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Generally favorable reviews- based on 43 Ratings

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  1. Positive: 32 out of 43
  2. Negative: 7 out of 43

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  1. Feb 5, 2013
    Definitely a game changer. Weather in general is such an overlooked concept that once you have it, you can't imagine how you played without it. Turning every week (even if you make seasons longer than a week) into new experience instead of drudging on the next few days.
  2. Mar 13, 2013
    this is a must have expansion pack. it adds 4 seasons to the game and some kind of small carnival. it also add festival day of for school every thursday. so its nice to see halloween and things
  3. Apr 15, 2013
    Unlike other expansion packs, instead of adding just one new feature, this expansion pack is made out of little changes to everything. Weather is such an important factor in life but it is so overlooked. Imagine life with no weather? Not very life like.

    Instead of one long season with nothing interesting to do, Season's offers new events every few days (depending on how long you set the
    season for). This helps keep the game interesting.

    This is a great expansion pack and a must have for hard-core Simmers!!
  4. Nov 26, 2013
    One of the best expansions in my thought. But it should be included in the original sims. A expansion for four seasons is just too expansive for the users.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 12 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 12
  2. Negative: 0 out of 12
  1. Jan 29, 2013
    The Sims 3: Seasons doesn't offer as much content as we're used to in the earlier expansions. Although, the different weathers, new holidays and return of aliens do offer some fun that can't be found elsewhere in The Sims 3. But it is way too expensive considering how little it changes the gameplay.
  2. Jan 8, 2013
    If EA can do one thing right, it's to again bring innovations to The Sims 3 players.
  3. Jan 6, 2013
    I never feel like I am doing anything new. Sure, there are new animations, but the gameplay is always the same. Click on a thing, pick the thing you want to do, and watch something happen. A lot of the time the resulting actions are never that visibly different. It's great that the sims can do new stuff, but I really want EA to make me feel like I am doing something new.