Mixed or average reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 23
  2. Negative: 2 out of 23
  1. For those PC gamers who are willing to try out a new style of Japanese Role Playing Game this is a great game to play with its strong mechanics and story. But there will be some gamers who will think the game is too simple because it is a port of a console game and not actually sit down and see how deep and complex the game actually is. If you are unsure about the game just download the demo and give it a solid try and for the rest of the PC Role Playing Gamers out there just go out and buy this great title.
  2. The PC version of this fun and fascinating role-playing game is far superior to its Xbox 360 counterpart.
  3. The Last Remnant has inside much more than looks indicate. We have loved its great combat system of this good JRPG. You only need to have a little patience and play some hours for the game to take off.
  4. The Japanese RPG surprises with challenging tactical battles and an almost stereotype-free and thrilling story. The excellent PC conversion offers more than a hundred hours of playing time, several small enhancements compared to the console version and runs fine on mid-range PCs.
  5. The promising The Last Remnant gets its best on PC thanks to a technical polish that's far better than the Xbox 360 version. Square Enix achieves an occasional enjoyment in its proposal, with an interesting story and a long term fascinating combat system.
  6. The last remnant finally arrives on the pc with sharper visuals and minor improvements, but it's easy to say that this version is better than the original xbox 360. The game is definitely a good jrpg, but its peculiar gameplay could not appeal all the western rpg players.
  7. Taking the game for what it offers makes for a nice diversion in the single-player RPG genre. The game has a few failings, certainly, and those occur in repetitious, grinding battle sequences, a storyline that takes a few hits as you move deeper into it, and characters that are a tad flawed. While a lot of the action is managed by the game’s AI, this is still an entertaining vision.
  8. Why does Square Enix port a mediocre game like Last Remnant and not a hit like Final Fantasy?! Why do I need a Gamepad for perfect control?! We recommend Last Remnant only to those select few J-RPG-Fans, who don't own a console… which should probably be about 10 people worldwide.
  9. Whilst The Last Remnant is a fairly capable JRPG and will provide many hours of fun, you are still left feeling as though something is missing.
  10. The Last Remnant is a stale JRPG with interesting combat and lovely graphics.
  11. Multifaceted fantasy world, wide horizons, storyline deeply involving the player in politics - this game has it all. But it's about combat beyond anything else. Who doesn't like constant tactical match-ups, has a problem. It's also a pity that it takes over a dozen hours to make sense of this all. [May 2009]
  12. Only those who endure slow and flat openings will get to the very interesting content. Dynamic battle system never wears you out, but do not even try this game without the Xbox joypad connected. [Apr 2009]
  13. The Last Remnant is only recommended if you call JRPGs an addiction, especially if you don’t own a console, as there aren’t a great deal of JRPG titles on the PC digital entertainment market.Everyone else can probably find more coherent and compelling worlds to explore elsewhere.
  14. It's almost innovative. [July 2009, p.79]
  15. 68
    The Last Remnant isn't for those who crave story and strong characterization in their single-player role-playing games. It's a long grind buoyed by a battle system that's alternately enjoyable for its depth and complexity but also frustrating for its unpredictability and lack of transparency.
  16. 67
    A good JRPG that tries to do something new with its battle system. It's not altogether successful, but any PC Square fans should at least check it out and experience it for themselves.
  17. Square took their time and delivered a solid port, giving the PC game several graphical and control options. It’s just too bad that the game they ported is such a mess in every other way.
  18. 60
    Although it is riddled with annoyances and oversights throughout, The Last Remnant is an addictive game.
  19. The Last Remnant takes every opportunity to avoid immersion, if only this was the last remnant of the J-RPG on the PC. [June 2009, p.98]
  20. The menu system is a confusing mess. [June 2009, p.73]
  21. It’s easy to understand the initial excitement of PC users about this game – after all, Japanese RPGs visit the Windows kingdom once in a blue moon. Alas, dullness, even when properly ported, won’t become more beautiful or clever because of it, especially if it is produced by Square Enix who always has some kind of The Last Remnant per every masterpiece like The World Ends with You.
  22. Honestly, Last Remnant is just another JRPG with a fresh coat of paint and a few unfinished ideas.
  23. Clearly there's still a market for this stuff - we're guessing in Japan? [Issue#19, p.58]
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 185 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 41 out of 55
  2. Negative: 9 out of 55
  1. Mar 29, 2011
    This is a game that should not have arrived to America, Typical Japanese game, strangely acted, spoken and everything else.

    Only Otaku and
    blind fans of the old Squaresoft or Enix can possibly like this game.

    I gave my best to try and like it, but the strange gameplay, strange story, strange "acting" simply puts any western person off.

    Maybe if i had spent more than the couple of hours i dedicated to it i could have liked it, and that is a big maybe, and no game nor any entertainment should be like that.

    Great graphics and interesting world and characters, but everything else represent what is going wrong with Japanese games specially of late, specially from Square-Enix.
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  2. Mar 6, 2013
    After I read how the reviews has no balance whatsoever (some as low as 1 while others as high as 10), I decided to pitch in.
    First of all
    total time spent on this game 100hours. Although sadly I haven't complete the game cause I needed to reinstall Windows and I forgot to back-up my save (the save is at the final dungeon ).
    Here is my review breakdown :
    Visual 8 The diversity of enemy sizes, model are very nice. You can tell you are in trouble when you see your team need to look up to a big dragon-like monster. Since this is ported of course some find the visual lacking, as the area resembles FFXII.
    Gameplay 8 I admit it is confusing at first, cause you need to think of your squad just like an RTS. It is not just about squad level and equipment but who you put in the Formation, Flanking position, and other matter. A good combination in your squad means you could unleash devastating attacks while failure to combine means your squad could spend time doing worthless things (i.e magicians keep using physical attacks also causes the magician to learn physical attacks instead of magics- becoming a worthless magician A good logic in placing who goes with who is needed.
    AI 9 You'll regret button mashing against Last Remnant AI. They'll flank you, they'll kill your weakest team, they'll try to match their best formation against your weakest link. The AI is good for a challenge.
    And that's just the normal enemies, Boss are different matter altogether. There are several rare enemies appearing also in the same field as normal enemies. Avoid these until you are ready. These rare enemies are like sub-boss in MMO. tough and hard hitting. And they are not just the buffed type from the normal enemies, If you see a Devil among those bees you usually 1-hit kill, that's a rare enemy. These guys will be the reason you return to your starting town from time to time.
    Sound 6 quite okay. Nothing catchy IMO.
    Story 6 the story aren't well thought to be honest. Can't say too much that won't be a spoiler but its simply quite cliché. It's just alright story but it worsened by a certain factor, keep reading Character 3 Well, here's lies the weakest chain Let's see :
    The side character are bad ass, a bad ass scarred female knight, a Duke who can summoned a Cannon, a silent 4-handed assassin/warrior bad ass, you can recruit various bad ass mercenaries right from the beginning. And the Enemy is bigger Bad Ass than those guys. The SIDE Characters are Bad Asses.
    The MAIN Character however, is an annoying, childish, stupid, sister complex, disrespectful brat. I don't know how can someone created a stupid character like Rush and place him as the main character. Rush likes to nag, and he does it a lot. He asked for help, he nags, he wanted to move to another area, he nags, he is warned to stay invisible, guess what he shows up in front of the enemies "Naruto-Style" (shouting and screaming) only to nag. His nagging is the sole reason I dislike the cinematic. Whether you will buy it or not is up to you, it's best to try the game first. Last Remnant is not for everyone, but for some it will be a 100hours+ game
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  3. Nov 14, 2012
    This game is horrible! On paper, the battle system sounds very interesting, with the ability to rush head-on at a unit, flank, counter-attack, etc. The problem is that, with the exception of the quick-time-event countering, combat devolves into a fuster-cluck mish-mash of arbitrary nonsense. Being able to form "unions" (tiny 1-5 man groups of units) and give them tactics sounds appealing, but it isn't. You can't really tell them what to do. You're given a predetermined list of commands (which are supposed to be smartly chosen based on context, but since fully-healed units are given the option to heal themselves, and units at the brink of death are not, it's easy to see the list is random), some of which make no sense, and not all of which are followed by your units. Telling a union to heal will see them charging into battle and attacking more often than not. If you're fighting in a battle of 5 unions or more, prepare to have absolutely no idea who is attacking who, which units are enemies and which are friendly, etc. Even once you've played for a few hours and gotten a hang of the "tactics," the game never becomes fun. Issuing orders to groups of units seems like it would make you feel like a commander (like in an RTS), but the battles are never large enough to feel that way. It simply feels like you're one step removed from combat, almost like you're watching someone else play an RPG. Plus, it seems like combat is either won without any challenge, or your units are wiped out in the first round. There are far too many battles early on where you have one unit in a union facing an enemy union of 3-4 weakling units, which will completely demolish you in one turn. Game over. Repeat ad nauseum. Maybe 14th time is the charm? This game is absolutely not fun in the slightest bit, and if I hadn't gotten this as part of a $10 7-game pack, I would be even more pissed off than I am right now. Avoid at all costs. Play Xenoblade or Last Story if you want a good modern JRPG. Full Review »