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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 24
  2. Negative: 0 out of 24
  1. For its budget price, it won't work if you're looking for great graphics or a lot of all-out action, but once you get into the game's wacky style of play I think you'll find it's wonderful and very satisfying.
  2. You never know what character is out to get you, so this adds an extra dimension of cloak and dagger, as well as paranoia. You simply can't go around killing everyone, so you have to keep a careful watch of all characters and try not to draw attention to yourself.
  3. This wildly different take on "Quake," "The Sims," and "Clue" is off the wall and innovative.
  4. One great game. After a few hours I was so addicted that I couldn’t stop playing. The gameplay is simple once it becomes familiar, the idea is unique and the hunt is for once more enjoyable than the actual kill.
  5. The utter diversity in gameplay, the sometimes nail-biting tension coupled with the often laugh-out-loud deaths and kills are exactly what makes The Ship into a brilliant, if flawed game, and just the change in scenery that the FPS genre needed.
  6. While it may not be the refined, leisurely paced kill-'em-up many eager landlubbers might have signed up for, The Ship does quickly prove itself a subtly addictive, relentless nail biter that will only get better as those already aboard learn to rule the bloody waves. Notch this one up as another killer for Steam.
  7. The Ship is a fresh and different slant on multiplayer death-matching; one not dependant on speed of reflexes and advanced techniques. It’s fun and innovative – something that some of the big name games dominating the charts seem to forget about every so often.
  8. The Ship's mixture of intrigue, subtlety, and cunning makes it the perfect recipe for gamers bored with same-old same-old multiplayer shooters, but it does tend to show its indie roots a little too clearly here and there.
  9. If you find a game and are careful to avoid getting caught, you will likely enjoy many priceless moments like setting your quarry on fire by shooting him with a flare gun, only to watch yourself get pushed overboard by your hunter seconds later.
  10. A very decent game to play. It brings a few new twists to a genre that is overpopulated with mediocrity.
  11. The needs system may very well be the make-or-break point for several players.
  12. Making a game that is fun to play is what should come first, and The Ship is a game that takes that to heart and doesn't get too ambitious with it.
  13. A wonderful idea, and a thoughtful variation on multiplayer gameplay - what intesity you lose from speed, you gain from tension. [Oct 2006, p.66]
  14. 74
    Despite the Ship's diverse elements, they're fitted together fairly well. It's an intense experience to see someone walk by who may or may not be trying to knife your stomach. It definitely has a few faults, though.
  15. The Ship is the shooter Agatha Christie didn't live long enough to make. [Sept 2007, p.65]
  16. Artful and warmly considered (even the menu options are caught up in it - the "Options" menu is the "Engine Room", and the "Quit" button reads "Abandon Ship"), it's a well-formed idea that will almost certainly grow as it builds up a head of Steam.
  17. A welcome break from the many killing spree FPS titles available, it will make you wonder why Valve bothered with a crowbar when they could have used an umbrella.
  18. 70
    If you’re looking for a new multiplayer experience, with a blend of new gameplay elements, and don’t mind its limited scope, then The Ship is worth checking out.
  19. A refreshingly innovative and unique multiplayer game requiring poise, cunning and paranoia.
  20. We still believe in this, and with further tweaks it could yet become a fine murder romp. [Jan 2007, p.104]
  21. 65
    There isn't much depth to it all... But the formula itself is fun and the art and sound teams did an amazing job creating an immersive experience.
  22. Outerlight will patch out the inconsistencies and interface issues, and the community around it will settle. The final delight: this game will get better. The last frustration: we're being made to wait. [Sept 2006, p.83]
  23. We can see what the developers had in mind when they designed the concept, and on paper it was a glorious scheme. But in practise it does start to tear at the seams, and soon becomes a rather forgettable experience.
User Score

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  1. Negative: 53 out of 217
  1. Oct 30, 2011
    The ship is an amazing classic that you just have to play. Many of the reviews say it gets boring, but it really doesnt. The ship is a classic that you must get. Full Review »
  2. JonasH.
    Sep 8, 2007
    This game is rediculous, stupid and with no sense whatsoever - So how can you anything but love it? It's highly addictive and it has hours worth of online gameplay. However, a lot of bugs freezing the game, kind of ruins the experience. It sucks when your 500$ from winning the game, and suddenly: BSOD! But I rate by gameplay experience and not bugs! Full Review »
  3. SimonE.
    Aug 9, 2006
    After reading all the great reviews, I was let down by this game. Great idea and game concept... ingenious... however, I really am finding it hard to get into. Rounds are faster than I thought they would be, so exploring is difficult. The graphics are quite outdated looking. I've seen player and NPC characters walking on their sides so there are bugs in there which I wouldn't expect to see in a purchased game. However, I'll keep with it and see if it gets better with time. Some games do, eh? Full Review »