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  • Summary: In "SimCity," you had the power to build and control cities ... with The Sims, you'll create and control people!
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 37 out of 38
  2. Negative: 0 out of 38
  1. 100
    While it can be a little overwhelming at first, once you're familiar with the control and functions, things become second nature and controlling your Sim is a breeze.
  2. 100
    You simply have to check this out!
  3. 95
    The game isn't just addictive, it's downright dangerous.
  4. The more I played this game, the more I liked it. I found it relaxing and challenging at the same time, and my level of interest has been maintained over the past few weeks, especially because of all the new add-ons that Maxis is serving up at their website.
  5. Buy this game you will find yourself in a world of peace and humour.
  6. A dangerously detailed and addictive experience for the power-mad behavioural researcher in all of us.
  7. It does become kind of mesmerising, but like watching waves on a beach, chances are that pretty soon you'll tire of the lack of variety on offer.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 30 out of 43
  2. Negative: 9 out of 43
  1. ArthurP
    Aug 13, 2008
    I remember playing this years and years ago, it was my favorite game then, the building, the songs, looking after your family and progressing mesmerized me. It's one of those games you get so into it you forget your playing a game. Today I got the game again and tonnes of wonderful memories came back about this game. So in summary, yes its an old game, the graphics are no way near as the modern sims, but it one of the most interesting and enjoyable games ever to be released. I was very disappointed with the sims 2, probably because it can never live upto the original sims. Expand
  2. SamL.
    May 4, 2003
    The Sims is such a great game, and I cannot see how anyone can hate it. True, it does get a bit repetative, but the game makes you want to play it over and over again. One of the only decent games these days that doesn't involve shooting people or mindless gore. Expand
  3. Apr 2, 2012
    This was the begining of the Best Selling PC game franchise and World Record smasher, The Sims. Im happy with the start and will always be a classic game to remember, even though graphics wasnt good, but ey. It was number one!! :) Expand
  4. DuncanS.
    Jul 3, 2002
    It's a good game but like games domain said," it gets kinda boring".
  5. Jan 20, 2013
    The Sims is an iconic piece of gaming history. Though its isometric fake-3D world may not appeal to gamers today, its charm lives on and its playability remains in tact. Expand
  6. Aug 17, 2012
    Fun at first, but quickly became boring. Beyond sending your sims to work and making sure they don't crap themselves, there is very little to do except expand your house. You don't need a big house for any practical purposes, so to me the game seems kind of... pointless. Expand
  7. Nemisis
    May 17, 2003

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