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  1. By peddling this sort of single-minded crud to children EA are creating a new generation of absolute morons who won't be able to think one step ahead of themselves. [May 2008, p.86]
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  1. deepcapture
    Jul 19, 2009
    A nice diversion. It's actually much more involving for a sims newcomer than any of the other sims games. It leads you around by the nose, but that's how it tells it's fairly interesting story.
    I think they almost discovered a new format for adventure games, only falling short by keeping your character to so many schedules and not allowing more investigation options within dialog.
    At any rate, it's a really nice way to introduce yourself to Sims games.
    I'd love to see this done within the new sims 3 game, with the ability for users to create and publish their own stories.
    Minor annoyances mainly revolve around pathing of your sim, and space on your home lot, since there is very little space that is flat enough for all the rewards your sim receives during the course of the story.
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