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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 6 Ratings

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  • Summary: Sammy Studios and Point Of View capture the look, feel, and authenticity of "The Shield" television series in a 3rd-person action game. Never-before-seen gameplay elements create the first true-to-life police action game, and moments taken directly from the series immerse players in the disturbing Farmington underworld now recognized by millions as Vic Mackey's universe. Players control Vic in a living, breathing Farmington, engaging in perilous assignments ranging from busting crack dens to thwarting bank robberies. Much like the series, Vic and the Strike Team delve into the grayest areas of the law, fighting a war on crime where the ends justify the means. In addition to the raw action that undergirds the gameplay, players employ tactics used by Vic on the show, including intimidating suspects, employing brute force, accepting and offering bribes and planting incriminating evidence. The game also lets players choose between the right and wrong side of the law, with Vic walking a thin line while trying to accomplish missions, maintain the respect of his men, keep his politically ambitious police captain happy, pad his retirement fund and, above all, avoid Internal Affairs. [Sammy Studios] Expand
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  1. Somewhat dodgy AI can mar certain missions and the game practically screams for a co-op mode, but unfortunately, it's strictly single-player. [Apr 2007, p.55]
  2. 40
    If anything The Shield: The Game is true to the spirit of its source material. Much of the game may be poorly designed, cruelly difficult and obnoxiously unfair, but none of these flaws are necessarily show-stopping.
  3. Neither quality fan service nor a good action game on its own merits, The Shield fails miserably to live up to its license's pedigree.
  4. Just buy it on DVD and leave it at that. [Apr 2007, p.71]
  5. The Shield, in the end, is a game that will only appeal to the true hardcore fans. If you love the TV series rent it, otherwise take a pass.
  6. 21
    One of the most boring, generic games out there, even with a strong character like Vic Mackey. There's really nothing about the gameplay, visuals, sound, or story that can justify a purchase.
  7. An unmitigated disaster. Terribly designed both technically and in terms of gameplay, it’s a miserable, useless, joyless experience entirely bereft of fun.
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  1. JonathanS.
    Mar 30, 2007
    Better than some of these sites are saying it is and it DOES capture the series feel, especially since many of the original cast represent their actual voices in the game and also because the graphics seem to match-up with the grim Farmington district feel. Despite the fact that some of these reviewers grumbled about the mini-games, they were no less boring or no worse than any to be found in the much-vaunted GTA series and in some cases were more enjoyable (the police foot-chase stuff, for example). Furthermore, it is much better on the PC than PS2. I have to wonder if some of these reviewers even really bothered to play the PC version? Expand