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  1. Nov 1, 2013
    To be honest, no game has made anyone think as much as this game. For some reason, this game, despite being incredibly short to people that do not have the patience to pursue the true endings of this game, sparks something inside everyone that plays it. It could be the hilarious dialogue, the inventive endings or the incredible simplicity of the story but no matter what it is, we need more games like this. I recommend going into this game not knowing anything about it. This is for the optimal experience, so I will not continue to say anything other than Buy this game. You owe it to yourself. Expand
  2. Dec 28, 2013
    This is not a game, and shouldn't be rated as one. This is a graphic novel with poor graphics and an OK story. Nothing to go all excited about at all in my opinion. I'm not joining the bandwagon because I'm not a sheep. I'm not warning others away from this product though, you might quite possibly like it. But it's very short.
  3. Nov 7, 2013
    Why is this game on Steam? It is literally a Half-Life mod that isn't funny. Why pay money for it? It's not even a good mod. All it is is lame jokes, 100 endings that all run together and walking forward. There's no game here.
  4. Nov 16, 2013
    This game is unbelievable in the realm of video game design. Very cleverly thought out, with endings that will leave you either amazed or laughing, this short 1 and a half hour game is a must play if you don't require combat in order to have a great time.
  5. Nov 20, 2013
    The premise is not as interesting as others might lead you to believe. It is pretty meta and very well made, but the game is waaaaay too short for the cost (I literally payed the exact same amount for Amalur: Reckoning, which I played for 100 hours at least, whereas I've already seen almost all of TSP after 1 hour or so of playing it).
    If it was priced at $2 or so, it would get a great
    score. As it is, I was expecting sooo much more. Expand
  6. Dec 3, 2013
    I bought this game on steam and had the day off to play it... but I feel a bit ripped off as this game cost me 10 Euro and after an hour I had found all the endings... pity
  7. Dec 19, 2013
    I believe that whoever rated the game so highly is because either he's afraid of being called "dump" and criticized for not understanding a so-called "smart" game (similarly to the trailer of the game where the narrator faces a supposable critic called raphael with irony and derision) or his lack of intelligence makes him consider this game as ****

    You expect it to be all complexed
    and clever but in fact is boring and makes you wonder why are you still playing. It's so unintereresting and a total waste of time. Expand
  8. Dec 25, 2013
    This game should be considered a litmus test;
    Anyone who says they disliked the game or says "it's not actually a game" needs to officially be given a "STUPID" stamp on their forehead and be forever branded as an untrustworthy reviewer who should never again be allowed to touch a video game with a 10-foot-pole.

    It's one in a shortlist of games that could be described as "as close to a
    perfect game as is possible to create", a shortlist including the likes of Portal (the first Portal, that is) and Anti-chamber.

    The Stanley Parable is quite a short game, but objectively one of the best video games ever made... And I literally mean *objectively*.

    If you compared this to the hundreds of games I have played in my entire life, all my most beloved games on which I spent tens or hundreds of hours on each...
    Games I hold far more dearly to my heart than The Stanley Parable...
    Games which have given me far more fun than The Stanley Parable...
    I could only honestly rate those games as 9/10.

    In a mere 5 hours of playtime from start to 100% completion The Stanley Parable is the one game that I could truthfully give a 10/10.

    Now that may make me sound like some pretentious hipster, but I regularly indulge in and fall in love with games that are super-mainstream, as well as more-indie games that I adore despite them objectively more closely resembling a glitchy pile of faeces than a video game.

    The Stanley Parable features the best narration you'll ever hear in your life and an extremely self-aware, incredible breakdown of what video games are as a whole.

    The game will make you feel curious, ashamed, awe-struck, annoyed, excited, terrified, ecstatic, sad, confused and hopeful seamlessly throughout every playthrough dependent entirely upon the many choices you make.

    If you have not played the game yet, then please immediately play the demo, then buy the full game and play that.

    Stop reading this review and do it, right now.

    Seriously. I mean it.

    Stop reading.

    Go play it.

  9. Dec 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I had to create an account on Metacritic just to review this game. After all the high scores, it sounded promising even though I couldn't really tell what the game was about. Well, don't waste your time. The entire game is wandering around like one of those old "create your own story" books where you kept flipping to different pages depending on your choices. The reload wait times and the slow, boring narrator made this game the biggest waste of money I've ever spent on a "game." Expand
  10. Dec 31, 2013
    Even though I bought this in the sale I have to admit it's not even worth the sale price. This should be about £1.99 at most. Buying this was my second biggest mistake of 2013 that stinking pile of crap 'Takedown: Red Sabre', being the first.

    At best this 'game', if you can call it that, is patronising and boring. There is no original, high brow, intellectual message within and I am
    baffled as to how it scored so highly. Steam really needs to implement some form of refund system. Expand
  11. Jan 3, 2014
    There are a few hints of originality here. But it is so poorly executed, it isn't even worth mentioning. This game simply isn't as smart as it attempts to portray itself.
    The graphics are terrible, like something from the late 1990's. I would have been able to get past that fact if there were a great game were lurking under its ugly shell. But this game is boring all the way down to its
    I would be embarrassed if I had anything to do with the making of this game. And I'm shocked that some critics decided that this is somehow a good game. It is not good by any measure.
  12. Feb 20, 2014
    Is impossible not to give this game a 10/10. This game redefine what means a story in a video game, and redefine what is a game, is very hard to explain why this game is so extraordinary, you need to play it to see how good is it.
  13. Jan 25, 2014
    This game is fantastic. It was one of the most enjoyable game experiences of 2013 for me. I wouldn't call it a masterpiece, but this is a game definitely worth checking out. Saying anything else would spoil the game. 10/10.
  14. Feb 19, 2014
    This game is... alright. I just never got the sense of freedom and choice that the reviewers raved about; there are many choices you can make, sure, but you're never really "free". Everything is written, and that's honestly the feeling I got from it. Warren Spector (the lead on Deus Ex) once talked about how he could watch people play his game and come up to solutions to problems that he'd never thought about- that's the definition of a gameplay-choice driven game to me. The Stanley Parable tries to pull this off, but ultimately, it's just leading you down a path, no matter what. The Stanley Parable is more just the ILLUSION of choice wrapped in a well-written, humorous narrative. It's nothing like it tries to make itself seem, and it suffers greatly for it. Expand
  15. Feb 6, 2014
    This game was a blast for an hour or so. After that, even with the different story options, it was just never interesting enough to inspire me to go through all the same things I had already seen before.

    It simply got boring way too fast. Grab it on sale for a couple dollars to get your money's worth.
  16. Feb 8, 2014
    I played this game for about two and a half hours, to see how deep the rabbit hole goes and, ok the first hour is funny, but there's really no depth here.

    Don't be fooled, this emperor hasn't a stitch on!
  17. Mar 4, 2014
    considering how good the reviews are for this game, i got easily bored and felt cheated even though i got it on a steam sale. yes it was fun hearing the 'witty' things the narrator said. at first. then i did all the endings and figured out that it is boring and generic and mundane.
  18. May 20, 2014
    Clearly we have all been coned by the developer in of The Stanley Parable and as usual by the so called expert reviewers and of course the 1000+ fake positive reviews. This game is joke! It is mind numbingly repetitive and utterly pointless. And if the point is that they are trying to make some artsy fartsy philosophical revelation they utterly fail. This game ruined my weekend! I haven't bought a Computer game in a couple of years and after this I doubt if I will again for a long time. Don't get sucked in by the demo either. You feel like the demo is leading you somewhere! Challenging you to solve some subtle and challenging puzzle but there is nothing; And you feel drawn in, you need to get the full game to go on to solve the mystery but the game ends in nothing too! That's what this game is nothing. Dull and boring beyond belief. Zero out of 10 Don't buy it! Expand
  19. Oct 25, 2013
    Metacritic reviews make me hate humanity.
    I was disappointed to find that there isn't all that more narrative content than the original mod, but the quality of the new content is amazing, I still believe the adventure line will lead me to freedom.
  20. Feb 19, 2014
    The Stanley Parable is a cleverly designed commentary on the nature of video games and story structure. There is nothing in the way of traditional gameplay to be found with the player instead having to simply make decisions as and when required (often these choices are whether or not to follow ‘the narrators’ instructions). Depending on what decisions are made each playthrough can last from 2-15 minutes but to fully understand the games messages it really needs to be played multiple times (with different choices being made) so that a variety of the multiple endings can be seen.

    Most people will only play The Stanley Parable for an hour or two, so at about £10 it is perhaps a little too expensive, but it is certainly something that gamers should experience for themselves. I know it got me thinking anyway!
  21. Oct 21, 2013
    Incredible proof that games, can indeed be art. Easily one of the best narrative focused games to come out this year. A must play for all mature gamers.
  22. Dec 22, 2013
    This game costs too much for what it offers. Brilliant idea, but you just move with arrows in a repetitive ambient. Poor realization, boring game, VERY FUN for the first couple of hours, after which you'll have explored everything you could, wondering why you did that.
    Rate 6 for the concept.
    Should be a lot lower for the realization all around.
    PORTAL has very similar concepts, but
    it's actually a game in which you have to think and do stuff... you know? a game, basically. This is not. And after all, it's not as clever as it could. Expand
  23. Dec 5, 2013
    This is exactly the sort of thing that gets overrated by critics. It's short, and it's different. That's not to say it's bad. The narrator is terrific and hilarious. It's a neat little meta-commentary about video games. It's certainly worth playing through for a few hours to see everything.
  24. May 1, 2014
    If there ever was a game that deserved LESS to be said about it, this is it. You really need to dive in head first and try it. Completely original and entertaining. Especially if you've ever worked in an office.
  25. Apr 20, 2014
    To sum it up in a few words, it is confusingly smart. Yeah, I said that. With the huge paradox that is this game, the many alternate paths you can take and all the different endings you can find, this game has a pretty decent replay value. The narrator is pretty funny as well. Maybe you already know what the game is about. Maybe you don't. In either case, I'm not telling because it's quite interesting to find out for yourself... but with all these good things, there is a downside... It's repetitive. And I don't think you'll be playing this for more than 2 hours. 6/10 Expand
  26. Mar 30, 2014
    This is of course not a game, yet it's fun for a while (maybe 1-2 hours, until you've seen a dozen of the endings). The narrator is good but the text he reads is not always really funny. Somehow, such humor (about office workers) works better in Dilbert comics - there I laugh quite frequently. There the complex, intellectual-style language feels somehow appropriate, but here - not really. I still have to say that this game surely has many small great details. E.g. the whole Power Point slides sequence in the meeting room is just amazing. And the whiteboards. And the rooms where they tell which pieces of the game looked how before the release. But certainly this game isn't worth its price or any price at all, or maybe something like $1. Since it isn't a game at all, it shouldn't have been created or sold as a game - instead it could be a cartoon or maybe a movie.
    I still give it a rather high score (4) and not 1 or 0 because it does give some fun, even if it's not a lasting one. This product still offers a bit of gameplay - and strangely this kind of gameplay reminds me a typical RPG where you would explore every branch of dialogs with NPCs. Here you explore corridors and doors instead.
    The closest game to this one that comes to mind is Antichamber. However, Antichamber is way way better, there you have diverse puzzles, each with an unexpected solution. Here it's just talking and talking, like in a book/radio/TV show. This game doesn't really feel as if it were made for players and to entertain players but instead to entertain the developers - much like 2010's "Rubber" movie was fun to the director but boring to the audience.
    This app certainly is a fresh innovative attempt, but it's not really a successful attempt. Frankly, I'm not sure that the whole idea for such a game could have resulted into anything playable. Strange that they actually decided to spend effort into developing this stuff.
  27. Jan 3, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have not bought this game, nor will I ever consider buying this game for the price listed during this Christmas sale (9.99). It is not worth it.

    Originally, the mystery behind all the narration and ambiguous description captured my interest as I tend to attempt to unravel the truths from the untruths via internet browsing and reviews. I like to know what my game is like especially when I'm spending this amount of money to buy a game with steam engine graphics.. was a disappointment. The game's air of enigma was easily blown away with Youtube videos about 6 particular endings and a very short storyline, and even when I tried to dig deeper, there were other endings, but sadly, not enough. And certainly not worth the price tag, when you try to compare to other games with vastly superior and unique graphics and gameplay also at the same price or lower.

    Sure, it might seem new and interesting the first few runs, but really, it's not really so much of a game than it is just a couple of seemingly clever plot twists and mind games. And we're not talking about the deep philosophical and psychological games..just a couple of basic ones, which may have appealed to some of the mainstream critics as a masterpiece at first, and is probably all that was needed to spark their overhyped reviews.
  28. Feb 19, 2014
    A great game BUT there is almost no replay-ability in this game. You spend 8 hours finding all the endings then you might as well uninstall it because there is nothing new you will find.
  29. Apr 16, 2014
    First of all this is not a game, so I shouldn't even be trying to review it in this section. What is it? It's a kind of a pedantic, arrogant, self-inflated bag of air done by would-be artists. It's provokes the same revulsion in my stomach that modern art which consists in a stroke of black paint on white canvas. It shouldn't be sold. As a free product I would review it negatively because I know that ignorant hipsters love to highlight the marvelous qualities that this vacuum does not contain. But, as it does not contain anything (quite the same as the modern art painting) you can put there whatever a tortuous mind of a pseudo-intellectual wants to. Expand
  30. Nov 21, 2013
    this game wants to eventually give you the idea that you choice is important it is actually all about making choices but unfortunately with no gameplay at all you'll be interested to replay it and see the other choices but in the end i didn't enjoy as much as i expected it to do
  31. Dec 13, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I don't get what is so special about this game
    multiple endings,game restarts,tried n deleted
    got a few endings and unendings

    save time and watch all possible endings on YouTube or sth
  32. Mar 23, 2014
    Original crap is still the crap. No game world, no game-play, no story, nothing... The whole application is not a game but a lie, and it does even try to hide it.
    Unfortunately (for our civilization) most people are willing to be deceived...
  33. Oct 30, 2013
    you have to be joking this is a pile of crap don,t wast your money

    and why the hell have people been scoring hi :O the content lasts for 10 min
    yes it dose change a bit when you do different things but bottom line rubbish
    i can,t think of anything good to say at all so i will say no more
  34. Oct 22, 2013
    The Stanley Parable goes out of its way to prove that video games are a waste of time by deliberately wasting your time. Whether you are into that sort of thing or not is really up to the excess of time that you personally spend playing video games. I can guarantee that most people who enjoyed this game were impressed by how little they were allowed to do. These same people aren't still playing it. As a mod, "The Stanley Parable" was a wonderful experiment. As a product, this "game" isn't worth the price tag. It is more of a "Did you get a kick out of the mod?.... Well I need money too." I give it a 5 for both the "portal-ish" aesthetics and the narrator's acting ability. Expand
  35. Nov 8, 2013
    I laughed for about 15 minutes. On the surface, the game is amusing and the concept is interesting. Unfortunately, it only takes an hour or two to grow stale. Nowhere near worth my $15

    Parable: A simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson.

    The story in this parable is about a man named Stanley, whose job is to push certain keys on his keyboard in response to
    prompts on his monitor, and the lesson is "Don't play The Stanley Parable." Expand
  36. Nov 25, 2013
    Very interesting game that allows players to play for hours on end to only reach the inevitable ending that is respawning and doing the same thing over and over again. Even though this game is only a 4-8 hour play through it is still a very fun game to play. This game is just to short to give it a high rating, with the factor that the games plot is always the same so you lose interest very fast.
  37. Oct 23, 2013
    this game is just like the mod. do not waste your money on this game. do you think you should buy a game that you can beat in 4 minute 22 second? I don't think so.
  38. Oct 25, 2013
    It isn't exactly a GAME, but it's pretty amazing. If you have ever read the "Choose your own Adventure" book series as a kid then then you will love this. Also the humor in this game is top notch.
  39. Oct 20, 2013
    The Stanley Parable is considerably less intelligent than it thinks. Although it's difficult to communicate the philosophical ideas it conveys without spoiling the entire game (which, for the record, is rather short indeed), they are not new, and they are not 'mind-blowing' as many seem to be screaming excitedly. The ideas it explores have been explored as far back as 400BC. So please, take note, if you see somebody exclaiming 'OMG SO CLEVER SO NEW' It isn't. Not at all.

    So, given that this all sounds terribly negative, why did I give it a seven? Although its content isn't particularly revolutionary, it is extremely well executed. All narration is superb, and for the most part, the environmental design is appropriately bland and well-crafted. It's also fairly unpredictable, with some genuinely impressive moments of timing and narrative shifts.

    However, frankly, the fact that this game is being sold at £7.99 is absolutely absurd. You can see all the game has to show you in about an hour, if not, about seventy minutes. It's a nice little experience, but to charge any more than £3 is fairly criminal.
  40. Oct 22, 2013
    i was disappointed when playing the new Stanley parable as i believe that they have really just taken money off of the people who by the game when it isn't really any different to the original version which was free. and this was disappointing due to the cost of it. The free version was fun and entertaining to play, however playing the new remake was poorly interactive and i didn't feel involved or interested in the story because i had played it before for free. if you want to try this game don't buy it play the free version don't waste your time or money. Expand
  41. Dec 19, 2013
    A Dostoyevsky-esque testament to the fact that games can display existential philosophy beautifully without needing any flashy effects.

    The Stanley Parable is a game which requires playing through the same general sets of experiences over and over again to get an idea about the nature of storytelling and of reality itself.
  42. Nov 5, 2013
    It's really surprising, frankly, to see the infinitely positive reviews centered around "ITS FUNNY CAUSE ITS IRONIC THO". Even if it is a joke, I still payed $15 dollars for what is, not only a walking simulator, but an ironic walking simulator that has less gameplay than Heavy Rain. It's charming and witty, but to call it a "good game" is a bit of a stretch. Heck, to call this a "game" is a stretch. What people seem to forget is that, even if it's to convey comedy or a theme, input is not equal to good gameplay. If that were true, then my Inspector Gadget 2 Interactive DVD Segment would be up for game of the year. Expand
  43. Nov 23, 2013
    I know this game is made from HL mod, but I didn't really enjoy the game. There are a lot of reasons why I gave it 4: Zero: its probably made on portal engine and its possible to make this if you are a modder with a team. Nothing special about it yet. - First: You don't know where it ends. - Second: a lot of nonsense here and there. - Third: You don't have any aim in the game including the thing "Maybe you would like to know more about it". Well, I don't want to explore empty offices over and over again just to find new nonsense ****.
    - Fourth: I don't like this kind of voice acting. It Too polite. I don't enjoy overplaying. I don't enjoy being treaten with respect in game. Im completely tired of this. Some character in game should tell me that Im an idiotic player and that nobody cares if I would ever complete the game. That would motivate me these days way more than usual.
    - Fifth: you just wonder and push the buttons and get entertain. Thats pretty much all about this game.
  44. Dec 3, 2013
    Unblvbly overrated. Humans just forgot how really free games looks like. Unblvbly overrated. ZERO re-playability. ZERO creativity. ZERO fun. ZERO smarts. Pffff hate it.
  45. Dec 7, 2013
    Very engaging. but no re-playability. I love the humor (think GLaDOS from Portal 2 minus the hate). The game is very novel, and good for an hour or two of cheap entertainment. Not great as a game, but a wonderful alternative to going to a movie on a saturday evening.
  46. Dec 17, 2013
    Watching walk-through videos on Youtube will give you more joy than playing actual game. To be honest this would be great youtube game, where you need to click a link to choose a path.
  47. Dec 12, 2013
    There're some critics over there who like to speculate about games as an art form argument. This game is for them. You can easily extend it by thinking about it, and there's a lot of room for getting philosophical. That what journalists and critics look for. Boring as hell for actual player.
  48. Dec 15, 2013
    I haven't played the real game, just the demo. I was not impressed. I've seen so many positive evaluations of the game i played the demo hoping to see a hint of what people like about it. I saw nothing. Got to be the most boring thing i've ever seen. Sorry. I give it 2 points for originality.
  49. Dec 21, 2013
    [spoiler] The Stanley Parable is a ticking time bomb to boredom. The game relies on the players curiosity to be any fun, and as the mystery quickly erodes, it is only a short matter of time before that is gone.

    Once the novelty of the concept wares off, you are literally just playing the same brief moments over and over, in hopes you might find something new. Unfortunately, it is
    easy to stop caring about what you might have missed.

    It is certainly an interesting gaming experience, and I can't say I didn't enjoy my initial time toying with The Stanley Parable. That doesn't stop it from being overrated, though.
  50. Jan 6, 2014
    This is not a game. This is a just a voice which says what you have to do. Finally you do not have a lot of possibilities in this "game". It is just like somebody who tell you a story...
  51. Jan 11, 2014
    Overrated game in my opinion. Had a lot of fun for the 3 or so hours it took to see just about every ending and laughed multiple times at the game humor, but i see little reason to replay it or ever really come back to unless i felt like being a masochist and getting some of the ridiculous steam achievements.
  52. Feb 23, 2014
    Now, I have not given this game as much time as some, but I have given it a good handful of hours and I did find it quite enjoyable and humorous. However, the narration being good and clever, and the branching "stories" that you cause lose some appeal when one considers that he must replay a lot of the same things to find the alternate branches. Within my first 2 hours I had literally found roughly 30 percent of what the game had to offer, and after playing a few more hours I was certainly getting tired of reliving the first moments of the game (...or the later moments) to try and discover more twists and outcomes.

    The game is truly unique and the narration is well done, and it is quite funny. So why did I give this a lowish score? It is what it is, and it isn't much more than that. There's a very clear limit to what can be done and this limit can be reached very quickly in comparison with many, or most, other games. The developers clearly knew this as one of the achievements is to not play the game for 5 years. Perhaps, for a lower price, I would have a more favorable review but I do believe it was a little too high to warrant the amount of content and the repetitive nature of the game.

    It was a fun ride, but a little short and I'm unfortunately left with little desire to seek out the rest of the meat. Which is a reasonable portion of the game, but still not enough content in the mean-time to warrant the play time you invest to find the rest.

    I think, the reason that this game has such high scores overall is because those reviews are being made by less hardcore gamers whose expectations may not be as lofty as my own. I knew what I was getting into when I bought it, but I didn't know it would be as short lived as it is. For a casual gamer who doesn't mind spending just an hour or two playing a game (most likely, those who have the game purchased for them by their parents) I'm sure the game is a delightful departure from the norm, but for those like me, we expect more in the way of content.

    What it does, it does do well. But it doesn't do all that much and that's the most glaring problem I have with it - and this is a big problem for a video game, casual or not.

    My rating is a 4. It's a fun concept and decent entertainment, but not for nearly long enough at the price and the concept isn't exactly revolutionary - it's been done in most open ended games - the only difference is here we have a narrator who comments on what we choose to do, or to ignore. I guess I thought I'd get a little bit more playtime out of it.
  53. Mar 12, 2014
    I have played this and for a second I thought the game was going to be a horror one. I don't know, I liked it, but the single thing I didn't like is the fact that you have to play it many times to understand the rest of the story and you have to die in a point.
  54. Mar 22, 2014
    I just created an account because I think this sure it is the right definition is more an April fool than a game. Forget all the positives reviews here. Young people think they discovered the true by trying to play this but in fact it is just what most of us already know and don't want to ear again and think again. Get the cash, do your best and pay your bill. We bought games to relax and forget about the job not to remain us how our life can suck or how to see the life in a way that is total negativity. It is a good way to become tired of everything and start to forget how life can be great Just compare us to the rest of the planet. People are so whimsical and selfish ..please don't feed the moron's brain with that kind of stuff. LoL
    In short ... Download the demo.. play it.. If you can't catch the joke you not gonna like the game and even if you catch it and find it funny you're not gonna have a game if you buy the full release just the repetition of what you have found in the demo. Don't worth a penny to me since you gonna waste your precious time and money at thinking how your life can suck without doing anything constructive. It is a game killer. If you want to stop playing games ..good for you
  55. Nov 4, 2013
    Calling this a game is quite a stretch. its more of a interactive set of stories all based on your decisions, besides the parable itself and its food for thought it is also just plain hilarious. the Narrator character and his lines are just plain genius and i just enjoy the "conflict" between the player and the narrator, which often ends in the narrator getting a little desperate. The Demo for the game is excellently designed as well. Getting the point across what the game is about, without spoiling it (it has its own story). If people are complaining about being disappointing at how its not a game then they haven't played the demo and should look up the "Raphael Parable" video that was made by the developers Collapse
  56. Nov 5, 2013
    Clever game that really made me laugh and interest me. I would recommend the game to anyone whose a fan of the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. Really great voice acting also.
  57. Nov 19, 2013
    The game starts of great, it engages and is hilarious,....for about 15 minutes. I like the premise, I love how it feels like it was made just for my experience, but it was short-lived, and over in one sitting. Worth 5 bucks, but not any more than that
  58. Jan 7, 2014
    The first thing I wanted to do after playing through this thing was come on here and read the inevitable zero-rating reviews from people who need to be famous as memes. You guys are gold!
  59. Mar 11, 2014
    This game genuinely made me feel like I was wasting my life. I actually felt suicidal while playing, wishing I could somehow cause the game to end entirely by having my character kill himself. Going through this game is tedious and somewhat torturous. I wasn't entirely bored by it, it was interesting enough and amusing enough to keep me playing for a few hours. But make no mistake, this is a legitimate walking simulator with less gameplay functions than the new Amnesia. It's a game for people with limited perspective. If you're impressed by psuedo-intellectual ramblings you'll enjoy this far more than me. This was nothing new, nothing groundbreaking, nothing smart, nothing innovative. It was none of these things to me.

    If I had to describe it in one sentence it would be this: It's like portal except there's no challenge and you wonder when your character will fall down and expire so you can move on with your life.

    Also the broom closet ending was f**king cash.
  60. Oct 22, 2013
    A game like this is very hard to describe due to how original it is. It's also hard to describe without spoiling anything. So I'll try to be general but still descriptive enough. It's intelligent and classy yet paradoxical and zany. It's a game that will always leave you curious and always thinking while maintaining rather simple styles of gameplay. Very worthy the money.
  61. Apr 2, 2014
    I've always been of the opinion that if a game doesn't contain or focus very heavily on gameplay and mechanics, it's not a game. But the Stanley Parable is something which, ironically, EVERY gamer should at least consider, even though it's a very controversial one. No, you're not going to get some super-amazing all-in-one experience. Nor are you going to get the longest or most exciting "game". Nor is there any notion of GAMEPLAY. However, this piece of art illustrates the problem of having no gameplay altogether. It's weird and wonderful. It's repetitive yet different every time. It's easy to understand yet infinitely complex. The game can be interpretted in so many ways, and there is so much to discover behind its seemingly shallow exterior, I can't recommend it enough if you're looking for something that will entertain you in ways you couldn't have imagined. What is perhaps most commendable about The Stanley Parable isn't the whole "game within a game within a game" concept, but its presentation. The slick narration combined with sharp graphics and incredible attention to detail as well as a whole host of secrets, twists, pathways and endings to discover make it feel longer than it actually is. You might get bored of it after a few hours, but those first few crucial moments are something that can't be experienced anywhere else. It's a rich experience but one that isn't so muddled that it's difficult to make progress. Exploration of what seems to be an extremely linear game is very rewarding because the narrator speaks to you personally. The comedy value as well as the unique concept make The Stanley Parable a stand-out piece of entertainment that can't be expressed through any other medium. Expand
  62. Dec 15, 2013
    One of the best games I have ever played. Does it have actual gameplay? Neither did The Walking Dead and that (my favorite game) won game of the year, so it just depends on how you look at it. If you don't appreciate (abstract) storytelling you will not like this game. However, if you go into it with an open mind, you will come out with an amazing experience, with a profound message backed by a brilliant and intriguing soundtrack. An altogether beautiful game. Expand
  63. Nov 9, 2013
    The game is interesting for about an hour, after that repetition, repetition with minor twists. Not enough to keep me satisfied in any case.

    With all the good reviews here I really expected more.
  64. Oct 31, 2013
    This is a game that isn't a game. It is an adventure that isn't an adventure. It is a oxymoron that isn't an oxymoron.

    This is a game where there is no action, this is a narrative story. If you look for all the little secrets, it'll take you about 4 hours. If you rush through every ending and don't bother with any of the funny little hidden things, maybe about 2 hours. If you look at
    the achievements and then decide not to buy the game because the game can be sped run in less than 4 minutes and 22 seconds, just remember how Mario Bros. can be finished in less than 5 minutes.

    If you like the narrator you will love it, if you hate the narrator you will hate it. End of story, personally I liked him and his humor so this is a 9/10 for me. If you don't like him you'll probably rate it anywhere from a 0-3.
  65. Oct 20, 2013
    This is slick entertainment and propaganda. The message is worth hearing, but you'll feel gobsmacked after the first few repetitions. Although you may need a few hours to explore all the endings, they all end at the same message. Replay value on this game is VERY LOW. You can easily look up a lot of the Easter eggs on-line, or watch a film of the main options (75 minutes). If you are obsessive enough to find all of the possibilities, clearly the message has missed you! Expand
  66. Feb 13, 2014
    This was an interesting experience to say the least, I'm not sure if this would be called a game, but more of a choose-your-own-adventure story. I personally found this game to be amusing, At times it can be light and humorous, and at others it can take a deep and psychological path. it was very interesting and i enjoyed the time i played it, the only real downside is its a bit short for $15 game, so while i would recommend buying it, i may consider waiting for it to go on sale. Expand
  67. Oct 22, 2013
    Less of a game, more of an interactive novel, you don't really play the game, you simply experience it. One of the most limiting games ever, it makes an attempt to appear deep, often over analyzed by the gaming community, this game is not that deep, it does not break any new walls, it simply is very restrictive and meta.

    The game is very short and often relies on you to cheat to get
    achievements in the game. If you are actually looking for a game to "play", The Stanley Parable is not it. Expand
  68. Nov 11, 2013
    Love it It got a Portal feeling to it.... and it got a portal lvl in it Awesome!!
  69. Dec 27, 2013
    A refreshing indie game with an ironic view on first person adventure games. At least it isn't a linear storytelling like Dear Eshter or the controversial Gone Home. It was fun, has many endings you can explore. Still, it felt a little bit overpriced when it came out.
  70. Jan 7, 2014
    An amazingly unique game which is more an experience than an actual game. In a similar vein to Dear Esther the narrative and story are quite amazing and while it lacks some replayability the limited time you will spend in Stanley's world (or the narrators?) is quite amazing and touching.
  71. Nov 3, 2013
    The content within the experience is extremely enjoyable. However, the game was slightly too short for my liking. Getting the vast majority of the endings, it took me 5 hours.
  72. Dec 17, 2013
    I don't know why anybody would play this for more than an hour. To explore a drab office and drab corridors with no characters? To find the many endings? Sure there are many endings but I don't care about them and I don't see why anybody would as I don't find them rewarding. The game is a bit pretentious and tries to make a point about life/video game playing. Sure, I don't dispute it makes those points but...again, I don't care because it was not entertaining or captivating. I do like the tone, very similar to Portal but not nearly as good. Watch it on youtube if you are curious. Don't buy it. Expand
  73. Feb 22, 2014
    If you enjoy storytelling, get this game. If you enjoy puzzles, get this game. If you... whatever.. GET THIS GAME. So clever, inspired, witty and awesome. This game will leave a lasting impression on you.
  74. Jan 24, 2014
    The best way I can find to describe this game is "a story about a story". The gameplay is extremely simple, limited only to following paths and very occasionally clicking objects. What makes the experience so enjoyable is the narrator who comments on your every move, packed with tons of humor. Replayability is very low, and there aren't too many endings, so you won't get dozens of hours out of it, but the time you do get is completely worth it.
    This kind of games are better started with as little knowledge as possible, so don't investigate too much before giving it a try.
  75. Nov 13, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Concept: Create an interactive experience that challenges preconceived notions of free will and player choice in video games as well as in life.

    Graphics: Simple, but not poor.

    Sound: The narration is witty and amusing as often as it is spoken- which is the entire time. You should enjoy it at first, even if it does get old later on. The experience is too short for it to become horrendously annoying.

    Playability: Basic at best. Point, move, click, interact, slide. Simple.

    Entertainment: The majority of the entertaining qualities come from each ending once you discover them, and the branching choices of each path as well.

    Replay Value: Moderate.

    Overall Score: 8.0
  76. Oct 29, 2013
    The Stanley parable is a wonderful game. far from perfect, but wonderful. It has witty and humorous narration, it's fantastically confusing, and it's weird and unique. It naturally has it's issues, it's far too linear, each area of gameplay is too short, and sometimes gets repetitive. This is, however, a game everyone should try. Just remember though, you can't finish the Stanley parable. Not even Stanley can. Expand
  77. Nov 30, 2013
    It's a unique experience! The Stanley Parable it's completely unpredictable and captively. The game makes you think about many things, things really strange for just a game, like "what really matter in your life", "what is freedom". Have a great narrator and there were no bugs while I was playing.
  78. Dec 3, 2013
    This game is perfect. It is funny (lots of fun and laughs!), intriguing, it has action, sure, and also thrill.
    It's perfect In the sense that there is nothing actually "missing" or that could have been done better.
    The concept is innovative and brilliant!
    I love how the Narrator voice (which is perfectly interpreted) is fundamental to the fun (and it really demonstrates you that, in
    some occasions, literally).
    It's even philosophical at some points.
    It's a mature game that can really teach you something or at least make you think.
    It's and experience that's totally worth the little money it costs.
  79. Mar 10, 2014
    For all the hype surrounding this game I was severely underwhelmed at the lack of seriously witty dialogue and deep meaningful gameplay. It was almost as if you asked someone who wasn't that clever to try and be clever. It just didn't work for me. Maybe you will like it though.
  80. Nov 8, 2013
    Oh My God! This game may be short, but I garantee you that after you played it throughout all the endings for one or more times, you will still come out Amazing game, with simple mechanics and a great narration! Highly recommended!
  81. Nov 3, 2013
    Confused audiences are expecting this is to be a game, they're right. But it's not a game at the same time. I like to call it interactive poetry. It's not about the action, it's about the story and their thoughtful conclusions after each ending. This is probably going to be one of the last original masterpieces before every idea is used in the human mind. I don't think the original HL2 Source engine and the remake are different from each other. I believe that both should be rated the maximum rating on all gamers' reviews.
    Please, whoever you are, take the time to buy this game. It's only $14.99. You would not regret it.
  82. Nov 1, 2013
    Without giving anything away, this game is very unique and will f*** with your mind at first. It has some funny moments and references. You will play it for max 2 hours and it has 0 replay value once you've finish it all, but it deserves to be played at least once by everybody. A fun, entertaining little game.
  83. Nov 11, 2013
    The game is hard to explain really, other than the fact that it contains choices. That's all I can say. With an intelligent narrator that comes with hundreds upon hundred of phrases, I don't think I've played a more sophisticated game in my life. Hours and hours, with countless endings, you can just keep on playing. I do admit it can get boring, so I wouldn't play it for more than 2 hours at a time. Totally worth the $15. Expand
  84. Nov 10, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Is this a video game? I'd say it's more of an adventure through the brain. This game got me mindblown, the narrator makes you understand how everyone is... Wake up, eat, work, eat, sleep and restart this routine everyday. Very deep story.
    Visually clean, nothing superfluous in the environment.
    The game is fun for the 2 first hours but when you have gone through every ways you can go, there's not much thing to do. Really cheap price for the experience it gave me. I would definitively recommend this game to everyone.
  85. Nov 4, 2013
    Stanley Parable is a fun ride for about 2 hours. It is fun to discover all the endings, and offers one of those fun games that you can let a friend play to see what ending they get. Unfortunately this can't really be called a game, there is no conflict, no action, no NPCs, it's just one of those strange releases that should be played at least once, because telling someone what the Stanley Parable is about is pretty difficult. It's definitely something everyone should try at least once Expand
  86. Nov 8, 2013
    This is a must play. It is just another Half-Life mod, but this one is different. It offers an experience of many endings that will make you think about your life and everything around you.
  87. Oct 22, 2013
    Confusing, revealing, profound, stupid, sad and hilarious.

    Loved it.

    Your review must be at least 150 characters long. Your review must be at least 150 characters long.
  88. Nov 3, 2013
    The Stanley Parable is a unique and satisfying experience you won't find in another game. The game is very, very appealing and I can hardly find something bad about it. TSP is a must-play! You must try it! Trust me!
  89. Nov 19, 2013
    Perfect. There is no other words to describe this game.

    You can't talk about this game without giving it spoilers, so I'll just say: play it.
    Is a full experience, you can choose everything, but at the same time, the game will choose for you. Even if you think to have broke the game, is all part of the game.
    I'm in love with Kevan Brighting voice, the narrator. Is simply perfect.

    Really, but it, is just 10$ or something like that. Money really well spend.
  90. Oct 22, 2013
    So I read some of the reviewers who gave this game a 0. Are you kidding me? Oh it's boring. Oh it's a story about breaking the 4th wall. Oh your choices don't affect anything. That's not the point of the game you idiots!!

    The game questions life and how your choices impact the world. It reminds people how they should live their life and ask themselves if their choices are even valid or
    significant? Perhaps my interpretation is wrong, but I wonder why people whine about wasting money on this game when they could have played the original mod free on Moddb. It's technically the same game except this new version is somewhat HD and has more "choices" and "endings."

    This game won't be interesting to all, but giving this game a 0/10 is truly biased and idiotic. The graphics in this game was pretty low. You can't call this an "HD" remake without HD textures. As for game-play, it's not repetitive if you're smart enough to make check-point saves throughout your gameplay. Please think of this game as a book... in a videogame format. The main menu and pause screens needs work.

    With all that, I give this game a 7/10. I hope you enjoy my simple review.
  91. Nov 19, 2013
    This is definitely one of the more creative games I've seen! Everything about it is amazing. I can't say too much, because it might spoil on of the endings (There's more than one), other than get it now!
  92. Oct 22, 2013
    This is not like any other game I have ever played. I highly recommend playing the demo first, then the game. The only downside is, it's a fairly short game.
  93. Oct 30, 2013
    This game is very interesting,i have played the half life 2 mod before that,and some endings are the same.
    I enjoyed how the world was changing or repeating when i walked trough a door,and how the voice told some "rude" things like "you don't listen" or "you are doing all this for the achievement?" and i really couldn't stop laughing when he said something to me.
  94. Dec 28, 2013
    This does not intend to be a game, so treating it as one would be inappropriate. Definitely not for everyone. It is pretty short but wonderful, you could burn that money in far more unenjoyable ways, which do not make you 'think'. It deserves 10 not at all for its duration, popularity or gameplay, but rather for its original plot which it achieves within its means and the amount of laughter it caused (I cannot remember the last time I laughed so much during a game/film). Perhaps more for people who are (or think they are) intellectual/philosophical... Expand
  95. Jan 31, 2014
    Very few times do I come out of a sequel thinking differently of it than its predecessor. The original Stanley Parable was nothing more than a fun little excursion; a little 40 min. blurb to sink my teeth into of decent narration and storytelling. The Stanley Parable that you can get now on Steam is so much more. The game is still essentially the same game as before: choices>endings, but with literally three times the content and some kick*ss narrative. The game is, for the most part, a serious game, with a well-raveled plot and some excellent themes. However, the game constantly makes fun of itself, delivering hilarious lines from the perfectly-cast Kevan Brighting. This is a game worth sinking lots of time into to find all of its secrets, yet there isn't a single collectible, no enemies, no real achievable goal. If you prefer to play games with more "playing" involved, this isn't your game. If you love a good narrative and some witty jokes, don't pass this one up! (a tip: take a right at the doors, a left to the maintenance section, and down the elevator to find my favorite ending :D) Expand
  96. Oct 27, 2013
    This a great thought provoking interactive story and a well spent few hours. Mature game players will get the most out of this game, with more drama than action.
  97. Oct 28, 2013
    With it's 'Create Your Own Story' aspect, the witty and hilarious narration provided by Kevan Brightin, and it's all around sense of wonder, The Stanley Parable is shaping up to be one of the best games of the year.
  98. Oct 29, 2013
    Fun. Intelligent. Brilliant. Inonvative. Like Dear Esther this is one of those games which shows you video games can be much more than shooting bad guys and realistic graphics. If you want to try something new, enjoy a little intelligent comedy and great voice acting; this sure is your game.
  99. Oct 30, 2013
    Great story and writing, unlike anything I've ever seen. However, this game did cause me to feel nauseous after 30 minutes. I'm not really sure why, but I think it has something to do with Source engine, since I had the same issue with Half-Life 2. Also, the game is pretty short, so don't expect a long experience. But the story is awesome, so if you have a little bit of time, definitely give this a try. Expand
  100. Oct 31, 2013
    A great game. Just trust me. I cannot spoil anything. The 2011 mod was amazing, so is this one. A little short however. Just amazing. You can but it on steam for $15.
  101. Nov 4, 2013
    Calling this a game is quite a stretch. its more of a interactive set of stories all based on your decisions, besides the parable itself and its food for thought it is also just plain hilarious. the Narrator character and his lines are just plain genius and i just enjoy the "conflict" between the player and the narrator, which often ends in the narrator getting a little desperate. The Demo for the game is excellently designed as well. Getting the point across what the game is about, without spoiling it (it has its own story). If people are complaining about being disappointing at how its not a game then they haven't played the demo and should look up the "Raphael Parable" video that was made by the developers Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 47 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 46 out of 47
  2. Negative: 0 out of 47
  1. Mar 11, 2014
    The Stanley Parable is many things. It's an interactive comedy, an existential riddle and an experiment in storytelling. Most importantly, it's pretty good. [Nov 2013]
  2. Jan 23, 2014
    It's one of those games that tries and succeeds in making a bold statement. Be prepared for something really special.
  3. Dec 25, 2013
    Step away from this review and play it now. Or don't. Whatever you do is already ordained. OR IS IT?! [Jan 2014, p.83]