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  1. Jan 4, 2013
    I have been playing computer and video games for the last 25+ years. In all that time, I have never once had a game illicit a serious emotional response, but this game did thrice: anger when I found what a stranger had done, frustration when I found someone in our party had lied, and regret when I realized I had to let a friend down. And this is the spoiler-free version of the review. After playing this game, you'll no longer wonder why Hollywood is losing out to the video games industry. These are stories *worth* telling. Expand
  2. Feb 19, 2013
    This has to be one of the best stories in a game that I've ever played. While the characters are very average, they are just regular every day people, the interaction you have with them creates an attachment, and emotional bond that you can't have with film or books. This is the first game that has had me tear up during its saddest moment. So because of that alone, this has to be the best, most immersing story I've ever experienced in a game. This is definitely worth playing. Expand
  3. Dec 29, 2012
    I can't believe the high scores this "game" has received. It's not a game at all! This "game" took three hours to complete, and I used the mouse/keyboard a total of twenty times. Basically it's a movie that you're allowed to use the mouse in, and that barely does anything. So, it goes something like this: dialogue thirty minutes, click mouse, dialogue thirty minutes, click mouse, etc etc etc, "game" over. I wish I wouldn't have wasted my money! Expand
  4. Dec 11, 2012
    Video games are art, or are they? This is a question that has been floating around the industry for years but has never truly been taken serious until this generation of gaming. In many ways it really comes down to how grounded your opinion of art is. Is art free form to you? Is it something that can only be achieved via deep principals, or is it simply anything and everything that is created as a form of expression? While I am not going to further this argument with this review, I will say this. If video games have the ability to be art simply through story telling and tapping at the spine of our emotions then Telltale Expand
  5. Dec 19, 2012
    Well, my entry into metacritic was a 0 score for a lousy game, so I figured I better balance this with another honest assessment of how a game is done right. The Walking Dead is an absolute pleasure for the zombie enthusiast who also has some degree of maturity and intellect. What impressed me most of this game was its ability to, perhaps very unintentionally, teach the audience truly the consequences of our actions in this game and in real life AND the importance of simply being nice to everyone as best as you can. If you are truly paying attention, you can walk away from this game with these two lessons and be a better person in real life from playing this game.

    In regards to the graphics: great style, nothing was a turn off in this vein- although it did remind me some of borderlands without steroid muscles in terms of art. Bugs: yes this game has them and some wonky camera angles sometimes that throws you off here and there- but this I believe was made by a smaller design team and although it has that unpolished indie feel to it, it also has that great feeling of, 'we love our product that we worked very hard on,' feel too.

    The story: well, it has been a LONG time since I had the pleasure of a video game that does something right in terms of a story: a bizarre conflict where we test the characters and see how they would all respond in the worst and best of times. There is however no illusion that you the gamer are on a roller coaster ride and it becomes very clear that you are NOT in the driver's side, you are a passenger the whole way through to the horrible conclusion.

    This fatalistic outlook is key to this game, as it gives you the dread and somber morose feeling necessary for such a- piece of art in video game form.

    My only beef would be- episode 2 was way too predictable- pun intended...

    here is a little example of how badly things can go:
  6. Dec 20, 2012
    As long as you are the sort of person intelligent enough to realize that First and third person action games are not the only form of video game, this will become your favorite game of all time. Perhaps best described as an interactive story, Telltale's The Walking Dead became the masterpiece of a story so many of us know it for because its ability to make you feel empathy for its characters. Every character of the Walking Dead feels and responds like a real person. When a character dies, as they often will, you feel like **** Every death in that game is a terrible thing that will tear at your soul. Why play it then? For Clementine. For that one last precious thing you're fighting for. You play as Lee Everett, and once upon a time, you killed a man. The apocalypse seems almost too good to be true, at first - a second chance to for yourself. But as the story progresses it becomes more and more obvious that what's important isn't fighting for your own survival, but fighting for the survival of the people you come to care about so deeply as the story progresses. Expand
  7. Feb 1, 2013
    This is the best game I've ever played.
    The game has a nice comic style, even if it sometimes looks a bit weird. The gameplay is not really outstanding, but this game does not need it, if you can call it ''game''. It's more of a historical narrative with quick-time events. And this story makes the game so great. The story, which is constructed in a structure in 5 episodes, is told so
    incredible. I believe that this experience I will not soon forget. Expand
  8. Dec 27, 2012
    I have to agree with what many of the critics and other users have said. The game is beautifully written, and remains true to Kirkman's universe. It is emotionally gripping, and balances the story expertly between the desolation and intensity of a post-apocalyptic world. The visual design is highly stylized, and creates some wonderful set pieces. I should preface my criticisms by noting that I really enjoying the format of these narrative point-and-click adventures; Some of my early favourites included Myst and the original Monkey Island series. I found that, although immersive and adeptly convincing, my choices often had little effect on the broader outcome of the adventure. The consequences of a poor decision were often minimal and only swapped small pieces of dialogue. This often served to break the experience for me, and I felt as though I wasn't playing a game as much as I was reading a one-shot story arc in the Walking Dead comic book series. The limited puzzle-like content was excruciatingly simple, and felt served up piping hot.
    To cut my ramblings short; Wonderful story, a must-play for fans, and nothing I regret spending time on. I wouldn't suggest approaching it like a true video game, more of an interactive animated series, and at that it TRULY excels.
  9. BMF
    Dec 11, 2012
    The Walking Dead is the best story based game I have played in a long time. I got very attached to my character and those around him and felt compelled to help everyone even though thats a imposable task. The dialoge options are vast and I found myself lost in telltales world. I can not wait untill episode one season 2 is released!
  10. Feb 19, 2013
    An all right visual novel, with some interesting characters. Sadly your actions don't actually affect the ending, and in a visual novel (and YES, it is a visual novel, not a game) that is pretty important. And in terms of the ending (which I won't spoil) which people constantly say is amazing and emotional, was pretty much nothing compared to many other games, To The Moon being a good example.
  11. Jan 5, 2013
    This is the best story based game ever released.Definitely GOTY 2012 for me.I haven't had so much fun and i felt like i was really ''living'' in that world.Everything you do have consequences later.
  12. Dec 24, 2012
    I am truly flabbergasted. lost for words. this game is everything that I've wanted for the longest time..I cant tell you for how long I've crazed an intellectually stimulating horror/mystery game that taps into the darkest corners of human nature...this game is beautifully done..there are times when you literally want to just pause and appreciate for just a moment longer how beautiful the art styles are...the lighting director did a fantastic job at creating dramatic effect...

    this game is NOT superficially dramatic...i cant emphasis it enough there are very few things in life that are able to make you truly feel truly suspend reality and become thoroughly engrossed in a story line is something that is getting harder and harder to do...this game is able to do that and so much more..

    please for the sake of expanding your own intellectual horizons BUY THIS GAME.

  13. Feb 24, 2013
    By 2012/2013 standards The Walking Dead game should suck. Graphics are stylized yet low res and clunky, music may be good and atmospheric but sounds are so generic that they don't stick out and are average at best. And mostly and above all the game is old-school point-and-click like adventure divided into series of 5 episodes. All in all it's a recipe for a huge failure. This is how it looks like in theory at least.

    The truth is The Walking Dead deserves a solid 10/10 and was the gem of gaming in 2012 for me. I've mentioned all of it's shortcomings and I'm still sticking by it. As a game it's not great but as an interactive story with multiple twists and tribulations, involving characters, tough moral choices and a sense of ultimate despair that main characters are facing at all times makes it an EXTREMELY rewarding experience.
  14. Dec 11, 2012
    A great, intensive and emotional game.
    You really feel the weight of your decisions. You're decisions can be as "simple" as choosing who gets to it, to choosing if someone dies or not, who you'll save.
    Some of them, you'll regret further on.
    This game has a some great characters. It's not a hard game, and not too long, but it's worth every cent spent on it. Really recommend it!
  15. Dec 12, 2012
    Its good, there is no denying that. Animation is smooth, the art is well done, but the game is also limited. - You cannot map your own keys. BIG issue for me. - Some "choices" result in the same outcome regardless of your inputs. - I kept feeling like I was being prodded from behind by the programmers, "Go that way, go that way."
    - Story does not progress until you do the right sequence.
    - You have to solve the puzzles the way they are laid out without deviation. - Combat sequences are inconsistent. First person sometimes, third person in other situation. I usually had to die to figure out what was going on. - I will not spoil the game, but am mad with the Carley outcome. From what I have read on-line I am not alone. I am a huge Walking Dead fan and this It is good. You should not feel cheated in paying for this, but they could have done so much more. Expand
  16. Dec 22, 2012
    More of an interactive narrative, not very "fun" but extremely moving, fascinating, and well worth the price. Episode 2 was the worst but after that they got progressively better and extremely good.
  17. Dec 25, 2012
    I have never played a game that can make you feel everything there is out there. A masterpiece. That ending alone deserves 10/10. Damn it, I cried like hell!
  18. Jan 19, 2013
    I was totally floored by this game. Even after hearing all the hype, I had no idea what I was in for. I'm a huge fan of story-based adventure games, and have played many of Telltale's other series. They have always been good at humor and cartoony worlds, but I questioned whether they could pull off a serious or dark game. My concerns were left shattered on the floor early on in episode one, and stayed there through the rest of the game, all the way to the shuddering end. This game grabs you and never lets go. As others have mentioned, I experienced many complex emotions throughout the game which I rarely feel when playing games. It was like the best thriller films, except I was involved in the choices so it felt even more personal. The writing and characters are so well done that you forget you are playing a game, and you never know what's around the bend. I feel like this game is a refreshing change, and only the beginning of what is possible in interactive storytelling if it is done right. I hope its popularity will push developers more into this front. Expand
  19. Dec 18, 2012
    It is rare for me to give a game a 10, but The Walking Dead deserves it. Most games use story to connect one level to the next, but in TWD the gameplay connects chapters of the story together... the story is the focus in TWD. This game has the best character development and story of any game out there. I found myself liking some character while disliking others and the choices I made in the game reflected my feelings towards individuals in the group. I have never had a game make me question my own morality. A choice I made in the heat of the moment later filled me with self doubt and regret... did I make the right choice... and believe me, the choices are not easy. The game makes you feel something for the different character in the game, and if the ending does not have you at least choking back tears... then you simply are not human! This game is an instant classic and on my short list for best game I have ever played. Expand
  20. Dec 28, 2012
    Having originally purchased the game without doing much research, I was surprised to find that it was an adventure game that takes place predominantly through cinematics or scripted conversations. Normally this would disappoint, but the story and depth of character is so strong in this game that it is absolutely my game of the year and an experience I will remember for the rest of my life.

    As a 25 yr old male, I could hardly believe the moment that I burst into tears in the final act. It is as moving as any film and more engaging than any game that has come before it. You do not just feel the decisions that Lee makes as the protagonist, you feel as though you are standing in his shoes, and every decision you make is helping shape your journey through the zombie infested streets. If you buy one game in the next 5 years, I would suggest this one be near the top of your list of considerations.
  21. Jan 5, 2013
    This is one of the best games I have ever played. The installment model of distribution bothered me at first as I wanted to continue on with the story. In the end however, this actually built excitement for the game because the tale was so excellent. Even for those who are not into horror or apocalypse themes,I would recommend this game. The zombies are simply obstacles that are part of the larger story which revolves around the people in the game. I won't leave any details (spoilers) but I think most players who enjoy a story driven approach will love this game. The themes explored are adult- redemption, loss, suffering and how people might behave when everything they have ever known comes to an end. Expand
  22. May 4, 2013
    The best game of 2012. No doubt. The best characters I've seen in a videogame,it's a game of emotions, you'll love the characters. The puzzles are a very simplistic, though.
  23. Dec 31, 2012
    The voice acting, character design, level design, all great. Quick time events are annoying. Lack of inverted mouse or gamepad controls makes the few gunfights difficult. Pathetic that inverted controls are not an option.
    However the game got a bad score from me for really just one reason. Player decisions do NOT make a difference, despite what is constantly prompted to players
    on-screen. The problem here is that this is the key feature of a point and click adventure like this. Take any major event in the game for example. Typically there will be a series of 6 to 10 dialogue or action sequences, each with up to 4 choices. That's great in theory, but your selections make no difference on how the story unfolds. **** is going to unfold how the writers want it no matter Lee's actions. Sure it may seem like you have choice at times, such as choosing between saving one persons life over another, or choosing to kill someone or not, but by the next scene it makes no difference. Those are only a few canned events. You'll still be headed down the same linear path. Nothing dynamic about it. There was more freedom of decision with consequence playing Leisure suit Larry 15 years ago. Expand
  24. Feb 21, 2013
    I have one word for this "Game" "GARBAGE." It wasn't worth 25 bucks. It isn't worth 5. You would be better served to burn your 25 bucks for heat than waste it on this trash. The graphics look like some 6th grader went on a Gatorade binge and hyped all over the screen. The game play is non-existent. Way too much dialogue and when you DO finally get to do something it is timed and you do not have time to read all the choices before the timer expires and it chooses for you. Steer well clear of this bomb unless you like watching a movie where you might actually get to do SOMETHING like TRY to read choice before your timer expires I feel like I just took 25 bucks and tossed it out the window into a hurricane. Expand
  25. Jan 10, 2013
    I purchased this game because I love the Walking Dead graphic novels, and because the game had good reviews. Now that I've played it, I just can't believe the reviews. I had to create an account at Metacritic just to inject a tiny bit of honesty in a sea of lies. Only foul play can explain the sheer number of hyper-positive reviews this game has. It is incredibly buggy, to the extent of being unplayable at times, the graphics are sub-par, and there isn't much of a game under there, after all is said and done. Yes, the story and the acting "pulls you in" and it can be enjoyable, but sooner or later a glitch or a crappy, hastily slapped-together animation or the lack of player input kicks you out again. This feels like cheap exploitation of a license to a popular franchise - reminds me of those lousy licensed games from the 80's, just cook up a quick, buggy excuse for a game and slap a popular name on it -> profit. The Walking Dead is not without it's merits, but overall the negatives far outweigh the positives. A bonus gripe of mine: after finishing episode 1, I was treated to a "sneak peek" that spoiled the next episode. At this point I just didn't want to play anymore. Expand
  26. Koo
    Jan 5, 2013
    Having played all 5 games in the series, I am confident in awarding it my Game of the Year 2012. With its unique visual style and compelling storyline, The Walking Dead pulls you in and does not let go. Curious how your decisions compare with those of players around the world? The game lets you know at the end of every episode how your decisions measure up. Don't have 20 hours free time every week? No problem. Each episode is 2-3 hours long. Stop reading this review and TRY THIS GAME already!! Expand
  27. Dec 29, 2012
    Outdated graphics that should stay on a mobile platform, like the iPhone/iPad version of the game (which is pretty much the same). Storyline is OK, good only to pass time trying to figure out what happens next out of curiosity. This game is created and targeted towards an audience that pretty much plays no video games. Dumbed down actions and key presses gets old. If you are a fan of the TV series, there goes why the high rating, otherwise from a comparative stand point of PC/Console games in 2012, there is simply not much to praise about. Expand
  28. Jan 6, 2013
    This is one game I wish I could delete from my steam account entirely. The fact that this won any plaudits is simply a reflection of the deplorable state of the gaming industry. The game is sickening at every level. Not only is the horror raw and gory and without redeeming value the writing is atrocious, the plotting bogus, and the characters as phoney as a twenty-three dollar bill. The only aspect of this game that deserve mention is the voice acting, which is top of the line. I could explain all my reasons for not liking this game in full detail but honestly I don't want to give it any more of my time. I bought it for less than ten dollars and I still want my money back. All I have to say to all of you people who rated this game highly is that developers are going to give you want you want and give it to you good and hard. You buy crap, you're going to get sold more crap. It's as simple as that. Expand
  29. Jan 4, 2013
    choices dont matter jack, the games a steaming pile. jittery, buggy, and a complete croc of s***. i wish i never spent good hard earned cash on this crock
  30. Jan 15, 2013
    This is NOT a video game... let's just start right there. Do not expect to be hacking and slashing or shooting your way through this game because it can hardly be classified as one, it's more like a glorified t.v. series. I am not saying that this "game" is bad by any means... it's just hardly a GAME, think a tv series you can (somewhat) interact with. It's pretty linear despite the whole "your actions affect the story blah blah" disclaimer displayed. There will things that will be presented as "choices" but you simply will not have a choice in the matter. At the end of the day you will be forced to preform specific actions because if you choose otherwise the story will not progress. However, the story is good and it truly is entertaining. I found myself playing longer than expected some nights but the riveting game play is not the blame. If you really aren't into playing video games or you want to take a break from having to actually run or jump or do actions then this is your game or if you just want a really elaborate animated story to break up the monotony of your life then this works too. I was majorly disappointed when it came down to game play seeing that it's almost obsolete. How this won game of the year over a real game with GAME PLAY substance and a well written screenplay like ME3 is totally beyond me though. I wouldn't recommend any of my friends to buy this game but I wouldn't say that it's horrible if one of them asked me my opinion on it either. Take it or leave it. Expand
  31. Feb 12, 2013
    10 is way too low for this game. Brilliant writing that deviates from the story line of the TV series but keeps the spirit fully intact. Brilliant game that keeps you involved in the story and links you to each character, which were each well developed. Loved it. It seems like it can be replayed multiple times. Also love the fact that you are shown what others did in the choices.
  32. Jan 27, 2013
    Interesting semi-interactive game with a lousy interface. The fact that you cannot skip cutscenes really ticks me off. The choices you can make during the game are limited.
  33. Jan 27, 2013
    Terrible gameplay, but excellent story. I'm not a fan of point and click casual games, but they did a really nice job with the story. I would consider this to be more of a visual novel than a game.
  34. Jan 30, 2013
    See I love the show so I figured, "Hey the game must be awesome! Can't wait to shoot zombies!" Well don't waste your money. The controls are ridiculously idiotic and it should not be in the third person. There's no character development (none of them are likeable, just annoying) and you hardly do anything in the game anyways! There's no shooting, only derpty doo going to put my little floating d-pad on the zombie and let the game do everything for me! Lee moves as fast as a snail and the areas are always too limited and hard to navigate. I'm glad i got it half off or i would've been really mad. Expand
  35. Apr 15, 2013
    Wow! Nice game, epic story telling and the choices are cool. Iam looking forward to season 2. Iam not a big fan of adventure games but this maybe is a start to play more adventure games soon. The only thing i dont like are the graphics. The graphic could be from 2008 and i dont like also the cartoonish style. But overall an awesome game
  36. Jan 27, 2013
    TWD - ATGS definitely has a good story which keeps you going and entertained. The decisions feel meaningful and, while not twisting the general plot, have an immediate impact even throughout several episodes. I cannot give it a higher rating than 8 though. The graphics are, even if they want to create a stylized comic feel, just not good. Several better textures, for example, would not have destroyed the aesthetics. And still the game stutters from time to time, regardless of the power of the PC it runs on.
    Additionaly, the controls feel very weird in several places.
    And at last, the gameplay does not challenge the player in any scene... I would have been able to complete the game at the age of 4. TWD defines itself with the storytelling though, and that's why I don't downrate it a lot because of the previous negatives.

    P.S.: I would not advise to let a 4-year-old play this game ;-)
  37. Jan 6, 2013
    This game is definitely worth the honour of being game of the year. I literally exclaimed out "AWESOME" or "NO" several times while playing the game! I was so taken back by what was happening and what I experienced during the game, I can't wait for the next 5 as the ending was immense :) Buy and play this game, you will not regret it!
  38. Apr 24, 2013
    Stop reading reviews on metacritic, get Telltale's The Walking Dead and get ready for a truly unique, enthralling and incredibly immersive experience (of the extent the gaming industry hasn't seen in many a year)!
  39. Jan 25, 2013
    I really have to say this game is almost perfection. I was worried about it going in that it would focus too much on random zombie action and take away from WHY we love the Walking Dead. We like it because it actually has story and character development. Not just random gore. The game is a point and click adventure. If that's not your type of game wait for the crappy FPS coming out soon. (That I'll still probably play.) The timed decisions mechanic is a great move from the developers. Only have seconds to make a split choice really ripens the tension and panic of your situations. On top of that the game has a lot of content. 5 full episodes that can be a couple hours each to finish, with different paths and outcomes depending on how your handle things. Every choice you make can affect you way later down the road to similar to the style Mass Effect recently took.

    If your a fan of the show, comics, zombies in general and like a good game that will challenge your wit and morals, get it.
  40. Jan 4, 2013
    You know what? I don't care for many of the flaws that plague this game. All those little annoyances are nothing, nothing to detract you from this master of story driven games. Obviously, video games are not exactly high regarded when it comes to the storyline and yet This game has some of the best set of narrative, characters, and dialog you can find in the industry. But is it a game, really? I see it as more of an experience. An interactive tv series, if you will. Gameplay elements are rather thin in this game, like in most point and click adventure games. The chocies you make are difficult, and even if they don't have too much effect on the outcome of the story(from what we have seen at the end of the 5 chapters), they still change characters behavior and dialog along the way. But it doesn't matter at all, in my opinion. The choices you make still dictate how you will feel at the end of the game. Have I done the right thing here? could I have saved this person if I did that? if you are making choices without caring too much because it's "just a game", then your experience will be the same. The characters are outstanding, through voice acting and choices they make, this is as far as you can get from the "black and white" storyline that's found in most videogames these days. If you invest yourself into the narrative and characters, and really think about what's the right thing to do(in your eyes), you could find yourself drawn into one of the best games of the year, or interactive movies, or however you wanna call it. It really doesn't matter one bit. Expand
  41. Mar 16, 2013
    The game excels in the character development that overshadows almost every game in the industry now. The gameplay is not complicated or hard, so it SHOULD lose points for lacking in that department, but the writing is so far beyond what we have that it deserves a 10/10.

    I bought it once it won game of the year, and it deserved the win. Writing is so important now. The gaming industry is
    getting larger and its audience more mature. We need games that immerse us, not just entertain us. I love movies and some games need to be a medium to tell a story. If I just want gameplay I'll go play my vast arcade game library (fez, shootmania, dota 2, etc). Expand
  42. Apr 19, 2013
    That's the difference of "games of truth" to the "games" that we see today Loved every minute of this game and it really reminds me of the golden age of gaming in 1994 onwards with point click games like The Dig and the famous Monkey Island. Bought without fear and do not regret a penny. simply fantastic
  43. Mar 2, 2013
    This is my favorite game of 2012 and imo the best adventure game of its class to be released this century if not ever. The story and pacing were both superb and I am anticipating a sequel. The fact it came out at a time when entertainment is over-saturated with zombie media makes it all the more surprising that I became so invested in it. I couldn't have asked for anything more.
  44. Dec 30, 2012
    A sad story bundled with brilliant gameplay. Don't believe the ones who criticize this great game. It is based on the Walking Dead Comic series, which the TV series is based off of. The choices you make effect the game. You can't always be a saint, and have to make very tough decisions. It's art that is a video game, and it'll manage to make even the hardest of stones, cry.
  45. Jan 19, 2013
    This game... Wait, i can't call this just "game". Is Art, like a Dear Esther for example. New technology and high resolution graphics loses with good story. I had tears in my eyes on 2 moments in this game - end of 2 ep. and end of ep. 5. Story in this game makes it special, and it don't need any special effects, or innovacion in control. When I start playing it, i couldn't stop... Is Art, that's more than just game. Sorry for bad English, I'm Pole.. Expand
  46. Jun 24, 2013
    Ok, I know it may be strange, as my experience while playing the game was a solid 9, maybe even a ten. Wonderful story, wonderful characters, interesting graphical style, and an interesting approach to the adventure game genre. I looked forward to getting off work each day so I could progress further into the story and uncover the next bit of plot. However, I simply can't give this 'game' that high of a score. As an adventure game, it was an absolute flop. The puzzles (if I can even call them that) were not even remotely challenging. In fact, the solution was always given to you (via the cues your mouse overs would give you.) And they never required any effort on the players part to really solve. Also, while you were presented with a lot of choices in the narrative as to what exactly you wanted to do, it's hard to feel like the choices really made any significant difference. I'm almost afraid to give it a second play through just to prove my point further as I feel it would be rather depressing to see how little changes. Now I understand it would be damn near impossible for a developer to make infinite branching possibilities to a game, but there was many times where I could 'guess' where they were trying to lead the plot and was specifically trying to make decisions that would deviate away from that path, but regardless the story would progress down those lines no matter what I said, did, etc. So generally, it felt like I was 'playing' a movie, with light adventure elements and a bit of 'choose your adventure'. In the end, the resultant feeling I got was super 'casual' and so even though I really enjoyed the experience and consider it a memorable experience, I rather get left with the impression it was an awful game. As a game, I'd give it a 4 or 5, as an experience i'd give it a 9 or 10. So in the end I will give it a 7 and certainly give it my recommendation regardless. Collapse
  47. Jun 2, 2013
    So Walking Dead isn't a game as such, it's more like an interactive movie. There's no gameplay.. it's a matter of choosing dialogue and clicking on objects to interact with them. Need to open a door? Click the door. That's as complex as it gets. My problem with the game isn't that it's light on gameplay, because that's intended and has been executed fairly well. My problem is that it's a story and dialogue-driven experience, and the story is boring. If you've ever read a half decent book, you'll be bored to tears with this material. For the hell of it, imagine you aren't playing a game and instead you're watching an animated movie; you'll soon realise it would be the blandest, most predictable, cliched piece of crap ever created. So if it's light on gameplay, and the story is terrible, what's the point? What's the point indeed. Anyway, you may as well get it since it's $5 on humble bundle and decide for yourself. Expand
  48. Jul 28, 2013
    an illusion. that is all this even is. every step of the way the so called "craft able story" it has gone against every thing i have wanted to do. vague dialoge choices never help, believing you will give one response, but Lee actually makes one completely different, un-skippable cut scenes also hinder the experience. under there there may be a good story, and well crafted characters, but the sheer imability to craft the story the way i want it to go is frustrating. had i gone into it knowing how linear and uncontrollable it is, i would never have even bothered. i have COD for linear story. Expand
  49. Mar 15, 2013
    Know what you're getting: this is not really a game at all, it's a slightly interactive animated horror-comic. You don't really have any options or any choice in what happens, the controls are VERY poor, and the "game" is very short, but there is no denying that it has its scary moments.

    Personally I'd suggest catching the Walking Dead TV series instead, but if you're in the mood for a
    horror-comic, then by all means try this out.

    But don't expect a survival-horror game. There is little to no game here.
  50. Jul 14, 2013
    You must be shocked. WHY WOULD YOU GIVE THIS GAME A SIX? Heres how ill put it. Storyline is perfect, its amazing, youll love the story. The actual gameplay is complete and utter trash. Its horrible and terrible. None of the decisions you make have any consequence on your survival, hell, they barely even matter. Sure they change how certain scenes end, but the story still drives foreward. I dont understand how anyone could look past the terrible gameplay and give this game a 10/10. I understand the conflict, but storyline is ONE ASPECT of video games. Why are all the choices with survivors forced? I knew from the moment I was forced to pick between two survivors to save that the game was going to be a forced story and that my actions would be limited, but hell, I never expected the game to blatently and utterly disregard my choices physically, with only getting some verbal acknowledgment of the choice I made. It honestly does not sit well that a game with such a great story has such terrible gameplay. I am utterly dissapointed. Expand
  51. May 31, 2013
    Kinda overrated. The Walking Dead has a great story and voice acting to go with it, there is no doubt about that. Just about everything else in the game is bad. The animations and lip syncing are both horrendous. Downright laughable. The graphics are supposed to represent a comic, but i've seen comics that look better than this game. Some of the textures, especially trees and bushes and the ground, are terrible. And the gameplay, which is the most important part of any game, is boring and sometimes unintuitive. You rarely get something to do, most of the game is watching a cutscene and listening to dialogue. But, when you do get something to do, it's just simply clicking here one to kick a zombie, or some other unimportant thing. It's not fun at all, honestly, i'd rather have just watched the game play before me then having to keep my hand on my mouse and wait an see if there is some QTE that pops up. The game also states that the decisions you make affect the game. This is true to a degree, but don't expect to be able to save one person all the way through to the end, or have your decisions greatly affect the ending. There is one ending to the game no matter what you do. The points in the game where you're supposed to pick one thing or another don't have any bearing on what happens in the end, either. So there's really no "choice" at all. I was super disappointed in this game, honestly. If you want a movie with a good, emotional story and don't care for gameplay, then buy it. But if you really want an experience you can interact with, you'd best look elsewhere. Expand
  52. Dec 15, 2012
    Lets start with the best thing about this game which is the story. I was really impressed by the way things moved in the game one tragedy after the other you cant help but feel the tension that is surviving in a world like that. Even when i was just exploring I just couldnt feel safe anywhere. Also, almost all the characters in the game have managed to create a emotional response from myself. I hated some, I loved some but rarely I felt indifferent about them and that is always a plus. Honestly, at some point I started caring for Clementine like she was my own daughter. The only character I felt lacked depth was the main character but I think that may be on purpose because your supposed to feel like you are the main character. The gameplay itself was a little lackluster in some parts, with some solutions being WAY too obvious. I barely had to think when solving the problems in the game. But this isnt a traditional point and click adventure so I took only 1 point from my review. The graphics and sound are all top notch but some of the voice acting was bad to the point it made me laugh. Great game, definetly one of the best of the year. Expand
  53. Dec 12, 2012
    The Walking Dead, a game like few others, he has earned the award by Goty have a great story and emotional burden. A story like very few well-founded, by spending hours playing ... I call it a game unreal real, its graphics, which logically is not known for that because it is based on the comic, not in the series, but also has its points. The sound, sound effects and voices are good quality, gameplay ... highlights everything. Expand
  54. Apr 12, 2013
    I picked this game up for 10 euros on steam sales and i gotta say.. This probably is the best 10 euros ever spent on a game. I absolutely love games that lets you choose different actions to make and also affect on storyline as you progress in the game. Characters are unique and different. Even when i felt moments where i actually wanted some guy to be dead or killed at the same time i could sympathise with them. This truly is a magnificent game and worth its value and i highly recommend that everyone who likes story based games goes out and buys this right away. Expand
  55. Mar 1, 2013
    This game has gotten many people invested in the characters and setting on an emotional level. It's just worth it, not for the gameplay, but for story and characters.
  56. Jan 2, 2013
    I believe this game is fantastic, and I have many reasons to support this. In this game you make choices, these choices have an outcome on the game itself, as the slogan of the game is "this game is tailored by the way you play." Some people are criticizing this game for having a "illusion of choice." This is partially true as some of the choices in the game have the same outcome either way. However, the majority of the choices have different outcomes. The storyline is the best game story I have had the pleasure of playing in a long time. If you are thinking about playing this game you really need to follow the story well to get the best out of it. The game lasts for about 12 hours on average, a pretty decent amount of playtime. You will probably replay it to make different choices to the ones you made before. People are criticizing this game due to it's graphics, when they should not. The game takes on a cartoony art style, as it should. Many people would nowadays just class a cartoony art style as "bad graphics." Please do not listen to the negative reviews here, especially ones about the graphics. I thoroughly enjoyed this game and frankly cannot wait until February when they release The Walking Dead Season 2. Excellent title, my game of 2012. Expand
  57. bvr
    Feb 28, 2013
    If you're coming into this expecting Gears of War or COD zombie mode, you're in for a hell of a disappointment. If you're coming into this expecting a fantastic narrative, sound, and art, expect to be very pleased.
    Personally, I haven't ever had an emotional gameplay experience on this level before. Superb.
  58. Feb 26, 2013
    This game is truly EPIC... You have to choose who lives and who dies, its so intense, yet so exciting! I'm glad this game has got such great accolades from everywhere, because that's what it deserves! The story, the zombies, the characters, the animation and the graphics were just brilliant! I can't wait for Season 2...

    So I would recommend this game, 'cause once you play, you won't
    want to leave the game! It's that Awesome..!! Expand
  59. Mar 2, 2013
    The Walking Dead not a real game. Its look like a movie and if I want see one I have better Choice I do not like zombie game but this game is disgusting to me for many other reason
  60. Apr 25, 2013
    That's how I was left after finishing each episode of this game. And for a bonus I was left with a tear in my eye by the third and fifth chapter. This game must be played by anyone who loves storytelling and amazing dialogues in video game and even movies. What many are complaining about is that there is no gameplay or oh this isn't a game it's an interactive show but they are missing the entire point of the game! It isn't to collect killstreaks or to amaze with set pieces, it's to move your emotional strings and make you care about it's characters! If this isn't your type of game don't play it but this review is for the ones who knew what they were in for. You play as Lee Everett, a man with a shady past who in the midst of a zombie apocalypse finds a lonely little girl, Clementine. The moment you meet her you feel the burden of having to protect her and it doesn't ever go away. There were moments I felt so much sympathy for her or even doubt of myself if I was good enough for her that I felt things only real life could achieve! This is a very dark game, for those who didn't know! You will see a lot of up things and meet some up characters (episode 2, holy crap). But you will meet others who will join your group and become friends with you. And by god there will be choices! Choices that matter even from the first episode! And you will disagree even with your best companions in some cases! I repeat this is some intense and there's gonna e tension in the air. But I can say in the third chapter there was one so strong character development that I shed a TEAR! And of course the final episode I cried, literally cried. And not just in one scene! This game will move you! Even if you are the most stone cold emotionless man in the country. About the gameplay I can say it's point and click and there are tense scenes that require you to press a button really fast or stuff but nothing very gripping. But th strong is in the dialogue options! You have to think and react fast and believe me there will be a time or two that you will do something you would have never done in any other choice game. Like I said this game requires your emotions and ideas to play, not the ones from the character! So in general if you love good stories and great character development and dialogue you are in for the experience of the year! I'm gonna give it a nine because it doesn't really appeal to everybody! But great game for the right audience! Expand
  61. Jul 16, 2013
    this is simply one of the greatest games I have ever played. Telltale proves why it is the king of adventure games pros: Clem and Lee -Clem in general -some of the most memorable characters ever -you will cry at parts -very strong emotional impact (i could not play for a week over the guilt of the death of a character) -the ending is amazing -interesting and realistic puzzles and choices
    - a choice in episode 2 will matter for the rest of the game
    - true to the show and comic it is based on
    -figuring out which characters will be friends and which will be enemies (friend for me=Kenny enemy for me=Lily and Larry)
    -the ending while beautiful made me question "what was the point of this story"
    -some choices don't really affect anything
    this game rises above its flaws and deserves twice as much of the praise it has gotten which is quite alot
  62. Jul 6, 2013
    What a fantastic Story. But, the story is not difficult. Not bad cartoon Graphics. But, Poor optimization.Sentences that are difficult to. But,not much language support.
  63. Jul 17, 2013
    There is only one Series that's having a better Story: Bioshock. And then comes The Walking Dead by Telltale Games. Im absolutely in love with this game. The story is sad, amazing, awesome, funny, etc... at the same time!
    The characters are absolute convincing and Clem is the best kid i've ever seen in a movie/game. Shes so cute and after several time you feel like her dad (i know its
    kinda weird...)
    Also the soundtrack is AWESOME, it brings in the perfect atmosphere.
    This game made me close crying sometimes
    10 out of 10 an absolutely amazing game, who dont plays it misses something big!
  64. Aug 15, 2013
    Playing through episode 1 of this series: liked the quirky, cartoon artwork. Found the characters and scripts good. Enjoyed the pace of the game and the contrast between quiet scenes and action. This made me eagerly anticipate the coming chapters.

    Yet when I moved on to chapter 2 the game had failed to retain the effect of decisions I had made in episode 1, essentially rendering my
    influence on the plot useless. After googling this problem I see it's an issue shared by many and for which no official solution has been provided. Unfortunately I haven't continued to play the rest of it as I couldn't fix the issue and it put a real dampener on my involvement with the game.

    I imagine my score would have been around 6 or 7 or maybe higher had I managed to enjoy the whole game but because of this fundamental flaw which rendered my experience a waste of time, I must mark the game accordingly.
  65. Jul 11, 2013
    The border between film and video game becomes blurry, and the result is a unique interactive experience. This is a game about the choices that define who you are, and how the story adapts to those choices.
  66. Feb 9, 2013
    Let's cut to the chase....

    The Walking Dead (2012 video game)is not as good as The Walking Dead (TV series).
    The TV show is an overwhelming hit and is very highly thought of. It has a combination of excellent writing and excellent acting that combine wondefully with the Robert Kirkman themes developed in the comic book series.
    Those same Robert Kirkman themes are an integral part of
    The Walking Dead (2012 video game).
    The game provides nice examples of good acting combined with interesting characters:
    Lilly, voiced by Nicki Rapp
    Carley, voiced by Nicole Vigil, and
    Molly, voiced by Erin Ashe.

    Unfortunately, the most important character, Lee Everett is voiced by Dave Fennoy who provides a barely average performance.
    Even more disappointing is the key character Clementine who is voiced by Nicki Rapp who provides a very sub-par performance.
    I think perhaps it is almost impossible for a 40ish year old women to provide an acceptable rendition of an 8 year old girl
    I think producers use adults to provide for child roles because they are lazy. Child actors require a lot of effort to manage.
    Additionally the Clementine charater is drawn oddly and very unrealistically to the point of being somewhat distracting.

    I enjoyed playing the game. I wish Robert Kirkman would take a little more interest in protecting how his work is utilized.
  67. Jan 17, 2013
    Good story pinned to a point-and-click adventure game. Kind of funky but it works overall. Very intense experience. I almost cried, limited only by the fact that I am dead inside. Give to good friends or enemies you want to make cry. Imminent tears.
  68. Jan 6, 2013
    This is an amazing experience. It's like being the hero of a movie and your decisions will have an effect on how the story develops. The characters are mesmerizing and it is really hard to not care about them.
    My only complaint would be that the game is a little short but there will be more seasons coming out.
    Hard to find games these days that are so engaging, once I started playing I
    couldn't put it down... worth every penny! Expand
  69. Mar 11, 2013
    TWD is a awesome game! Telltale make me care with characters, the choice system is fantastic by delivery a sense of urgency with its time count bar, that by all means make you have to do hard choices in a little time, this make the tension grows as it would in a real life emergency context.

    The plot is rich and the characters too, both becoming meaningful by the length of the game to
    the point that your choices consequences really make you regret some of your actions in a way that other games can't make you feel, I bet that the reviewers that gave notes like ZERO would prefer to play Call of Duty or other brainless game. Expand
  70. Jun 12, 2013
    The graphics, storytelling, scriptwriting, voice acting and characters in this game are amazing!

    You can relate to the characters and their personalities do grow throughout the story. The moral choices you have to make really influence your further interactions with you fellow survivors and to some degree how the story evolves. Every action has a reaction and some moral choices are key
    to how the story goes on. Every scene, every gesture on the characters face, every interaction between Lee (your character) and the other survivors is meaningful and properly written. True storytelling in games redefined. Expand
  71. Apr 29, 2013
    For a game that advertises itself as being all about choices it really doesn't have any. It's an OK adventure game with some interesting characters and if you are into TWD then you will probably enjoy it. But I bought it because I was intrigued by the "dynamic storytelling" and how my choices would shape the narrative. Well the story is completely railroaded and my choices are dismissed almost immediately. Shame really.... Expand
  72. Dec 23, 2012
    I'm not even going to try to qualify this review with an in-depth analysis or critique, because frankly I don't think that would help you as a potential buyer of this entertainment.

    This game is a masterpiece. They have taken a ridiculous scenario (zombie apocalypse) and turned it into something heart-wrenching, ethically charged and mature. The characters are real, the gameplay is fun,
    the choices matter and afford real replayability, but more than that, this game makes you stop and think.

    Don't let the zombie apocalypse setting fool you. This game is not about a zombie apocalypse, it's about the human condition.
  73. Dec 23, 2012
    Damn. Yah got me. This may be the first time I've ever gotten emotional playing a game. it's true. But hey - if the characters and stories don't get to you then you must be a walker your self! The Walking Dead comic and TV show give the same emotional pathos as the game with the same amount of gore and potty mouth to boot! It's a clever concept that allows you - the player- to choose the path of the narrative. It's a very well written script that adheres to the choices you make very well. There are a few times that your common sense wants the narrative to go where you think it should but in order to complete an episode you have to over-ride your impulses. Another small drawback is the fact that you can't forward the dialogue. That got annoying quick. The artwork from the comics flows beautifully, the foley work sounds fantastic and the voice-actors are fantastic. They really give such depth to all the characters and make everything they do so vital which are always well worth investing time and emotion. It's a rare thing indeed in a crazy world of games that just ask you to hit a button. Special kudos to Melissa Hutchison as the voice of Clementine who made me bawl over her... Expand
  74. Dec 21, 2012
    This is a game that rises above what has been released in the past few years, it brings back some of the original point and click elements and attempts to be story based game not a "lets shoot crap loads of zombies with tons of ammo and not care about the characters" instead the game is a attempt of giving players choice in what they do, but restricting them to only a small amount of gameplay which may bore some players, but there is no denying that the game is an emotional, well written experience that is worth the price, the only reason I am giving the game a 9 is because it can sometimes feel a bit like emotional blackmail in the way it gets you to care for characters enough that the twists can often cause anger but however it is probably the best game released in the last 5 years Expand
  75. Oct 29, 2013
    A bunch of characters who say stupid things for the sole purpose of making you choose a side to be on. None of these characters are interesting or worth any sympathy. A sad humorless script. The acting is a by the numbers affair.

    I did not get any bugs, I quite liked the graphics and, to an extent, to gameplay. I have nothing but admiration for games of this genre's right to exist (as
    opposed to the many who expected an FPS or something), but and I am clearly in the minority, I think that if you want to make a game centred on a story line you should make that story good and populate it with great characters, not morons who flip-flop to suit the needs of the contrived plot or the need for another "decision". Expand
  76. Dec 12, 2012
    One of the best stories in a game, makes you feel for the characters and regret your hard decisions even though you know in your heart it was the right choice.

    Speaking of the right choice, the right choice is to buy this now!
  77. Dec 22, 2012
    Definitely one of the best games of the year, hands down! The storytelling was amazing, the voice acting was great (with the exception of Clementine for me, but perhaps that's how she was supposed to be and it just went over my head), the graphics weren't top-notch but they captured that comic book feel, and the interface was pretty good. Sometimes I felt the point-and-click quick-time-events were a bit clunky. Sometimes I was clicking, multiple times, on the designated area, but nothing happened. Also the lack of free saving during the game and the inability to skip dialogue scenes was a bit irritating. The game is definitely not action-oriented. It's all story and character. But each episode makes you make some very hard decisions and the game takes those choices into account as the world moves on. Some choices have higher values than others, and you sometimes learn that the hard way, and sometimes the choices you make seem like they would have a bigger impact but then they don't... That's why I gave the game a 9/10. Overall, it's an amazing game that deserves some of the highest praise, but there are just a few things that stick out that keep it from being perfect. It's more inconsistencies than anything... But if you get it, and you don't mind doing the story/puzzle thing instead of shooting 50,000,000 zombies in the face, then you'll definitely enjoy the ride! Expand
  78. Mar 27, 2013
    Such a seriously waste of time, money, great potential and from the developers standpoint talent. This is not even a proper game you click one button watch some boring cut scene wait for some drawn out and pointless quick time event and then maybe if you're lucky you get to walk around a bit in a boring and uninspired travesty of a zombie overrun world, rinse and repeat. The only reason this game has gotten any positive attention is obviously because of the excellent TV series and the only reason this game has won any awards apart from the bad ones (Which is the ones that it deserves) is because its different NOT good but different. Hopefully someone will pull themselves together and produce a game worthy of The Walking Dead name. I'm hoping that this was just some sort of speed bump in the progression of gaming cause if what we see is the future then we might as well pack up now and be gone cause no good can come of this. I'm being exceedingly generous by giving this so called "Game" a score of 2. Expand
  79. Oct 6, 2013
    I'm not a big fan of zombie games but the story and the impact you can have on the story is that good it kept enticing me to come back for more. I can't wait to see what more is in store for the second season of The Walking Dead.
  80. Mar 22, 2013
    I can't believe the positive reviews this game got. I DO trust you all recall the fiasco when Telltale game devs were caught writing their own reviews for Jurrasic Park on this sight? This is at best, a decent story, that semi-allows you to interact with it as it goes along. Overall it's poorly done with consoles in mind.
  81. Dec 23, 2012
    In a world filled with zombie games that rely on hordes of zombies, and "survival" elements, The Walking Dead was a welcome change of pace. I'll admit, I was wary going in, because I hadn't heard a thing about it except from friends. On top of that, I had no idea if it would stay good throughout all five episodes. But that's exactly what Telltale Games did. They made a work of art instead of a video game. The comic book art style was absolutely fantastic, the voice acting was top notch, and the story was...well I'll be damned if it wasn't one of the best video game stories I've ever encountered. Don't go into the Walking Dead expecting a lot of combat, or a fast pace. It's a very slow building game, but that's what makes it fantastic. It actually takes the time to develop the characters, actually make you like them or hate them. That's what makes some of the deaths really...tragic. But there are some combat sections, and they're simple and quite fun. This isn't just your average zombie apocalypse game. This is truly a masterpiece. I just hope Season Two can reach the ridiculously high bar that Season One has set. Expand
  82. Dec 13, 2012
    Many of your actions have real impact on the world, affecting things ranging from your relationships with others to life & death decisions. Dialog options let you act in a situation how you would want to; I have run into very few Bioware-style "wow that was awful I didn't mean to say that" situations. The music, sound, and environments come together to create a fantastic atmosphere of both serenity & dread. The game's writing is fantastic and could stand on it's own without the zombies. This is not another stupid zombie craze cash in. The characters are well fleshed out and you get attached to them. The combat and quick-time events are taut and meaningfully placed. This game is (generally) better than the show and well worth the asking price. Expand
  83. Dec 14, 2012
    Best Game I Ever Played... Characters Were Awesome, Story was Heart-Touching Overall The Game is an Art - A Beautiful Art
  84. Dec 17, 2012
    A fantastic game series which pulls you through with a great story and interactive game play. Unfortunately a fair few bugs and a disappointing ending hold it back from being a 10.
  85. Dec 24, 2012
    Очень интересный и проработанный сюжет переплетается с отвратительным и скучным геймплеем,но за счет сюжета игра проходится на одном дыхании. Expand
  86. Dec 24, 2012
    If you love the TV series, you'll love the game. The story is interesting since you're the main character and what you do effects the game along the way. Some may not like the game due to the short play of each episode and would have to wait and then pay for a new episode. For me, that is the case. I love playing the game, but I'm not that keen on getting new episodes as they come out. Better to wait for bundle offers and then buy them in packs. All-in-all, it's a good game. Not for everyone. Expand
  87. Dec 25, 2012
    I loved this game, and the fact I am watching/playing it with my wife is a sweet bonus, could use a little bit more action scenes as they are far in between.
  88. Mar 10, 2013
    I can't believe the high scores this "game" has received. It's not a game at all! This "game" took three hours to complete, and I used the mouse/keyboard a total of twenty times. Basically it's a movie that you're allowed to use the mouse in, and that barely does anything. So, it goes something like this: dialogue thirty minutes, click mouse, dialogue thirty minutes, click mouse, etc etc
  89. Apr 1, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Honestly, when I first heard of this game, I didn't think it would end up as a good game. It is good at first, although what I didn't like is the way you play, the whole "Point 'n Click" ain't exactly the best way to play. After a while, the story becomes lame. And also, they tell you that the story is tailored by your decisions: LIE. Your decisions only change some minor, lame details, and the only choice that affects your ending must be made 10 minutes before you end the game. And both endings are the same, only you have three possibilities to die: Being eaten by walkers, becoming a walker or being shot by Clementine. So, in my opinion, DON'T BUY THIS GAME UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES Expand
  90. May 2, 2013
    Just WOW... Didn't see that coming today I tell ya.We are in 2013 what kind of is this,They made these sort of games 16 years ago when I was kid.I feel scammed.

    The graphics are such crap that I would prefer reading the comic than finish this game and the game play is so simple that a 2 year old could do this...

    I still cant believe how this rating is so high.Are they paying you for
    these good rating?Seriously wtf! Expand
  91. May 21, 2013
    Bugs, bugs and bugs, If a company can't release something that works and saves properly, and doesn't even attempt to fix it, then screw it. Absolutely inexcusable.
  92. Dec 27, 2013
    This is one of the greatest feats in storytelling in the video game medium. You emotionally connect with main characters Lee and Clementine and your choices always feel like they matter. Point and click games may turn people off but I implore anyone who enjoys a good story to give The Walking Dead a chance. Its probably the only game that has ever got me close to crying at the end.
  93. Apr 18, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Game is terrible, since it is a point a click the game NEEDS to have an amazing story, but its awful.

    There's this false impression that your choices change the story, but all it does is show you a different dialogue. One example: That crazy woman kills another member of your party, then you have to choose: Leave her behind or take her with you. If you leave her behind you simply don't see her anymore, if you take her with you, after a while she steals you car and ... you simply don't see her anymore ...

    Clementine bonds too easily with Lee, at the end of the game she sees her zombie parents and all she does is a sad face and says comment "I saw my parents", no crying, no emotions, nothing. After a while Lee dies and she cries from sadness. Srlsly? Did she seriosly love this person she met a few weeks before more than her parents?

    Oh, and the hero, Lee, the game seems to try to make you cheer for this guy, even other characters do this. He lied to you, and in the moment he couldn't lie anymore he tells you he killed some1. At some point they start treating him like a leader, the next moment he slips into something and falls, then some1 dies because of him being stupid, the next moment some1 else is in danger, then he stumbles into something, hit his head and some1 else dies. Srlsy, this guys slips A LOT.

    And the link between the game and the series/hq doesn't exists. Glen and Hershel, the first one appears for 5 minutes, you barely get to know him, and Hershel, from what i've seen, after the game started taking heavy weeds, cuz he's forgot everything that happend during the game, in the series/hq he's too "over it", doesn't feel like his son just died, but since the hq came before, they shouldn't have made his son's death so dramatic.

    I'm sorry but I advice anyone who rated this game 5 more to read the HQ and then review your score.
  94. Jan 13, 2014
    Captures the essence of The Walking Dead Comic Book perfectly!

    This game is truly a masterpiece. The Walking Dead has fantastic gameplay that relies on the player choices moreso than anything else and the game benefits from this as there are many heart-pounding sections that require quick thinking or else the Zombies kill one of your extremeley likeable comrades!

    These characters are
    even better written than they are in the TV Show and engage the player into their unique back stories that are inextricably linked to the present events. Everything feels right; not a single objective in the game seems pointless. Character development here is one of the best in this medium as each character goes through their own grim, adult and realistic arcs that are very intriguing - It sucks you in right from the get-go.

    The graphics are perfect! Brings the comic books to life better than anything else (I really wish the TV Series followed up on this style as it actually resembles the source material.)

    Overall, a true modern masterpiece and a perfect representation of The Walking Dead by Telltale Games. The Zombie genre has never been better!
  95. May 22, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well done Telltale.
    Quite apart from everything else, it simply is refreshing to play a game as different in mechanics and gameplay as TWD. So many modern games go over-board with Open Worlds to explore - it's great to see that great games can be created without this.

    It took me only about 45 minutes into episode 1 to be hooked, to care about the characters and want to hear their stories. The game is unique because despite the proliferation of zombie games, few give character and story the central role.

    I adored the relationship between Lee and Clementine - it was uniquely touching, and I thought, very clever. I liked the underlying idea that amidst all the chaos and the people doing, frankly, bad things - youth and innocence is worth preserving.

    I liked many of the other characters and indeed was sad that not all could be saved.

    The story had me wondering where we were going next , and with all the possibilities ahead of you TellTale successfully made the world feel endless with opportunity - despite the reality of the constricted geographical area the game covered.

    The game play? Well, I have to be honest, it's not remotely challenging and even a beginner with the series could complete it without dying. Still, the system is tactile and satisfying enough, and is sufficient to support the games strong narrative.

    I liked how merciless the game was - there are some shocking moments you won't see coming, and people you cannot protect. Some users may feel outraged by this but I for one believe that we have to play by the rules given to us by the developer; after all, we chose to buy the game. I like the fact that you are sometimes powerless.

    The game is also sometimes chaotic; In one scene you have to free a poor soul from a trap before the zombies come upon you; I myself did not act quick enough, I hacked three times into the mans leg, destroying it but not quite separating it from the tap. I failed to free him and left, for the zombies to devour, a man whose leg had been hacked to pieces. I messed up, through my own felt. I like that you are able to do this - nothing is clean or easy.

    So what complaints do I have? Few.
    But I felt that TellTale created a beautiful thing which they didn't get full mileage from. From start to finish series 1 is quite short. I wanted to see the relationships continue to grow and develop, but it all abruptly ended. in such way that, without giving too much away, you may not find yourself hurrying to play series 2. Rarely, if ever, have I enjoyed a game so hugely, whilst simultaneously not feeling too bothered about playing the second. This is in my view a function of the way TellTale finished the first series. In a story they destroyed what was becoming a canonical relationship and tale, and removed the possibility of building upon it.

    What this complaint really comes down to is freedom; many games now give you the illusion of freedom but, ultimately, the ends are the same. You cannot change the ending of the game (and believe me you will find yourself wishing you could) Effectively the story is only ever about one character - clementine - no decisions you make can really affect her, in the sense of getting her kicked. She is the only contstant, and I feel the extent to which that is true is to the detriment of the other characters. Clementine leaves you powerless, and come the end of the game, leaves you feeling like what you did never mattered at all.

    Still, it was good while it lasted!
  96. May 23, 2013
    This game is just amazing. Unforgettable..... have never felt this emotionally attached to a game and it's characters/story-line. defiantly a must play.
  97. Jan 16, 2013
    A game that teaches you how to forget what sentimentality is. When people die, they die. It's a gripping experience that tugs at your heartstrings and does a perfect job at creating emotionally investing situations, all while telling a great story of hardship and survival. The acting is very good, and you'll constantly find yourself caring about the characters or in some cases, just end up hating them. Despite a few annoying technical faults, the story will captivate you like few stories in video games, and everyone who appreciates that should play this game. Expand
  98. Feb 24, 2013
    Far better than i expected. Interessting Story and Charachters. Its more like an interactive Series of the WD Universe. All who love Zombies and the End of the World will be satisfied.
  99. Mar 11, 2014
    The Walking Dead The Game é um jogo no estilo Point and Click, desenvolvido e produzido pela Telltale Games, lançado em 5 episódios ao longo de 2012.

    The Walking Dead foi lançado originalmente nas histórias em quadrinhos pela editora Image Comics em 2003, ganhando incontáveis prêmios nos anos seguintes, em 2010 a série foi levada para a TV e o sucesso foi tão grande que um game não
    tardaria a surgir.

    E foi a Telltale quem assumiu a empreitada de levar a saga de zumbis aos games, surpreendendo a todos por se tratar de um Adventure, gênero pouco popular entre o grande público, e principalmente por não focar a sua história nos personagens do material original.

    O grande diferencial de The Walking Dead é focar em seus personagens, em como eles reagem ao mundo tomado pelo apocalipse zumbi, surpreendendo a cada novo capítulo com situações dramáticas e emocionantes. O game da Telltale consegue, de forma primorosa, proporcionar a mesma experiência das HQs e de forma bem mais impactante que a série de TV, por permitir que o jogador se torne parte integrante da história.

    Na trama assumimos o personagem Lee Evertt, um professor universitário, que acaba de ser condenado e está sendo levado para a prisão, na caminho se envolve em um acidente de transito, ao acordar se vê rodeado de zumbis, sem entender o que está ocorrendo ele busca abrigo em uma casa e conhece a pequena Clementine, garota de 9 anos que se separou dos seus pais. Lee acaba assumindo a responsabilidade de manter Clementine em segurança enquanto busca encontrar os pais da menina.

    A jogabilidade é no estilo point and click que consiste em apontar para os objetos no cenário e clicar para executar ações de interação, em um primeiro momento isso é algo monótono e exige certa paciência, já que a movimentação é bem lento, mas após um tempo você se acostuma com tal sistema. Os gráficos são simples, cartunescos, que lembra em muito a arte dos quadrinhos, dando um identidade única ao game.

    O grande atrativo do game sem dúvida é sua história e a forma como ela é narrada. O game permite que interagir com os personagens coadjuvantes através de diálogos onde Lee pode ser sincero ou não, ou mesmo salvar ou não determinado personagem, tais escolhas tem impacto tanto no relacionamento entre o grupo, como na própria desenrolar da trama. Tal forma de narrar a história torna a mesma extremamente envolvente e marcante onde cada decisão, e suas consequências, tenham peso, fazendo que o jogador se sinta parte integrante da trama.

    Lee assim como Rick Grimes, protagonista da série original, é o clássico herói, mesmo tendo cometido erros ele busca fazer o que é certo, buscando sempre o bem estar do grupo de sobreviventes. O personagem e tão carismático que o jogador sente o peso de cada decisão tomada pelo protagonista e tal imersão apenas aumenta à medida que Lee se apega a pequena Clementine. E acredite o game é incrivelmente dramático e envolvente, dificilmente você não irá se emocionar ou ao menos se chocar com as situações apresentadas no game, principalmente no final que com toda a certeza é um dos mais marcantes da história dos vídeo games.

    The Walking Dead é um excelente game, com personagens marcantes e uma trama emocionante, de tal forma que qualquer defeito ou limitação sejam deixados de lado mediante a tal experiência, um game que ficará eternamente marcado na memória de qualquer gamer que goste de boas histórias.
  100. Sep 26, 2013
    The Walking Dead game is probably one of the most immersive adventure games I've ever played...and even though has still flaws, it hits in what an adventure game should do: the story is great and involving, the characters are likeable AND hateable, the setting is intringuing and full of tension and, overall, it just hooks you right at the start. But it STILL has some huge flaws that doesn't make this game perfect, even if small, but still flaws. First of, the game plays like a point and click adventure (for the most part) and a lot of times on quick time events or similar. In other words, your actions are limited a lot, which for a GAME is a big flaw, especially since this happens quite a lot. Second, the game has basically no challenge at all, and by challenge I mean no puzzles or anything tricky to do, and that's a big waste of potential for this GAME. Third, and this is going to take longer, is the very low longevity of the GAME...and here's why. The game has 5 episodes (plus a dlc episode of barely an hour, as of now) and each episode can be completed in about 2 hours or 3, resulting in about 10 hours or 15 hours depending on how fast you rush; he game explicitically tells you that the game changes depending on your choices and, in some cases, it actually does and results in a similar yet different path, resulting in a even bigger involvement of the game. The game strongest part is the immersion and that can't be denied (unless you couldn't care less about stories and such. Understandable), however it is a GAME, and as a GAME it has almost no longevity at all. Once you finish it, you're done with it. The choices? They don't change nothing big or relevant in the end, only some scenes and dialogues. The game remains exactly the same.. and this is a wasted potential. The closest example of this game is Heavy Rain, and while in that game the action was close to zero, had ALSO no puzzles and such, that game HAD more longevity and replayability due to the ENORMOUS amount of scenes, endings, dialogues happening just by changing ONE choice in a part of the game, without mentioning each character had their own ending depending on the player (around 4 or 6 for each, but I can't remember). In here, it won't change nothing, despite the game tells you otherwise, and while I loved it the game has nothing else to offer you. Sure, this game is great, but flaws are flaws and so they can't be avoided, and if you hate a game without action you will DESPISE it. If you do like games like this and story driven games, you will feel at home, but still the fact that this game has no challenge or any kind of obstacle in your way, will just make you feel watching a movie more than playing a game. That was your intention? Good, you'll enjoy it then, as I did because it is still a great game... but if we could really have had those choices the game really promised us, this could have been so much better, if not a masterpiece. Expand
  101. Jun 24, 2013
    Ok, I know it may be strange, as my experience while playing the game was a solid 9, maybe even a ten. Wonderful story, wonderful characters, interesting graphical style, and an interesting approach to the adventure game genre. I looked forward to getting off work each day so I could progress further into the story and uncover the next bit of plot. However, I simply can't give this 'game' that high of a score. As an adventure game, it was an absolute flop. The puzzles (if I can even call them that) were not even remotely challenging. In fact, the solution was always given to you (via the cues your mouse overs would give you.) And they never required any effort on the players part to really solve. Also, while you were presented with a lot of choices in the narrative as to what exactly you wanted to do, it's hard to feel like the choices really made any significant difference. I'm almost afraid to give it a second play through just to prove my point further as I feel it would be rather depressing to see how little changes. Now I understand it would be damn near impossible for a developer to make infinite branching possibilities to a game, but there was many times where I could 'guess' where they were trying to lead the plot and was specifically trying to make decisions that would deviate away from that path, but regardless the story would progress down those lines no matter what I said, did, etc. So generally, it felt like I was 'playing' a movie, with light adventure elements and a bit of 'choose your adventure'. In the end, the resultant feeling I got was super 'casual' and so even though I really enjoyed the experience and consider it a memorable experience, I rather get left with the impression it was an awful game. As a game, I'd give it a 4 or 5, as an experience i'd give it a 9 or 10. So in the end I will give it a 7 and certainly give it my recommendation regardless. Collapse

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  1. 80
    It’s not perfect but The Walking Dead is one of the most important advances in interactive fiction for a generation, with some of the most memorable characters of any video game.
  2. Mar 15, 2013
    The Walking Dead is a serious, solid, but clay-footed work; in truth, it wouldn't stand out from the crowd if video game storytelling wasn't so impoverished to begin with.
  3. Feb 10, 2013
    A test of your moral fortitude in a world that's gone to the dogs. [March 2013, p.76]