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  1. Jul 27, 2014
    This review is for the xbox 360 version. I played through the first two episodes struggling with many crashes and glitches and although it was not a great game I was determined to finish it. When I got to the third episode the game would not load. I tried all the suggestions on the forums but none of this worked so I deleted the whole game from my console. This kind of thing should not be allowed to happen. I know this is happening to other people and why the game is on sale when it does this is beyond me. This game is not good enough to justify this kind of frustration and is a waste of your time. Do Not Buy This Game even if it is on sale, you will end up angry like me. Expand
  2. Apr 17, 2014
    The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief certainly does not represent a revolution in adventure games like The Walking Dead was, for Telltale Games, and how (hopefully) will be the next entry in the franchise "Sherlock Holmes", by The Adventure Company. In this case, it's more of a return to a past in which the mysteries were mysteries and puzzles really served their purpose, rather than being just absurd tasks in order to complicate and prolong the play time in the the worst possible way , the boring way. Note that I'm usually against nostalgia in video games, particularly in the RPG/ adventure genre.
    The Raven's action is swift, the dialogues are interesting, the story is not completely linear, despite being framed in enclosed spaces, there are some (not many) choices with repercussions on the development of the narrative, and those who enjoy a good murder mystery, can not remain indifferent to this very well executed homage. Above all, the combination of objects, something that usually annoys me deeply in adventure point-and-click, there is in this game, with a defined and cohesive purpose. So I recommend it.
  3. Apr 11, 2014
    This is an old Choose Your Own Adventure book in video game format. The characters are flat and the story didn't hook me before the end of the first chapter. The Raven might appeal to people that enjoy the genre, but this game is bad for casual gaming.
  4. Feb 19, 2014
    It's yet another rushed and unfinished game with lots of bugs and glitches. There is practically no challenge solving the mystery - the only moment you can show off your deduction is the moment when you can address The Raven (or maybe not?) by name in the museum's loft.
    It's quite interesting how the same story is told by three different characters in three chapters, giving the answers to
    most of the questions.

    From technical point of view the game isn't that good. Characters are jerky, don't want to move to the places we want them to, or even disappear in thin air breaking the gameplay and forcing Alt+F4.

    Still, it's fun game. The story is quite decent with a final twist.
  5. Jan 6, 2014
    I liked very much this studio's last game, The Book of Unwritten Tales. One of the best of the genre. So I was looking forward for this game. Although it isn't a bad game, I miss the sense of humour of the aforementioned game. Still it has some puns in the game albeit this one is in a rather classic setting that leaves less territory for fun.

    Good, logical, clean puzzles,
    nothing surreal. In consequence it is rather easy (even for me... Sometimes if feels rather like an interactive movie (you decide it's a pro or con I have nothing against it).
    Good characters, OK graphics.

    There must be a better way to set the controls for an adventure game: I click, character goes to the spot and in most of the time I can't do anything else. Walking through the screen takes time, so it would be better if I could "look around" with the cursor... And also: the character has to go to a specific spot to begin a certain movement, the he makes some footsteps on the same spot to get in the position for the next animation... It's a drag, it's so cumbersome. Double click not always working for location change (steps, opening doors) and the characters can't run.
    Bugs characters disappear/reappear, or Adil walks through Mrs. Westmacott in Kairo Museum and the hotspot is on the wrong place... And there are quite a few bugs like that. The space button not showing sometimes the hotspots on their real locations. (Was this game tested?)
    I played the German version and the voices are sometimes off, or I have to wait for a few seconds for the next line of text. Not the characters are boring (as other reviewers stated), but the way they are presented, the pauses between every line. Sometimes the devs relied on mimics, but it's just not working. The ingame movies' pre-rendered facial emotions are mostly OK, but the real-time characters' emotions are pathetic (e.g. Miss Miller's teeth are independent from the rest of her face... ).
    If you miss a speech you can't listen to it again, only if you load back a saved game...
    Around 20% percent of this game is waiting for voices, loading, walking, animations, etc...
    Still I liked the game, not a revolutionary title, but one to spend a few hours with. Let's hope there will be a TBOUT3 on the level of the 1st one.
  6. Nov 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Like some of my fellow critics, I have a really hard time understanding how this game could get such high ratings. After reading about "The Raven", I expected a suspenseful, fun adventure with an interesting story, but unfortunately it turned out to be quite the opposite.
    I could not play more than one hour at a time, I literally almost fell asleep after a while.

    Most of the time I just skipped the dialogues, because I found them to be extremely long and somehow unnatural, and the synchronisation was really bad as well. Although, after changing the language to German (which is my first language) it improved a little.
    Basically, the dialogues were what bothered me most, because I did not like the main character at all based on what he said and the way he talked, so they kind of ruined the whole experience for me.
    The other characters seemed fake and stereotypical as well, sadly.

    Moving around was unnerving, mostly because the character walked extremely slowly. I had difficulties getting from one part of a room to another, because he often stopped moving right at the edge of the screen.

    The story itself was boring and predictable, and one part of the first chapter bothered me quite a lot. I neither saw nor talked to the Baroness, and therefore did not know she was on board the train (I seemed to have overlooked her cabin door), it was obviously optional to complete the "quest" to find her purse. Yet, when I got to the part on the cruise ship and talked to people, I felt like I had missed something important.

    The graphics could definitely be better, but the music was nice it was actually the best part of the game.

    In conclusion, "The Raven" was definitely not for me. What a disappointment!
  7. Nov 3, 2013
    I'm mystified how this game is getting such high ratings. I'm an adventure game player and I can tell you that this game is BEYOND TEDIOUS and frustrating. At one point, the train car crashes and all the lights go out so you're left to basically feel your way around to find four different items (including matches) to light a torch. It's not fun at all. The only good thing I can say about this game is the decent graphics and a likable main character. It takes too long for the characters to react, for example, when I want to walk from point A to point B, I have to wait for the character to turn around, pause, then start walking to get to point B, and it is SLOW. Also, the dialogue is redundant and ENDLESS. Not fun at ALL. Unless you want to be VERY fustrated, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! Expand
  8. Oct 14, 2013
    The Good: - The atmosphere of this game feels really nice. - The soundtrack fits the mood and is of high quality. - The general idea of the story line is interesting and intriguing. - Some puzzles are really well done and integrate seamlessly into the story. The Bad: - One major plot hole, that left me with the feeling of being lied to by the game. Absolutely absurd. But I don't want to spoil anyone with details.
    - Crude animations, that force you to wait until they are finished. Sometimes you have to wait for 10 seconds, until a character has left the screen, after walking up all the damn stairs. It's also looking very awful and I've got the feeling, that it gets much worse towards the end of the game. I guess the developers didn't test and integrate those animations at all. A nerve-wrecking nightmare!
    - Most of the puzzles are either totally obvious don't make any sense at all. Both ways they are not a lot of fun. (But some puzzles are nice and challenging, though they are the minority.)
    - The game was bug infested after publishing, up to the point, that you couldn't finish the first chapter. After some patches it became better, but you need to save a lot, to deal with frequent crashes.

    The setting and story could have made a really good game, but in the end I was more disappointed than satisfied by the game's flaws.
  9. Oct 7, 2013
    I think it's a good start. Okay, if you're expecting tough puzzles and many hotspots, then this isn't right for you but if you're hoping for a decent crime story with awesome music and decent voice acting then this first episode might be a good choice.
  10. Sep 28, 2013
    I am usually open to point & click games, but this one is just EXTREEEMELY boring, terrible control of movements, it's just really bad.Just in first chapter it can take 2 minutes just to try to come back in previous wagons, like you click an the character just stay still, staying in the same zone.It is soooo frustrating like where ever i click on the screen, my char just turn around an take about 60 seconds before a manage to make him switch wagon.Terrible.I just bough it 2 hours ago & I can't believe i lost my time on it.Already uninstalled it and just put everything in my trashcan.Horrible game.Just play LA noire if u want same kinda game, at least LA was controlable.I don't get how this crap is getting good reviews.I rather play the boardgame ''clues'' than this crap. Expand
  11. Sep 9, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. One of the worst adventure games I have ever played. It sums up pretty much like this:

    The main character is a boring 65 year old Swiss guy; there is a murdering German Nazi Physician; a French Interpol-Agent with a drug addiction; and a "heroic" arab thief, that loves his white girl with her father-daughter-problems; and the Raven, an extremely aggressive but boring English dude. Put that all in a blender and you get the worst adventure story ever, with terrible writing, terrible voice acting, numerous plotholes, terribly easy puzzles and clunky and annoying movement.

    I have played numerous Adventure games, but this one probably takes the cake as probably the worst one ever. Don't read the fake reviews that the developers have written here. Don't buy this game, you will regret it.
  12. Sep 9, 2013
    This not a good adventure game. Most of the characters are bland, the story is boring and becomes unbearble in the 2nd episode, the 2 puzzles in the game are made for the brain dead, character movement is extremely aggravating at times. This was bad buy, that I regret deeply. And this is coming from a fan of adventure games.
  13. Aug 14, 2013
    Game Stop... Your Review is very dull and unprofessional. I Recommend that you never do reviews ever again. Unless you like losing your customers. Anyway This game is quite prodigious. The graphics were Stunning, The colors were beautiful, and the game play smooth and precise. Its only $24.99 on steam.... how can you give this such a lousy rating?
  14. Aug 12, 2013
    Entertaining and captivating fun for those who enjoy point-and-click adventure games. Excellent story line that also allows for a few stray puzzles and tasks to keep the player thinking. The end of the first chapter leaves you craving for more, and a mind full of theories as to the truth behind the mystery at hand. The game is still very new, so a few hiccups are to be expected. Although nothing major happened to me during gameplay, I noticed that some of the graphics for interactive objects failed to render, leaving a solid black silhouette of the object. I suspect this will be resolved fairly quickly, at least with the next chapter. All-in-all a great game for anyone! Expand
  15. Aug 12, 2013
    I installed the game via Steam on a Ubuntu running PC. I had no technical problems. Sound and graphics are great. Puzzles seem to be easy at first, but after some time get more difficult and entertaining. I cant wait finishing the last two chapters of the game. Great job, well done!
  16. Aug 11, 2013
    I love this game and I can't wait to play the second part. The Story makes this game really awesome. The puzzles are very logical and the characters are very interesting. The graphics could be a little bit more realistic but the game itself compensates this a million times! :-)
    definite recommendation!
  17. Aug 2, 2013
    Unfortunately I let the hype get me and I bought this game. This game is soooo boring, all you
    do is run around and talk to a thousand people to get a story, a really
    boring story at that, long winded, not exciting or suspenseful at all,
    only 2-3 sort of fun thinking puzzles or things to solve....and it's not even
    the full game, it leaves you hanging off a cliff and doesn't even let

    you know this is only ONE part of a 3 part series, the other 2 are not
    out disappointed, and this game is lame. I can not emphasize how boring this game was and I'm really into nancy drew, mystery, little puzzle games which everyone keeps saying this is like. Umm no, all it is is way way way way way too much TALKING TO BORING CHARACTERS, way to slow. It's also slow and your character walks around to 7 other places before he gets to
    where you pointed him in the first place and many times he froze up
    walking in place for 5 minutes and I had to cold boot the whole computer
    to get the game to close.......
  18. Aug 2, 2013
    If you are a fan of the good old point & click adventrure games with puzzles that requires more than some random clicking to solve, then this is definitely worth a try for you.
    The game is very much story driven, and it requires that you pay attention to the details and the hints that is littered various places throughout the game.

    Only minus in my opinion is that the price is a bit
    too high on steam, which is why i bought the game at a third party key vendor, so instead of 30 Euro i paid 16 Euro, and that is the game definitely worth! Expand
  19. Jul 25, 2013
    This is a sexy and suspenseful point-and-click whodunit.

    The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief is a three-part game, the first chapter of which has come out. It revolves around the lives of a motley group of passengers aboard a train bound for Venice who are peripherally involved in the exploits of a copycat thief who successfully purloins one of two stunningly valuable gemstones. The
    second gemstone is aboard the train.

    You play as a constable who at first attempts to guard the gemstone but becomes embroiled in a murder investigation that may or may not be related. Only you can unearth the clues to get to the bottom of this mystery.

    Without question, the story, characters, and setting are what make this title. It sits on the border between game and interactive movie, so don't expect a lot in the way of puzzle solving.

    Pros include a great musical score, believable and well-performed voice acting, a nice and simple interface, and well utilized tools such as the diary and inventory.

    Cons include a few bugs that were patched out this morning I tested them to make sure. Also, the dialog sometimes wonders from the animation in a way that is highly noticeable.

    If you are into whodunit mysteries, this game is a must. I adored it. It has a few graphics problems, but the game is solid. I played the first chapter in six hours; subsequent chapters come out in August and September. Just be sure to save occasionally just in case I didn't find all the bugs.

    Full video review on my blog and YouTube channel.
  20. Jul 25, 2013
    Excellent game! Lots of fun for any mystery lover. The atmosphere is beautiful, and the characters were pretty interesting. I usually don't play adventure games, but was very impressed with this one.
  21. Jul 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. If you are a reasonably mature, intelligent person, and can find entertainment in video games without needing to shoot everything on the screen, you will enjoy this game. The Gamespot review really makes me angry, and you should ignore it because the reviewer obviously doesn't appreciate adventure games. In The Raven, the settings, artwork, voice acting, soundtrack, and production quality are all amazing. The gameplay is very good as well. Most of the puzzles are intuitive, and make sense, without being overly easy. You can tell that a lot of thought and care went into the design of this game. There are plenty of twists and turns in this first episode alone, and while in the beginning you MAY begin to think the game is boring and slow, I promise you that it picks up very soon and becomes exciting. It's not just about a thief- a lot of other stuff happens, and the plot really thickens and builds on itself. If you like mysteries AT ALL, you owe it to yourself to play this. Give it a chance and *minor spoilers* after you open the locked door and find the purse, things really get interesting. Expand
  22. Jul 24, 2013
    As old as the genre is, and as tired and worn out as it may be, a well-made point & click adventure is still hard to find. Like revisiting your favorite childhood movie, whose details have long faded over time, there is a beautiful familiarity when starting out on a quest that is both excitingly new and quite nostalgic. KING Art’s latest take on the classic genre, The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief, excels in both respects by carefully taking heed of its predecessors, while adding a distinctive character of its own.

    As with any point & click adventure, the plot is paramount, and The Raven has no shortcomings in this section. After a wonderful opening cinematic introduces the sly burglar amid a daring heist in a London Museum, the action moves to the Orient Express as it hurtles across 1960’s Europe. Bound for Venice, where a cruise ships awaits to take passengers to Cairo, the carriages are filled with interesting characters, all unique and intriguing in their own way.

    Players take control of one particular voyager, a Jakob Anton Zellner, a Swiss constable, advanced in years but still quite full of spirit and yearning for adventure. Jakob however is tasked with assisting Legrand, a famous French Inspector, in his transportation of the Eye of the Sphinx to an exhibition in Cairo. The stakes are fairly high as this precious jewel is all that remains of a pair (the fate of the other depicted in the intro movie), and there are fears that the newly-returned Raven may strike again to complete the set. The latter half of the game takes place aboard the S.S. Lydia as it sets sail for the Cairo exhibition.

    Much of the plot is revealed through conversations with other passengers and there are plenty of additional details that really flesh out the narrative. A rich and quite intricate world is painted through the dialogue and the more you converse with NPC’s, the more you learn about their backstories and your own. Jakob is a wonderful character, well-formed and extremely likable, eager to prove his worth at his old age both to the younger Inspector Legrand and, more importantly, to himself. There is a deep sadness to the man too, just beneath the surface, as he begins to realize that this is perhaps his last hurrah. The cast is relatively small in this first of three planned chapters, but allows much more attention to be paid to their development within in the story and the exploration of their motivations.

    Other adventure games have been fairly criticized in the past for ludicrous combinations of items that have no basis in reality, but no criticism is needed here. KING Art have chose to make problem-solving practical and plausible, even down to the way certain inventory items are handled. Larger objects such as axes, that require both hands of the character, are set down when not needed and removed from the inventory, not stored in an invisible, bottomless backpack. It’s a nice little touch that is in keeping with the overall logical direction of the game. The search for clues is periodically broken up by unique mini-games that provide a welcome break from rummaging through locations, such as bending a bobby pin correctly to pick a lock, or a game of shuffleboard to win a useful quest item. But at no point does the game become monotonous or boring, nor does it become frustratingly hard. It carries itself thanks to a steady tempo in both story and game play.

    The Raven is just about everything you could want from a point & click adventure, however the problem is that not many people want a point & click adventure. The game excels in nearly all aspects of the genre and adds a few fresh ideas but, in the end, it may struggle to succeed due to the aversion some people have to a game of this type. But with its simple UI, logical puzzles, fantastic plot and beautiful setting, it’s an excellent place to start for those who have never dabbled in an adventure game. This first chapter in The Raven saga is a class act from start to finish, and I simply cannot wait for the next installment.
  23. Jul 24, 2013
    An enjoyable game, steady paced with lots of dialogue a nice break from an FPS for me and graphically and musically good also. Basic and easy to grasp controls with a decent story in 3 parts, 1st part takes around 3-4 hours to complete so for a £20 release for all 3 parts not a bad deal. The puzzles are essentially straight forward, some easier some harder than others but not to the extent that you need to constantly alt-tab out to a walkthrough. I can't give this game a 10 as that would be silly as it is not a AAA release that takes you to the next level of invention, complexity or graphics but what it does do it does very nicely and is a great example of a point and click game lovers of George Stobart in the Broken Sword games this will certainly appeal to you its the closest comparison i can make for would be purchasers. Expand
  24. Jul 25, 2013
    Excellent game! Lots of fun for any mystery lover. The atmosphere is beautiful, and the characters were pretty interesting. I usually don't play adventure games, but was very impressed with this one.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 36
  2. Negative: 0 out of 36
  1. Nov 14, 2013
    The controls occasionally feel clunky. [Issue#141, p.117]
  2. Oct 7, 2013
    Quirky puzzles, nice storyline and out of the ordinary main character make this Agatha Christie tribute stand out from the vast masses of adventure games. If you're searching for mature content, this is your choice. [Aug 2013]
  3. Sep 19, 2013
    The first episode of The Raven trilogy is blink-and-you-miss-it short. The next time we’ll see the same events from the criminal’s point of view. Here is hoping that his version of the story is more interesting.