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  • Summary: As your Sims travel, they'll interact and learn from a variety of real and mythical locals including the wise old hermit, fire dancers -- even Big Foot! Like all true vacationers, your Sims will be able to decorate their homes with unique souvenirs from their trips that are available only at destinations within The Sims 2 Bon Voyage. They can even buy unique jewelry to wear or take home as gifts. Fall in love with the hula dance lei from your Sims tropical beach vacation? Bring it back and flaunt to the neighbors! Love the moves your Sim mastered doing the Slap Dance at the rustic lodge? Teach fellow Sims the tricks of the trade back at home. What your Sims learn and collect, is up to you. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. 80
    Sound and graphics are unchanged from previous iterations of the series of course, and there’s nothing here that will convert you to The Sims if you never liked the series before. For Sims fanatics though, there will be plenty here to keep you entertained for another dozen hours.
  2. The newest Sims add-on is an extensive holiday package with a lot of places to go and plenty of things to do. It is well made, but adds nothing really new to the game. You have that nice sensation that you’ve seen it all many times before. Also, the game’s a little slow from time to time even if you have a brand new computer. [Nov 2007]
  3. Luckily, this expansion pack does the series proud. [Dec 2007, p.88]
  4. The vacation activities are certainly an entertaining break from the drudgery of everyday Sim life, and the new jewelry options and photo-taking feature are a nice addition to the game.
  5. There is no lack of creative things you can do with Bon Voyage, and fans will enjoy it. On this vacation all the lifeguards are nice, and there is not a stingray in sight.
  6. Bon Voyage is a worthwhile expansion that makes plenty of neat little additions to The Sims 2.
  7. As fun as malaria. [Christmas 2007, p.74]

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  1. TomC.
    Sep 16, 2007
    Oh my god this was the best of all the 10 Sims 2 games. This game is great, finally a Sims 2 game that lets you travel. Buy it and love it!!!
  2. BrettL.
    Sep 6, 2007
    Adds a whole new dimension to Sims 2. I love the points you receive after returning from a vacation. The new environments are great, and really feel like a vacation. Sims 2 Bon Voyage is a great new expansion to explore. Expand
  3. TiaR.
    Sep 14, 2007
    I love this new expation pack .I think it's the best so far.I played for hours and never got bored. I'ts a must have for all sims fans.
  4. Sep 3, 2012
    For my opinion, this is the best expansion of The Sims 2. It doesn't only add new objects and possibilities, it adds the most special thing about the expansion, vacation. Exotic vacations and camping is full of enjoyments. You can rent a room in a hotel, where you can stay for 1 week max. What's good about vacations, is that you can meet people, and other stuff. 90 out of 100 Expand
  5. Mar 8, 2013
    I'd say that this is the best Sims 2 expansion that I have played. It really enhances the idea of vacation in the Sims. It gives you tons of new items to work with and new things that you can do. It is also fun to build brand new vacation destinations for your Sims. A great expansion for a pretty good sim. Expand