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  1. Nov 14, 2013
    This game is definitely worth the money, even at just 5 hours of gameplay. The atmosphere is great and the puzzles are interesting and diverse. They could have chosen to drag it out to 10 hours, but it would probably grow stale without more mechanics, so I approve of the decision to keep it short and fun.
  2. May 31, 2013
    Brilliant combination of puzzles and high concept science fiction. It engages the same part of your brain as Portal 2 using completely different mechanics. When you do solve a puzzle, it's always a great payoff and you can't wait for the next one. The story that unfurls is compelling stuff about consciousness and self that will make you think. The Swapper is a one-game refutation to anyone who says video games are just mindless violence. My one complaint is that the title of the game doesn't do it justice. Such an elegant game deserved a more elegant title. Expand
  3. Oct 30, 2013
    This game is really awesome! It feels like you're playing an old Tool video. The story took me 2 play thrus to fully understand. The puzzles are challenging enough and the mechanics are seductively simple. I completed the full game in 5 hours. The 2nd time around was only 1.5 hours. I would have given this game a 9 because it is so short. However, the story is so good, the puzzles were a blast, and the graphics unlike anything I've played! Expand
  4. Jun 1, 2013
    Great game, original, nice design and music. The puzzles can be quite tough but still very satisfying when finally solved. Gave me a similar feeling than with Portal somehow... Only criticism would be that it's a bit short, finished in a few hours. But still, don't regret buying it, it's worth it.
  5. Jun 29, 2013
    At a higher price this game would be 8/10. Still pretty great, and very enjoyable. The puzzles are very well designed. They get a little ridiculous near the end.
    For $10, it gets value points.
  6. Jul 19, 2013
    A very good 2D puzzle game. Like Portal series, it uses a special device. In this case it generates up to four copies of yourself and swaps each other of the original and the copies. It has a creepy atmosphere like Portal series. The puzzle is very intriguing and keeps you playing to the end. As the background of the game, there are some science fiction-like motives about meanings of 'mind and body' and the morality of usage of such devices, which is interesting on its own. Overall I found it to be something like a 2D version of Portal 2 (which is a 3D game). I finished the game in about 10hrs. Therefore it is a bit short. But highly recommended for puzzle game lovers. Expand
  7. Jun 9, 2013
    Could this game have been any better? I doubt it.
    Well written, great gfx and sounds, good rythm, everything fits nicely together.
    The mechanics are fresh and even though some riddles make you think a while and try out a few things, they are all fair and can be logically solved.
    Great job, one of this years highlights!
  8. Feb 5, 2014
    Amazing from start to finish. Great setting created by talented developers. A very philosophical game that kept me hooked and stayed in my head after finishing. Also provides a great level of challenge for the player.
  9. Jun 30, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I think the biggest problem with the Swapper is not what it is, but what it COULD have been. As many others have said, its beautifully atmospheric, hauntingly lonely, and satisfyingly challenging both in terms of its puzzles and narrative. But the problem i have with it is that, in terms of its narrative and puzzles, they seem to be kept in separate rooms (metaphorically).

    Its clear that the puzzles weren't designed with the narrative in mind, as they each have there own room with little to no story explanation of why they exist in the first place. (I have read all of the logs in game, and only one even hinted towards them at all.)
    This lack of connection is noticeable, but not so obvious it intrudes the game. Unfortunately, later in the game, the support characters are persuading you to hurry up with getting all the orbs you need to proceed, seemingly ignorant or completely oblivious that you need to solve puzzles to obtain them, making this disconnect even more apparent. This spoiled the narrative for me somewhat, and it really hurts the game as a whole.

    Don't let this review stop you from buying this game, it is excellent. But I at least understand it isn't flawless and I am ready and willing to admit that despite how much I truly love this game.
  10. Xon
    Jun 30, 2013
    The swapper is a unique game with incredible visuals. The puzzles are fun and makes you think a bit. The story is more a philosophical exploration than actually beginning-middle-end events.

    It is at once hard-core old-school sci-fi and cutting-edge gmeplay and graphics.
  11. Jun 20, 2013
    honestly..i donno why some reviewers give it 7 or 8..?!?!?
    its New Fresh game..New Idea is Creepy..really creepy with
    most Difficult Puzzles ever..this game should never get less then 9..
    ppl comparing it with Portal and bla bla..its totally different

    every hardcore players should grab this..its the Best 2D puzzle game ever
  12. Jun 2, 2013
    I'm lucky to have picked this gem up with a 25% discount on steam but even without, it's well worth the price. I completed it over 2 days of playing, steam tells me I spent 6 hours, and it really left me wanting more. Some of the puzzles were quite difficult which gave a real sense of achievement when I cracked them. All the design features help to create a really well crafted atmosphere, which helps to immerse the player in this world, despite the basic graphics. The philosophical concepts that are dealt with are apparent enough to keep the player thinking throughout the experience without overloading the player and impacting on the gameplay. In brief, this is another fine example of how independent developers are helping to turn my hobby into a real art form. Highly recommended. Expand
  13. Nov 16, 2013
    Great game! Fantastic atmosphere, great puzzles, imaginative graphics, good controlls feel, quaite a few iconic moments, and intriguing story although I had to look up some explanations cause not everything was clear to me). Soundtrack not too bad although nothing memorable. Great game for couple of evenings.
  14. Jun 5, 2013
    A hybrid of Moon and Space Odyssey in terms of environment mood, atmosphere, setting and story.

    Excellent design of puzzles will make you feel smarter and feel the joy of discovery (and you can't find this in many games!).

    It has to be noted that the game does a great job at connecting its story with gameplay and mechanics. Every individual element of the game creates one core feel
    and sense that's pushed by its philosophical storytelling. Expand
  15. Jul 29, 2014
    This ~5 hour game is an incredible experience. The atmosphere is built from the art direction, memory terminals, and sound design. The puzzles are thoughtful and challenging. The ending leaves you with an ambiguous choice of morality and forces reflection. The gamepad support is excellent although I haven't played it with K&M. If you enjoyed Braid, Portal, LIMBO, or other puzzle platformers, you should give this a shot. Expand
  16. Aug 24, 2014
    An excellent puzzle game with a unique concept, pretty much on the level of Braid, Limbo, Antichamber, Fez. Excellent graphics and music. It does get boring after some time, like any puzzle game.
  17. Jun 22, 2013
    What a fantastic game, every night I became excited to sit down and play this game before bed. It's short but sweet. Very well polished game. I encountered zero bugs, and I feel that is rare when I play. If you like a great atmospheric game, a unique art style from clay, puzzles that make you think out of your original scope, then this game is a must have. If you liked the movie Moon, then check this game out. Expand
  18. Oct 20, 2013
    This is a puzzle game unlike any other. The clay animations are really well done and the whole concept of creating clones to solve puzzles, is a really neat idea. Add in the ability to swap between these clones and things become very interesting.

    You'll get about 4-5 hours out of this game depending on how good you are with the puzzles. They are varied and challenging in the later
    stages as you become more comfortable with the gameplay.

    The atmosphere is really moody, with a full spectrum of white light to pitch darkness. They really do a good job to make you feel like you're in space and completely isolated.

    The Swapper is a genre defining leap for puzzle platformers. The developers have shown originality and passion, which are the first two things I look for in any game.
  19. Aug 22, 2013
    I really can't explain why, but this is one of my all time favorite games and for me it beats every AAA high budget modern video game experience. Perhaps a combination of it having a fun original mechanic, incredibly detailed claymation art style, incredibly thought provoking story, haunting yet beautiful music, metroid esque side scrolling, and many other plusses just seemlessly fit together so well in this case. Can't recomend it enough. Expand
  20. May 30, 2013
    This is a very good puzzle platform game with a fun little manic. It is stunning, it doesn't drown you with music and puts it where its needed. It is a bit creepy not scary but otherwise its very good!
  21. Jul 21, 2014
    Amazing and gritty sounds, ambiance, music and graphics that create an atmosphere that fits the storyline perfectly to compliment the exceptionally gripping gameplay that brings something new to an existing genre, pulled off with style. My only gripe would be that I would have loved to have played 10 times longer, but there was only so much to do in the game!
  22. Aug 11, 2013
    Gameplay 9 The controls are good and responsive. The only slight problem is the simplistic nature. The gameplay is very solid but slightly repetitive.

    Story 8 Good for a puzzle game but nothing ground breaking. It probably takes a bit of extra thinking to figure out WTF actually happened but the key plot should be accessible to any grown up.

    Storytelling and atmosphere 10
    Excellent. What makes this so great is that you'll always have the chance to re-read everything because you probably have to do that if you want to keep up with the story. The overall atmosphere is very immersive and supports the storytelling very well.

    Puzzles 8 The biggest problem is the inconsistency of the difficulty level of the puzzles. First you find a real head scratcher and the next one seems to made for children. The best puzzles in this game are great but the worst are boringly average.

    Overall 9 If you are a fan of puzzle games and like stories in your games then this is a most buy for you. The game is pretty short (it took me about 4 h to complete the game and an additional 1 h to figure out the storyline) but if you buy it from a sale even the shortness doesn't work as an excuse not to buy this great puzzle game.
  23. May 31, 2013
    Really good indie title that has some fantastic atmosphere. I love how the animations were done with clay, very unique. The story is interesting and you want to learn more about 'the watchers.'

    In practice the game is a puzzle game. For a good chunk of it I was happy with the challenges other than a handful of puzzles i'm still trying to figure out how they are possible with the

    All in all I still likely have a few hours left with it (after 6 hours played) and it's one of my top 5 or 6 indie games of all time already.
  24. Jun 15, 2013
    An extremely good game for what it is. Has great atmosphere, great music and great puzzles. Unfortunately the game is somewhat short. But if you like puzzles this is a game for you.
  25. Jun 1, 2013
    This game is amazing! Since braid I've been looking for a good indie puzzle game, and this must have been the best one yet (I'm not comparing it to braid though, they're both amazing but in their own ways)! The art style is amazing and the story really sucks you in and makes you want to explore deeper and deeper into the game (Unlike other games in which the exploring gets boring and it gets to the point where you just play to finish the game). The mechanic is fairly simple and yet it gets you thinking are those clones living creatures? What happens when they die? What happens when they get left behind? All of these really add to the overall creepy, mysterious theme of the game. Expand
  26. Apr 5, 2014
    A must play if you like science fiction. A must play if you don't like science fiction. The story, the atmosphere and the puzzles themselves point to the same amazing directio. Everything is coherent, solid and inventive.
  27. May 31, 2013
    Thank you so much for such a masterpiece! The swapper is a game for your ears, your eyes, oh and even for your brain too. If you´re going to play The Swapper, you really have to turn off the lights and put on your Headphones now you´re ready to dip into one of the most atmospheric Games in this Genre!
  28. May 31, 2013
    Such an amazing game, the developers did a fantastic job at creating an immersive and atmospheric world, with rich gameplay mechanics & puzzles that challenge you to think. I hope you produce more amazing games like this one.
  29. May 31, 2013
    Awesome game. Deeply immersive with great background music. Sucks you into the narrative very early on. Great puzzle solver. Comparable and going against "Limbo" with it's indie spirit.
  30. Jun 2, 2013
    Beautiful and astonishing puzzle. Every detail contributes to the atmosphere of loneliness and cold darkness of a space station. Puzzles are not very difficult, but challenging enough to get satisfaction. The music is marvellous also. Though the narrative is not unique we understand most of the events by reading logs the plot is very interesting, with allusions to Solaris and Moon. Wish there were more games like this and hope to see more games from this studio. Expand
  31. Jun 3, 2013
    This game is amazingly beautiful with a well told science fiction story. The mechanics of the game are very simple and yet the puzzles can be complex and thought provoking. I suggest this game to anyone who enjoys a quick play through with dark undertones of the dark reaches of space.
  32. Jun 4, 2013
    A gorgeous and cerebral game that looks to be created by mostly one guy/a few people over the span of 3.5 years! Easily worth double what I paid for it. I still can't believe the set was hand-crafted from clay. Excellent soundtrack worthy in its own right. Get this and spread the word!
  33. Jun 5, 2013
    So, The Swapper. Simple looking little thing at a reasonable price. I found this game well worth its price very early in, and held the feeling all the way through.
    I highly recommend this investment into some fun braingymnastics
  34. Jun 8, 2013
    Swappedy swap! Fun game. Good bank for the buck ($11 for me). I finished it in 9 hours but I am deeply stupid and most can probably complete it in under 6. I was also way too mouth-breathingly dumb for the plot, which is an existentialist sci-fi headslapper and I couldn't quite piece together the answers.

    My Petty Gripes: (1) I wish the lighting was a little bit brighter so we could see
    the Claymation details better. (2) I wish the voices weren't garbled at times. (3) Why is everyone in this future parallel universe British? Collapse
  35. Jun 9, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I love games like this where have the Aha-effect when you finished a part(like portal)
    The Idea with these clones is really cool and a mechanics in the game ist not to easy even really difficult like Portal. And the game is easy t play and the design is awesome its looking like they build everything by hand
    Really great game. For Portal-Fans a must have!
  36. Jun 11, 2013
    Made a account just to review this game .Best platform puzzle solver I have ever played .
    Great atmosphere and a good story along with excellent music and unique graphics and well crafted levels .The puzzles are a challenge and keep you thinking. Worth every penny hope they bring out some extra content
  37. Jun 19, 2013
    Portal spooky humor. Not quite as strong a value as Portal, but there are a lot of very good games that fall into that category. Like Portal, it has that 10 minutes of fooling around, followed by "ah HA!", which hooks me into running for the next one. Like Portal, almost every puzzle is like that. After a dozen puzzles or so, I'd get brain fatigue and have to go play Civ 5 for awhile. But the next day, I'd be back... It's fun, go buy it. Expand
  38. Jun 22, 2013
    This game is brilliant!
    At first I was skeptical, but the reviews won me over and I'm glad they did since I've enjoined every last second of this 5 to 6 hour game.
    The game play is simple, so everyone can enjoy it, the music is very nice and the game atmosphere really sets you in.
    You'll be presenting with a weapon that can create clones of yourself and swap between them (with either
    the right click mouse button or the left one). You can have up to 4 clones and, including yourself, makes a total of 5 people, each moving the same way your main caracter does.
    You'll have to think of how to use your clones and when to swap between them to beat the puzzles the game presents you and let me tell you, these puzzles are so good! They won't be easy, you'll have to think a little before advancing each one, but they are not overwhelming either, so you won't get stuck for long on any of them. It's the perfect balancing that makes them challenging and beating them is really rewarding, making you feel smart and cunning.
    I've got to admit that sometimes I got stuck on a puzzle and I'll just go to work thinking about the solution for it and when I did, man that felt good!
    You just have to be careful with the different types of light, that prevent you from either summoning a clone (blue), swapping between clones (red) or both (purple).
    The story is interesting and gets you into thinking about what is the soul and if it really exists, your consnciousness and death and it's so well constructed that it adds up with everything else the game brings making for a truly remarkable experience.
    Why I didn't give it a 10 then? Replayability. Even though the game has an alternate ending, it isn't worth it to play all the way on the same puzzles and history for a 20 second "cut scene". It's easier to just watch it elsewhere.
    For an indie game and for that price, it's well worth it. Go get out of these reviews and play it.
  39. Jul 18, 2013
    I didn't care much about the story. Despite that I still find it's fun to play this game. The atmosphere feels good. A number of puzzles are well designed though some are not well ordered according to the difficulty. I don't give it a 10 because I think the play style lacks variety. There's noting more complicated or more interesting in the latter part of the game except for the reverse gravity.
  40. Jun 29, 2013
    Very very good game continuing in the foot steps of Braid, but very unique on its own! It's very atmospheric and the puzzle are very good! I just wished there were more of them...
  41. Jul 3, 2013
    I was initially attracted to this game because of the art style. I absolutely love a game that can stand out from the rest in terms of aesthetics, and The Swapper definitely is a beautiful game. Aside from the visual uniqueness, the ambiance is there as well... the music, the setting, the pacing.

    The entire game took me about 8 hours to complete, taking my time to listen to all of the
    audio, read all of the "logs", and explore every nook & cranny of the game. When everything finally drew to a finish, the game still left me thinking back to the early parts of the game and how it all tied together with the ending. In many other 2D platformers, stories seem to be tacked on, but I can confidently say that the story in The Swapper is intriguing, creative, and masterfully takes center stage.

    Since The Swapper is considered a puzzle platformer, the puzzles in this game certainly don't disappoint. They were ingeniously designed, and nowhere in the game do you feel like your hand is being held. The game cleverly eases you into the "Swapper mindset" at the start, and progressively gets more difficult as the story advances. It never feels like you're doing the same puzzles over and over, nor are any of the puzzles bang-your-head-against-the-desk-difficult.

    Conclusion: I truly believe that this game is a wonderful balance of story, gameplay, and art. In the same way that the later puzzles in the game make you rub your chin, the story in The Swapper is also a "puzzle" in and of itself, to be pondered long after the credits have rolled. One criticism is that the price is a tad too expensive. All in all, a wonderful experience.
  42. Apr 29, 2014
    This game makes you think... In more ways than one. It is immersive, challenging, and definitely worth checking out. The ambient music and desolate environment embrace the tone of the storyline. It is a puzzle game, so completing it without cheating also generates a sense of accomplishment.
  43. Jul 21, 2013
    I love this game, but in the last rooms I went almost crazy for the difficulty.
    One thing that I do not understand is that you can choose the end. Is this necessary?
  44. Jul 26, 2013
    An beautiful game that features hand drawn art, a suitably desolate atmosphere and a fascinating story. The mechanics are simple and the puzzles are interesting. Draws on experiences from some classic sci-fi movies and games.
  45. Jan 9, 2014
    One of the best games I 've ever played. Minimalistic and cool artistic style; well thought, original and smoothly executed game play mechanics and above all; it manages to make you feel you are in space, helpless, more than any other 3D AAA big budgeted games even though it's a 2D platformer. One of the most atmospheric games ever.

    Again, original and clever puzzles that getting harder
    and harder and more creative by time.

    Great sounds and music.

    To summarize, The Swapper is one of the gaming masterpieces. A must play.
  46. Jul 31, 2013
    An amazing atmospheric game which is clever, smooth and truly grasps the concept of feeling completely alone in an environment. The ambient soundtrack and lighting really polishes this game, a definite for those who simply love solving puzzles.
  47. Sep 24, 2013
    Got this game because I was bored and it sounded interesting. It really is a great game for what it is, the puzzles are sometimes hard but it is balanced so it's not boringly easy or frustratingly hard. The general feel of the game is awesome and original and makes you think
  48. Dec 23, 2013
    A miracle of game...

    Not a puzzle game, or a pure adventure one... simply the best game of 2013, impeccable and fascinating story, innovative puzzles, moral choices (and the way is only one...)!

    Skyrim is a great game, this is simply part of gaming history...
  49. Nov 15, 2013
    This game is absolutely AMAZING!! Puzzles are challenging and rewarding, but not impossible. The music was awesome, the atmosphere was seriously incredible. This is a MUST HAVE for every Steam collection.
  50. Feb 18, 2014
    Awesome game with an incredible atmosphere and thought provoking dialogue. I got completely absorbed in it and loved every second. I haven't had this much of a good time since Portal came out! Thank you for an awesome game!
  51. Feb 24, 2014
    This was a really interesting experience. It's like someone took the absolute darkest, best of Asimov's short stories and turned it into a video game. I loved it. I had to stop playing for a couple months and come back to it because two of the puzzles were too difficult for me. That's probably a good thing.
  52. Mar 25, 2014
    The Swapper is a relatively-short puzzle game (~5 hours) that features a basic game mechanic: You can create clones of yourself and teleport to them to move around the map. The game features a variety of well thought-out puzzles. Certain environmental elements can prevent you from creating clones and others can prevent you from teleporting them.

    The story is bleak and melancholy in an
    enchanting way. The artwork/music is beautiful and atmospheric. The puzzles get a tiny bit repetitive by the end. However, the game finished quickly enough that I never felt bored during the playthrough. In general, it was a hauntingly-beautiful short game. Expand
  53. Nov 11, 2014
    Gameplay is magnificent, the story is as simple as i want it. The puzzles are great. Really the game is one of the best of 2013 for sure, or maybe one of the best games ever?

    Time will show for sure, for me it was 7 extremely well spent hours. There is n't something in the game that i didn't like.

    The game shows the dynamic that right now indie developers have.
  54. Jun 8, 2013
    Swappedy swap! Fun game. Good bank for the buck ($11 for me). I finished it in 9 hours but I am deeply stupid and most can probably complete it in under 6. I was also way too mouth-breathingly dumb for the plot, which is an existentialist sci-fi headslapper and I couldn't quite piece together the answers.

    My Petty Gripes: (1) I wish the lighting was a little bit brighter so we could see
    the Claymation details better. (2) I wish the voices weren't garbled at times. (3) Why is everyone in this future parallel universe British? Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 36
  1. Aug 4, 2014
    The game is not about death or life but about the soul leaving the body and heading someplace new. It’s about the brief moment it spends flying.
  2. 80
    A puzzle platformer that won't frustrate nor bore you. The puzzles complete a solid story, which is unique even for an indie game. [Issue#234]
  3. Oct 7, 2013
    The Swapper is a first-rate puzzle platformer that boasts a gorgeous atmosphere as well. The story doesn't quite live up to its potential, though, but it's not a major issue. [Aug 2013]