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  1. Jul 5, 2012
    Best MMO I have played ever, it gets more and more fun as I spend more time playing. Especially combat and PvP I like very much, while character creations is the only thing that is not perfect - but this don't matter at all in this game.
  2. Jul 5, 2012
    Pros: [+] Extremely smooth launch (best of any MMO I've seen, even opened the servers ahead of schedule)
    [+] Love the story and setting
    [+] Diverse types quests. Those who complain about having to look for walkthroughs are playing the wrong game. You are _supposed_ to have to think about this game!
    [+] The classless system and no limitations on available skills means that (eventually)
    you can unlock several roles worth of skills and try multiple combinations (Game allows for 7 active and 7 passive skills on the character at any one time). For example, team needs a DPS? You switch to your DPS skill set, tank? put your tank skills on.
    [+] Most quests can be run again after a timer, so you can help friends out and get the quest rewards again (beats most MMOs I've played where you get little or no benefit when helping out a friend).

    [-] Few character customizations as far as facial and body features. (though supposedly will be coming post-launch)
    [-] The number of points to get to having several viable "builds" on a given character will be quite high, but I'm not sure how fast those points will be coming in.

    No Experience: I haven't played the PVP yet, but it's not really my thing, I more enjoy solo and small groups.
  3. Jul 5, 2012
    I'm really disappointed in this game. What a huge regret buying this game. I was expecting something fresh. I read some of the reviews thinking the game was fresh. A lot of these reviews makes me think the authors were in a cave playing only WoW for 10 years and nothing else. The game is so dated and clunky that I'm surprised it was even released. The combat is by far the worse. It is not new. It's the same old mmo gameplay tweaked to try to be different. Where's the story? It's just a bunch of mini quest that are voiced by terrible voice actors. Where's the unique missions that are not mmo missions? Most of these reviews are lies. I believe there's puzzles in the game but I have yet to see one. Grah, now I have to fight for a refund. Don't make the mistake I made believing this mmo is fresh. Expand
  4. Jul 5, 2012
    Gorgeous, thought provoking, brain draining fun are three ways to describe Funcom's new MMO The Secret World. Funcom's new MMO The Secret World needs polish and has a few really annoying bugs, but the core game has me hooked. While combat may not satisfy traditional MMO gamers, TSW actually has a very deep combat system. TSW's story and incredibly detailed, beautiful game world make for a compelling MMO. Crafting is very much modeled after Minecraft which is interesting. The quests are real brain drainers at times, and the challenge is a welcome one. At times the player even has to use Google to do a little research. If you enjoy stories of the occult, alternate universes, gothic horror and conspiracy, The Secret World needs you in it's army. Expand
  5. Jul 5, 2012
    The Secret World is an inspired, innovative and transformative take on the aging MMORPG genre. The launch was the without a doubt the best launch I
  6. Jul 6, 2012
    The game gets a full 10 from me based on the fantastic atmosphere built by the really interesting quests, the story of each and every person I meet, the sound and music and finally the beautiful graphics. My second game I havea lifetime subscription on.
  7. Jul 6, 2012
    An MMorpg that makes you think instead of followiing markers all day long. An atmosspehere that lures you deeper and deeper into the rabbithole. Quests that make you do research on the internet by using an ingamebrowser on RL topics and history. Standart kill and collect quests that never feel boring but instead add small pices of the overall puzzle. exeptional grafical presentation for the genre. A levelless enviroment with 90% repeatable questes in 8 zones right from the start - which mmo gave me that much endcontend right at release? No classes - everyone can play whatever he likes and change his mind about that at any time without having to reroll an alt. 3 fraction PvP.
    Over all: This game is FUN!

    Forget all you learned about MMORPG´s - this game does a lot of things a little differend and that in a good way. You´ll need to learn to play it instead of following routines from genre collegues. Take your time and enjoy.
  8. Jul 6, 2012
    This game has consumed me completely since I first logged in. I find the story, the atmosphere, the characters incredibly engaging. Unlike other MMOs I am not grinding mindlessly because it's needed to achieve some trophy, but rather enjoying the journey. The secret world is played in a slightly different way than other MMOs, perhaps at a slower pace, enjoying the scenery as you go. Paying attention to detail is necessary to succeed. If you are expecting another WoW you will be frustrated by the challenging puzzles. Otherwise, I recommend the secret world to each and every one of you. Expand
  9. Jul 6, 2012
    This game has caught me by surprise. I've been an avid MMO player since way before World of Warcraft came out and I've pretty much tried them all. For me Funcom has finally brought something fresh and new to the genre. I liked the first part of Age of Conan for example, but the game got dull fast and wasn't particulary anything fantastic. The Secret World is refreshing and has a different feel than most other MMOs I've played so far. I'm also a fan of the mystic horror-esque genre and the tons of references they've put into the game. If you're a fan of Lovecraft, Gaiman, Supernatural or similiar, I think you'll like TSWs writing. The combat isn't anything new, but it works. The animations are abit stiff at first but after a while you stop noticing it. The graphics are very good at max. I love the way the skills and "levels" work here in TSW and the story is absolutely fantastic. Writing is suberb, voice acting is way better than The Old Republic, and the quests are both engaging ang surprisingly smart. I can't recommend this game enough to people that are interested in this kind of stuff. Prepare to use your brain and google. Expand
  10. Jul 6, 2012
    I've played my share of MMO's, in fact I played almost everything that is out there in the market. Somehow being in the "living" world with other people is much more appealing to my than a single player game. I joined TSW in beta phase and had mixed feelings. On one hand - I loved the clean, intuitive and innovative interface, on another - I couldn't really immerse myself in the game (which is extremely important for me). But I waited for the final product...

    And here it is - The Secret World already live. And... the immersion is extraordinary, the quests are innovative and challenging (investigation quests are absolutely brilliant), and finally the character progression, and complete freedom of it is something I haven't seen since the days of Star Wars: Galaxies. Yes - it's easy to make a wrong build, but even here devs have helped by making it possible to use one of the predefined decks as a guideline.

    It isn't an easy game. A beginner might feel a bit lost, but then again we get tutorial videos, which is very helpful, though someone who never played MMO will still find it challenging. At the same time for old MMO players (such as myself) - this is finally something new. I haven't seen a game that I would recommend so strongly for many years.

    On top of this all - we have great voice acting, beautifully narrated stories, incredible feeling that the games world brings (I hate playing in Kingsmouth when I'm alone at home in the night.. I actually get scared and slightly paranoid... and I'm almost 30! ;))) ), and absolutely great music that underlines nature of this secret world we play in.

    The game is not perfect. We could use more character customization (though the devs already promised that more of it will come after the launch), for complete newcomers it might be overwhelming, and I haven't seen any elves (wait... this is actually a good thing!). But whatever small drawbacks it might have - it's a truly polished gem of a game - absolutely worth giving a try.

    If you want to immerse yourself in a complex and appealing MMO, with very unique feeling and quality quests - you should definitely join the Templars, Illuminati or the Dragons.
  11. Jul 6, 2012
    Secret World brings back the hope and innovation to stagnating market. Funcom took risks and we are seeing heck of a pay off both for gamers and investors. Secret World is simply gamer's game. It solves decade old MMORPG challanges with creativity destroying griding, abolishing quest redundancy by bringing real life game interaction and requiring gamers to think outside the box. Good job Funcom !!! Expand
  12. Jul 6, 2012
    When I first saw this game I thought it looked "meh" then I took a gamble and bought it and then of course I had my socks blown right off, it's bloody fantastic!!!
  13. Jul 6, 2012
    Finally some refreshment in the MMO genre. Love the quest's and the settings.
    Just be warned, the learning curve is rather steep in this one. There is very little handholding. Great game.
  14. Jul 7, 2012
    Immersive world and fresh take on a stale genre. Be warned though, this game requires some thinking (which probably explains some of the negative reviews!). It's not a blind kill-wolves-collect-pelts walk through the park. The investigation missions really shine. Persistent pvp is a little lacking in terms of objectives - but the potential is there. One server design is something always welcoming in a world full of multi-server/shard MMOs. Worth a look! 2 days, 18 minutes of game time as of this writing. Expand
  15. Jul 7, 2012
    I have 32 years of gaming experience,video and PnP,and this is NOT a standard MMO.You actually have to read,investigate,and pay attention.About time there's a modern day MMO,and about time the combat lets you run n gun instead of getting rooted when you use an ability.I love it!
  16. Jul 7, 2012
    The combat can take some getting used to but overall the game is unique in the cluster of current mmos. The story is excellent (even with a mute character). The areas are entertaining especially Transylvania. The ability wheel and the flexibility of changing your playstyle on the fly is a game within itself. The dungeons are all unique and do not hold your hand. One of my favorite features is everyone can play with everyone. You can play with people from other dimensions (servers) at any time by joining a group and moving to their server for a guest session. General chat and looking for group are also cross server. PvP can seem daunting at first and you will get crushed if you attempt to join Fusang and the large scale battles. However if you enter with decent q10 gear the experience is fun. There are still bugs to be worked out and broken quests. But overall I havn't played a game in recent memory I wanted to play as soon as possible again after I stopped playing. Expand
  17. Jul 7, 2012
    An incredibly intriguing game that blows away the self-imposed limitations of the MMORPG genre. It won't appeal to everyone.. some players might be unwilling (or unable) to bring more than button-mashing skills to the table. With every ability in reach of every player, and a geometric explosion of potential interactions between them, you will spend a portion of your game time just perusing the possibilities. Now, there are defined roles.. The Secret World kept the mechanic of 'aggro', so tanks, healers, and DPS still exist. The main difference is that anyone can be any of the three, with a simple click to change the active gear and abilities to be used, at any point outside of combat. And soloers will be able to create hybrids with just the right mix of the three concepts for their playstyle.

    A concerted effort has been made to offer a challenge while completing missions. A vague outline of 'kill 10 rats' is all that is left, with the vast majority of assignments involving deduction, exploration, and an occasional Internet search of both real and alternate-reality websites. You don't have to continue wishing for something 'new'.. something 'better'.. something 'more challenging'. It's here.

    It's The Secret World.
  18. Jul 7, 2012
    As a 35+ year old player who started back in EQ, I've been shopping for a game that captures what seems to have been missing from a lot of AAA titles the last few years. Then along came The Secret World. After the first four hours I immediately bought a life time subscription, THIS was the game I've been searching for.
    Questing is not a chore, in fact, questing in TSW is smart,
    refreshing, and adds to your lore knowledge of the overall sweeping plot. Leveling up puts you in the driver seat. Although daunting at first because of the amount of options it's easily picked up. When I'm actually not playing the game I find myself thinking about different build types and fun combinations to try out. There is no cookie cutter correct build, it all works and even though there are "Decks" Funcom has created to model how leveling can work, the really good Decks are the ones you create.
    The story, the lore, the fun. When you step into the starter area Kingsmouth, you're immediately pulled into atmospherically rich story. Like an entertaining book, the lore does an amazing job with rich, deep, smartly written storytelling. When you add in the "investigation" quests which require you to use your brain and open up the built in Google Browser. Research, deduction, and perseverance will allow you to solve one of the best features of the TSW.
    Combat in the game is similar to other MMO's however its dynamic combat similar to Tera. You have to pay attention to the monsters, dodge attacks, and learn to constantly move. Funcom has not dumbed down any of the enemies to make this an MMO with hand holding. Learning is usually through the school of hard knocks and expect to die, a lot. But, that's part of the fun!

    One word of caution, this game really means "M" for Mature players. Language, sexual situations, brutal violence means this game is meant for adults.

    Solid 10 out of 10. Do yourself a favor, pick this game up, you wont regret it.
  19. Jul 7, 2012
    Note: first impressions like many people reviewing the game. Total playtime (roughly 6hours)

    TSW offers something fresh, a break away from ding ding ding. Then **** about rushing to lvl cap. Which, I think we can all agree is a great idea. The even greater thing? It feels like theres a World here. You're not running around only staring at your mini-map (although sometimes of course you
    will) but more importantly, you are enjoying the environment the world the monsters, everything feels like it has impact. There's polish here folks. Now, you can grind. If you want. Really, you are not going to want to down that route because you find yourself wanting to explore. Giving this is a launch of a new MMO there always feels like there are some rushed elements. Example, the NPCs stand there. And stare off in space. Sometimes they might move a bit. Stuff like this will hopefully be looked at once they feel stable with the game. The combat feels fun. You are gauging the type of monster; and maybe changing up your "deck" right there in real time before you fight it.

    Hopefully Funcom really updates this game all the time, and explodes the community with tons of content. (IE expand New York, more and more blocks, open them up throughout the game's life.) I've played AoC on launch and through the expansion, something about Funcom they are freakin' passionate. So far, i'm really enjoying TSW. IMO, this is a MMO you should at the very least, try.
  20. Jul 7, 2012
    The Secret World is an MMORPG by game developer Funcom that includes a real-world setting in which all legends and myths are real. If you have read and enjoy the Da Vinci Code or other Dan Brown novels staring Robert Langdon this is a game with a setting you will find exciting. The Secret World takes it a step further by embracing the supernatural. The Secret World sets itself apart from other games in this genre with excellent character development customization that allows you to evolve your character overtime into pretty much anything you want, as lnog as you are willing to invest the time in getting there. The character visuals are solid, and there are a high number of clothing options to differentiate your look (which are for vanity only). Character stat upgrades come from generally non-visible rings, necklaces, talismans, and the like. Once weakness is the initial character customization process, which was surprisingly limited.

    Unlike modern trends in MMOs, your decisions have meaning and cannot be reset. As previously stated, you can evolve your character into anything, but you will need to invest the time to do that, rather than paying for a quick 'character reset'. The upside of course is that you still retain all previously learned skills and abilities. Graphics are average, but the artistic design is supurb and accompanied by outstanding audio (on all fronts - vocals, sound effects, and music). Animation in general is on the weaker side, and if you have played previous Funcom titles you know what to expect. Bottom line: This game is a breath of fresh air in a genre that is just no longer as fun as it used to be... The world is filled with lush detail, excellent quests, and great art and sound design. If you have any interest in exploring the fantasy of what could be behind the curtain the in the 'real world', the Secret World is worth every penny.
  21. Jul 8, 2012
    Most of the people dont understand the game, i blame at a certain point Funcom for not giving a proper tour to the world in what really is TSW, and i think TSW is ahead of time and is really a unique genre inside the mmo universe these days. And reading ignorant reviews form suposed trusted sites confirms that the game is not for "donkeys", pardon my language.

    This is not just a
    ordinary and common mmo, sure it takes alot of the common mechanics and structure of others but if wasnt like that you couldnt called a mmo, and thats where ends the similarity.

    We have no levels, a ton of skills to build the most variety of decks, every mob is unique and people have to read their buffs and debuffs to understand in how to safely kill it, for example i had this quest in the starting zone to kill few npc´s, theres one of them who had a particular debuff that always killed me...until i look at it and understand that if i do the opposite was a easy kill, now how many mmos out there works with this kind of mechanics in a simple mob in todays market?

    Puzzles, investigation quests, TSW is a game that you have to immerse yourself into it to understand, its like thoes games from old where they dont "hold your hand" and you have to use your brain to survive, every kill is a reward, little nuincances here and there that is contantly testing you, great story, most interactive characters have their own personalities and the game have a great story to follow.

    Im in The City Of The Sun God at this point, and i tried to make a new character just to see how replayable was the content i left behind from a new character, and to my surprise wasnt boring, in fact i dicover new quests that i didnt made, i got into new places and find myself to add markers in the map so i didnt forget things, thats how big the world is and detailed, every corner of the game is a box of surprises, i personaly love the game for what it is and what it can be, i played so many games at this point that most of the new ones todays i usualy click out of story so i can pass to action asap, i was doing the same with TSW but at a certain point i stoped rushing, not because was boring, because all detalis i was leaving behind was making aitch in my brain of curiosity, and taking a slow pace i was smilling for all that content that i wasnt paying attention.

    And what about dungeons? Oh boy, they are smart and will kill you if you dont use your brain to understand how it works, off course most people might want to zerg the content and get to the end, its ok and i can get that, but TSW is not a common "lollypop" mmo where you OP everything, and im glad for it, the more i respect the game the more im rewarded, and i feel good and enjoy the journey that Funcom provived, i just hope the game is given the proper support and Funcom keeps working in fixing and improving the game, this a rought diamond here that now just needs to be polished.

    Pardon my english, not my native language.
  22. Jul 8, 2012
    A reviewer named 'samdean' gave this game 0 because he thinks it has classes, levels, and is linear. Well, earning skill points ad infinitum that you can spend anywhere and theoretically do anything the game allows isn't 'classes and levels.' Further, I haven't TOUCHED the main quest on the island yet, I just keep running across new side things to do. It's really great! Finally this guy who gave the game a zero said he's going back to Diablo III. Hilarious! That game is terrrrrible! Zero funs! I uninstalled after like a month! And I played Diablo II for years, and even Diablo. Anyway, just had to counter that terrible review with the truth. This game is amazing. Combine Left 4 Dead with Alan Wake and make it an MMO and this is what you have. Don't believe the AstroTurf on this site, and don't believe the terribly written euro pro reviews. Expand
  23. Jul 8, 2012
    No, this game is not for everyone but it is for those who seek a strong story, powerful atmosphere, a helpful and growing community and puzzling quests that will stretch your mind. As with any launch, there have been bugs but they have been fixing the glitches. Anyone worried about the cash shop should know it is clothes, vanity pets and vanity titles only. There are no potions or weapons or armor to P2P. Expand
  24. Jul 8, 2012
    I have played MMOs since UO. By the early days of WoW, I was burned out. Nothing was new. This game brought me back to MMOs, and the overall quality will keep me for a while. It is unlike anything else out there in the MMO-space. Sure, there are problems. Every game has them. As I am writing this just 6-days after release, it is the smoothest MMO release I have ever seen. Most importantly, they recognize and have acknowledged some of the game's biggest remaining issues. Which means, they will get fixed. That level of support for a game is refreshing. Having gone through too many game release debacles, from PC games to PS3 to XBox360, I am pleased to not see it here. They have acknowledged the problems, and will not let them build. Expand
  25. Jul 8, 2012
    The Secret World is a very unique Massively-Multiplayer Online game that I have enjoyed playing more than any other MMO to date. As such, I give it a 10!

    The imaginative life breathed into the game world really impressed me. I have never seen a game that was this well executed before. Launch-day issues seem also to be very minimal compared with other recent releases, so they've
    really pulled it all together and were able to deliver.

    If you don't know, much of the vision behind the Secret World came from Ragnar Tornquist and his team, the people who created The Longest Journey and Dreamfall. Those were, to date, two of the best adventure games on the market, known for their remarkable story and environments. So, when they announced an MMO and picked up a crew experienced in creating them, I was of course very interested to see how it would turn out. The, let us call it "adventure-focus", translated into some really exceptional and unique quests that are very fun to complete, and a meaningful world replete with characters and monsters that are not arbitrarily placed.

    One of the areas I was concerned about was combat, since adventure games typically don't focus on that and it's such an important element of MMOs. Well, after playing about 12 hours and dispatching countless minions of darkness, I can say that they delivered! It shocked me that the combat system was so well thought out and executed, it's actually engaging and fun - something I haven't experienced at all in other MMOs. There are currently just over 500 abilities you can train and build your skill deck with (which can consist of seven active and seven passive skills at a time). For different combat situations, you may need to use different skill builds with different synergies to accommodate.

    The crafting system is quite different than other MMOs, and is one system which perhaps could use some expanding. There are no gathering professions, per say, and everyone can break down items into their raw materials and then combine those raw materials to upgrade their quality or create different items. I haven't spent too much time there, yet, so I will reserve my judgment on it.

    Overall, a great and unique MMO. If you haven't tried it yet, I encourage you to take the plunge!
  26. Jul 8, 2012
    TSW has a great atmosphere and a well written story. At times it feels a bit like a single-player game (story-telling and some single player instances), but it is most certainly an MMO (Dungeons, PvP, group content). It manages to combine this in a fascinating way.

    The quests are never boring. My favourite part of the game so far are the dungeons though. The boss mechanics are amazing
    fun and good rewards are provided for groups that work together in the form of quality loot and ability + skill points. It makes a lot of sense to run the dungeons!

    If you like PvE/dungeons that are challenging and fun I HIGHLY recommend this game.
    The combat is standard MMO-combat, but with an ability system of 500+ abilities that makes it MUCH more fun and deep than the first impression may provide.

    In my opinion the games weakest spot so far is that the first few hours spent in the game feel unfamiliar and a bit underwhelming when it comes to combat. This is because you have a low number of abilities at your disposal and no flexibility. I believe reviews that highlight combat as a weak point in the game unfortunately only scratched the surface of choices and flexibility before spewing a premature review.
  27. Jul 8, 2012
    An incredible new spin in an increasingly stale genre. Like the fluid mechanics of Guild Wars 2 mated with the environment of Silent Hill, all while wearing a tinfoil hat. It may not be the WoW-killer everyone seems to so desperately need, but it does one better: It does it's own thing and allows all the WoW-clones to limp about their sorry business undisturbed. If nothing else, give it a shot right up until the first Investigation quest. From then on, Im confident you will be hooked. Expand
  28. Jul 8, 2012
    Very good mmo with a nice mix of combat and story. I know that some people will complain about the description but it feels like a single player arpg with a very good cooperative multiplayer feature. Mmo fanatics who want to quickly reach max level and do PvP will be disappointed but this game is just about perfect for immersing yourself in a game world.
  29. Jul 8, 2012
    Best MMOs in years! Very nice setting, cool quest et cetera. And the best lauch of them all. Since its a Funcom game, I guess you can say practice made perfect!
  30. Jul 8, 2012
    Let me get some things clear - I don't like Funcom. I didn't like anything they've done except The Longest Journey and that was bloody ages ago. I was 100% convinced The Secret World will be a mess, unplayable and idiotic game with no depth. Boy was I wrong.
    This is the thinking gamer's MMO. It's not WoW and twitch-generation 11 YO kiddies who like to parade their shiny armors on the
    Orgrimmar bank won't like it. It's a game that doesn't place emphasis on loot, on raiding, on e-peen. It's a game where you'll enjoy the atmosphere, the GREAT writing in quests, the stories it tells. It's a game where you won't be forced to play a strict healer/tank/DPS role to be effective. It's a game where you can ultimately have any skills you want and make your own builds.
    If you're looking for something that no AAA MMO has been since WoW came out... buy it.
  31. Jul 9, 2012
    This is a great game for grown ups. Has content for both solo and team play. Fun quests and interesting character development. A lot to learn about. Must have!
  32. Jul 9, 2012
    Simply Put: Great Game with lots of innovation. The Best MMORPG I've played to date. That list includes Warhammer Online, Eve Online, World Of Warcraft, Vanguard Saga of Heroes, SWTOR, Tera, Rift and probably a few more.

    Character customisation is amazingly thorough - You have hundreds of abilities you can pick and choose from, and every player in the game is limited to 7 active and 7
    passive abilites to equalise players and to force people to choose roles - although you can change your role as soon as you're out of combat. So One Minute you're a healer, the next you're the Main Tank and a few moments later you're the highest DPS character out there - and its all the same character!. You can pick and choose exactly what abilities you want to have, and exactly where you're strengths and weaknesses are. I chose an AOE Tank (Swords + Chaos) where my weaknesses were single target DPS, healing and ranged attacks. My mate chose healing and single target ranged DPS (Blood and Pistols) where his weakness was primarily AOE DPS and Damage Mitigation. That said, a few hours of gameplay to get more points, and We could completely swap roles. That being said, expect to spend some time wondering "what is the next ability I want to unlock"... At one stage I had 102 points I hadn't put into skills because I couldnt make up my mind (the cheapest skills are 1 point, the most expensive are 50 points)

    Hostile creatures also display their AOE shapes and ranges which permits an effective use of the "dodge" system where you can double tap a directional arrow (or shift+WASD) to quickly roll out of the way. This allows any player, regardless of how much experience they have in the game or with that particular creature, to fight effectively. You don't need to "Learn the Fight" as much as previous MMORPG's, and thus you can lose yourself in the fight a lot easier, not having to worry about what else is happening around you - its all on your screen right there in front of you!

    You can wear a good variety of clothing (which has nothing to do with stats) and your gear that gives you stats are NOT visible - except your weapons - so you choose your look, keep it, change it... whatever. I played a female, bought a nice leather coat (with in-game money - not RL money), new boots, jeans, shirt and sunnies, and now she's breaking hearts AND bones.

    Then theres the quest system - theres thousands of quests and all neatly organised into Tiers. For example - you pick up a quest and it says "Dawn of the Endless Night 1/16" which lets you know the quest name, and that there's 16 missions in that chain - which all auto update as you complete each section. There is a questlog, although you rarely need to use it as you're restricted in the number of quests you can hold - but this should be considered a feature. In all my time playing, i've never felt restricted by this, but actually felt more organised as it does away with all the clutter of quests you forget about. Theres an amazing variety too - the normal "kill people" or "Pickup these objects" but theres also "Dodge the landmines", "Use these clues and the Internet to work out the answer", "Find the hidden objects", "climb the geography" and a myriad of other quest types not normally found in MMORPG's. Add that to the fact you can easily go back and re-complete most quests again (after a day or two cooldown) for a significant amount of XP, It allows you to introduce new friends to the game without rolling new alts.

    Meeting up with freinds is easy, just right click their name and select "meet up" and you'll teleport to the nearest Anima well (AKA: Graveyard) to them. You'll also teleport to their Dimension (AKA: Server) if they are on another Dimension.

    There are a number of bugs, but that is to be expected in any new release. None are game breaking and most of the quest related bugs can be worked around by changing dimension (similar to changing server - except you can do it in-game without logging out)

    Overall: A Solid Game which will only get better. If you enjoy the MMORPG Genre this is definately a Must-Get, even if only to see all the innovation which can be brought into the genre.
  33. Jul 10, 2012
    This game is beautiful !!! No game can be compare !!!! Its a unique one !! I would recommend this to all people who is mmo fan and want hard play and have fun with good people !!! Try it its excellent !!!!!
  34. Jul 17, 2012
    I've been waiting for "The Secret World" for long, even though I didn't knew, what to expect. Literally, Funcom does the same thing, they did with "Age of Conan", which was a lovely MMORPG with different ways to experience new systems. The Setting wasn't seen till now and the cutscenes are the best i've seen in an online-rpg for years. Unfortunatly some bugs stop the flow too early and the missing of tutorials and hints makes it hard to beat the game without dying too much. Expand
  35. Jul 10, 2012
    This game has got to get a 10 from me. The subject matter is great, the setting is excellent, and the missions are fresh and well crafted. The combat, although admittedly not the strongest aspect of the game, is still very responsive and fun as well as easy to learn but hard to master. This is not an MMO for people who
    want another WoW clone that holds your hand through quests and allows you to slam your face on the keyboard to beat every enemy that comes your way (aka the people that give this game a bad rating) People claim they want innovation in video games, well The Secret World has innovation in spades. So far some of the biggest complaints I have heard are that it is hard, there are bugs, and that it is story based. Yes this harder than most MMOs but thats what makes it fun. The fighting makes you think out your battles before you run in guns blazing (sometimes literally in this game) and because of this feels more rewarding when you do succeed. As for the puzzles and investigative missions, THEY ARE PHENOMENAL!!! They are tough and definitely make you think but they are such a new twist on the normal quests you see in the genre and are extremely fun to play through. They are hard and are meant to challenge you, that is why FunCom put a web browser in game. As for the bugs issue, what new MMO have they played that was released completely bug free?? The fact of the matter is that MMOs are difficult to make and it is impossible to foretell bugs that might be found in the game, on the other hand FunCom has done an EXCELLENT job in addressing these issues and has already had one fixer patch put into place and is already planning for another patch to come out soon. They are responding quickly to problems that the players point out and that shows that they genuinely are doing their best to make the experience the best that it can be for the players. As for the complaints about it being story driven, I don't know what else to say other than to go back to WoW. If you don't want a very interesting story with great voice acting then this is not the game for you. The game is replayable with the 3 different factions and even if the missions are inherently the same between the 3 there is so much content and the game is so fun that it is easily replayable, not to mention the elite and nightmare dungeons, lairs, 24 world bosses, and 3 regional bosses that are there for endgame content or the fact that FunCom has 7 YEARS of content planned for release. They have thought ahead and plan to expand on an already vast and interesting world. There are also plenty of achievements to strive for for achievement hunters as well as hundreds of pieces of "lore" (this games version of collectibles) to hunt for and learn more about the urban legends and history of the locations in game. I can't say enough good things about this game and I sincerely hope it does well. There are definitely shortcomings with bugs and the combat but the overall experience definitely outweighs these. I implore you to give this game a try and see that MMOs can be deep enjoyable experiences and more than just WoW clones. I love WoW but it is nice to finally see something new in the genre, I just hope the fact that it is "different" doesn't scare gamers away, GO TRY THIS GAME NOW!!!!:) Expand
  36. Jul 10, 2012
    I couldnt really believe it - Funcom released a close to flawless game(!) I couldnt hardly find any bugs, and no major ones. The history, missions, great voice acting, the skill-tree, crafting and the modern world setting is both original and intriguing, so this game works for me! I did only try one beta weekend before the launch and ive been playing about +/- 100hrs so far. I recommend it!
  37. Jul 10, 2012
    I've been waiting for this game for over three years and it has not disappointed. The setting, story concept, design, and character skill customization is unlike anything else out there. I would highly recommend this to any MMO player especially to those who are looking for an MMO to come back to.
  38. Jul 10, 2012
    This game is great. I read at least one review where the complainer had to take the chance to show off how "great" his computer is but he still cant run it...Idk about that, my computer isnt that fancy, (the cpu actually is a lower than recommended) and it runs just fine. There is a little lag sometimes but I think that is common with a lot of MMOs, especially on my internet lol. Anyway The ones that gave this game a bad review had their minds made up before they even played it. This is a great game and if you get into it expecting something new then you are going to be blown away, if you go into it wanting something like WoW then it is not the game for you. The story aspect of it is great and it is nice to see implemented this well in a genre that usually lacks story. I saw a few people complaining about the fact that there is so much focus on the story aspect of the game which confuses me...In console games gamers demand a great storytelling experience (unless you're a CoD fanboy and in that case you don't count for so many reasons...but this about TSW not CoD) so why should an MMO be held to less standards? This game gives some badly needed CPR to a genre that is getting kind of can only get so many characters to level 80 or play so many WoW clones before you realize you are completing random quests that have little to no depth to them and have no real purpose in that gaming world. It is hard to get immersed in a game that gives you little purpose or doesn't make you feel like you are actually accomplishing something with your character. The story in TSW gives you a purpose. The game also gives fresh new types of quests, challenging combat, fun pvp (admittedly still needs some work but its only been out 1 week), amazing setting, and great voice acting. There is innovation everywhere in this game and it is the best MMO I have played (and yes I have played Tera, WoW, Rift, SWtOR etc..) Expand
  39. Jul 10, 2012
    Created an account just to put my two cents in on this game. It's pretty great. The size and depth of the skill system makes skill builds comparable to constructing a Magic:The Gathering deck. NPC dialogue and voicing is uniformly excellent, which I have never said about any game. I actually want to listen to the NPCs. It's amazing how much this adds to an already well-done atmosphere and visual style. Tons of content. The game systems and UI are complex and explained poorly or not at all in-game, and there are a few buggy quests, which is all that keeps me from giving a straight 10. I expect these issues to be fixed quickly, given how smoothly launch has gone. Game has HUGE potential. If you're interested, trust the user scores and not the critics. Game is flat-out fun to play. Expand
  40. Jul 11, 2012
    On the message boards for every "failed" (read: disappointing) MMO of the last 5 years, you could read one common complaint; "I'm tired of the same thing, MMOs are all boring now". Well, if you were serious and actually wanted something new and different, something that challenged you and wasn't a carbon copy of the last 5 MMOs you played, The Secret World is it. The detractors for this game all mention many of the same tired old complaints; it doesn't have this, it doesn't let me do that, and so forth. TO BE CLEAR: If you think an MMO absolutely must have all the "convenience" and "features" of games like World of Warcraft, this game is not for you *and I am fine with that*. To me, The Secret World has the most entertaining and challenging questing in any MMO, ever. That's more than enough for me; I don't care about PvP, and I don't care about ENDGAME, that poisonous concept that ruins every MMO it's grafted onto. Bottom line? The Secret World is a journey with awesome areas to explore, and fantastic investigation quests that challenge you and make you think BIG TIME. If you're the kind of player who has to be the first to get to the end of a game, this isn't for you. If you want to exploit overpowered abilities and look like a demigod, this isn't for you. The Secret World is for people who want to explore and use their noggins. Period. Expand
  41. Jul 12, 2012
    The secret world is out. On metacritic it's getting positive/mixed reviews from reviewers but is getting very positive scores from players. None of the big websites have rated it yet though so time will tell. I'm jumping on the wagon as well by saying that this is the best MMO I have ever played, and I do not say that lightly. It is amazing, but it's very different from most MMOs in terms of pace and focus, which is good for me but may not attract the casuals or completionists (not to say either of those groups are bad). 
    It's not a game for people who just want to powerlevel and get to end game raids just to get new gear. Dont misunderstand, the staples of an MMO are all here, and The Secret World innovates and alters these mechanics in very unique, positive ways, but It's more story and atmosphere focused than any MMO I've seen, much more like a single player rpg or an modern Lovecraft story.
    It's not like TOR, which has an entertaining story but it's really just there to keep the raiding and grinding interesting. It's a game built AROUND this mythos and setting
    And the quests are very different and may be difficult for hardcore MMOers to get into. Like investigating clues hidden throughout cities, answering riddles and finding answers. Sometimes you even use real-world websites and phone numbers. There's even an in-game web browser to support this. This game was made for roleplayers tired of the clichèd medieval fantasy, and the sci-fi cyberpunk saga, players who want to explore a different sort of setting. They're adding new content every month. From balancing to raids to customization to pvp, adding a plastic surgeon and a barber, there's a lot going on here.
     Put simply, the secret world is amazing. If this remotely interests you, please support this game and review it as well. Companies sell what consumers will buy. We need to tell EA and Funcom that THIS is the standard we want, that not every game needs to be an fps or a traditional mmo for us to like it. 
  42. Jul 11, 2012
    Not perfect, but it's very good. Downsides are character creator, animations... Everything else is good to great. The quests are interactive, and investigation quests will sometimes make you bang your head against the wall they are so hard...
  43. Jul 11, 2012
    It has been a long time since an MMO has sunk its claws into me the way TSW has. Up until a couple months ago the game was barely on my radar. When I found a beta invite waiting in my inbox I figured what the heck but expected to be disappointed once again. Instead I found myself completely immersed and counting the minutes until I could play again. Now that the game has launched I can say I am very impressed. Yes, there are bugs but that's just a fact of life in a new MMO. The launch was incredibly smooth and Funcom has released a patch within a week of launch addressing many, many issues. They have also posted a State of the Game update already which is full of interesting upcoming content. I am loving the questing, story/lore, atmosphere, graphics and style, skill system, combat and many other things. The crafting is a bit of a letdown and their cabal (guild) system needs some work, but overall I am in love. Expand
  44. Jul 11, 2012
    So far logged about 20 hours and having a blast playing this game. Lots of nice quest out of the ordinary, not just "go there, kill **** and afterwards go to that place and pick up small rocks or something like that. Investigation missions really are a struggle and keeps you on your toes. Takes a while to get used to the "deck" system they use for skills, but there are allready starting to come around some nice starter guides that explain it, because honestly, the tutorial is chanceless in explaining the full implications of how the system works :) Expand
  45. Jul 11, 2012
    The Secret World is a breath of fresh air from traditional MMOs, I love the story focused quests, and I am highly enjoying the DANGER that lurks around every corner. Im actually DYING an MMO! hasnt happened since EQ1. The quests are well thought out, the story is amazing, the investigation quests have me ripping my hair out in frustration (in a good way!). The deck system is great, at first it seemed so lame, now I cant settle on ONE build I like, I want sooo many things and theres SO many ways to build what I want! Using pistols, assault rifles, and passives shotguns, blood, and blades.

    Now that they just announced they will be updating the game MONTHLY, and gave us a huge sneak peak to drool over, I think FunCom has outdone itself. Its absolutely amazing.

    The only negative thing I can say about this game so far is that some of the animations are HIDEOUS, and chat keeps crapping out on me. Id complain about quest bugs, but they fixed most of em in one fell swoop :P
  46. Jul 12, 2012
    Ok so guys i know you don't want to hear this buuuut: The combat system is one of the worst combat systems EVER. You only have 7 active abilities and are limited to button mashing resource generating skills about 5 times until you can use another skill, and there also is no auto attack so you really gotta mash. Most skills are boring and only have slight differences to them (one does a bit less damage but casts faster and so on). I ended up playing this game (and i really tried using the keyboard but man it was SUCH A PAIN) with xpadder using my game pad with 2 buttons for actual combat using the makro function from xpadder. So a fight was like this: Press X on the gamepad wich corresponds to: press 2 wait 0.8 seconds press 2 wair 0.8 seconds and that 5 times then i activated a root and then 5 consumer abilites.... And no this game does not leave room for optimization since there are no procs, no abilities that need timing or such. And the feeling to the combat also is horrible, effects suck, animations are hilarious at times and it just feels like your standing there and doing nothing ( esp. in pvp). So now to the part that makes many people think this game is so special: it does not offer levels, ok sounds great right? WRONG!!!!! Levels are just replaces by QL ( quality levels from ITEMS) so this whole game ends up being about farming items... that just **** boring and since enemys don't always drop the items you need(or quests as reward) you will end up having a very **** feel to the "progession" this game offers. The skill wheel at first sight seem rather complex, let me tell you this: it is not, it is one of the worst systems i ever saw in an mmo. You farm forever to unlock abilites towards the end of a "circle" and most of the time the game leaves you absolutely no choice which abilities to combine since the active skills AND THE PASSIVES often need each other to function properly. Further the weapon system limits the systems overall "flexibility" even further. On the good sides of this game are some rare missions in which you can have adventure like game play, but the quality of those is not comparable to a GOOD adventure game! Ok but honestly, the world is gray in gray throughout kingsmouth etc, and can be very depressing at times. For like 15 hours that would be ok i guess, but man this drags on and on. PvP is a mess too: The combat system makes sure fun is destroyed after a few matches, and the battlegrounds are primitive and designed poorly . Let me remind you of one thing: MOST OF THE TIME YOU WILL BE FIGHTING IN THIS GAME, LIKE IN ANY MMO, AND COMBAT SUCKS HERE! So no matter how different this game may look, it is just more of the same and worse than most other games out there. And the new stuff is mediocre overall at best. And no the great camera angels don't help if what happens during the cut scenes isn't even worth watching them. Oh and i almost forgot: This game is a rip off: Selling life time subscriptions for a game the developer said it will be f2p in no time just seems like wanting all the cash possible before sinking the ship. AND THIS GAME HAS A REALLY EXPENSIVE INGAME SHOP FOR CHARACTER SLOTS BOOSTERS ETC!!!!! This is unbelievable and wrong for a GAME WITH A 15 DOLLAR FEE PER MONTH. Guild wars 2 is a way better game and anyone should rather buy it instead of this since IT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION FEE AND A FAIR ITEM SHOP. I had so much more fun with Gw2's beta than i had with TSW after launch. I **** regret even spending one buck on this game! Expand
  47. Jul 12, 2012
    The Secret World is an MMO set in a modern day atmosphere utilizing myths, folklore, and old school legends. You see them come to life as you explore and adventure through all of its environments. What may be the most detrimental feature in The Secret World is that the game does not feel like an MMO at all. Instead, the game focuses on its single player experience with elaborate cut scenes and character interaction. The game does a spectacular job at making you feel like a part of the world. However, the writing in general can be entirely too obnoxious. There are times you would rather skip the cut scenes explaining your mission to move on. Moreover, your character doesn't actually speak or offer any responses. You simply watch an NPC talk for anywhere on average 5 minutes. You feel no connection to your character.

    After acquiring your missions, you are to complete typical menial tasks involving "gather 10 of these" or "kill 10 of these" to complete your mission. The combat is uninventive and lack luster despite having so many choices in weaponry. Animations are mostly horrid and rather out dated. There are some times you don't even know if your skill was performed. Combat doesn't make you feel like you're actually hitting something and gets old really fast. Your skills are determined by your weapons, a la Guild Wars 2, which then determine your "class." The "no classes" feature of the game is hidden by that facet as once you start equipping different weapons you clearly start seeing the specific rolls between them.

    What The Secret World does well is its presentation in atmosphere. There are times that you will look at your surroundings in awe because of the wonderful graphics. It's disappointing that Funcom could not maintain top notch graphics across the board. Character modeling seems to be graphically the worst looking in the game with a Grand Theft Auto 4 resemblance. Even during cutscenes, characters perform unusual and unrealistic movements. The attention to detail seems to only be focused on the environment and your surroundings.

    Outside of investigations, you have your typical quests where you are to perform a list of actions from an NPC (questgiver). These are the repetitive "grindy" quests you learn to love or hate. PVP doesn't offer anything new and is a big disappointment - partly due to the terrible combat system and mostly hindered by the lag. Character creation is an extreme disappointment. Players aren't given many choices for actual character features but are provided with a large amount of attire to adorn your character with. This makes the game seem more like a "dress up barbie" feel where everyone looks the same feature wise with different clothing.

    One of the biggest "differences" Funcom announces is that they offer no levels in the game. Players are given a giant wheel to allocate their skill points. It's a clever mask to the level system and in actuality is just another way to set your talents as you secretly level up. The only difference is that you can max everything out, if you so choose and if you play enough. The player is responsible for doing their research before making a selection in skill points. If you make an incorrect decision, you're forced to live with it through the rest of your character. There is no option for a reset or "re spec" which is quite daunting.

    Dungeons you ask? End game? The developer and its users claim that the moment you create your character, you're playing end game. There really is no "end game" per say and true raiding. There are dungeons but those are few and far between. Funcom promises that there will be more dungeon content added in the future. With its current stage in content, after completing your investigations you're left with daily repetitive quests and that's about it. PVP isn't worth the time and crafting in the game is just there for busy work with no reward.

    Funcom is right saying that this game is a unique experience in an "MMO." Quite simply, don't be deceived by the genre that is labeled on this game. This is not an MMO. This is a single player game labeled as an MMO to somehow justify their $15/month commitment on top of the $50 product. There are no standard features in this game most MMO's offer such as a looking for dungeon tool, respeccing, or even any relevant or rewarding crafting. The intention of the developers is to have one character that experiences all the content which leaves no viability for alts; thus, this gives the game a "one time play through," much like a single player game. Overall, the game is a 2/10. If the price were to drop substantially, the game might be worth checking out for the free month. The single player is some what worth the experience but, beyond the first month, there is no justification for a subscription to this game. It simply lacks any multiplayer functionality beyond a guild (cabal) and chat system.
  48. Jul 21, 2012
    The game has received very good reviews of the most serious reviewers. Young reviewers focusing on pure war and details of this - has given the poor. Browsing the pages: and and

    The game has received good feedback because players enjoy the game. All of the game is unique in terms of MMO.

    The game is best suited for those who like good stories, good graphics and sound. Combined with the mission, sabotage and so on.
  49. Jul 12, 2012
    Secret societies, challenging cryptic puzzles, breath taking scenes and mind-numblingly rich character stories, dungeons and literally thousands of skill combinations to play with. I have been simply stunned by the depth of content and enjoyability of the game. Its a masterpiece, well almost.. The only thing that works against the game is the PvP system which needs some work. For a game just released it is remarkably robust. Yes, there are bugs on some quests, and with the game.. but what game didn't have them when released? As I predicted from my beta reviews this game is going to be huge simply because its the best mmo out there.. and its different too. Where other software houses have done little in the way of innovation over the years; spewing out wow clones, Funcom has created a new style of MMO that is original and incredibly absorbing.

    The future of this game is extremely bright, and I would have given it 10/10 but for the PvP and they might not try hard enough to keep up the level of amazing game-play if I did that. Now, if you don't mind I have to finish learning Morse code to complete a quest.

    ... --- ...
  50. Jul 12, 2012
    Don't let the bad critics of people who only played a few hours to keep you away of this game. There must be people giving multiple bad reviews. Actually the player base is very happy with the game and the devs response to some questions (chat and some minors bugs in the first launch) is awesome. The game had the smooth launch I remember in a game (I play since UO in Europa).

    The Secret
    world is a very innovative and refreshing game if you give it an opportunity to surprise you, and if you try and learn a new way of play (That means innovative). Just don't try to evaluate the game with the pow of others mmorpgs.

    After you create your character and choose faction (Templars, Dragons or Illuminati), you start your travel in the dark world. The main factor in the game is that the quests are not a way of grinding of a simple excuse for level. Every quest (basic ones or more complex ones) are exquisite designed, with an incredible level of detail. Some of the quests will surprise you, others will defy you (enhance your game avoiding spoilers, is just a friendly advise).
    The first zones are carefully designed to guide the new player in the learning of the main mechanics of the game: the process of questing, the crafting, the combat, and the main history.
    Every zone is alive and very different, Kingsmouth is a lovecraftian sea-town of Maine, full of... you will see... Al-Merayah is a little village in Egypt by the ancients Akhenathen's ruins...
    Give the game an opportunity and enter the world of TSW... and don't let the first difficulties win you... is a game for mature players and very different from the others MMOrpgs. Different.
  51. Jul 13, 2012
    This is a very mixed thing-it's a top notch classic RPG with a good story,however as MMO it's a bit disappointing-it's all about the story really. Anyway-8 out of 10 oh god,8 out of 10,go buy five months subscription,it will worth every dime.
  52. Jul 13, 2012
    This game has a lot to offer since amazing investigations quests a new system of doing them, great sound environment and graphics all of this would give the game a 8.5 in rating maybe 9, but the gameplay is just horrible, thats why i give it a 6 it is just dull it has no feeling at all.
    This game is not for everyone not at all my dear friends.
  53. Jul 13, 2012
    I had given up all hope for mmo's. click on the quest giver, kill 5 of these, run back and hand in, dont bother reading anything. And then like a ray of light, The Secret World comes out and its truly a breath of fresh air!. Quests that are engaging! puzzles that have me biting my lip and googling answers, a truly entertaining set of lore and all based off modern times. Graphics are extremely well done, the BEST pvp zone ive ever seen, up to 200 people all at once in a persistent pvp area that grants in world bonuses for the entire faction! i find myself wanting to skip work just so i can unravel one more mystery. Im an especially picky player, but ill say, the secret world blew my mind. Expand
  54. Jul 13, 2012
    Now I am very biased towards this particular genre. I absolutely love "World of Darkness" style lore. Modern settings with ghouls and goblins strike a real chord in me, and Funcom has capitalized upon it beautifully with The Secret World. Everything about the game is immersive, from the zombies gnawing frantically on rotten corpses to the crashed cars and shattered store fronts. The quests are voiced, the ability combinations are nearly infinite, and the dungeons are far from faceroll. The Secret World has all its bases covered as far as I'm concerned.

    What can I say? I'm hooked.
  55. Jul 13, 2012
    This game was released to early. It is plagued with multiple problems. Complaints range from account issues and not being able to log in, to mission that players can not complete. While the story seems like it would be fun, and the cut scenes are nice, it is hard to progress to really get into the game. Constant reloading of the UI or re-starting the game is standard protocol. The game makers should have held out for 4 more beta tests and a couple of months to make this game worth buying currently. Expand
  56. Jul 14, 2012
    Essentially fibbing in its claims of being a game without classes or levels, that is precisely what this game contains. One kills monsters to gain experience points to reach the next "tier" (i.e., level) and begins the game by choosing a "weapon" (i.e., the class whose skills they will increase as they level up). There is nothing particularly innovative about this game. PVE is monotonous. Combat is stale. Heaven forbid, you might as well just go back to playing SW:TOR. Expand
  57. Jul 14, 2012
    ce jeu est tout simplement magnifique un environnement varié des créatures variées et des quêtes ou il faut chercher à grace navigateur intégré je kif ce jeu c'est tout graphiquement excellent et un système de lv tout simplement extraordinaire je ne peux plus men passer à acheter absolument
  58. Jul 15, 2012
    Fun questing, some of the coolest instances I have ever done, and engaging pvp-battles between the factions is what makes this game one of the most fun I have played for a long time! I will play this game as long as Funcom keep updating it, and with a plan with updates every month, I guess I will stay for a while!
  59. Jul 15, 2012
    Great game! Amazing atmosphere and I just love the questing! So tired of the fantasy settings, so this was a breath of fresh air! If you have doubts about this game, I can assure you that after some hours of playing, you will fall in love with it :) Buy it!! :))
  60. Jul 16, 2012
    I have been playing my share of mmos going back to 1999 and Everquest. Played almost all major titles since. These days my time are at a premium and I am a lot more picky about what games I play. Thankfully FunCom has made a great game which is truly worth my time, my only concern is that is hard to explain to my GF when it ends...

    The good:
    Smooth gameplay
    Requires thinking,
    innovative analytic skills and knowledge
    REALLY scary
    Great atmosphere
    Fun combat that require that you pay attention and use the right skills while moving
    Super flexible skill system

    The Bad:
    Slightly cluncky feel due to animations
    Not enough customization at start

    The Ugly:

    This game looks like a strong contender for my personal game of the year. ME3 and D3 were huge let downs, not expecting much from GW2. Only game close so far is crusader kings2 which is a hidden gem.
  61. Jul 17, 2012
    MMORPG is not my normal cup of tea so I was a bit skeptical in the beginning
    But the game works great with fresh and exiting quests. So to anyone who are tired of the tedious grind found in so many RPG's come on over and join the secret world =)

    My main attraction to this game is my fondness of funcom classics such as Dreamfall and the longest journey. I get some of the same vibe from
    the secret world which is awesome. Expand
  62. Jul 17, 2012
    Don't listen to the haters. You will enjoy this game if you like unconventional quests, a grim modern setting, adventure-like riddles, a dark story, shotguns and magic, fast gamemaster support, rock solid servers, ctuluh, dark humor, world of darkness rpg and being taken as an adult by a game designer. If you are interested in this game, try it out! It is a great experience.

    You will
    dislike this game if you are a progress-raid hardcore gamer, an asian-grinder, a generally innocent person who dislikes horror movies, a game-critic who expects some kind of 'next-gen-mmo', a very competitive gamer who wants to show his 'pro-whatever-ness', or a world of warcraft fanboy (really, this game is not for you. Don't try it, don't waste your money and don't whine about it. Just leave it alone). Expand
  63. Jul 18, 2012
    Since quitting wow quite some time ago, no mmorpg has really held my attention long. This game is different though. From the beginning I realized that this was something else. The attention to story and new gameplay mechanics really separates this game from other mmorpgs. It's not difficult to notice that Ragnar Tornquist, maker of the longest journey has had a hand in making this game. Everything from the main quest to the side-quests has an engrossing story.

    The 550 or so abilities you have to choose from gives the game a strategic twist, since it becomes increasingly important to have a good build. You can also quickly swap roles from a healer to a damage dealer without much effort. The combat itself involves hitting a lot of 1, 1, 1, 2 etc. like other mmorpgs, so it might not be as different as some have hoped. The concept of builders and consumers are pretty good, but not completely new. The underlying abilities/mechanics however are very good.

    There is a main storyline leading you from the beginning to the end, something that gives you a good overview of the locations. It is also well written, and exciting, weaving old legends and history into the story.

    The thing I think I like the most are the investigation missions, where you have to google for clues about ancient history, mysteries etc. You can even use the in-game browser. The fact that you have to think, and that aha! moments that follow really makes this something else. There are some bugs, but this has impacted my enjoyment very little. Some quests have been bugged, but some have been fixed in patches, and others have worked when I came back. Since mmorpgs are living games, and these issues are being worked on, I won't really detract anything from the score.

    For those worrying about the longevity of this game, don't. There will be monthly updates with new content, mechanics etc. I've gotten my lifetime subscription, will you?
  64. Jul 18, 2012
    I have played alot of mmo's, like wow, Tor, Tera, Aion... and funcom, mother of god, this is a piece of art u have done in mmo genre. Epic quest's( for example on a quest i need to hack a pc terminal, and give me a error 37 that i cant access to the server :) and i think for me , i know this error for some place (funcom trolling blizzard epic, just epic).....TSW lack in pvp content, but funcom is working in some surprises...try the game will not regret it for sure Expand
  65. Jul 19, 2012
    Not wanting to spoil TSW for myself, I decided to avoid all beta testing and so my first gameplay taste was on launch. The storyline is interesting, the immersion is GREAT and the RPG elements truly are well done. But after reaching the second zone where combat is less forgiving, I just couldn't handle the combat any more. Not because of a learning curve or challenge, which I would have loved; simply because the combat is horrible. Instead of click-reaction, it feels more like click-clunk-maybe. This really spoils the entire feel of the game as combat is inseparable from TSW as a whole. At the end of launch week I ended up booting the game, playing for 30 mins and then logging off in frustration. If you can handle a shoddy FTP style combat system, this is the best game out today. Expand
  66. Jul 19, 2012
    The most fun I've had playing a computer game since Halo first hit. Some of the best characters and story I've seen in a computer game. This game deserves to be a big hit - it's awesome.
  67. Jul 20, 2012
    Try The Secret World out! Do not rush, but let yourself dive slowly into the game and enjoy how it starts to grow on you.

    TSW is more fun than any themepark released in the last 10 years. The game is social and fun for roleplayers. Quests and storylines are so damn good in this game but people who "farm" probably will miss out on that. The missions are interesting, the NPCs have stories
    and character.

    One other thing to note is that Funcom are already working on bringing in entire new zones, most games don't even do that unless there's a expansion pack.

    As you probably understand by now, I can recommend The Secret World higly. 3 weeks in and I am still having a blast! The Secret World is the best game I have played for at least 5 years.
    If you too decide to try it out, enjoy!
  68. Jul 20, 2012
    Pretty much every person that has played this game should post his or her review about this great game. Yes, everyone should be able to have their say about the game, but looking from the metacritic reviews, the game is supposedly a mediocre achievement from Funcom. Kinda contradicts what the majority of players are saying. I wonder why? WoW(4 different installments rated on metacritic) , Diablo 3 and SWTOR have 91(avarage of all 4), 88 and 85, respectively! I agree on WoW, but both Diablo 3 and SWTOR have received below average and bad reviews from players. Whooping 6000+ players have graded D3 to an overall grade of 3,8!! Something must be utterly wrong when online magazines are rating a game at 88/100(or 8,8/10), while the players, who make up 99% of the gaming community give it thumbs down. SWTOR gets 5,6, a little better but still not even close to what the game has received through metacritics.

    What, Funcom didn't pay you enough, or at all, to do an honest review of the game? Out of 30 or 31 reviews, the game is rated at mediocre. I guess this is what always happens when someone tries to trudge a new road and make a new standard. This industry has become oh so money driven. I understand that neither WoW nor SWTOR nor Diablo 3 wishes to lose its fanbase, but lets be honest. With or without these bad reviews that are given, this game will blossom. Because word of mouth sells better than any commercial ever will. But hey, everyone has their right to an opinion.

    I have spent roughly almost $70 for the game(Scandinavia) incl. shipping(yes, I have a box-version), and paying $10-15 a month is for me personally not an issue. That is how much 1 beer in the bar costs. I guess I will be skipping that 1 beer and play this game instead. No one will ever make a perfect game that will satisfy everybody. We all have to admit that. But realizing how low the leaders, who are here to promote the games have sunk, I rest my case by saying: Try the game for yourself or, If you have a friend that has the game ask him to give you his buddy-key. Or even go to a internet-cafe and see if TSW is installed and try it there. Point being; you will not be disappointed.

    Thanks for reading.
  69. Jul 20, 2012
    I think what I like most about what I am seeing regarding the reviews is how the critics seem luke warm but fans appear to be pretty excited. So why is it that the critics and fans seem to be on opposite sides of the fence lately? Most blockbusters get great reviews by the critics, but fans have clearly been disappointed. While lesser known titles that actually seem to try and innovate, with the inherent risk that comes with trying something new, fans love and critics poo poo. This game really is a breath of fresh air and is only in its infancy. I wish this company all the best with this title and hope it will have some longevity in a gaming industry littered with repeats and the same old ideas. Expand
  70. Jul 21, 2012
    Simply superb game that I am really happy to play! Lifer here! :) Recommended for both casual and hardcore players. Solve puzzles, enjoy deep and really fun quests, especially the investigation missions that will send you searching for ansvers in totally new ways. Especially recommended for mmo veterans that I am sure will love this game!
  71. Jul 23, 2012
    Why Metacritic haven't listed yet the reviews where TSW got a very good mark like MMORPG (9.5), (8), Micromania (8) or PC Authority (8.3)??
  72. Jul 23, 2012
    Amazing 'new' take on mmo genere. 'New' as it takes some of the old non-level character building system which all recent mmos mesmerised in WoW success seem to forgot... and bring back to the table along no need for 'respecs' or alt grinding. First mmo which managed to actually introduced old school style quests which take more time to figure out how than repeatedly do aka 'grind' your way through. Sure You can cheese your way through content by just looking up solutions to puzzles but this game does its fair share of changing such 'grind through and get to max-level' attitude. Excellent work. Expand
  73. Jul 26, 2012
    Finally a game made for people that can't grind mobs or raid 24/7. The quests are awesome and way different then other games. It feels like singleplayer quality all over the zones. Best part is you can repeat em if you want to play with a lower level friend. Instances are made without a million trash mobs so you can just focus on the good boss fights. I admit TSW has its error and mostly in the pvp section. Fusang is good fun the first few days then its just about getting the marks and leaving asap. Kinda like how SWTOR had the same problem in Illum. Hopefully they will fix this soon so there is a reason to pvp. This game also had one of the smoothest launches I have seen with their cloud server setup. You can play with everyone even if they are on different servers. Expand
  74. Jul 27, 2012
    This is a lifetime happening. The secret World made me start playing pc game again. 5 years since I ve played. This is a "blockbuster" for sure. Ive bought extra gear and 3 mth subscription. Im gonna play for years is my instant opinion. Im in the thirties with kids and really doesnt have time for such a great game;-). Salute Funcom!
  75. Jul 29, 2012
    Sigh. The quest design is excellent, voice acting is a nice touch (but not always good), and the premise of the game is very unique. It's just not a good MMO. Every "class" feels like the same thing, making combat and progression kinda boring after a bit. The weapon system doesn't actually give as much freedom as you'd expect - it just lets you slightly change things up. There are three types of "classes" and three types of gear - you can mix and match for more of a soloing or PvP build or go straight up a DPS tree for example for instances, with only DPS gear. The only saving grace is the great quest design - other MMO's should take note. Unfortunately, it's not a great single-player game either - I'd rather play a great single-player game. I didn't experience that many bugs so I can't speak there - it ran okay, but definitely needs a decent machine to run well. PvP cues were a tad long for the first month of the game, and the PvP, well, there's not much of a point to it. The sound (not the music which was nice) drove me a bit nuts too..... After many hours of playing I just felt it wasn't worth it - I'd rather spend my gaming time playing something better. Kudos to the quest designers though - really cool stuff there. Expand
  76. Jul 30, 2012
    Equal parts enjoyable and frustrating, but at the end of the day the questing and combat system made me move on.

    The first few hours of the Secret World are so distinct from anything else I've played in the MMORPG world that it kept my attention for a while. Unfortunately, the punishing combat system, frustrating questing and limited gear options lost my interest over time.

    The game
    itself is not as open ended or "level-less" as advertised. You will follow quest chains that send you across zones, and while you do have a diverse amount of options for what weapons you invest in, the abilities are still broken down into the traditional MMO categories (tanking, damage, healing, CC and hybrid). I created three characters and did not feel I developed a competent character until my third. While you are "free" to invest in anything, if you choose not to focus on a particular skill set early on you will find it difficult to push past your current zone. So really, at least initially, you need to pick a skill set and stay with it, or you will be forced to redo quests gaining back experience to compensate for your lack of focus. This is made easier by having "decks" which you can choose from, which provide general (although not necessarily the best for early leveling) guidelines.

    The quests are intriguing, especially initially. The voice acting is fine, the writing is fine, no real complaints there. The quests can be tricky and the puzzles will often force you to use Google, unless you want to punish yourself for hours attempting to figure it out. They provide an in game browser for such purposes.

    The instances are very linear, involve little trash, and can be cleared relatively quickly. I had a few wipes here and there, but usually could clear the instances in under half an hour. They were enjoyable the first time through, but became increasingly repetitive with each subsequent run through. There was nothing really fun or dynamic about them, but nothing fundamentally flawed either.

    As for PvP, I did not try it, which is odd since I almost always play games for PvP over anything else. This is a testament to the interesting world created in TSW.

    All that said, I did not continue my subscription and I don't see myself playing TSW any longer, and here is why:

    The combat is not very fun to me. As you progress through zones, even if you chose to focus on a deck, you're likely to find yourself having to intently focus on every battle or risk death. I don't mind a challenge, but TSW makes it frustrating, not challenging. This is coupled with the frustration of the questing system, which while narrated well, has mechanics that require mundane and repetitious tasks. So, you have mobs that can take a good thirty seconds or more to kill and involve either significant kiting or downtime between fights, and quests that will send you across half the map, with hundreds of said enemies, all so you can grab something. You're basically faced with running and hoping nothing catches you, or investing a tremendous amount of time into fighting everything. Once you get there, even if you turn in the quest via the mobile turn-in, you will have to make the run back to get the rest of the quest givers' tasks.

    Also, several quests are broken. I will say that Funcom GM's have been terrific about responding and fixing problems, but they are broken nonetheless. It ruins the immersion and frankly I don't like having to petition a GM multiple times to complete a zones quests, especially since there are so few of them in a zone. While there is an open ended style to the investment of skill points, the skills themselves are starkly similar to one another and share much of the same mechanics. This makes the variety of abilities feel less diverse. Granted there are differences between each tree, but they are not distinct ability sets so much as part of a mold that is reused across all the skills. The voice acting is done well, but I do feel they used the same three actors to voice each character. That does not diminish their acting ability, but when the Templar quest giver voices are the same as the Dragon quest giver voices, it once again ruins the immersion. Also, while the story aspect is well done, I can see it becoming repetitive, especially if you plan on playing the game for months or years. Overall, TSW is a fun diversion for a couple weeks, but the ultimate failure by Funcom is that while they made an interesting world paired with intriguing game mechanics, the game does not remain fun past the first few zones. Unnecessarily tedious combat scaling and poorly designed quests sucked the fun out of it for me, and I eventually lost interest.
  77. Jul 31, 2012
    Much like StarWars: the old republic the game is more like singleplayer with benefits than a real MMO. With all the problems. The story missions are really nice for an MMO, but i wondered regularly how great the experience could have been if the developers had focused purely on this part in a standard singleplayer rpg. The MMO part on the other hand feels shallow and dilutes the story with unnerving grind in order to be ready for the next region. In the end, the games neither real fun as a story driven experience nor as a progress driven MMO. Two halves don´t always make a whole. Expand
  78. Jul 31, 2012
    Best MMO ever! Will blast every other game away for years - Finally something for brains! Players and critics that rate this lower than Diablo III and WOW are hereby selfnamed NO-BRAINERS!
  79. Jul 31, 2012
    This game set new standards in MMOs with regards to storytelling and questing. A unique and interesting story based on modern age mixed with fantasy elements plays out exceptionally well. The story and it's characters are very well done, and I liked the tongue-in-cheek humor mixed in as well. Voice over is used extensively, and is high quality throughout which adds to the immersion. This is done even better than in SWTOR in my opinion, although in TSW it's not been hyped as aggressively.

    The quests (or missions in TSW terms) bring a bunch of fresh ideas to MMOs, and many times during your missions it really feels like you are playing a very good adventure or puzzle game instead of the stereotypical kill x mobs or gather y resources found in most MMOs. Sabotage missions have you sneak around mobs and avoid traps instead of killing. In investigation missions you uncover information about the game world by doing research and solving puzzles.

    The game is not perfect: there is a steeper than normal learning curve for MMO, mainly due to lack of tutorials and a bit confusing skill system, at least to the casual player. Some of the missions are much harder than many current MMOs offer. But the lack of hand-holding and the flexibility of the skill system do reward players who wish to explore and learn things by themselves. I would be one of them!

    All in all, an excellent MMO for a more adult audience that sets itself apart from the traditional constraints of the genre.
  80. Jul 31, 2012
    This is an MMO for MMO fans. It is a breath of fresh air in a genre still unable to shake off the dominant MMO model pioneered by Everquest in 1999. The story is excellent and engaging and is worth the price of admission alone. While character advancement is in essence the same concept as all the other EQ clones, it takes a free-form approach by taking out artificial limitations such as character level and class, to let you progress your character in the way that you want. It is a deep, complex and rewarding system, and it works. If you enjoy questing or want to enjoy questing, this game will blow you away. If you enjoy "theory-crafting" and min/maxing you character this game will floor you with its complexity and freedom. Expand
  81. Aug 1, 2012
    I'll be short and to the point.
    Game is an Experience. Like that, from a capital letter.
    It is a trip that will take you to places that will Blow. Your. Mind.
    It being an MMORPG makes it that much better, but the core of the game is in the fact that it promises to show you the things that will make you stare at your screen with your jaw dropped to the table. And it delivers 100%.

    Ignore the pre-paid magazine/website reviews. Get it, play it, let it surprise you in a way that probably no other game did.
  82. Aug 2, 2012
    This game is nearly perfect. There are a few bugs, most MMOs have a fair amount especially right after launch. Absolutely wonderful story, atmosphere, and gameplay. Combat is great imo.

    PvP could use some work, but all in all I am VERY pleased with this game and I would and have been recommending it to all my friends.
  83. Aug 3, 2012
    I just hate the fantasy settings: elfs, orcs, swords, spells.... that kind of crazy stuff so the 99% of MMORPGS on the market bored me to death.
    Then, like a flash of light in an endless night, "The Secret World" hit the market and I happily bought it and played it since launch: immersive and clever quests, 3 faction pvp and good graphics are the highlight of this gem of a MMORPG. Very
    innovative and modern/mature themed MMO: it's like the Holy Grail for an old gamer like me. It's really money well spent. GO TSW !!! Expand
  84. Aug 4, 2012
    I am enjoying this game more than expected! For the first time I do think about a game after the computer is shut down. Last time this happened was when I played Ultima Online and Asheron's Call
  85. Aug 5, 2012
    I've been an avid gamer pretty much all my life; i started playing Dr Mario with my grandmother on her NES when I was little. Unfortunately, by the time I had a computer that was good enough to run a MMO WOW had come out. I was never really a fan. TSW is the first MMO to come out since that I've actually gotten excited about. I was even willing to break my "I don't pay monthly fees for video games" rule for it. It has a marvelous and fantastical story, innovative gameplay, and just the best community I've ever encountered in a game. Expand
  86. Aug 6, 2012
    My first MMO was world of warcraft. I played it to much for the first 2 years, then on and off for many years to come. Recently I have been playing EVE online- it's a nice change of pace from feeling one has to log on everyday. The Secret World however has awakened the gamer within this 30+ old gamer. I want to play all the time. Though work and family has to come first. Therefor I am happy to say that TSW does not demand to much of a commitment. I would say it appeals to casual and hardcore gamers all over the world. Expand
  87. Aug 7, 2012
    This game is not for the Hardcore-ADD-Crowd always-skipping-cutscenes and running through the game. If you used too or still play point and click adventure games and enjoy a little D&D then this is the perfect game for you.

    I am appalled by the reviewers giving this game anything less than 8/10, i can understand that the game is not for everyone but in its genre it is at-least a 9/10 if
    not a 10/10.

    I have played for about 170-180 hours and i still have not done everything in the game.

    To the conspiracy theorist, yes this is my only review, i almost never do reviews, I am not a native English speaker and i have minor dyslexia so writing a review takes time for me.
    The only reason I created this review is too support a game that i Love, and I hope others would Enjoy as much as i do.
  88. Aug 7, 2012
    The Secret World is an engaging and entertaining MMO, with a strong focus on story telling, and they actually succeed very well with that. Every NPC in the game feels special, and you look forward to talking to them. The voice acting is brilliant, and every quest feels meaningful, although you don't really change anything in the world.
  89. Aug 9, 2012
    The most refreshing and daring MMO I've seen in years. The Secret World offers you something you have never seen before. A classless and innovative game that opens for thousands upon thousands of unique combinations. Be it clothing, skills, abilities and the option to change decks on the fly makes this game incredibly deep. With over 500 skills(!) you can either make it simple by selecting one of the pre-made decks (that also unlocks some really awesome outfits to wear) or spend hours and hours during your gametime to tweak and customize your abilities to make a truly unique character.

    The world is set in today's modern society with real-life locations like parts of London, New York, Soul and much more, but twists it with its horror theme making it very exciting (and sometimes utterly scary!) to explore and progress through. I find myself scouring every little hidden location, dungeon what have you in search of secrets and rewards that the game has to offer. And there's so much of it! The areas are huge, but I only wish it was more. Much more! I simply can't get enough of this.
    The beauty of this game is that no gear or skills defines your look in the traditional way. Everybody I see in-game has they're own different and distinct look. This is because of the stats system which increases your characters strength through talismans rather than gear which is in its own separate menu. Thus allowing every player to look whatever he/she wants to look like. And the choices of clothing are vast. Earn your clothes through mission unlocks, rewards from completing dungeons or maybe you want go shopping for clothes in London?

    The missions are really something else. Aside from the traditional missions you've seen before there's also investigation/sabotage missions that really makes you think. Funcom has created loads of fictional but "real" websites that you have to visit by googling them via the in-game browser to look for clues to advance your mission tiers. It's really fun to actually use your head, to think and learn about stuff you probably never knew about before. Scary stuff like occultism or arts and famous painters come to life in these many missions that offers hours and hours of gameplay.

    Take a chance with The Secret World and I promise you that you won't be disappointed. Without knowing it you have been waiting for a game like this. Trust me. It's worth it.
  90. Aug 9, 2012
    The Secret World is finally, FINALLY something a little bit refreshing. There are LOTS of MMOs that are so similiar to each other, that despite being entirely "new" they bore me out of my mind during the first hour of gameplay... And in theory those are games for MONTHS! The Secret World has an uniqe character developement (it's selling point) which is simply quite simple and is both item and skill oriented. You need to carefully decide what to equip and you can shift between healer, dps or tank. You can switch quickly any moment or choose an average in all of those. Story is VERY entertaining and there are many quests and they never REQUIRE you to grind anything - unless you like to yourself. Expand
  91. Aug 10, 2012
    This game is incredible and awesome.
    Even if it has several weaknesses and few bugs, we must admit that this game is a truly innovation in the MMO genre.
    Just give it a try and you will understand this is something you
  92. Aug 10, 2012
    I have played many MMORPGs before I tried The Secret World, but none has been able to pull me away from my primary game. However, with TSW this changed. My primary game is now TSW, and that is the only game I play.

    The main reason for that is that the game is really good at keeping you on your toes. By that I mean that you have to pay attention to the fighting, there is no q /afk, auto
    attack. You have to constantly pay attention to and avoid monsters attacks by strafing and dodging. The flexibility of building your character, and in combination with the gear manager, you can swap between tank, healer, dps with a click of a button. This makes it really easy to form teams that work well. The play fields in the world look amazing, though there might be games out there with slightly better looking graphics, the mood in the settings is absolutely unparalleled. Some of the missions might make you have nightmares, that's how good they are.

    All the people I meet in the game seems genuinely happy with the game thus creating a very good community.

    If you are tired of rage quitting your current game, why not give TSW a chance to illuminate you with it's breath of fresh air, and this unique way to look at MMORPG.

    Content updates are promised every month, and FunCom delivered as promised the first update 1 month after launch.
  93. Aug 13, 2012
    The atmosphere and aesthetics of this game are just through the roof compared with any other MMORPG I've played. The scenery, the NPCs, the quests are all truly very well done - and the investigation quests are of old-school puzzle RPG complexity and will really force you to think out of the box. The flexibility of the classless ability wheel provides for a ton of on-the-fly gameplay variety (and you'll need to use it and swap abilities in and out later in the game). Combat is fun and dynamic, where positioning matters versus most mobs - they'll use AoE effects you should dodge, plenty of options to break LOS to mobs with cast time abilities, and versus groups you can line them up so they get in each other's way and only a few can hit you at a time. The instances are very fun and rewarding, with interesting boss mechanics and hardly any trash mobs. And the classless system means it is really easy for people to jump into tank and healer roles so you can form a viable group. Expand
  94. Aug 10, 2012
    This game REALLY shines in its creativity on gameplay, story line and ability to get you hooked! The system on abilities are out of this world, the possibilities are almost endless! and the game wants you too pursue how you like to play with your character not needing to play what the game needs you to play. There are so much they can add later on to the game, the world are so open with possibilities and they have already launched a monthly content pack! No MMORPG have this kind of content flow, and i'm positive that Funcom will deliver months and months on. Thank you Funcom for this great game, and too bad for my wife that you made it.... Expand
  95. Aug 10, 2012
    This game is what has been missing from the MMO space for a very long time. It feels like forever since I've played a game that has captured my interest as much, a game that challenges the brain as well as telling a compelling story. It's not a game for you if you like to power level (levels are largely irrelevant) or if you hate to watch cut scenes, but if you want to play something that doesn't treat you like an idiot, check this out.

    The combat is simple to grasp the basics of, but displays its true versatility when exploring the range of complementary skills. Over time it deepens and broadens your range of options, forcing the player to adapt as the play field difficulty ramps up. While there have been rumblings that combat is over simplistic, that's an illusion; it's as complex as you want it to be, and necessitates experimentation.

    Again, this is not your game if you don't like to make choices, or you want a "one size fits all" play style.

    The environments are broad and challenging, with a good variety of mission types. It's not an all you can eat buffet, with a stack of quests you pile up to munch through, it's a stride through a roaring market where you sample what takes your fancy as you take in the spectacle. The system of tiered missions encourages exploration and avoids leading you by the nose while still displaying the play fields to best advantage.

    No need to emphasis the quality of the cut-scenes and the story, as the most biased of Nay Sayers have been unable to find fault with either of these features. I could go on, but the review is already too long and I want to get back to playing...
  96. Aug 10, 2012
    Although not for everyone, the secret world is possibly the best mmo released since world of warcraft.
    It does play differently then many of the MMO's released to date, it's more difficult to understand the concept of the classless ability system (skill wheel) but when you get it the possibilities are almost endless.

    Buy it and try it for atleast a month, you won't regret it.
  97. Aug 10, 2012
    One of the best mmorpg i have played in years. Top notch atmosphere, great cut scenes and graphics which put every other game to shame.
    Combat is really brilliant, i needed some time to get used to the new mechanics, but after then it wasn't the typical button smashing anymore. It was like playing a genius card game.
    Enemies and Mobs are good, nice AI, and interesting special moves. You
    have to move sometimes. The dungeons are not a cakewalk either. But the best thing are the missions. I never played better or more interesting missions in all my game life (20+years), they are hard and they are good. And nothing can offer you more adventure,mystery and horror. The writing is on par with top movies. Expand
  98. Aug 10, 2012
    I have had little interest in any MMO, until I started following this game. The story is engaging, the skills are interesting, and some of the quests actually require thought! The thing that knocked it down from a 10 is the lack of meaningful PvP content, which is hopefully coming with one of the monthly content patches.
  99. Aug 10, 2012
    This game is absolutely top notch!! It is unlike any other MMO you have played. The game has great atmosphere, amazing story and great zones to play through. It also has a really unique leveling system, with no levels. This game definitely deserves a reward!! 10/10
  100. Aug 10, 2012
    The Secret World is in my humble opinion the best MMO on the market per 2012. If you like pandas and cuddly toons, this game is probably not for you. I've played for 250 hours and looking forward to playing hundreds more!

Mixed or average reviews - based on 55 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 55
  2. Negative: 1 out of 55
  1. Oct 22, 2013
    The Secret World delivers an MMO experience that's distinctly different from its competitors, and it's likely going to remain the standard for future games in the horror/supernatural genre.
  2. Dec 17, 2012
    I am really looking forward to the next mission, the next dialog, the next puzzle. As in a solo role-playing game flat. And this is not an error but a boon.
  3. Sep 18, 2012
    I like the open character development where I don't have to wear a class straitjacket as well as the quiet discovery of mysterious dangers. But more often that it wants to, The Secret World is "just" an ordinary MMO.