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  1. Sep 2, 2014
    When I first fired it up, I thought, 'wow, this looks promising!' The music was nice, the interface was improved and it was much faster than the previous games. Create-a-Sim looked good, too (at first). Then, I started to realize that this game just isn't that good. Create-a-Sim is a disappointment compared to previous games. There's no color wheel and there aren't even many colors to choose from. There just aren't a lot of options and I had significantly more trouble getting my Sims to not look the same, even with the adjustments of facial features (which actually aren't that great because they are very limited).

    The game feels like a Sims game but it's missing a LOT. Not just content such as pools, outfits, colors, etc. but gameplay and options. The options are practically nonexistent. The camera doesn't work that well and there are zero options to adjust it! Have they never heard of options in video games?

    Overall, I'm just not a fan of this. It's a Sims game with better coding but 1/4 the amount of options and it brings very little to the table in terms of new or original content, just multitasking and emotions. Not worth the money.
  2. Sep 2, 2014
    I played with the Create A Sim demo and felt I had a good understanding of it, but once I started in the actual game the create a sim setup has no natural path. Despite having the tutorial, (which if you click off of it goes away until you randomly do whatever it asked you to do.) It assumes you know what to do, and it tries to empower the user with "freedom" and flexibility, but instead you end up missing parts like changing body parts. You see the dials for muscles & fat, but clicking on the body parts and adjusting them at different angles? Well I hope you intuitively know where they are and what their abilities are b/c there is nothing to queue you to their functionality. Again I've been playing with the CAS demo extensively, but in the production version of the game there is no natural flow.

    My biggest complaint is that there is far less control in general. You have only the pre-determined styles and there's no room to custom or alter ANYTHING.

    Like that shirt or counter top but want to make it a shade lighter? Too bad! You get these 5 options we've created.
    Want to make that metal object, wood? #SorryNotSorry
    What a design on that lampshade? So long as it's white, sure!

    There are 1/20th selection of anything, except random crap you don't care about. There are 6 counter/island styles, but 19 stove hood styles. Seriously?

    Standard things are missing. Like? Dishwashers. Under counter, trash compactors. Classic double kitchen sink. Not-hanging ceiling lights (i.e. standard flush mounted can lights)

    The new mouse/camera controls are weird. You can change them back to Sims 3 style but since you're missing pitch/tilt it doesn't make much sense.

    I am so frustrated by the complete lack of *everything* I rage-quit while setting up my house. Something that I could do for hours in all previous versions.

    I spent nearly all of last weekend in The Sims 3, making a really cool new house. Making sure that the wood of the bedroom furniture was the same style and color. Pulling tones from bed fabrics and using them in curtains and wall colors. Making sure the metal of the kitchen counter knobs was the same metal and hue as the light fixtures and the appliances.

    All of the subtle details that made The Sims 3 a fantastic customizable world are COMPLETELY lacking in The Sims 4.

    They completely screwed up the worlds too. Instead of having a cohesive world, you have the vague notion of a world with out of scale venues in neighborhoods. In order to go anywhere or see your world you have to use your phone. Instead of getting in your car or summoning a taxi you go to a load screen and appear at the venue. You cannot seamlessly travel within the world only in the neighborhood. I feel like I am using an internal alpha and not a released game.

    With the Sims 3 I loved trading patterns in the Exchange and getting new buildings or furniture that would have new patterns that I could customize and apply in existing buildings or clothing. I loved being able to choose that SPECIAL shade of green for my Sims eyes, deep green but vibrant. I missing selecting hair color and adding subtle highlights and low-lights.

    I've spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars, buying every expansion pack, every new world, every stuff pack and new set and venue in The Sims 3 store.

    The entire reason I loved playing this game, the customizing of houses, and furniture and clothes and the people ... all of that has been decimated to what can only be described as bare bones, poor-mans replica.

    I want to throw money at EA like I did with The Sims 3, but until I can change the shade of purple in a shirt, or matchy-match my furniture, I have no reason or desire to. I am heart broken that the newest version of my favorite game is only a shell of it's former glory.

    All of that is gone, and until it's back, I am too.

    Damn, so disappointing.
  3. Sep 2, 2014
    What the hell? I bought this being really excited about getting the next generation of Sims games, but it really just seems like a fancied up version of the Sims 2 with LESS features. Where is all the additions Sims 3 brought? Why is so much gone now while there are still some objects and movement that are the exact same as in previous games? I feel really scammed for getting such an incomplete product.

    I thought after Sim City, EA would be more eager to regain their trust with the customers, but I guess I was dead wrong. Unless you like paying more than 50 bucks for a Sims game that has less features than the freemium app on mobile, I would recommend you to throw your wallet at something else. EA does not deserve any money for this.
  4. Sep 2, 2014
    WHAT HAPPENED??? SO disappointed. There are so many features that have been left out(too many to list) that it does not allow for the level of creativity I have enjoyed in the past. Building does not allow for any changes in terrain. You can't build more than 2 stories high and no basements. Customizing your game is not an option. Leaving out things like dishwasher and trash compactors is confusing to me. I don't want this review to become a rant, so will close with a summation that this has been my biggest disappointment in a game yet (I have bought all the Sims games and their expansion packs). Expand
  5. Sep 2, 2014
    I just payed $70 for an incomplete game. It's an absolute steaming turd. What in the world prevents a Sim form being able to use their Cell Phone to dial the Fire Department?

    I don't recommend this game until they get at least 1 expansion. It is no where near as good as Sims 3.
  6. Sep 2, 2014
    Played for 5 hours so far and to be honest, I don't see much improvement over Sims 3. Yes loading times are shorter, yes there are moods now, and sim creation is slider-less, graphics little bit better, but overall it is the same game. It should be called Sims 3.5. So far I have a feeling that there is actually less stuff (haircuts, clothes, furniture) than it was in vanilla Sims 3. If you have some add-ons with your Sims 3 it will feel like a downgrade to you. Expand
  7. Sep 2, 2014
    PSA: You can get a full refund of any Origin game within the first 24 hours if you don't like it, which includes the sims 4, which I recommend you do.

    The game is lacking at best, it feels like it has been stripped down just so they can sell DLC that include the stripped down features.

    Sims 3 DLC added up to over $400 in total, it seems like it's going to be worse for the sims 4
  8. Sep 3, 2014
    Played it for a number of more hours to see if my feelings have changed and actually if I Could give negative I could. Heres the deal sims 3 I would make my friends and then impregnate one then move them into the house hold rinse and repeat trying to get a polygamist house hold. You know what happened? everyone bickered and fought due to cheating and sims being forced to watch this. The biggest travisity about sims 4, you can do this (i have also seen streams of this same kind of cheating behavior) and the other sims don't even get mad or negatively affect one another you can just go right down the road and sleeping with past loves again like nothing bad happened and impregnate them time and time again. Wheres the realism? what fun is this where it seems like none of the other sims have a mind or will of their own they are just subject to what ever interaction I'm able to do with no consequences. Expand
  9. Sep 2, 2014
    Been playing for the better half of the night and this game is alright. Not many improvements to be honest, and the sliders are cool though. The left out plenty of stuff from previous entries which i'm sure will be paid dlc down the road. Do not buy this game now, wait for a flash sale in the coming weeks.
  10. Sep 2, 2014
    This game was a huge disappointment. EA took one step forward and 10 steps back on this one. The good points are Create-A-Sim and the build tool. There are options in both categories that were not in previous games and they really are quite nice. But there are so many things missing from this game that it becomes extremely boring very quickly, and some of the missing features are just plain annoying. One of the first things you'll notice is the inability to turn off the tutorial, which is extremely frustrating when you have messages popping up all over the screen and often right in the way of what you are trying to accomplish. No more in-depth design options like the color wheel and patterns. No longer having the toddler stage is a huge problem for me. Having a baby appear in a bassinet instead of being able to place him/her in a crib of my choosing is really annoying. There's no more swimming. The world map is a joke. There are loading screens in order to go anywhere at all, even to visit your next door neighbor. The autonomy options are extremely high autonomy, or none at all. You can't have a private conversation between two sims if there are any other sims around, they will all join the conversation whether you like it or not. Objects in the game look weird and boxy, lack of realism. The options are so limited and the game is so bare bones that it is just no fun after creating your character and building a house. Expand
  11. Sep 2, 2014
    Let me start off by saying I loved Sims 3 and I was very excited for this game. I played the Create a Sim Demo and I liked the new creation mechanics.

    Now that I've covered the only good parts of the game...let's move on to the negatives.

    That large city in Sims 3 is now missing. There are only a handful of places to go and you will be punished by long loading screens when you
    actually do want to go somewhere. I ignored all of the bad press before that game released about the game not having toddlers or swimming pools. God I wish those were the only problems! There are still countless other things missing from the game.

    The level of customization took a long step back from Sims 3 and you can basically choose from a selection of 5 colors for most objects.

    The biggest disappointment in this game is the constant glitches. I've only played the game for a little over 5 hours and my characters are continuously unresponsive or walking into walls and getting stuck. I know there may be bugs on the first day with any game, but any amount of testing would have indicated this game was not ready. EA should have held back this 2014 title to make sure it was truly COMPLETED for 2015.
  12. Sep 2, 2014
    Fantastic! Every body, EA did that again! After the great success of reboot in Sim City, fans of simulation games are wondering what the next simulation title will be launched by EA. I can't imagine how bad the gaming industry will become if EA doesn't exist in this world. For starters, EA is currently one of the best simulation developers in the world, and in general it is the leader in trends of development of various games around the world.

    Sim City has already drawn so much attention and become a legend of simulation games in modern era. Today, another legend has born, which is this wonderful game.

    Sims 4 has significant improvement over its predecessor. It has an improved UI, which is more user friendly. Its graphic is superb and oustanding. On a technical side, the optimization is perfect, the game is running extremely smoothly. The game play elements also bring the simulation of life to a new level. It has a lot of elements added, and offers a great variety of game play choices for players. Also, it is very realistic, which is an outstanding life simulator.

    All in all, the game has a lot of innovative and creative improvement, which is a must-have for all fans of simulation.

    I am already looking forwards for more DLCs to come. Please do not release expansions again like the old-days, as this takes too much time for development. Fans want new contents as soon as possible. Developers, please try to release more and more DLCs on a weekly, or if possible, on a daily basis. Fans are eager to pay for more FUN! ;)

    Every one, please join me to celebrate the great launch day of such fantastic title!
  13. Sep 2, 2014
    A waste of the time and money not just for me but for the dev. I pre-paid for this game for my wife and honestly she played for about four or five hours then went back to Sims 3. I could give you a giant list of her gripes and complaints but I see most other here have done that for me. If you don't own Sims 3 maybe this would be a tolerable buy but compared to Sims 3 this game seems to be a dud. EA it seems could have done much more with the Sims 4, pity it ended up as it did. Don't waste your cash. Expand
  14. Sep 2, 2014
    I knew that this game wasn't going to be the best Sims yet but I didn't expect it to be like it is. The game itself may be okay, but it has a lot to live up to. The game is fun and exciting for the first couple of hours but then as soon as they go to work you are just stuck there unless you have another Sim. Sending one of your Sims out of the house is just terrible, you can only view one at a time and you have zero control over the other Sim. I feel like I am trapped in my home unless I send both of my Sims somewhere. The career options are quite limited and it feels like there are very few stages of life. I love some of the new features but for the most part I'm very disappointed. I pre-ordered it before I saw a list of things that were missing from The Sims 4, then I felt like refunding the game but I figured that it might be good still. I have loved The Sims franchise since the first Sims so I still have a love for The Sims 4 which is why I'm giving it a two. Expand
  15. Sep 2, 2014
    Very disappointing game, after a couple hours you pretty much see what the games has to offer, they said they took out a lot of features from the previous installments (pools, cars... why would a garbage disposal be difficult for them to add wtf) of the sims to focus on the 'base game' but its no excuse for the game to be boring as quickly as this has become, especially paying for the $80 deluxe edition. Only positive aspect of the game would be the personality and moods, that actually have some effects.
    I would recommend everyone stay away from this game.
  16. Sep 7, 2014
    You have to love EA's consistency in utterly destroying every franchise and IP in their library. EA has embraced the notion of releasing very basic functionality in all their games. In essence gutting each game until it's almost playable and then loading the backend with expensive DLC that provides the basic gameplay that should have been included in the original. With Sims 4, EA is testing the waters. How far can they strip a game to the point that consumers outright reject the product? There's a lot of wallet gouging on the line here. This game is so gutted that it's been hammered by reviewer after reviewer for all the same boring reasons. I can only hope that gamers unite on this front, accept EA's challenge and refuse to purchase this game. This is the ONLY way that EA will change. Expand
  17. Sep 2, 2014
    I've been anxiously awaiting the release of The Sims 4 for quite some time. I was recently made aware of the missing pools and toddlers but I've been playing The Sims since the beginning so I decided I wasn't going to let that keep me from giving this game a shot.
    At last the game has arrived! I get on to play and start creating my sim, the create a sim tool is great, I mean it's missing
    some simple things from TS3, like body hair but no biggie. So finally, I'm done creating and I get to start playing... Select a house? Okay, but why is this neighborhood all divided up into sections? Well... you can't simply travel around the neighborhood like before. What, are you joking? No! Remember what it was like in TS2? It's like that, loading screens to travel to and from a lot of places. Meh.
    Fine whatever, let me just go get my usual job in the business career and it'll all be good. Nope, you can't do that either, sorry! My Sim just vanishes into thin air, I can't see his needs or anything while he's gone. There are many other things that I've found missing from the game compared to previous versions.
    While the emotions of the sims are an interesting addition to the game, they most certainly do not make up for the all of the things that are now missing. The graphics in my opinion are only slightly better than before.
    I remember the day the first Sims came out, I was glued, for hours and hours. It's only taken me about 3 hours to get bored with The Sims 4. Keep your money and stick with The Sims 3, you'll be glad you did.
    I'll probably be returning my copy tonight via the Origin Great Game Guarantee because in my honest opinion, the game is a very stripped down version of the Sims 3 that is not worth the price tag.
  18. Sep 2, 2014
    Well, what do we start. Hmm, this game is missing so much content that earlier sims series games had. Game has plenty of bugs, including babies meshes can bug really badly, similar to if you download some broken custom content in sims 3, Characters run trough each others, their hands clips through clothes, so called new smarter and emotional sims doesnt really show as they dont react if someone has a baby, or if there was fire on the kitchen and your sims stand next to the fire, his moodlet is happy? Really happy when your house is on fire.. Sims doesnt also care about fire like they can drop their mug in the floor near fire and then leave the house. Also missing major things that sims 3 had like open world and create a style. Tiny worlds,Also less traits. There is also missing some other minor elements like toddlers, pools etc., no basements. Sims 4 actually mis over 89 features compared to earlier base games.(without expansions.) There is loading screens and they are annoying as they pop up all the time, because places are so small, they load pretty fast with my fast computer (5-10secons), but they come often also with only basegame, when expansions start to pop-up loading times will easily grow atleast 2-3x times longer, just like in earlier sim games. Expand
  19. Sep 2, 2014
    They took out free roaming! EA Have destroyed the Sims immersion! Why do you have to load to go to a neighbours house- I didn't need to do that in Sims 3! They removed the ice-cream van and swimming pools :(
  20. Sep 3, 2014
    With amount of content it has it's worse than some games I played on my smartphone. It is worse than The Sims 3 and even The Sims 2. It's poorly optimized, graphic looks like from free MMO game. It has like half or less the objects and clothes Sims 3 had. Definitely wouldn't recommend.
  21. Sep 2, 2014
    This game is a huge disappointment. At first I was looking forward to it, but overtime we all found out what EA have axed from the game and I grew more and more optimistic. So now I have it... and it's terrible. I can't, and won't, play this. Money back please.
  22. Sep 2, 2014
    I suppose I should start off with the good things; this is a visually stunning game. The two worlds (what you get to see of them, anyway) are gorgeous, and everything seems to sparkle. The Sims are adorable, and I love that you can fully customize body shape. In fact, in game, subtle changes appear over time if your Sim doesn't eat properly or exercise. However, the CAS lacks customization options for eye colour, hair colour and is certainly lacking on the clothing front; no surprise here, really, as Maxis has always provided a limited number of fashion choices. What was really disappointing to me was the fact that colour options are limited to just a few pre-selected choices. I was hoping that wouldn't extend to the build/furniture options, but wouldn't you know it, you're limited there as well.

    Aside from those issues, I was hoping game play would keep be suckered in. Nope. The new interactions are cute, but the game failed to motivate me to keep going. Your Sim goes to work on their own, and travelling is limited to switching between a few (four in the one world) community lots. Game play becomes akin to playing the mobile or Free Play versions. I don't think I'd be able to sit and play long enough to have a good run at a legacy.

    There is limited time for your Sim to socialize once they've found a job; you have to complete menial tasks in order to be promoted, and these tend to take up a lot of time and energy. I didn't really have the desire to socialize anyway, since going out means you're bombarded by three or four NPCs at a time, and they never stop talking to you. Since you don't have the option to limit autonomy (it's either you have it or you don't), you pretty much just let your Sim and the others do whatever they want.

    This game was a huge disappointment for me. I've been waiting and waiting, but what I got was boring. If I wanted to play the mobile version with better graphics, I would've just purchased it for my phone. $80.00 for limited game play seems ridiculous. Thank God EA offers a refund within 24 hours of launching your digital copy.

    I sincerely hope that after a few patches, and perhaps a major expansion launch, this game will be worth the money. The updated Create-A-Sim and the build mode are everything I've wanted in The Sims 3, but the game play just isn't on par for me.
  23. Sep 2, 2014
    The only reason anyone would ever pay for The Sims 4: DLC Quest is if you feel EA hasn't been making quite enough money lately, and you want to reward them for stripping down Sims 3 to its bare essentials with nary an upgrade to be seen anywhere.
  24. Sep 3, 2014
    It's said quite frequently when the subject of nixed content comes up that it cannot be expected that a brand new Sims game can be as fleshed out as the previous incarnations in all their expansion pack glory; I disagree.

    The Sims 4 is a "core" game in a franchise that has been wildly successful and around longer than kids born in the 2000s. It has plenty of added features and is
    created on a brand new engine that is designed around being as smooth and accessible as possible, even on the lowest end of computers.

    So why am I giving this game a zero?

    I think most people are confused as to what an expansion pack is supposed to be. An expansion was a way for a developer to continue to develop updates for a game. The process of patching new content for software that's already released costs a lot of money and resources. When you purchase an expansion pack, you're paying for the team to continue to patch in new content.
    Expansion packs for video games should be considered just that. A patch that elaborates upon the core game in a way that completes the experience.

    By ignoring content they've already released into the franchise; they've made the base game smaller and bareboned. They've ignored all the iterations they've released of their software. Yes. The game runs very well. (minus a crash or two I've received with the autosave function being non-existent despite the claim that it's implemented) It looks fine, but it's full of archaic loading screens;
    invasive saving, and several design choices that boggled my mind to the point where I simply couldn't continue playing.

    There's such an exceptional amount of customization to a Sim's body and face-- very few complexion changes (every Sim ends up looking like a barbie), limited make-up or hair colors.
    Every Sim ends up looking the same with one of the 21 total male hair styles or the slightly more extensive 25 female hair styles.

    Teens, Young Adults, Adults and Elder are all the same height with very few differences that place them apart. Why even have variation?

    The neighborhood system is very restrictive. Under the current system it's completely possible to run out of lots to place Sims. In fact, if you want a new neighborhood for each family you make? Can't happen. They all exist parallel to each other in the same neighborhood.
    And I.. just the jobs and what happens when your Sims are on different lots from each other.

    I spent 60$ USD on a complete experience and instead of getting Microsoft Word I received Notepad.

    However, EA customer service is pretty exceptional lately. I'm very, very happy with my refund.
  25. Sep 2, 2014
    If you look carefully through other reviews, high reviews (9-10) are uncommon, and among the high reviews most of the reviews appear to be fake (almost perfect, glowing reviews from reviewers who either had not reviewed any other game or reviewed other EA games as 10/ real gamers give more than a couple games ever 10/10?). Such tactics appear to be a subtle admittance that EA expects everyone will hate it and I guess they need to keep the average score above 1-2 out of 10... Can you even imagine that one of them even referenced the disaster that was Sim City as a positive comparison... Anyways, I have to say Sims 3 was a fun game and I'd recommend it if you haven't played it, but only if you can cheap out and not buy the gobs of the money-sucking expansions. Expand
  26. Sep 3, 2014
    The game is a **** mess! so many missing stuff and also when EA said that the game will have loading screen i thought this loading screen only apply when u go in another town i know.. Im find with that to reduce the lag... but GOD Im wrong.. I mean every single HOUSE u need to load the game even the house is just crossed the street....
  27. Sep 2, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have been a long time sim player, and this game has officially ruined the franchise for me. For those of you who are new to the sim world, playing this game would actually be quite appealing; for the simple reason that you wouldn't know what you were missing out on. 89 notable features (and these are just the big ones) have been removed from the game in order to push individual DLC packs and micro transactions.

    I would understand if the game kept some of the major features that previous simmers loved (such as something as basic as a pool) and then offered a few DLC packs with innovative **NEW** content. However, completely gutting the game of any and all depth in the pursuit of financial gain is unacceptable.

    Don't be a fool and buy this game. It's on Origin for $69.99, but after all the DLC packs for this travesty to become a real game could cost you upwards of $600. Give this game the bad score it deserves to spread the word about the awful things that EA is doing to a franchise so many people loved..
  28. Sep 2, 2014
    I've played the Sims for over 14 years now so I was really ecstatic for the Sims 4! Let's start with the pros. Loading time has been drastically cut. A player can really make their Sims look realistic. The emotions are fun and bring new interactions between Sims. The graphics are improved. Cons: The most frustrating and disappointing thing was not having an open world. EA has basically taken the Sims 2, shrunk the world by 70%, and made better graphics. The whole neighborhood view is grey and white. When you move your cursor over the small, five sections of the world offered, then it highlights with color. 4 hours I played and was bored. I was promoted twice in my career, made friends with the Goths, and then shut down the game down. Playing the Sims 4 made me miss the Sims 3. Thankfully, I bought the game through Origin and had a 24 hour guaranteed return policy. I will not be playing the new Sims until they introduce more expansion packs. I am so disappointed. If you like to ONLY build houses and create Sims, then this is the game for you. Expand
  29. Sep 2, 2014
    Should've been named "The Sims 1 HD". Such an embarrassingly obvious disappointment from Maxis. Instead of moving forward, they took 4 steps back. Still can't believe all that time waiting was for this garbage.
  30. Sep 2, 2014
    I played with the demo, and I hoped that it would be a half decent game. Even after seeing all the lists upon lists of features that wouldn't be added into the game, I still held out hope that this Sims game would be decent enough to warrant the price tag. I quickly realized how foolish I was in holding onto that hope. This game is a joke to the series, with so many missing features, it becomes boring far too quickly. It feels like a Sims game, there's no doubt about that, but it only feels like a half assed one at that. I'm not going to be exploring this game any further, especially when EA brings out the DLC. What really hurts, is the fact that The Sims has been one of my favorite series, and I can do nothing but watch as it's treated like **** by EA. Expand
  31. Sep 2, 2014
    Extremely disappointing. Sims 3 vanilla was far more complete than this. They left out so many features and options that it's painfully clear that they are just looking to milk money out of you with DLC's for things that should have just came with the original version. EA's excuse for leaving out what are considerably core features is infuriating that they cite lack of development team resources... yeah, lack of resources from one of the largest game developers working on a long awaited sequel to one of the most popular franchises ever. Makes sense. Even if such is true, and EA really is so inept that they cannot even allocate the resources required to put out a worthy sequel - then they should definitely not be rewarded by your purchase for their continuation of the trend of large developers putting out shoddy product and asking you for more money so they can 'fix' that shoddy product. Expand
  32. Sep 2, 2014
    Like so many of us, I have enjoyed all of The Sims games over the last decade. This new one is a big disappointment for me. I would have rather spent my money on a Sims 3 expansion pack I don't yet own. I will be sticking to the Sims 3 for a long time until I see a full game release.
  33. Sep 2, 2014
    this game is asswipe and the only good thing about this overpriced game is create-a-sim and build mode,and i cant believe ea is paying people to score this unfinished product a 10,that's sad like wow really?? I want another company to take Sims,because EA doesn't deserve it (imo)
  34. Sep 2, 2014
    Sims 4 is not a really bad game, but not a good one either. I like the new Create a Sim, it is a little bit easier than Sims 3. Build tool, I like it and hate it at the same time. Firstly, you can enlarge objects like plants. In Sims 3 I always struggle to find a good plant so this is a pretty good feature. Windows can be placed and roof and wall can be dragged more easily now (Sims 3’s roof is irritatingly hard), But what I don't like is that the house is built based on rooms, at least not for me (I prefer building a house than rooms), and your house always limits on the surface of the lands given. Live mode, your sim can do multiple things at the same time which is good. Interaction between your sim and other NPC is also improved, I sort of like the emotion they added, but I don’t really care about that, but there is no more open world as it was broken up into different neighborhoods, every time you access a neighborhood a loading screen will pop up. The loading time is pathetic, and it is unacceptable. More marks is deducted because of all the missing features from Sims 3 (you know what I am going to mention don’t you), pools and toddlers, car etc. but EA is probably going to flood us with 200 DLCs and put those in again. At last, the graphics, I do not hate the super cartoony graphics, but this feel like a step back from Sims 3 since Sims 3 looks more realistic. Sims 4 is basically a bit easier than Sims 3, but as a sequel, features in previous games should be already featured in the based game. People who already played previous Sims game should probably still enjoy playing this game, since they play like the same and Sims 4 runs smoother than Sims 3, but if you are new to the franchise, I recommend you to buy it after all DLCs is released. 5/10 for the base game and probably 75-80/10 when all the DLCs come. (I hate DLC but it is probably the only way to get a full Sims experience) (Remember EA is a greedy company. DLC is not free-update they are not free add-on. If you don’t have that much money, go back to Sims 3) Expand
  35. Sep 3, 2014
    EA lied to us since the very beginning. This is nothing but an alpha version of the game, which was supposed to be called "The Sims 4". While they've done well on the animation and the UI, they've managed to screw and cripple every other aspect of the game. If you don't want to be disappointed - play Sims 2 or Sims 3 instead - they BOTH have better graphics and far more features than this joke of a game. Expand
  36. Sep 2, 2014
    Sims 4 looks like a demo version of Sims 3...waste of my money and time...
    We waiting to much time for this game! And what we have now? It's not "fair play", EA.
    Another fail after piece of lag - BF4 (looks like DLC for BF3).
  37. Sep 2, 2014
    I played for over an hour. (Not counting install time which was about 30 minutes.) The only reason it loads fast is because it's all installed to the hard drive.

    The bad: Everything you loved from the Sims 3 is now gone. There are no color wheels. There's a mismash of preset colors. Customizing your sims is pretty hard and in the E3 demo they showed them pulling on the sims in all kinds
    of crazy ways. No... You can't. There are limits. Very limited limits. No colors for changing colors of the clothing, hair, etc. You can't make anything even close to what you could in the Sims 3.

    The world is very limited. There are a few houses, a park, and no alterable terrain. No swimming pools. No karaoke machine. You have to unlock objects with career levels. Which is nice, but what if the sim you made wants an electric guitar? Nope. You have to get him up career levels to get it. What if you want green hair on your sim? Is the color available? No? Well, you can't have it. What if you want your sim to have a pink and purple shirt? Is it a preset color? No, well... You can't have it.

    The free to play app has more features than the Sims 4.

    The good (and there's not many):
    Load times are faster
    You can search for objects by name
    There are moods

    That's about all the good things that there are... Sadly. :(

    If you love the Sims 3 and have expansions, then you're going to hate this game. I have every Sims game from 1 and all it's expansions to now... 4. 4 is the worst Sims game I have ever seen and I bought the fully loaded premium edition for 80 bucks!!! I am not happy in the least!
  38. Sep 2, 2014
    I am very disappointed. When I first started to play, one word came into mind.... incomplete. It feels like they gave me a game that they didn't finish. Compared to the mass amount of variety and options I could do to customize my Sims and house, it feels like they only gave me about 3%. If only AT THE VERY LEAST they added a color wheel to change the colors of the Sims clothes and the furniture it would at least bring some variety to customization. They put me in a universe with endless possibilities in Sims 3 and then they expect me to accept the fact that they put me in a small shoe box with so many restrictions with Sims 4. I'm going to have hope that EA listens to their customers! Expand
  39. Sep 3, 2014
    Ok so I see improvements with the Sims and the UI & Build mode! What in gods name happened to the GAMEPLAY!!? They absolutely destroyed the Gameplay! Sims 4 shows about 15% of Sims 3 gameplay. the rest they choose to throw out!? You cant walk next door and go knock on a door, it loads up? REALLY!!!? The town itself is only 4 buildings, and a park!?? Wow totally a waste of money peeps!
  40. Sep 2, 2014
    Played several hours, lost interest fairly quickly. I found a lot of things empty or underwhelming. And though I realize it's still only the vanilla game, I'm not so forgiving after paying $60. Meh...I've requested my refund, I just can't justify funneling money into DLCs to make the game more enjoyable like I did with The Sims 2 and 3.
  41. Sep 2, 2014
    Let me start that I admire EA for making the characters deeper. For a life simulator, deeper characters are definitely a plus. EA has emphasized this, and it's definitely delivers as a proof-of-concept. This, along with the graphical overhaul deserves three points.

    However, this game feels like it regressed in many other ways. I won't go into the lack of toddlers and pools, that's been
    beaten to death. What people aren't talking about as much are:

    1. Create-a-sim has been nerfed. You only have around 5 patterns or colors per furniture/piece of clothing
    - No more thousands of combinations of patterns to customize clothing
    - You don't have a color wheel as well to edit

    2. You are back to dollhouse mode like in Sims 1 and 2.
    - No more open world like in Sims 3. You have to go to a loading screen even just to visit the people next door.
    - Loading screens are signs of a bygone era. This is unacceptable considering Sims 3 got us past this already.

    3. Character interactions are much less and just weird.
    - You don't have as much character interactions.
    - There are weird interactions like when you are having your sim talk to someone, another person your sim doesn't know just joins the conversation, and you can't kick that extra person out of the combined conversation without quitting it.

    I really wanted to like the Sims 4. However it feels like it took us too many steps back to give us the new emotion system. This is not a game, but a proof-of-concept of the emotion system. Compared to the Sims 3 base game, which really made you feel like you cannot go back to the Sims 2, this incomplete version of a game only makes me want to go back to the Sims 3.
  42. Sep 2, 2014
    Game starts out entertaining and looks pretty nice. Slowly over time i realized that it was a shell of a game and actually lacked much of the depth that i enjoyed as the game series progressed from the original sims up to the Sims 3. It feels like they stripped the game down in order to push of DLC that should have been included in the game to begin with. I have already contacted EA about a refund due to their 24hr origin satisfaction guarantee. Overall the game leaves to much to be desired in a franchise that has had so much success. Expand
  43. Sep 2, 2014
    I was first sceptical of the Sims4 when they wouldn't hand out any games early for reviewers to get their hands on. Well, it makes sense now...they've clearly made this game at a lower spec than expected because their plan is to port it to iOS and Android without detrimental affects...basically, this game has been simplified.
    It shows, the graphics are blocky, the gameplay is plain and
    the overall feel is hollow.

    Don't waste your money on this game or the thousands of DLCs EA will no doubt release for it.
  44. Sep 3, 2014
    After a year and a half of waiting, I was sorely disappointed with this latest Sims game. An avid Simmer since age ten (now age 23), I found this to be my least favorite of all three. Most of the features which made Sims 2 and Sims 3 great, have been removed. The lack of a toddler life stage, takes away an important aspect of the game. While I did enjoy the sliders in Create-A-Sim, the lack of control over colors, (ie: the Create-A-Design tool) is missing. I can no longer make my Sims have unconventional hair colors or strange eye colors.

    I am somewhat of an Build-A-Mode buff, but this one is terrible. While some of the features and pieces are arranged more thoughtfully and logically, several features are noticeably missing, again with Create-A- Design. There is virtually no room for artistic license. Also, there are no pools and there is no auto roof >.< There is a glitch with the foundation in which I had to build random rooms where I had to then delete walls to get the foundation to form correctly so I could build a deck. And the fact that there is no dishwashers is a minor annoyance.

    The worst part of all has to be the neighborhoods. Unlike the Sims 3, which opened up free play, we are limited to a smattering of buildings. There are a total of four community buildings in one area of the world. The Sims 3 had a plethora of buildings and lots to explore without having to bounce to the loading scene. There was a free range of movement where you could have one Sim go to the movies and another sit home and take care of the house and still keep track of another searching for collectables. This feature is not possible in this game which is a major issue with me.

    The game itself is rather boring to play, there is not much substance. While the characters are more believable, I could not help but find them mundane. There is very little range of freedom. The needs tend to turn red just under a half which puts the whole Sim in a tumultuous emotional state, granted the click to take care of needs option is certainly convenient. Also, I have notice that the buy mode items are much more expensive than in previous games. 12000 simolions for a refrigerator, I mean come on. Even in the real world a refrigerator would never cost that, except maybe an industrial one.

    The one good thing I can say about this latest debacle, is that the graphics are 100 times better than the other games. Loading times are also much faster than ever before.

    Even though the graphics are awesome, I cannot overcome the serious downfalls of this newest Sims game. I think I will retire my Sims 4 until major improvements can be made, if possible, and stick with the Sims 3, even if it means more glitches, worse graphics and longer loading times. The Sims 3, and even the Sims 2, are far better games than this one as it stands and I will return dutifully to them and hope that the SimGurus are watching and know this: this game needs a major revamp and judging by the reviews coming in, I am not alone.
  45. Sep 2, 2014
    The graphics suit well with the environment. This is the good point.

    However, the gameplay is too poor compared to the previous Sims' base games. I am disappointed as I expected a better game than what EA badly made. I'm a fan of Sims games but Sims 4 is bad.
  46. Sep 2, 2014
    Graphics = Good Lacks MANY, MANY features from previous Sims games. If you search, you'll find a long list. Interface is down to taste but I personally thing it is awful, and I dislike the white. The new Sims look bland and it is hard to make a truly distinct looking Sim. This game will be loved and adored by the typical Sims fan base, because no matter how bad the Sims is, they will buy it and worship it. EA know this, which is why they are taking advantage of it by making sub par game and leaving room for LOTS, and I mean LOTS of DLC. The fact people buy into it makes me sick. Expand
  47. Sep 2, 2014
    I've been with the Sims since day one, I consider myself a 'diehard' fan. I obsessed over each new release, shamelessly glued to my computer for days. I returned this thanks to origins 24hr return policy on all EA games. To put it simply, I was not interested enough in this game to continue playing after 4 hours. All my reasons have been mentioned by other reviewers and so I will not waste anymore of my time on this game going into why. Thanks to those reviewers who gave me enough warning to try the game in a timely enough manner to be able to get my money back. Expand
  48. Sep 2, 2014
    I am going to go ahead and give this game a 1. The reason being... because it's a game, and it's not exactly horrible compared to some of the worst games out there. But for a Sims game? It is atrocious and deserves no higher than a 1. The game just feels very empty overall.... and if you didn't know you were playing a full production new gen game you might mistaken it for a free to play or an alpha of some startup. But no... sadly this is the full retail version of The Sims 4. I even went ahead and got the premium pack. I actually figured with or without the pack there should still be a decent amount of items to place in your house hold. You want to know the truth? This game has less items than the first Sims. I will admit the multitasking of sims is very cool, but it's the only polished thing in the entire game. Even the options menu is sad. It has about as many options as an early 90's DOS game. There really isn't much you can do at all with the sims themselves.... what they can do is more entertaining than ever to watch the first few times. From what I could see there is really no outdoor activities at all. Yada yada but you know what the saddest thing about this is? You just know that in a few years and after $1,000 of expansion packs this will be a good game.... and that's the problem.... this first incarnation of The Sims 4 is nothing but bate to advertise future DLC. On some developer's computer somewhere there is a fully functional and much improved Sims 4.... but sadly only if you are sucker enough to buy every expansion and DLC even after this insult - will most of you ever have enough patience to see it.

    Goodbye Maxis. EA is the end of another great gaming company.
  49. Sep 2, 2014
    Like Sim City, this game was a major disappointment to me when other versions were so good. While I like the idea that the towns are zoned off, the fact that the towns are so small is ridiculous. I don't get how so many NPCs can live in 25 or so lots. You can't do things that the original Sims 3 game did. You can't buy traits so really the only goal you have is to keep your Sim happy. I won't go into any more features that this game is lacking. I just feel like this is another game where EA just sold a name to me without backing it with the content that I am used to. Plus this game was way too expensive. Again I felt like I was paying for an improvement to Sims 3. You can't improve 2 things and throw away 90 and call it a new edition. This is a game that needs free apology DLCs to put it on the same level as the Original Sims 3 game. Expand
  50. Sep 4, 2014
    - The Sims Free Play textures on Android have a higher resolution than here
    - missing basic features like basements, pools etc
    - horrible graphics (effects like water...- im playing on "ultra")
    - everything needs a loading-screen - preparation for console-releases...
  51. Sep 2, 2014
    I've played it a couple of hours yesterday. My first impressions are actually really good.

    (-) The game runs very smooth on my PC, 60 fps on Ultra settings. + load and save times are much shorter. Graphics look great!
    (-) The new UI looks amazing. It's much easier to find a certain object in Build mode.
    (-) I like the new possibilities in Build mode. There are TONS of new options to
    create unique houses. And the controls are easy.
    (-) Multitasking is amazing. This is a big improvement. My Sims feel more human because of this. It's very cool to see them talking while they're playing games for example. Though they tend to change (seating) positions a lot when they're in a conversation, which is kinda annoying.
    (-) Emotions are awesome! Again, a huge improvement. Now you actually notice that your Sim is angry, sad, emotional and so forth. It's so much fun to see you're Sim hiding in his bed when he's embarrassed. Again, they feel more like humans.
    (-) Public places are fun! I never really like public places in The Sims 3, because they were kinda chaotic. In The Sims 4 this changed a lot. It's a lot of fun to go to the gym and talk to other Sims during your workout. And I like that when you're sitting in the bar talking to another Sim, other Sims can join the conversation.
    (-) Promotions. Even though the new careers are not really my thing I do like the new system. You have to complete certain tasks to get a promotion. When you actually get a promotion you'll also receive a gift like a new PC when you're a blogger.
    (-) The world is beautiful. Yes, we don't have an open world like in The Sims 3 anymore. But because of this the game runs very smooth. And the world looks much nicer now. My Sim was eating in the backyard yesterday and the view was amazing. I could see a fast food restaurant and a highway and beautiful hills. Really nice.

    So far great impressions. It really feels like a new Sim game and it's a very solid base game!

    What I don't like so far are the careers. It's cool to be an astronaut but not very realistic. I miss the business, medical, political, law enforcement careers and so forth. I don't understand why the developers removed those.

    Maybe my opinion will change after playing it again later today, but for now I'm impressed. Yes, they removed some big things like pools and toddlers, and I'm not happy about that but they've added many new cool things. Too bad nowadays all people do is hate on gamedevelopers that dare to change things.
  52. Sep 2, 2014
    I'm really tired of hearing people who have never even been close to playing this game complain so much. I've been playing this game for a while now and to say that some things are missing would be kind of an understatement. Yes, a great deal of things from the sims 3 are missing among those being babies and pools. While it is true to say that these missing elements are a let down and give EA an opportunity to make more cash out the DLC's, I could not help but think how entertaining this game was. Seeing all those omissions on paper made me think I would absolutely hate this game, while in all actuality I forgot about those omissions because I was having too much fun with the game. The new emotions and character creation is enough to engulf me hours upon hours just to try and get the perfect sim. The world in itself does not seem as vast as previous versions. But when you kind of think of it, this always happens with game franchises. Everybody always complains about not getting this feature or that feature from the previous game. I am personally enjoying my experience playing this game and sincerely hope people actually try it out themselves instead of spewing hate over a game they have never played. Expand
  53. Sep 2, 2014
    Most of the reviews on this site have either not played The Sims 3 in a long time or play it with a blind eye. The Sims 3 runs horrible on even the best computers suffering from freezes that progressively get worst forcing you to use debug cheats and restarting the game to fix it or even downloading user created mods to fix all the issues.

    The Sims 4 may not have one seamless world but
    is also does not have a 10 minute load screen at the start of the game. All the loading screens take less than 30 seconds and you can travel anywhere you want even to different worlds faster than you can travel to your neighbors house in The Sims 3.

    As for not having pools, The Sims 4 has fountains which function the same in every way as pools except you can not swim in them (which was useless anyway). With the fountains you can also install various different water emitters in them to make them look even better than pools.

    The biggest thing i think that The Sims 4 does not have that The Sims 3 did is the style editor. The Sims 4 will not allow you to create custom styles for objects and clothes but that do have a few premade styles for almost every object. I believe the style editor was a big contributing cause to the horrible performance issues of The Sims 3 and may be why they chose to leave it out.

    The Sim Creator is very easy and intuitive. The way it works is you just click on any part of the sim and drag it different ways to change size, shape and position. You can tell what part of the sim you are editing by the way the game highlights the part.

    Of course The Sims 4 does not have all the content of Sims 3 with all its expansive packs costing 100's of dollars but The Sims 4 base game has all the content an reasonable person would expect from a base game. Also there is no amount of content The Sims 3 can have that will make it a better game over the superior performance and smooth gameplay of The Sims 4.
  54. Sep 2, 2014
    Okay, definitely a waste of 70 bucks. A MASSIVE step-back from it's predecessors.

    The bad here we go:

    A whole lot is missing and the new fancy features don't make up for it at all. Truly limiting options and creating a sim with no create a style blows and it really shows after playing the sims 3, like they say you never really know what you got till its gone. The creativity you can
    do is just abysmal to it's predecessors. Building and creating is simple and easy but you have just a couple options to work with. Sims clip through objects and ghost through people. The story progression is non-existent, if you don't personally do it then nothing happens outside your family. Its horribly immersion breaking and huge step backwards. So many features were taken out it's sad. The background of your world is literally a picture. Feels like the Sims 2.5 or a mobile game with enhanced graphics.

    Not ready, not good, don't waste your money. Thank god for EA 24-Hour Refund.
  55. Sep 2, 2014
    Feels like a step back in the series. A lot missing, no open world, and tons of loading screens. For what i already have in the sims 3, i don't see why I would go play less. There are a few cool features, but just not worth it. And know EA all the features we want will come in 30 dollars dlc
  56. Sep 3, 2014
    *sigh* Oh EA. You know it's sad when you make a game so bad that I feel the need to let everyone know why it sucks... They left out: Cars, open worlds, CAST, repair man, pools, toddlers, hills, burglars, cemeteries, color wheel, ghosts, the move object on/off cheat, schools, work places and MANY other things... But here are some major PROS: -Origins gallery is AMAZING. You can almost instantly bring households and homes into the game.
    -Emotions are a lot more in depth, but this can also be frustrating..

    But let me just share with you my first 6 or so hours of gameplay.

    I started off in CAS (Create-a-Sim) in hopes to make a normal, married couple. First thing I noticed was that the color wheel was missing... I always took it for granted in The Sims 3, but then I realized how important it was in the creativity aspect of the game. I had a hard time finding heels that matched my dress, lipstick that matched my heels.. just simple stuff. Which also applies to everything in the house. It is very frustrating getting items to match eachother. I guess it's good that you can switch between the two worlds there are.. which are pathetically small.. But wait! There's more! Sub-sections in each world in which there are about 5 lots each, in which you need to sit through a loading screen each time you switch between them. You need your phone (which you automatically get, not earn) in order to go anywhere. There are no cars, and you cannot see your workplace, or the school; Your sims just vanish and come back later. One good thing is you can super-speed through the night when everyone in the household is sleeping. If one person is napping, and one is sleeping, this doesn't work. Same goes with working. You need to complete certain challenges before advancing in careers.. which take up a lot of time.

    Emotions: I don't like how some traits now have some negative connotations with them. For example, being a slob means dirty surroundings don't bother you, yet your sim causes things to get dirtier faster around the house.. and this goes with about half the traits (if I remember correctly, apologizes if I'm wrong).

    There were a few glitches...
    1. My sim was signaling there was something in the way when she tried to get in bed, when there wasn't.
    2. My sim was signaling there was something in the way when trying to get inside the house... when there wasn't.

    Making a house seems like it would be better but it really isn't even fun anymore because the sense of creativity is gone with how easy it is.

    If I got more into how many things were missing from this game, you'd be reading this for hours.

    When playing The Sims 3 base game for the first time, I was on it for weeks, thoroughly entertained. With The Sims 4 I got bored very fast and didn't know what to do with my sims within 4 or 5 hours, so I just made sims and rooms to post to the gallery.

    It's all missing. Everything that made The Sims what it is was is mostly gone in The Sims 4.

    The fact of the matter is this game was definitely not worth the 80$ I spent for the premium edition that comes with a crappy little book and some extra content.

    Origin wants you to hope that this game will get better with more expansion packs, so that you'll buy them. If you haven't tried The Sims 3, I recommend buying it instead with some expansion packs, because they're all 20$ now instead of 40$. You would save big $bucks$.

    If you still want to try it out, get it online through origin. They have a 24hr refund policy. If you don't like it, you get 100% of the money you spent back.
  57. Sep 3, 2014
    This is an embarrassment almost on par with Sim City. Like that game, the 'Sim' part of the title is rendered null by the fact that there is no actual simulation going on. The neighborhoods are not dynamic, sims will not live out their lives unless you're controlling them.

    It's unforgivable that a company with the resources of EA is putting out sequels that are actual REGRESSIONS of
    their predecessors. The only improvement this game makes is with the UI and Create-A-Sims, which is why I didn't give it a zero.

    The Sims has one of the most brilliant concepts in gaming but EA is holding it hostage with their anti-consumer business practices and their incompetent designers.
  58. Sep 4, 2014
    Lets get it straight. Its a stripped out version of sims 2. No cars, no restaurants, no open world.. I rather have abit of lag rather than empty village with 25 lots..
    Apart from multitasking and sim feelings, there's nothing else there...
  59. Sep 2, 2014
    Meh, its alrite. At this point, you know what to expect when you get the Sims. Some stuff has been removed, other stuff added. The better version of creating your Sim and build tool are nice, but then that really worth spending $60 for?
    I mean, if your a fan of The Sims, you already own it and have been playing it since midnight. If you're not, then I'd say wait until it drops
    down in price, or gets into another good Humble Bundle Expand
  60. Sep 3, 2014
    I am so disappointed with The Sims 4. Ok, I get that the loading screens make it so a wider audience can play, and that people don't need a powerful gaming PC to enjoy it, but there is just SO much wrong with TS4 that I just cannot look past it. For starters, there is a whole bunch of content missing that was always supplied to us from the past sims base games. BUT it MAY be available in the future as DLC for EXTRA MONEY! I mean, come on. Is that all EA thinks of us? A dollar bill? Pools were always implemented in the game, now if they do decide to add them in we customers have to line their pockets with even more money just to get the basics that were always provided? As far as graphically, yes the game is a bit smoother BUT that whole cartoon like look is just not my cup of tea. Another thing that I cannot look past is the loading screens and the fact there is NO open world. The game feels so claustrophobic and cramped and we, the players, have lost the freedom of just leaving our home to go for a jog or drive aimlessly around town all hours of the night. To go to the next door neighbors house there is a loading screen. So lame. Another BIG issue I have is the playability. If I want to play with more then one character and want to leave my home or a lot, I either have to take them with me or if I go alone their not playable until I return to where they currently are. That is so stupid. I loved being able to take one of my sims to a spa while simultaneously making my other garden while making another dance away at a local night club. My freedom is severely compromised with TS4 and I am so disappointed at the choices that were made. I can't see how this is a step up, as it really reminds me of playing The sims app on my ipad instead of an actual PC game. I will stick with playing TS3 and will not be wasting anymore money on content from the sims 4. They are on my crap list hardcore right now. Expand
  61. Sep 4, 2014
    Sims 4 = Sim 2.5 -Load screens everywhere. -GIVE US AN OPEN WORLD EA! -NO CAS COLOR CUSTOMIZING FEATURES AT ALL. -Why is there no graveyard by the Goths? THAT'S ICONIC EA! SHAME! -No rabbitholes for jobs. -You want to be a businessman? Or a scientist? Too bad. Those jobs aren't included. -Sims 4 does not have an easy access camera angle dial like 3 does. -Testingcheats code has to be put in every time your sims change lots.
    -Aside from the bar, there's nowhere to take your date. No cinema or restaurant..

    Honestly, there wasn't much difference from Sims 3. Liked the Orleans atmosphere, CAS molding feature, and easy build tools. Emotions are fun. HOWEVER, that does not mean the game is worth $60.00. I read the reviews the day after it came out and was on the fence. I bought it on Origin away just to try it out and have already sent in my request for a refund. I'll be more likely to buy it when the price drops dramatically and when EA releases an EPIC EP that fixes all the flaws the base game has.
  62. Sep 4, 2014
    They are missing way too much. This game is only half there. This is not worth $60. It's not worth $30. It's honestly Vanilla Sims 2, (yes, 2 not 3) with improved graphics. The game looks great, the ability to multitask, and to move rooms is a HUGE improvement. But when you realize you have to go through a load screen just to visit you neighbor, you will just turn off the game. The older Sims games were great, it seemed like you had to work to achieve things, there was progression. In this version you basically just send your sim to a job, keep all their needs sated and wait until you accomplish your goal. Your phone can basically do everything your sim needs. There's no upgrade path. There's no need to keep making your home better. You build a decent kitchen, get a nice bed, and some entertainment and you're done. Which is probably for the better since there's only a handful of items in the entire game.

    Maybe in a few years when there's actually content in the game, it'll be worth a purchase. But if it's some obscene $150 price tag for the game it should have been at launch you can be damn sure I will not buy it. Time to try to request a refund from Origin. This'll be fun.

    TLDR: If you enjoyed Sims 2 and hated Sims 3, you will like this game in a few months when it has DLC. If you've only been playing Vanilla Sims 2 for the last 10 years, then you'll look at this as a worthwhile upgrade.
  63. Sep 3, 2014
    Bought the same Sims, which was released in 2009. Just need to buy a lot more again dlс. Boring, no innovation, big price tag....this is epic fail by ea.
  64. Sep 3, 2014
    Hey, way to go EA!! You would think after the whole Sim City disaster ,you might learn something. No, not the case, let's just give them a new game in a beloved franchise with even less features than the last installment. Ah, good plan !
  65. Sep 4, 2014
    This game is a scam.

    I spend a lot of money at the Sims 3 and the fuc.... expansions packs, but not anymore.

      And with this fourth installment will do exactly the same.

    No children, no pets, no pools, no seasons, no quarters, no furniture, no clothes ....... because they prefer sell oll those things separately (again)
  66. Sep 2, 2014
    If you like Sims 1 you may like Sims 4. If you love Sims 2 or 3 you will hate this version. It seems EA is going backwards rather than creating something better.
  67. Sep 2, 2014
    I'm sure everybody writing good reviews for this game work for EA. I think were all forgetting that EA is one of the largest company's in the world, you've spent your money they have what they want. I hope they can prove me wrong. I came into this game with high hopes, figuring a company like this should put out good products, No it was terrible. I'm a fan of the new Simcity I get why people didn't like it, but they fixed it so I play it now so I'm hoping The Sims 4 will bounce back like Simcity did "well it did for me". For one, the Sims 4 map of the town is so ugly, I was appalled by it's "graphics". it's some 2-D stuff that is black and white until you mouse over it. I was hoping the towns in this game would be bigger, but it was the opposite. The source for my hatred came from the fact that there are no vehicles... none. The weird thing is that cars still drive around. I blame Google. On the up-side! Emotions! look your sim is sad, oh wait no he's happy! #NEXT-GEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate it so bad i would break the disk in half, but wait I digitally downloaded! $75 8 gigs of junk. I might be a bit drastic, but it made me mad, I recommend going back to sims3 until this all fixes itself. I just hope that one day the Sims 4 will get better. but that day is not today

    P.S.I'm harsh!
  68. Sep 3, 2014
    I've been expecting that game so much, after endless hours of the older games. But what I got is just not satisfying at all. From the first second when you moved into a house you have the feeling that things are missing. You just have the feeling that the "core game" was designed to make people buy the addons/DLCs. It just restricts your creativity. Another big anoying things is bugs.
    My sims are sometimes stuck in walls, the music is running wild (i seems there are multiple tracks played at the same time), and I have some grafic glitches when moving objects around.
    Sure, its the first week for the game. But what in hell, was there no internal testing?
    These bugs are so obvious to me, how could they make it to the final product?

    For me EA would have done better by focusing on the gameplay, content and game mechanics than all the other stuff around the game.
    What is the benefit of the community stuff when the actual game is not satisfying.

    For 70 bucks im really extremly disappointed from what I got.
    And the feeling that you are driven to buy additional content, as 70 bucks are not enough to provide content, make everything just worst
  69. Sep 3, 2014
    What a trash, stripped down version of Sims 3. This game is not worth the money, once again EA managed to **** something up. No wonder they gave out The Sims 2 for free, they were trying to suck up to us for this complete piece of **** Just wait, your going to see about 20 DLC/Expansions worth $30 a piece. Great job stealing our money u **** bags EA
  70. Sep 3, 2014
    They have kept key features out of the initial release to try and squeeze as much money out of customers as possible.

    EA time and time again demonstrate to us how greedy they are, without giving any support to customers that face a long struggle with customer service or never getting bugs patched.

    Sim City was such a joke (The top reviewer must have never played any EA game), they
    re-release FIFA every year with little/no new features, they buy and then destroy smaller developers and ruin their games such as Maxis and Westwood studios. I will never buy an EA game again. Expand
  71. Sep 3, 2014
    The graphics are very nice looking, in my opinion, but that is really the only thing I like about the game. To put it simply, it is a slap in the face to all long-time Sims fans. It might be enjoyable to people who have never played a Sims game before, but you'd be much better off buying the Sims 3 and saving money if that is the case.
  72. Sep 3, 2014
    Not only does this look worse than the sims 3 it also has less content, look forward to loading each time you visit a household or neighbourhood, say goodbye to free roaming. There are currently 79 stripped features when comparing the Sims 3 to the Sims 4 base games and the list can be found here. The build mode is the only thing so far that has improved from The Sims 3, you can add entire rooms or easily expand your foundation/walls after building your house.

    The 1 score is for the building mode, i did try hard to find anything else worth adding after hours in-game.
  73. Sep 3, 2014
    Awful, don't bother. It's a huge downgrade.
    No pools, no basement. You can't lock sims in a room anymore. So you can't kill them by starvation unless you take the fridge off. You can't drown them either obviously. It's nearly impossible to kill a sim. No more happiness points based on moodlets, instead you have an useless buff called "emotion", that unlock useless interactions for
    "wishes" that barely grant any points. And that whole new design is just awfully confusing. I liked the old system a lot better the more moodlets the happier my sims, the better rewards, that's **** emotions for you... simple, powerful. No social worker. No cars. No urinals. Sims "pee like a champion" sitting down... No jobs location, no school location. Can't access sims to see their needs etc, when at work or at school (imaginary place). So weird tilting in the rewards section. An awfully obnoxious tutorial system that will pop a thousand times in your face.
    No jobs. It's all text based and skill based.
    Hair that look like kiddy paste. I don't see the point of doing Sims all over again they looked fine before. It's just so they can stick "Sims 4" on the box.
    People claimed that demo of Create a Sim didn't have everything, it very much did... There is not any more clothing options in the real game. And no create a style, no create a world either...
    Teens/YA/Adult/Elders look exactly the same that's why they only shown YA in the demo. They knew themselves. Stupid walks, who cares...
    Small cities... and all these sims walking around your home, feels like the Truman show car scene with his wife "they are running in circle all day".
    If you own Sims 3 and several expansions you are lucky because you don't need this crap! There is no reason whatsoever... Even build mode, so you have new commodities, cool, but with the old one you could achieve nearly the same, they just needed to patch it in not do an entire new game and call it "Sims 4".
    I played this game 2 hours, and I don't feel the need whatsoever to come back to it. I might actually buy an expansion of Sims 3 but this, no way... And they spent years to make this? No way... 6 months top...
  74. Sep 3, 2014
    This game is lacking so many basic functions from its successors that I'm not even sure whether it's worthy of carrying the Sims name. It's clear that this game was intentionally gutted to then require copious amounts of DLC to fill it out and make it the playable, functional game it should've been from the beginning. This company has no respect for its consumers. Don't waste your time or money.
  75. Sep 3, 2014
    I was always a Sims fan. Sims 3 was a huge step after the Sims 2. I was waiting the Sims 4 for a very long time, for many years. I was never so disappointed. Graphics is terrible. Why do they even call it new engine. It’s almost 2015 and iPad games look better. There are many features missing. It looks like iOS game, no a PC one. It feels like you playing Very early Alfa demo version of the game.
    Definitely not worth your money.
    They should rebuild it or give every buyer a 2 years free of expansions.
  76. Sep 3, 2014
    The Sims 3 - Pay another $80 edition.
    Ignoring the fact that the game costs so much... ACTUALLY WAIT. NO. I am not ignoring the fact that the game costs so much. Who charges $80 for a game these days - Is it still 2003?
    Anyway, the game looks nicer and plays roughly the same. Perhaps try modding Sims 3 instead.
  77. Sep 2, 2014
    I am a huge Sims fan, always have been. I was very excited to see Sims 4 coming - they amped it up to be this amazing new game. I could not agree more with the other reviews on here... The Sims personalities, the way they look and interact is fantastic. But thats the whole game right now. Honestly. I purchased the game this morning came home excited to play spent a good 5 hours hoping something was going to happen once my sim progressed so far. Nothing. What I did during my 5 hours was socialize. socialize, go to work, socialize, improve skills, go to work. build a little. There are tons and tons and tons of content left out. At this point in time I would rather revert back to playing Sims 3. This game has huge potential. Hopefully EA makes good with their fans and adds free downloadable updates and content to make this worth owning. When I first starting playing Sims 3 I was glued to my chair. After my 5 hours today with Sims 4 I was bored and shut it off. Such a shame. Expand
  78. Sep 2, 2014
    This entire game is a huge disappointment. No sandbox, no sim careers, and the graphics are not better than sims 3's. I wasted 50 $ on this, luckily I can get a refund 24h from purchase.
  79. Sep 3, 2014
    Just awful. No open world. No customisation. Very limited in what you can do. I don't understand why they couldn't, with the bucket load of money they were given, to improve the franchise in all aspects. Adding moods and tweaking little things such as social interactions doesn't make the game amazing nor does it make it 'a next generation game'.

    Despite this, there are some good
    features such as the new CAS mode and the new animations. However again, they do not weight up to what everyone was expecting- which was an amazing upgrade from The Sims 3. They should learn from games such as 'Skyrim'.

    The game at the moment feels lifeless, restricting and incredibly unrealistic. I would recommend people not to buy this game. I'm completely disappointed by EA and Maxis.
  80. Sep 3, 2014
    Customization as greatest part of the game is gone now. Towns turned to something schematic. Lots stuff missing. Graphics almost has no changes (sometimes it looks even less detailed than Sims3). Overall game doesn't feels like something solid and completed but only like platform for future expansions. Thank you Origin for 24-hours refund.
  81. Sep 3, 2014
    Horrible I have been a fan since the beginning. This feels like a re-skinned version of a very old unfinished game. No pools,Dishwashers,cant edit the ground, basements, no cars, worlds are way way smaller maybe 10 to 15 lots if that. Seems like they went backwards here. Only other thing i can for see is if they release everything in paid dlc!
  82. Sep 29, 2014
    Ok,played for 2 weeks and found it really boring , yes,the building tool allow you to build amazing houses, the sims don't stuck together , and more interactions will come up when sim advance in their careers, but these does't not stop it from being a trash.
    I don't even know where to begin, I would rather let my sim stay indoor cause 1.the loading stuff makes visiting lots not so easy,
    it takes out all the fun of searching for collectables as well; 2: There is not much place to visit ...they've taken out spa, grocery store, theater, bookstore, restaurant , science facility, city hall, business building, stadium, hospital, police station....Just Imagine all lost interactions along with these lots (no public whohoo, no sports match, no city hall protest..)

    Fun NPC are gone too, including my favorite police officer , burglar, firefighter, nanny ( baby automatically being sent to daycare when sims leave the house), and repo man

    Much fewer lots and smaller world, and you can't adjust the size!! The biggest land size is 50 *50, and the famous Goth Mortimer Family now lives in a 20*30 house, pathetic; sims just disappears when go to work, and disappear when "delivering baby in the hospital"..

    But what should I expect from a team that doesn't even bother to add a family tree and pool?
  83. Sep 2, 2014
    First time playing the Sims and having a blast. The controls are a bit difficult, especially when building so I'll take off a point for that. Could use a bit more customization options, but it isn't lacking, so waiting on DLC for that.
  84. Sep 3, 2014
    Small SMALL worlds make this sim seem like a hugh step backwards. More than anything else they did to this game the change from open world to this new model are game breaking for me. I don't mind so much that they use zones but the way they did it make it seems more like a table or xbox game than a pc game. No 64bit support wtf? If they had a open world area with the housing hoods around it that probably would have been ok but the way the did it makes it seem like sims 2.5 not sims 4 Expand
  85. Sep 3, 2014
    This game feels so shallow It doesnt compare to sims 3 in a longshot.
    Save your money and buy Sims 3, its time EA learnend there lesson, since they obviously too stuborn to admit it.
  86. Sep 3, 2014
    Massive Step backwards. Terrible graphics, no open world, more loading screens. Just awful. Only the Sims community would put up with less than half a game with the excuse being it will be fixed in paid DLC. Getting a refund.
  87. Sep 3, 2014
    What a joke. Waste of money. If you buy this game anyway because its the Sims trust me, stick to 3 (or better, 2) until 1-2 years from now when they "listen to fans" and add a bunch of "features" for only 3 expansions worth 120$ total
  88. Sep 2, 2014
    The game is good, even tough it lacks some features. The gameplay is smooth and it seems like an hibryd from sims 3 and 2. It's very fun to play.I know there are some negative reviews, but I feel they are unfair with the game. Most of the people bashing it are comparing this entrance to the series with the other ones, whereas there were expansions and alike. This is not the case. This game is very solid Expand
  89. Sep 3, 2014
    I don't usually make an effort to write a review, but I was so disappointed with this game that I thought I'd lend my voice. Where to begin? OK, how about the price... It was a lot more than I would normally spend on a game, but I have enjoyed playing The Sims games for years. One would think that an advanced version of The Sims franchise would hold some of the basics of the other base games (ie. dishwashers, security systems, toddlers, etc.) But alas, this one did not. Not to mention the lack of pets, seasons, etc. I was thoroughly disappointed, even though I tried to get past it by playing for a few hours. The houses are nice, but the lack of all of these items was enough to make me throw up my hands and give up. I have requested a refund from Maxis and may have finally given up hope that they will ever listen to their fans. Expand
  90. Sep 4, 2014
    Лет ми спик фром май харт ин инглиш, плис. Дыс из э вери стьюпид гейм. Зере ис мост кулест фьютурес фром зе симс три аре катед офф. Ю аре факинг дампс, еа гейм, ай писсед он ер мамс фейс. Гандонс
  91. Sep 3, 2014
    There is so much missing. So many of my favorites that I enjoyed from previous Sims games is missing. I like to give games a fair shot, and will stick out even the worst for hours. What is missing? Well other than the obvious pools and toddlers we keep hearing about... there's no more story progression. Did you like watching your family tree build, who marries who in town, discover a 3rd cousin etc? Well now that doesn't happen unless you do it yourself. Yep, no more building that bunkhouse full of women and seeing what sort of relationships develop in town lol. Everything is flat, no more terrain elevation. No regular jobs - yep, no more cop or medical to get you started on your way up as you accrue your fortune. Just straight to astronaut for you! No burglars. No ghosts. No freakin' cemeteries! No "accidental" deaths! That means no more can you be the creepy mad scientist in the mansion where people tend to 'disappear' due to the pool of death.

    EA has been putting out one stinker barebones game after another lately, and I can no longer ignore it. Their excuse for skimping on content? Lack of resources they say, plenty of FX people but not enough other devs. Yeah, EA - one of the largest developers in the world, making the latest installment of a flagship super-popular game lacks resources for content. Ok. Who wants to bet that all this content will make a conspicuously convenient appearance in DLC format, for a premium, at oddly regular intervals, almost as if it was already finished long beforehand? As if, oh I don't know, it was planned out in advance....
  92. Sep 3, 2014
    been a sims user since TSO. I have all the sim games. I was totally disappointed with the Sims4. Was expecting better graphics in the game (more of an upgrade from sims3). I think the creators of Sim4 went backward rather than forward in it's creation. For $70 I would have expected better. I will continue to give it a try, But looks like I will continue on the Sims3 until I see or hear of Sims4 being upgraded. Was totally disappointed in the new Sims. UGH! Expand
  93. Sep 7, 2014
    Take half the items and features (lol, pools) of The Sims 1 and charge it as DLC/save for expansions.
    Take half the complexity and size of The Sims 2/3 and bin it and that is where this game is.

    There is absolutely no reason to buy it if you already have a previous game.
  94. Sep 2, 2014
    The sims 4 isn't necessarily a 'bad' game but compared to previous iterations it's a huge step back. Most of the features from past game are pretty much gone. I mean all those iconic features you remember...GONE. No burglars, repair man, carpools, dishwashers, newspapers, toddlers, pools, etc. If it wasn't for the core gameplay and new features such as multi-tasking and emotions, It wouldn't be nearly as good. The worst thing is probably the fact that the game feels so empty. Public places are more like chat rooms there's almost nothing to do besides talk to people, sometimes you can dance or play guitar for tips or tell jokes and play chess, but that's about it. The buy mode is so very limited as well. There's not even a video game console category the closest thing you have is computers, a tablet or your phone. One thing I can't get over is that teens looks nearly identical to young adults, young adults have broader shoulders...that's about it. Sims 4's pros rely on socialization, multi tasking and more realistic socialization, neighbors hang around the district outside your house alot so its very easy to meet people and I like the small touch that friends randomly knock on your door and if you're busy working on your writing skill you can talk to them while doing so. The loading screens may be frequent but theyre not that much longer than a sim driving across town in sims 3. Overall it has its good parts and it bad parts but I can't accept it has a serious successor to sims 3. If youre looking for a new sims game to play my advice would be wait for a bundle like the sims 3 starter pack for sims 4. $60+ is definitely not worth it, just stick to sims 3 for now, sims 3 will probably still be better by the time the sims 4 era ends and sims 5 is announced anyway. I can only hope EA adds alot of features in the first expansions pack. Expand
  95. Sep 2, 2014
    Good thing the sister bought it and not me. Is it awful? Not terribly; the create a sim is nice, build tools are interesting and the game runs decent. However its not great either, its very bare bones, there isn't alot of choices, the world outside your bubble is tiny and overall it feels like a incomplete game. Just save your money and stick to Sims 3/ aren't missing out on much besides the prettier sims themselves. Though what did really expect? Expand
  96. Sep 2, 2014
    I give Sims 4 a ten out of ten for making me want to play in regular speed and to actually work on relationships. i used to start out married in the game, but now i start single to see the relationship evolve. this is an amazingly wonderfully epic adventure that must be had for all. my only grub is that there is no toddlers, but with all its greatness it makes up for it in sheer impressiveness
  97. Sep 2, 2014
    Disparado o melhor jogo da serie, a unica coisa que ficou faltando foram as piscinas, mas tenho certeza que em breve elas apareceram em novos pacotes de expançao(EA everywhere).
  98. Sep 2, 2014
    It's totally cool! I don't know why some give an negative review. The Sim 4 base on the success of 'Sim Family' game. I can see that have a lot of improve and so fun in gaming. I play it on 10 pm 1st - Aug when it release. until now.
    Graphic so fantastic, it's update that run well with new Display Card. I can run Ultra setting in Sim 4 but in SIm 3 a only can run at Medium and with lag.
    The camera control give you more option to view - control sim with new way. Sim can do more than 1 task at the same time. in Sim 4 I can play chess and chatting with friends. control sim sit down and... 'do somethings'. The programmer must do more more work when sim can do 2 task or more at same time. Sim act as real person that use can control but sometime can't because Sim don't need to do that.... at lot of think. with me. It's perfect for a Sim 4 Base... waiting for first expansion ^_^ Expand
  99. Sep 2, 2014
    I give it a nine because of no toddlers, however toddlers were a nuisance anyway. I like how they changed the menus and build and buy I thought the tools to create were really intuitive. People don't like change so I'm not surprised about the negative reviews. Ok so no more cast however I had rarely used it, only when the preset styles were ugly (many of which were in the Sims 3) but I liked the styles to choose from in ts4. It's not compatible with the game engine so I got over it. There's only so much they could do with so little time and the corporate heads breathing down the developers necks. I can't wait to see what this sequel will turn out to be. I think it will only get better and I like the base game the way it is. If all of this is to much for you don't buy the game.however I will enjoy this game for many years to come. I loved the emotions and create a sim also. My Sims finally look beautiful and diversified, no pudding faces yay! Expand
  100. Sep 2, 2014
    Finally The Sims returned to be The Sims. Having as favorite "The Sims 2" I can say that this gave me an incredible nostalgia, the building mode is so beautiful and more dynamic than ever. Found the simulation mode 3 simple cold and bland, the sims had no emotions and reactions as in the second, it seemed like everything was robotized. Here they are well crafted and are able to connect with the player. Yes, The Sims 4 does not show many changes from the third to the fourth, but there was an evolution from second to fourth, then, satisfied me. I believe that people will not like The Sims 4, never passed by the firsts games of the franchise. Expand
  101. Sep 2, 2014
    When I first fired it up, I thought, 'wow, this looks promising!' The music was nice, the interface was improved and it was much faster than the previous games. Create-a-Sim looked good, too (at first). Then, I started to realize that this game just isn't that good. Create-a-Sim is a disappointment compared to previous games. There's no color wheel and there aren't even many colors to choose from. There just aren't a lot of options and I had significantly more trouble getting my Sims to not look the same, even with the adjustments of facial features (which actually aren't that great because they are very limited).

    The game feels like a Sims game but it's missing a LOT. Not just content such as pools, outfits, colors, etc. but gameplay and options. The options are practically nonexistent. The camera doesn't work that well and there are zero options to adjust it! Have they never heard of options in video games?

    Overall, I'm just not a fan of this. It's a Sims game with better coding but 1/4 the amount of options and it brings very little to the table in terms of new or original content, just multitasking and emotions. Not worth the money.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 72 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 30 out of 72
  2. Negative: 1 out of 72
  1. Oct 22, 2014
    The pursuit of simplicity might seem noble, but this feels frustratingly light on content. [Dec 2014, p.73]
  2. Oct 20, 2014
    Sims 4 would've been a really good game if it'd had another six months of production time, and I thinkit has the potential to be great after a few expansions fill in the holes.
  3. Oct 17, 2014
    [Pictogram of mild disappointment] [Issue#254, p.62]