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  • Summary: Pinball Arcade by FarSight Studios features exact recreations of the all-time greatest pinball tables from Williams, Bally, Stern Pinball, and Gottlieb together in one game. Every flipper, bumper, sound effect, and display pixel has been painstakingly emulated.
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  1. Nov 19, 2013
    For pinball fanatics or just those curious about gaming’s relatively low-tech past, Pinball Arcade is an excellent starting point for re-experiencing the golden days of quarter-munchers.
  2. Dec 5, 2013
    Playing The Pinball Arcade is as funny as it was in real life during the last century. With lots of tables really existed, it's definitely a must-have for pinball lovers. But they will need to spend some money to enjoy the game.
  3. Jan 31, 2014
    A great service that gives you the opportunity to play with almost perfect reproductions of many classic tables. Any flipper fan should at least try the free part and then decide if he needs to buy more of it.
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  1. Nov 29, 2013
    The game is great! Tails of the Arabian Nights is free to play. That is a whole pinball table for free. Gotta buy others, but can you imagine how much you would spend if you were playing at the arcade? Totally worth it! Expand
  2. Nov 7, 2013
    There have been several attempts by others over the years but this is by far the most comprehensive commercial collection of simulated pinball machines on the PC. There are still several rough edges in the UI (such as the menus not working with the escape key) but the main focus the tables play well and look great, at least they do on my nVidia card. The purchasing method (via in-app purchases) is odd, but it worked well enough for me.

    Gameplay wise the tables seem harder than say Pinball FX2, but that'd be because they're based on real tables designed to suck away quarters! The only glaring ommission compared to Pinball FX2 would be the lack of portait mode support, although that'll be coming in a future update. A fun featrure is the online leaderboard support which allows you to compare your scores with other players.

    The price is very reasonable compared to traditional PC pinball games the classics (Pinball Dreams, Tilt, Psycho Pinball etc) were all around £30 for 4 tables, whereas you get 38 tables for around £50 ie the same in today's money as the 4 tables of Pinball Dreams cost 20 years ago. You can pick-and-mix which tables you want to buy as well if you don't want to buy them all, but buying them en masse is the cheaper option in the long run.

    Yes, you could use one of the free pinball construction kit type programs but even it its somewhat rough UI state the Pinball Arcade is more polished than they are.
  3. Jan 4, 2014
    The free table, "Tales of the Arabian Knights", is well worth the download alone. You can get lost hours on hours with just that table. You can test out every pinball they have, until you reach the high score of course. Still this gives you a feel for all the tables, and what ones you would like to purchase.

    The game offers real pinball tables, from classic 70's tables, to more modern 90's(and probably 00' in the future) tables. I grew up playing the more modern 'interactive' tables like, Adams Family, Star Trek, Terminator 2, and Medieval Madness. Those 'interactive' tables are more appealing to me and they have a good amount of them, and counting. They have plenty of classics as well for old school players, but those are not my style, and I find the older versions boring.

    I have had no problems running the game or have had any glitches of that kind. Graphics look great and table detail is spot on. I feel like I'm actually playing the game, it feels so real. The sounds are spot on from when I remembered them, making Immersion that much more powerful. Physics are really good as well. I have a hard time telling the difference between a real pinball machine to this one.

    For those giving this a negative rating because you have to pay for it, should not be rating this game at all. The costs to license these tables are high (especially the popular ones), and they can only make more if they have funds. After playing the free table, I had no problems paying $30 bucks for the season 1 pack, which is roughly 21 tables or so. Season 2 pack has a lot more 'older' tables and is something I wouldn't pay $30 for. Luckily they sell "table packs" which usually include 2 tables (sometimes 1 if its a more popular/expensive game) for 5 bucks. I decided to go that route, getting T2 and another table pack, since most of the season 2 tables were not my style. They do have a "pro pack" for $40 a season or you can also buy individual table pro packs. I find it a bit steep for what it offers though. It allows you to control the "Operations" menu, in which you can adjust settings such as, how many balls you can have, tilt sensitivity, difficulty of table, and other options. These are mainly for hardcore pinball enthusiasts. There is also an option to manually look around the table up close in order to get a better view of what things say, but that is in the pro pack only. This is my only gripe about the game and only reason it doesn't get a 10. You should be able to view the table up close in standard mode, instead of charging people more money for it. That being said, you can still get a close view of the table when looking at the table instructions. The instructions will show you exactly how the game works, and what you need to do, showing you up close views of the objectives. Still when playing a game, I would like to freely look close up at will in order to see what something says. It is easy to forget where things are since there are an abundant of things.

    That being said, I think this is the most realistic pinball game on the market right now. I have played others and this blows them away. If you want to relive some good pinball games, or even if you are a casual player looking for fun, it doesn't hurt to try the free table and judge for yourself, it's worth it
  4. Nov 19, 2013
    Great game and the Arabian Nights table is completely free to play (all the other tables have demo's).
    The actual roms from the real tables
    are being emulated inside the game. The physics, sounds and graphics are great. It doesn't get any better than this! Expand
  5. Feb 28, 2014
    This game is excellent, but flawed. As some of the reviews below already state, the graphics are a bit jaggy and the camera controls are terribly limited, though there *are* cameras that only scroll when you're launching. I have never encountered a bug, despite other's comments, in dozens of hours of play.

    I find the red reviews here sad. Zeros and Threes, seriously? This is definitely not Battlecruiser 3000. As for the "outrageous amounts of money per table", the first two season packs are twenty games each, for $40 (or $50 with premium features that most people don't care about, mainly operator menus for the games). That's $2 (or $2.50) per table. That's a great deal, not an outrageous charge. Season three is, sadly, more expensive - the same price, but only ten tables. But $4 (or $5) per table isn't unreasonable. Unless you compare it to the free tables out there for emulators, but Farsight Studios has licenses to pay for and staff to pay.

    The physics model is very good. Better than the emulators. The ball feels like it has weight, and tables play like real life tables.

    As for the jaggy graphics, the come from the game's origin on cellphones. *But*, Farsight Studios has announced that they will be significantly improved in the near future, which is easy enough for them to do with the release on the PS4.

    As for not getting anything free, that's just wrong. Tales of the Arabian nights is available in it's entirety for free, with all the high scores you want. How sad it is that people here whine, complain and give inappropriately low scores because they didn't get *enough* for free.
  6. Mar 26, 2014
    what can i say i love pinball the game does the best job of recreating real tables out there but farsight studios do fail at how the game development business runs they rush tables out the door resulting in a lot of bugs and don't seem to want to fix the major ones as a priority over other fixes that they have done that could have waited but i still i really like the game and own season 1 2&3, DO NOT GET PRO VERSIONS they dont give much of anything for the extra cost they are asking.. DX11 lighting should be coming to steam soon and look forward to really playing the s*** out of the game when it comes. allround it's a great game i just wish they were more dedicated to their product like they say they are ;/ Expand
  7. Oct 23, 2014
    Game breaking bugs at many tables, low res textures, pathetic lightning, inconsistent physics. They promised to implement dx11 and fix bugs but only thing they do is kickstartering new tables while preavious are still broken. Stay away. Want great pinball for pc go with Pinball FX2. Expand

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