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  • Summary: It's 1937 and Howard Brooks, a young aeronautical engineer, returns from a conference in Germany. On board the Hindenburg Zeppelin taking him to New York, Howard is attacked by members of an occult sect. He soon learns that these evil-doers covet the mysterious secret of a forgotten civilization of which, it seems, he is an heir. Convinced that Howard possesses a key element of their research, they decide to set a trap for him. Caught up by his past, Howard sets out on an adventure that leads him to fascinating locations around the world: Macao, an Indian Palace, a temple in Mesopotamia and the Empire State Building in New-York. Each location has its own unique culture, landscape and secrets. Features more than 30 characters to keep you company on your travels. Watch out – not everyone is totally trustworthy. Filled with mystery and set in a unique film-noir style, The Secrets of Atlantis is a unique adventure game that gives you the feeling that you are really aboard the Hindenburg Zeppelin racing off to the world’s most exotic locations in search of answers to a forgotten civilization. [The Adventure Company] Expand
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  1. While Atlantis isn't exactly a new premise for adventure gamers, the lovely depiction of seldom-used 1930s settings and the game's rich storyline saves The Secrets of Atlantis from being just another first-person adventure clone.
  2. Playing is quite fun, and there is a good mixture of conversational clues, puzzles and fun things to see. The puzzles are fairly well-integrated, but not logical all the time.
  3. The story – if you can call it that – is a collection of cliches, but not in a funny way. The game offers a variety of puzzles: Most of them are enjoyable, but some are dull and one even horrific. The cut-scenes are nice and voice acting tolerable. All in all, the thing that keeps the game from falling into oblivion are the puzzles. Maybe the sequel will do better. [Dec 2007]
  4. A decent adventure game may be lurking beneath The Secrets of Atlantis' tiresome pixel-hunting, nonsensical puzzles, and substandard imagery, but you'll have to work to find it [Sept 2007, p.58]
  5. Everything it offers is either totally standard (the gameplay) or a failed gambit (the 1930s atmosphere).
  6. If Indy had encountered nonsense like this during one of his escapades, he'd have let the Nazis win. Secrets of Atlantis is best left in a watery grave.
  7. Like vinyl, Adventure Games’ nostalgic qualities are aiding a comeback of sorts. With the resurrection of Sam and Max, as well as some other notable titles, the bargain bin quality of The Secrets of Atlantis doesn’t warrant a second glance.

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