Mixed or average reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 23
  2. Negative: 2 out of 23
  1. For those PC gamers who are willing to try out a new style of Japanese Role Playing Game this is a great game to play with its strong mechanics and story. But there will be some gamers who will think the game is too simple because it is a port of a console game and not actually sit down and see how deep and complex the game actually is. If you are unsure about the game just download the demo and give it a solid try and for the rest of the PC Role Playing Gamers out there just go out and buy this great title.
  2. The PC version of this fun and fascinating role-playing game is far superior to its Xbox 360 counterpart.
  3. The Last Remnant has inside much more than looks indicate. We have loved its great combat system of this good JRPG. You only need to have a little patience and play some hours for the game to take off.
  4. The promising The Last Remnant gets its best on PC thanks to a technical polish that's far better than the Xbox 360 version. Square Enix achieves an occasional enjoyment in its proposal, with an interesting story and a long term fascinating combat system.
  5. The Japanese RPG surprises with challenging tactical battles and an almost stereotype-free and thrilling story. The excellent PC conversion offers more than a hundred hours of playing time, several small enhancements compared to the console version and runs fine on mid-range PCs.
  6. The last remnant finally arrives on the pc with sharper visuals and minor improvements, but it's easy to say that this version is better than the original xbox 360. The game is definitely a good jrpg, but its peculiar gameplay could not appeal all the western rpg players.
  7. Taking the game for what it offers makes for a nice diversion in the single-player RPG genre. The game has a few failings, certainly, and those occur in repetitious, grinding battle sequences, a storyline that takes a few hits as you move deeper into it, and characters that are a tad flawed. While a lot of the action is managed by the game’s AI, this is still an entertaining vision.
  8. Why does Square Enix port a mediocre game like Last Remnant and not a hit like Final Fantasy?! Why do I need a Gamepad for perfect control?! We recommend Last Remnant only to those select few J-RPG-Fans, who don't own a console… which should probably be about 10 people worldwide.
  9. The Last Remnant is a stale JRPG with interesting combat and lovely graphics.
  10. Multifaceted fantasy world, wide horizons, storyline deeply involving the player in politics - this game has it all. But it's about combat beyond anything else. Who doesn't like constant tactical match-ups, has a problem. It's also a pity that it takes over a dozen hours to make sense of this all. [May 2009]
  11. Only those who endure slow and flat openings will get to the very interesting content. Dynamic battle system never wears you out, but do not even try this game without the Xbox joypad connected. [Apr 2009]
  12. The Last Remnant is only recommended if you call JRPGs an addiction, especially if you don’t own a console, as there aren’t a great deal of JRPG titles on the PC digital entertainment market.Everyone else can probably find more coherent and compelling worlds to explore elsewhere.
  13. Whilst The Last Remnant is a fairly capable JRPG and will provide many hours of fun, you are still left feeling as though something is missing.
  14. It's almost innovative. [July 2009, p.79]
  15. 68
    The Last Remnant isn't for those who crave story and strong characterization in their single-player role-playing games. It's a long grind buoyed by a battle system that's alternately enjoyable for its depth and complexity but also frustrating for its unpredictability and lack of transparency.
  16. 67
    A good JRPG that tries to do something new with its battle system. It's not altogether successful, but any PC Square fans should at least check it out and experience it for themselves.
  17. Square took their time and delivered a solid port, giving the PC game several graphical and control options. It’s just too bad that the game they ported is such a mess in every other way.
  18. 60
    Although it is riddled with annoyances and oversights throughout, The Last Remnant is an addictive game.
  19. The Last Remnant takes every opportunity to avoid immersion, if only this was the last remnant of the J-RPG on the PC. [June 2009, p.98]
  20. The menu system is a confusing mess. [June 2009, p.73]
  21. It’s easy to understand the initial excitement of PC users about this game – after all, Japanese RPGs visit the Windows kingdom once in a blue moon. Alas, dullness, even when properly ported, won’t become more beautiful or clever because of it, especially if it is produced by Square Enix who always has some kind of The Last Remnant per every masterpiece like The World Ends with You.
  22. Honestly, Last Remnant is just another JRPG with a fresh coat of paint and a few unfinished ideas.
  23. Clearly there's still a market for this stuff - we're guessing in Japan? [Issue#19, p.58]
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 221 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 45 out of 61
  2. Negative: 10 out of 61
  1. ShaneF
    Nov 6, 2009
    The game has a great storyline that's deeply involved with interweaving plots and is a novel masterpiece in that regard. The graphics The game has a great storyline that's deeply involved with interweaving plots and is a novel masterpiece in that regard. The graphics are also superb and even on my less-than-perfect system, the game can run with high-rate graphics (though I have to use the smallest resolution to get it to run smoothly). The vast majority of different monsters, armor and characters individually are rather original and inspiring. However, the game lacks something that will allow you to bypass the VERY long cinematics. I often have to watch the same 2-10 minute long cinematic over and over and over again between fight attempts, which becomes nothing more than an inconvenience and an annoyance. Nobody cares to watch the same sequence over and over and over agian, people on the PC don't have the time or patience for this kind of thing. Next, the game lacks balance. Combat either comes in one or two varieties: You either win by a landslide, or you get one-shotted by a normal creature. I often find myself dying rather easily to the 'beginning' mission monsters; which, in any other game, wouldn't be an issue as the beginning missions are SUPPOSED to be the easiest. They also have a habit of placing high-level monsters into low-level areas. Such as Longbeak being in Dillmoor (which has around 230,000 Hit points on the PC version). They intentionally made the PC version ten-times harder than the X-Box version. What, are you punishing PC players for not using X-Box? I've died a little over 55 times playing the game, and I've not even made it 25% of the way through the game yet. Good game concept, just a poor way of putting it out there. Too much combat-focus as well, not enough character development. And Rush is, more or less, a very selfish and very inconsiderate character. Why they made him so immature is beyond me. They said Rush is to appeal to the Japanese audience. What...are they trying to promote selfishness and immaturity in their players in Japan? Something to think about, at least. Full Review »
  2. MarkL
    Aug 15, 2009
    Let me start off by saying this game is not for everyone. If you're not a fan of JRPG's you will not like this game... If you hate Let me start off by saying this game is not for everyone. If you're not a fan of JRPG's you will not like this game... If you hate any game that smells like a console port you will not like this game... And finally if you only like games you can just pick up and play because everything is self explanatory you will not like this game... Otherwise.... First off the buggy piece of crap that was the XBox 360 version has been completely redone. Once I updated my video card drivers (the game did not like my 2 year old video card drivers) it ran like a champ with only two crashes in 100+ hours of gameplay. As others have said there is a texture pop in entering new areas but this is an engine limitation and can be minimized with a few tweaks (google it). If you are using a KB/M be sure to look at the hotkeys for the important stuff... the game has some weird defaults like actually using the keyboard's 'pause' key for pausing... In all my years I have never used that key until this game... And the game does show it's console roots in a loading screen between areas but it's only a couple of seconds if that. Otherwise the game is beautiful and a real feast for the eyes. But enough with the technical aspects... This is a really incredible RPG... tons of stuff to do, places to explore... and monsters to fight... The story is pretty good imo... it's not the best but it certainly held my interest... One great feature of the game is the ability to use the original Japanese voice acting with subtitles which makes the drama a lot sharper. The US voice acting is superb as well and is more consistent though with none of the low points that are present in the Japanese score. Game play is really fun most of the times but not without its flaws. It takes a long time to get used to despite seeming to be deceptively simple. One key thing to remember is the game does not reward grinding for most things (and if you try and grind too early you can find yourself in an impossible situation) but rather rewards more efficient gameplay... One huge exception though is components... a system which is incredibly and unnecessarily complex... Also the game can be hard... really hard... especially rare monsters and certain boss fights many of which have an element of pure luck to them that drives some people insane... If you can get over that however you can have some truly epic battles... I would suggest checking out the last remnant wikia for help on the more complex stuff. It's well designed and spoiler free for the most part if you avoid the spoiler areas and explains almost all the technical stuff that the game should explain but unfortunately doesn't (like just what Battle Rank is, what it does for you, how it is raised and why it is not like standard leveling system in that higher does not necessarily mean better). The game is not for everyone but it is far better than many of the professional critics make it out to be if you are willing to give it a chance. Full Review »
  3. IanP
    Jul 3, 2009
    I am baffled by all the high scores this game is recieving. Are there so few JRPGs on the pc that gamers are happy with this detestable I am baffled by all the high scores this game is recieving. Are there so few JRPGs on the pc that gamers are happy with this detestable example. As a rule I love JRPGs and games by square enix are usually a pretty good bet, however something has gone horribly wrong in the making of this game. The problem lies in the battle system. Instead of controllling individual characters who you give specific commmands to, you instead control teams (known as unions) who you give vague actions to. At the start of each term you are given a seemingly random selection of commands, such as use magic, attack and use special attacks, to choose from. These command options are supposedly situational and linked to whoever you have as leader but they just feel completely arbitary. In a number of occasions I have recieved a game over simply because the game never gave me the option of healing (despite my characters being injured). Even if you get the command you actually want to use there is no guarantee that your team will end up using it as characters are prone to switching commands as the situation (which you have no further input into after your initial selection) evolves. Also, unlike traditional JRPGs, there is no notion of elemental weakness. While you can use either magic or physical attacks, there is no way of telling which will be more effective. Most times you end up just using the attack that has the highest AP cost and hoping for the best. The same applies to all the different weapon types and stances, there is no explaination of what they actually do or why you should use them. Initiating battles is a strange hybrid of the MMORPG system. Enemies are visible on the world map and to fight them you have to run near to them and ping (for want of a better word) them with the space bar. If the enemy runs into you without you pinging them they get a massive combat advantage over you. While the game encourages you to fight multiple groups of enemies at the same time, you often find yourself running back and forwards trying to lure a lone enemy away from the pack. The game does away with the classic notion of levelling and experience points. As you fight enemies your stats seem to randomly increase and characters gain more skills. There is a fourth stat that is named differently for each character (eg love, bravery etc) but no one seems to know what it does. As with many aspects of this game, things are just not explained properly. The learning curve is so steep as to be vertical. As for equipment you can only alter the main character Rush's gear. Everyone else in your party randomly levels up their gear as they go along. Characters in your party ask for components (which are dropped as loot for winning a battle) to improve their gear. However, annoyingly, they will only take the components from a battle and not from your inventory. For example if a character needs copper and despite you having twenty pieces in your posession you still have to go battle enemies that drop it if you want them to improve their weapon. For me personally this takes all the fun out of saving up and buying your team new equipment, which was often a large part of a JPRG. The premise of the last remnant is an interesting one so it's a shame that the story is so bland and straightforward. The graphics are ok, but even on a pretty decent pc the load time on some of the textures is epic. You can be halfway through a cut scene and textures are still popping up. The voice acting and sound are fine. It's a shame this game turned out the way it did. I really wanted to like it but the terrible game design conspired against me. If I can prevent even one person from wasting their money on this poor excuse for a JRPG then I'll be a happy man. Full Review »