hours now and it looks and feels amazing. No complains on my side, neither did i find massive bugs some claim to have seen. (I've explored almost everything already). If you like RPG games this is a must play for you. Expand
  40. Nov 16, 2011
    Great game! Definitely deserves the spot for GOTY. I haven't even played the game yet, and it seems amazing. Not only the graphics but all the interaction around you, and how "doing this and doing that, can lead to this". You really get to live your own life in the game, you can make decisions and all that. For sure the greatest game from Bethesda so far. People will spend a long time on this one, especially on the PC with all the mods that expand the game! Expand
  41. Nov 17, 2011
    If you're looking for a game that achieves virtually full immersion in a vastly open world, Skyrim is your game. If you want to just play a character in a game that has many in game, living choices, but few exterior and boring "stats" to worry about, Skyrim is your game. If you're looking for a fully polished game with zero flaws, you're probably over critical and shouldn't be reviewing games.

    Here's the skinny on Skyrim: It's graphics are fantastic if you have a computer that can handle it. If you don't, again, you probably shouldn't be writing graphics reviews if you can't max the settings. I'm not saying Skyrim is perfect, but my perfect is being jacked in Matrix style and literally living a game.. so let's get real, these graphics are great.

    The game play is two sided depending on your peripheral style, keyboard & mouse vs. controller. I personally prefer K&M for aiming even in this game, but I give up that luxury, because literally everything else in the game is made for the controller.. including the menus (especially the menus). This is really the first and only real problem I've found with the game. If you can get past the interface, you'll be fine. If you like using a controller or are playing on a console, this will not effect you in the least and you should read this review as a +10

    The actual game is outstanding! If you're obsessed with "specs" and "talent points" and "builds", this game may not be for you, but I do suggest you open your mind to ideas outside the world of onewaytodothings.

    Simply put, this game (with a controller) is almost idiot proof. You just sit down and play it. It's even pretty enjoyable to sit and watch a novice gamer play through (though I suggest not giving hints if you expect bedroom love in the real life guys).. A great game for ANYONE who loves fantasy story-lines.
  42. Nov 18, 2011
    This is the first Elder Scroll game I have played, and I regret that I haven't dipped in before. I have been in love with this game since the moment i walked into it's beautiful world. I have no past bias, no delusions that this game doesn't have rough edges. There are bugs, some funny, some ugly, but the sheer wonder and joy inherent in the game are excellent. After years of playing MMOs and Linear storyline type games, this open ended rpg has won a special place in my heart. Expand
  43. Nov 18, 2011
    More and more modern games sacrifice content for graphics, Betheseda's Skyrim is fortunately not one of them. Skyrim is a massive, multifaceted world that really pushes the strengths of previous Elder Scrolls games. The quests are a step above what we have seen before, the world aesthetics are beautiful though the graphics do bennifit from the latest mods that are available. The ambient noises blend well with the over arching music themes and character noises. The lighting and sound mesh together in dungeons to really give the gamer a feeling of danger. Whilst Skyrim offers an unprecedented sandbox style fantasy world rpg, possibly unrivaled in the modern genre it isn't all a bed of rose petals. The interface for the PC is atrocious. Bugs abound all over the game. The game is pathetically easy and whilst the world is stunning and the cities gorgeous, the larger cities feel like they consist of a handful of houses consisting of barely a handful of people. The writing fails at times and could of used a bit more work. This is an excellent game but through silly mistakes, glitches and the heavy handed UI console port I cannot see how it could be rated above an 8 out of 10. Skyrim is desperately in need of the upcoming mods the PC community will put together. Expand
  44. Nov 18, 2011
    Open world, free to be explored with many hidden "gems" to find. The story is both engaging and direct for those seeking a more linier path to "completing" this game. However for most of us the game will literally have no ending. It has the bonus of an unending(litteraly) supply of quests for those who want them. It's vast, and it's options are even more so. Anyone who gives this game a low rating would likely be doing so because the game is not an MMO. It is a single player game plain and simple. Impressive grafix and a mostly intuative control system allow users to jump right in and begin their journey. This game becomes what you want of it. Desire a life of bravery and justice for all... you can make it so... Want to pinch the pocket of every noble you can find...go ahead.
    There really is no wrong way to play skyrim other then to not play it at all ;) If you want todo it then you can. Ok spent to much time here... I'm going back to being the archmage! ;)
  45. Nov 18, 2011
    Absolutely brilliant. I love Skyrim and I think this game is a master piece. I see some negative reviews, but generally I think they are from fans of a different genre/style of video games. Skyrim requires patience and a brain. This isn't Call of Duty here. PC was patched on Day 1, and I love that Bethesda is supporting PC. The scenes and natural world are amazing. The fights and quests are really fun and I see that the devs put tons of time into every little aspect of the game. Skyrim represents a giant leap forwards in terms of video games, it will easily take GOTY imo. Expand
  46. Nov 19, 2011
    Game of the Year for the next few years -- this game is simply outstanding. As for the 100+ negative reviews... even if my wife divorced me, my kids hated me, I got fired from work and my dog peed on my laptop, I could not imagine being in such a deranged state of mind to as to give this game a "0" rating. For those of you who have experienced the issue of flickering shadows/sunlight, upgrading to the latest version of graphics drivers (nvidia) did the trick for me. Expand
  47. Nov 20, 2011
    Skyrim is a really great game, i was on edge at first about whether i was going to buy it or not as i didn't really like oblivion but i'm glad i did it's very fun and very adictive and i'm happy with most of the changes that were made since the last game. One thing that is bad about the game is the UI i mean i can put up with it but it's very annoying with all that unnecesary scrolling and wasted space and of course there are a lot of annoying bugs but hopefully they will be sorted out soon. Skyrim is in general a really good game though there are some things that could improve it, there aren't really any interesting characters you can't really interact very much with anyone and there is no character development. Expand
  48. Nov 20, 2011
    I couldn't even give this a score due to the fact that i was unable to even get past the first cutscene of the game. Truly disappointing that a scripted piece of the game was broken. Character models were missing entirely and my own character model was stuck halfway through the wagon.
  49. Nov 21, 2011
    i havent played a game this long since GTA IV came out? Beautiful, thats all i can say about Skyrim, is that its so beautiful... ..............................................................................................................................................................
  50. Nov 21, 2011
    Sadly... i'm not trolling and the 5 i give this game is pretty lenient. I was super pumped up for this game one of their die hard fans but i'm sad to say that the quests in this game feels pretty weak. Finishing the Main, College of Winterhold, and Dark Brotherhood quests i feel that the quests in Skyrim doesn't have the same spark they did in Oblivion. Which really depresses me considering i had such high expectations for this game but truly the quests in this game did not entertain me at all. While i do have to say Dark Brotherhood while not having that much of an entertaining questline they did have quite a great story. The main quest and College of Winterhold quests however feel very bland and after considering how much time was put into the game i would have thought that they would "wow" me sadly after i finished them i didn't feel any sense of accomplishment and while their is more to do in this game just by doing the College of Winterhold quests and Main quests has just brought down my expectations for the rest of the game. Sorry if this sounds like trolling but it is my honest opinion i hope this helps people that are about to buy Skyrim. Expand
  51. Nov 21, 2011
    Starting off the game with a poorly scripted introduction, into a world of non-existent auto-save and useless magic. The graphics are meh, and the creators constantly blame the poor quality of the game on the fact that the game covers so many aspects. Well I have an idea for you developers, make a game that covers less aspects that isn't **** Getting killed and having to redo entire boss fights, and navigating through a console ripped inventory system that won't let you equip weapons properly. Not to mention the half mouse based and half keyboard based game menu and lack of in-game graphic settings sets the fate of a 50 dollar Farcry 2, and Fall Out 3: New Vegas texture bundle.
    I do not suggest buying this game unless your a fan boy peasant who likes whatever mainstream **** comes out because your friends think its cool.
  52. Nov 21, 2011
    Skyrim is simply awesome and here is why.. I have to say that when I first saw the screenshots for this game I thought to myself "It doesn't look that flash, just another Morrowind". I then watched a video review of it over at gamespot. After seeing the video I simply had to have it!! The graphics are not pixel perfect but the world does look amazing. The UI is catered for console but who cares, there is already a mod out there that makes it more PC friendly but I don't have any trouble with it myself. I've been playing it for over 20 hours and am loving every minute. Two things stand out in this game for me, the first being the Dragons. Best I have seen in any game. They are loud, fierce and are stunning to look at. Not only this but you will come across more than one! The second thing is the abillity to do anything you want in the game. I purchased a horse for 1000g only to lose it in a fight with a Giant. No matter though I found another horse standing next to the road so I just stole it :) I couldn't believe how easy it was to take. Only problem is that whenever you dismount the horse it keeps wanting to return to the spot you took it. You don't have to be a thief to be able to lock pick. There is so much to find and do in this game it will keep you entertained for hours :) The game has yet to crash on me. Of course there are some glitches in the game but they are not game breakers. The shadow glitch which happens in daylight (shadows flicker every 30sec or so) I managed to fix with changing the ini file. I found a fix for this searching in google. I thought my video card was on the blink, phew! Overall I was expecting a lot less from this game and was surprisingly impressed with it. Now I am having trouble keeping away from it :) If you love Dragons you simply must have this game. If you are on the fence check out the video review and also youtube for first impressions of the game. I'm sold on it! Simply amazing!! Expand
  53. Nov 21, 2011
    The latest installment of the The Elder Scrolls saga is amazing. I have already clocked in over 80 hours in the game, and I have enjoyed every second of it. Well, mostly.

    The game starts off very strong, and yet slow. I did not like being unable to control anything with my character for a while. But after you get control, the game really picks up. The game definitely shows a
    collaboration of everything Bethesda has implemented into their other releases over the years. Some of these things improve the game, yet some hinder it. The shear amount of player choice is amazing. I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of the game, even after completing several guilds and most of the main story.

    However, I feel like the guild quest chains are too short. While most of the quests were fun, I didn't feel as accomplished with the guild's completion as I had in Oblivion. And the minor objectives given at the end of a guild feel repetitive.

    The game looks great. The more neutral color tones work well with the rest of the game. Though, there have been several times where my frame rate suddenly drops and lags, or various textures don't render correctly and I'm left looking at a shiny variation or a pure white base model. Not to mention the countless times that the game shuts itself off on me. I am hoping that those issues are fixed in the upcoming patch.

    I have fun with this game. It is a good way to waste away hours in a blink of an eye. Although I love the game to death right now, I don't feel like it's worth a 10 rating. It's great, but not the overall best. Hopefully once more of the bugs have been fixed or the expansions and modding community add more to the game, it will become a game that deserves a perfect score.
  54. Nov 21, 2011
    I represent ''. SKYRIM has been given our hands down! It's a new stepping stone for a new Creation game engine for new titles to come out! Graphics is not to high end and enough to wow players, the score they generated for the game is a step up to give an exact life to the world, an excellent successor and worthy hands-on for new and old players for the series. Overall hour and hours of pure possibilities in how a High Exploring and Story Driven RPG game should be. Expand
  55. Nov 23, 2011
    I have played over a hundred hours of Skyrim if my steam's accounted time spent is anything to go by and after all this I will say, Skyrim is leaps and bounds an improvement over Oblivion and a great successor to its Elderscrolls heritage, the graphics are gorgeous and while not next gen, next gen was never what the developers were going for, they were going for an improvement over Oblivion which they certainly obtained. While there are some flaws, graphical bugs and a GUI that is oddly taken right out of the console even though it's a game so clearly made for the PC, these are all however relatively minute issues and really amount to nothing more than little annoyances for me and what's more as this is a Bethesda game they are all completely and entirely mod-able and changeable, further the game is leagues more stable than Oblivion or it's spiritual successor Fallout 3, after hours and hours of gameplay I only experienced crash to desktops on rare occassions or occasions where I'd abused alt tabbing.

    I therefore conclude that this game is 'very' deserving of my rating of 10.
  56. Nov 23, 2011
    'I'm not gunna lie, this game is amazing, brilliant, outstanding, a masterpiece.'
    ^this :) is exactly how i feel about the game. now a few more characters :D
  57. Nov 24, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I play a lot of RPG games and this had to be the best of them all. You start the game and within 5 minutes, a dragon appears. The story line is brilliant. The amount of quests you can do without storyline is immaculate. The map size is incredible and the expanse of places you can explore is unbelievable. I've started my second save to explore the other side of Skyrim. For anyone thinking of buying this game, do it and enjoy. Expand
  58. Jan 27, 2013
    Incredibly generic story and plot, decent at best graphics, decent at best game play. Terrible voice acting, terribly generic characters. Without a doubt the worst of the series.
  59. Nov 24, 2011
    Bethesda did a great job on this game here, I was a hue fan of there older games (Morrowind, Daggerfall and Arena), but Oblivion and Fallout3 did not impress me much at all.

    Now comes Skyrim and Bethesda has done an amazing job improving things since Oblivion. Nearly everything is improved, from the story to the combat to the controls and performance. Its almost like they heard all my
    issues with Oblivion and fixed them for Skyrim, great effort Bethesda!

    The soundtrack is epic as usual and of course the gameworld and lore is extremely well made. This all came as a very nice surprise to me though as I was not expecting all that much, but whats here is an epic rpg.

    Skyrim joins The Witcher2 as the best rpgs of 2011, both extremely well made and awesome rpg's that I loved to death. Its great when companies can improve on past games as well as Bethesda has done here with Skyrim, which is the best game from the rpg giants since Morrowind!

    Buy this game now!

    Here is to Skyrim and the great job by Bethesda!
  60. Nov 25, 2011
    Game is fantastic!! Skyrim is a masterpiece!! pros - fantastic game over all 10/10 for game play and interesting and fun if you play the game with out rushing you have 100+ hours easy !its fantastic and outstanding (I HOPE THERE WORKING ON ALLOT OF DLC AND EXPANSIONS!!!!!) Cant wait!! woulds best single player RPG!!!!!!

    cons - few bugs and a few quests could be longer - using dx9
    they say future patches will fix bugs and dx11 update sounds promising!

    Random answer for some people for problems with with favorites well u can quickly switch them with pressing "Q" hover over the item with the mouse and press a number ( 1 - 9 ) =D done!
  61. Nov 25, 2011
    Oh boy was this game was a disappointment in The Elder Scrolls series whose downfall started with Battlespire and now continues with Skyrim. Where do I be begin? Let's start with the menus. The menus in Skrim can usually only be navigated with the keyboard and there is no notification or any type of feedback as to if you hit a menu item or not because all the goddamn menus are strictly black, white, and grey! The inventory menu is an unintuitive mess. It's awkward to navigate, it doesn't show your character so you have no clue what the **** is on your character unless you go through every single goddamn menu with in the inventory screen. To make it even worse, menus overlap at times and its impossible at a single glance to tell which menu is active. As if all of this wasn't bad even enough, simply pressing "escape" will bring up the main menu screen over any other menu screen you have open but you can't save or load from it until you close what ever menu screen you had up under the main menu. The menus in Skyrim are the worst I've ever seen in a game hands down. -2 points

    Controls; The default controls can charitably described as: Passable. This normally wouldn't be a problem, but skyrim has a few 'holy grail' buttons that you CANNOT remap. Good examples of this are the left mouse button, F, E, R, and Q. Try remapping any of those functions and new key you mapped doesn't work AND what ever you mapped to any of those keys doesn't work! Outstanding programming here! Next the favorite menu has potential to be good, but fails miserably. The Favorites menu pauses the game has a list of all items/spells you want to be able to quickly equip without going through the cluster****ed inventory screen. You can also set the number keys 1 to 8 to quickly use or ready something, however that's it. You can't use any other keys than 1 to 8. What the **** Why cant you atleast use all of the keys in that row or atleast use keys other than the number keys for that **** As if this piss poor design wasn't already bad enough, You cannot block while; duel wielding or having magic ready in 1 hand. You cannot cast while having a bow, 2 handed weapon, or shield out. This **** wasn't a problem since Daggerfall and now it's back 15 years later? -4 points

    Graphics; Okay, so the graphics are mostly good in the towns and dungeons and around the main roads. Heaven forbid you go off the beaten path! Even with all settings maxed out, the mountain textures look like they were pulled from morrowind 10 years earlier! Using the excuse: no one goes there is a fallacy in that The Elderscrolls games have ALWAYS been about exploring. To salt the wounds, Skyrim also offers no option to turn off BLOOM or HDR, both of which are abused to the point that the UN would step if they were citizens of any 3rd world country. -2 points Next us the skill system which is an interesting but inherently flawed step forward. To make things more interesting bethesda decided to add perks to skills which is an amusing thought and certain adds some depth, but it fails to make up for the removing of several skills and attributes all together. What the **** were they thinking? There is no unarmed skills, no way to increase your jumping/falling abilities, no way to increase your movement speed, and for a final kick to your ribs while you're down; you can't fight or do anything while underwater anymore. -2 points

    Thanks for trying, better luck next time, game over! 0 out of 10. This game shows not only a lack of respect and care for the PC release of a game, but also pure enmity toward PC games as a whole. do not pay money for this monstrosity!
  62. Nov 25, 2011
    A lot of reviews seem to be from people having issues with bugs (graphical or otherwise). Let me start off by saying these reviews do not represent the majority by any means. I've discussed Skyrim in real life with 8 of my friends thus far. All 9 of us, myself included, have had no issues. I bought Skyrim pre-release off Steam and started playing 25 minutes after midnight. I expected quite a few bugs to be present for the first two weeks or so. That was not the case. I've spent 198 in-game days thus far and have only encountered one quest-breaking bug, which I was able to fix myself with the console. If you don't like using the console, Bethesda will send out a patch to address such issues. The PC controls are confusing at first, but so far other reviews have been over-exaggerating. Play the game for three hours or so and you'll have the controls down no problem. If you're too set in your ways to get used to new controls, then Skyrim allows you to change them. That being said, you need an external mouse. Playing Skyrim on a laptop without an external mouse is too awkward; although, that's the case with a lot of games these days.

    Another common issue seems to be the menus. There are a few issues in that area. Navigating the perk tree is awkward using the arrows; however, if you use the mouse there really isn't any issue. Navigating the main menu, especially if you wish to see "General Stats" is downright impossible without the mouse. You aren't able to see item stats (weight, cost, etc) without first selecting the item. Items aren't at all organized in containers, such as chests. I believe Fallout 3 did a better job of the trading-with-NPCs screen. Overall they could be better, but there aren't any deal-breaking issues. Personally, I actually like spending time going through everything I've collected. "Ooo I didn't notice I collected such-and-such item! Cool!"

    I could go on and on about stuff other people have said, but instead I'll keep this short and end by saying overall Oblivion was a great game. Skyrim is even better. The only score that makes sense is 10/10.
  63. Nov 25, 2011
    Skyim, put simply, is a fantastic game, worthy of the undivided attention of any fan of role playing games. It is deep, well written and acted, well designed and beautiful. The game does have the occasional bug, and the characters still look fairly creepy, but those are quibbles - this is the best video game this year, and continually surprises. Honestly. thank you, Bethesda!
  64. Nov 25, 2011
    Like Morrowind and Oblivion before it, a damn good game. I could rave about all the things I love about this game, but will focus on the interface.

    It is an adjustment from the old way, and for the first day or two I thought it was a sacrifice to benefit the console players, but I have adapted and appreciated the change. One thing I appreciate, is that the E key not only picks up items,
    but you hold down the button, to hold the item, a simple improvement. And the duel weapon/spell system is a great new idea, although I would like it a bit more polished, sometimes I need to go into my inventory to equip two of the same weapon and other minor issues. Hopefully that will change in a patch. Otherwise, no complaints. Expand
  65. Nov 26, 2011
    Simply great game, can't fault it. Graphics look great, it plays well and the story is interesting and follows on from the 2 previous great games. Don't think bethsda has made a bad game yet.
  66. Nov 26, 2011
    Simply amazing. No words can describe the feeling you get as you roam the vast tundra of skyrim as a dragon circles overhead. Despite the unlimited list of amazing parts included into this game, its not perfect. Some really boring side quests and extremely repetitive voice acting among the cities (And you thought it couldn't get worse than talks of mudcrabs). On the other hand, there are amazing side quests and so many i haven't discovered yet. The diversity of virtually everything leaves me knowing i'll play this for years to come. And the modding community loves Bethseda's games just as much as i do. It is impossible to argue that this game isn't one of the best games ever. Expand
  67. Nov 27, 2011
    It's not Oblivion, it certainly isn't Morrowind. Good fun though! This game is probably the most approachable Elder Scrolls game so far but it has to make sacrifices to be that. [Insert generic anti console rant here]. It's made anti RPG players pure fanatics for the genre by restricting the options. The ones that are left are glorious, just not as great as some of us are used to.
  68. Nov 27, 2011
    A fantastic game that will give you a run for it's money. It deserves all of it's critical acclaim because it has been improved so much by Bethesda it's actually insane. The main quest is fun, the side quests are numerous and the gameplay has been improved tenfold. The environment will change by your will, the people will talk about your deeds, random events will keep you occupied throughout the world and the endless amounts of towns and dungeons will keep you occupied forever. An amazing, captivating game that is worth EVERY penny. A ten out of ten for me. Expand
  69. Jan 13, 2012
    Much like Oblivion this is a game which provides an entirely new world to explore and interact with. The focus is on creating your story and no one really demands of you to be Dragonborn and follow the main quest until the end. I have had loads of fun simply playing as a thief, assassin and an archer. If you are creative and keen on roleplaying, this game is for you.
    There is however at
    least one huge downside to this game. Where the other Elder Scrolls always managed to make me feel as a part of the world, Skyrim makes me feel distant to it. It doesn't persuade me about its own history, and most of the time I feel like I am playing someone else's made up world.
    Despite that huge downside, this is still one of the best games of 2011 and a must buy for anyone looking for some 200 hours worth of escapism.
  70. Nov 28, 2011
    To put it short: brilliant game. I have been using every spare moment of my time since the game released to play it. I honestly can't remember being this immersed in a game since I first played World of Warcraft back in 2006 or so. That's really saying something considering most games do not impress me at all these days.

    Having never been a fan of the Elder Scrolls series before this
    game, perhaps my opinions is a little skewed. For me, this has been an entirely new experience that I thought may have only existed in MMO's, a market that is completely saturated at this current time. I was beyond surprised and pleased when I began my journeys through the harsh, beautiful, and vast world of Skyrim. The voice overs are good, only becoming cheesy or poor from time to time, the combat system is fun and feels rewarding br leveling your character up in real time by actually performing an action, and perks you receive from leveling up definitely make your character feel like more of a hero. That heavy armor may take up alot of your bag space, but trust me, once you fill out your perks, it's worth it! Other skills are improved upon in a similar, rewarding way. The game isn't without it problems. The game has several glitches, and many people have even run into game breaking bugs. If you play on PC, there seems to be a constant "crash to desktop" error as well that can be pretty infuriating when you are engrossed in the game. Having to constantly save due to a game's instability is unacceptable. Overall, the game is gorgeous and rewarding, though at times the bugs can cause you to want to rip your hair out. Given the massive size of this world and the adventures that take place in it though, most players will be willing to forgive them. The good far, far outweighs the bad. A game I will certainly never forget. Expand
  71. Dec 1, 2011
    NOT A GOOD GAME AT ALL! specially after playing the true GREAT RPGs that came out this years such as Witcher 2, Dark Souls and Skyward Sword. Skyrim does nothing better than the other RPGs, other than the cool title screen chant song. In fact when compared, one can easily tell how outdated it its, in its game play mechanics, and characters animations. Take heed, this game is worth nothing more than a rental. Expand
  72. Dec 1, 2011
    This game has to be the best game I've ever played. Sure its buggy but most games, especially complex games are going to have bugs. I've been rather down with fantasy rpg games ever since Dragon Age 2 came out and I almost gave up on games in general. I loved the details among the many things you can do in the world.
  73. Nov 15, 2012
    a horrible, horrible game, so unoriginal and utterly boring as hell. the graphics suck and so does the gameplay, never waste your money on this game, i wish i didn't make the mistake of buying this pile of crap
  74. Dec 5, 2011
    I usually have my priorities in line and do not get addicted to games like this, but my upcoming finals might have to take a backseat to all of this awesome.
  75. Dec 7, 2011
    I would be traversing the wilds of Skyrim right now, however I took an arrow in the knee so must sit and write about what I have learned.
    First off, This game is in no way deserving of a 10! So many bugs. (long list, you can look they up as you come across them..... yeah you are not the first to have that happen) some you can work around, some that make you just drop a certain quest line.
    (Saarthal the 6 pillarstones simply wont work for me..... cannot go any further. No workaround that I can find, previous saves don't clear up the issue)
    Do I expect it to be bug free? Would not dream of it. As a matter of fact, because it it a Bethesda game, I expect it, and would for some strange reason give it absolution from the rules of ratings. The price of this absolution is the highest score a gold Bethesda release can ever get is a 9. You know it needs patched even before you install it.

    Sights and sounds are amazing. This is the ultimate "Whats over the next hill" game. Graphics and textures seem to be held back to accommodate our uhh...... not quite up to speed, distant relatives on the console side of the family, but work nicely and set me into a fine state of immersion. So just a small hit here. (took me 2 hours to get sound to work, Bethesda logo war drums nothing. Was playing with headphones. Updated all drivers ya-da, ya-da, ya-da.... set audio from headphones to surround sound and fixed!)

    Lets talk Gravity for a moment. Although this game feels less "floaty" then last efforts, this bugs me more then all other Bethesda traits. Sneak your way through a cave and walk over a skull. It flies across the room like you kicked it with all your might.
    All this vertical terrine and I can just run down most steep cliffs without any fear of falling to my death. About the only time gravity kicks in is when I'm running up hill and get caught on a 6 inch lip in the hillside. I guess all those $$$$$ make them float around the office, and they perceive gravity a little different.
    That's my biggest pet peeve against Bethesda games. Big minus in the score column.

    All and all, at the end of the day I have a lot of fun, and would say that there are lots of adventures awaiting. 30 some hours into it, and I feel like I have just nicked the surface. Weighing good vs bad with this game is unlike most games ratings. It's more like your personal tolerance meter then a score. Some company's put out a 6 hour game today for the same price. I feel that I will not find most of the bugs before they are fixed, and I'll be playing this game for a long while. So I give the game an 8.5. This is the sum of the overall value to me. It is a lot of entertainment for the money, and the good outshines its unsightly blemishes.
  76. Dec 9, 2011
    Love the Game, absolutely positively the best game I've played ever. Loved Morrowind when i came out, Loved Oblivion when it came out too. Skyrim is amazing and it can only get better. I understand people's reasons for hating the game as it does have flaws but some people are incapable of looking past any negative aspects of any game. Graphics are beautiful, although more voice actors would be nice. Story is Good. Not amazing but it falls in line with all the previous games. More or less. I bought it for 360 but i intend to purchase it on Steam very soon. As soon as i finish upgrading my computer. So bottom line, Game is amazing, even if you have never played any of the previous games it could easily become one of your favorite games. Obvious choice for Game of the Year on all platforms. Expand
  77. Dec 10, 2011
    Even if this game wasn't released as a mess, it's not the game you're looking for. The combat system is extremely clunky, the AI is pretty low, the dragons aren't very impressive except when they're flying full speed backwards. This game is truly a circus gone wrong- physics is defied, mammoths fly, the ground vanishes, if you kill anything on a hill, loot it fast because Skyrim's mountains are all coated in butter, and that five thousand pound giant you just killed is sliding to the bottom even if it is just a 10 degree incline.

    This game will be great once fans fix it and mod it... just like any other Bethesda game- so grats to the only company today that can not only get away with releasing broken games and getting fans to do all the work to make it playable... but the company that gets unbridled fanboy praise for doing so.

    Anyone giving this game a 10 wouldn't know a good game if it came up and bit them on the face. We're seeing too many companies release broken games before they should be (because if this game was released without all the awful, and I'm talking game breaking awful, glitches, it would be amazing), and yet get away with it- why? Why are we settling for this? Why are games this flawed getting tens? A game that has numerous bugs that literally ruin the game, make main missions unfinishable, etc... is NOT A PERFECT GAME!
  78. Dec 11, 2011
    This game don't deserve a 0, but not even a 10. The score must be a 7 so my 0 goes to lower it's score to where it must be if it wasn't for all the hype, fanboys and mindless reviewers.
    What can you find in Skyrim? Ok, it's a better game that oblivion but that's not too much considering oblivion was an absolutely piece of **** Anyway you can find the same crappy combat system (that is, a
    broken combat system where you can only smash your button waiting for some final movement to appear)
    You can find too the same linear quest as always, when someone says in a review that you have total freedom and that **** they don't tell you that no, you don't have any freedom to make quests. You have freedom to explore, freedom to make the quest at anytime but when you choose to make a quest it must be done in one way (lucky if you have two ways to do one quest). I would prefect to have 100 quest instead of 500 if that 1000 quest had diferent ways to solve them.
    You can find boring NPC too. Npc without any personality that seem more like a quest container than a real character.
    You can find a console menu too. Yes, a console menu in a PC game, with all the funny things of useless navigation and frustating mouse movement.
    You can find a total cliche of story where you are a chosen one because bla, bla, and bla. "chosen one of many" like the bard's tale song says.
    You can find shadows too. No, wait, you can't. Graphics are a joke. I don't care too much graphics in this kind of game but it is funny to read the suposed "good graphisc" of this game where you can light a torch that don't make any shadows or the general shadow of your character seems like a mess of pixels. Not good graphic for the system requirement it needs.
    In one word, it not a bad game, if you liked oblivion this will be the best game ever. But of course, this is not the GOTY.
  79. Dec 11, 2011
    THE best game out there right now- possibly ever made. For how much playing time you get it is well worth the price and whatever bugs are happening. Truth is- bugs will get fixed, and mods and patches will be made. It's only going to get better. So you better jump on the skyrim train to tamriel because this game is great for everyone. If you hate fighting badass creatures and adventuring for treasure, you can sit in Whiterun and smith to level 40 :) Expand
  80. Jun 26, 2013
    It's very hard for me to review this game. I loved Oblivion, which makes this all the more painful. Skyrim is just as good as Oblivion. There. I said it. Skyrim is EXACTLY as good as Oblivion. I get the feeling that most of Skyrim's raving fans have never played a previous Elder Scrolls game. There's very little progress for the series. Graphics have barely improved, gameplay is identical, and quests are no more creative than they were in 2006.

    For everything Bethesda added in Skyrim, they removed something else. To add more unique spells, they removed spellcrafting. To add dynamic shadows, they removed most of the HDR lighting quality. To add NPCs with more personality, they removed many of the total NPCs, leaving Skyrim barren. To add horse combat, they removed the first person horse camera. Etc. It just continues like this. Every time Bethesda adds something to a sequel, they take away something else. Essentially, Skyrim is the same game I played in 2006, and although I loved Oblivion then, it's not okay to sell the same game year after year.

    Morrowind defined the genre in 2002, and 10 years later, Skyrim still hasn't significantly improved. It kills me to do this to a series I still like, but at most, Skyrim deserves an average review. Mods on the PC version are the only reason to buy this game instead of literally any other generic RPG to release in the last 10 years.
  81. Dec 18, 2011
    The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is simply one of the greatest single player games of all time! The graphics are absolutely astounding in every aspect. The gameplay is incredible. You really do feel like your apart of the story and that it's up to you to make the decision at the right times. There are some very minor flaws with this game but i stress only minor, plus what game is perfect? Some of the very few flaws with this game, and other Bethesda games is the Save system. The seem to follow the old school save system where the "auto save" feature for this game is very scarce and you must remember to save the game manually before entering specific areas or you'll find yourself 30 minutes behind should you be slane. Another old school errer which they make is the invisible barrier. Personally I thought that this feature would have been made obsolete. Clearly not the case but it does exist within the game. Moving onto positives tho, the thought of fighting a dragon 1 vs 1 would generally frighten people, but in Skyrim you really do crave the opportunity battling with them and also giants with their humerous "pet Mammoths" as I like to call them. There is so much to do in Skyrim I wot spoil anything for you now but if ther is ANY game that you buy this year, i emplore you, PLEASE buy Skyrim, you will not be disappointed! Expand
  82. Dec 19, 2011
    After 100 hours of Skyrim I have to say that Bethesda Softworks has made a big leap with Skyrim. It has ALOT of content ingame. There's alot of things to do. You can explore dungeons, do quests, join guilds, master your skills and even try to kill everyone in the world.
    The sidequests are good, but guild quests aren't so good. (Possible spoiler alert!!) Like in Mage guild, there wasn't
    much time as a pupil. In oblivion you had to do quests to gain ranks and when you were high ranked enough, the "main" part of the questline starts. In Skyrim, you sign up as a pupil to the guild, but after 2 quests you're already on way to become the archmage. There isn't a feeling of progress, it's pretty disappointing.
    The holds (cities) are very interesting. Maybe the first hold you'll see is Whiterun. The first time I got there, I was amazed by the views, there's great mountains close by and they're veeery nice looking. Sometimes you just go somewhere just to see the nice scenery of Skyrim.
    Even though Skyrim has glitches, I haven't encountered glitches that would ruin my game experience. All the glitches that I encountered were rather funny! Like a mammoth dropping from the sky or giant hitting you to the skies.
    The combat is alot better than Oblivions. They could have done it better, but it doesn't care so much.
    So I have played Skyrim for 100 hours now and there's still pretty much to do. Just gotta do quests before the Construction Set (the same program that dev's used to make Skyrim) comes out, which means that everyone can make their own mods easily.
    Overall Skyrim is a great game! I have always loved Elder Scrolls and always will. If you have PC and console, buy it on PC. PC has mods, consoles doesn't.
  83. Jan 20, 2012
    A fun game with lots of things to do. However, the world doesn't feel very immersive mainly due to the ai. People you just spoke with will forget you in an instant and tell you something generic, such as they took an arrow to the knee or that you shouldn't steal from them. Combat is dull and ultimately depends on the number of health potions you've brought or the level of your stats. Fast travel removes the excitement of exploration, but traveling is ineffective if you don't use it. Dispite having the choice of compainions, the world feels really lonely and there isn't really any characters with a lot of personality (especially guards). It still gets a 8 out of 10 because of the sheer amount of content. Expand
  84. Dec 21, 2011
    One of the best games I have ever played. I played it 3 times so far and spent there almost 200 hours. I´m looking forward to play some mods as well. It´s not perfect game but certainly best game of the year.
  85. Dec 23, 2011
    Game of this year for me. All my childhood dreams how a game should look like were fulfilled here. Unless you are a strong personality with decent social life, you should not play this. There is a fair risk, you will love this world more then normal one:).
  86. Dec 24, 2011
    I'd like to give this game an 8/10 but I can't help but see that an amazing number of users are giving this a 0/10 simply to offset the good scores. This game isn't perfect as the critics rave, but it is still amazing. I could go on and repeat everything that has already been said, but it would just feel too redundant. The Elder Scrolls franchise defines single-player RPG's, and Skyrim is no exception. Huge world, many play-styles, beautiful scenery, and entertaining quests are among a few of the high points for this game. Sure, there are bugs, but that is to be expected from a Bethesda game. Mods for PC users fix most problems and will improve the game. While this may be the closest thing to a console port in TES's history, it doesn't make this a bad game. Anyone with sense will know that while this game may have it's flaws, it is still a fantastic experience. Expand
  87. Dec 25, 2011
    I've been playing the series since Morrowind and I know it sounds elitist and unoriginal to say, but the games have been going downhill ever since. This latest game is by far the most repetitive and unoriginal game by far. The story really doesn't even feel TES, it's lacking on all fronts and is what I expect of a low budget Hollywood movie. The geography is almost universally the same climate, i'd say a good 90% is covered in snow, 6% forest, 3% swamp, 1% badlands. Every city seems to be the same. The player really never gets a reason to feel sorry for the Stormcloaks yet it seems to be forced on us from the very beginging that they're the good guys. Dragons? Well they start off kinda ok, then you kill your first 5 and you think, "well they're nothing special." And by the time you kill the 12th or so you think, "Why'd they even put them in the game." Seriously, for a world in which dragons are suppose to be these ultimate beings, exceptionally rare, and rightfully feared by everyone, why does it only take 6 city guardsman to kill one? Why are do you seem to find one every 500 yards? Why do they rinse and repeat the same scripted attack patterns over and over? So why did I give it a 7? Well if its your first time playing an Elder Scrolls game you're gonna love it. But if you're a veteran of the series you probably couldn't play more than 30 hours before you had to give it up in boredom. Collapse
  88. Jan 15, 2012
    Despite the many bugs the game is excellent, even the game trailer super popular cry, and yes there are games = D FUS RO DAH
    Here it is the best game of the year!
    here it here it is my dream game Skyrim hefty guys skaaaaaayrim !!!!!!!!
  89. Dec 29, 2011
    It is one of the best games in which I played! Skirim simply bomb in series The elder scrolls! World research gives unknown pleasure, the world lives! Certainly there are some bugs, but with patches they are gradually corrected! Manually fulfilled vaults, a drawing, all in this game is ideal. Magnificence Skirim can be compared only to magnificence Oblivion in due time!!
  90. Dec 30, 2011
    (sigh)... A total letdown of a game that had the great Morrowind and Oblivion as predecessors. Skyrim SHOULD HAVE been much more than Oblivion. Instead, it's much more less. People expect more from a modern game, something to significantly improve the quality of time spent into virtual realities over older games: good visuals, deep story, logical overall interactions etc. Unfortunately, Skyrim doesn't provide those, here's why: ................. 1. Graphics/Visuals This is one of the very few areas where Skyrim shines a bit. There are nice landscapes and the wide open world is cute enough to invite for roaming. Yes, many games could do with such freedom of exploration. But again nothing extraordinary. No high jump from Oblivion. Some textures are not where they should be, in other areas contrasts are broken and bleak. Some pixels are just trembling for no reason and human faces are hardly distinguishable. I simply do not understand how playing as a native nord makes my skin suntanned. The logic of it... ................... 2. Gameplay/Mechanics No voiced (optional) main char, no animations in dialogue... (ever considered at least comparing to Mass Effect?...) Controls are good, combat is satisfactory. But the idea of stamina bar is just annoying. What happened to acrobatics, athletics and other skills? THE WORST PART is the leveling system. For the life of me, I chose to play warrior and rely on weapons but couldn't get weapons to 100. Instead, I could max speech and enchant quite fast. Playing as mage? Same thing. Bah... This leveling system, based by skills is bad, bad, bad. Beside the non-logic of being all-in one: warrior, thief, mage etc., it's time consuming and tedious. I wanna level and use my blade well, but in order to get tougher I must find mobs to cut, and where if there are no fast respawning mobs?? But I can train in speech and smithing faster, instead. So much for the "freedom of playing style"... ............................. 3. Story/Choices Bad. The only "moral choices" with actual impact you are allowed to make are supporting the rebellion or the empire. I supported rebellion and guess what? The previously shy and anonymous now fresh established Whiterun Jarl (who, without my efforts would have ever remained a runt) tells me something as "You are not as dumb as you look". You're welcome, your "grace"... The rebellion titles Ulfric and his generals throw upon you are senseless and plain stupid. "Snowhammer" my ars... and when the rebellion succeeds, what about somebody granting me a Jarl title or at least a fort as a fief? No way, instead I have a pretty long, boring and useless "thane" agenda... Ok, let's become an Archmage then. The college of mages probably being the only sensible and more realistic implemented faction. After a no-dialogue, no dispute of ideas, lifeless final battle with Ancano, I am granted the high honor. But... Just when I thought I am somebody now at least, a mere court wizardling in a dull city speaks with me like I'm his boots keeper. Same in other courts. I can even recall some replies hinted to my narrow comprehension of magic arts... To me, the Archmage!!! ......................... 4. AI (artificial intelligence) Oh, my... Nothing more to be said here, except when dragons keep attacking the cities (they keep attacking forever, so kiss goodbye the fact you can be a real hero and vanquish them for good), some peasants dare provoke them in direct honorable combat with... bare hands!!! Such inspired logic deserves the bow of the day.... ......................... The game deserves a 6 only because it is better than many other present games and for its pretty open world. But once you played the story, its doubtful you'll ever replay it, considering other better games start growing on the horizon... Expand
  91. Jan 3, 2012
    The game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, name that brought so much smile on gamer faces.

    This game, the state it is now, it's still in beta.
    Unsheathe your weapon while crouching allows you to run normal speed. Developing stealth is a joke.
    If you want to build up anything combat related fast, pick a mammoth where there's a tree or 2 and keep running around them. Wanna try even something more
    fancy? Use 1st stage Whirlwind sprint upstream.

    And what is the use for the horse? Sometimes it helps, sometimes it just makes a suicide run against everything. The speed barely matches you sprinting around combat ready. Whereas on the horse you're completely helpless. You can't talk or interact with anything, you can't even use the other hand to cast a spell or swing a sword to defend yourself.

    Armors some look fancy some just clip through your character's skin. Ouch I say. And for Argonian and Khajit races. Would it have been such a trouble making the tail slide below the armor or making the armor custom build, like having a hole for the tail.

    Dragons become a joke if you want to. They select weird landing spots and are unable to defend themselves against arrows or spells. It doesn't take much to see where they land 80% of the time and then running to distance where you can hit it and it still lands on the same place. And when your character is 60% behind a large object they are unable to attack. For some reason they just don't bother coming any closer.

    Then the usual battles and difficulty. Yes clearing a normal dungeon, fortress, cave. With a stealth bowman it's a disaster. If you play with stealth and arrows you can develop your stealth like 14 points while clearing one. It takes from 20 minutes to an hour to clear one with harder difficulty like expert or master. Even with 45 stealth your enemies are totally blind and in "shadow" area you are part of the furniture. Even running over you doesn't blow your cover straight. People see 4 of their mates dead and go to everyone saying, "I will make whoever did this pay!". Or listen for them to repeat the same songs, stories, chit chat of the same woman, same gold and glory. Guy can take 30 arrows up the nose and say every time, "I guess it was only my imagination". Some say this is fun..? Yea if you listen to it for 4 hours for clearing dungeons you want to switch to lower difficulty and feel like a real stealth archer should. It's pointless to raise the level. When you encounter the problem of swarm of strong people in one room as weak stealth bowman. Just shoot few arrows, every time you re-enter a room and after the 3rd time you get back in the enemy stations have been reset so they can be found sitting at a table or watching the wall. With a ranged build your ideal places are somewhat weird ledges that you can walk over at ease but the opponent thinks it's impossible route. Yes you shoot an arrow, walk few steps back, opponent turns back and starts running around the room, then you take a step forward and s/he'll come the same route.

    With a melee player this might however get somewhat satisfying. If you don't build stealth or pick a bow on the way that is, you MIGHT actually have a challenge up your face with harder difficulties like expert and master. In dungeons, forts and so on. It ain't so. Yea you clear up halfway of the place at ease. Then comes the little bit more experienced fighter that's capable of 3 hit and finishing strike you. And the leaders can do that in one blow. One way is having a table or fence around. You simply time your hit right and you can hit that baddie once, then jump over the fence or table and he will have to run around that. Now how fun is that?
    Dragons will be a pain when you run a warrior like this so what's the point if you can't hit one flying little lizard, comes floating next to you spitting fire or ice. You just can't hit it or force it to come down. You lose the ability to fight your main objective in the game.

    There is simply no point in raising the difficulty above adept so you can keep the overall combat and exploring, somewhat, pleasing.

    And yes your character can jump if you tap jump button while down and rising up.

    And then there's the final touch. Eventually you have to choose a side. You make a game this scale and don't add grey area.

    Most of the game's score comes from beautiful environment. Great story since you make it only as big as you like thanks to all the quests around the world. Visual, story. Easy to use UI once you get hang of it.

    I wished that the fight animations would've been a bit more versatile. And not having pretty much the same animations for 3 weapons.

    Yes. My opinion stays. Still beta...
  92. Jan 7, 2012
    Has passed all for 150 hours, there was a pair of not working quests, and desire to find still something interesting, especially wasn't picked much. Despite that what to complete it it is possible indefinitely, game beautiful enough and thought over.
  93. Jan 14, 2012
    Skyrim is a classic example of a game with all the potential in the world but that falls victim to repetition and uninspired characters and quests. The main storyline is interesting enough to keep you glued to your seat. The game kicks off with you, a prisoner sentenced to death, escaping a city called Helgen amidst a surprise dragon attack and going on to discover that you're a rare individual known as a "Dragonborn." Dragon encounters and epic trips up gigantic, treacherous mountains follow as you learn more about who you are and what you can do to cleanse the world of evil and make things right again. Then come the side quests. Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood quests aside, Skyrim is absolutely filled to the brim with some of the most pathetic, repetitive quests I've ever undertaken in an open world role-playing game. Nine times out of ten, it's "Go collect this, then return to me!" or "Go kill so-and-so, then return to me!" There is no originality to be found and by the time you've fetched the 50th item for the 50th uninteresting character, you'll be ready to tear your hair out and call it a day. The dungeons in which you'll be doing most of your fetching and killing are largely repetitive affairs, too, with copy-and-paste layouts and repetitive puzzles that make each one feel exactly like the last. These gripes aside, not all is bad in the world of Skyrim. The world is large, the graphics are much improved over Oblivion, and the soundtrack is mesmerizing and memorable. The lockpicking system brought over from Fallout 3 is an excellent replacement for Oblivion's annoying one, too, and even the leveling system has been improved. Overall, Skyrim is a great game hampered by quests with no soul and uninteresting characters. Had it featured more interesting characters and a greater variety of quests and things to do - I missed the arenas from Oblivion, for example - I would've played until my eyes had rotted inside my skull. As it stands, however, Skyrim features a huge, gorgeous world to explore but offers little to do in the way of interesting activities once the story reaches a conclusion and you've assisted both the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood. Had there been more to do, this would've easily received a perfect score from me. Perhaps upcoming downloadable content will provide this game the interesting content it desperately needs. Expand
  94. Jul 7, 2012
    This game could have been the greatest game ever, but it simply is a hollow shell at this point. It has very shallow characters and quests. It is horribly repetitive and gets very boring after 60 hours. The combat is lacking, loot is horrible and voice acting still consists of ~8 people. It also gets very easy.

    Finally, this game has no charm; it does not wow players or makes them feel
    immersed. This game is a single player MMO, nothing more, nothing less. Expand
  95. Feb 27, 2012
    AMAZING! A lot better on PC than Xbox 360. It's especially better if you have it on steam since there you can download great mods. It's just a beautiful fun game!!!!!!!
  96. Feb 29, 2012
    For being one of the most anticipated games of the year it did not disappoint. With character customization in both aesthetic and skill values and hours of side quests many of which contain very interesting stories) it has been called game of the year for a reason. The graphic quality was amazing and unlike other preceding rpg games skyrim gave you entire country to explore with no linear story line to decide how you played out the wonderful and fascinating story that the elder scrolls always brings us. I also really enjoyed player interaction with the characters and other npcs, like when passing guards would comment on your great new gear or how epic it was when you slayed those bandits or witches or other great evil or how some npcs showed thier appreciation for you when you completed certain quests for them. The few downsides were for a game with such a large budget they could have down with more voice actors it felt like I was talking to the same individual each time even if that previous individual was last seen at the other end of the country and they could have spent some time ironing out some of the bugs that frequently gave the players a laugh or an annoyance (like the flying mammoths for instance). All in all a great game that I would recommend to just about anybody. Fus Ro Dah Expand
  97. Mar 1, 2012
    Awesome, fun, beautiful game. Modding community will keep it interesting and fun for a long time as well. Also has a lot of re-playability due to the shear size of the game and very different playstyles of melee vs magic characters, good vs evil characters, and all the different factions to join or kill. Love it.
  98. Mar 6, 2012
    The game is visually great in my opinion. But the game has suffered greatly due to consolization because bethesda just wants more money from console kids... Truly a shame. The dungeons are just awful. YES, they are visually diverse and pretty. YES they all have a cool story to tell. BUT, you enter the dungeon, find books, dead bodies with stories etc... Then you continue down the linear corridor of the dungeon, find a treasure chest, kill some enemies, then you get to a 'boss' who is as easy as every other NPC but takes longer to kill and does something like electric bolts or a shout, then you kill him. Loot him and a treasure chest or something, and RIGHT THERE is the exit to the dungeon. 100% linear. This game is so casual it hurts Expand
  99. Mar 5, 2013
    One of the most overrated games of 2012. Decent graphics, but very boring after a few hours. Very thin storyline, characters which barely say anything, bunch of generic quests and a bucketload of bugs. Reading the critic reviews you'd think this was the best game ever, did they even play past 5 hours?
  100. Mar 13, 2012
    If this game couldn't be more epic, the PC version has access to the modding community, making this game 9001 times greater than it was to start(and this game was JESUS when it came out) for those who said this game sucked, look at MW3, than tell me this game sucks, should your opinion not change, I'd recommend a good psychiatric facility for you.
  101. Dec 25, 2011
    I've been playing the series since Morrowind and I know it sounds elitist and unoriginal to say, but the games have been going downhill ever since. This latest game is by far the most repetitive and unoriginal game by far. The story really doesn't even feel TES, it's lacking on all fronts and is what I expect of a low budget Hollywood movie. The geography is almost universally the same climate, i'd say a good 90% is covered in snow, 6% forest, 3% swamp, 1% badlands. Every city seems to be the same. The player really never gets a reason to feel sorry for the Stormcloaks yet it seems to be forced on us from the very beginging that they're the good guys. Dragons? Well they start off kinda ok, then you kill your first 5 and you think, "well they're nothing special." And by the time you kill the 12th or so you think, "Why'd they even put them in the game." Seriously, for a world in which dragons are suppose to be these ultimate beings, exceptionally rare, and rightfully feared by everyone, why does it only take 6 city guardsman to kill one? Why are do you seem to find one every 500 yards? Why do they rinse and repeat the same scripted attack patterns over and over? So why did I give it a 7? Well if its your first time playing an Elder Scrolls game you're gonna love it. But if you're a veteran of the series you probably couldn't play more than 30 hours before you had to give it up in boredom. Collapse

Universal acclaim - based on 32 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 32
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 32
  3. Negative: 0 out of 32
  1. Feb 29, 2012
    Unfortunately, Skyrim trips and falls on its own (most probably, to make the cool-sounding deadline of 11-11-11) and just before it reaches perfection as the ultimate specimen of its genre, it self-destructs in a crucial aspect of game design: the interface and the peripheral components (inventory, journal, map, etc)... but that is not to say that Skyrim is anything but a truly majestic, epic RPG that will suck you right in its cosmos.
  2. Feb 14, 2012
    Skyrim is definitely one of the best games of 2011, but if the DLC holds out, it might just be one of the best games of 2012 as well.
  3. 90
    Skyrim is the best open world RPG you can get. A true evolution of genre is not flawless but still it is the game you love to live in. [Christmas 2011]