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  1. Nov 11, 2011
    To those who can't believe how somebody could rate this game so low, I know exactly how you feel, about the game and the rating. I couldn't possibly care any less though.:)
    Good WRPG is all about choices/options and involved/enjoyable character development. An epic, well written story helps as well. This game does not have any of this.
    With a large world to explore, it first felt like a
    lot was possible. Cave exploration, ruin exploration, underwater exploration, fight X creature, find a random town and talk to random denizen, etc. After about 10 hours, it became more obvious that, yeah there is a lot you can do on the side, just none of it was all that interesting. At a certain point it just felt like I was playing offline MMO, in that the game allows you to do so much but it's just done so poorly.
    I know that the graphics aren't the most important part of a game like this but Skyrim don't even look average. I would never be so ridiculous as to say that I would buy a game just based on the visuals, but this game look like heavily moded Oblivion.
  2. Nov 11, 2011
    Skyrim promises to be more than what Bethesda games have been in the past, yet still fails and manages to fall flat on its face as one of the biggest flops of the year. The animations are as stiff as ever, the voice actor count is still incredibly low for such a high budget game, and of course the game follows the usual bethesda trend of not only being incomplete without mods - it's incredibly buggy, the gameplay systems are broken and the graphics are horrendous, there are still empty spots for them to fill in later with DLC. Expand
  3. Nov 11, 2011
    This game is really broken on PC, it's unbelievable that reviewers do not take into account whether developers put in any effort on the version (PC) of the game that they are rating. Bethesda have sadly been extremely lazy on the PC side. I'm not talking about no added bells and whistles, I'm simply talking about basic PC functionality not working.

    - Numerous graphical issues
    - Alt-tab
    causing hangs/crashes (this isn't even hard to fix!)
    - No borderless windowed mode
    - No key bindings
    - Little/no support for non-xbox controllers
    - Mouse acceleration cannot be disabled

    Unfortunately this was a double day 1 purchase for myself and my wife so we could play through it this weekend, but it looks like this game is hardly playable in its current state (on our 2 PC's). A friend of ours woke up at silly o' clock to play it and ended up going back to sleep because of what a terrible state it is in. I wouldn't be complaining if this issue was limited to a single machine, but the fact is that this game is very broken on all the machines that ourselves and our friend have tried it on.

    If you haven't bought this game already, I would recommend not purchasing it until it is fixed.
  4. Nov 11, 2011
    Thumbs up Bethesda!! once again you released a barely unplayable **** game, leaving it for modders to fix it...
    Well, this game ended up being a terrible console port after all..No surprises. I'm sure most people playing this game don't care. But as a PC gamer, this is unacceptable. The irony that on PC, it's virtually unplayable with a mouse and keyboard... Don't bother getting it if you
    don't have a 360 controller. The UI was made for controller only. And sadly you will have to go through menus quite a bit. There's some hot-keys and a 'favorites' menu but it really is poor. Combat system is also appalling, we're close to 2012 and Bethesda still hasn't learnt a thing yet. It really feels awkward when swinging your weapon. Your just slashing your way at an enemy, occasionally blocking and pulling back until a random finishing kill pops up. Using magic and weapons during combat is a pain in the neck. You have to un equip your weapon to use spells, and re equip your weapon once your done.
    AI is not that great either to not say worse. There's more actors this time but most of them have boring dialogues and feel they forced. Finally, I haven't played the game enough to comment on the world but so far it feels and looks dull. I'm still laughing how all reviewers seem to give crap games like this a 9.0 - 9.5..
  5. Nov 11, 2011
    Bethesda has done it again, folks. They released oblivion, again. This game will satisfy your yearning for endless wandering through a painfully unimaginative world with blocky characters, cups, goblets and plates. This is the exact same game as oblivion only Bethesda has somehow managed to make the graphics look even more hideous despite taking advantage of the latest technology. There are some neat effects here and there but the world is largely filled with dull, ugly textures and awful character models. It also seems that they have combed through their past games to make they replaced every interesting artistic idea with a generic fantasy cliché. I have no idea why they did this. Morrowind had plenty of original and imaginative artistic designs. This dull world feels awkward and floaty, just like the last game. The worst part of it is that there is almost no new content. Looking through the character choices, skills, items, they are all taken from oblivion. I could forgive the boring fantasy clichés, floaty combat, ugly graphics.. etc if there was actually some substantially new content here. All of the laudatory reviews seem to ignore this glaringly obvious issue. If you were hoping for another expansion pack for Oblivion than this game might be worth it. Expand
  6. Nov 11, 2011
    More proof that 'professional' game evaluators are clueless console lovers... This SCREAMS console port... Even stinks of it...

    Can't change weapons without bringing up your 'favorite' list (can't even assign weapons or spells to 1-5, etc.). Graphics still look really bad... Hair looks like they used 200 cans of gel or spray, cloth doesn't flow... And even AI movements are totally
    unbelievable. I.E. If you wake the bear in the tutorial part, it stands and spins without moving it's legs. And that's on Ultra settings... I can't say more without being a spoiler of sorts. Anyhow; screenshots can look nice but movement looks awful. And unfortunately, so do far too many textures, areas, etc.

    GET OFF THE DECADE OLD TECH AND MAKE A REAL GAME FOR GOODNESS SAKE! Consoles again ruin gaming... Oblivion, with the High-Res texture pack, looks better... And I've had it crash once already just going through the tutorial... Random 'flash to windows'... And this is on a modern (1100T/6970), non-OCed system with all current drivers. So bug-free it isn't. It's not super-bad but... It does crash...

    At best, it feels like a new control system for Oblivion or Fallout. At worst, it stinks of console in every way. Still no crouch (really?!?) accept 'sneak'. multifunction select system instead of weapon button assignment (1-5). Even most other console ports can at least get that part right...

    I DARE a developer to make a REAL, Modern gaming engine... But they won't, until consoles catch back up; which they won't... so again, PC users get the shaft...
  7. Nov 13, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. As a huge fan of the series I hate to do this, i really do, and if i was just playing an ordinary game by an ordinary developer this would be getting a 8 or a 9. If i was just taking the first 5 hours, this would be getting an 8 or a 9. This weekend i have put a solid 35 hours into this game, so i feel like my review comes after some experience.
    Firstly, the positives.
    The game is interesting, the lore is good, the dungeons are varied and have interesting puzzles.
    Combat is improved, if not brilliant and the perks are quite neat.
    These positives are definitely enough to make the game interesting and playable.
    Now the negatives.
    The menus, OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL. How difficult is it to make a frigging spreadsheet, listing the weight, value and name of the item, and let me sort it by those things. Not to mention its all designed for a console, so i waste so much time clicking the wrong thing because the cursor doesn't map properly to the options.
    Secondly, the bugs, man this is difficult to play when it crashes to the desktop ever hour or so with no warning or error message, its just gone. AI does some silly stuff sometimes but i can get over that, its just the crashing to desktop for no apparent reason that's killing me.
    Thirdly, and this is my biggest and most important one, and more general too.
    I don't know if anyone else senses this, but the whole game feels less heroic and epic than Morrowind or Oblivion. Sure you fight dragons, but the game feels kind of scripted.
    ----Minor Companion Guild Spoiler alert---- (I don't say what happens just it doesn't take long)
    So the companion guild is supposed to replace the fighters guild, and it was my first stop. I expected hours of missions and working my way through the ranks to finally become the leader, which would come with benefits such as getting my cut from the other members of the guild i now lead, or special missions, or special perks or SOMETHING. I would have expected extra reputation but that is no longer in this game for some reason. But what happens? I finish the couple of quests in little over an hour and am suddenly head of the guild and my benefits amount to a big fat nothing. Oh i get some stupid axe that i already had weapons as good as. And what is the special quests i get after being the mighty leader? "Hey man, this guy has a wolf (a single wolf) in his house on the other side of the map, can you go kill it?" Yeah send the freaking head of the guild to do that for like 100 gold.
    Same deal with the mages, no benefit at all.
    ----End Companion Spoiler----
    That's ok, ill go work for a Jarl, and get a house and become a thane, surely that will come with benefits and affect the story somehow.
    Wrong, after all the work and money it takes to get there, its just another thing you do that has no real benefit except you can get away with small crimes.
    This game is suffering from what i call Fable-itis, you can even get married ( to random NPCs or no noteworthiness for no benefit). There's so much to do, but why bother. All of my Armour and weapons were crafted by myself and are drastically better than anything i find, the only thing i use that i found was an amulet.
    Even taking part in the Civil War seems to have little affect that i can see so far other than a change in NPC's that run the cities and no benefit to yourself.
    The other Elder scroll games made your character so important, in Morrowind you could join a great house and rise through it eventually building your own castle. How awesome and epic.
    In Oblivion when you were the master of the guild you were the MASTER. You got a cut of everyone's earning and could direct the attention of the guild, and you were famous because of it.
    Where is that in this game? Where is the epic story where you grow in power and fame? Sure there are some epic battles, but the Elder scrolls were never about that, they were about the heroes story from rags to riches, from a dirty prisoner to lord of all you see.
    The problem with Elder scrolls is the expectations that go with it, this game looks great, and plays pretty well, as my 35 hours playtime will show, but it just doesn't feel like a good Elder Scrolls game, and most fans of the series will realize this as the game progresses and they seem to be having less and less effect on the world.
  8. Nov 11, 2011
    I am so disappointed after waiting so long for the next Elder Scrolls. Morrowind and Oblivion are among my favorite games of all time, and when they were released were among the forefront of gaming as far as visuals, sound, and scale. Skyrim falls short, and is clearly not "next gen" material. The animations look so bad I want to quit. The outdoor visuals are pretty good but the dungeons look exactly like Oblivion. Facial animations are terrible, and the scripted events the first 10 minutes were so bad I didn't think I could make it through them. Come on Bethesda! Its been many years since the last Elder Scrolls, this one should be SO much better -- instead it looks like a highly modded Oblivion. I watched a temple/dungeon just "appear" as I walked up to it -- that's 90's game crap. I can't believe the people giving this game such good reviews. And its SO clear that Bethesda put ZERO effort into the PC version: its clearly for consoles to the point where a mouse and keyboard are very awkward (and they should be better than a controller/gamepad). I've never bought into the conspiracy that game review websites get "paid" by big publishers/developers, but any site giving this more than a 7 is getting paid, sites giving it more than a 4 are drinking the Koolaid. Bethesda, this has been a huge disappointment for a long-time fan. Expand
  9. Nov 11, 2011
    Didn't give a zero for review cause they still managed to port this game from the 360. I highly like RPG games and been playing Elder Scrolls since Daggerfall but after playing a few hours it doesn't grab me at all like Morrowind or Oblivion. The fights are absurdly easy, doesn't require any skill (another game gone bad due to xbox ports). I liked the graphics in Morrowind more then in this game. Strolling through the map is one of my favourite things to do in other Elder Scroll games but this game doesn't offer any fun in doing so. Its one big hyped RPG suited for the XBox generation... very sad Expand
  10. Dec 30, 2011
    The game gets boring really fast. Most quests are very linear and many side quests are simple fetch quests. The dungeons are repetitive and the broken crafting system and lack of equipment variety makes exploration pointless. Leveling is also pointless because everything levels with you. Dragon fights are quite underwhelming and often you'll meet common bandits which are stronger than Dragons (Because of the poorly implemented level scaling). AI is as good as in Oblivion, and by that I mean its terrible. Animations are still bad by modern days standards. Combat is a complete mess, probably because of the ridiculous physics in the game or maybe are the weird animations, but often when you hit people with heavy weapons they just moan and keep swinging their weapons like nothing is happening. Also, the finishing moves are weird and there is a lot of clipping issues. Like most modern games Skyrim also suffers with developers trying to appeal to a "wider audence" by removing features from the game (like attributes, skills, armor pieces, etc), that makes the game quite shallow and makes difficult for you to make "builds" that actually plays differently (most characters will just be a mage-warrior-thief hybrid).

    The soundtrack is somewhat good, but not very original because several musics are taken from Morrowind. Most sound effects sounds like they were taken from a bad movie from the 80s.
  11. Nov 11, 2011
    Absolutely awful. Try remapping the keys to the keypad and you get "this key is reserved," even though it really isn't. The graphics are absolutely awful, the mouse control is absurd, and textures are washed out and bland. How did this hogwash get released for PC? Why did Bethesda even bother? I get the feeling that most of the reviews here saying "GAME OF THE YEAR" are payed reviewers.
  12. Dec 17, 2011
    Skyrim is a terrible role playing game. By now we all know about the horrid user interface, the relatively poor combat and magic systems, the disastrous implementation of dual wielding (that makes it, essentially, useless.) We know about buckets on heads and backward-flying Dragons. So I won't even take them into consideration, except to say Bethesda could have done better....................And that is the overarching theme of Skyrim: Could have been better.................................................................................I came into this game not expecting much. It is, after all, a Bethesda game. And I am happy for that, because I didn't get much. No moral choices. No consequences for my character's actions. Speech skill isn't even something you can use. It just lowers prices at merchants. Loot is thrown at you constantly, level-ups are handed out like candy at a parade. There is no challenge, no feeling of accomplishment to completing tasks......................................Questing is, if anything, worse than in Oblivion. Literally everyone in the world has something they lost or need found, but no initiative to go and find it. This game is essentially one big fetch quest after another. Its sickening and disheartening..............................Still, as an action game based loosely on a narrative, with some role playing aspects, Skyrim sort of works. It has its moments. But as a true role playing game Skyrim is beyond terrible, and that is why, despite the things I like about the game, I am giving it only a 5. I am reviewing the game as the RPG it claimed to be and was not, as opposed to overlooking this significant bit of false advertising.........................Bugged launch, zero replay value, linear quest line, poor combat and terrible dialogue and writing (all in the Bethesda tradition) guarantee this will be the last Bethesda-developed game I ever purchase. Terrible developer with terrible writers. Expand
  13. Nov 14, 2011
    I cannot believe the average critic rating for this is 96. It's just sad that such a flawed game can receive a score 4 points away from absolutely perfect. In some places, the graphics even look inferior to Oblivion (such as lack of properly rendered textures, so reflections of light on walls don't happen, animation is just as awful, objects don't reflect or shine anymore) I've been playing for almost 20 hours now and am amazed that supposedly reputable review sites would be so generous to a game that is ridden with bugs, glitches and design problems. Movement is SLOW. Very slow - get a horse and it's barely any faster - sure you can sprint but the horse runs out of stamina, and if it gets hit it runs away and sometimes disappears entirely (one of the many weird glitches). You can get companions to follow you around, but they walk at a snails pace and get in the way when you're in dungeons. Combat is exactly the same as Oblivion, just point at the enemy and spam the button. You'll have read about the awful UI. Yes, on the PC it really is that bad. Good luck scanning through a massive inventory - it was better on Oblivion, at least you could view your character. Yes, in this game you cannot even see your character when setting up equipment and there's no way of sorting items. The graphics really do look like something from 4 years ago (and I have a decent rig, it's even rubbish on ultra). Textures are so poor they look like PS2 at points. The music is okay but nothing memorable. The quests are nothing more complex than standard WoW stuff (go here, talk to this guy, bring me that object). Recent RPGs have been pretty bad, so this is going to do well because it's something to play, but much I wanted to like this, it's a poor effort. I'm stunned that the reviewers have rated this so highly. Expand
  14. Dec 6, 2011
    I scored Skyrim based on what it delivered. While skyrim could have been great, I fear that many of the high scores here are from die hard fans looking at the ooh ahh factor. Because Skyrim deals in the open world we are pleased to see sprawling vistas. But when broken down into its parts, Skyrim is nothing special. I am not rating skyrim on what could have been or what may be in months after patching, i am rating it on what i was delivered. Graphics The graphics are better than that of oblivion, but in current gaming, they are certainly nothing special. They are nice when they work. There are numerous issues regarding graphical problems, and this really brings the score down. Where it could have been an 8/10, what i received are overall graphics of a 4/10. Story line The quests, including the main quest are really quite shallow in terms of their story. There is nothing remarkable about them at all. In fact i found the speed at which i was able to join and become the head of each guild rather pathetically short; everyone seems to trust you very quickly, no need to really prove yourself, just collect this or that and within 4 specific quests you are the head of the guild. Secondly, many of the side quests or miscellaneous quests are completely vacant of thought, ââ Expand
  15. Nov 12, 2011
    Now now .... where to begin. The controls on the PC are just awful and no remapping(in 2011?) and when i say controls i dont only mean the combat oriented ones but the interface ones too . This is propably due to the fact that Bethesda could not take the time to "smoothen" that console port of a game. Combat is still as awful as it was in Oblivion withconstatly bugging animations and with no actual feel of the weapon or the incoming hits and ofc as simple skillwise as ever , I bet "shank" which is an action game can produce more moves and with better mouse/keyboard response.
    The graphics and audio are mediocre to say the least which is rather interesting since the elder scrolls series after morrowind used to be well known for their cutting edge video/audio making us tremple thinking the amount of moneuy it will take to witness the awesomeness.
    Even storywise Skyrim falls short to its heritage with detached and boring sidequests blinking lights and everything expressed in "easy" words directed ofc to your average console gamer. To be honest thought i can't really speak for the main plot since im not too far into it yet.
    So conclusion is that this is not a highly anticipated PC RPG game but a rather mediocre console action/rpg that just hapened to be ported to PC because of its heritage. Thank you bethesda for not giving me the heads up and i wasted my money.
  16. Nov 13, 2011
    Absolutely horrible performance, bugs everywhere, awful menu system and UI, and it isn't even that fun. Oblivion was interesting and felt like something I wanted to explore. This game, at least what I've experienced of it, is nothing but "go here and talk to this person" and "go here and find this thing". You get to traverse large, empty plains and mountains that remind me of Fallout more than anything. The animation is nice, graphics are okay at best, but sound and music is mediocre and mono-sounding. It also isn't really fun to play at a constant 30fps when you're using the lowest possible settings. Expand
  17. Nov 12, 2011
    The Professional review sites are officially dead. It's not just a coincidence any more, they are obviously bought and paid for.

    This is a really mediocre console port, and not a successor to Elder Scrolls: Morrowind or even Oblivion. The controls are 'horrible'. The interface/inventory/etc., is horrible. The story and voice acting, are really bad, the intro was boring and very linear
    and quickly care nothing at all about any of the forced, rushed, generic characters. Voice acting is in spots good and in other spots, well, spotty. Exploration feels about the worst ever for an Elder Scrolls game and environments have a really weird scale to them, that makes everything feel squished and steep, like walking up the side of a cliff just feels really weird, like everything is made out of 80 degree angles.

    Controls make this game basically un-playable, they ruin combat. Dunno what the developers were thinking, but my guess is that they didn't want to catch all the major BS they would catch if they just stopped making PC games, so they just do this instead. Bad news though, I wouldn't even enjoy this as a console game, the original Morrowind played on the original Xbox was better (I know because that's how I played it through the first time and I pre-ordered that old classic...)
  18. Nov 18, 2011
    it's a well done game in some ways, mainly if you're a console gamer.
    the menu designs are just horrible on pc, why can't i use my mouse???
    graphics are sub par, over hyped, and the character progression is painfully simple.
    i got bored and frustrated after only 6 hours in :/
  19. Nov 16, 2011
    The reviewers must of gotten a different game to us. This game feels like it was made for console, it is so sluggish even with 60fps, You cant browse the menus with your mouse, only the keyboard works, that in itself is a 0. The graphics are some of the worst i've seen compared to the era they were released in. The game itself? who knows, there's too many hindrances to get to the gameplay itself. I'm sure if i tried the console version it'd be near flawless as the consoles have very strict releasing protocols.
    I guess with the pc version they threw their hands in the air and said let the mod community fix it for us.
  20. Nov 13, 2011

    How this can get 10's from 10's of critics is beyond me. Oh, I have a thing or two to say about that..

    1. Design is bland. Enviroments look just the same as Oblivion, with the same random-dungeon-generation as Oblivion, with the same lack of feeling, charisma, distinctiveness. It's like it couldn't be made better looking and equally uninteresting at the same time. None
    of the enviroments are actually connected to any type of function - they're just made to look awesome. Large expances? Check. Walkways floating in the air? Check. Underground lighting and strange floating plants? Check. Oh, and I started as a feline with enhanced vision to see in the dark. Think I ever needed to use it? Nope! Chuck Testa.

    2. Game mechanics are bland. Wow, I got a sword that does 15 fire damage instead of 10. THAT's CONSIDERABLE. Oh, this sword does frost damage instead of fire, NEVERMIND, damagetype almost never matters ANYWAY. Perks? Yeah, 20% more damage, 40% more damage, can it get more flavorful? Oh, what's that I hear? You can get 25% chance to make monsters bleed from axes or something? ... Sorry, I think I fell asleep. Automatic difficulity adjustment is back, btw! Hell, you're wearing the best armor possible? Well, be prepared to be slaughtered by peasants and iron-armed cave-men. All for a decent challenge, you know!

    3. Spells are bland. Fear, Spark, Fireball, Tashas hideus laughter - sorry, made the last one up. That one would actually been interesting. Make X do Y for Z seconds. Step-n-repeat. All elemental spells have same structure: Low-level, medium-level, high-level, a bit more awesome level, I can guess what this is going to be level, and I couln't care less level.

    4. Dragons? Yeah, **** fly-like-on-rails one-trick-pony kill-them-the-same-way dragons. All look the same. Try killing them with a close-range weapon? HAH!!! Yeah right. Try instead getting them glich-stuck behind a tree and spend 20 minutes waiting for your mana to recharge or your petty spells to do your work. Dragon powers? You can become a ventriloquist! With great power comes great responsiblities!

    5. Inventory? HAH! Be ready to spend equal time in the horrible menu-system as watching the scenery go by, slowly on a horse with no name that can actually run - for 10 seconds - then plot along. Potions of healing and Potions of health and Potions of Regeneration and Potions of **** well, all these are going to be just a blast scrolling though. Some heal you. Some doesn't. You'll just have to find all of them again and again. Easy to recognize visual representations? Pff.. who needs'em. Up, down, left, right. Get ready to be confused. Select skills without jumping to another skill and trying again and again and again and again and almost destrying your keyboard? You wish!

    Well, at least it doesn't have any bugs.. ..oh, wait.
  21. Nov 12, 2011
    No STATS. No character doll. Stupid consolish interface. Outdated DirectX9 engine. Lot of low-res textures. Sometimes funny psychics. Combat is dull and simple. etc. etc.
  22. Nov 18, 2011
    I really want to like this game I really do. But the UI on the PC is just horrendous. No modern PC game should ship with a 100% console UI and awful support for keyboard and mouse. All kinds of performance issues, I had a game stopping issue that took 4 days and a user fix to make the game playable.

    Once I was able to play the game, with an xbox controller mind you, It was a lot of fun.
    It is a very atmospheric game and is a whole lot of fun when you can play it. Getting to play it is the obstacle on the PC however.

    Here is to hoping the patch will fix these issues, if so I would have no issues giving this game a 8. But the UI has to be fixed.
  23. Dec 25, 2011
    Tremendous fun at first, but the game's charm wears off quickly. Each subsequent installment of TES series removes more of the RPG elements, and Skyrim is pretty much just a FPP hack'n'slash. The main plot is a cookie-cutter sub-par heroic fantasy dragon slaying "adventure" and side quests are rather disappointing too - kill, exterminate, assassinate, murder and fetch. Playing a warrior archetype will get you bored to death, sneaky rogues and mage might fare better though. The world is big, but compared to, for example, Morrowind, it's bland, default north of the default fantasy setting. Exploration isn't really worth the effort, random dungeons litter the landscape, filled with random baddies to murder, bearing random, level-scaled loot. There's barely anyone to talk to outside of main cities - not saying that's a bad thing, since the dialogues are quite badly written and uninteresting, voiced by about 10 actors at that. Not to mention the interface, which was designed for consoles and is agonizingly annoying to use on the PC, and the outdated graphics. This game jest needs mods to be decent, and without them it's a solid 4/10. Skyrim made me look more favourably on Oblivion. Expand
  24. Dec 29, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Where do you begin with a game like Skyrim? At first I was thrilled, but by the point I had beat all the guilds, mainquest, civil war, Deadric quests, and most the miscellaneous, I realized this was the pinnacle of the complete devolution of the Elder Scrolls as a series. The guilds lack depth and have no purpose. A hack and slash barbarian can lead the College of Winterhold by fighting through a few linear dungeons. The Dark Brotherhood is shorter than Oblivion and lacks the dark humor and unique kills. Most assassinations are simply, go here and kill this guy with a marker over his head. The Companions are equally short and devoid of challenge. Every guild treats you like an outsider then after three quests blindly trust you to be the next leader. Once you become guild leader the random filler quests generated are so repetitious you will be burned out quickly. The Thieves Guild is extremely guilty of this. The random thievery quests are so unoriginal and for a game the prides itself in its AI the people basically let you rob them blind. If they detect you don't worry, they won't call the guards and you can walk back in an hour latter and rob them again. Then there is the fact that there are no actual consequences to your actions as almost all the characters even slightly related to a quest are made unkillable. For a game that prides itself in character choice, why do I have no choice in this matter? The perks are poorly implemented and completely unbalance the game. They will leave you one shotting any enemy with a bow, enchanting armor to cast entire magic schools with no cost, and other outrageous feats that remove all challenge from the game. In just three hours you can craft a god-tier suit of armor and kill everything (except half the NPCs with immortality) in the game. The crafting system has no depth and isn't even related to you respective skills. Why can a character with 15 in smithing craft an item at every attempt? Let me see anyone inexperienced in smithing create a dagger at every attempt. And did I mention weapons don't decay after use, hardly the pinnacle of realism or even providing adequate challenge. I mean if weapons don't decay why even have magicka deplete with spells cast? The civil war quest line is a joke, both sides are mirrors of each other and don't even use different tactics in battle. The main quest is predictable with a typical enemy that has no real motives other than destroy everything. At least Dagoth Ur had motives. He wanted to unify Morrowind against the Empire's invasion at any cost. Skyrim's main enemy is a dragon that wants to destroy the world, how original. Then there is the matter of the new AI system which the developers clearly banked on generating worthwhile and memorable quests. Quite simply it completely fails to generate quests with any degree of complexity. Furthermore, the Norse culture and lore seems like a secondhand rehash of established fantasy clichés. Overall this game hardly even qualifies as an RPG. So much has been streamlined since Morrowind and Oblivion. Even custom spell creation is gone. Nearly every quests has only one way to complete it and it usually involves killing/finding an item that has a magic arrow over its head leading you directly to it. Sure the graphics and environments are nice, but they're nothing amazing compared to the current crop of PC games. Justify this games greatness with the rave reviews, record sales, or mountains of cash it has generated but time will be its ultimate judge. This is just another example of a studio catering to the masses to maximize profit and everyone is eating it up. So this concludes my review of The Elder Scrolls: Call of Duty Expand
  25. Nov 12, 2011
    This game is one big marketing joke, it was anticipitated to the sky's, and look now? what an unfinished wierd ass game, yeah the game is BIG, and EMPTY, the controls are really stupid, the graphic havent changed much, caves, dungeons looks awfull in textures, dont be fooled here guys, this is not worth it, just can't accept that it gets 9/10 - 10/10 almost everywhere, now i dont give a s... about those reviews around anymore! normally i would give it 5-6/10 but because every "gamesite" is giving 9-10 witch is such a joke, then i only give it 0. its not even close to 7-8-9-10 at all.. Expand
  26. Nov 12, 2011
    Many of the mistakes from Oblivion makes it into this game as well. * Big empty world
    * Level scaling which makes leveling up totally pointless. Did they not get the point from the critics after Oblivion?
    * Inventory in most chests are rubbish. I worked my way through a big dungeon and the end chest contained 6 gold!! That is so pathetic!

    On the pc, many textures look like they are
    from a 8 year old game. Skyrim looks VERY dated on the pc.

    The whole interface is just wrong for a pc game. It's made for console and do not make use of the advantages of a keyboard and mouse. It even installs and starts with a game controller as the default input device. That really says it all I guess :(

    The only thing Bethesda has put even more effort in since Oblivion is the hype they created for Skyrim.
    I like the Fallout games, but Skyrim is a sorry excuse for a new age rpg.

    The more I play this game the more it feels just boring and wrong.

    Shame on you Bethesda.

    The game deserve more than 0, but to compensate for all the misplaced high scores that is what it gets from me.
  27. Nov 13, 2011
    The lack of acknowledgement by so many reviewers about how broken this game is for some people only makes the fact that it is unplayable that much more upsetting. Out of the box the game has critical control issues thanks to it's sparkling new consolized engine. The mouse is floaty and awkward feeling and inputs come out late. You can look up a wide variety of fixes and tweaks for these problems, but it MAY NOT ACTUALLY FIX THEM. Nothing online seems to address the fact that the mouse inputs--even the clicks--are not simply delayed. If you do not hold down the button for long enough, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. You can mash right or left click as fast as you can and your character will not swing his or her weapon because you are not holding the button long enough for it to read it. Worse yet, Bethesda offers no support for these things that actually work--their forums are probably being flooded with registration requests and validation emails simply never happen, so you can't even post about your problem and post specs to get support. I feel really angry that I paid $60 at launch expecting something that was actually playable, but I guess that was simply too naive. Expand
  28. Nov 12, 2011
    Abysmal! I can't believe the high scores this game is receiving. This is one of the worst console to PC ports I've ever had the misfortune to play. This game might be acceptable on the console, but on the PC it's just atrocious! I'm sorry, but I cannot recommend this game to any PC gamer.
  29. Nov 13, 2011
    Simply terrible. This is the worst Elder Scrolls game I've ever played, and I've been playing them for many, many years. I don't know what Bethesda was thinking, but they simply failed miserably on this one, and never again will I give Bethesda MY heard earned money for any game with Bethesda anywhere near it.

    First and foremost, the game is unfinished. It should have stayed in
    development for another 3-6 months. The UI horrible. The worst ever in a Elder Scrolls game. It's a main in the @** to navigate because it was designed for consoles, and Bethesda was too lazy to fine the UI for the PC version. If my $60 is going to support a company who is too lazy to spend a couple more days to refine the UI for the PC version, then I'll send that $60 elsewhere next time.

    Secondly, the combat. They went backwards instead of forwards with the combat. The screen pitches and rolls far too much. It makes me nausea and dizzy, so I started playing from third person view, which is undoubtedly, not properly implemented. It has input lag where the first person view does not, and the animations are laughable. Not to mention, avoid those trolls because they'll send you flying 200 ft in the air with one swing. Good job Bethesda! Don't take that in a positive way, because it's not -- it's meant to be a smart-@** remark telling you good job on screwing this one up after years of anticipation. Not to mention, the map system simply is terrible. Additionally, they should have just left the map out if they weren't going to do any better than this. It's so terrible it's not even usable. It doesn't help with navigation at all, unlike in Oblivion. Then within 30 minutes it the game they make you spend 30-45 minutes trying to find your way through this mountain to get to your next objective. What in the hell was Bethesda thinking if anything? I can see this after playing the game for 4-6 hours, but not as a second step in the main quest within 30-45 minutes of starting the game. Shameful Bethesda, you are now simply terrible.

    The ONLY reason I even gave this game a 1 is because of the soundtrack, or it would have simply just gotten a 0. Bethesda, patch this pile of junk you released, redo the UI so it's mouse friendly, fix the lag in the third person view, fix the trolls, revamp the map, because it simply sucks, add more presentation to the game, because as it is it's just a simple mindless quest grind with voice over until you reach the end of the story. There is simply nothing in the game that drives the story forward Go visit BioWare and take some lessons from them -- you can learn a lot from them. Trust me, because you flopped on this game.

    $60 I wish I had kept.
  30. HD3
    Dec 16, 2011
    Skyrim has two major strengths ; you can wander anywhere at almost any time and kill almost anything you find there and you have a huge number of sidequests available to you. Outside of that the game has a lot of flaws which everyone seems to be a little too willing to overlook. Character development is almost universally absent and plot never delves much deeper than prophecised hero slays ancient evil. Even the civil war arc which is intitally established as a major feature of the game's world remains largely stagnant, save for Imperial or Stormcloak troops replacing the local militia after certain quests.
    The copy and paste enviroments aren't quite as bad as Oblivion but still enough that you can see some of the days where the developers weren't at their best. The biggest problem is the combat however. If you're going to play Skyrim, go with a mage, because melee combat, particularly if you use a two hand weapon, rarely amounts to more than mashing w/e key you've assigned your sword/mace/dagger etc to until the thing you were aiming at is dead. If you are looking for a game that satisfies wanderlust and affords great flexibility, you'll enjoy Skyrim. If you're looking a tight engaging story and well developed combat systems, look elsewhere.
  31. Fuz
    Mar 6, 2014
    Fire the guy who designed the interface. Just. Fire. Him. It's the worst interface I've ever seen. We have a mouse, non a gamepad. Apart from that, is the same game we already knew from Oblivion. Lots of bugs, pleasant graphics (but you can do better IF you don't do a straight from console porting) et cetera. If you liked Oblivion you will like this. If you couldn't stand all the little problems and annoyances like the unresponsive combat (no feedback on hits? seriously?) and the TERRIBLE enemies scaling you wouldn't like this game. I'm still waiting for a Daggerfall 2. Or a Daggerfall remake. And by the way: FIRE the guy who designed the interface. Also, the guy who approved it. Collapse

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  1. Feb 29, 2012
    Unfortunately, Skyrim trips and falls on its own (most probably, to make the cool-sounding deadline of 11-11-11) and just before it reaches perfection as the ultimate specimen of its genre, it self-destructs in a crucial aspect of game design: the interface and the peripheral components (inventory, journal, map, etc)... but that is not to say that Skyrim is anything but a truly majestic, epic RPG that will suck you right in its cosmos.
  2. Feb 14, 2012
    Skyrim is definitely one of the best games of 2011, but if the DLC holds out, it might just be one of the best games of 2012 as well.
  3. 90
    Skyrim is the best open world RPG you can get. A true evolution of genre is not flawless but still it is the game you love to live in. [Christmas 2011]